"Go for Broke (Part 2)"
Season Survivor: Couples Showdown
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 15/15
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This is season finale of Survivor: Couples Showdown.

Previously on Survivor

36 days ago, twenty Americans embarked in a journey of a lifetime. For the first time, the castaways had partners, pairs with a pre-existing relationship. They were divided into two tribes, Bulan named after the goddess of the moon, and Tala, the goddess of the stars. From the beginning, Bulan was in disarray, an alliance made by Leo and Martin, Andy and Devon and Melissa and Paula was dismantled the minute if formed due to Leo and Martin's hostile relationship, and Melissa's secret of having Asperger's syndrome. Despite this dysfunction, Bulan flourished, winning three of the first four Immunity Challenges. On the other hand, Tala was a more cohesive group, but an alliance of six emerged: Kevin and Camille, Talia and Ricky and Toby and Kasia, bent on eliminating the sibling pairs, sisters Simone and Ebony and twins Josh and Tyler. After the first 16 days, Bulan lost Paula, Salina, Burgundy and Declan, while Tala lost Simone, Ebony, Toby and Tyler.

On Day 17, the tribes were informed that they would live on one island, which left the castaways speculating that they are already merged, only learn the tribes had been switched. With the tribes mixed, yet living on the same beach, Martin, who was switched to Tala along with his partner Leo, proposed a coalition with the tala members to take down Leo, which eventually sent longtime rival to the jury. On the other hand, to avenge his twin brother's elimination, Josh sided with the former Bulans in order to vote out Kevin's wife and right hand, Camille.

On Day 23, the tribes finally merged, christening the new Apolaki tribe. The war between the two goddesses continue, with Tala gaining an upper hand after Andy's fatal mistake by playing both sides, which cost him his partner Devon getting viciously blindsided. Though Tala's success seemed imminent, Martin decided to put matters in his own hands by making rebellious and destructive moves on his own by cannibalizing the Tala members while voting the Bulan members as well.

Now four men remain, each with their own unique story:

  • Andy, the once-ringleader of the majority Bulan alliance along with his best friend and partner, Devon. He and Devon ran the tribe, controlling every single vote that took place, and still not get the blame, with the heat being directed by their pawn, Leo. But after a crucial mistake of giving their Immunity Idol to Josh, Andy fell from grace, causing his partner getting sent home and he faded into the background. Now with only three days remaining, will Andy be able to redeem himself and put himself back on the power position when it counts?
  • Martin, the likable charmer. Despised by his own partner Leo, he was somewhat left on the outs by Andy and Devon to keep Leo as their pawn. But after the tribe switch, Martin has found new allies at the Tala tribe, whom helped him dethrone his childhood rival. But after the merge, Martin became a portrait of indecision, halting the Tala alliance from being an ultimate success. Will Martin be man enough to own his actions and convince the Jury that he deserves the title?
  • Kevin, Camille's husband, who was at the brink of facing a divorce, but got himself together after going to rehab. During the game, Kevin became a levelheaded voice of reason of the Tala alliance, and with the help of his wife, the alliance prevailed. But Josh's betrayal of Tala pulled a dent on Kevin's success when Camille was taken out of his winning equation; but soon rebounded after precisely using his Hidden Immunity Idol. He kept the Tala alliance intact for the most part, even when Martin routinely ruined their plots. Will Kevin be able to reach the final Tribal Council to make his second wedding proposal to Camille the way he wanted to?
  • Josh, the traitorous twin brother of Tyler. In the beginning, the twins' cutting edge humor made life more bearable for the Tala tribe; but after accidentally offending Talia by their jokes, the brothers became instant targets, with Tyler becoming a casualty after giving up his immunity to save his brother. After the tribe switch, this former Tala member completely betrayed his former tribemates by blindsiding Kevin's wife Camille. After the merge, Josh kept fighting hard to stay alive by defecting to the Bulan alliance, but he never really took control of the game since. Will Josh be able to make a move at the last minute?

These four castaways will now compete in their final Immunity Challenge, one more will be voted out, three will face the jury, and one will claim the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor!

Which goddess will prevail, the moon, or the stars?


Immunity Challenge: Deja Vu
Inside an enormous maze are five stations studded with obstacles, each leading to a station with a specific task to do. Finishing a task comes with a pair of ladder rungs. After collecting all 10 rungs, the survivors must build their ladder and climb to the central tower and release a flag. First survivor to raise their flag would win final immunity. Each station must hold only one survivor at a time, so if any station contains two survivors, they must observe a "first-come-first-served" rule. This means that they may either wait for the other player to finish the task, or find a new station to work with. If the castaways find the obstacles, it means a station is nearby.

  • Station 1: The path that leads to the first station is a network of sticks. Upon reaching the first station, castaways must knock down three targets using a large slingshot and water balloons. Tipping all three targets will drop the first pair of rungs.
  • Station 2: The second station is elevated. The obstacle before the second station is a greased bamboo pole. They must climb the pole to reach the second station, where they would find a ball of rope which they need to untangle to reveal a ring. They would then use the rope and the ring to grapple their next pair of ladder rungs below. Once finished, the survivors can take advantage of the elevated platform to search for the other stations.
  • Station 3: The path leading to the third station is a balance beam over a pool of water (if they fall off the beam, they must start all over again). The third station is a mud pit they need to dive on and collect as much mud as they can. They may not carry mud on their arms or hands. They must scrape the mud from their bodies to a bucket. If the bucket is heavy enough, it will tip a seesaw, raising the side with a cauldron of fire which would reach and burn a rope. If the rope is burned all the way through, it will drop the next pair of ladder rungs.
  • Station 4: After traversing a series of hurdles, the survivors will reach the fourth station which is a wall with 10 questions about the past 37 days (each contestant will have the same set of questions, albeit arranged differently to avoid cheating). To answer these questions, they must arrange a totem pole with letters. If the series of letters are in the correct order, the mouth of the bottommost piece of the totem pole will open, revealing a set of keys which would unlock the next pair of ladder steps.
  • Station 5: After getting past a series of rope swings, the survivors will reach a set of coordinates which they will use to retrieve a bag containing tiles of Alibata characters buried beneath a sand pit. They must correctly spell “Apolaki” in Alibata to open a combination lock which would open the chest containing the final pair of rungs. There is also a cheat chart hidden under the sand pit, but they will have to dig their entire sand pit for it.

Winner: Kevin


Night 37

As the final four, who happened to be all-males, nears to camp, Kevin asks Martin how the went down. Martin explains he considers him his biggest threat, and deduces that his masterminding will win him the title. Andy and Josh barge in the conversation, and explain the how the vote became that outrageous. The final four then congratulates themselves for a job well done, with Kevin telling each one of them that they have their own strengths ans weaknesses that may or may not be readily accepted by the jury. Kevin states that though his wife is a juror, there is no guarantee of Camille voting for her husband, since they parted ways years prior to the show. Martin says he has little to no chance of getting Leo's vote because he perceives that Leo might be too bitter to vote for him. Josh admits he might not get the Tala jurors' votes because of his betrayal. Andy says that he might lose because of his fatal move which sent Devon home, especially Devon apparently had no idea that Andy did have any input in his elimination, yet he gave Andy the Cursed Idol. A father that he is, Kevin advises that they should take a rest, for they will be needing it at the final Immunity Challenge.

With only four men remaining in this game, this is now pure competition, since all of us are equally strong physically, and we did fairly well in terms of strategy. Other than that, tomorrow's the final Immunity Challenge, so it's really the time to go for broke.


Day 38

Early morning at the Apolaki camp, Kevin brings a note from Tree Mail, notifying them of their final Immunity Challenge. The final four men then meet Jeff Probst for the said event, who then told them they would competing in a challenge that is comprised of elements from previous challenges. The race for the ladder rungs starts with an equally strong performances of all four men. Kevin, Andy, Josh and Martin finish stations, 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively. After five minutes, Andy suddenly trails behind because Josh outruns him at the rope swings that leads to station 5. Wasting no time, Andy runs to another, station 3. which is also occupied (by Kevin). Andy finally finds an empty station, station 4. Almost half an hour into the challenge, the all four men are visibly tired. Fifteen minutes later, it is Kevin and Josh who are leading the pack, with only one station left. Kevin in station 4, and Josh in station 1. Kevin and Josh reach the center tower almost at the same time. It is a close race, with both men neck and neck at building the ladder and climbing it. In the end, Kevin unfurls his flag merely two seconds faster than Josh, winning his first, last, and most important immunity of the game.

As the final four returns to camp, Martin appeals to Kevin to not vote him out, in exchange for agreeing whoever Kevin wants to vote out. Knowing Martin no longer has the luxury of being the swing vote, Kevin is pleased with Martin's scrambling. Kevin tells Martin he will try to persuade Andy to vote Josh out but does not make any promises.

Now that I have immunity, I don't need Martin anymore as far as strategy is concerned because he, Andy and Josh are equally hated by the jury because of the blunders they made in this game. At this point, I don't really care who goes home tonight. Like, my vote could not be counted for all I know.


Meanwhile, Andy and Josh decide to use the Cursed Idol as the deciding vote to vote Martin out. Josh states though Kevin would be tough to beat at the Final Tribal Council, Josh states that he would remain loyal to Andy. Minutes before they head to Tribal Council, Martin secretly comes up to Andy, with Martin begging to Andy if he can help him and Kevin vote for Josh out, stating that Josh is an impressive persuader, as seen when he became the ringleader of the Bulan alliance, even he only defected from the Tala tribe.

Josh says he's loyal to me, and I do too. But with Martin with me at the finals, quite frankly, one less person to deal with; and I am pretty sure I will get his vote tomorrow.


At Tribal Council, the final four contestants are surprised to see Talia walk in with brown hair. Jeff interrogates Martin on how their after went, since he had the Cursed Idol. Martin replies that Kevin is the only guaranteed person who will remain loyal to him. Kevin responds and though he tried to do strategy for Martin, he did not promise a fruitful scrambling. Jeff then asks Josh and Andy if they feel vulnerable. Andy agrees, saying that he is not like Martin, who felt safe because both alliances wanted him since the tribe switch. Josh also expresses his confidence that Martin goes home tonight, with the help of the Cursed Idol. After the four men vote, Martin hands the Cursed Idol to Jeff, counting it as one vote against him. But in a stunning turn of events, Andy apparently voted for Josh, blindsiding him in a 3-2 vote. Angrered by Andy's decision to vote him off, Josh smugly looks at him and walks away.

Returning to camp, Kevin, Martin and Andy hug each other to celebrate their success in reaching Day 39. While Martin and Andy chat about their excitement, Kevin sits by the shore, holding the ring he intends to give to Camille after the Final Tribal Council.

I will give this ring to Camille regardless. But to remove bias, I will do it after the jury votes.


Day 39

The final three are elated to see baskets of food (pancake batter, bacon, eggs, chicken breasts, spices, milk, coffee and a morning's worth of rice). The three agree to keep their final tribal speeches to themselves and not talk about the Final Tribal Council for the rest of the day. Along with the basket of food, a note is tucked inside the basket, telling the final three to make their Rites of Passage before heading to Tribal Council. Afternoon before the dreadful event, the final three castaways give their respects to the seventeen fallen comrades, including their respective partners. Andy, Kevin and Martin take the name plates of their tribemates and toss them to a pit of fire before heading to Tribal Council one more time.

As the final three enters Tribal Council, so as the jurors. To open the final elimination ceremony, the final three make their opening speeches.

Hi guys! I know some of you are a little pissed off about me because you think I was wishy washy. What I actually did was to make both tribes like me, and since both factions, Bulan and Tala wanted me, I used to further my interests. I have to work harder because of an uncooperative partner who was so bent in getting rid of me. When the switch came, I went to Tala, and sought their help in voting Leo out. It was my decision. Everything that has happened drastic in this game is because of me, so I think I have a shot at winning this. I apologize for the hurt feelings, but due to the circumstances that put me against the wall, I have to fight harder, and that deserves repect. That's all. Thank you.


Hi guys. My strategy in this game is to play both sides and be liked about it. Me and my partner Devon decided to play this game as allies which would infiltrate both sides to get what we want. Me and Devon ran the original Bulan tribe like mob bosses, with Leo wrapped around both of our fingers. After the switch I temporarily switched to Tala to save myself. But when the tribes merged, I made a fatal mistake for not acting subtle enough, which caused Devon's vicious blindside and blindly gave me the first Cursed Idol. From there on out, I have to lay low for a while, until I had the right time to strike by waiting Martin and Talia turn on each other. In my mistakes, I learned that in this game, it is okay to not make the big moves all the time because letting others do the dirty work can also benefit you. It worked to Talia, and if it didn't work, I wouldn't be here. I hope you guys see that.


From the beginning I made a six-person alliance with my wife, Kasia, Toby, Talia and Ricky -- six people I never expected to work with. My wife and I got hostile, which led to our separation, but I thought we need to work together to survive this. Regardless if my strategic play earns her vote or not, I don't care. Tonight, she's not my wife, she's just an ordinary jury member for now. I'll get to her later.



Jacki: "Congratulations to the three of you. You three played very different games. Andy, you and Devon played the kingpins of Bulan back in the day. When the tribes merged, you basically made one fatal judgment call by giving your idol to Josh. After your buddy got blindsided, you faded to the background. Did you do something to regain control to he game, or at least make a move? If not, why float around?"
Andy: "I do admit to your statement right there. Like, I basically blew myself right there and then when I gave my idol to Josh. I should have not done it in the place where I did. It was a terrible judgment call, but I accepted it, and I might not anybody's vote for doing that, and..."
Jacki: "Who wait. By the way, this is not the time to self-deprecate, Andy. For me, you telling us that you suck is doing a reverse psychology on us, and I don't buy things like that. I want to see the strong Andy that I aligned with since Day 1. Go."
Andy: "Again, while I did make a mistake by that unfortunate situation, it was my idea to vote Talia out. Just because she's naive and all and she wants to make bold moves at the last minute, I don't know what's your take on her at that point. So when I felt she's catching up, I need to get rid of her, because I don't want somebody to surge further than I am."
Jacki: "So you're saying that Talia sitting here was your idea?"
Andy: "Yep, it was my idea."
Jacki: "I'm done with you, thanks Andy. Now, Martin, explain to me how did you make it through the final three. I am just baffled by how you slithered you way there my friend."
Martin: "When I was in Bulan, I was targeted by Leo. Leo cornered me, I can't move. I tried, but I just can't. So when the switch came over, I saw that as an opening to get rid of Leo. I have to. When the merge came, I decided to side with Tala because if it weren't for them, I wouldn't be sitting here."
Jacki: "So the Tala people deserve the credit?."
Martin: "Of course not all of it. You guys wanted me, Tala wanted me, so I was like, if being the frequent swing vote is the way to further myself in the game, I would do it, because I want to prove to you guys I can rise up from my sloppy start."
Jacki: "Don't you even realize that me and Melissa got your back? Screw Leo, we hate him too, but me and Melissa were loyal to you, and if Leo was at the new Bulan, I could have done the same thing too. Nevertheless, I will keep my alliance with you, Andy and Melissa, But why side with people you barely knew back then?"
Martin: "To be completely honest, I like you and Melissa as people, but you are too likable and Melissa's condition will be my downfall when it comes down to it."
Jacki: "Okay, fair enough. Kevin, will you continue your relationship with Camille?"
Kevin: "I don't really know my chances with Camille, but I want to answer that after you guys vote because you might see that as bias. Just because she's my wife doesn't mean she'll vote for me. We've been separated for a while now, and when we entered Survivor, we mutually decided that we should work like how any pair alliance works. I will answer that, but it's not the right time."
Jacki: "To be honest, I was not expecting that kind of answer, but I liked it. I'm done, and with no bitterness whatsoever, I applaud all three of you; and good luck."


Talia: "It's really nice of you Andy to see me as a last-minute threat. Honest. Because I never thought I will be treated seriously in this game. I got blindsided yes, and it still hurt. But to be completely honest, I really don't know my odds against you guys, so I don't think I can win either. Anyways, enough with me because it's not my moment, it's your moment, guys. I forgive you Andy, and I find your move with me was brilliant, since that unorthodox move you did with Devon was a total mess. Now my question is for all three of you: explain to me how did you guys rebound from your mistakes in this game? Any regrettable moments?"
Martin: "I guess I'll start first. Day 1, Leo came up to Andy and Devon, telling them to vote me out. For one, Leo and I agreed to work together, but apparently it was just all for show. Since Andy and Devon had Leo wrapped around their fingers, I have to perform better at challenges, or else i'll be out. I was Bulan's slave basically. But when the switch came, I pulled all the shots and waged an all-out war against Leo. I ratted him out to Tala, they believed me, and they helped me get rid of Leo. From that time onward, I felt like, I can be the possible swing vote because both sides want me. But just when I thought I can hide my emotions while voting people out, I was dead wrong. When I gave Kasia my idol to save her after voting her out, I was mortified because I really liked Melissa. But I have to what I have to do to not just further myself, but also better my position in the game; and there is a subtle difference between merely staying longer in the game and bettering my position in the game. When I decided to vote Kasia out, that's the time that I was mad about myself because there was no strategic thought behind it whatsoever. Though I thought I knew where my loyalties lie when I helped Tala vote Jacki out. Yet again, there is Kevin. Like, from us three I have to admit, this guys is the mastermind. He's not as emboldened like some people [looks at Leo]. He's playing but he't not at the same time. I have to do something to get rid of him. But when he had the idol, and won the the final Immunity Challenge, I had no choice but to face him here. Just to sum it up, I really thought even having an alliance does not ensure me of anything, because in the end, the only allegiance you have is yourself. As for regrets, I would say that spitefully voting Kasia out was my biggest regret here. I shouldn't have happened when it did."
Andy: "I started this game strong with my partner, like, we ran Bulan like nobody's business. But when the switch came along, I felt I had no use for Leo, and since I knew Martin will pay back at Leo, I just went with Tala's flow and voted him out as well. Then when the tribes merged, I made the single most knuckle-headed move in my entire life for telling Devon to give our idol to Josh at a public place. I felt awful, but I told myself "listen, if you will act like that one more time, you're gonna go home." So I decided to lay low and let Martin's indecisiveness run its course, while I bought time to make genuine relationships with you guys."
Kevin: "My biggest regret in the game is...none. I can't recall anything that compromised my strategy. If anything, I could have voted Martin out before he had the opportunity to vote Ricky out."
Martin: "[Looks at Kevin] What the ****?!"
Kevin: "Seriously, if you did not act the way you did in the past votes, I wouldn't need to say that."
Martin: "I have to further myself."
Kevin: "It's over Martin. Explain to them, not to me."
Talia: "Very well then. Thank you for your answers."


Josh: "I have nothing to say to Martin because I don't need anything from him. That means my attention's fully on Kevin and Andy. Last night Andy, we agreed to vote Martin out using the Cursed Idol. What happened?"
Andy: "In my opinion, you're the one person who can rat me out."
Josh: "So you're saying I can't rat you out right now?"
Andy: "Um...[spends 20 seconds thinking for an answer]"
Josh: "Seriously, Andy. From you three, you're the lamest person to be there. What makes you say that I can't "rat you" if i'm not a juror? I have a better reason to throw you under the bus because I have nothing to lose. You gave me your damn idol for nothing, just shows how terrible you were in the social aspect of this game. Believe me, most of us here think you're crappier than what we think about Martin."
Andy: "At this point, I don't care if you vote for me, but you gotta put some gratitude on your attitude. I was emboldened when I gave you my idol, without anything to gain for myself. Now you're gonna take on me because I voted you out? That's poor sportsmanship in my book."
Josh: [Nods] "I think you got your point across Andy. Really. That's a pretty strong answer right there. I already decided I would vote between Kev and Mart, but you changed my mind."
Andy: "Thank you."
Josh: "[Sobs] Now, to Kevin. I have mad respect for you. You became the father-figure to me and Tyler out there; and as much as you might think that I despise you for shunning us back at the old Tala tribe, I realized that this game exposed our immaturities, and I realized you're only trying to keep us grounded, something that I never experienced since we were 12. Me and Tyler laughed our ways through difficult problems, but I made a mistake by condemning you when you voted out Tyler. You see, since our biological father died, my mother had three relationships after that, but none had passed the expectations our real father had raised. To make the long story short, you're the best father that me and Tyler never had. I forgive you, I hope you forgive me, and good luck to the three of you."


Melissa: "Well actually, I am just as light-hearted as Josh tonight. I had no ill feelings to the three of you. I came out here to prove to myself and to other people that people with disabilities or abnormal conditions can also be successful in life. I knew I will be underestimated, and I was right. I can't do anything about me being socially awkward because it's me. I can't change it; and this game magnifies your true colors. Despite all of these, it is not worth it to be angry and take my frustrations on you guys. While Leo, Kasia, Ricky, Devon and Camille are yet to make their speech, I just want to lay it out there: We all came to this game with one goal in mind, and that is to win this. But we should realize that there can only be one winner, and you guys should have expected to be duped, because this is what the game is about. It's about duping others or get duped instead. I have no beef with you guys, and good luck."


Kasia: "Good evening to all three of you. I want your dirty laundry tonight, because I am 1000% undecided of who I am gonna vote for, and I want my vote to count for the winner. With that, I want your most honest answer to my question: In you own words, please define "worthiness", and with your definition, do you think you are deserving to win this game? If so, why, or why not? Martin i'll start with you."
Martin: "Deserving is a term describing a person who strived hard to be successful in his endeavor, regardless of the past; and with that definition, I truly feel I deserved to win because my back was against the wall since Day 1. I made through the switch, I got the help I needed to get rid of Leo, and after the merge, I became the swing vote at every Tribal Council. I did not flip-flop numerous times because I am scared or whatever. I just don't feel like I can win against Ricky or Melissa. To sum it up, while our season is a couples format, in the end, your one true ally is yourself."
Kasia: "Kevin?"
Kevin: "I just want to add with Martin's answer. While I agree with Martin, I would like to add being real. Because you're not playing this game for being fake. There is a difference between lying in this game and being pretentious. Lying in this game is unavoidable, but you have to be yourself to at least give the jury perspective of your real self. For example: Sandra won twice because she knew she cannot win a single challenge even if her life depends on it. But using her street smarts, she manipulated Russell, she made friends with people, and all that crap. She won because she did what she does best, to observe while attacking at the same time regardless if it is directly or indirectly. Observing that the Heroes were too chummy on Russell, she decided to back off and make them realize for themselves that Russell's treating them like battered pets. I bared my soul out here in ways that very few people have, and I am sure Camille would agree to that. That's why I feel I deserve this."
Kasia: "Andy?"
Andy: "Deserving mean being qualified to claim something because he earned it. I feel I deserve to win this because though I was not the mastermind the whole time, but when I did, I make waves. Me and Devon ran Bulan like bosses, but that unfortunate blindside sent me to the backburner. Despite that, I made a last-minute surge by voting Talia and Josh out. Hope I answered your question."
Kasia: "I have no more questions to ask you guys anymore, good luck to all three of you."


Ricky: "Martin, you said that you would lose against me, but are you sure you had a fighting chance against Kevin and Andy? Explain."
Martin: "First, my I decided to vote you out because you would win challenges like nobody's business if you stayed longer. I did not vote you out because I wanted to betray my alliance, I voted out at my discretion. As for my odds against them, I can safely say I can win this because I did not fully rely in my alliances. I made it here because of my intuition, which came across as dumb to you guys."
Ricky: "I did not say it was dumb. Believe me, I am not bitter right now. I was just asking if you think your odds are better with those two compared to me, because I find that a piece of bull. Admittedly, I'm a terrible liar, and the only thing I can do is win challenges; so you voting me out was just pointless, because I believe you can still win against me because you're using your head more than your muscles. Anyways, I'm not angry, and my only qualm about voting for you is that, you perceive people wrongly. To be honest, I asked the jury if they would vote for me, but most of them said they would honor strategy more than challenge performance. My question was for you and for you only. End of speech, sir Jeff."


Camille: "Good evening to all three of you. I will save you Kevin for last. Now, I will ask you with a yes-or-no question, and I want you to answer with only yes or no. No explanations. Andy, did you know Devon's gonna go home instead?"
Andy: "No."
Camille: "Okay. Martin, Did you try your best to at least make Leo work with you?"
Martin: "Yes."
Camille: "Kevin, do you think you changed for the better after this game?"
Kevin: "Yes."
Camille: "I actually believe in all those three answers. I brought those up because they were your defining moments right there. Andy played the game strong, until he was caught plating both sides. Martin had an uphill battle because his partner was targeting him. For you Kevin, knowing you since our teenage years, I also believe that you changed. For a guy who is a hot-headed jerk, you shocked me, in a good way. I'm not gonna say anything more because I might come across as biased. You three got past those adversities and still made it on top, which I admire from all three of you. By the way, make no mistake Kevin, not because I am your wife means that I'm gonna vote for you tonight. Because in my mind, I feel that all three of you played equally strong. You three made strategies, strong ones. You're all strong physically, and you're all good people. I wish you guys the best, and whoever wins this, deserves it. Thanks."


Devon: "Nice to see you guys having a good evening. Unfortunately, mine is not in any way good, because I want that money. Andy, just so you know, I did not ask any jury members about how I got voted out. There had been days that I thought you played me, because you knew I will vote for you because you're my friend, and there were times that I thought you made a misstep. There is a tiny difference between a misstep and a mistake. Now, buddy, I want you to tell me did you have a hand in my elimination?."
Andy: "Absolutely not. I'm not trying to pull a Leo on you, you know that. I gave the idol to Josh because that's the plan; and the only mistake I did was talking to you at a place where somebody can sneak in some bush and listen to our conversations. If anything, I admit I was indirectly responsible for your boot, but there is no way I could have masterminded that. [Kasia raises her hand and taps her chest, implying she was the one who leaked the information to Kevin]"
Devon: "So Kasia, it's you who got me sent home? [Kasia nods] Very well then. But here's the thing. Though you confessed about the blunder you made, that proved that you're not the mastermind that you think you are."
Andy: "I wasn't trying to."
Devon: "I know, yet it's definitely a factor in my decision tonight, because three of you played the game strong, you all had your moments. You three played great games, but we have to decide who played the best. Like Camille, I won't base my vote from my friendship with you Andy, though I might still vote for you if you can kill Leo's question. That's it. No more questions, your honor."


Leo: "Just to tell you guys, my evening's not good either. Now, I want you to score yourselves from 1 to 10, and why; and in return, I will give my own score to you guys."
Kevin: "9, because I had my hand on the pulse of this game this entire time. I am aware of everything that has been going on at camp, I am observant, and I made it here."
Martin: "8."
Andy: "7.5"
Leo: "Kevin, I gave you a 7, because you're not in control of the game as you think you are. Because if you really did control this game the entire time, Martin's sitting here with me. Martin, I'll give you a 5 and 1/5 because for some reason, I don't buy your "acting dumb" facade, because knowing you, when you said you're doing something, you'll stop at nothing to get it. But what I saw since my departure was one hot mess. You made those moves, bub, and you're not owning them enough! Andy, Josh and Talia told me, you were responsible for their blindsides, and I applaud you for that. We've been allies from Day 1, and you turned on me at the right time. But after that mistake with Devon, I gave you a 3. That was originally an 8, but you lost me by that dumb move of yours. That's it i'm done."

After Leo's speech, Jeff gives the jury to finalize their thoughts and one by one, he calls the jurors to vote for their winner. Immediately after the jury votes, Jeff grabs the votes and flees the Tribal Council set.

After their post-game weigh-ins, the final three goes to Ponderosa, where Kevin greets Camille. Andy and Devon patch things up, while Leo and Martin make amends. After taking an hour-long bath, the finalists join the jury over dinner. After the meal, Kevin, personally approaches Camille's cabin, and asks her outside. With the jury members, Andy and Devon already asleep, Kevin brings out his wedding ring, and makes an unprecedented move...

Camille, I waited this day to come. I want to do this after you guys vote because I want Camille to vote with her head. Anyways, Camille, I realized my mistakes in the past, and in this game, I tried my hardest to keep grounded amid all this in-game shenanigans. I realized that you're the only woman I imagine spending the rest of my life with, so I am asking you right now -- Camille Adelaide Ferguson, will you marry me...again?

–Kevin, on his knees

Camille surprised and happily accepts Kevin's second wedding proposal. Camille tightly hugs Kevin, saying "I won't divorce you, Kevin; not anymore. I'll stay as Camille Ferguson...Rosenthal."

Months later, the votes are read in Madison Square Garden, and after a nail-biting 4-3-2 vote, Kevin Rosenthal wins Survivor: Couples Showdown.

Tribal Council

Day 38

Tribal Council 17:
Josh (3 votes)
Andy, Kevin, & Martin
Martin (2 votes)
Talia (via Cursed Idol)
Josh Deckers

Voting Confessionals

Sorry buddy, I knew you're still gonna vote for me anyway.


Josh, a great competitor, but you're too much of a threat for me. Peace out.


My in-game son. Sorry for this one.


Martin, get the hell out of this island.


Final Words

Man, just one more day! Oh well, at least I went far like I promised to Tyler. To my brother, sorry for not swinging it, maybe we'll get a million dollars somewhere else. As for the final three, two of you do not deserve to be there, and I'm damned because of that. Anyways, at least I'm gonna pig out tonight, though a million dollars would be nice. Nightie.

–Josh Deckers

Final Tribal Council

Tribal Council 18:
Jury Vote
Voted for
Kevin (4 votes)
Camille, Josh, Kasia, & Talia
Martin (3 votes)
Leo, Melissa, & Ricky
Andy (2 votes)
Devon & Jacki
Andy Aseltine
Martin Hymann
Kevin Rosenthal

Voting Confessionals

Just take it, and forget about this.


I love you Kevin. More than ever.


My anger was incorrectly redirected. Sorry buddy.


This is supposed to be Kevin, but your strong answers got me. Congratulations.


Beautiful person, inside and out. You deserve this.


Andy, you played a strong game from the start, and you knew when to shut up and get out of the way. Hope you win!


Kevin, you played a straight up game, unlike those half-baked jerks sitting beside you. Hope you win, and I wish you and Camille the best.


My in-game daddy. You've seen past my physical weakness, and I'm just returning the favor. Congrats!


Your strong game from start to finish makes you the best candidate. Again, you're the best dad I never had. I am praying to whoever divine being is out there, please let this guy win.


Next Time on Survivor

  • Three former survivors who were voted out first in their respective seasons will return for a shot at redemption. They will be joined by 18 new players, and all 21 of them will battle it out for the million dollar prize. Witness as 21 survivors duke it out in one of the most treacherous places on earth, Burma. Poisonous snakes are lurking at every corner of the land, while sharks are waiting at the bottom of the sea. Exile Island will be return after a long absence, but new twists will further complicate the players' banishment. 39 days, 21 people, 1 SURVIVOR!

Author's Notes

  • The author decided to make the finale a two-parter because it's too long.
  • Jacki, who was a hairdresser, did Talia's hair when the latter arrived at Ponderosa.
  • I just realized this today: the final three's partners were the first three members of the Jury.

    Talia made-over by Jacki

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