"Guns Blazing"
Season Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School
Author User:SimBrotherCo
Episode Number 10/13
Date Uploaded February 16, 2013
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Guns Blazing is the tenth episode of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School.

Previously on Survivor...

After Tribal Council, it was clear Varner's plan had left the rest of Fekruna divided. So he and Gervase took the day off while the rest of their tribe scrambeled for their Survival. At the reward challenge Varner's day of relaxation continued as he, Deena, Spencer, and Brandon took a trip to the 7-UP Oasis. While there Deena began to have suspisions about Varner, which back at camp were confirmed when Penny and Monica compared notes. After filling in their allies after small disputes they came together to target a common enemy. At the immunity challenge Gervase slid into his first challenge win, leaving Varner vulnerable. Back at camp Varner and Gervase insisted on targetting Spencer, making Kelly wary of the boy's plans. With both sides pulling her in different directions Kelly once again found herself as the swing vote. In the end Kelly sided with her friend Spencer and Varner was voted out. 7 Castaways are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Survivor Auction
 Each person was given a money pouch that contained 500 U.S. dollars that they would use to bid on various food items.

Immunity Challenge : Brains and Brawn
Castaways are attached to a rope which is threaded to a hitching rail. The first five to complete this part move on Part 2. Part 2 consists of the castaways attached to another rope, while navigating through bamboo poles. The first two to complete this part move on to the final round. The final round consists of untying a series of rope gates, while navigating through a multi-level obstacle course. The first person to complete this will win Immunity.
Winner: Deena


Day 28

Kelly Goldsmith layed out on the beach, feeling the sun's warm rays relaxing. In the past few days it had become the one place on the Arabian shore that she could restore her peace of mind. Ever since the early days at Wahid she'd been pulled back and forth between Varner and Deena and last night she had finally made her decision.

I was tired of constantly being told I was 4th, so I took Varner out. Sucks to suck.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Sitting up from the beach was her former aly and friend Brandon Quinton. He watched as Kelly basked in the sun, soaking up it's rays, carless about the days coming down the pipe, which for her were going to be a cake walk, but for him they'd be a struggle....all thanks to her.

I told Kelly to stick with the plan, and we'd go to the end. It's simple, right? Well apparently it isn't because she decided to hand those losers the entire game.

–Brandon Quinton

Was he angry? No, not really. Was he bitter? Of course. Anyone with a garunteed final three spot is bound to be bitter if it was all taken away from him, but Brandon had faith that he would be able to get his friend back on his side. Afterall, they were in it together, weren't they?

Brandon walked down the beach and layed down next to his friend from Survivor: Africa. Laying perfectly still until she noticed that he was there.

"Oh hi," Kely said perkily.

"Sup ho?" Brandon asked just like old times.

"Oh just enjoying my morning, it'ls been really quiet so far, haven't you noticed?" She said sarcastically.

"Rub it in al you want sweetheart, but you'll be out soon after I am," Brandon said confidently.

"Meh, not like it would've been any different if I went with Varner and Gervase," Kelly said shrugging his last comment off.

"You should be ashamed of what you've done young lady," Brandon said giggling. He couldn't even say that with a straight face.

"I'm just embracing the rebel in me Brandon, I thought you'd be proud," She said putting her hands behind her head.

"I'd be proud if you had a change of heart and decide to shake things up again," Brandon said with a nervous grin.

"That's cute," Kelly said smiling.

Brandon rolled his eyes, got up and started walking away.

"Going so soon?" Kelly said laughing to herself.

"Not as soon as you will be honey," he said before turning away for good.

Their friendly rivalry had suddenly become, not so friendy.

A few days ago I'd of been really concerned that Brandon was upset with me, but now I'm trying this new strategy where I just don't give a damn about anyone else.

–Kelly Goldsmith

How many times has Kelly come to me moanin' and bitchin' about the vote. Then I come over to her this morning and she's being a cocky little brat. I knew there was a reason I got rid of that bitch the first time.

–Brandon Quinton

Brandon passed Spencer on his way back up to camp. He rolled his eyes as he crossed past them.

"Good luck with her," Brandon muttered under his breath.

Spencer grinned the minute he heard this and sprinted down the beach to greet Kelly.


Spencer had taken a handful of water an doused Kelly with it.

"Watch it!" Kelly shouted. "I already crushed one person's dream this morning," she giggled.

"Oh really?" Spencer shouted back. "How'd that feel?"

"Perfection," Kelly said grinning.

"Well you know I got your back," Spencer reassured her, laying down right next to her.

"Monica too?" Kelly said concerned.

"Yeah, I mean, she's with us, but honestly I'd much rather go to the end with you," Spencer said smiling.

"Damn right you do," Kelly replied.

Monica and I have become close in the past few days, but I think Kelly's a lot more trustworthy of an ally than she is.

–Spencer Duhm

"So the three of us then?" Kelly said.

"Yup," Spencer said.

"And Penny to the four? I'd much rather see Penny there than Deena, she's worked her ass off to get here," Kelly replied.

"Sure thing," Spencer said smiling.

I'm really happy about the decision I made last night. I'm finally in alliance of people that want to take me far, and want to have fun along the way.

–Kelly Goldsmith

The two relaxed on the beach enjoying their day, although the day wasn't happy for everyone.

Gervase Peterson sat in the shelter aying about as he usually did, but without the company he usually had. His best friend and strongest ally had been voted out last night and he knew that he would be leaving soon after unless things turned around.

I was on a magic carpet ride to the end of this game and now POOF! The rug hass been pulled out from under me and I'm falling quickly, man.

–Gervase Peterson

"It's just me, myself, and, I now," Gervase said to himself laying on his stomach in the shelter.

At this point I'm not planning on doing anything differently, nobody here's gonna believe anything I say, if people wanna keep me they'll keep me, I'm just gonna keep doing my thing.

–Gervase Peterson

Gervase looked outside the shelter, the lines were obviously drawn in the sand, Kelly and Spencer were laying in the sand. Deena, Penny, and Monica were brading hair around the campfire, and Brandon.....where was Brandon?

Why, he was walking right toward Gervase now. He wasn't totally alone, Brandon hadn't jumped ship, but Gervase knew it was more than likely that Brandon would reconcile with Kelly and save his own hiney and Gervase would be left alone.

"What's going on brother?" Gervase asked.

"I've had it with that bitch," Brandon said still raging from the conversation he'd had with Kelly this morning.

"Which bitch?" Gervase asked confused.

"Kelly Goldbitch," Brandon sad spewing venom as he spoke.

"Hahaha, that's a new one," Gervase said amused.

"She's sitting on her high horse, when just yesterday she was going nowhere fast," Branon said upset.

"I hear ya," Gervase said trying to avoid bursting out laughing.

"I've had it with all these girls," Brandon said getting even more worked up. "They've whined and complained every f***ing day they've been here and now they're all so happy because they got to take down the big strong guys."

"I hear ya dude, you shouldn't take s*** from these girls," Gervase said fueling Brandon's fire.

"Oh believe me, I'm going to call these bitches out on everything they do," Brandon said boasting.

"Don't break their hearts too badly," Gervase said laughing to himself.

Insert the text of the quote here, without quotation marks.

The more Brandon gets worked up, the bigger target he's going to put on his back, so I'm just gonna let him do his hing. Gotta do what I gotta do to stay alive.

–Gervase Peterson

Meanwhile, the girls who had seized the power last night were having a pow wow aroun the campfire, enjoying eachother's company.

"It just felt so good to not have one of your closest friends going home last night, and Varner's face when it happened was just icing on the cake," Monica said laughing.

"Plus we have a solid group here," Deena chimed in.

"Y'all I'm just so happy to make it this far again, it's an honor to be playin' again with all of y'all," Penny said smiling.

Last time I played, at this point in the game I was fighting for my life, and now I'm on top of the world, I'm not going to let this opportunity slip by.

–Penny Ramsey

"So we're all completly solid to the four?" Penny asked reassurlingly.

"Oh no doubt," Monica said hastily. "We're just so glad to finally have actual allies."

"You think Spencer is still tight with us?" Deena said suspiciously.

"Oh yeah, Spencer's totally a team player, always thinking of the group," Monica said smiling.

"He's been getting really close to Kelly lately, that's all, I just wanna make sure he's not feeling flip floppity," Deena said concerned.

"Well Kelly is apart of the group, but when the time comes I'm sure he'll vote against Kelly. Besides even if he doesn't we have three votes right here," Monica said smiling.

"Well why don't we make a final three deal than y'all. I trust you girls more than the rest of 'em," Penny offered.

"I'm down for that," Deena said.

"Count me in," Monica said flashing a mischevous little grin.

Spencer is definitely my biggest concern with this new alliance. He's awfully chummy with Kelly, I just don't want to get gipped by those two after how far I've come.

–Deena Bennett

Deena is very paranoid about people crossing her, so I'll swear up and down to make sure that she sticks with Spencer and I.

–Monica Padilla

Although the three ladies conversation were about to be interupted by a self-proclaimed "hurricane."

"Good Day ladies, glad to see y'all are finally off your periods," Brandon said laughing to himself.

"Excuse me?" Monica said taken back.

"How does it feel to be running the show after being so irrelevant for so long?" Brandon said smirking.

"Just swell," Deena said in her fake high-pitched voice, even flashing him a cheesy grin.

"Penny, how's it feel to be the greatest pawn in the history of survivor?" he said arrogantly.

"I dunno Brandon, you tell me," she said smiling back at him.

"Oh wow, Miss Texas actually has a personality," Brandon said amused.

"Well you're no Miss Congeniality yourself," Penny said snarkily.

"Ooooh looks like we have a new Penny on our hands...feisty, I like it," Brandon said imitating a cat flexing his claws.

"Just keep that in mind when you're sitting on the jury," Penny said back.

"Oh honey I won't need to, you'll be sitting right next to me beyotch," Brandon said walking away happily.

IT's been 12 hours since Brandon's lost control of the game and he's already throwing a hissy fit, I'm glad he's finally getting a taste of what I felt the first few weeks I've been out here.

–Penny Ramsey

Spencer and Kelly then crashed the party with news of another challenge.

"You guys we have mail," Spencer screamed.

"We're either going to a strip club, or we're gonna have a food auction," Kelly screamed.

They both walked into camp with envelops each with $500 in $20 incraments, each with a person's name on it.

Monica and Penny began jumping up and down screaming.

Gervase was licking his lips thinking of all the food he could lay his hands on today.

The seven remaining castaways walked into the challenge where they each took their seat on one of the two benches where the auction would take place. Jeff stood a distance away for them with a small tabe in front of him where various items would be placed.

"Welcome to the Survivor Auction," Jeff said smiling.

The seven castaways were grinning from ear to ear, waiting for the first item to be up for bid.

"First item up for bid," Probst announced. "Cheese & Crackers,"

"$20" Penny shouted.

"Anyone else interested?" Probst asked.

Everyone shook their head.

"Sold to Penny for 20 bucks," Probst says.

Penny took her plateful of cheese and crackers and began digging in as the next item went up for bid.

"Here's an oldie but a goodie, a massive hot fuge sundae," Probst announced.

Monica's mouth hung wide open.

Kelly began salivating.

Spencer started slamming his foot on the bench below him in excitement.

"$80!" Kelly Goldsmith cried out.

"$260" Monica countered.

"$280," Spencer said happily

"$300," Monica countered.

"$420," Kelly said smirking.

Spencer bowed his head in frustration. Monica contemplated going further, but ultimately decided against it.

"Sold to Kelly," Probst said.

"Mystery Item," Jeff Probst announced.

"$200" Deena said.

"Woo! Look at Deena getting in the game," Monica said laughing.

"Let her have it," Spencer said smiling.

"I hope it's poop Deena," Kelly said snarkily.

"Sold to Deena," Probst said. "C'mon up," Probst shouted.

Deena nervously glanced at the covered item, she slowly pulled up the lid and saw....

"Awwww, c'mon Jeff," Deena said dissapointed.

"You got some fried scorpion there," Probst said trying not to laugh.

"Is that even edible?" Kelly said confused.

"Probably not," Probst said letting out a small laugh.

"Thanks buddy," Deena said in her fake high pitched voice.

"Next up....let's put some south in your mouth, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuts, all the fixins," Probst said revealing the trey.

"$300" Penny shouted.

"$400" Brandon countered.

"$460" Monica cried out.

"$500" Brandon said smirking.

"Can we pull money Jeff?" Monica said craftily.

"You can pull money with one person, but that's it," Probst said.

"Spencer you wanna do it?" Monica asked.

"I'm in," Spencer said smiling.

"$540" Monica said smirking.

"I'm not even gonna try cause all these selfish bitches clearly aren't interested in sharing," Brandon said rolling his eyes.

"Alright then, sold to Monica & Spencer!"

After some lighting rounds

Deena got spaghetti, meatballs, and garlic bread.

Penny got ten chocolate chip cookies an milk.

Spencer got a PB&J sandwhich and a protein shake.

Kelly even spent her last $20 bucks on a toothbrush and toothpaste, which nobody objected to.

Only Gervase & Brandon hadn't spent any money, which would be convenient when the next item came up for bid.

"Up an advantage in the next immunity challenge, this could be the thing that garuntees you three more days out here," Probst said smiling.

"All my money!" Brandon cried out.

Gervase slapped his knee in frustration.

"Anyone wanna give me a loan y'all?" Gervase said in a last ditch effort.

"I'll help ya out," Penny said smiling, handing Gervase a $20 bill.

"$520" Gervase said smirking.

"Damnit," Brandon said cussing under his breath, these women were defintely out to get him.

"Any offers?" Brandon said grinning.


"Sold to Gervase!" Probst announced.

Gervase was smiling and clapping as he went up to claim his advantage.

"And with that, the Survivor Auction is closed," Probst said clanking his gavel to the table.

"Well at least I made some money out here," Brandon said shrugging his loss off.

I definitely didn't want Brandon to win that advantage, and Gervase is someone I can see myself working with down the road, so I decided to help him out.

–Penny Ramsey

These bitches will stop at nothing to make sure I'm out of here, so now I'm gonna have to make sure that doesn't happen.

–Brandon Quinton

Day 29

Gervase Peterson clutched the clue to the next immunity challenge in his left hand. He hadn't left the thing out of his sights since he won it at the auction. This clue could be the difference between his success and failure in the game, and he wasn't going to let anything or anyone stop him from winning this next challenge.

The adrenalyn is running through my bones today. I'm gonna put up one helluvah fight today, and I'm gonna do whatever I can to make sure I'm still here a few days from now.

–Gervase Peterson

Gervase sat by himself on the log in front of the fire, shades on prepping himself for the battle that would likely be coming up later today. Nearly everyone was out doing something. Monica and Deena went out to go for a water run, while Kelly and Spencer went hunting for food, and Brandon was likely off somewhere bitching about Penny for loaning him money yesterday at the auction.

So far my strategy of doing nothing has gotten me $20 and an advantage in the immunity challenge, so I think I'm gonna keep doin what I've been doin'

–Gervase Peterson

It wasn't long after that Penny Ramsey strolled in to camp by herself. She saw Gervase sitting by himself and smiled. This was the perfect opportunity to talk to Gervase.

This game is all about forging relationships, up until now I've been fighting for my life, and now that I'm a bit more comfortable in my position I think it's time I really start playing this game and I'm coming out, guns blazing.

–Penny Ramsey

"Well hey there," Penny Ramsey said turning on the charm.

"Hey, thanks a lot for the loan yesterday," Gervase said flashing Penny a grin.

"No problem, I'm sure you'll pay me back eventually," Penny said giggling.

"I may be here three more days, but now way I'm gettin' to that million," Gervase said laughing.

"Well then how about we try and get you a little closer to the big bucks then?" Penny said enticinglly.

"Oh really?" Gervase said intrigued.

Penny nodded.

"And, why would you wanna do this?" Gervase asked.

"Gotta have options," Penny said sweetly.

"So I'm your backup plan?" Gervase said still grinning, "How reassuring."

"Well it's that, or we all can just vote your ass out tommorrow," Penny said still with a big ol' smile on her face.

"I can't say no to that, can I?" Gervase said.

"You really can't," Penny chimed in.

"That why you gave me the loan yesterday?" Gervase asked.

"I guess you'll have to wait and see," Penny said walking away from the campfire, she had to keep things brief, she was playing harder, but that didn't mean people needed to know she was scheming.

If giving Gervase 20 bucks, and making nice with him gets me a new ally than I'm all for it.

–Penny Ramsey

It's amazing how doing absolutely nothing has gotten me so much so quickly! Why doesn't this happen more often in real life?

–Gervase Peterson

Brandon Quinton had lost track of Penny at some point this morning. He had been following her around antagonizing her about giving Gervase the money instead of him, but she had slipped away sometime while they were in the woods and he had wandered back to camp to look for her, when he had caught sight of Gervase strategizing with Penny.

"Were you just strategizing with that thing?" Brandon asked accusatively.

"thing?" Gervase asked confused.

"Penny, thing, same difference," Brandon said non chalantly.

"You really hate those girls," Gervase said smiling.

"Ummm...hello? Did you see them at the auction yesterday?" Brandon said as if it was obvious why he was upset with her.

Remembering he was supposed to be encouraging Brandon's anger, he quickly got back to his regular grind.

"Oh yeah dude, they were not letting you get jack at that auction the other day," Gervase said smiling.

"Selfish bitches, not a single one of them deserves that money, makes me sick thinking I may have to vote for one of them," Brandon spat.

"I hear ya brother, it shoulda been me, you, and Varner chilling here at the end," Gervase said calmly.

"Whatever, I'm gonna go sleep, I'm gonna need all the rest I can get to beat y'all now. Especially with that clue," Brandon said frustrated.

"Take it easy Brandon," Gervase said patting him on the shoulder.

Brandon really is a ticking time bomb. I feel bad for the guy, but at the same time you gotta keep calm when things don't go your way here, otherwise people start gunning for you.

–Gervase Peterson

Later that day Spencer and Monica finally had a chance to catch up. Monica had been keeping her distance from Spencer to avoid Deena's wandering eye. She'd been so paranoid about Spencer the past few days, but that was just typical Deena. She was always paranoid about someone.

The two walked into the woods to talk while Deena and Penny took the boat out fishing. They needed to make sure nobody else was listenting in to their conversation, the end game was nearing and these conversations for the last two Ishrin members were crucial.

"You're going to need to do something about Deena, she's like freaking out that you're gonna screw her over," Monica said to her ally.

"Wasn't she worried about you doing that just a few days ago?" Spencer said confused.

"She's always worried about someone stabbing her in the back," Monica said irritated.

"I'm guessing she's brought this up a lot then," Spencer said giggling.

"Oh my God you have no idea," Monica said rolling her eyes.

"Well, I did talk to Kelly, and she's down with going to the final three," Spencer said smiling.

"Awesome," Monica said grinning. "They never should've let us stay over Varner," she said laughing.

"I know right, we're seriously like the come back kids, this is awesome," Spencer said beaming.

"So it's you and me right? Ishrin all the way?" Monica said concerned.

"Wouldn't have it any other way," Spencer said pulling Monica in for a hug.

"This is for Sydney and Brett," Monica said.

"Let's do this thing," Spencer said laughing.

It's no secret Spencer and I were rivals at the start of the game, but we've really found our rhythm with one another lately and we make a really kickass team.

–Monica Padilla

I made the same deal with Monica that I did with Kelly, but what else was I gonna do? I have to keep my allies together, I've seen what happens when people don't.

–Spencer Duhm

Meanwhile, Penny and Deena were comparing notes out at sea. The two had been fishing for quite some time and it quickly became known that little was going to be accomplished out there so the two amiously rowed around comparing notes on the game.

"So what's with giving Gervase the money yesterday?" Deena said confused.

"Just trying to make us some more friends," Penny said smiling.

"I didn't think we needed anymore of those," Deena said with a slight grin.

"You always need more friends in Survivor," Penny said still grinning.

"I suppose...." Deena said not sure where she was going with this.

"Well if y'all are so worried about Spencer and Kelly sticking together, I thought we might need a back up plan," Penny said insightfully.

"So Gervase then?" Deena said confirming Penny's idea.

"Exactly," Penny reaffirmed. "I don't think Brandon would give us the time of day," Penny said laughing.

"He's such a little s***, isn't he?" Deena asked laughing.

"I got a two year old nephew at home just like him," Penny said smirking.

"So you're suggesting we try and convince them to get rid of Brandon first?" Deena said

"Shouldn't be too difficult, I think everyone here has had enough of him," Penny said truthfully.

"You heard Kelly told him off the other day right?" Deena asked.

"Well I heard him bitch about it all morning today," Penny said.

"Look at how fast we've gotten back into this game," Deena said holding out her fist for a fist bump.


The two had their first fist bump. They laughed at how childish it seemed and began rowing in to see if there was any word of a challenge today.

Penny's plan definitely has got some oomph to it, we gotta keep our options open now that we're in a good spot. I can't repeat the mistakes I made last time.

–Deena Bennett

I think Deena's come to respect me a lot more as a strategist as time goes on and that's why the two of us have managed to be such a strong duo.

–Penny Ramsey

Nightfall was coming, and there had been no word of an immunity challenge today.

The seven instead decided to sit around the fire and chat about the coming days. 29 Days on a second go around was quite the accomplishment for the seven remaining players.

"So tommorrow marks the day that both Penny and Gervase were voted out," Kelly brought up.

"Damn, it'd be suck to be voted out that day again," Gervase said laughing.

"At least you could say you were consistant," Kelly said snarkily.

"Oh Kells, how I"ve missed you," Gervase said wrapping his arm around her.

"Gervase?" Kelly said.

"Yes?" Gervase responded.

"Get off me," Kelly said bluntly.

Everyone laughed, but Gervase refused to let go, he rocked the yong girl back and forth on the log until both of them fell back into the sand.

"look at the two love birds over there," Penny said facitiously.

"Sorry to take her from ya Spence," Gervase said jabbing his shoulder.

"Oh please, you can have her, she's a piece of work," Spencer said laughing.

"Besides, Spencer is more into Brandon. He's far more woman than I could ever be," Kelly said

The six of them laughed all night long, while Brandon Quinton watched from the shelter, annoyed with all the silly commrodery going on.

Let them laugh now, because tommorrow they're all gonna be crying when they have to cope with the fact that I'm gonna be here for three more days.

–Brandon Quinton

Day 30

The sun rose on the 30th day much like the twenty nine that had come before it, but today was what could be the beginning of the end for Gervase Peterson. He woke up at the crack of dawn, went down to the beach stretching out and relaxing for the big day he had ahead of him.

Yes, he had a deal with Penny, but all of that could fall through, there was no hope that deal was going to follow through. All that would garuntee his safety would be to win.

Penny woke up shortly after to greet Gervase down by the beach.

"Hey there, ready for the big day?" She said.

"This is a farmiliar day for both of us, isn't it?" Gervase said reflecting on his time in Borneo.

"Well that was last time, this is this time," Penny said optomistically.

"I sure hope your right," Gervase said.

"Don't worry, you ain't goin anywhere tonight," Penny said.

The two walked to check treemail where they had just gotten word of their next challenge.

When they got back to camp Deena was up waiting for them. They read it aloud and then woke up the rest of the tribe to read it to them.

"Let's do this," Spencer said getting amped up for the challenge.

I've come so close to winning the last few challenges it'd be really nice to rack up a win today.

–Spencer Duhm

I want nothing more than to see the look on everyone's face when I win immunity today and they all realize they're stuck with me.

–Brandon Quinton.

This is my last shot to garuntee I stay here a few more days. I may act like I don't care about staying here, but I sure as hell am not gonna let this opportunity slip by.

–Gervase Peterson

The seven players arrived at the challenge where Jeff asked Gervase to read his advantage aloud to the group.

"You are able to skip the first two rounds of this challenge and advance to the final round," Gervase said grinning more and more as he read each word.

The first round of the challenge involved players untying a series of knots while on a balance beam, then making one's way across the finish line. The first four players to do so would advance to the second round in which players would navagate a series of poles in order to reach the end. The first two to finish would join Gervase in the final round where players would have to untie knots on a three level course and then slide down a pole and cross the finish line. The first to do so would win immunity and have a garuntee spot in the final 6.


The six players all began untying knots and making their way across the beam. Spencer was tugging away at the knots making quick work of the balance beam. Brandon, Penny, and Deena were all about even on the course as well. Monica was slightly behind them moving as quickly as she could while Kelly quickly found herself falling out of the challenge.

Spencer was the first across.

Deena and Penny quickly followed.

Brandon then came out ahead of Monica.

Monica and Kelly then took a seat on the bench next to Gervase.

The next round moved quickly, Spencer struggled making his way through the maze, his broad shoulders were proving to be a big disadvantage in the challenge. This left the remaining three to manuever their way through the maze. At the end Deena finished, with Brandon slightly edging out Penny.

This was it the final round. Brandon. Deena. Gervase.

Brandon had to win if he wanted to prove himself.

Deena needed to keep her options open.

Gervase needed to ensure he'd be safe going into tribal council tonight.


The three each began attacking their knots all working quickly few the first few. Tired from the first two rounds a weary Brandon began to fall out of the challenge while Gervase and Deena kept working through the knots, Deena's dexterity had given her a slight advantage but Gervase's huge upper body strength had evened the playingfield. The two began working on their last few knots. One of them began to get stuck on the last knot while the other untied their way to the end of the obstacle course and slid down the pole.


Deena smiled as Jeff put the necklace around her for the second time. It was good to be safe.

So Brandon and Gervase returned to camp knowing very well that one of them were likely going to be one of them going home.

"Well man, it's been real," Gervase said to Branon as they arrived back at the Wahid camp.

"Ugh, this sucks," Brandon said disgusted.

"It's even more of a shame Deena won it, and not just you man," Gervase said dissapointed.

"Well whoever stays needs to make sure these bitches lives are a living nightmeare," Brandon said smirking.

Oh I'm more than expecting to go home tonight, but at the same time I'd love to keep stirring the pot a few more days out here.

–Brandon Quinton

It'd suck to leave right now, but I just hope that Penny will follow through with the deal we made, that's all I can do at this point.

–Gervase Peterson

Meanwhile, the other five members of Fekruna got together to decide which of Varner's friends were going to be joining him on the jury.

"It's gotta be Brandon," Penny insisted, "He just makes everybody here miserable."

"I second that," Kelly said quickly.

"Me too, that guys' bad news," Spencer said.

"Seriously you guys?" Monica said a bit agitated. "Brandon's a bitch, and he's difficult to live with, but he's not a threat, we may not get another chance to get rid of Gervase," Monica persisted.

"That's true, but still he's just so aggrivating," Spencer persisted.

"Spencer, for a million dollars, can you put up with Brandon's bitching for three more days?" Monica asked.

"You gotta point Mon'," Spencer admitted.

"I really don't care which one goes to be honest," Kelly said.

"I still think Brandon's gotta go before Gervase," Penny said. She shot Deena a glare to help her out, but Deena remained silent, just listenting to everyone's opinions.

"Brandon isn't a slouch in the challenges either, plus Gervase had that advantage today, so it's not like he's actually that strong, if any of us rested for those first few rounds we'd be just as agile," Penny pointed out.

"That doesn't change that Gervase has been consistantly stronger than Brandon," Monica argued.

"We just need to come to a decision," Kelly said. "What do you think Deena?"

"I think we still have a little time before Tribal Council, let's just all go think about this a little bit longer, and we'll come to a decision.

It's just common sense to take out your biggest adversary in the game, so I don't get why everyone's so nervous about taking out Gervase.

–Monica Padilla

After that talk I'm a lot more worried about where Gervase stands within our tribe. It's getting a little tense around here.

–Penny Ramsey

Brandon soon found Kelly walking along the shore and he went to greet her.

"Simmered down yet?" Kelly asked.

"Eh," Brandon said honestly.

"Well, anything you wanna say to help your case?" Kelly asked as politely as she could.

"Nah, I've been telling you where I stood from the beginning if you wanna throw that away feel free, see ya on the jury," Brandon said.

"So you're giving up?" Kelly said smiling.

"I don't consider it giving up, I consider it watching you go down in flames," Brandon said laughing.

"Bring it on," Kelly whispered.

Brandon's screwed me over so many times in Africa and in Arabia, and now I'm just dying for the chance to screw him over.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Meanwhile, Penny and Gervase were catching up.

"Hey, is it cool if I vote with Brandon tonight? I think it's probably gonna be for Kells or something," Gervase asked.

"I don't wanna alarm you, but they're thinking about getting rid of you," Penny said nervously.

"Aw man, for real?" Gervase asked.

Penny nodded.

"I don't know if you wanna risk voting for Kelly...I mean I'm gonna try my best, but I don't know how well that's gonna go down," Penny said honestly.

"Alright, thanks for the heads up," Gervase said.

"You coming Penny?" Deena called out.

"Gotta go, it's decision time," Penny said nervously.

"Go get 'em girlfriend!" Gervase said laughing.

I would hate for all the scheming I've done for the past few days to go to waste, I gotta fight hard for Gervase to stay.

–Penny Ramsey

I'm in a tight spot. I wanna stay true to my boy, but it may be in my best interest to vote against him,, tough stakes, really tough.

–Gervase Peterson

At Tribal Council, Brandon had been stirring up trouble leading to another Brandon and Kelly blowout, an then the vote ensued.

Jeff came back with the votes....

First vote, "Kelly," that had been Brandon's of course.

"Brandon," Penny had cast the first vote for Brandon.

1 vote Kelly, 1 vote Brandon.

"Brandon," that was Deena's.


at this point the verict was clear.

Brandon rolled his eyes as the votes kept coming up.

"Tenth Person Voted Out, an the third member of our jury,"

"Brandon," Kelly's vote showed up with a large smiley face and a small xoxo at the bottom.

Brandon gave one last eye roll and walked his torch up to Jeff.

"Brandon, the tribe has spoken."

Kelly had finally gotten her revenge on Brandon, but there would be far more brutal betrayls in the coming days.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10

Brandon (6 Votes)
Deena, Gervase, Kelly, Monica, Penny, Spencer
Kelly (1 Vote)
Brandon Quinton

Still In the Running