"Gone Ape"
Fossa finally starts a fire.
Season Survivor: Madagascar
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 2/13
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This is the 2nd episode of Survivor: Madagascar

Previously On Survivor...

Fossa struggled early, they took too long to find their camp. Luckily, their campsite had a cave, so they took shelter in it. Meanwhile, Baobab built a shelter, friendships and most importantly, alliances. Baobab's trust in each other and puzzle solving skills lead them to win the Reward/Immunity challenge. The only decision Fossa agreed on was voting out Sammie, their young and unfit teenage tribemate.


Reward Challenge: Pig Out
Using only their mouths, the castaways would rip pieces of meat off a large pork roast and put it into a basket. The tribe with the most meat in the basket after ten minutes would win.
Reward: Spices, Hebs, vegetables, and all the meat collected. Additionally, traps and snares.
Winner: Baobab

Immunity Challenge:Beach Balls
Two castaways from each tribe would shoot balls from a slingshot while the other members of the tribe tried to catch the balls. For every ball caught, the castaway would score a point for their tribe. The first tribe to score five points would win.
Winner: Fossa


Day 4

Fossa returned to their cave, and the 7 remaining team members slept. When they awoke, Hanson suggested they get a fire going so they can boil water. Kamila and Nicholas go get firewood while Elsa, Antonia and Julian go and get water from their watering hole, leaving Bella and Hanson alone. Hanson strikes the flint with the machete and gets sparks. Bella grabs kindling and they start a small fire almost immediately.

Fire is extremely important out here. Without it, we would drink dirty water and eat raw meat. I'm glad we got one started.


Bella: "So Hanson, can you keep a secret?"
Hanson: "Of course I can Bella!"
Bella: "I have to tell you, I have really bad ankles, I'm surprised I passed the medical test actually, they really aren't so good."
Hanson: "I wouldn't have guessed, you haven't complained, actually, I don't think anyone has noticed."
Bella: "Well because Sammie was so out of shape, I don't think anyone noticed my slow pace, but now that he is gone, I think they will."
Hanson: "Probably, but why are you telling me this?"
Bella: "Well, we are the oldest two on out tribe. We have to look out for each other, I just wanted someone to have my back, that's all."
Hanson: "Don't worry Bella, I'll have your back, thanks for telling me to, you can trust me."

I had to confine in someone, and Hanson, the oldest guy here, was that someone. I feel alot better knowing there's someone here I can trust.


Bella is sweet, but I don't think I can really help her. I have to think in the tribe's best interest, and if she slows our team too much, she has to go.


Kamila and Nicholas return with firewood. They're excited to see that Hanson has already started a fire. Elsa, Julian and Antonia join them with buckets of water and they boil it and quench their thirsts.

Meanwhile at Baobab, Sherbert is having a meltdown.

Shebert: "I'm so hungry, what's for breakfast? Oh that's right, hot water and Baobab fruit."
Bobby: "We are all hungry Shebert, you just need to cool down. Here, eat a fruit."
Sherbert: "I am a little more than just hungry Bobby, I'M STARVING! I don't want this nut!" *Throws fruit at Bobby's head.*
Rikku: "Chill out Sherbert! "
Rikku: *sniff, sniff*

I can't believe that guy. He has gone ape! We are all hungry, straving I'd say. But that man had a crazy look in his eyes and I was actually afraid he might try and eat me...


Me? Have a problem? No! I'm just peachy. OF COURSE I HAVE A PROBLEM! My luxury item was a lighter and a pack of cigarettes. I had the last one 2 days ago. I'm super jittery, dizzy, my head hurts like Hell and I am STARVING! I'm feeling like a thousand emotions. Obviously, I'm going through withdrawl now. I read before coming out here that symptoms after going Cold Turkey last from about 10 days to 2 weeks. Well, I am 2 days down. And I don't know how much more of this I can take.


At Fossa, the team members are feeling the effects of hunger as well.

Julian: "I'm so hungry, I could eat my own fingers."
Kamila: "Eww."
Elsa: "I'm so hungry, I could eat my own hair!"
Nicholas: "Yeah, these Baobab fruits are not good, I really need some meat, protein or something. Too bad we haven't seen any wildlife here..."
Elsa: "...Yes we have. Ok guys, I have an idea."
Elsa reminds her team members of the bats in the cave. Kamila gasps at the idea, but everyone else seems to agree. Elsa get Julian, Nicholas and Hanson to take off their shirts, and she ties them together to make a big drape. Elsa, Nicholas, Julian enter the cave again, walk for a long time and hold the drape up. Elsa screams, and the bats wake up and fly into the drape. They run back to the entrance of the cave and count their catch.

Nicholas: "Break their wings so they can't fly away!"
Kamila: "Eww. NO, no, no I can't watch that!" *runs away*
Elsa: "-ive, six, seven! We caught seven! That's one for all of us!"
Nicholas: "I think we can count Kamila out. Anyone know how to skin a bat?"
Bella: "I think I can help you with that guys! I'm a pathologist, I study dead bodies. I took a course in college on animal anatomy."
Bella skins the bats, saving all the parts with the meat. Though it wasn't much, it was enough to satisfy Fossa's hunger. Kamilia refused to eat a bat, she ate the Baobab fruit instead. Fossa slept with full bellies. Elsa stayed up that night to see if the bat's returned, usually the team was asleep when they came back at night, but they didn't this night, and Elsa figured they wouldn't ever come back to this cave.

By nightfall at Baobab, everyone was in the shelter trying to get sleep, but Sherbert was making noise outside.

Shebert: *singing* "1 cigarette, 2 cigarettes, 3 cigarettes, 4! I want to smoke, por favor! 1 cigarette, 2 cigarettes, 3 cigarettes, 4! I wish I brought a couple more!"
Rikku: "Carly, will you tell him to shut up?"
Carly: "What? Why me?"
Bobby: "Because he only listens to you!"
Sherbert: 5 cigarettes, 6 cigarettes, 7 cigarettes, 8! I'm stuck on a tribe with people I hate!

Day 5

Jasmain and Corey go to tree mail and get mail that mentions a reward challenge. Running on very little sleep, they gather the tribe and head to the challenge.

When the tribes walk in, the first thing Baobab notices is that Sammie was voted out. Then they see the two pork roasts.

Shebert: "Jeff? Am I dreaming? Or is that a roast?"
Jeff Probst: "No Sherbert, your not dreaming. In this challenge you will have 10 minutes to get as much pork as you can off that roast and into your basket. Sounds easy right? You only use your mouth. The winning tribe will get spices, herbs, vegetables, snares, traps, and all the meat you collected."
Sherbert: "You had me at "pork""
Nicholas: "Damn! I wish we kept Sammie, his big mouth would be good at this challenge..."
Jeff Probst: "Baobab, you have one extra member, who is sitting out?"
Rikku: "I will, I'm a vegetarian, I don't eat meat."
Sherbert: "More for me..."

Fossa makes quick work. They pick apart their roast, and help each other get pieces out of each other's mouths. Baobab starts from behind. When Sherbert sees their behind, he grunts and shoves his face further into the roast. He gnaws at a chunk for awhile and finally breaks off a huge piece. The two teams continue to battle for the remaining ten minutes. Rikku is disgusted by the fest, and nearly vomits. Finally, Jeff Probst calls time.

He weighs Baobab first, they got 29 pounds of meat. Fossa had 27.5 pounds. Baobab won. Shebert screamed in victory!

A cheerful Baobab returned to camp. Drew offered to cook the meat. Jessica spiced some up, they knew they had to cook all the meat because it would spoil otherwise.

I'm glad we won the challenge, everyone seems to be in good spirits now, even Sherbert.


WOOOO! WE WON! This might be my best day out here! This meat reward is great!


Drew continued cooking, and Baobab ate their delicious meal.

The Fossa tribe was bummed.

Antonia: "...I just don't feel like doing anything guys."
Nicholas: "Me neither, I'm bummed, I wanted that meat."
Elsa: "Who cares about that you guys? We can eat bats""
Nicholas: "That wouldn't be such a bad idea, but we all know the bats haven't come back."
Antonia: "Well, I don't think we can sit here and let ourselves waste away, we have to find a source of food somehow. Want me to go get some more Baobab fruit?"
Nicholas: "Why bother wasting your energy? "

Honestly, I am a little upset with Nicholas. The first few days he proved to be a hard worker and I wanted to align with him. Now he is just lazy and moody. My game plan coming out here was to align with a stronger man. Hanson and Julain are both strong, but one is too old, the other too young. I wanted to align with Nick, but I don't think that's going to happen.


Day 6

After both tribes read tree mail, the teams went to the challenge.


  • Ball Shooters: Bella & Kamila
  • Catchers: Elsa, Antonia, Nicholas, Hanson & Julian


  • Ball Shooters: Rikku & Jessica
  • Cathers: Carly, Bobby, Corey, Drew & Sherbert
  • Sitting Out: Jasmain

Unlike the challenge in Redemption Island, this time, instead of all 10 cathers being on the field at one time, there will only be 4 per round. 2 Fossa and 2 Baobab.

Round 1: Elsa and Hanson against Bobby and Carly. Rikku shoots a ball towards Bobby, but Hanson plows him over and catches it. Bella shoots on towards Elsa, but she is a little off target, Elsa runs to catch it but misses.
Score: 1-0, Fossa

Round 2: Antonia and Nicholas against Corey and Sherbert. Kamila shoots her ball at Nicholas, Sherbert tries to keep up with him but falls behind. Nicholas catches it. Jessica launches her ball towards Bobby, he catches it.
Score: 2-1, Fossa

Round 3: Drew and Corey against Julian and Hanson. Bella launches her ball towards Julian but she is off target again, so much so that Corey who is accidentally closer up field catches it. Rikku launches towards Drew, Drew dives to catch the ball and he gets it!
Score: 3-2, Baobab

Round 4: Carly and Bobby against Elsa and Antonia. Jessica launches towards Carly, Elsa tackles Carly and both miss the ball. Kamila shoots the ball towards Antonia, Antonia raises her hand high to catch, but is short, Bobby catches it from behind her.
Score: 4-2, Baobab

Round 5: Nicholas and Julian against Sherbert and Corey. Nicholas shouts at Bella to not shoot at him, but shoot it really high. Bella pulls the slingshot down, aims high, and releases. Corey looks high into the air to see where the ball is. Nicholas shoves him down while he is looking for the ball, and takes off for it. He catches it. Corey swears. Rikku aims for Sherbert, but Julian outruns him and steals the ball.

Score: 4-4, tied. Jeff tells them that for the last round, eveyone will be on the field, and the first person to catch a ball wins for their team. Everyone goes onto the field. Jessica and Kamila shoot balls at the same time. Chaos erupts on the field as everyone taclkes each other trying to catch a ball. Antonia runs away from the drama, but catches an overshot ball. Fossa wins immunity.

Fossa returns to camp, excited that they won a challenge.

That was a rough challenge. I saw my teammates doing some wild things. But why do I care? We won!


Winning feels great, and knowing that I scored the winning point is just icing on the cake!


But over at Baobab, a few were fuming.

Carly: "Anyone else see that ginger bitch tackle me?"
Corey: "I did, that looked rough, haha, but I got blindsided by the cowboy, that really hurt."
Bobby: "I got hit by an old man... Bwahaha!"
Corey: "Yeah they must have really wanted that win."
Bobby: "Do we have a decision about who is going tonight?"
Carly: "Yeah, I'll go tell the rest."

Baobab heads to their first tribal council and votes out their first team member.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Shebert (7 Votes)
BobbyCarly BCoreyDrewJasmainJessicaTRikku
Bobby, Carly, Corey, Drew, Jasmain, Jessica & Rikku
Rikku (1 vote)
Sherbert B&W
Sherbert Mooseangler

Voting Confessionals

This was a relatively easy vote, I worry about the rest to come.


I would've liked to keep you as my goat, but to keep you for another 33 days, just seems impossible, besides, I still have Rikku.


Your an insane old dude!


I know the repercussions of going cold turkey can last for over 10 days, I just don't think we could deal with you for that long.


Thanks for building our shelter! We have no need for you now...


On the upside, you are a clever singer, but please, you annoyed me to no end, see ya.


I enjoyed your hard work. I would've liked to keep you around longer. But the decision was for the best of Baobab.


Get away you hippie!


Final Words

I might have been annoying to my team, but my annoyance was caused by quitting smoking. I've already gone 6 days without smoking, I think I'll try to keep off of them. This experience is life-changing.


Still In The Running







Sammie B&W
Carly B


Sherbert B&W

Next Time On Survivor...

  • The previous two tribal councils the votes have been unanimous to 1. Will a split begin at the next tribal council?

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