"Gone Like The Wind"
The harsh weather takes a toll on Amy.
Season Survivor: Caucasus
Author User:Blaine7275
Episode Number 2/14
Episode Chronology
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Gone Like The Wind is the second episode of Survivor: Caucasus.

Previously On Survivor...

Twenty contestants arrived via helicopter to one of the most formidable places on Earth, the Caucasus Mountains. These Americans were immediately divided into two tribes, Rioni and Alazani. Shortly after arriving at camp, Alazani fared well under the leadership of retired cop Sebastian while Rioni suffered after an arguement between Hazel and Heather tore the tribe apart. However, they were able to recover and managed to win the next immunity challenge

After the tribe loss, Stan scrambled to eliminate model Van whom he considered untrustworthy. However, the tribe ended up thinking differently after Stan was voted out for being seen as weak. But after being exposed by Stan, will Van show his true colors? Nineteen are left, who will be voted out next?


Reward Challenge: Kicking and Screaming
One member of each tribe would hang on to a post. Two members of the opposing tribe would attempt to remove the tribe member from the post and drag them across the sand to the finish line. The first tribe to get the member of the other tribe across the finish line would receive a point. The first tribe to score three points wins.
Reward: Fishing gear, clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol
Winner: Rioni

Immunity Challenge: Fruit Flies
A tribe member would toss fruit to a member of their own tribe. One or two opposing tribe members would stand in front of the receiving member and use a club to try to knock away the fruit as it was thrown through the air. Once a piece of fruit is caught by a tribe member, it would have to be thrown to a second tribe member defended by a second opposing tribe member and so on. The tribe that catches the most fruit by weight after five minutes would win
Winner: Alazani



Night of Day 3

Alazani returns from Tribal Council after they had just voted out Stan. When all of them are crowded around their shelter, Van thanks everyone for keeping him in after Stan tried to rally votes to eliminate him. He then states that he won't make them regret their decision and that he'll try his best in the challenges from then on.

That was a close one! It's amazing how these idiots didn't believe an honest person like Stan. But it was impressive how he was able to figure me out so quickly. I'll need to be more careful next time.


I don't believe a word that comes out of that pretty boy's mouth. I'll be watching him.


Day 4

At the break at dawn, Heather and Aaron wake up early to search for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Unfortunately for them, Winston wakes up as well and catches them leaving the camp.

Winston: "Hey.. what are you two doing?"
Heather: "Uhm. We were just going to.. uh.. check tree mail."
Winston: "This early? Yeah right. You two were going to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol! If so, I want in."
Heather: "No we weren't!"
Winston: "Then what's written on that paper that Aaron is holding? That's a clue isn't it? Listen, it's kinda obvious that you two are together, but an alliance of two is nothing. You need a third person, and that would be me. So let me join or I'll just end up telling the rest of the tribe that you're in the possession of a clue for the Idol."
Aaron: "Heather, let's let him join. It won't hurt to have another person."
Heather: "Ugh! Fine!"

After letting Winston join their alliance, Heather and Aaron show him their clue which states that there are fake immunity idols hidden around.

I may have forced my way into their little alliance, but I have a feeling that we'll do just fine, especially since we're the only ones that know of the fake hidden immunity idols.


I really did not want anyone else finding out about what the clue read, but whatever. Heather needs to realize that having Winston joining us is a good thing if we want to have the numbers.


Over at Alazani, Sebastian takes charge of the tribe and holds a tribe meeting, in which he tells everyone that they should increase their productivity in fixing up the shelter because the weather has been showing signs of an upcoming storm.

Sebastian: "So let's focus our efforts into making our shelter more weatherproof. And since we finally got fire after returning from Tribal yesterday, those who were in charge of making the fire are now in charge of taking care of it."
Van: "Alright, we won't let you down!"
Sebastian: "The rest, keep improving the shelter."
Daniel: "Will do!"

Sebastian has been doing a phenominal job as our tribe leader. He knows how to make the shelter and how to find food, he notices any change in the weather, and he knows how to deal with every member of this tribe. We're so lucky to have him!


Back at the still divided Rioni camp, the two groups worked on their own separate shelters. The group of Hazel, Rachel, Yessica, and Gerardo were situated at the western side of the camp while the group of Heather, Aaron, and Winston stayed at the eastern side, with Agatha, Martin, and Max being in the middle of the two.

It's kind of awkward the way our tribe is divided. Agatha, Max, and I have been sleeping in Hazel's shelter, but only because it is the better of the two. However, neither her group nor Heather's have talked any strategy to any of the three of us. I don't know where we belong.


I'm really liking this divide. It means I can just sit around and do nothing around camp while both sides cater to my every need because they know they need my vote. No one's come to me yet, but it'll happen!


Day 5

The next morning, Alazani gets abruptly woken up by the sound of thunder. Just as Sebastian had predicted, the storm had arrived closer to their encampment. As the tribe members got out of their shelter, they were pelted my thousands of small raindrops that were dropped from the omninous looking stormclouds lurking above the Caucasus Mountains.

Daniel: "Someone put a covering over the fire so that the rain doesn't put it out!"
Sebastian: "Just don't put it too low or else it will catch on fire. Let's also add a few more leaves to the roof of the shelter so that it doesn't leak through as much."
Derek: "Got it!"

As Derek added more layers to the roof of the Alazani shelter, he accidentaly stumbled and brought down a third of the roof with him.

Lauren: "Derek! What the hell!"
Derek: "Oh my gosh guys! I'm so sorry, I slipped!"
Lauren: "Sorry ain't gonna cut it. Look at what you've gone and done."
Derek: "Please forgive me."
Lauren: "We'll see."
Sebastian: "Look guys, what's done is done so there's no need to cry about it. We'll just all try to fit into what's left of the shelter and wait out the storm."

I really went and messed up on that one. I just hope everyone can forgive me, but judging from Lauren's reaction, I doubt it.


Great, just great! The one day it actually rains and that kid goes and destroys our shelter. He better enjoy his last three days here!


Soon after, both tribes are called for their next reward challenge. As they arrive, Jeff announces the challenge and shows everyone the reward they'd be competing for, fishing gear. Since Rioni is up one member, Jeff tells them that they have to sit out a member to which Max quickly volunteers for.

Round 1:
Rioni Post Holder: Heather
Alazani Draggers: Samantha & Mary-Jean

Alazani Post Holder: Phoebe
Rioni Draggers:Hazel & Yessica

In Round 1, the women squared off first. Immeditately, Hazel and Yessica of Rioni were able to take Phoebe of her post, dragging her through the wet sand while Samantha and Mary-Jean had a tough time getting Heather off hers. Phoebe squirmished to get free but Hazel and Yessica wouldn't let go and eventually dragged her over the finish line giving Rioni their first point.

Round 2:
Rioni Post Holder: Winston
Alazani Draggers: Daniel & Derek

Alazani Post Holder: Van
Rioni Draggers:Gerardo & Martin

For the second round, then men took their turn. For a while, both Winston and Van wouldn't let go of their posts, but Gerardo and Martin were able to take Van's arms and pulled him away from the post. Half a minute later, Daniel and Derek yanked Winston off his post. As Gerardo and Martin were almost to the finish line, Van was able to get free and beelined back to the post which let Daniel and Derek drag Winston across the finish line, tying up the score, 1-1.

Round 3:
Rioni Post Holder: Rachel
Alazani Draggers: Amy & Sebastian

Alazani Post Holder: Lauren
Rioni Draggers:Agatha & Aaron

For the final round, both genders were mixed. Sebastian and Amy struggled to get Rachel off the post as she would push them away whenever they got her arms free. This allowed for Aaron and Agatha of Rioni to quickly free Lauren from the pole in which Aaron was able to pick up the real estate agent and easily carry her over to the finish and win his tribe their second challenge.

As Rioni made their way back to camp, Heather told Aaron, who was carrying the fishing gear, to let her check if there was another clue for the Idol hidden in there, which there was. She quickly took it and stuffed it in her bra.

Looks like the clues for the idols are hidden in the rewards we win from the challenges. This means that if we keep winning reward challenges and Aaron, Winston, or I take the clues that are hidden in the rewards, we'll be the only ones in the whole game that know about the fake idols. This will come in handy at some point.


At Alazani, many members of the tribe are feeling discouraged from the rain and the fact that they have yet to win a challenge, the person taking it the hardest being Amy. As she sobs, Daniel and Derek come to her aid.

Amy: "I can't take this anymore..! We can't seem to win a challenge and I'm freezing cold! I wanna go home..!"
Daniel: "Don't say that! Look Amy, this is a once in a lifetime experience and you don't want to throw it away because of some measly raindrops. And it's only Day 5 and you already want to go home? When you look back on this, you'll be ashamed at the opportunities you missed and the memories you could have made if you stayed. So I beg you, just give it one more day and you'll see that things will get better."
Derek: "Yeah Amy, just what he said!"
Amy: "Well.. I guess I can give it one more day."

Throughout these few days, Amy's been like a little sister to me, and it would have been awful if she left this early because of the weather. It was great that I was able to convince her to give this game another chance.


The rain and the cold really suck, but I'll give it another chance. I'm no NaOnka or PK!


On the other side of the camp, Van is talking with Lauren, Phoebe, and Samantha. He suggests to them that they should create an alliance with him.

Van: "Girls. Over these couple of days, I've felt that I could trust you guys the most. Phoebe and Lauren, you two came to my rescue after Stan was bombarding me with lies at the last Tribal Council and I really appreciate you for that. Samantha, I've admired your strong work ethic around camp and would definitely enjoy it if we could work together. So what do you say?"
Lauren & Phoebe: "YES!"
Samantha: "Sure."

After the debuckle at the last Tribal Council, I realized I needed an alliance immediately. And it's clearly obvious that the women of this tribe have been fawning over me ever since I stepped foot on this island, so I just took advantage of that. A couple of complements and it was hook, line, and sinker. Women are so stupid!


Van is such an idiot. He really thinks that flattering me will give him my allegiance? For now, I'll play along, but he better watch his back.


Over at Rioni, as night begins to fall, Heather takes Aaron and Winston aside so that they can read the hidden immunity idol clue they received from the reward challenge, "Listen to nature and it will give back, not too close to the ground for a true idol will lack.".

Winston: "So we look in the trees?"
Heather: "Yes. But let's not make it too obvious that we're looking for the idol."
Winston: "Alright, but I have an idea. The clue says that the real idol is hidden in the trees. So won't that mean that the fake ones are hidden in the ground? What if we could use those to our advantage? I say while we search for the real one, we also pick up the fake ones."
Heather: "That's a really smart ide-"

In mid-sentence, Hazel interrupts their conversation.

Hazel: "Look Heather, just because we don't sleep in the same shelter doesn't mean we're not one tribe! If you guys are going to eat the tribe's food, then go fetch some damn fruit or something!

She then abruptly leaves.

Winston: "She really hates you, huh?"
Heather: "Whatever, she'll get hers later."

Day 6

The next day, both Alazani and Rioni show up for their next immunity challenge. After Jeff takes back the Immunity Idol from Rioni and announces the rules, the challenge comences.

Alazani starts the challenge strong as they're able to knock away all the fruit Rioni tries to throw, while being able make strong throws of their own. Halfway through the challenge, Winston, who is in the club area, notices that the first tosser for his tribe, Max, is making very weak throws which don't even make it pass the wall and the ones that do are immediately smashed by the other tribe. Winston calls for a time out and asks Jeff if he can switch with Max, which Jeff allows and the challenge presumes. However, it becomes futile as the five minutes are quickly up and Alazani wins their first challenge by a wide margin.

We should not have lost that challenge! Max is so going to pay!


As Rioni arrives to their camp from their first loss, Winston immediately goes over to his alliance and tells them that he thinks that Max should be going home. At first, both Heather and Aaron are hesitant in voting out one of the neutral people of the tribe, but Winston reassures them that he'll get Hazel's alliance to vote for him as well. Shortly after, Winston has a talk with Hazel's alliance which include Hazel, Rachel, Gerardo, and Yessica.

Winston: "Look guys, we might not be allies, but it was extremely pitiful the way Max performed in the challenge. It was as if he wasn't even trying! So can we put our differences aside and work together for once?"
Yessica: "Max is basically the reason we lost the challenge.."
Rachel: "I do admit I want him out. He sits out of challenges and when he does participate, he doesn't even give it his all. And to top it all, he doesn't even do anything around camp. He sleeps in our shelter, yet he doesn't help with the chores or the fire. It's ridiculous!"
Winston: "I'll let you guys think it over."

Winston leaves the group and the group begins to talk about the vote. Winston goes over to his shelter and tells Heather and Aaron that they agreed to voting out Max.

Yessica: "So what do you think Hazel?"
Hazel: "I thought we were all agreed that Heather was the first to go if we lost an immunity challenge. That's the whole reason we made this alliance."
Rachel: "But with Max around, we'll keep losing challenge after challenge."

Just then, Max barges in wanting to talk about strategy.

Max: "Hey guys! So I heard you talking, and I was thinking we aim for Heather tonight! She's a real pain in the butt, so taking her out will really make camp life easier!"
Hazel: "Well, we were thinking of booting Heather."
Max: "That's super awesome! Look, I think I can convince Agatha and Martin to vote for Heather as well, so we're set!"
Hazel: "Yup, she'll be gone like the wind!"

That night, Rioni arrived to their first Tribal Council. Jeff instructed them to dip their torches in the fire and tribal council was started. Jeff starts off by commenting about their tribe's performance at the last challenge. He castrates Max for his horrific behavior, but Max responds that the weather the day before limited his performance in this challenge. To this, Winston rolls his eyes to which Jeff immediately catches and asks Winston why he disagrees. Winston states that Max doesn't give it his all in challenges and that this even shows back at camp. When Jeff asks about how camp life is, Rachel tells him that the tribe is clearly divided between Hazel's group and Heather's group. Jeff asks everyone which side they're on and when he gets to Max, Max responds that he's on neither. At this, Rachel exclaims that even though he hasn't alligned himself with either alliance, he still takes advantage of the situtation by sleeping in both shelters without doing any of the chores. Knowing he's on the hot seat, Max turns the conversation to Heather and reveals that she was the reason for the split. This angers Heather, but before she has anything to say, Jeff says, "It's time to vote".

As Jeff comes back with the urn full of votes, he asks for any immunity idols to be shown, but no one offers one. Jeff goes and reads the vote which reveals that the tribe was able to come together to vote out the lazy Max who got the boot in a unanimous vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Max Fisher
Max (9 votes)
Aaron McCarthyYessica ChangHazel QuezadaRachel HudsonAgatha Christenson
Gerardo GuzmanHeather VillegasMartin BowellWinston Grant
Aaron, Yessica, Hazel, Rachel, Agatha,
Gerardo, Heather, Martin & Winston
Heather Villegas
Heather (1 vote)
Max Fisher
Max Fisher BW
Max Fisher

Voting Confessionals

Sorry honey, but we're better off without you.


I was going to convince everyone to vote out Heather, but when you said that you had Agatha and Martin's vote, I knew you had to go first.


I may not be alligned with anyone, but I still do something around camp.


You can thank me for your early exit, but no one gets between me and my million!


See ya later!


Max, Max, Max. I don't know why you would go on this show if you weren't even going to try.


Just getting rid of the poison apple.


No offense, but I'm kind of happy getting rid of you.


At first, I would have preferred Hazel going, but writing your name down is just as sweeet.


Well, at least I tried.


Final Words

I guess I should have tried harder.


Still In The Running

Aaron McCarthy
Agatha Christenson
Gerardo Guzman
Hazel Quezada
Heather Villegas
Martin Bowell
Max Fisher BW
Rachel Hudson
Winston Grant
Yessica Chang
Amy Corazon
Daniel Marvin
Derek Phu
Lauren Faas
Mary-Jean Pettie
Phoebe Noyola
Samantha Marino
Sebastian Hibbard
Stan Bailey BW
Van Stevenson

Next Time On Survivor...

  • The conflict between Hazel and Heather reaches a boiling point and the line is drawn in one tribe.

Author's Notes

  • Amy's confessional made a reference to NaOnka Mixon and Kelly Shinn from Survivor: Nicaragua in which they both quit the game due to the harsh weather conditions.
  • In Winston's voting confessional, his line " one gets between me and my million!" made a reference to Big Brother player, Rachel Reiley's famous line "No one gets between me and my man!".
  • The Reward Challenge is the same challenge used in Plan Voodoo from Survivor: Cook Islands and She Obviously Is Post-Op! from Survivor: Gabon.
  • The Immunity Challenge is the same challenge used in This Camp Is Cursed from Survivor: Gabon.
  • This episode's title was said by Hazel.
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