"Here Comes the Beatdown"
Season Survivor: Japan
Author User:UlforceKnight
Episode Number 4/13
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This is the fourth episode of Survivor: Japan.

Previously on Survivor

Ethan's attitude towards everyone around him at camp brought fellow tribemate Shakti to plan something that was dangerous. With no signs of beating the Ehime tribe, Shakti knew that her Kagawa tribe was headed back to tribal council so she got Burt and Ravenna to go along with her plan. At the reward challenge, Ehime won the reward of sitting in on Kagawa's next tribal council. Both tribes knew that the reward would be fulfilled the next tribal council. At the immunity challenge, Ehime did what it has always done and destroyed the Kagawa tribe in the challenge. At tribal council, there were two targets: Ravenna and Olivia. In reality however, that was the plan. Shakti and her two allies voted for Olivia so Ethan would not be protected when they went to drawing rocks. After the revote, Ravenna and Olivia tied again. They were announced immune and Kagawa went to drawing rocks. The plan worked out perfectly as Ethan drew the red rock which eliminated him from the game. Ethan's short tyrannical reign over Kagawa ended with Ehime happily watching from across tribal council.

Thirteen are left. Who will be eliminated next?


Reward Challenge: Jump Shot
Each tribe selects a goal-keeper, who stands on a platform above a pool of water and in front of a net. One at a time, Members of the opposite tribe will run up, jump out over the pool and throw the ball at the net, while the goalkeeper tries to deflect the shot. First tribe to score three wins the challenge
Reward: Luxury item including pillows, blankets, and a hammock.
Winner: Ehime

Immunity Challenge: In the Barrel
One castaway from each tribe is placed inside a barrel and is pushed through a course by their tribe mates. The tribe will collect small sandbags along the way. At the end of the course, there is a wall with slot that will hold only one sandbag each. One member must toss their sandbags into an empty slot on the wall. The first person to fill all the holes in the wall wins immunity for their tribe.
Winner: Ehime


Night 9


Kagawa returned to camp. There was a peace in the place as well as a weight that had been lifted off the place. Ethan was gone from the game. There was no way he could say anything to anyone again out here. Everyone was happy for that even the two who voted with Ethan. Ravenna asked the two of them, "Why did you two choose Ethan? He was a berating control freak."

"We thought that we could make if further in the game with him instead of any of you," Oscar said.

"The plan probably did work. It just didn't have the desired effect. You are going home a few days later than you would have anyway," Burt said.

"Be careful. Something may happen," Olivia said.

"What could possibly happen? We are the majority now. It you two first then it's us. Your foundation in this game drew a red rock and is gone. Deal with it," Burt said.

"We may be on the bottom or on the outs, but we are still here. We will find a way to stay in this game," Oscar replied.

"What are you going to do? Are you going to find and play a hidden immunity idol? Oh, wait. There are none. The only way you are staying here is by us winning immunity all the way up until the merge," Shakti told Oscar and Olivia.

"The odds of that happening are pretty much zero. Enjoy your last several days here, because these two are right. You're going home soon. It may sound rude. It may sound arrogant. It's the truth. I'm sorry, but it is what it is," Ravenna said.

As I said to Olivia and Oscar, it may be arrogant or rude, but sometimes the truth hurts. That is the truth. I'm going through the worst case scenario. Two of us will make the merge. I want to be among those two. Getting rid of Oscar and Olivia are a means to that end. The other two I am close to agree with me on that fact. This is a game of survival. I am going to do what it takes to make it here.

–Ravenna Michaels


Ehime returned to camp after a crazy Kagawa tribal council. Ehime knew that the opposing tribe was divided but no one knew how much it was divided until that tribal council. The divide was so deep, the tribe went to a rock drawing tiebreaker in only the third tribal council. Ehime's confidence level went even further through the roof. The whole tribe was coming around to Greg's point of view. Everyone viewed this tribe as unbeatable.

"We are certainly going to run away with this game now. We are on our way to winning every challenge. No one better say anything against what I just said. Please let me have this moment," Greg said.

"For once, Greg, I think everyone agrees with you. This is definitely going to be an Ehime game soon. No one from Kagawa will break past the ninth place mark. We right here are the top eight. Not one of us will place below a Kagawa member," Erin said.

"I agree with that," Mark said.

"So do I. Kagawa is going to lose time and time again until our two tribes are one," Colton added.

"You have a strange way of speaking," Alice told him.

"Maybe I do not. Maybe all seven of you have a strange way you talk," Colton said.

"Alright then," Greg said, "Let's get ready for tomorrow. We are going to roll right over them and there is nothing that they can do about it. Here comes the beatdown."

It was nice seeing the rest of the tribe come to my confidence level. We are unstoppable. I actually feel like I might pity Kagawa, but I really don't. God, they suck.

–Greg Zeisel, laughing as Kagawa's troubles

Day 10

Jump Shot

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out. Ehime and Kagawa walked into the challenge arena. Jeff said, "Are you ready to get to today's reward challenge? For today's challenge, each tribe will select a goalkeeper, who will stand on a platform above a pool of water in front of a net. One at a time, members of the opposing tribe will run up, jump out over the pool and throw their ball at the net. Each ball that makes it in will score a point. The goalkeeper will try to block the shots from making it into their nets. The first tribe to score three points wins the challenge.

"Want to know what you are playing for?" asked Jeff, "This: Pillows, blankets, a hammock and other miscellaneous comfort items. Ehime, you have three extra members. Who are you going to sit out?"

Erin, Greg and Peter raised their hands. Jeff told them to sit on the bench. Jeff told the other to get ready for the challenge. After several minutes, the tribes chose their goalkeeper and shooters. Ravenna was the goalkeeper for Kagawa. Mark was the goalkeeper for Ehime. Jeff said, "This challenge is on. Kagawa shoots first."

Oscar threw his ball, but it was slapped away by Mark. Alice threw her ball for Ehime. The ball barely missed Ravenna's hand. It landed directly into the net. Ehime scored the first point of the challenge. Olivia was next for Kagawa. She threw her ball, but once again Mark defended the goal. Peter ran and threw his ball for Ehime. Just as before, the ball went into the net. The challenge was almost over at the the third round of shooting. Shakti threw her ball to the net. It missed Mark, but his the rim of the net, bouncing off. Zoe was next for Ehime. And she ended the challenge by scoring Ehime's third point.

"Ehime wins reward!" Jeff said. The tribes returned to their mats. Jeff went on, "These are yours, Ehime. Kagawa, you continue to lose in challenges. I wonder if that will ever change."



Day 12

In the Barrel

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out. Ehime and Kagawa walked into the challenge arena. Jeff asked, "Are you ready to get to today's immunity challenge? First things first. Ehime, I'll take it back...Immunity it back up for grabs. For today's challenge, one castaway from each tribe will be placed inside a barrel and pushed through a course by their tribe mates. You will collect three bags of small sandbags along the way. At the end of the course, there is a wall with slot that will hold only one sandbag each. One member must toss your sandbags into an empty slot on the wall. The first person to fill all the holes in the wall wins immunity for their tribe.

"Ehime, you have three extra members, who are you going to sit out?" asked Jeff.

Alice, Zoe and Heather raised their hands. Jeff told them to sit on the bench. As for the rest of them, he told them to get ready for the challenge. Several minutes passed, Erin was in the barrel for Ehime and Ravenna was in the barrel for Kagawa. Throwing for the tribes were Colton and Shakti. The pushers were Peter, Greg and Mark for Ehime and Oscar, Burt and Olivia were pushing for Kagawa. Jeff gave the signal and the challenge began.

Ehime's obvious strength advantage played to their advantage. They left the Kagawa tribe in the dust. Ehime reached their first bag. Mark swiftly untied the bag and returned to push the barrel. Kagawa was behind but not as far as they had been. Olivia said she would untie the bags. She started to untie the first bag, but she struggled with it a little bit. Meanwhile Ehime had reached their second checkpoint. Mark once again started untying the bag. Kagawa finally got their first bag loose, but Ehime had retrieved their second bag and were off to their third and final checkpoint. Kagawa started to slow down as they reached the second checkpoint. Olivia had trouble with the second knot set. On the opposite side, Mark had not trouble freeing the third bag.

Ehime rolled their barrel to the final mat. Colton took the bags and opened them. He emptied all the bags. Nine sandbags fell out of the bags. Olivia was still struggling to untie the second bag as Colton began throwing them at the wall. Colton threw the first bag and made it in. He made the second one in and the third one. Olivia finally got the second bag untied, but it was too late. Kagawa was on their way to lose another challenge. Colton had made seven of the bags into the wall by the time that Kagawa reached the third checkpoint. Colton knocked the eighth one in and then he ended the challenge with the ninth.

"Ehime wins immunity for the fourth time in a row!" Jeff called out. Olivia stopped working on the knot. The tribes regrouped and returned to their mats. Jeff went on, "Ehime, once again you win immunity. I'll see you later. Kagawa, I'll see you tonight where another person from you tribe will be voted out of this game. I'll give you the afternoon."


Tribal Council


Jeff called in Kagawa. The interview of the tribe was less dramatic than the last tribal council. The impression was that either Oscar or Olivia was going to be voted out tonight.

Voting Confessionals

As I said, survival.

–Ravenna Michaels

It's either you or me.

–Oscar Hutchinson


"I'll got and tally the votes," Jeff said. He left and returned with the urn. Jeff said, "Once the votes are read, the person with the highest number of votes will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

First vote: Oscar
Second vote: Olivia
Third vote: Olivia

"The fourth person voted out of Survivor: Japan: Olivia. That's three and enough. Olivia, please bring me your torch."

Olivia went up and placed her torch in front of Jeff. Jeff said, "The tribe has spoken."

Olivia walked out of tribal council. Jeff turned back to the tribe, "Twelve days in and half a down. Turn this around or you will not make it very far."

Tribal Council 4:
Olivia Burrows
Olivia (4 votes)
Burt PrattOscar HutchinsonRavenna MichaelsShakti Nibhanupudi
Burt, Oscar, Ravenna, Shakti
Oscar Hutchinson
Oscar (1 vote)
Olivia Burrows
Olivia Burrows
Olivia Burrows

Final Words

Wonder how my game would have turned out if I wasn't placed on the worst tribe in Survivor history.

–Olivia Burrows

Still in the Running

Alice Munroe
Colton Cruz
Erin Limberdon
Greg Zeisel
Heather Gomez
Mark Silva
Peter Shillings
Zoe Smith
Burt Pratt
Courtnie Owens
Daniel Benge
Ethan Collins
Olivia Burrows
Oscar Hutchinson
Ravenna Michaels
Shakti Nibhanupudi

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Author's Notes

  • I will have to work on this story other that the challenges and tribal council because this is a very short episode.