Grey Winters
Grey W
Contestant Profile
Birth Date January 6, 1985 (1985-01-06) (age 33)
Hometown Miami, FL
Occupation Interior Designer

Survivor: Kermadec Falls

Tribes Niiv
Placement Winner (1/18)
Challenges Won 5
Votes Against 13
Days Lasted 39

Grey Winters was a contestant in Survivor: Kermadec Falls.


An Interior designer in Miami, Florida, Grey gets inspiration from traveling the world.He has a sense of direction, and can tell what time it is just from the sun! Also, he is well trained for living in the wilderness, and can swim well. However he's a vegetarian, and cannot eat meat to survive on an island, even if forced to know he will die, he won't eat an animal. He's also quite shy until you get to know him, he's friendly! If he won he’d explore the whole world, buy a beautiful house on the ocean, and become a famous interior designer. He is very talented in color and the arts, and he loves nature and animals, and will stand up for animal rights.

Survivor: Kermadec Falls

Grey and Ilena had an instant bond once in the game. They had control over their tribe. They were responsible for Esme Ram and Mark Owen's elimination.

It was Night 13 when Ilena and Grey proposed eliminating Vanessa Summers, Noctourne Alley and Tim Matthews to merge with an advantage in numbers. Noctourne overheard this and was not happy. Though they could not save Vanessa, Noctourne and Tim were able to keep themselves safe until the merge and they were ready to wreak revenge on Ilena and Grey.

Unfortunatly, at the merge, Grey was unable to get ex-Niiv Blake Rockwell back on his side and Sam Daley was eliminated. Without Blake, and now Sam, Ilena and Grey only had one other ally Flora Gardenia. The three of them once had numbers, now had to face 6.

Grey won immunity on Day 23, part of his win involved a reward to an undisclosed location for a picnic and a clue to the hidden immunity idol. However, he would also be exempt from the next tribal council. Grey found the idol, but when he returned to camp, his closest ally Ilena had been eliminated.

And by Day 28, he was left with only Flora, facing a strong group of 5. Unfortunatly, in an effort to save herself, Flora threw Grey under the bus. Luckily, Grey was able to muster up enough votes to keep himself in the game longer, Flora was eliminated.

Grey played his idol on Day 33 and eliminated Owen Brookes. Then won immunity on Day 35, and Tim Matthews was eliminated. Leaving Grey against only Noctorune, Blake and Sarah Linn.

Noctourne won the final immunity challenge, but she felt like she had to keep the stronger competetor, Grey, to the end. Blake was eliminated.

Grey represented Niiv in the final tribal council. He pleaded offensivly, unlike Sarah and Noctourne.

I played the most strategic game. I was aligned from the start with all the Niivs except Esme, and she went home. After the merge I was able to pick off two Anjus and my other allies got rid of another one on the other team. But when the merge came I got a little sloppy for one second. Sam was gone. I won a challenge, found an idol and Ilena was gone. I kept Flora around an extra 3 days, then I threw her out. Then I used my idol, then I won. Finally I got rid of my rival Tim by using stupid Blake, who I threw out in the end. The hard truth is that I beat you, this is how I got here, it only means that I was a smarter, better player than you. No offense.

–Grey's statement to the jurors.

In the end, it proved effective, Grey received votes from Adam, Flora, Ilena, Sam & Sienna.

Voting History

Grey's Voting History
Episode Grey's
Voted Against
1 Niiv Tribe Immune
2 Esme Esme
3 Mark Mark
4 Niiv Tribe Immune
5 Vanessa -
6 Niiv Tribe Immune
7 Sarah -
8 Ineligible Individual Immunity
9 Sienna Sienna
10 Flora Blake, Flora,
11 Owen Blake, Nocturne,
Owen, Sarah, Tim
12 Tim Individual Immunity
13 Blake Sarah
Jury Votes
for Grey
Adam, Flora, Ilena,
Sam, Sienna
Winner, Day 39


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