"Hat Trick"
Season Survivor: Tarutao
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 14/14
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This is the season finale of Survivor: Tarutao.

Previously on Survivor


Immunity Challenge: Hanging by a Thread
The survivors will lie on their backs on an elevated plank at an angle holding onto a wooden handle. Making things more difficult, water will stream out of a barrel, making the plank slippery. Every five minutes, Jeff will increase the angle of the plank, making it steeper and harder to hang onto. When they no longer hang on any longer, they'll let go and slide down the plank, eliminating themselves from the challenge. Last person hanging on wins immunity.
Winner: Megan


Night 37

The final three returns to camp after a shocking Tribal Council, where Colin and Megan turned on Helena. Megan, visibly stunned by her own move, goes at the beach, crying. Meanwhile, Aries goes to Colin, asking him as to why he didn't tell him of his plan. Colin tells him it was a last minute plan, and Helena might have gotten wind of it had he told him.

Colin is such a great player. He played the funny card the whole time like Fabio did, but unlike Fabio, Colin didn't play passively all throughout the game. What scares me from the start was, I aligned with him, but he could laugh his way to the end. I have to approach Megan that Colin is unbeatable. Colin stayed far too long.


Both excited and unable to sleep, Megan and Aries sit by the beach, and agree upon taking each other to the end, mutually believing that neither of them have any fighting chance against Colin.

Colin was a wolf in sheep's clothing the entire time. He made us believe he was just a goofy guy, until the last few days he finally revealed what he is capable of. What scares me is that, he could possibly win the next Immunity Challenge. If that happens, I'll kiss my chances at a million dollars goodbye.


After their conversation, Megan proceeds to the shelter and tries to sleep. Aries on the other hand cannot sleep, as he is still secretly enduring his stomach pain that he is suffering for a week now.

Day 38

The final three is notified of their Final Immunity Challenge thru Tree Mail, but not before paying respects to their fallen comrades. The mail comes with a map, where the finalists should go to, and sixteen garlands, which they would prop to the torches of the eliminated castaways. Megan becomes emotional while passing through the torches of her Jarakay tribemates, being proud that she outlasted the same tribe who never treated her seriously. Once Colin, Aries and Megan finish paying respects to their fallen, they paddle to the next island for their final Immunity Challenge. Upon meeting Jeff, the host takes the Immunity Necklace from Colin and briefs the final three on their challenge.

Megan creatively uses her buff to help her hang on, while Colin and Aries employ their remaining physical strength. Twenty five minutes into the challenge, the planks are already at a sixty degree angle, the survivors finally show signs of struggle. Aries secretly struggles because of another stomach pain, and falls off, leaving Colin and Megan in contention for the most important immunity of the game. Just before they reach the thirty minute mark, Colin accidentally slips off from his hold of his handle, winning Megan immunity.

Megan just pulled off a hat trick today. Her light frame basically was put into her advantage, that's why she won the challenge. That woman truly is something worth giving notice. Jarakay should be ashamed of how they treated Megan.


I just won my first immunity! It felt awesome! Now I can go to Tribal Council, flaunting this baby in front of the same people who treated me like crap!


Going back to camp, Colin and Aries both plead their case as to why they should be taken with her. Megan admits she is leaning towards voting Colin out, because nobody could beat him. Colin smiles, saying that he understands if she does vote him out, but she tells her that if it weren't for him, Megan would have been gone, because he gave her the Immunity Necklace two days ago.

I have a bad feeling Megan will really do it, after all the good I did to her. I played the game quite late, so I won't stop now.


At Tribal Council, the jury members are suprised to see Megan wearing the Immunity Necklace. Jeff congratulates Megan for winning her first challenge, saying that she was the same person who wasn't treated civilly by her Jarakay tribemates. Megan expresses her joy for winning the challenge. As Megan explains her thought process as to who to vote out, Jeff interrupts her when he notices Aries writhing in pain while holding his stomach. The medics arrive at Tribal Council and diagnosed him with amoebiasis , a disease that comes from unsanitized food. Aries admits he has been enduring stomach pains the entire time, and have experienced bloody stools in some days. The medics deem Aries' condition too risky to ignore, since the disease needs life-long treatment and is fatal. With this, Megan does not need to vote anymore, as the medics decide to pull Aries from the game. Gabriella and Giovanni smile in delight, assuming that Megan has no chance against Colin. Colin, who is completely sure we would have been voted out by Megan, is relieved to know he will still stay in this game.

Returning back to camp, Colin and Megan decide to rest and let Aries' evacuation set in. Megan meditates at the beach, thinking of a way to at least be a worthy opponent to Colin. As the person responsible for the elimination of her entire former tribe and her closest ally, who now occupy five of the nine jury seats, Megan practices her jury speech.

Aries' elimination screwed my game over. Colin should've went home tonight and hot him, but I have to make the most of what I have and make my betrayals work for my advantage. I know right now that I have slim chances of beating Colin, but I have to try. When I flipped to Naak, I did so because I want to make it to the end on my terms, but that cost me the favor of my Jarakay tribemates. I took that risk because I wanted to get their respect because they cannot say I was dragged to the end because I worked hard for this spot. If that's not enough to persuade them to vote for me, I don't know what will.


Day 39

Colin and Megan are delighted to see a basket of food waiting from Tree Mail: Steak, a day's worth of rice, pancake batter, milk, bacon, eggs, croissants and a bottle of champagne. Also with the meal are sky lanterns, which the final two would release by sunset, because in Thai culture, releasing sky lanterns is believed to bring good luck.

Over breakfast, Megan and Colin reminisce their island moments, from the gender-defined tribes, the history of their coveted shelter, the blindsides, and their personal favorite moments. Colin says his favorite moment was giving up immunity and blindsiding Donny. Megan reveals that though her favorite moment would always be her immunity win, her other favorite moment was turning on her former tribe, for a chance to be noticed as a high-caliber player, though she states it could be her downfall. The two then assume how the jury will barb them.

This is it. This really is it. I hope my underdog story wins the jury over and my Jarakay tribemates would overlook the fact that I am perceived as weak, worthless and unliked. I'm like, you underestimated me, then and now, but look, I'm still here. Colin had the favor of the majority of the jury right now, so my best plan of action is to answer back as well and as honest as I can.


I don't want to be too confident about my chances of winning. Megan proved to be a formidable opponent because she was highly underestimated by her tribe, but look at her now, her stronger tribemates were all gone, and she still stands.


As the sun sets, Colin and Megan release their sky lanterns before packing up for their Final Tribal Council.

Final Tribal Council

Colin and Megan solemnly enter Tribal Council. Jeff welcomes the final two for their Final Tribal Council before calling the now-complete jury: Gabriella, Giovanni, Asami, Morrison, Paul, Brody, Donny, Helena and Aries, who was cleared to be healthy enough to serve as a juror. Aries reveals that he indeed has amoebiasis, and while he already taken antibiotics, his treatment process would be a lifelong ordeal.

Jeff then opens the session, by asking Colin and Megan to make their opening statements:

I started this game pretty rough. I was on the wrong tribe. Being around people who don't believe in you in an everyday basis was my first challenge in the game. I was singled out as basically the tribe scum, hence me decision to flip to Naak. Naak was open enough to embrace me and accepted me as if I'm one of their own. The reason I flipped was that, had I stuck with Jarakay, they would've fought for my favor so they could take me to the end as a goat, and I don't want that. I wanted to make sure that I will make it to the end on my terms, and if I have a hard time for doing it, so be it, even if Naak could do the same strategy to me. I took that risk, but I had my two idols to aid me and obtain some leverage. But I admit, I won't be here if it weren't for Helena, my best friend here on the island. I will speak my case to Helena once she speaks here in front of us, but for now, I'm ending here. I hope my Jarakay tribemates see that I took a chance and it worked for me. Regardless, I won't blame Jarakay if they're gonna barb me tonight with hate speeches, but I just did what I had to do to save myself, and gain some respect for it. That is all. Thank you.


I started this game sitting on the backseat. I had an alliance with Aries and Donny from the very beginning. That pact was strong up until the merge, when Aries started to show signs of betrayal by making deals with the other tribe. I sat passively, under the guise of a goofy, happy-go-lucky 25 year old who people easily gravitated to. I waited for the right time to strike, until I realized I was running out of moves earlier than I expected, starting with the betrayal of my two closest allies on separate occasions. Hence, my dilemma. I didn't want to betray Aries then, and I never wanted to blindside Donny either. But when Aries started making deals with the other tribe, I felt the need to make the final four pact between me, Helena, Donny and Megan. I felt safe throughout the merge, until Donny also implied he will blindside me. I knew I'd be targeted, but not by Donny, so I planned that move to save myself once again. My point here is that, I came in here playing the most congenial game I could possibly play, and only move boldly whenever I felt threatened. It was a pleasure and honor to play with everyone, and I am looking forward to your questions. Bring it!


Jeff calls Aries to kick off the Final Tribal Council.

Brody goes next.

Jeff calls Paul to speak next.

Gabriella is next in line.

Giovanni is up next.

Donny is up next.

Morrison is the seventh jury member to speak.

Asami is next.

Helena is the last juror to speak.

The jury is given a minute to think about their vote. After the jury votes, Jeff Probst takes the voting urn and flees from Tribal Council via speedboat.

Months later, at Studio City, California, Colin Gerald Batherson is declared Sole Survivor after a close vote, 5-4.

Tribal Council

Day 38

Tribal Council 16:
No Vote
Aries Landors

Final Words

This sucks. Thirty-eight days! I could've stayed if it wasn't for my health. This goes to show how this game is like a woman on a period. The two of them played the game awesomely. I haven't made up my mind yet. I wish Colin and Megan the best of luck tomorrow night.


Final Tribal Council

Tribal Council 17:
Jury Vote
Voted for
Colin (5 votes)
Aries, Donny, Helena, Morrison, & Paul
Megan (4 votes)
Asami, Brody, Gabriella, & Giovanni
Megan Guggenheim
Colin Batherson

Voting Confessionals

Before coming here, I told myself, I would never vote for you; but you standing up against me and fighting for your spot in the final two is what moved me and made me vote for you tonight. You were ferocious tonight. Also, something clicked on me when you told me I am unsportsmanlike. As an athlete, I'm allergic to that word. I apologize for how I treated you.


I hope we can get to know each other after this game, buddy. You were great, I just didn't admit it earlier.


I am surprised that I am writing this name down.


Awesome job, buddy. I hope you win four more. Go win this!


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Author's Notes

  • This challenge is the final Immunity Challenge of Survivor: Fiji.

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