"Hell Hath No Fury Like a Juror Scorned"
Season Survivor: Burma
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 1/15
Episode Chronology
Previous "Poetic Justice"
Next "The World Will Be Divided into Two Tribes"
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This is the season finale of Survivor: Burma.

Previously on Survivor

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Since this episode only covers Night 38 and Day 39, there are no challenges in this episode.


Night 38

As the final three goes back to Galone beach, Kendra, Molly and Donna congratulate each other for having a shot in winning a million dollars. Molly then asks Donna why she changed her vote from Kendra to Conway. Donna explains that she realized that she cannot win against Conway, given that he was a strategic threat and a great persuader, and Donna would like to take the three girls she aligned with in the beginning.

I honestly think that sending Conway home is my best choice because Molly and Kendra burned several bridges, while I kept my cool and made friends with everyone.


Day 39

Molly checks Tree Mail and sees a picnic basket with pancake batter, milk, cookies, deli, coffee and creamer. Molly takes the basket and calls Donna and Kendra for breakfast. Underneath the basket, Kendra finds a note, which tells them to make their rites of passage before heading to Tribal Council.

Being here on Day 39 is surreal! Like, I never thought surviving here even just for a day, much less 39!


Before heading to their Final Tribal Council, the girls burn their shelter, signifying the end of their stay in Burma. Donna is in tears, saying that hopefully, her parents will finally think differently of her.

My parent thought I was a frail, spoiled girl. But I hope I finally proved to them that I can survive with the best of them.


As the three girls paddle to Tribal Council, they see eighteen torches of their fallen comrades, floating at sea, and decorated with flowers. After celebrating their eliminated tribemates, the final three heads to Tribal Council for the last time.

The final three goes to Tribal Council, where they meet Jeff Probst and the full Jury of nine.

I came into this game with the option to keep my well-to-do life in secret. But here's this thing. I knew what I signed up for, and that is to live the life of hardship; to prove to my parents I can live on my own. I worked my way to this spot. I made my alliance with Kendra and Molly because I know I will be targeted early because I was rich, and I was not that physically gifted. In this game, when you lack something, you have to compensate, and I think I did just that.


Hello guys. It's really an honor sitting up here with my two dear friends Donna and Kendra. First of all, I really wanted to keep my angry side out of this island. I guess I can't really hide it for long. Anyways, I didn't come here for that. I was an outsider from Day 1 after not giving a great first impression. But in this game, you gotta play with who you are and what you have, and I did just that by staying true to myself, and playing through my unpopularity, and... there you go, I'm here! Regardless of what happens tonight, I hope we patch things up and become friends after this game.


I started this game on the ill-fates Magan tribe with Conway. We didn't know what will happen to us since we were losing bad those days. That's when Donna and Molly and the Three Tribes Alliance came in. Once Magan got dissolved, Conway and I got separated, and I had to make new alliances. I got to Nagar, I went to Donna and Zach to see if we can really put this off. We got to the merge, we got the outsiders fooled by turning them against each other so we can get the numbers. When Danny started to win consecutive immunities, I started thinking of my endgame. In my mind, there was this conflict: will I stay true to Conway, or stick with the girls I made an alliance with. I realized I had to vote Conway out because he is too liked by you guys. Picking up with Molly said, I had to stay true to myself and keep my personal resources at bay. In my everyday life, I am a true over-thinker. I think 2-3 steps ahead more than anybody, and that might make me not win this game. That's my flaw.



Quote1Good evening girls. Congrats for making it this far. I have no hard feelings toward any of you. Kendra, you really are an overthinker. Like, one of my pet peeves are people who make disclaimers. You're the person I'd love to vote for Sole Survivor. But after your disclaimer, you made me believe you let your guard down in your opening speech. Like, we wouldn't notice you flaws, so letting them out there is being defensive and self-deprecating.Quote2- Fransesca
Quote1Can I explain?Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Sure.Quote2- Francesca
Quote1I laid it out there because I know I am not perfect and I expected that us three would be castigated anyway, so I thought doing that would be fine. I just want to let you know that I didn't let my guard down, and I am fully prepared for this Final Tribal Council.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Fair enough.Quote2- Francesca
Quote1In the interest of fairness, Molly and Donna, what are your flaws in this game? Molly i'll start with you.Quote2- Francesca
Quote1I had one big mistake at the first challenge. I lashed out out of panic. All I wanted was to win for Sar Mayee, and we almost lost that challenge. Since then I wasn't able to recover. Basically, I had a bad rep which lasted for 36 more days.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Great answer. Donna?Quote2- Francesca
Quote1Perhaps revealing my well-off life.Quote2- Donna
Quote1Thank you for you very strong answers. Great start for all three of you. That's it. I'm done. Good luck.Quote2- Francesca


Quote1Good evening ladies. I don't need anything from Kendra. As far as I'm concerned, Kendra was the mastermind of everything, so I am set in voting for her tonight. My question is for Donna and Molly. Convince me to not vote for Kendra and why should you receive my vote.Quote2- Jolanda
Quote1First off, I started very very badly in the game, being brash and loud perhaps. But everything changed when Magan got dissolved. While my alliance with Kendra still on the back burner, I weaved my way through my new tribemates and voted off my original Sar Mayees, not just to avenge Mirna's demise but also to save myself. I had to fight harder because I had nowhere to go but up.Quote2- Molly
Quote1I think you should vote for me is because, I came off likable I thought, without trying too hard. Kendra and Molly had to approach people to be liked.Quote2- Donna
Quote1Thanks, guysQuote2- Jolanda


Quote1I don't know if Jeff can detect who's the least bitter of us, but I'm happy that the most bitter of us nine were saved for last. As for me, I don't need anything from you three. But just remember, those words that come out from your mouth may be the most expensive words you'll ever say, because every word you speak, may cost you a million dollars. You might be happy double-crossing us, but in the end, hell hath no fury to a juror scorned.Quote2- Marshall
Quote1{{{3}}}Quote2- {{{4}}}


Quote1I am quite appalled that you three are sitting there, while the person I'd most likely to vote for is sitting right next to me, and he got voted out last night. Donna, why betray me?Quote2- Nigel
Quote1I had no chance against you.Quote2- Donna
Quote1Can't you see? Half of the jury were your Nagar tribemates! We made a pact, that Nagar will stay strong in the end. You won't gain anything from the alliance you joined. You're just an extra number there. If anything, they brought you there so you won't get any votes, and less competition to deal with.Quote2- Nigel
Quote1Can I explain myself?Quote2- Donna
Quote1No.Quote2- Nigel


Quote1Wassup homies?Quote2- Rashad
Quote1Hi Rashad.Quote2- Donna, Molly, Kendra
Quote1I won't be as rough as them, so don't worry. You three mamas deserve to be on that spot. You outwitted, outplayed and outlasted all 17 people in this game faily and squarely. The reason I call you mamas because like my mama, you mamas worked hard to make it there where you are right now. My question to you girls is, if this is a final two situation, and you have the necklace, who will you take out and why. And as a side question, for the person "voted out," who will you vote for Sole Survivor? My homie, Molly, you first.Quote2- Rashad
Quote1I will vote Kendra out because her head was in the game the entire time. She might have lows like Donna and I, but we hardly saw Kendra crack to the pressure.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Kendra, you got voted out, who will you vote?Quote2- Rashad
Quote1I'd vote for Molly, because she worked her butt off this whole game. After all the hell she experienced in Sar Mayee, she had nowhere to go but up. Now she's here, so I'll vote for her if it's a final two.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Kendra, your turn.Quote2- Rashad
Quote1I'd vote for Molly for the same reasons I said few seconds ago.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Molly?Quote2- Rashad
Quote1I'd vote for Kendra for the same reasons.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Last but not the least, mama Donna?Quote2- Rashad
Quote1I will vote out Kendra because she was quiet the entire time. Pretty strategic, clever and wise, she'd be my target if I win immunity.Quote2- Donna
Quote1Kendra?Quote2- Rashad
Quote1I won't change my answer. It's still Molly.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Well, thank you girls. Appreciated. Signing off!Quote2- Rashad


Quote1I came in to this game, with noble intentions for that money. Now, what will you do with the money if you win?Quote2- Zach
Quote1Enter law school. I've always wanted to study law but I wasn't able to pursue it due to lack of funds. I worked as a librarian at a law school to at least have time to read the books they read.Quote2- Molly
Quote1To open my own preschool.Quote2- Donna
Quote1To open my own fashion line.Quote2- Kendra


Quote1If you become an animal in your second life, what would you be and why? Why did I ask such question, you may ask? Because I can't think of any animal to associate you with other than a snake. You three are the most poisonous snakes in this game, and I can't think which of you three gets my vote. Now, if I get blown away with your answer, you'll get my vote.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1An elephant. I'm a peaceful kind of person, I'm a great communicator, and I have sharp memory like elephants do, so there.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1I totally agree with you. I'm a snake. I can't think of any animal to describe myself.Quote2- Molly.
Quote1A poodle. I may be cute, but I bite.Quote2- Donna
Quote1Cool.Quote2- Kyle


Quote1I don't need anything from Molly and Kendra. I fully understand what Kendra did to me, so my beef is with Donna. What happened yesterday?Quote2- Conway
Quote1First off, I apologize if I didn't live up to my word. I thought my best move was to take you out, and take my girls in the end, because I knew if you're sitting here, I will not win against you.Quote2- Donna
Quote1To be honest. We jurors have talked about this. We like you as a person, but you have this tendency to be too sweet and sometimes, you try hard to please people. If that gets you a vote tonight, we'll see.Quote2- Conway


Quote1I really don't need anything from you three. Molly, Donna, you two thought you played this game as equal as Kendra. If you think you played better than her, you're sadly mistaken. Donna, you covered yourself with sugar the entire time. You never did a move for yourself other than side with Molly and Kendra. Molly, you might have reached Day 39, but your rudeness pissed most of us, so you won't get my vote tonight. Kendra, hats off to you. You played the game with such calmness, and poise, you made people trust you five minutes into this game. You get my vote. Congratulations.Quote2- Danny
Quote1Thank you.Quote2- Kendra

After Danny's speech, the jury, one by one, cast their votes. Jeff then collects the voting urn and flees the Tribal Council set.

Months later, in Los Angeles, it is revealed that Kendra Higgins, the 25 year old aspiring fashion designer from Lansing, Michigan wins Survivor: Burma in a 5-4-0 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 18:
Jury Vote
Voted for
Kendra (5 votes)
Conway, Danny, Jolanda, Kyle, & Nigel
Molly (4 votes)
Francesca, Marshall, Rashad, & Zach
Donna (0 votes)
Molly Everett
Sole Survivor:
Kendra Higgins

Voting Confessionals

At first, we were very skeptical of you because you seemed to be incapable of playing this game. You've proven me wrong. You stayed true to yourself, no matter how others mock and scorn you. With that, my vote's with you.


My homie! Win this for me!


Great job, woman! From the most unliked person from Sar Mayee to top three.


Your perception and the reality are a close match that's why you're getting my vote.


Strong woman, inside and out. Knows what to do when things don't go her way. Well deserved.


I love underdogs so much.


Seeing you there in the final three is almost an impossibility. Now you've beaten all odds, and you deserve to win Survivor.


You're a cheat, but a great cheat. Congratulations.


Great game. Flawless actually.


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