"He Is Like Goldilocks Trying to Steal the Bears’ House"
Season Survivor: Tarutao
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 2/14
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This is the second episode of Survivor: Tarutao.

Previously on Survivor


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Bog Roll
On a muddy field, two giant rattan balls will be launched by the host. In three on three match-ups, the tribes must bring one of the balls to their goal post, while members of the rival tribe do the same. First tribe to win three points wins immunity and reward.
Reward: Tribal immunity and a tarp, blankets, mosquito nets and pillows
Winner: Naak


Night 3

After voting off Vanessa, the Naak tribe returns to the One World camp, where the other tribe Jarakay, is anxious to know who got voted out at Tribal Council. Henry goes to sleep, while the rest of the tribe converse with the Naak tribe. Colin tells them Vanessa was the casualty of the vote, and he is doubly excited for Jarakay to lose, so they can vote out the grumpy Henry. While both tribes laugh at Colin's dry humor, Cam is unimpressed.

Colin's funny, but to make a joke like that on the tribe where he is at? Not good. He is a threat, because he is funny, he is likeable, so he needs to go.


As the Naak tribe prepares to sleep, Colin, Helena, Donny, Morrison and Aries form an secret alliance. The men promise Helena they will not use gender lines once they are the only ones remaining. Helena agrees, saying they are the strongest of the Naak members, and they need to stick together.

I never expected to make alliances this early. But with these guys, I know we hold the steering wheel of this tribe.


Day 4

While collecting firewood, Cam is tripped by a rock. Cam examines where the rock was, and sees a piece of thread sticking out from it. Cam digs to find where the thread leads to, and finds an object wrapped in burlap. Cam unwraps the item, revealing a necklace with a snake detail wrapped in burlap.

Congratulations! You have found the Hidden Immunity Idol for the Naak tribe. If you are a current member of the Naak tribe, you are now in possession of one of the most powerful items in this game. However, there is a catch. If you are a current member of the Naak tribe, you may keep it for yourself. If you are not a member of Naak, you must give it to a Naak tribe member before they go to their next Tribal Council.

–The note that came along with the idol (as read by Cam)

With this, Colin's ass is gone! Now I have to convince the women I'm on their side, because clearly, the men are in control of both tribes. If me and the women stick together, then men's days are numbered.


Cam goes to Raven, Alexandra and Helena to make an alliance against the men. Helena tells Cam to defend his motives, because the men's physical prowess is need for challenges. Cam proposes to treat the men like "slave labor." The women are moved, with the exception of Helena.

If there's anybody in my crosshairs right now, it's Cam. He won't pull a Colton on me!


While the Naak tribe is busy fortifying their shelter, the Jarakay tribe wakes up late. Having the right to live in the shelter all 18 castaways made, the blue tribe does not need to worry about the weather. Colin and Donny make a deal with Brody and Asami, saying that Naak would provide fish that would be good for both tribes, and in return, Jarakay would help them in making their shelter waterproof. All of Jarakay agree to the proposition, except Henry, who does not like the fact that his tribemates interact with the enemy.

We are helping the enemy, and in the eyes of the game, putting your guard down in front of them is like begging to stab you. We have to stop this.


Henry goes to Brody, saying that their interaction with the Naak tribe is unhealthy for them, saying that they are helping the enemy.

Quote1We are helping the enemy, can't you see that?Quote2- Henry
Quote1Yeah, of course. But, we are also benefiting from this deal. Don't you get it? We will have food without even moving. We will just help them with their shelter, and that's it.Quote2- Brody
Quote1By doing so, you giving them leverage. We have to continue winning. If their morale is up, the more they will have a fighting chance to win this game over us!Quote2- Henry
Quote1Okay, Henry, listen. We will not have theses kinds of deals that often. Like, we will only use it sparingly. If anything, I won't let them borrow any of our future rewards.Quote2- Brody
Quote1Okay then.Quote2- Henry
Henry doesn't realize that this is a social game. We need each other to survive, may it be a Jarakay or a Naak. But I agree with Henry, we have to limit our deal making. But in this case, I am forming relationships with the enemy, and those relationships might come in handy in the future, because several of them may sit on the jury, and I want their favor in the end. For the meantime, since they put a hand in that shelter, Jarakay will help Naak to get both of its feet wet. Oh, wait a minute. Snakes don't have feet. Wrong idiom!


While Asami, Gabriella and Megan prepare palm fronds for Naak, Colin and Donny use their raft to fish, only to catch three big ones due to the strong tides. Adding insult to injury, the strong tide capsizes the raft, losing all the fish they caught. Returning to shore empty handed, Brody calls the deal off, but after much deliberation eight of the nine Jarakay members decide to let Naak keep the palm fronds. Henry, the only person who does not agree with the tribe, takes the palm fronds and throws them to Jarakay's bonfire. Irked by Henry's abrasiveness. Brody whispers to Colin that Jarakay is excited to vote Henry out. While witnessing Henry angrily throwing the fronds to the fire, Helena and Raven admit they would have done the same thing. Henry then snaps at Naak for not fulfilling their promise.

Henry's contempt for Naak goes overboard today. We wanted to keep Naak's palm fronds because at least Naak tried to fulfill their part of the deal. Henry on the other hand, took the fronds off of their roof sand set them on fire. I was floored by Henry's over-the-top hate for them. Can't he realize these people may serve as jurors? He can't win if he stays like this. Wait, as if he can reach that part of the game. He's going next. Point blank. His heart was on the right place though. He might be right about the negatives of brokering deals with the other tribe. This might be the first and last time we make deals with them. But again, Henry's ass is so gone, we can vote right here and now. He is like Goldilocks trying to steal the bear's house. Him being Goldilocks trying to take over the whole shelter as his own.


Day 5

Rolling, Rolling, this is today's event.
Winning this will give you a piece of heaven.
Your neighbor is your foe in this physically-punishing game.
Let them go past you, and you might lose your flame.

–Tree Mail

After the tribes receive Tree Mail, they meet Jeff Probst for their next challenge, which is again for reward and immunity. Jeff reveals that the winner of the challenge would win tarps, a blanket, a mosquito net, pillows and a lamp. If Jarakay wins, they would further improve their shelter. As for Naak, not only they win their first Immunity Challenge, they would rely less on deal-making. Since the challenge requires equal number of male and female players, Jarakay has to sit out two females and one male, while Naak has to sit out two males. Jarakay sits out Henry, Megan and Naomi, whilst Naak benches Cam and Morrison.

Round 1 (all-male): Brody, Giovanni, Paul vs. Donny, Aries, Colin
Close match, but Colin outsmarts Paul, winning the first point for Naak.

Round 2 (all-female): Asami, Gabriella, Lauren vs. Alexandra, Helena, Raven
To compensate for being the physically girl on Naak, Alexandra tries to look if the Jarakay women have tickle spots. Alexandra pins Asami and successfully finds one of her tickle spots (left waist) while grabbing Lauren by the foot Raven and Helena fights the lone Gabriella off, stealing on of the balls. With Gabriella busy dealing with Raven, Helena siezes the other ball to Naak’s goal post, winning Naak’s second point.

Round 3 (two males, one female): Brody, Giovanni, Gabriella vs. Helena, Donny, Aries
Jarakay wins.

Round 4 (one male, two females): Paul, Asami, Lauren vs. Raven, Alexandra, Colin
Jarakay wins.

Round 5 (all six members from both tribes):
Total slugfest. Naak wins their first challenge.

Returning to camp in a stormy afternoon, the Jarakay tribe offers Naak their shelter for the rest of the afternoon, asking them if they can borrow Naak's tarp because the shelter collects rainwater after strong winds. With the storm completely obliterated their first shelter, Naak decides to accept their offer, leaving Henry very displeased. But as the tribes hurry to install the tarps, Henry is the first person to enter the shelter, annoying both tribes.

If both tribes go to Tribal Council tonight, there will be a 16-1 vote, because we all want Henry gone.


Enemy is enemy, and there's nothing to flip that script. We can't let them get the privileges that we worked hard to gain.


At night, the rain finally subsides, and Naak is now free to construct their shelter. Henry sleeps early, while the rest of the Jarakay tribe gossip about him. All eight tribemates agree to vote Henry out.

Henry is a liability because he is a grumpy hypocrite. Him sitting in the shelter while the others work made me believe he is not trustworthy.


Day 6

Henry gathers the Jarakay men in the woods, asking if the women already did anything strategic. Brody suggests that they should try to bring Gabriella to their fold to ensure the majority. As Henry walks away, Brody winks at Giovanni and Paul, implying they will be pushing through the plan of voting Henry out. Henry then talks to Gabriella, asking her vote against Megan, his perceived weakest member of the tribe. Gabriella halfheartedly agrees, but she knows who to vote for tonight.

If his lack of self-awareness is a disease, he should be dead by now.


At Tribal Council, Jeff and the Jarakay tribe discuss how the shelter became a controversial object. Henry blabs that they won the right to live in that shelter, and they should not let Naak in that shelter. Megan replies, saying that they also helped build the shelter, so they should at least return the favor by helping them. Henry tells her to shut up and accuses her of not doing anything at camp. Megan angrily replies that she works at camp while he lazes in the afternoon. In the end, Henry's poor social capability sends him home, 8-1.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Henry (8 votes)
Asami, Brody, Gabriella, Giovanni, Lauren, Megan, Naomi, & Paul
Megan (1 vote)
Henry Black

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • Someone unlikely finds the Jarakay tribe's Hidden Immunity Idol.
  • Two tribemates will start an all-out-rivalry.

Author's Notes

  • The challenge is a redux of the first Reward Challenge from Survivor: China, but modified to look similar to that of the controversial Reward Challenge from Survivor: Philippines (where the tribes made the rice deal).
  • Naak used the remainder of the nails in the Sears toolkit to fortify their shelter. Henry tried to hide the toolkit, but his Jarakay tribemates scolded him.

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