"Hocus Pocus"
Hocuspocus Alabaster and Jacqueline compete in the final challenge.
Season Survivor: Kidnap Islands
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 13/13
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This is the final episode of Survivor: Kidnap Islands

Previously On Survivor...

16 strangers were abandoned on the Marquesas islands. The two oldest people, Minerva and Jake were team captains who assembled two strong teams, Eiao and Hatutu. Hatutu proved to be the stronger team, 3 of the final 4 are Hatutu members. However, Eiao proved to be resilient, Cassie Hastings, the final Eiao member standing, worked her way into the top four. Four are left all fighting for the title and the million simoleon prize. Who will win?


Day 37 Immunity Challenge: Meso Maze
The castaways would race through a maze to collect four bags of puzzle pieces at four different stations. Once all four bags were collected, the castaways would race to the top of a pyramid and assemble a word puzzle. The first castaway to correctly solve the puzzle would win.
Winner: Alabaster

Day 38 Immunity Challenge: Last Gasp
The players must swim under a steel grate and stay above the water. As the tide rises, player will run out of breathing room. If the fear of drowning is too much, that person can bail out. The last person still in the grate wins the challenge.
Winner: Jacqueline


Night 36

Back at camp, Alabaster and Robin are very happy.

Might as well give me the million simoleons now! Minerva, the biggest threat to my game is gone! And now, all that stands in my way is Cassie!


Eliminating Minerva and avenging Jane was great! That old cat is gone! I am one step closer to the end! Tomorrow it's game day all over, I have to win it!


The group goes to sleep.

Day 37

Robin: "Rise and shine ladies! Today is a big day!"
Jacqueline: "Thanks Robin, I wasn't enjoying my sleep or anything."
Cassie:"Yes Robin, how kind of you."

I am pissed that Cassie didn't side with us. Now I know my place, If Cassie wins, I am probably gone! I have to give everything I have and win this next challenge!


I woke up the girls a little early today. Not for any reason other than to make sure they were not well rested and prepared for the challenge today. Either way, I think I am good. If Cassie wins, Jaqcueline goes home. If Jacqueline wins, then obviously, Cassie goes. If neither win, which would be most rewarding, I get to choose who stays and who goes.


The final four arrive to play the next challenge. The individual immunity necklace is taken back from Cassie. The rules are explained and the "Go" is shouted. The four race into the maze and all go separate ways. Robin is the first to hit a dead end, he reverts back. Cassie is the first to find a bag of puzzle pieces, she unties the bag and continues on. As Cassie works back to the center, she crosses Robin, who notices her puzzle piece bag and goes the way she came from. Alabaster heads toward the far back of the maze, where he finds his first bag. Jacqueline is lost in a corner of the maze. Robin finds the station where Cassie found her bag, he takes his. Cassie seems to have a natural ability to find the stations with the bags, she grabs her second one. Robin crosses her again, he grabs his second too and begins following her. Jacqueline stumbles into a station where all the bags are still left, she grabs her bag and tries to leave that area of the maze. Alabaster makes his way back to the front of the maze, and finds the station Cassie found first, he takes his bag. He shortly finds the other front station where Cassie and Robin have already been and takes his bag from there too. Jacqueline finds the back section station and takes her bag, Robin and Cassie arrive while she is untying it and they untie their bags. Jacqueline works toward the front of the maze for her last two bags. Alabaster follows Cassie, but she cannot find the last station. Alabaster calms down while looking for his last station and takes a path that he hasn't taken yet, at the end is the final station, he grabs his bag, and goes to the center of the maze. Jacqueline finds her third bag. At the center, there is a ladder that leads to the top of the pyramid, Alabaster takes it. Cassie and Robin see Alabaster climbing the ladder, they run frantically. Jacqueline finds her final bag and heads to the center of the maze. Atop the pyramid, Alabaster begins working on his puzzle. Finally, Cassie and Robin find their last bags, they untie them and head toward the ladder in the center of the maze. Jacqueline begins climbing the ladder. Alabaster is making quick work of the puzzle. Jacqueline arrives atop and finds she might be too late, she starts working anyway. Robin and Cassie get to the ladder and start climbing. Alabaster finishes his puzzle. He wins immunity! Alabaster has automatically earned his spot in the final three, the rest are going to tribal.

This is my second immunity win! Woo! I am in the final three! How magical would it be to win the million simoleons? I can almost taste it!


Holy shit. I lost the challenge, I lost. This could be it. I can talk with Jacqueline, but it might be a lost cause.


Jacqueline, Alabaster and Robin all discuss the plan.

Robin: "Is there any question to as who it will be? It has to be Cassie."
Alabaster: "Obviously, if she makes it to the end, she will win."
Robin:"What are you thinking Jacqueline?"
Jacqueline: "I am in, she has gotta go!"
Robin:"Alright! Guess it's Cassie."

Here's what I am really thinking. If I eliminate Cassie, I will have to win the final 3 challenge. Or else I lose. I could vote with Cassie, and force a tie, but she might lose the tiebreaker challenge. But if she wins, then, I can earn a spot in the finals. Alabaster wouldn't take her, and she wouldn't take Alabaster cause I helped her. But, I would be viewed as a traitor, and a lot of her friends are jurors. But I could win and eliminate her in the final 3. I don't know what to do. The fate of the game is in my hands.


Cassie tries to talk with Jacqueline.

Cassie: "Those boys need to be eliminated, they won't take you to the end."
Jacqueline: "I know, but, if I worked with you I would be seen as a traitor."
Cassie:"Jacqueline, how many immunity challenges have you won?"
Jacqueline: "Zero, but with my feet over the flame, I might have a shot tomorrow."
Cassie:"Listen, vote for Robin with me, if he is eliminated, you know I can help get you to the final 2!"
Jacqueline: "Alright girl, I need to think about it."

It's the best offer I could give. If she goes to the final 3 with me, she basically automatically makes finals! But I don't think she is playing for second place.


While they talk, Robin and Alabaster chat.

Alabaster: "So after Cassie tonight, Jacqueline will go home tomorrow?"
Robin: "Exactly. She has no purpose in the finals."
Alabaster:"Man I am glad we stuck together."
Robin: "Me too."

Yes, Jacqueline can vote for me and force a tie, but it would be incredibly foolish, because, she would be known as a traitor. I am not worried.


The group goes to tribal council.

Day 38

After a great night's sleep, the three Hatutu's rejoice.

Alabaster: "We did it!"
Jacqueline: "Woo! Final 3 guys, and no Eiao!"
Robin:"I am so proud of us for sticking it out to the end!"

Jacqeuline voted with us and Cassie is gone. I worried Jacqueline would try and make a move but she didn't. Luckily for us she didn't. One challenge stands between me and a million simoleons!


I made a super risky move. I chose trust and respect to my alliance. I know I am at the bottom of this 3 man totem pole, but I still have a shot. I need to win the immunity challenge today. There is no other option or I am gone! I haven't won any immunities yet, I am hoping that this time, when I need it most, I will win.


Before heading to the last challenge, Alabaster and Robin talk.

Alabaster: "I am worried Robin."
Robin: "What are you worried about?"
Alabaster:"Jacqueline, what if she wins?"
Robin: "Dude, don't get scared now, she hasn't won any immunity challenge, you have won 2 haven't you?"
Alabaster:"I have, I am just worried I won't be able to pull it off."
Robin: "Well don't worry too much, I am playing too."

As a practicing magician, I have experienced failure time and again in my life. I am very nervous because whenever the pressure is really high, sometimes I choke and fail to pull it off. I just hope that doesn't happen today.


The last three march to a lagoon, where the final challenge will take place. The host explains the rules. They will be held under a metal grate in the water. As the tide rises, the room for breathing will disappear, once fully under water, it will be a contest of who can hold their breath the longest. Alabaster smiled, when asked why he responded:

Alabaster: "As a magician I also preform escape artist tricks. I can hold my breath for a long time, I've done underwater escapes before, this should be easy-peasy lemon-squeezie."

The three swim out to the water. They grab onto the grate and wait. At the start of the challenge, there are 4 inches of space between the water level and the grate. After half an hour, the water rises 3 inches. All three people have their faces stuck through the wrungs in the grate. Jacqueline and Robin fashion snorkels out of their hands. The waves begin cresting over their faces. Robin starts to swallow water. Alabaster and Jacqueline remain calm. Another 10 minutes pass. The water is over the grate. Robin starts to squirm and cough, he swims out and is out of the challenge. The other two continued, remaining calm. After another 10 minutes, they were completely underwater. It had run down to a contest of breath-holding. In the end, someone bailed before the other. It was Alabaster. He came up for air and nearly screamed when he saw that he had not won. Jacqueline was still under for a few more seconds, then she swam up. It hadn't mattered, she won immunity.

I did it! I won! I made it to the final 2! You might be wondering how I held my breath for so long! Being a fisher-woman, I get a lot of time to relax and think. I've tried holding my breath as long as possible in the past. I get better each time. I also love swimming deep and you gotta be able to hold your breath for awhile if you do that.


I blew it, so close to winning and I've failed again.


Back at camp, Jacqueline wears a huge smile while Robin and Alabaster pout.

Robin: "What the hell man? I thought you said you could win that challenge!"
Alabaster: "I thought I could, I escape from water traps all the time. I can hold my breath for a good deal of time."
Robin:"Bullshit! You couldn't do it today! Honestly, your magic shows probably aren't that good!"
Alabaster: "Whoa, don't need to be so cruel, we are friends! Besides, I at least did better than you!"
Robin:"Ok, sorry. I just really wanted one of us to win."
Alabaster: "... One of us still can."

For 38 days he has done nothing but rave about how good his shows are, I can't believe that. It's nothing but hocus pocus!


Jacqueline approaches the guys and asks them to both make their arguments of why they should go to the end with her.

Jacqueline: "Let's not be sneaky, just get it all out now, who wants to start?"
Robin: "You should take me to the end because I am disliked by many, Alabaster played too good a game, he might beat you, I definitely wont."
Alabaster:"I should go to the end because I need this money, I feel like we have connected on the island. I know much about you and you know much about me and my family. I need this. Robin is just trying to trick you."
Jacqueline: "Really? That's all you guys have to say? You better work on your speech skills, you'll need them for tomorrow."

I am unimpressed, neither of these guys have much to say. I am disappointed. I wanted them to fight to stay in this. I don't know what I am going to do tonight.


I think I can beat Jacqueline if I get to the end, it will be tough, but I think it is possible. Alabaster can too, but, I'd rather be sitting next to her than see him next to her.


I am wishing on stars tonight that I can survive this vote. If I do, then you'll have proof that magic truly exists.


Day 39

Robin and Jacqueline arrive back at camp early on day 39, neither sleep out of excitement.

Here I am, Day 39! I never would've thought I'd make it this far! I had to bounce between groups this whole game, still I made it to the end!


Well, my plan worked. I made an ass outta myself yesterday and Jacqueline fell for my plan. The jury loves me, I definitely have votes from Amir and Alabaster, just 2 more and I win. I got this game!


Later in the day Robin and Jacqueline find an early morning feast. Jacqueline jumps and dances.

Jacqueline: "YAY! Oh I am so hungry!"
Robin: "This food is practically as good as the million simoleons!"
Jacqueline:"Ha! I wouldn't go as far to say that, but it sure is good!"
Robin: "Are you excited?"
Jacqueline:"Of course, I mean, I am a little nervous too, but I am so pumped for tonight."
Robin: "It'll be interesting."

The two spend the rest of the day contemplating what they'll say to the jurors who will ultimately decide the winner. They glance at the camp one last time, gather their few pieces of clothing and belongings and walk to tribal council one final time.

At tribal council the jury enters, Amir, Jake, Reginald, Jane, Minerva, Cassie and Alabaster all take their spots on the jury bench. First, opening statements will be made by Jacqueline and Robin, then the jury will address the two to either solicit any more information that they will need or comment on the game play of the finalists.

Jacqueline makes her statement first.

Jacqueline: "Hey guys, I played a very meticulous "under-the-radar" game. I successfully avoided drama, I was able to hear both sides of arguments and make decisions that would further myself in the game. I know that members of Eiao put your faith in me multiple times. But I always stuck with trust. I had to, or else, I don't think I would've made it here. I stuck with my Hatutu alliance the whole way through. Then I stuck with Minerva. And, even at the final four, I sided with the Hatutu boys who easily would've eliminated me if I lost the challenge yesterday. I made it here to the end with no votes, something that I think has only happened twice before. I am most proud of the way I played. I made it here without having to betray anyone."

Robin spoke next.

Robin: "I think Jacqueline and I have different viewpoints on how to win survivor. I think in order to win, you need to get a little blood on your hands. You have to make moves that will get you farther into the game. No offense Jacqueline, but, you didn't really play the game. You went with the system and voted how you were told. On day 23, I made an alliance with the Hatutu guys, and we would've destroyed this game had Amir not been eliminated. Still I managed to get to the final three with my other ally, Alabaster. We did this by winning challenges and eliminating the right targets at the right time. Yes, we had to blindside Minerva, but it was all part of getting myself to the end."

The jury is given a few minutes to consider what to say. Minerva is up first.

Minerva: "I don't have any question to ask. I played with honesty the whole game, and I respect a player who can get to the end with a clean conscious. You go Jacqueline!"

Alabaster is next.

Alabaster: "Jacqueline, I have trouble trying to not see you as a sheep. Tell me, what was the biggest move that you made, by yourself."
Jacqueline:" The thing is, there are many moves I could've made, I could've eliminated Minerva on day 12, I could've saved Jeriah and other Eiao's on Day 21, but I didn't. My best move was sticking to my alliance. Perhaps my strongest move wasn't an actual move. Winning the kidnap challenge against Jane was very good for Hatutu, we won both immunities after that!"
Alabaster: "Thanks."

Cassie's turn.

Cassie: "Jacqueline, time and again we tried to get you to work with us. I think you made a mistake, Robin played a much more strategic game than you. From the looks of it, he walked all over you. I don't like the way you played and I wish you had tried to shake things up."
Jacqueline:" I don't think you have to make a big move to ear-"
Cassie: "I am just gonna stop you there, I've made up my mind."

Jane's turn.

Jane: "I too have come to a similar conclusion. Sometimes in survivor you have to take a gamble, Robin, I feel, made more risky choices. Plus, he voted out Minerva, so he would obviously get my vote."
Robin:" Thanks Jane!"
Jane: "Good luck guys."

Now Jake Garvin is up.

Jake: "I think karma took me from this game. As foolish as it sounds, I betrayed my alliance and voted out Jeriah and now they're all here with me. I don't have a question tonight. Jacqueline, I admire your gameplay, sure, you lied under the radar but I think you did make risky moves by sticking to your alliance. My vote is for you!"
Jacqueline:" Thanks."
Jake: "Spend wisely!"

Reginald is up next.

Reginald: "I have come to a similar conclusion. I played with honor, I want my gameplay to be modeled and the only way to do that is to reward someone who has been nothing but loyal. Robin, you are not a nice guy like I did think anyway."
Robin:" Frankly, I don't need your vote."
Reginald: "Whatever you say."

Amir is last.

Amir: "Well, after hearing from everyone else it seems that the decision is in my hands. I am undecided as of now, so don't worry. I don't really think I bonded well with either of you in this game, which is a shame. Jacqueline, back at the first vote as a merged tribe, did you consider writing my name down?"
Jacqueline:" Of course, I had to really think about it, but I didn't I stuck to the plan. The next day I wised I had, I noticed you seemed to be grouping with the other guys, Robin and Alabaster. I knew then that it would be harder to get you out. But I kept you the first time and luckily, I didn't have to worry about you taking me out later because then you lost."
Amir: "Ok, Robin, you did plan on going to the final three with Alabaster and I, assuming we make it to the final three, who do you take with you to the end, me or Alabaster?"
Robin: "Oh that's a tough one. Well, I do think Alabaster played a better game. I know that he would be rewarded, so he would have to be cut."
Amir: "Are you saying you'd take me because I am beatable? I made a pretty good move getting rid of Grayson."
Robin: "Yes, but that was Alabaster's doing, he would beat me in the end."
Amir: "I think he would deserve to beat you. But, would you take him over Jacqueline?"
Robin: "... I am not sure. I might take Jacqueline too, she is beatable."
Amir: "I've heard enough."

The jurors then vote, one last time. The votes are split 3-3, Amir is the deciding vote.

Tribal Council

Day 37:

The jury is ushered in, Jake, Reginald, and Jane are sad that Cassie doesn't have immunity. Minerva gives Cassie a cold stare.

The group of four votes. Cassie is eliminated 3-1.

Tribal Council 12:
Mala Soal
Cassie (3 votes)
Alabaster, Jacqueline & Robin
Robin (1 Vote)

CassieH B&W
Cassie Hastings

Voting Confessionals:

You put up a good fight. See ya!


It really needs to be you, I just cant stand you.


I've decided loyalty. I am not playing for second place.


Good riddance.


Final Words

ARGH! I made it so far. I am proud of my game. But there can only be one winner, I can't wait to help decide the winner.


Day 38:

Tribal Council 13:
Mala Soal
Alabaster (1 Vote)

AlabasterS B&W
Alabaster Strange

Voting Confessionals:

Nothing personal at all Alabaster, you are a great guy, it's just, you would beat me in the finals. Bye.


Final Words:

To make it this far, only to lose, it stinks. But, I played a good game, and I am proud of my game, even my little upset today.


Day 39:

Final Tribal Council:
Jacqueline (4 Votes)
Amir, Jake, Minerva, Reginald
Robin (3 Votes)
Alabaster, Cassie & Jane
RobinS B&W
Robin Styles
Jacqueline Bellerose

Still In The Running

CassieH B&W
JakeG B&W
JaneJ B&W
JeriahM B&W
MillieT B&W
MoondoggieG B&W
ReginaldQ B&W
YolandriS B&W
AlabasterS B&W
AlyssaW B&W
AmirK B&W
JamieS B&W
MinervaF B&W
RichardJ B&W
RobinS B&W

Next Time On Survivor..

So, gonna take a break from writing fan fiction again. Will re-install the sims games so I can have a full season with pictures and all that fun stuff! Next season will be men vs. women 0.o In the meantime, I will go back to school and watch Blood vs. Water! I will probably come back to this in January or February of 2014.

Author's Notes

  • Because of continuing computer difficulties, this episode was also created only on this wiki.