"Hashtag Shaniqua Wins Survivor Y'all"
Season Survivor: Ghost Island
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 1/13
Episode Chronology
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Hashtag Shaniqua Wins Survivor Y'all is the first episode of Survivor: Ghost Island.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Supply Ships
Five players row a catamaran to a floating crate and back, over three crates on the way back while the other player attaches each to a rope. Pull them to shore, carry them to the tribe mat, and untie them to find pieces for a puzzle pole and a flag. Assemble the pole, put the flag in the top, and place the pole in its holder.
Reward: Fire-making Kit and Flint
Winner: Totolo


Day 1

On their way in canoes, eighteen Americans from different walks of life are about to start the adventure of a lifetime. They have no idea what is in store for them, yet. These eighteen castaways will endure unpredictable and harsh storms, unforgiving wildlife, and the cutthroat game of each other. Eighteen people, Thirty-nine days, ONE SURVIVOR!

–Jeff Probst

In three conoes of six, the new castaways paddle to a nearby island in Fiji. Everyone is ready to play for the million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor. Arriving to the beach, they were welcomed by emptiness.

Quote1Where the hell is Probst?Quote2- Jake
Quote1He's got to be around here somewhere.Quote2- Alec
Quote1Did we make a mistake?Quote2- Cindy
Quote1They better not have.Quote2- Frank

It's Day 1 and we have no clue what the hell is going on, but I'll look for something that might help us.


Amongst the confusion, Samantha notices a sign. She reads it and races off into the water.

Quote1Where are you going?Quote2- Xane
Quote1We need to get to that island over there, that's our first challenge!Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Let's go!Quote2- Melissa

Samantha leads the pack. They find the sign Samantha read and begin to swim to the island. A group of three men, Liam, Hilbert, and Alec decided on paddling instead. A quarter of the way at the island, Xane realizes there is one person missing. Swimming back, he finds Shaniqua on the beach.

Quote1Hey why aren't you swimming?Quote2- Xane
Quote1You kiddin' me. I just my hair did before I got out here. I ain't ruinin' it.Quote2- Shaniqua
Quote1Get in one of the canoes, we'll go that way.Quote2- Xane
Quote1That's a good idea.Quote2- Shaniqua

The two get paddling, as they're far behind as it is.

Meanwhile, the Samantha is close to finishing. Everyone else is a good distance away. She sees Jeff on the beach. Samantha arrives on the beach first.

Quote1Yes, I'm first. So Probst what's my prize?Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Just go stand on the brown mat.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Where's my prize?Quote2- Samantha
Quote1The sign never said there was a prize at the end of this, Samantha.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Fine.Quote2- Samantha

Alec, Liam, and Hilbert are the next to shore.

Quote1They went by canoe, that's unfair the sign said we had to swim!Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Alec, Hilbert, and Liam, go stand on the brown mat with Samantha. Also, Samantha, the sign stated you just need to get here by any means possible, it never explicitly said swim.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1See, Sam.Quote2- Liam
Quote1It's Samantha, not Sam.Quote2- Samantha

Jake is fourth to the shore, and instructed to go to the blue mat.

Bridget and Kenni both arrive to the shore and instructed to go to the brown mat.

The next five to arrive to the beach, Cindy, Colin, Melissa, Yvette, and Wesley are instructed to go to the blue mat.

Ashleigh arrives to the beach. She isn't assigned either tribe. Neither is Dani, Rebeckah, Frank, Shaniqua, or Xane when they arrive.

Quote1Wat's the deal Jeff, with us? You didn't assign any one of us a tribe.Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1There is something in store for you.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1What is it?Quote2- Danny
Quote1A twist in the game, the six of you are leaving the beach and not returning.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1What do you mean?Quote2- Frank
Quote1In due time. Take this map, and your questions will be answered.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Alright.Quote2- Rebeckah

Ashleigh, Rebeckah, Danny, Frank, Shaniqua, and Xane leave the beach headed to the map's location. Jeff focuses his attention on the others.

Already Day One, and six are gone. That means less competition for me.


I wonder what's in store for those six. Maybe Redemption Island? No. Could be something else though.


Quote1Alright. First off, brown team, you're officially known as Totolo. blue tribe, you're officially known as Marau. This season Exile Island is gone, but Hidden Immunity Idols are still a part of this game.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Where are they then?Quote2- Bridget
Quote1They are hidden at your respective camps. I'll give both tribes a map to your camp, and then you can head on out.Quote2- Jeff

Jeff hands the two tribes maps to their new homes. The two tribes leave an go to their camps.

Meanwhile, the six that left the beach tribeless, made their way to the location marked on their map. When they arrive, they see a black flag with "Kalou" on it. A letter is wrapped on one of the poles of the flag. Frank reads the letter.

Quote1Congratulations, you six are officially the third tribe in this season. The Kalou tribe is the twist of the season, Ghost Island. For the next twelve days you have automatic immunity, but you're required to participate in the following reward challenges on Day 4. Despite you guys not going to tribal council, there is an idol hidden in your camp. Good luck.Quote2- Frank
Quote1Damn!Quote2- Shaniqua
Quote1I'll second that.Quote2- Danny
Quote1That's insane.Quote2- Xane

Kalou gets over their shock and begin to work at camp Xane, Rebeckah, and Frank begin to work on the shelter. Danny uses the machete and flint that was for them to start a fire. Shaniqua went off to gather some water. Ashleigh went off to see if there was any edible fruits.

My first impression of my tribe is that we're a bunch of misfits, but as long as we get along well, it doesn't matter. The only person that might annoy me is Shaniqua. She's got that ghetto girl thing going for her, and I'm not sure if that'll help her after the 12 days expires.


Hey America, the name's Shaniqua Monique Duncans, and if you'd like me, then follow me on Twitter at #shaniqua wins survivor y'all. Gladly appreciated.


The Marau tribe arrives to their campsite. They waste no time setting up camp. The men and Melissa build the shelter. Cindy and Yvette simply wander on the beach the whole time bonding.

I think my tribe will work together well. We've had no major disputes as of late.


The Totolo tribe arrives to their camp. Dispute happens immediately.

Quote1Okay, everyone let's divide up the work. Me, Alec, and Hilbert will take care of the shelter. Liam, Kenni, and Bridget go do odd jobs.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1And who in the hell voted you the leader of this tribe?Quote2- Alec
Quote1Because I was first in the challenge, that makes me better qualified than you all.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Still not a good reason, miss.Quote2- Alec
Quote1And what makes you qualified to be leader?Quote2- Samantha
Quote1I'm older than you and plus I won't be as dictating as you.Quote2- Alec
Quote1Whatever, alright, guys, let's get this camp in tip-top shape.Quote2- Samantha

Samantha and Alec continue to fight about leadership, and during the event Liam slips away to search for the idol.

God, our tribe is a mess. Samantha wants to be the leader and so does Alec. Samantha wants to be leader because she wants to be on top all the time. But Alec is much more of a natural leader. I'd rather side with Alec. Samantha will only become a huge problem later on if we don't get rid of her now.


Kenni, Hilbert, and Bridget decide to make the shelter while Samantha and Alec continue to fight over leadership. Later, as Alec finishes his side of the argument and Samantha continues hers, Liam slips back into camp, idol-less, but with some fruit as an alibi.

I return to camp, Samantha is still having an argument with Alec, even though she's the only one contributing.


Everyone, but Samantha takes some of the fruit, and munches on it. Afterwards, Alec, Kenni, Bridget, Hilbert, and Liam continue on the shelter. Samantha continues her argument, now focusing it on the shelter.

Quote1Bridget, I think the roof should be higher, so get some wood and do it again.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1It's fine.Quote2- Bridget
Quote1No it's not, fix it!Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Samantha, it's fine.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Make yourself useful, and shut up. I'm doing more than you right now.Quote2- Liam
Quote1How dare you two talk to me like that! And Bridget, if I have to tell you one more time, fix the damn roof!Quote2- Samantha
Quote1No!Quote2- Bridget

Samantha grabs the machete and swings at the shelter. It hits one of the poles, lodging itself halfway in the pole holding up the shelter, nearby Bridget's neck.

Quote1Samantha, please stop this instant!Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1No.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Please continue this, you're bound to be ejected from this game. Here come for a walk in the rainforest with me.Quote2- Hilbert

Hilbert takes Samantha away from the others and into the rainforest. The others continue to work on the shelter.

Samantha's like a big child, that's always had her way. She simply needs a time-out from all the fighting, ans hopefully she'll be better.


Quote1Samantha, calm down, please.Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1No, I don't wanna.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Listen Samantha, we're all after the million, but beheading Bridget isn't the answer. You need to let others take charge once in a while. Plus you're a young lady, let someone with more life experience handle it, okay?Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1Listen, Hilbert, I wasn't aiming for Bridget, just the pole. I think you're right, though. I'm just used to being in charge and being number one, it's been a while I've let someone else lead. *sobs*Quote2- Samantha
Quote1There we go, now I think you owe some people and apology.Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1You're right, let's go back to camp.Quote2- Samantha

Hilbert and Samantha return to camp, and Samantha apologizes to everyone. Everyone accepts her apology.

I don't believe that bitch, she claims she meant to chomp the pole, not my neck. She's like Jo, except worse.


The tribe gets no further delays and finishes the shelter. Exhausted, everyone falls asleep.

Marau's shelter was finished before Totolo's was, but the tribe was also exhausted, and fall asleep.

Kalou's shelter is also finished at this point, along with a fire-pit. Danny has some problems with the flint, but makes fire, keeping the tribe warm during their first night.

Day 2

The next day at the Kalou camp, the tribe has a tribe meeting to get to know one another.

Quote1Okay, I called this meeting so we can have first impression. I'll start. I'm Ashleigh, a cosmetologist from LA. I really hope to have a good time with you five.Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1Hello, I'm Xane. I'm really just out here for the experience, not the money. I'm excited to work with the five of you to kick major ass, even though we don't have to win immunity.Quote2- Xane
Quote1I am Rebeckah. I'm a strong woman, an willing to use what I know to the test out here.Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1Shaniqua's the name, an I wanna win this damn game. I may be a high school student, but I have a three month old at home, so I'm not some irresponsible bitch. Quote2- Shaniqua
Quote1Hello I-Quote2- Danny
Quote1The name's Frank, you'll either learn to like me or not.Quote2- Frank
Quote1Excuse me, you cut me off jackass!Quote2- Danny
Quote1Screw you, you're just some tranny. You people sicken me.Quote2- Frank
Quote1What did you say to me?Quote2- Danny
Quote1You heard me, you he-she.Quote2- Frank
Quote1Frank, apologize to Dani.Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1You're defending it? That is not natural, you're either a man or woman, there is no in between.Quote2- Frank
Quote1I'm not going to get dragged into this again. I'm leaving.Quote2- Dani
Quote1Danny, wait!Quote2- Xane

Xane chases after Danny into the forest. Danny stops and begins to sob.

Quote1Danny are you okay?Quote2- Xane
Quote1Yes, I'm just sick of being treated like that.Quote2- Danny
Quote1Listen, I don't care, neither do Rebeckah, Shaniqua, or Ashleigh.Quote2- Xane
Quote1Thanks Xane, since 15 I've been treated like I'm some sort of monster for being a transvestite, it boil over sometime.Quote2- Danny
Quote1Let's go back to camp. Also to clarify things, what pronouns do you prefer?Quote2- Xane
Quote1He, him, her, she, I don't give a rat's ass, as long as you don't call me it.Quote2- Danny

The two return to camp.

I must really thank Xane for coming to me, and console me. Sometimes being a transvestite makes me feel like I am nothing.


I really hate intolerance. Danny is a person just like you and me. I wish we didn't have automatic immunity, because this entire tribe would hang Frank in a heartbeat.


At the Marau camp, the tribe gets along better than the other two tribes, and have already gotten to know each other well.

With our togetherness I'm thinking our tribe will become similar to Suvorov and Scorpio tribes from the last two seasons. We'll dominate the hell out of this game.


Day 3

The next day, the Totolo and Marau tribes were summoned to the challenge area. When they arrive Jeff announced the challenge.

Quote1Five players row a catamaran to a floating crate and back, over three crates on the way back while the other player attaches each to a rope. Pull them to shore, carry them to the tribe mat, and untie them to find pieces for a puzzle pole and a flag. Assemble the pole, put the flag in the top, and place the pole in its holder.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Let me guess there's some sort of reward?Quote2- Samantha
Quote1You are correct Samantha, the winning tribe also receives a fire-making kit and flint. I'll give you a minute to strategize.Quote2- Jeff

The rowers for Totolo are Samantha, Alec, Kenni, Hilbert, and Bridget, while Liam is going to attaches the rope. The rowers for Marau are Colin, Wesley, Melissa, Yvette, and Jake, while Cindy attaches the rope. Jeff signals the start of the challenge, and the two tribes begin to row.

Totolo and Marau are rowing at a steady pace to the end of the three crates. At the end of the crates the two catamarans turn around, and Liam and Cindy begin to tie the rope. Liam is quick to tie the rope, and the Totolo tribe quickly moves on. Cindy struggles to get the rope tied. Liam is working on the second crate, and finishes within record time. Cindy still struggles with the first crate. Totolo moves toward the final crate. Cindy finally gets the rope tied, and Marau moves to the second crate. Liam begins working on the third crate. Cindy works on the second crate. Liam gets the rope tied to the third crate, as Cindy struggles once again. The Totolo tribe begins to return to the beach. Cindy gets the second rope tied quicker than the first time. The Marau tribe moves to the final crate. Totolo gets to the beach quickly. Cindy starts to tie the rope on the third crate. Totolo arrives on the beach and begin to pull their crates in. Cindy gets the third rope tied, and the Marau tribe returns to the beach. Totolo has all three crates on the beach, and begin to open them. Marau is now on the beach, and begin to pull the crates in the beach. Totolo has all three crates open, revealing a base, four poles, and a brown flag. They quickly get to work, as the Marau tribe opens their crates. Totolo finishes the pole, puts the flag on it, and finally puts into the base.

Quote1Totolo wins immunity and reward!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes!!Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Son of a bitch.Quote2- Jake
Quote1Marau I'll be seeing you tonight at tribal council. You have the evening to decide who's going. You can head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

The two tribes trek back to camp.

Even though we're so cooperative at camp, we fell apart at the challenge. The only person to blame is Cindy, she really held us back today.


At the Marau camp, Jake gathers Melissa, Wesley, Yvette, and Colin to talk about the vote.

Quote1I've called this meeting because there's only one logical choice tonight, Cindy.Quote2- Jake
Quote1Oh, I agree with that, she is useless.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1She cannot do a damn thing.Quote2- Yvette
Quote1Ditto.Quote2- Colin
Quote1I'm with you all, but I gotta take a leak.Quote2- Wesley
Quote1That's fine, go.Quote2- Jake

As Wesley leaves to relieve him, Cindy sees the group.

Quote1Hey guys, what's going on?Quote2- Cindy
Quote1We're discussing the vote, that's all.Quote2- Jake
Quote1So, who's leaving?Quote2- Cindy
Quote1Wesley is.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Thanks for letting me know, bye guys.Quote2- Cindy



At sunset, Marau heads off to tribal council. At tribal council, they light their torches, put their torches behind them and take a seat.

Quote1Marau, welcome to your first tribal council. So, Melissa what is the tribe like?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Basically this tribe is one big cohesive unit. We work and live together as one. I hate to see someone go.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Then, Colin, why did you loose?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1We had a rough start, and the other tribe simply was faster.Quote2- Colin
Quote1Jake, is then Cindy to blame? Seeing she was the person who tied the rope to the crates.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Well yes, but this was one challenge. We could vote Wesley off for the same reason, too.Quote2- Jake
Quote1Yvette, is anyone specifically on the chopping block?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Well, Cindy because of what had happened at the challenge, and Wesley because of his age.Quote2- Yvette
Quote1Cindy, why shouldn't your tribe vote you off?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I should stay, because I made a mistake once, and Wesley is old, he's a major liability to the tribe.Quote2- Cindy
Quote1Wesley, same question.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Well, I haven't made any mistake, and I've shown my worth to the tribe already, I don't see a reason to go.Quote2- Wesley
Quote1With that, it's time to vote. Yvette, you're up.Quote2- Jeff

One by one, everyone votes. After the votes have been cast, Jeff goes and retrieves the urn.

Quote1If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it. Alright once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, Cindy. Cindy. Next vote, Wesley. Cindy. First person voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island......

.....Cindy. Cindy, please bring up your torch.Quote2- Jeff

Quote1Meanies!Quote2- Cindy
Quote1Cindy, the tribe has spoken.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1You are all meanies!Quote2- Cindy
Quote1Well you've sacrificed the youngest of the tribe to save the oldest. Hopefully you won't end up here again. You can head on out.Quote2- Jeff

Marau leaves the tribal council area and returns to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Cindy (5 votes)
Colin, Jake, Melissa, Wesley, & Yvette
Wesley (1 vote)
Cindy BW
Cindy O'Bryne

Voting Confessionals

You're a liability to the tribe, Wes. See ya around.


Cindy, no hard feelings, but you're the only one to blame tonight.


You're weak, the end.


Everyone's in agreement you're the weakest, and the snake has to catch the rat at some point.


Cindy, once you're my age, you'll learn that age shouldn't hold you back.


Sorry Cindy, you were slow at the challenge, and you messed up.


Final Words

*sobs* They're meanies every last one of them. I'm twenty. Wes is sixty. The older guy should've gone. He's going to hold the tribe back, guys. I hope you learn that.


Still In the Running

Kalou Marau Totolo
Cindy BW

Next Time on Survivor...

  • A person gets angry over a tribe's loss.
  • The remaining eleven learn of the Kalou tribe.
  • Marau tries to keep up so they don't lose another person.

Author's Notes

  • The combined reward/immunity challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Fiji episode, Snakes Are Misunderstood... We Have an Understanding Now.
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