"He Threw It There Like Nobody's Business"
Season Survivor: Malaysian Islands
Author AnitaG.
Episode Number 2/13
Episode Chronology
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Next I Am Weaker Than Them, But I Won't Tell Them

This is the second episode of Survivor: Malaysian Islands

Previously On Survivor...

Sixteen Americans were stranded and abandoned on an island in Sumatra. When they met Jeff Probst for the first time, they learned that the two oldest members would be picking their own tribes. 'When he said that the elders were picking the tribes, I already knew I was one of them.' Ellis picked her tribe, Akan, wearing green and John picked his tribe, Minat, wearing red. When Akan arrived to camp, everyone was working hard, except for Sean. 'I am tired of trying to save him by making him work.' He was picked last and was worried it might be used against him, yet he did not do a thing. Mika made an alliance with Dean while sharing personal information which made Tim, who heard the whole conversation, nervous. 'I need to share this information with someone.' He chose Susan as the person who he would share the information with. Susan was not sure if he was telling her the truth. She made an alliance with Ivane to go the final two. At Minat, John started barking out orders. 'Grab Lisa and go...' That made Courtenay not so interested. 'What about a rest!' Rebecca also found John not her cup of tea. 'Dealing with people like him is hard.' Martin made an alliance with Courtenay and Parke and was planning on keeping John in the game as well. 'As long as he annoys people, the target's not on me.' At the first immunity challenge, Ellis struggled leading to her tribe losing the challenge. 'Minat wins immunity!' Back at camp, Tim decided to openly oust the weakest member, Ellis. Everyone was on board. At least it seemed so until Ivane brought an idea up to Susan to take Tim out, being the untrustworthy one. 'Why do we keep somebody we don't trust?' At Tribal Council, Ivane brought up Sean's laziness which made him not happy. 'I thought we had a good relationship.' 'It's not about the relationship.' In the end, the tribe voted their weakest member out, taking out Ellis in an unanimous decision. Fifteen are left, who will be voted out tonight...?


Reward Challenge: Slingshot
Using a giant slingshot, three tribe members will be the launchers, while the other four will stand on a balance beam over the water. One tribe member will launch a ball to the other four, who must catch it before it hits the water. The first tribe to catch five balls wins.
Reward: A tarp.
Winner: Minat

Immunity Challenge: Gatecrasher
Each tribe uses a puzzle log to break through two sets of gates; then, they must turn, pull and push the puzzle log to navigate a maze that is worked into the surface of the log. Once the log is cleared from the maze station, the first tribe to hit a gong at the end of the course wins immunity.
Winner: Akan


Night 3

The camera is showing a scene of some tree and then cuts to the seven remaining members of Akan returning to camp. Sean suddenly starts screaming.

Sean: What was that about, Ivane?!?

Ivane (in a surprised way): What do you mean?

Sean: Why the hell did you say all of that crap at Tribal?!?

The rest of the tribe is seen watching the conversation with a surprised expression.

Ivane: Crap?!? It was an opinion. Since when do I not have the right to state what I think?!?

Sean: You tried to throw me under the bus!

Ivane: I did not mean it that way!

Sean: You didn't mean sh*t!

Ivane: Excuse me?!? You lie on your ass that keeps peeking outta your pants all day and now I am the one that did something wrong. You say the S-word one more time and...

Sean: And?

Ivane: Do what you wanna do, I'm done here.

So we come back to camp after Tribal, and Sean has this outburst of anger, a meltdown if you will. He did all of that chaos because of a comment made by Ivane at Tribal Council of Sean not working enough. And she was only telling him how we all felt it. Sorry, Sean.


Ivane is seen pissed off sitting at the fire alongside Susan, Mika and Tim as Sean is seen standing behind her.

Ivane: If you keep standing behind me, I will throw a coconut at you, go away!

Sean: Oh, so now Miss Perfection is showing teeth!

Ivane: Hell yeah, and the teeth can bite you in your huge behind faster than anything!

Sean: Oh, poor me!

Ivane: Shut the... Whatever, I'm not going there.

Sean: Of course.

The comment she made tonight at Tribal Council was all bullsh*t. What the hell was she thinking? That's right, she wasn't. Now I promise you she'll be going home next. That's what I can promise you, I'll make sure of it. Little Miss Perfect messed with the law.


(intro airs)

Day 4

The camera shows a few scenes of a crocodile trying to catch fish. When he finally gets the fish, the camera cuts to Minat camp. John is working on the fire while the rest of the tribe is seen walking or sitting around the camp. Courtenay and Colton are lying in the shelter.

John: Is she going to get up?

Parke: I don't know, bro.

John: Well,...

Elyse: My head hurts as if I was on drugs.

Parke: Don't even talk about drugs!

John: Why?

Parke: Well, I am a former drug addict.

Elyse is seen opening her eyes really wide.

I was initially going to keep my story away from my tribemates, but then I thought that I'll just come clean. It'd be no good keeping that a secret since I feel that people will feel closer to me after they hear the story.


Parke: It started as a joke. At a party, a guy told me he'd give me a hundred bucks if I snip the drug. I tried it and basically couldn't get out of it ever since.

Elyse: How did you become clean again?

Parke: My mom was killed and her murderer was a drug addict. I just couldn't stand a thought of me killing a person just to get money to buy stuff that keeps on destroying me. So I went to rehab.

Elyse: Oh, I am so sorry.

Elyse hugs Parke as he is a little teary.

When Parke was telling his story, it was evident that he was disappointed in himself yet he talked with such confidence. This is what I love about a man, when he shows his feelings. The story about his mom touched me very deep. Nobody knows what the guy went through. It must've been so hard. (tearing up) Sorry.


Martin: Wow, what a story, man!

Parke: Thank you.

John: Gee, what were you thinking?

Elyse: John!

Parke gives a little smile.

Parke: It's okay. I don't know why I kept doing it to me. It's just something that you do and you know it's not good, but that's not stopping you or anything.

I hope that since I shared that story with them, I gained a little more respect and possibly even trust. I feel even more free now then I did before. I guess it was good coming out. (smiles with tears in his eyes)


Elyse: Thanks for sharing that.

Parke: You're welcome.

Martin: Thanks, man!

I can't imagine what his thought process was when he was doing the drug stuff, but I appreciate him sharing that with me. He reassured me that when I think that I know all of it, I don't know anything and thanks to him I learned something new.


The camera shows Parke for a little more and then flies across the ocean to Akan. At Akan, Susan and Ivane are talking at the water well.

So, I wanted to talk about Sean's outburst with someone 'cause I wanted to make sure they weren't against me. I talked with Susan because I have a final two alliance with her.


Ivane: So about the outburst...

Susan: He's nuts.

Ivane: Exactly. He literally screamed at me for no reason!

Susan: Don't worry. He's going home next.

Ivane: Are you sure?

Susan: Come on! Who will now want to work with him? Nobody.

Ivane came up to me with a worrisome feeling about the drama that Sean stirred up last night and she has nothing to worry about. Nobody liked Sean anyway so there really is no reason she should be worried.


Ivane: I was just worried somebody could paint me as the bad guy.

Susan: Who would do that? He started screaming at you. You have nothing to worry about. Trust me. Look me in the eyes, there's nothing happening to you.

Ivane: Okay.

Susan: Now, let's get the water.

Susan made sure she made me as comfortable as possible but I still don't believe that there's no possibility of somebody using everything against me. I guess I'll just worry till he's not here.


The girls are seen continuing their conversation as the camera goes to Sean who is trying to talk to Tim, Mika, Louis and Dean.

As I said I'll make sure that that witch is going home next. But I can't do that on my own. I need to get people on my side so they see the ugliness that I see in Ivane.


Sean: So, she's absolutely abnormal. We need to take her out. I know you guys probably think I started all of it but she was the one who made the comment. Could you guys, please, at least consider it?

Tim: I guess.

Dean: 'Course.

Sean: Thanks.

Susan and Ivane come back and everybody stops talking. There is the awkward moment for a minute until Susan breaks it.

Susan: Tree-mail!

Susan and The Witch almost scooped in for the conversation. At least Susan started reading the mail. I think I got everybody on my side in voting The Witch. I am just glad she did not hear anything.


Susan: Prepare to get wet and hit, you may endure that for a bit. The tribe that keeps the composure, gets a better camp exposure.

Mika: Some reward.

Dean: Yeah, it'll definitely be for reward.

The camera then shifts to a challenge beach. It is a nice beach with only a few trees in the background. Minat walks in first as they look at the new Akan missing Ellis. Nobody is surprised much. Jeff then explains the challenge. Minat sat Lisa out of the challenge. Probst gave the tribes a moment to strategize and the challenge started. The shooters for Akan were Mika, Susan and Sean and for Minat it was John, Rebecca and Colton. In the first round, many people fell in the water but no point was made. The same happens the second time around. In the third round, Parke jumps in the air and catches the ball. He scores the first point for Minat. In the next round, Ivane catches a point as Parke catches yet another one. The next round, Mika launches the ball only a few feet in front of her as Dean laughs. Parke catches another one for Minat as Minat leads 3-1. In the next round, Parke jumps too soon and Courtenay catches a ball for Minat. Louis caught a ball for Akan as well. It was 4-2 for Minat. In the next round, no scores happened. The next round, Colton launched a ball really far and Parke was unable to score. Ivane caught another ball for Akan, it was 4-3 still with Minat in the lead. In the next round, Martin jumps and scores the final for Minat.

Probst: Minat wins reward!

Probst then congratulates Minat on their second win in the row. He then asks them to collect their tarp. He then sends both tribes back to camp. The camera then transitions to the Akan camp.

Mika: That sucked!

Dean: It's okay, we'll win the next time.

Sean: How you can be so positive is impressive.

Dean: What are negative thoughts for, really?

We lost another challenge today. Everybody felt so low, but for me that's not something to worry about. It should inspire us to win the next challenge which we'll do without question.


The time then flies by as Susan, Ivane, Tim and Mika are walking towards their wall of rocks to get some food.

Tim and the girls, we went to get some food today. We are starving and if we don't find anything edible, we'll starve ourselves to death. That better not happen.


Susan: Food, please be there.

Mika: Should we try to catch some fish?

Tim: How?

Mika: Good point.

Everybody laughs. Ivane and Mika go to get snails as Susan and Tim go up the wall of rocks to search for something else. Tim sees a snake and he kills it with a rock. Susan jumps up and down as they have food.

I caught a snake! Honey, if you're watching, you're guy can hunt as well. (laughs) Me and Susan went up the rocks and there were about four snakes, which is good since we know that the food is out there.


Tim: Gotcha' little sucka'!

Susan: Great job, but keep it away from me!

The two laugh as they bring food back to camp. Back at camp, everyone celebrates loudly. The camera then cuts back to Mika and Ivane that are now talking.

Ivane: Okay, so I know that you talked about something before the challenge when the awkward silence was upon us.

When we were with Mika trying to find snails, I needed to ask her about the awkwardness that went on before we went to the challenge. I knew Sean must've talked about me and I was right as Mika told me. That bastard needs to be gone!


Mika: He wanted all of us to get rid of you.

Ivane: That little *****.

Mika: Don't worry. Nobody, I hope, is planning on doing that.

I had a little conversation with Ivane when we were getting snails about her and Sean. She asked about the conversation we had when Sean talked us into voting for her. I didn't plan on doing that, so telling her seemed right.


Mika assures Ivane a little more as the two head back to camp with two buckets full of snails and one fish that laid dead on the rocks. The camera then focuses on the sky as it goes to night and then straight to the next day's morning.

Day 5

The camera goes to the sky as it shows some clouds but no raining happens. It then goes to the camp of Minat. Courtenay is seen sitting next to the shelter, John is chopping wood and Colton is lying in the shelter.

So, this morning I wasn't the last one to wake up, which I usually am. It was weird to me why Colton lied in the shelter, not moving. He literally lied in the same position for about three or four hour. And he looked like he was in pain.


Courtenay: Is Colton okay?

John: I don't know. He wasn't up since yesterday afternoon.

Courtenay: That's weird. (walks towards the shelter) Colton, are you okay?

Colton doesn't reply, as Courtenay touches his forehead and it's burning hot. She then screams at John to come to Colton.

Courtenay: John, he's burning up!

You don't know how worried for the guy I was. Normally, you would tell him to lie in the bed, covered. But what do you cover him with in a rainforest? He was burning like the hells were up on his forehead.


John: Burning up?

Courtenay: Yeah, touch his forehead! Here.

John touches his forehead and when he does his expression turns to worried.

John: Colton! Colton, are you okay, buddy?!?

When I touched the guy's head, it was the hottest thing I've ever touched. He was burning! Literally, he burned me! I have never been so worried in my life. How do you save him in a jungle?


Colton (in pain): I'm okay.

Courtenay: Should we call the medics?

Colton: No way, I'm alright!

John: Did you feel your head? You're not okay!

Colton (in pain): I said, I'm alright, please, don't pull me from the game.

I am feeling like crap! But I can't tell them I feel sick because I would be pulled from the game, and that I don't want. I need to stay in this game. I need the money probably more than anyone. I'm staying, I'm here, I ain't going nowhere.


Rebecca, Martin and Parke return to camp as they see Courtenay and John standing next to the shelter.

Rebecca: What's going on?

Courtenay: Colton. Touch his forehead.

Rebecca touches his head, so does Martin and Parke.

Rebecca: Oh, Lordy!

Colton: Could you all, please, stop touching me as if I'm sick? I'm alright.

Courtenay: No, you're not!

Martin: He'll be okay. Wanting to be okay is almost halfway there.

I completely understand him. He wants to stay in this game no matter what. If it was me, I'd want the same thing. As long as he thinks he can keep on going, let him go. He's still one of the strongest in our team. We need him.


Colton then lies down. The others start a conversation.

Courtenay: So, what are you thinking?

I needed to know what the others thought as well. We can't keep a sick guy in a jungle where there's no way out. Do we keep the guy so he can keep suffering or do we do something? That's the question.


Martin: If he feels he can do it, let him.

Parke: I agree. I don't think it's anything serious.

Courtenay: Not at home, but in here even the smallest flu is dangerous!

Martin: Well,...

John: I think we need somebody to watch him.

Martin: I agree.

Rebecca: I'll do it. I have nothing to do anyway.

As a tribe, we decided that somebody would keep an eye on Colton till he gets better. I volunteered since Colton is one of the people I grew the closest to out here. If he needs me, I'll help him. And I will make sure he gets better.


Rebecca is then seen going into the shelter. She lies next to Colton and looks at him with a worrisome expression. The rest of the tribe goes their own way. The camera goes into the ocean and shows some kind of a whale. It splahes and the camera goes to Akan's beach. Everyone is enjoying the afternoon sitting around camp. Sean is once again lying in the shelter.

Ivane: What do we need to do with the snake?

Tim: Eat it! (laughs) I caught it yesterday and I want it to be edible so I'd definitely eat it today.

Susan: Well, eating it would be smart. (smiles)

Ivane: Yeah, but I meant as far as cookin' it.

Nobody knows until Sean laughs from the shelter.

Sean: Take the spine out, dumbass!

Ivane (softly, on a verge of crying): I can't do this anymore.

Ivane is seen running away from camp as Susan runs after her and so does Mika.

Louis (disgusted): Come one, man!

Sean: What? I said what I was thinking.

Dean: Silence is golden! Didn't you know that?

I don't understand how come he thinks someone will vote with him after doing all the unnecessary stuff to Ivane. He keeps annoying everyone so I think it should be him without question. Au revoir!


Susan and Mika are seen walking right behind Ivane.

I broke down today. I couldn't stand him telling all that mean stuff to me. He's a bully! I'm afraid of him honestly. I just needed some time to think everything through.


Susan: Ivane, are you alright?

Ivane: No, why does he keep saying that to me? I haven't done anything to just let him be mean to me.

Mika: He's a bully. Let it go.

Sean has really gone too little too far. He doesn't know how to say stuff in a way that doesn't sound mean. I don't think he's a mean person, I just think he lost it out here. (laughs) Five days and we already have a problem.


Susan: Do you want us here?

Ivane: Honestly, I'd just like to be alone for a couple minutes.

Susan: Okay, if you need anything, we'll be at camp.

Ivane: Thank you.

The camera shifts to the guys back at camp.

Louis: Honestly, you're acting really mean!

Sean: Well, she's the one who tried to throw me under the bus.

Dean: Are you kidding me?!? She was the one who tried to make it up to you ever since and you just keep bashing on her! Just, shut up.

Sean: Oh, so Mister Nice-Guy is losing his cool all of a sudden!

Sean is officially done. He had people that still wanted him here and now he lost those too. I don't normally freak out like that. But with him it's so hard not to explode. I work with bullied kids at home and Sean fits their description of who bullies them at school perfectly.


Dean: With you, anyone can lose their cool!

Sean: Oh, yeah, I forgot! Sorry.

Louis: Just stop already!

Susan and Mika are coming back to camp.

Susan: Is that what you wanted?!? She's crying now!

Sean: Let her suffer! At least she can think about what she did!

Susan: Is that guy for real right now?!?

Dean: I don't know. I'm done with him now.

Louis: We all are.

Sean (very loud): So, y'all are against me, right?!? So, guess what! I'm the one that is getting bullied by you right now! You all ganged up on me! And you say that I am the bully?!? Are you joking?!?

Susan: We ganged up on you because of what you did to Ivane! We ain't no bullies.

Sean: Oh, yes, I forgot I'm the one who's responsible for everything.

They're all against me now. I am the Sole Survivor of this tribe. I now need to try hard in challenges so that I make it to the merge and I can flip to the other tribe. That's pretty much all I can do.


Louis: Well, who else is responsible then?

Sean: All y'all! You're screaming at me for no reason!

Susan: No reason?!?

Sean: I'm done with y'all. I hope you feel good, 'cause y'all end up in hell!

Susan: I hope not 'cause I'd be seeing you often then!

Sean is seen walking away from camp.

Susan: Yeah, just walk away! It'll do everybody a favor!

This guy is a nutcase! I have never met someone who is so full of themselves that they can't even admit they've made a mistake. I think I'll be seeing him often in my office now. He'll need a psychologist after all of this.


Susan: I am just furious.

Dean: Don't worry. He just pretty much sealed his own fate.

Louis: He did.

Tim is seen watching the whole conversation with a weird-looking smile on his face.

I was watching the whole argument and I see where Sean is coming from. I took his comment today as a joke rather than something to be upset about. I'd keep Sean in for a little more, so I'll be keeping my options open.


The camera then shows two crocodiles fighting and shifts to later that day at Minat where there the dark is already settling down. Rebecca is seen walking out of the shelter.

Rebecca: Martin, could you please watch Colton for a minute, I need to go use the toilet!

Martin: Yeah, I'm coming!

So today I needed to use the restroom so I called Martin to watch for Colton, just so Colton is safe. We really need to keep our eyes on him the whole day. So I went.


Martin: Colt, are you feeling better?

Colton: Actually, yeah, I feel like I could use some more rest though.

I already feel almost decent. They took good care of me and I now feel like I should do smoething for them. So when I'll feel great, I'll get them back. They are great people really.


John: Martin, could you bring me some more wood, please?

Martin: I'll go in a minute. Wait till Rebecca comes back. I have to look after Colton.

John: 'Kay. I'll just throw this in.

John takes Rebecca's jacket and throws it in the fire. When Martin sees that, his eyes open really wide.

John asked me to bring him some wood but I had to look after Colton, so I said that he needed to wait till Rebecca came back. He, instead of waiting, decided to use Rebecca's jacket as wood. He threw it there like nobody's business.


Rebecca returns as Martin goes into the jungle for the wood.

Rebecca: How are you feeling?

Colton: Better. I feel cold though.

Rebecca: Would you like my jacket?

Colton: That'd help. Thanks.

Rebecca goes to look for her jacket as Martin returns with wood to camp. Rebcca can't find her jacket and starts to get irritated.

Rebecca: Where's my jacket? Has anybody seen it?

John: I threw it in the fire.

Rebecca has a surprised expression on her face and doesn't know if she should take John's comment seriously or not.

Rebecca: Is he serious right?!? Martin, is he serious?

Martin: Yeah.

Rebecca looks very ticked off.

Rebecca: You took my personal item and threw it in?

John: Well, I had no wood, so I...

Rebecca: Who cares about some f**king wood! This was mine!

John: Should I have thrown myself in the fire?!?

Rebecca: No, you should've gone to get wood! Well, now that I think about, you'd make a lot of people happy if you've thrown yourself in the fire, so yes, you should've jumped in the fire!

John: Come on, it was just a jacket!

Rebecca: That's not the thing! This is not what this whole sh*t is about! You've thrown my personal item in the fire, it's burned to ashes! Are you nuts?!? And you, you smile there with your fake teeth like I'm crazy, but you were the one that went in the woods, not even telling me something like that happened! I thought I could trust you, but you're the same as John. F**k you both!

Martin: What should I have done?

Rebecca: Tell me that that troll thrown my f**king jacket in the fire!

Martin: Well, sorry.

Rebecca: Yeah... No, 'cause that's not gonna give me my jacket back, is it?!? F**k you both, leave me alone!

Rebecca in rage leaves the tribe. Lisa and Elyse come to see what's happening.

Lisa: What happened, honey?

Rebecca: Those two sh*tty suckers! Ask them!

Lisa turns her attention to Martin.

Martin: I did not do a thing.

Rebecca: Of course. (looks at him) You know what, don't even look at me!

Rebecca runs away in tears as Elyse looks as if she didn't understand what happened.

Lisa: What's this all about?

Martin: John threw her jacket in the fire.

Lisa: He did what?

Elyse (annoyed): Oh, my Lord.

How can you steal and intentionally destroy a personal object that doesn't belong to you?!? John has just made it clear to me, he's not normal. I now hope we go to Tribal Council so I can vote his ass out. I still can't believe he burned down my jacket. What will I wear in the rain now?


Lisa: I can't believe you!

I needed something to keep the fire going, was I supposed to let it go out? I can't believe she made that whole scene because of a jacket. She doesn't talk to me now, but that's okay, I know you can't get along with everyone.


Rebecca runs into Courtenay. She then explains what has happened and Courtenay has her mouth open out wide.

Courtenay: He burned your jacket?!?

Rebecca: Yes, I just can't be there anymore. U would punch him or take the machette and chop his f**king head off.

I can't believe something like that happened. How could he do something like that to her. If he did that to me, he'd running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and I mean literally, he would become headless. I thought that people wouldn't want to vote for him but now that I see it it might not be as hard to get votes for him.


Courtenay: Don't worry, his ass is going home.

Rebecca: I hope.

Courtenay reassured me that John will be going home. I hope 'cause if not, I'll go home. I volunteer to go home if y'all decide to keep him 'cause I won't be spending any more time with him on the island.


The camera then shifts to night. At night, the youngins alliance is talking on the beach about the stuff that happened.

Courtenay: Can you believe he did that?

Parke: He's crazy!

Martin: Well, it's John, what would you expect?

Courtenay: I mean, it's him if we lose, right?

Martin: Has to be.

I talked with my alliance last night about voting out John, I mean, we have to get him out. I don't wanna wake up some day with my bikini missing. I'd rather miss John than my personal stuff.


Parke: Can we possibly vote for someone else? No, that's why the decision is so easy.

Parke and Courtenay continue with the conversation. Martin is seen thinking.

I don't wanna vote John out. I hope it doesn't have to come down to it 'cause I really need to keep him for as long as I can. He is a pain in the ass, but I like that. He needs to stay.


The camera then cuts to break.

Day 6

The camera appears again on the morning of day 6. It's raining and in Minat, everyone's inside the shelter except for Martin and Rebecca that went to get tree-mail.

Martin: Do we have something?

Rebecca: Yeah. Hey, before we get back to camp, I'm sorry for screaming at you yesterday. You did nothing wrong and I was just angry. I apologize.

Martin: No, it's okay. I understand, I could've told you.

This morning I apologized to Martin for acting like a bitch towards him when he did nothing to me really. I was acting stupid and now I have to make up for it. However, I also did it because I need Martin to get John out of this game.


Rebecca (in a freezing tone): I am so cold. Stop raining, you up there!

Martin: Here, my jacket.

Rebecca: Thank you. I also want to make a deal with you. Would you be willing to take out John?

Rebecca talked to me this morning about possibly joining forces and taking out John. I couldn't tell her that I'm planning not to do that so I had to say yes. I need to make everyone believe John is going and then...


Martin: I mean, we already discussed it yesterday and it's the only visible option at this point, so John it is.

Rebecca: Right. So, let's get to camp before we become even more wet.

He agreed with me which is great because John probably thinks that he's running this tribe. And I am ready for a blindisde. (laughs) That would be epic to see his expression after he's voted out. Gosh, that has to happen!


Rebecca and Martin are back at camp reading the tree-mail.

Martin: Prepare to carry dead weight and lose some of your own. If you don't crash it, one of your tribemates might get snuffed and away will be thrown.

Courtenay: We're gonna be destroying something? Easy, John's great at that!

Everybody laughs as John rolls his eyes. Colton gets up and wants to go use the restroom.

Parke: Feeling better, Colton?

Colton: Yeah, but if you give me the chance to sit today's challenge out, I won't refuse to take it.

Lisa: Sure, sit out if it helps you.

Colton: Thank you, now if you'll excuse me, I'll go lose some weight of my own.

Everybody laughs. Colton then goes to the forest as the rest sits in the shelter.

I already feel good, but sitting out of the challenge seems like the wisest decision at this point. I hope me sitting out doesn't cost us the challenge 'cause if it does then I may get voted out. And who wants to go home second?


The camera then shifts to the challenge area. Both tribes come as Jeff explains the challenge that takes part at the swamps next to Tribal Council. Minat sits out Colton as Jeff gives them a chance to strategize. The challenge starts as Jeff screams 'Go!' Minat gets their log up quickly and they run towards their first gate as Akan is close behind. Both tribes start destroying their gates. Sean is in front for Akan and he gives the gate nice bangs. After a little time, Courtenay is being dragged by the log and falls to the ground causing her tribe a lot of time. John screams at her as she simply gives him a finger and gets up. She falls down again though losing some more time as Akan is already through the first and they're crushing the second one. Lisa is now dragged as well as Courtenay but Minat gets through. They both fall though when they bang into the second gate. Susan is getting tired for Akan so she switches spots with Louis. Akan breaks through the second gate and they head to the puzzle stage of the challenge. Minat is breaking through the gate as Courtenay and Lisa are losing more and more time for their tribe. Martin breaks the second gate with a huge bang and Minat gets through the gate. Akan is led by Ivane who gets the tribe through the maze quickly. Minat is then led by Lisa who is getting them back into the game. Ivane is making her way very fast, but too fast as she makes a wrong turn. She tells her tribe to turn it back and they fastly get back on the right track but with Minat being very close now. Akan makes it through the puzzle faster and they bang the gong winning immunity.

Jeff: Akan wins immunity and their first challenge! So close!

Jeff then gives Akan their immunity as they decide to give it to Ivane who got them the win. Jeff then tells Minat that they'll see him at Tribal Council where somebody will become the second person voted out of Survivor: Malaysian Islands. The two tribes grab their stuff and head back to camp.

The camera then shifts to Minat camp as everybody's down. They lay they're stuff around their shelter as they all head their respectable ways.

The ambience when we came from the challenge was awkward to say the least. Everyone got into their own cliques and they went their own ways. How am I going to make those people talk strategy with me when I don't even know if they want to talk with me at all?


Martin, Courtenay and Parke are in a forest talking through their options.

Courtenay: Is it me tonight?

Martin: Hell, no.

Courtenay: Well, I know they want to vote me out because of the challenge.

Parke: But we won't vote for you, voting out one of our own would be an overkill, we need to keep us three in for sure.

Courtenay: Yeah, but we are just three votes?!?

Martin: Do you feel like you're the weakest?

Courtenay: I definitely think that I'm stronger than Lisa.

Martin: Lisa, it is then.

I sucked bad at the challenge today. I am so worried that I'm going home that I'm willing to put John on the backburner for a little while. If they decide to vote me out, they're crazy 'cause they got a 40-year-old sunday school teacher that's probably not as fit as professional surfer.


Rebecca joins the conversation.

Rebecca: Hi, it's John, right?

Martin: I don't know. Is that what you wanna do?

Rebecca: Well, I thought it was the plan anyway!

Parke: I mean,...

Courtenay: This is hard!

It has to be John! Why don't they see it? At least I came and changed their minda 'cause they would probably waste their votes on Lisa or Elyse which would be, let's be honest, completely useless to get rid of one of the two. They both deserve to be here way more than the jacket-burning freak.


The camera then shifts to Elyse and Lisa talking in the forest.

Lisa: So, is it me?

If I'm going home, I want to at least know it. I talked to the person I'm the closest to, that being Elyse. She said no, but I'm still the older lady that sucked at the challenge today. But we have a weaker link we need to vote out.


Elyse: Absolutely not. Where have you heard that?

Lisa: I didn't. You know, it's just,... I'm the old lady.

Elyse: That doesn't mean anything. I think it'll be Courtenay or Colton.

Lisa: Yeah, those are weaker than I am.

Elyse: I know, don't worry.

Lisa is worried that we might want to vote her out, but as far as I know that's not the case. I need to talk to Martin and Parke because I trust those the most. If they tell me to vote for Lisa, I'll have to change their mind. Lisa is not the weakest.


The camera shows a conversation between Elyse and Martin and Parke.

Elyse: So what are you guys thinking?

Parke: What were you thinking?

Elyse: I think take out Courtenay is the right thing to do.

Elyse is right, Courtenay is weak, but she's in my alliance. I need to play along with Elyse though. I have to agree with everything she's saying so that she thinks I'm with her and doesn't freak out. She's a smart girl. If she gets wind of something, I'm screwed.


Martin: That sounds smart. What do you think, Parke?

Parke: I think that's probably the best thing to do.

Elyse: Okay, well I have Lisa too, so...

Martin: That's great. That gets us majority.

Elyse: Yeah.

I got a weird feeling from talking to Martin. Yeah, they agreed with me but it seemed almost too fast and too easy. I think something's going on. But at this point, I have to hope for the best 'cause the game's just starting.


The camera shows a conversation between John, Martin and Parke.

Martin: John, I have a bad feeling it could be you tonight.

John: What, how come?!?

Parke: Simply, there are people that don't really want you here anymore.

John: Well, that can't happen. I am one of the strongest members of this tribe. Right, Colton?

Colton (from the shelter): Yeah!

Martin: Well, we know that. Who would you like taken out?

John: Either Courtenay or Rebecca. Those two get under my skin so much.

I have just told everybody a completely different story. I even got lost in what I said to who. I'll just have go with whatever I think is going to make me go to the end of this game.


Rebecca is talking to Colton.

Colton (whispering): Becca, is it me?

Rebecca: No, don't worry. It's not you.

Rebecca walk away as Colton gets worried.

Nobody came to me with who I should vote for. They've been avoiding me like if I wasn't there anymore. I trust Rebecca, but I'm still worried that it could be me tonight. I'll vote based on who I think is the weakest.


The camera cuts to a conversation that Martin and Parke are having.

Martin: So, what are you thinking?

Parke: I think we're in an interesting position in the tribe.

Martin: Definitely.

There are about five different roads to go. I feel horrible deciding somebody's fate in this game. But I, more or less, hold the power now. I just have to use it to my advantage and all'll be cool. I need to make that my whole alliance stays together which will be hard.


The contestants are packing up their things.

I think I prety much know it'll be John, but something interesting could happen. I'm not worried though because I don't see a scenario that I could leave in, so... It's kind of weird.


Martin is giving last minute directions.

Me and Martin are both in a position in which we can choose whichever person we want and they'll go out. We need to weigh in all the options very carefully 'cause once we make that decision, we can't go back on it anymore. It's risky but tonight is going to be interesting.


The camera then shows the castaways walking along their beach. The camera shifts to the Tribal Council area where Jeff is already waiting.

Probst: Welcome to Tribal Council. Behind each of you is a torch. Go ahead and grab the torch. Approach the flame and get fire. In this game fire represents your life, once your fire's gone, so are you. So, let's talk about the first few days out here. John, you've picked this tribe. What is your opinion on your choices now that you've lived with those people for six days?

John: I think I chose really strong people, it's just that they don't work as much as I'd like them to. We got a great shelter, a fire, but the work ethic at camp is just at zero. I feel like I'm the only one who works there.

Several castaways roll their eyes.

Probst: Lisa, you've been the last person picked six days ago. Do you still feel that baggage on your shoulders?

Lisa: Of course I do. Several people here tried to make me feel better, but nobody's ever gonna change the fact that I'm the oldest woman here and that I'm not the strongest physically. That's the facts, Jeff.

Probst: Elyse, does Lisa have a reason to be worried?

Elyse: It's so easy to say that she doesn't but you never know in this game. One person could tell you a thing and do a completely different thing. I think that in this game, it's better if somebody says that you'll go home 'cause then you probably won't.

Probst: 'Cause he'd be lying to you?

Elyse: That's right.

Probst: Courtenay, let's talk about the group. Do you get along with everyone?

Courtenay: Hmm, no. Not really.

Probst: Who don't you like?

Courtenay: John. He's been trying to rule the camp for a really long time now and he doesn't probably understand that we ain't his slaves. (Martin smiles at the background) He's under the false assumption that we can work like workhorses all day, but we can't. Not everybody is a John.

Probst: John, surprised that Courtenay doesn't like you.

John: No, she's been outta her mind this whole time out here. Just because she's a lazyass doesn't mean that she has to speak for everybody like if everybody thought the same as she does.

Courtenay: Actually, everybody does think that.

John: No, they don't.

Courtenay: Yes, they most definitely do after the jacket incident.

Everybody does an interesting expression on their face.

Probst: What jacket incident?

Rebecca: He burned my jacket, Jeff.

Jeff opens his eyes wide. Martin smiles at that.

Rebecca: That's right. He took the jacket and threw it in the fire.

Probst: And nobody stopped him?

Martin: Only I was there and you can't really stop something that happens so fast.

Probst: John, why did you do that?

John: Well, I asked Martin to bring some fire wood so that I can keep the fire going but he didn't go, so I took the jacket and threw it in.

Probst: John, do you understand that moves like these could mean that you'll get voted out?

John: If that's the reason somebody votes for me than okay, but I really don't see why everybody makes such a big deal out of it. It's not like I killed someone.

Probst (pushy): John, you took a personal item and destroyed it, do you understand that?

John: Yeah, I do. But what's the deal?

Probst: John, are you crazy?

John: No.

Courtenay: Yes.

Martin laughs and Parke gives a little smirk. And Probst shakes his head with mouthing a simple 'Wow'.

Probst: Colton, where do you fit in all of this?

Colton: I don't really. Nobody talked to me about the vote tonight. I know that I've been feeling sick for two days already but that doesn't mean I'm not playing the game.

Probst: Parke, what can you do in all this mess?

Parke: I'd say just sit back and let the dogs fight the cats. Strategically, the best thing to do tonight would be getting rid of one of the troublemakers because we need a tribe unity.

Probst: Rebecca, did you just take it okay?

Rebecca: No, of course not. I was pissed off big time and I let them know it. I definitely want to get John back,... and I have a chance tonight.

John is seen with a worrisome expression on his face.

Probst: With that, it's time to end this crazy Tribal Council with voting. Parke, you're up.

The castaways walk one by one to the voting confessional room. They then come back and sit down as Probst goes to tally the votes. John, Lisa and Colton are seen worried.

Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote: John (1)

John is seen shaking his head as Rebecca smiles.

Second vote: Courtenay (1-1)

Courtenay looks very intensively.

Third vote: Rebecca (1-1-1)

Rebecca can't belive she sees her name come up.

Fourth vote: Lisa (1-1-1-1)

Lisa puts her head into her hands. Elyse is looking around very surprised.

Fifth vote: Lisa (2-1-1-1)

Sixth vote: Rebecca (2-2-1-1)

When Rebecca sees her name she gets a little worried but still remains calm, Elyse however is very shocked.

Seventh vote: Courtenay (2-2-2-1)

Everyone is seen worried as Martin puts his head up as he's the deciding vote.

Probst: Second person voted out of Survivor: Malaysian Islands... Rebecca.

Rebecca: Wow!

Elyse opens her mouth out wide as she looks around. Lisa turns her head down as Courtenay is smiling and Martin is seen smiling a little too.

Probst: You need to bring me your torch.

Rebecca gets her torch and walks towards Jeff as Elyse is still in shock.

Probst: Rebecca, the tribe has spoken.

Rebecca's torch is snuffed as she gives a long evil stare to her tribe. She then walks away very angry. Elyse shakes her head in disagreement.

Probst: Well, this was certainly a one of a kind vote. Let's see if it brings any harmony to your camp. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Goodnight.

The seven remaining castaways walk outside the Tribal Council area.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #2:
Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca (3 votes)
John FarandeMartin Ces ShmahaParke
John, Martin, Parke
Courtenay (2 votes)
Elyse, Lisa
Lisa (2 votes)
Colton BentleyCourtenay
Colton, Courtenay
John Farande
John (1 vote)
Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson

Voting Confessionals

You are a huge threat. I'm sorry. Love you!


I'd much rather vote for John, so I'm so sorry for this. This was an unfortunate decision.


Payback's a bitch. And you're too.


Courtenay, you're fun as heck. I love you but I have to do this. Sorry.


Final Words

I am just floored! I can't believe that I believed those liars. The voting was so crazy that I don't know hich bastards flipped on me but I guess it was Martin. That little bitch. I can't believe that everybody trusts him. And I can't belive that they kept John over me. This was the worst night of my life but I'm glad I did this and I don't regret it in the slightest. John, I hope you lose. Martin, I hope John burnes you to ashes. To the rest of you, good luck, you're amazing. Bye!


Still in the Running

Colton Bentley
John Farande
Martin Ces Shmaha
Ivane wilkins
Louis van Blanc
Mika chang
Sean Foster
Tim Sanason

Next Time on Survivor...

  • The mood around Akan's camp gets a little better as Sean tries to apologize. ' I am sorry for what I've done. It was stupid. '
  • Courtenay annoys John with her laziness.
  • And Elyse is done being just a pond. ' That really woke me up. '

Author's Notes

  • The title of the episode was said by Martin when John threw Rebecca's jacket into the firepit and burned it down.
  • The reward challenge is from Survivor: Panama.
  • The immunity challenge is from the second episode of Survivor: China and was reused in the fourth episode of Survivor: Cagayan as well.