Haley Mason
Lukep (1)
Contestant Profile
Birth Date February 1st, 1989
Hometown Canton
Occupation Clerk

Survivor: Virgin Islands

Tribes Croix
Placement 9/16
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 13
Days Lasted 24

Haley Mason was a contestant from Survivor: Virgin Islands.


Haley was born in Canton as an only child. Her parents divorced when she was five years old. Since then, Haley has lived with her mother. Haley began working at the age of 22. She's been working ever since to provide for her family. Probst stated that she is very friendly and may be liked by many. 

Survivor: Virgin Islands

After arriving on Exile Island, Haley was placed on the Croix tribe. After the first challenge, her tribe went to camp, leaving Geoffrey on Exile Island. At camp, she became work partners with Mark. Later, Mark told Haley that Geoffrey was being awfully quiet. Haley suspected that Geoffrey had an idol. At the next Tribal Council, Haley called out Geoffrey. Geoffrey targeted Haley, but Geoffrey was voted out. A tribe swap put Alexis and Leo from Thomas on Croix. Samantha was exiled. With Alexis being eliminated and Samantha taking her place, Leo went to Haley for help. Haley agreed to help Leo, and the two became allies. After surviving until the merge, Croix moved to the Thomas camp and became Lionel. Leo and Mark then betrayed Croix and eliminated Samantha, angering Haley. Haley tried to get Leo out, but was voted out instead.

Voting History

Haley's Voting History
Episode Haley's
Voted Against
1 Croix Tribe Immune
2 Geoffrey Geoffrey
3 Isabella Isabella, Sparky,
4 Alexis Alexis
5 No Vote
6 Croix Tribe Immune
7 Leo -
8 Leo Felicity, Harrison, Justice,
Katrina, Leo, Mark,
Octavia, Tiffany
Voted Off, Day 24
Voted For
Sole Survivor


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