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"Highest of Highs"
Season Survivor: Malaysia
Author Dynomite
Episode Number 8/13
Date Uploaded April 17, 2012 - Present
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Survivor: Malaysia

This is episode 8 of Survivor: Malaysia .

This episode is titled "Highest of Highs"

This episode chronicles Days 22-24.


Reward Challenge - Chains of Freedom

For this reward challenge, each player must be stationed at a buoy a few hundred meters away from one another in the water. Once Probst signals the start of the challenge, one player (from each tribe) at the beach, who is chosen beforehand, must swim to each buoy, releasing the chain from the bottom of the water, and moving on to the next one. Once you are freed, you must join the player who released you in continuing on to the next buoy. Once all players have been released, you must make your way back to the beach. First tribe to get all players back onto the beach and their tribe mat wins reward.

Winner: Lautan
Reward: Self-Cleaning Supplies, such as soap, shampoo, deoderant, etc.

Immunity Challenge - Taste of What is to Come

For this immunity challenge, each player is a representative of their own tribe. This challenge involves standing on a small platform whilst getting water lightly sprayed onto you. If you fall off, you lose the challenge. Last person standing wins immunity for his or her tribe.

Winner: Tanah

Day Twenty Two


AJ was immediately shunned upon return to camp. She had betrayed those who has tried to give her a chance.

Man, I tried to help out Dante, but it backfired. Now I'm out here alone, while everyone else is in the shelter. But you know what? I like it out here. It's quiet...


In the shelter, the rest of the tribe were confused about why AJ would do that.

Temera: There really was no reason for her to do that. Does she realize that it's not her vote that decides who goes home?
Sam: Haha, yeah it was quite as clear then as it is now that 4 votes still beats 2.
Temera: I'm stunned. She could have voted with us, and she wouldn't have been on the chopping block. She's stupider than I thought.
Alice:Oh my goodness she is right outside don't be so loud!
Sam: Oops that's something I forgot. I guess we all forget something at some point. (Everyone Laughs)
Adam: Some clearly more than others. (obvious reference to AJ)

I can hear them. Ya know, that's just obnoxious. Now I don't regret flipping so much, even though they are right. Oh well! I can beat 'em anyday!


The next morning, the tribe returned from their victory at the reward challenge, and were greeted with 4 portable showers, and lots of body cleaners, including shampoo, soap, conditioner, deoderant, and scrubbers.

Oh my word, this feels so nice! I feel like a brand new person!


This really was a boost of morale for us. We need to keep strong and win challenges, because... actually, wait a second... If we lose, we can get rid of AJ... Oh my God! Epiphany!


Same then gathered around Adam, Temera, and Alice to discuss the possibility of purposely losing the challenge. They agreed that it would be worth it to keep Elena and B safe while they can also get rid of AJ, who would surely go to the other tribe once they hit the merge.

The only thing I'm worried about is that this isn't the last tribal before merge. We don't know for sure until it happens so my fingers are crossed.



After they returned from the reward challenge, Steve and Sonya were equally disappointed to see Dante eliminated. The two both immediately assumed it was AJ who had to have flipped sides.

It was a three to three tie. Or it should have been. Alice, Dante, and AJ versus Sam, Adam, Temera is what should have happened. We always knew that AJ and Dante weren't fans of eachother, but how dumb could AJ be? If she didn't flip, we would have for sure had the numbers going into the merge. But now, it's a coin toss. I don't know what's going to happen. I guess we were crazy to think that nobody over there would swap.


As a tribe, they all collectively gathered and reminisced about their last shower. B got very frustrated with this conversation, and took it to himself to leave the conversation.

Ya know, I'm all for talking about our wishes out here, but when we're talking about showering, and smelling nice, and being clean, it's not cool. We're all really smelly and disgusting. I don't need to be reminded about it like that.


I've never seen B so upset. He needs to get his act together real quick, because he must be forgetting how vulnerable the two of us are.


As the sun went down, Nobo and Elena discussed how they got onto the show.

I kinda wish me and Nobo were on the same tribe from the start, because we are actually pretty similar. I may a bit more spicy than him, and older, but we both have similar goals. We're both huge fans of the show too!


Elena and I had a nice talk that didn't involve any real strategy talk and it was really nice. I love this game, but I like socializing that doesn't impact the game. Elena really revitalized my spirit.


The day turned to night, and the two continued to chat.

Nobo: To tell you the truth, this is a nice break from the game. It's like bein' back home with my buddies and hangin' out by the firepit in my backyard.
Elena: That just keeps reminding me of how young you are. How old are you again? 20?
Nobo: Actually, I'm 19 haha. Yeah I know you are all so much older than me, but i truly consider you all 17 people I will always be close with for the rest of my life. We share something remarkable, and nobody can take that away from me.
Elena: That's a great point. We all have this memory to share. This is a great experience.
Nobo: That's an understatement. This is number one memory, the highest of the highs. Just like that.
Elena: Haha yes I guess you could say that.

As they went to bed, their minds were at ease with the happy thoughts they had talked about while the darkness spread across Malaysia.

Day Twenty Three


So we won some rice a few weeks ago, and this morning, we find that something got into the bag. It's all over the ground, and we're starving. We were already eating little by little, and now we have about one day's worth of rice left. It's day twenty three, and now we have little energy for the future. Thankfully, we're going to lose on purpose tomorrow!


The tribe has been demoralized and were hungry. With little to eat, they went on a fishing expedition and came back with their hands empty.

I am so hungry and it hurts!


Please let this day be over, it's unbearable!



At Lautan, Nobo, Sonya, Eli, and Steve dicussed throwing the challenge, and how it would benefit them.

Eli: I think we should throw it. That way we can get rid of one of them. If we have the numbers, we can keep them even stronger by getting rid of one of them. It's just a matter of actually executing, right?
Nobo: Yes, but I say B. He is stronger and is a threat. He's very smart.
Steve: I disagree. Elena is dangerous.
Sonya: Yeah, but so is B. He is very determined to get things done.
Nobo:So it's settled. B will go?

As they ended their conversation, it was agreed that B would be voted out.

Day Twenty Four

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results.

Immunity Challenge Information

It was quickly noted, in fact, in a matter of a few seconds, that both tribes were trying to lose. After about twenty seconds, only three remained. AJ, for Tanah, and B & Elena, for Lautan. It was clear that this was to be a battle. Elena thought about it, and decided to show weakness by dropping out and leaving it up to B. Elena dropped out, and it was between B and AJ. B started to struggle as the water pouring on him got a bit annoying. AJ, however, remained calm and seemingly lifeless. After about an hour, B dropped granting Tanah immunity.


As Tanah returned to camp, eyes were angrily gleaming at AJ. AJ, however, was glowing. She was ecstatic that she saved herself, despite the odds.

I did it! Holy mother of goodness I can't believe it! I did it! And the best part is that they are all so mad at me! And it feels fantastic!


Of course, the one challenge that, while being on tribes, involves individual strength. I don't get it. That challenge sucked. Now, we are going to lose Elena or B.



B and Elena struggled to grasp how low it was to throw the challenge. B got very upset, specifically.

I can't god damn believe it! These fools are ruining our chance of winning this game. It's a bunch of bull is what it is. And that's the truth!


B approached Eli and Sonya, who were quietly chatting on the shore, and started to yell.

B: How could you be so low? That is quite irritable wouldn't you say?!
Eli: Hey there calm down. We're right next to you!
B: Who gives you the right to take this from us? This game is about winning, not losing!
Sonya: In throwing that challenge, it only increases our odds. You would have done the same thing in our position!
B: Well if I were you, I wouldn't be dumb enough to get stuck in your situation!
Eli: Oh yeah? How is our situation in any way worse than yours?

As Eli finished his sentence, B realized his anger had gotten the best of him and ran off, leaving Eli and Sonya both confused and angry. They immediately went to Nobo and told him of their conversation.

B just dug himself in even deeper. I wouldn't let Elena go home, and now, I don't have to even try.


Tribal Council

At tribal, Jeff asked why they threw the challenge. Nobo explained that through losing the challenge, their allies on the other tribe remain in the game, and with the numbers on this tribe, they can afford to lose an enemy. Jeff responds by asking how he can be sure that his allies on the other tribe are still allies. Nobo replied with the word 'trust'. Jeff then pointed to Elena, and asked if she thinks she's in trouble. Elena responded by saying "It's a possibility, but there are other threats here." B then exulted and claimed that Elena was the bigger threat, which surprised Jeff. After back and forth between Elena and B, Jeff started the voting. As he read the votes, B was sent home in a surprising 5-1 unanimous vote.

Tribal Council 8: Lautan









Elena, Steve, Eli,
Nobo, Sonya

Voted Off:

Beverly Hants
(NZ Man123)

Voting Confessionals

You're anger is what gotcha buddy!


I know you are voting for me. It's what I would do.


See ya angry dude. I liked your effort today at the challenge, but you ruined your chance.


Sorry buddy, but you would do the same.


B is not only for Beverly. Bye-Bye!


I thought you were a nicer guy.


Final Words

This game really is a difficult test. I thought it would be a lot easier than it was. It's kind of ironic that my downfall was my own temper. I always thought it would be me at the end with the million dollars but hey, you can't win 'em all.


Still in the Running







































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