"Half of Us in Tuvalu"
Season Survivor: Tuvalu
Author User:Survivorpanda
Episode Number 8/13
Episode Chronology
Previous Demolishing the Others
Next Revenge of the Nine Outcasts

Half of us in Tuvalu is the eighth episode of Survivor: Tuvalu.


Reward Challenge: Survivor Auction

Immunity Challenge: The Race of Tuvalu
The castaways are given bikes mad out of material from the jungle, and the castaways have to race with it. Whoever gets first wins.
Winner: Xuan


Day 22

Cassandra is overjoyed that she is still in the competition. She had received votes at almost every Tribal Council. She knew she had to start looking for the Idol without anybody noticing, but Kelie and Stephennie were talking nearby. She sneaked away while they were not looking. Cassandra was then in the jungle, looking for the Idol.

Meanwhile, Raphael had been talking to Yoshirou about strategy. Yoshirou wanted to take out Xuan, who had not been a help towards anybody. He hasn't been targeted, while Cassandra has. Raphael liked his potential of being a strategist, but it made him terrified if he took control.

Kelie asked Xuan to tell her and Stephennie. Xuan told about how he broke his foot in the fifth grade. Xuan told them that he had never broken a bone besides that until the time he fell very hard on his bottom. Yakawae and Bobby joined in on the chat. Yakawae notified how for they've gotten, only half of them were left. Xuan said in a confessional he was surprised he hadn't gone first.

Day 23

The eight castaways each got packets of money, and they knew what it meant. the Survivor Auction was coming up. Yakawae was the most excited because he was starving, but he did not want anybody to get an advantage because it may fall in the wrong hands.

The Castaways arrived to the Auction. They said hi to Jeff and sat down. After introducing everything, they started the Auction. The first item was chocolate-chip pancakes with a side of bacon. Kelie instantly said $200, and the pancakes with bacon was sold. The next item was a grilled, yummy chicken wing. Yakawae and Stephennie battled it out for a bit, but Bobby ended the battle and bought it for $420. The next item was covered, and Yakawae instantly said $180. It was sold, and it ended up being half of a large pepperoni pizza.The next item remained covered. The next was also a mystery item, and Kelie went to $280. It was sold to Kelie, but she had a choice. Either the one she picked or another one. Hesitantly, Kelie picked the one she didn't choose, which was a cheeseburger with fries. If she had picked the other one, she would've gotten two cheeseburgers. The next one was an advantage in the game. Cassandra bumped up to $420, but Raphael said $500. It was sold to Raphael. Probst told him to bring to the Immunity Challenge. This made Cassandra upset. The next item remained covered, and Cassandra announced she would spend #380. It was sold to Cassandra. Then Probst said that under the cover there were chocolate, delicious donuts. However, she would trade that in for extra rice. Cassandra waited for about a minute before deciding the rice. The next item was a mystery item, and Stephennie bounced up to $400. It was sold to Stephennie, which turned out to be some sort of clue. The last item was a video from home. Everybody was shocked, and Kelie started to cry because she was almost out of money. Kelie then told Xuan to do it, Xuan told everybody that they could try, but everyone said for Xuan to go up. Xuan sold all of his money for a video from is daughter, Chau.

At camp, everybody was happy for Xuan, who was singing for joy. Cassandra was angry with Raphael for stealing her clue, and she thought Stephennie had one, too.

Stephennie and Raphael compared their items. Stephennie's was one for the Idol, and Raphael's said "Do not read!"

Kelie had noticed that Yoshirou didn't get anything. Yoshirou told her that he was going to save, but the Auction came to an end before he could spend anything.

Day 24

At the Immunity Challenge, Bobby, Yakawae, and Xuan were doing well, Xuan won Immunity, claiming he is good at biking, so Yakawae called him the "Bike-king."

Back at camp, Yoshirou knew it would be either him or Cassandra. Raphael wanted for Yoshirou to get out, but Kelie declined the idea. She said that Cassandra had stayed long enough. Yakawae agreed with both Raphael and Kelie, so she asked Xuan who they should vote about, to gain his trust. Xuan said Cassandra. Later, Cassandra had a conversation with Bobby. She told Bobby that she trusts him and she wants to aligned with him. She said to vote for Raphael, who had made her angry the day before. Bobby talked to Stephennie who admitted that even though she would write down Cassandra's name, she wanted to vote off Raphael. Bobby asked her why, and Stephennie told him that he was a huge threat. Bobby nodded. Before they left, Cassandra knew that Stephennie had a clue to the Idol. She quickly found it and kept it and decided to nap in the sheler until Tribal came.

At Tribal Council, Raphael did receive a vote, but it was from Cassandra. Everybody else voted for Cassandra. Yoshirou was scared he would receive votes, and he knew they were voting out smart Funa members, so he played the Idol. Cassandra had realized that she had left her Idol in the shelter back at camp. She was complaining to Jeff that she had the Idol, but Jeff insisted she had to keep it here. With much disappointment, Cassandra was voted out 7-1.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
Cassandra (7 votes)
Bobby, Kelie, Raphael, Stephennie, Xuan, Yakawae, Yoshirou
Raphael (1 vote)
Cassandra Whitley

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

"Jeff is a butthead and so are Raph and Rocky. I went them to go and eat my hatred for them and I want revenge. I will explode lava from my head like a volcano and let it spew all over their stupid heads. I love you Survivor, goodbye. And Bobby, you are hot."


Still in the Running

Next Time on Survivor: Tuvalu...

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Author's Note

  • This is the first episode of Tuvalu to have an introduced challenge.
  • As of this episode, Bobby, Kelie, and Yakawae are the only castaways not to receive votes against them.