"Having No Hope"
Heather on exile

Heather, cold and lonley on Exile Island

Season Survivor: Solomon Islands
Author User:Henzzy
Episode Number 3/14
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Having No Hope is the third episode of Survivor: Solomon Islands.

Previously on Survivor...

Choiseul was divided into two alliences. Brad, Nate, Ben, Cynthia and Tammie against Andrew, Felix, Heather, Carol and Elizabeth. But they were all safe when the won the immunity challenge that T-Man had purposky lost. T-Man was sent to exile Island where he found his second hidden immunity idol. He also planted a fake one there for someone else to find. The other 8 members of Isabel returned to camp, were they were going to vote out Jodi, but Jodi and Rachael striked back, perswading people to vote out T-Man's only ally Stephanie. But at tribal council, there effort where not enough and Jodi was sent home, in a 5-4 vote. 18 remain who will be voted off tonight?


Reward challenge: Sumo in Mud
Each player would use a sandbag to push against the other player. First one to push the other one into the mudpit wins that round. After all eight rounds, whoever has the most wins.
Reward: fishing gear
Winner: Choiseul

Immunity Challenge: 8 people from each tribe will be put with a partner. With that partner they will need to solve a puzzle once the puzzle is solved they must run back to there tribe and then te next person can go. Once all 4 pairs have completed their puzzle, they must raise a tribe flag, first team to do so wins immunity.

Winner: Isabel


Night 6

After voting Jodi off, the Isabel tribe walk back to camp. When they arrive Chris and Larry talk about the alliance's loyalty after they didn't vote as a group at tribal council.

Chris: I don't completely trust Rachael.

Larry: Me Neither, I think she's trying too hard to be everyone's friend.

Chris: We can't trust her, but I'm scared to vote her out, we need her vote come the merge.

Larry: I think Regina could be swapped for her.

Chris: Maybe, we'll see tomorrow.

Rachael is nervous because she didn't vote with Chris, she starts to get nervous when ever he is near her.

Being around Chris is sort of awkward now, because I just betrayed him, I hope he keeps me though other wise, I'll need to get an alliance with T-Man and Steph.


Day 7

The survivor's go to their reward challenge. After Jeff explains the rules he asks who will sit out the challenge. It must be two girls. Elizabeth and Carol sit out. The first round is Andrew VS Johnny. It's very close with lots of pushing and recovering but Andrew pushes him off scoring for Choiseul. Next is Tammie and Rachael. Both girls go in for the fight early and it becomes a physical battle that Rachael wins, making the score 1 all. Nate and Larry are next. Nate has Larry off the platform in no time at all. The score is then 2-1. Cynthia loses to Stephanie, and the score is once again a tie. Felix loses to Lucas very fast, and Isabel takes the lead. Heather is then up against Regina, both girl struggle fighting but Heather pushes Regina off first, then falls in her self. 3-3 is now the score. Benjamin Vs T-Man, T-Man gets very physical pushing Benjamin off . Brad the must beet chris to force a tie, if he loses Isabel will win the challenge. Brad and Chris both fight for a bit but Brad ends up getting Chris off. Forcing a tie. In the tie, one woman and one man from each tribe will compete. For Choiseul it is Brad and Tammie for Isabel it is Johnny and Rachael. Rachael is pushed in by Brad in no time, then Johnny gets Brad in from behind. Tammie and Johnny are the last two in. Johnny runs at Tammie to push her off, but Tammie moves and Johnny falls in the mud. Tammie wins the challenege for Choiseul.

At Choiseul the tribe go out fishing with their new gear. The team all have fun catching fish, but Andrew reminds his alliance that Brad, Tammie, Ben, Nate and Cynthia are the enemies.

yeah we were having fun as a group, but we are a divided tribe, i needed to make sure my allience were still in game mode, beacsue friendships can spark fast!


The tribe catch 12 fish in total and want to keep them for a few days so they don't run out of food.

At Isabel, T-Man askes Stephanie about tribal council. She tells him how she recieved 4 votes and was unexpecting it.

Stephanie is so stupid! She's allyed with the biggest villain ever and is shocked when she gets votes? Really? Like this girl has proberbly forgotten that she gave me an idol! and most likly my name!


Rachael decides its time to apologize to Chris. But things don't go well.

Rachael: Chris, I'm sorry, it's just I liked Jodi as a friend.

Chris: I don't care! You proved you don't have loyalty to me, and I don't want you in the alliance! Same with Lucas! You two aren't loyal and I don't trust you!

Rachael: Look, I'm really sorry and I will be loyal, just give me one more chance!

Chris: NO! this team is down in the dumps! No one is happy, we havn't won a challenge and we have these people that aren't loyal!

Rachael: It's not my fault we havn't won a challenge!

Chris: I never said it was but, I'm pissed off because of people's lack of loyalty and lack of challenge ablility!

Rachael: Fine then!

Rachael storms off, and starts to cry.

I stuffed up. But i apologiesed and he just takes his anger out on me! like really? i was trying to do the right thing and thats what i get! It really hurt me because i try to do everything the best i can, and then he just yells at me like i'm not human!


This team is giving up hope! and i know why! we have lost three challenges in a row, and people are starting to feel like Ulong! We need to win the next one, but i can't trust anyone. Thats stressing me even more. Because yesterday, i trusted Rachael the most and then she just doesn't do what we decided!


Rachael goes and tell Lucas what happened between her and Chris. Lucas is shocked and tells her he will always be there for her.

Regina is beginning to give up and belives her team can't win. T-Man is happyto see this, and wants more people to feel this way.

It's good to see people having no hope! It makes me feel good! like i hope we lose every challenge and everyone becomes misserable. But of course i'll be the last one left, because of my two buddies *hold out his idols*


In the evening at Choiseul, the team enjoy some fish and other small food they have found. After there food has been eaten, Andrew goes and talks to Carol and Elizabeth.

Andrew: Eliza, you have an idol right?

Elizabeth: yes, i do indeed,

Andrew: ok good. Is the idol for you or the alliance?

Elizabeth: the alliance obvoiusly.

Andrew: Would you be willing to give it up, to save our alliance if we lose immunity?

Elizabeth: yes i would.

It's good knowing Elizabeth will give her idol up. That way i can keep mine longer! its a fool proff plane, for me!


Day 8

The morning is a morning of excitement for both tribes! When they check tree mail they both find a large tin of rice! Both tribes are happy because they will be able to eat more. Felix is especially happy.

Seeing that rice was awesome! because i love food, and i'm getting sick of just fish. So im excited to have more food in the diet.


Andrew and Felix carry the tin back to camp, but secretly take some rice and hide it in a bag. Andrew and Felix laugh and hope the tribe don't notice. When they get back the team are excited. Heather is not however.

rice? how yummy? really guys it freaking rice!


Isabel immediately eat some of there rice hoping for energy. Stephanie then tells the tribe she planes to use her challenge help at the immunity challenge. This delights all the tribe except T-Man

OH CRAP! Stephanie makes my angry! Shes gonna use that help in the challenge! I'm pissed off now!


I think the tribe will think twice about voting me out now!


Chris then looks at Rahcael, she can tell that he want's to say "And you wanted her out!" Rachael and Lucas talk about getting T-Man, Stephanie, Regina and them selves to vote out Chris and his alliance. They decide to wait a few more days before making any moves.

Chris, Larry and Johnny talk about T-Man and what he might be thinking.

After T-Man made us lose that last challenge we have needed to whatch him. I think he wanted to go to exile to find a hidden immunity idol!


At choiseul, Brad and Nate talk about idols, and how Elizabeth has one.

Nate: If she plays the idol we could be stuffed. And we can split the votes because it will be 5-3-2.

Brad: well we can't make it to obvious then, maybe we vote out Elizabeth and hope she gives her idol to some one else?

Nate: Well, Heathers the weakest, and Andrews are biggest target so we can't vote either of them. so maybe Felix?

Brad: i'm good with that idea!

The men decided not to tell anyone until they lose, that know one knows and can't tell the other allienmce yet.

Felix starts eating his rice he stoll that morning. he hides so no one sees him. Tammie sees that he isn't anywhere to be see so she goes looking. She sees him eating the rice.

That greedy pig! eating our rice! who the heck does he thing he is! Thats really selfish! I would never do that to my tribe. I mean like if he just asked for some we would have given it to him, but no. He just takes some! Stupid, greedy pig!


Felix doesn't see Tammie and continues walking. Tammie walks over to brad and tells him to come and see it. Tammie show Brad, and Brad shakes his head. Brad and Tammie then walk away and Brad tells Tammie when they lose to vote him out.

Day 9

At the immunity challenge, Stephanie say she wishes to use her advantage, jeff says her team wont may have 4 people working on a challenge, so they will have more brians. T-Man, Stepahnie, Rachael and Chris agree to go 1st and 3rd and Lucuas, Larry, Regina and Johnny go 2nd and fourth. Brad and Carol pair up. Heather and Cynthia, Andrew and Elizabeth and Benjamin and Tammie. Felix and Nate sit out. The first puzzle is a slidepuzzle, Brad and Carol solve it very fast, but T-Man, Stephanie, Rachael and Chris take there time. Cynthia and Heather struggle with a pyramid puzzle and give time for the second group, Lucas, Larry, Regina and Johnny to over take them. The first group then complete a long snake puzzle quikly, while Heather and Cynthia struggle still with the pyramid. the second group finish a cube puzzle then run back and raise the tribe flag. "Isabel win's immunity!"Jeff screames. Stephanie acsepts immunity for her team and the Isabel team are very happy. except T-Man who acts it. Jeff then askes who Isabel want to send to exile. They chose Heather, she votes then leaves.

Heather gets to exile island and goes and lies in the shelter.

It was dirty, no people, no fire no anything, it was horrible! im a city girl, i need people.

–Heather - on exile island

She lies in the shelter as a cold night a poches.

At the isabel tribe, veryone is happy and all enjoy rice for dinner.

When i went at grabbed that idol i was like f**k yes! i was so happy!


Final immunity! Best feeling ever!


T-Man wasn't as happy.

Stupid Steph, Stupid, stupid steph. Gosh! if i didn't need you vote i would throw you in the fire! Stupid cow!


At Choiseul, Andrew, Felix, Carol and Elizabeth try to think of who Heather voted for. The dicided that they think she would have voted for Brad and dicide to vote for him. Brad tells his allience to vote for Felix tonight becasue of the rice incident.

At tribal council, Jeff askes hwo it feels to lose. Brad replies not very good. Jeff askes if there is any alleinces. Tammie replies, Brad, Ben, Nate, cynthia and myself against Andrew, Felix, Heather, Carol and Elizabeth. Elizabeth states that her allience will be using an idol tonight, but doesn't say who will recive it. When its time to vote, Jeff adds Heathers vote. and then the rest vote. Before Jeff reads the votes, Elizabeth gives her idol to Andrew. But Felix goes home in a 5-4-1 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Felix (5 votes)
BradNateBenTammieCynthia Ballard
Brad, Nate, Ben, Tammie & Cynthia
Brad (4 votes)
Andrew zarrFelixCarolElizabeth
Andrew, Felix, Carol & Elizabeth
Cynthia Ballard
Cynthia (1 vote)
Andrew zarr
Andrew (used
Hidden Immunity Idol)
Felix out
Felix Colg

Voting Confessionals

You and i failed, and im safe and your not!


I hope this is goodbye.


Bradley, cya buddie, wait we are not friends


Felix, you stole rice, your weak and i just don't trust you, so good bye and cya!


Bye, it was nice knowing you


Sorry, your a great guy, but i'm with my alliance until the final 5. So sorry and goodbye


I'm not going to miss you because your a selfish greedy pig, who should be on survivor and you where a waste of a spot out here! So leave and take your rice with you because no one wants to eat it after its been in your pockets!So leave and don't ever talk to me again because i don't like you and i think you should go back to where ever you came from!


Bye, and sorry


sorry Brad, but this is what Andrew wants


This vote is based on a group desision! so its not all me


Final Words

Well, i wasn't first voted out so thats a good thing. I'm not sure why i was voted when Carol and Elizabeth were weaker than me and Brad hates andrew, so that confussed me. However i had a good time and i still have my rice.

–Felix Colg

Still in the running






Jenny out

Jodi out


Andrew zarr

Felix out
Cynthia Ballard




Next time on Survivor...

A survivor fight will end in anger, tears and injury?. Can Isabel keep winning, and which survivor will reviel there bigest secret?

Authors notes

  • The reward challenge is the same as in Heroes Vs Villains episode 3, That Girl Is Like A Virus