Harrison Randy
Lukep (11)
Contestant Profile
Birth Date May 29th, 1977
Hometown Tulsa
Occupation Country Singer

Survivor: Virgin Islands

Tribes Thomas
Placement Winner
Challenges Won 13
Votes Against 6
Days Lasted 39

Harrison Randy is the winner of Survivor: Virgin Islands.

Known for his friendly personality toward others and ability to constantly win challenges, which allowed him to win in a unanimous jury vote.


Harrison was born in Tulsa. He grew up and began singing country music for a career choice. Harrison did concerts and performed at bars with karaoke. His wife, Bernadette, died from a disease when he was thirty. Probst stated that Harrison may be a heroic figure in the game, due to strength and likability.

Survivor: Virgin Islands

Upon arriving on Exile Island, Harrison was placed on the Thomas tribe. He was impressed by Leo winning the first challenge. His tribe then went to camp. At camp, Harrison became annoyed by Justice and Casper. In the challenge, Harrison proved to be beneficial. Octavia told him so the next day. When Justice began giving orders, Harrison told him to stop. This angered Justice.

Voting History

Harrison's Voting History
Episode Harrison's
Voted Against
1 Casper Casper, Justice
2 Thomas Tribe Immune
3 Thomas Tribe Immune
4 Thomas Tribe Immune
5 No Vote
6 Sparky -
7 Samantha Justice
8 Haley Individual Immunity
9 Mark Individual Immunity
10 Justice Justice
11 Katrina Katrina, Octavia
12 Tiffany Individual Immunity
13 Felicity Individual Immunity
13 Octavia Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Harrison
Felicity, Haley, Katrina,
Mark, Octavia, Tiffany
Sole Survivor, Day 39


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  • Harrison won the most challenges in Virgin Islands.