"Greed Is the Root of All Evil"
Season Survivor: Culture Clash
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 11/15
Episode Chronology
Previous "Barking Up the Wrong Tree"
Next "Bitter Work"

This is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Culture Clash.

Previously on Survivor


Day 28 Immunity Challenge: Touchy Subjects
Each castaway would fill out a questionnaire about their opinions on the others. Then, they must predict the most common answer to each question. Each castaway with a correct prediction would be allowed to cut a section of rope holding up a doll of the castaway they want eliminated. Three cuts of the rope would send the doll into a fire where it would burn, thus eliminating that player from the challenge. Last person left with their doll not burned wins immunity.
Winner: Budd

Day 30 Immunity Challenge: Knot the Case
Before the challenge, the survivors will be asked to randomly pick out names from a bag, after which, they will make a fortress (e.g. tie knots, put planks in between) for whoever's name they received to work with. The survivors will be given 20 minutes to make their fortresses. Once the twenty minutes are over, the survivors will then have to undo what their tribemate did for them to make a crate containing a machete pass through. Once through, the survivors will then open the crate and use the machete inside to cut a rope, releasing a flag. First player to raise their flag, wins immunity.
Winner: Jordan


Night 27

The Bathala tribe returns from Tribal Council where Lawrence was blindsided, and under the premise that their alliance is walking on thin ice after Lawrence left, Beatrix approaches Rosita about her idol clue and asks her if she had found the idol. Rosita says she hasn't, and asks Beatrix if she could help her find it.

I have to trust someone in this game, though I know Beatrix is pulling away from me in favor of Lana and Budd, I have to give her a reason to come back to me.


Day 28

The survivors meet Jeff Probst for their next Immunity Challenge. Jeff hands each of them a questionnaire about their tribemates. This is how the challenge went down:

Back at Bathala camp, Rosita asks Beatrix to help her find the idol in the woods. The clue says the idol is hidden beneath the base of the Tree Mail totem. The two girls are on their way to dig for the idol, but Simon walks by them even before they start digging because he is about to collect water. The two girls offer their help, but Simon refuses, telling them to "carry on" with their conversation and walks away. Simon being far likable than Cap, and Rosita not knowing how much of the conversation he overheard, she proposes to vote him out. Beatrix agrees.

Right now, Cap is the most influential outsider we have right now. But we also have his sidekick Simon, who everyone likes. So, he is going next.


Meanwhile, Simon, who apparently heard the words "idol" and "clue" from Rosita during the short time he was with her and Beatrix, tells Cap that he heard Rosita uttering the words, "idol" and "clue" beside Tree Mail. Deducing that the there might be a third Hidden Immunity Idol buried beneath there, and he wants to get his hands of the object before Beatrix does.

I have to make sure I got to the idol before Beatrix does.


Cap walks to toward Tree Mail, where he meets Rosita and Beatrix, who both remain after Simon left. Cap bluntly asks Beatrix if they are looking for the idol. Rosita tells him if he is looking for it in the same place they are looking, they would rather watch him look for the idol. Rosita leaves the scene while Cap and Rosita stare at each other, waiting for the other person to dig.

It's been three hours since Cap went to Tree Mail in attempts to locate the Hidden Immunity Idol. I can't stand him, but at the same time, if I leave him here, there will be a high chance that he gets it.


While Beatrix and Simon are waiting for each other to dig for the idol, back at the shelter, Simon approaches Budd, asking him to join their alliance. Simon asks Budd what would he gain from siding with Beatrix, warning him that Lana and Cataleya may have made a Final Three pact without his knowledge, given that Lana was with Beatrix since the tribe swap. Budd rethinks his options.

What if Beatrix is playing me, that she actually made a final three deal with Lana and Cat? I trusted her from the start but now, as much as I'd rather bounce off Simon's words, he has a point.


Minutes before Tribal Council, Cap and Beatrix still are not budging. Rosita informs them that the tribe will have to leave for Tribal Council. Knowing the idol is still hidden, Cap is somewhat at peace that the idol is not yet in the enemy's hands.

If I can't get my hands on that idol, then no one will!


As the tribe packs their belongings and head for Tribal Council, Beatrix is scared that her knowing Rosita's clue might sway her alliance to turn on her, so she secretly tells Budd, Lana and Cataleya that Rosita had the idol clue, despite promising her not to do so. While Cap is the alliance's biggest obstacle, Beatrix insists that they vote Simon out because he is more likable. To prove she is not working behind their backs, Bea swears to them that she only knew about Rosita's clue the night before. Lana is suspicious of Beatrix's true motives for telling them about the existence of the clue.

So, Beatrix leaked to us that she knew about Rosita's idol clue. Why reveal to us just now? I trusted Beatrix since the DIY reward. Tonight will be her finest hour.


Initially I wanted Rosita to have the idol so the target won't be on me in case the truth comes out. But I fear that Lana, Cat and Budd will turn against me if they got wind of it from someone else. To control your fate in this game, you have to have power over things, and I am doing just that with Rosita, keeping her and her idol under my wing until it's time to slit her throat.


So, Beatrix wanted to protect Rosita because she had the clue, and eventually, the idol. She never once said that the idol will be for the benefit of the alliance, so I assumed she never had the intention to tell it to us in the first place. She was just scared that we'll know her secret from others, especially Cap. That is being greedy, and greed is the root of all evil.


At Tribal Council, Cap explains his "friendly feud" with Beatrix. Beatrix corrects him, saying there was nothing "friendly" with their rivalry, telling him outright they are voting for him. Out of desperation, Cap reveals that Rosita had the idol clue all along and she shared it with Beatrix, and that Simon caught them digging for the idol while he was on the way to the well. To clean her conscience, Rosita reveals the idol clue and reads it aloud for the entire tribe and jurors to hear. Beatrix, Lana, Cap and Cataleya shake their heads in disappointment. Cap then berates Rosita and Beatrix for secretly working behind their alliance's backs. Beatrix calls Simon a hypocrite, explaining to the tribe how Cap got his own Hidden Immunity Idol. Cap suddenly becomes pale and silent. In the end, Beatrix's threat on Cap turns out to be an empty one, because the alliance voted Simon out instead, sending him home in a 5-4 vote.

Returning from Tribal Council, Rosita is chastised by Beatrix and Lana for sharing the clue to everyone. Rosita explains she was totally agitated and feeling guilty. Budd calms everyone down, reminding them they still have the majority.

I'd make this a big deal like Bea and Lana, but in whole honesty I'd rather focus on keeping this alliance together. We have an entire alliance of strong men agaisnt us, so if they want to have a better chance at winning challenges, we have to take them down.


Meanwhile, as the tribe prepares to sleep, Cap rushes to Tree Mail to dig for the idol. After an hour of searching in pitch dark, a sleepy Cap decides to give up and continue searching tomorrow.

You snooze, you lose!


Day 29

Cap does not do his usual morning fishing, and walks to Tree Mail instead. To his surprise, he finds Rosita digging for the idol. Cap tells Rosita to consider defecting to their side and promises he won't lie to her, even telling her he is willing to help find the idol with her. Rosita rebuffs Cap, telling her to leave her alone. Disliking Rosita's gesture, Cap digs for the idol independently. To his dismay, Rosita finds the idol, which was buried beneath the Tree Mail totem's feet.

Rosita returns to the shelter, telling her alliance members that she already found the idol. Lana congratulates her for finding it before Cap. Unbeknownst to Lana, Rosita is brewing a plot against her.

Lana is a threat to me because Beatrix is my closest ally, and for me to regain Beatrix's full support again, I have to take Lana out. However, Beatrix is the most brilliant of minds out here, and in my own admission, I can't make up blindsides for the life of me, but once Lana's out and if I feel Bea has served her purpose, off with her head.


Later, Rosita secretly goes to Budd if he is willing to blindside Lana. Budd explains they cannot afford turning on each other this early because the of the threat Cap, Jordan and Dominic posed. Rosita asks Budd to keep the conversation a secret. Budd agrees, but Lana overhears the conversation and tells it to Beatrix. 

Evening at Bathala camp, Rosita talks to Beatrix personally, asking her if their bond from the first day still stands. Beatrix turns pale, as she realizes she no was getting more and more close to Lana than to Rosita, and Rosita trying to vote out Lana out makes sense. Beatrix apologizes to Rosita if she feels neglected, confessing to her that Lana overheard her speaking to Budd asking if he's willing to take Lana out. Beatrix calms Rosita down, asking her to not let the alliance fall apart, [falsely] promising her a final three pact with Budd.

Rosita proved me I am not fully aware of my surroundings. Me having frequent strategy talks with Lana left Rosita feeling left behind. Now that she has the idol, I have to keep an eye on her. I came up with a backup plan for her, but I wouldn't want to resort to that...unless Rosita talks to the enemy.


I know I cannot trust Beatrix as fully as before, but in this game, you need to have someone who you can trust. If Bea turns on me, it's entirely my fault for believing in her.


Day 30

The Bathala tribe meets Jeff Probst for another Immunity Challenge. After giving out the instructions for the challenge, Jeff presents the survivors a bag containing tokens with their names on it. Whoever they pick will be the survivor they will be making a fortress for. The survivors are given 20 minutes to build their fortresses. 

  • Beatrix will make Dominic's
  • Budd will make Cap's
  • Cap will make Jordan's
  • Cataleya will make Beatrix's
  • Jordan will make Budd's
  • Dominic will make Cataleya's
  • Rosita will make Lana's (and vice versa)

Cap takes it easy on Jordan to keep at least have one of his allies almost assured of winning immunity. Noticing Cap seemingly rigging the challenge for their alliance's favor, Beatrix and Budd both tie several knots in their already almost-impenetrable fortresses for Dominic and Cap respectively. Wanting to ensure Lana does not win immunity, Rosita makes a severely difficult fortress for Lana, annoying her rival.

I don't know what is up with Rosita. She was friendly one day, bitching out the next. I don't know if she's suffering period pains or whatever, but her anger at me is getting annoying. If she wants war, I'll give it to her.


Dominic and Cap both struggle to just get their crates in the fortress, thanks to Beatrix and Budd making their fortresses double hard by putting several knots and planks in between. A visibly annoyed Lana cannot untie the knots Rosita made for her, while Rosita gains a lead from her. However, despite valiant efforts, Cap's purposely made haphazard fortress helps Jordan to breeze through the course, and despite Rosita being few inches away from him, he eventually finishes the task at hand first, winning immunity. Beatrix and Budd express their annoyance at Budd for making it easier for Jordan to win.

Cap obviously slacked off today to keep his alliance as intact as possible. I want his ass gone tonight.


Back at camp, Lana rampages at Rosita, asking her why is she so mad at her. Rosita explains that the only reason why she is in their alliance is because of Beatrix and nothing else. Lana rebuts, saying that if Rosita does not like her, she is free to leave, but warns her to user her idol wisely. Lana warns Beatrix as well, telling her "whether she goes, or I go."

I am between a rock and a hard place at this point. You have two parties wanting your undivided loyalty, but you cannot, because they can't live with each other. One has the idol [Rosita],but the other is easier to beat [Lana]. This is going to be a vote I don't want to cast.


Later, bent on taking Lana out, Rosita goes to Cap, Jordan and Dominic, asking their support. The three men agree to help her. Meanwhile, Beatrix tells her remaining alliance members that it would be best to vote Rosita out instead. Lana reminds her about Rosita's idol. Beatrix tells them that since Rosita wants Bea's trust badly, she can persuade her into voting Lana, but the alliance votes Rosita instead; and with the possibility of Cap's alliance voting with Rosita, Beatrix will ask Rosita to give her the idol to prove she is trustworthy. Lana is highly skeptical about the plan, asking what if Rosita does not give the idol. Beatrix is confident that Rosita will, and if Rosita does give the idol to her, she will give it to Lana.

This is one vote I'd be regretting for the rest of the game. It might affect my overall game play in the coming days. With nine days left, I cannot afford to make any more mistakes.


Minutes before Tribal Council, Beatrix personally talks to Rosita, asking her if she is already firm in her decision to defect to Cap's alliance. Rosita confirms.

Quote1Hey, Rosita. Are you really going to vote Lana tonight with Cap?Quote2- Beatrix
Quote1Pretty much.Quote2- Rosita
Quote1*sighs* Okay. I'll give you a proposition. I know you're mad at me, and I want to make it up to you. I talked to Budd and Cataleya, and they agreed to vote Lana out. But since you talked to Cap this afternoon about voting Lana, we find it hard to trust you anymore. But we want to see if you are still trustworthy.Quote2- Beatrix
Quote1What do you mean? I'll do anything.Quote2- Rosita
Quote1This will be absurd to test your trustworthiness, I want you to give me the idol. If you give me the idol, we'll vote Lana out.Quote2- Beatrix
Quote1I don't know about this...Quote2- Rosita
Quote1Listen to me, you want my trust, right? Now, you have the opportunity to vote Lana out easily, without Cap's help. Now, can we trust you?Quote2- Beatrix
Quote1I trust you with all my heart, Bea. We're both moms, so we understand each other. Don't fail me this time, please.Quote2- Rosita

Nervous of what might happen next, Rosita hands her idol to Beatrix. Beatrix is nervous as well (her hands are shaking as she receives the idol), as the first step of her plan became a success. "There is no turning back now," she tells herself. With her hands still shaking, Beatrix hands the idol to Lana.

As much as I would want to use this idol tonight to save myself, I am scared of the repercussions that will follow.


At Tribal Council, Rosita goes after Lana, outright berating her for her episodes of rudeness. Lana tells her to stop talking as if she personally knows her. Lana explains that she had a rough childhood, raised by a teen mom, after their dad left them upon knowing her mom was pregnant with her. Lana's mother had to quit school and work to raise her. Mrs.'s Stone's almost-feminist upbringing of Lana helped her become who she is today. While the drama between Rosita and Lana is happening, the "New Three Amigos" remain silent, relishing the heated conversation.

After everyone finishes voting, Jeff asks the tribe if there is someone who would want to use the Hidden Immunity Idol, it would be the time play it. With no one responding, Jeff promptly opens the urn, until Lana raises her hand, and gives him Rosita's idol, stunning everyone, especially Rosita. Turns out, the vote would have been a 4-4 tie between Lana and Rosita, but with Lana using Rosita's idol, her four votes are negated, leaving the four votes for Rosita, totally blindsiding her. Cap, Jordan and Dominic, the majority alliance, and the jury members, are all floored by Beatrix's move. As the visibly devastated Rosita collects her torch, she has harsh words for her former "ally."

I was loyal to you from the start, and I proved it. Don't worry, I might still vote for you, but I would never want to see your face ever again in life. Thanks for humiliating me.


As Rosita walks away, Beatrix, who becomes highly overwhelmed by her move, slumps on the floor, hyperventilating. The medics come to her rescue, and the doctor states Beatrix is having a panic attack.

Tribal Council

Day 28

Tribal Council 12:
Simon (5 votes)
Beatrix, Budd, Cataleya, Lana, & Rosita
Rosita (4 votes)
Cap, Dominic, Jordan, & Simon
Simon Allinston

Voting Confessionals

Thanks for sharing that clue, idiot. You served your purpose.


Had you been more brutish than Cap, you probably might have stayed longer. Sorry pops.


Final Words

Day 30

Tribal Council 13:
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Cap, Dominic, Jordan, & Rosita
(votes not counted)
Rosita (4 votes)
Beatrix, Budd, Cataleya, & Lana
Rosita Salazar

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • With her fainting spell, will Beatrix be evacuated for good?
  • Following Rosita, Budd is starting to doubt in his alliance. Will he finally side with Cap?
  • After being voted out, Rosita enters Tribal Council with a bang.

Author's Notes

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