"Home vs Visitor"
Season Survivor: Culture Clash
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 1/15
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This is the first episode of Survivor: Culture Clash.


Reward Challenge: Battle Dig
The tribes would face off in pairs. The four castaways would race along the beach to dig up a single bag in a designated lane. The castaways would then have to race back to their respective finish mat. The first person to be touching the bag and their finish mat would score a point for their tribe. The first tribe to score three points would win.
Reward: Flint, a fire-making kit and an extra sack of rice
Winner: Habagat

Immunity Challenge: Losing Marbles
One by one, six tribe members must race to a tower, where they must chop four pieces of wood (concealing ropes) to raise a portion of a three-part slide. As a portion of the slide is finished, the next member would proceed to the next, higher level of the tower. Once complete, all ten tribe members would slide down until they reach a vast pit of mud, where two tribe members are to collect two bags of marbles. The remaining two tribe members would use a slingshot to shoot the marbles at a wall of 20 tiles. Once all tiles are broken, the tribe's flag will be unfurled. First tribe to do so wins immunity.
Winner: Amihan


Day 1

Twenty castaways are aboard a supply-filled truck that is travelling across San Vicente, an island paradise in the westernmost island of the Republic of the Philippines. While none of the castaways have spoken to each other, first impressions are already forming. Sitting on one side, are ten Americans - the Habagat tribe, wearing blue. The castaways on other side of the plane, are also castaways, but are not Americans, as they are handpicked from all across the globe - the Amihan tribe, wearing yellow. While this fact is not divulged to the American tribe, some of them already suspect of how the tribes were divided. The non-Americans on the other hand, are interested to see the looks on the Americans' faces.

There is one black girl from the other tribe who looks different than your typical African-American woman. She might be an emigrant, I don’t know. Something’s up for sure.


The Americans don’t know yet we came from all across the globe. We are not Americans, not even a tinge of American blood in our veins. But come to think of it, the Americans would be so prideful about their nationality, it could be their downfall. As for us, I guess we can call ourselves as the “world” tribe, we know we couldn’t be ever dissimilar to each other, but just knowing that fact would make us strive harder to beat the their own game, so to speak.


The truck stops on a beach where they are welcomed by Jeff Probst. He announces that this season will be the "ultimate Culture Clash" - a tribe of Americans versus a tribe of non-Americans.

The "others" tribe has no chance against us. We are united, while they have yet to find that unity within themselves. For sure, one of us will win it.


This "Home vs Visitor" setup is the ultimate social experiment. Whether your from the American tribe or the World tribe, culture is highly controversial. There's no telling of what's gonna happen. If anything, the American's would think so highly of themselves they think they will beat us because of their perceived commonality, though their egos could blow up to their faces. Us on the other hand, we know that our biggest weakness is we are totally strangers to each other because we don't have something in common, so living with each other would be doubly hard as opposed to living with someone of the same citizenship. That said, that idea in itself may give us the drive to beat these Americans.


Jeff immediately tells the castaways they will only have sixty seconds to gather as many supplies as they can. During the commotion, Vernita accidentally frees four of the six chickens, disappointing her tribemates. Simon and Cap from the Habagat tribe manage capture the escaped chickens and cage them once again. The minute has lapsed, and Habagat tribe collects most of the supplies: tool kits, ropes, water canteens, fruits and fishing supplies. The Amihan tribe only has few bunches of bananas, two chickens, and one water container.

From the get-go, the Americans were really showing us that we are not welcome in their game. This is going be a rough start for us.


After receiving their maps to their campsites, the tribes part ways. At Amihan, Elle, who takes hold of the map, and Beatrix bicker over directions. Beatrix insists they are going the wrong way, but Elle is assured she is right. The two continue to bicker until Budd intervenes, asking Elle to hand the map to him. Budd states that Bea is right, and after two hour's worth of trekking, they finally arrive at their beach.

Budd our mediator, seems trustworthy and loyal. I have to work my magic on him. My gut tells me Budd will stay with me no matter what. This early in the game, I have to make connections early on.

–Beatrix, on Budd

The Amihan tribe introduce themselves upon arriving at camp. As everyone came from different parts of the world, Vernita asks the tribe to introduce themselves and what is each person's culture's most defining feature. When Beatrix reveals has alopecia, a medical condition referring to baldness, she adds that she is Canadian, Elle, who is also a Canadian, has officially considered Beatrix as her biggest rival.

When I heard that girl Beatrix is a Canadian like me, I was like, do we need to share everything? We are both Canadian, blondes, blue eyed and highly opinionated. But those similarities made me hate her more. Only one Canadian wins this game, and it's me.


After introductions, Elle divides the tribe on who will do what: Four members will take care of fire-making and collecting tinder, three for water, and the remaining three for shelter. The tribe do not seem to appreciate Elle's sudden step on the leadership role. Beatrix keeps her cool, but her gestures of displeasure are all noticed by Elle.

Elle is such a bitch. Nobody lasts in this game with a social grace of a fireball on Day friggin One.

–Beatrix, on Elle

That bald girl, Beatrix. She pisses me off. I don't like her from the start. I am not trying to be the leader, but since nobody has the initiative to do so, I had to step up, if not, our tribe will just prove to be the clusterfuck everybody thinks of us. Beatrix should better watch her back is she knows what's good for her, because I am so going after her. This game only has one spot for one of us.

–Elle, on Beatrix

While collecting firewood, Beatrix and Budd form an alliance. Budd asks her as to why she chose him as a partner. Beatrix explains that "he looks trustworthy at first glance." Budd happily agrees to align with her, but asks her what to do with Elle. Beatrix tells him she would let Elle dig a hold for herself so she won't need to gather numbers just to vote her out. Budd reveals his disturbing past as a prisoner and his current status in life as a missionary. Beatrix hugs Budd, telling him she earns her respect.

Revealing too much information, especially this early in the game is death-sure, but you really have to trust somebody who will give their all for you. All you need is to look for the right person, and that person is Beatrix.


I have a lot of respect for Budd after exposing his deep dark secret to me. A person who went through this much in life, being a drug addict, to a prisoner in the brink of death, to being a missionary, is amazing. I wish him the best in life, but he is my biggest threat. But for now, he is my only ally against Elle. I have to stay in his good graces, or else I'm out.

–Beatrix, on Budd

On Habagat, while the tribe carries their enormous supplies, Cataleya accidentally breaks a clay pot. Simon castigates the pharmacist for her recklessness. Lana approaches Cataleya, hand signaling her to make an alliance with her. Cataleya, understands the message and agrees. Simon would continue to lead the charge until Habagat arrives at camp, frustrating his tribemates.

I didn't know her name yet, but I was approached by this rich-looking woman, asking me for an alliance. I was like, sure!


Upon arriving, the Habagat tribe bonds over at the beach and make introductions. Domonic introduces himself as a budding educator, while Charlotte (she could still hear, but her hearing is relatively weak compared to normal), who insists to be addressed as "Charlie" introduces herself as a deaf person, though she claims communication would be a non-issue because she is proficient in lip-reading. Her tribemates secretly become weary of her.

I am deaf, and proud of it. I can still fight with the best of them. My only issue is night time, where I cannot lip-read. We have to make fire, pronto.


I have no plans of taking Charlie to the end, but since the others would definitely have plans of taking her out, I think I will do the opposite by secretly taking her under my wing, until she is of no use to anymore.

–Lana, on trying to align with Charlie

Simon apologizes for giving a bad first impression, saying he is just being his overbearing self, which he promises to overcome in this game.

I left a bad rep on the tribe five minutes into the game. It definitely put a target on my back, so I have to mellow down. There is a bigger problem than just mellowing down, and that is to stay mellow. How far can I go without coming off as too in-your-face?


Later, Lana and Cataleya continue to get to know each other while collecting water. Cataleya, a christian, tells Lana how her religious beliefs saved her life in times of hardship. Lana, an atheist, acts as if interested, but is bored inside.

Oh lord. I almost regret having Cataleya as an ally. We've been having god talk two hours straight, and I literally wanna shoot myself right there and then. Ugh. As for me, everything I will accomplish in this game will be all made by me and me alone.


I think Lana and I will be the strongest of allies in this game. We are opposites, but we carry each other. Wait, is that a song?


Lana starts making a larger alliance by approaching some of the men, namely, Kaito, Cap and Dominic. Though all three guys agree to join Lana and Cataleya, but the idea of having Charlie as their sixth scare them. As a compromise, Lana informs them she has no plans of taking Charlie to the merge and they will dispose her once they get the majority where they can afford to lose her.

We now have a six person alliance: Myself, Lana, Cataleya, Cap, Dominic and Charlie. Having Charlie as our sixth scares me. She could win with "pity votes." I know she won't like the idea of pity votes, but they are still votes nonetheless. Good thing is us five agreed that Charlie would be the last to know of any plans. For now, we should be building fire and shelter.


Back at Amihan, Elle forms an alliance with Tommy, Joleen, Jorge and Jordan, and their first target is Beatrix. Anticipating Beatrix already had Budd, Elle tries to lure Lawrence, as her sixth member. While Jordan and Joleen are aware of Elle's abrasiveness, she is a perfect goat to take in the end.

Elle blabs all the time, she wants to be the center of everything. So that's the reason why Joleen and I would like to take her to the end.


Elle approaches Lawrence, telling him that she already has an alliance with Tommy, Joleen, Jorge and Jordan, and she would like to take him as a sixth. Lawrence halfheartedly agrees, but in truth, he secretly pities Elle on how badly she plays the game early on.

Elle is already socially incapable by just being herself, and yet she gives me more and more reasons why she won't win the million dollars. She basically told me she would like to take me as the sixth person to their alliance. What does that supposed to make me feel? It's almost a common sense that they would take me out, once they get the numbers. I'm going to tell Bea about this.


Lawrence goes to Beatrix, telling everything Elle just told him. The two agree to join forces against Elle by uniting Vernita, Budd and Rosita with them, and hopefully, one from Elle's alliance would join forces with them.

Lawrence told me Elle is making an alliance against me, so I have no other choice but to band the other four together, and that is Lawrence, Budd, Vernita and Rosita. Perhaps Elle doesn't like the idea of me being Canadian, she wants to take the glory by taking me out.


Night time at Amihan, the tribe huddles in the shelter for warmth when Jorge's snuggling goes too far, making Joleen and Elle feel uncomfortable. Elle bluntly tells Jorge she feels uncomfortable by where Jorge's hands go, but Jorge stresses that he feels cold.

Jorge is making me feel uncomfortable. Cuddling for warmth is one thing, but his I don't like where his hands are going. Go to brothel or something!


Meanwhile, while the tribe struggles to stay warm, Budd was sitting by the beach, crying alone, remembering his life prior to Survivor.

I haven't told anyone about my past as a drug pusher except Beatrix. I have two reasons for coming here to Survivor. First, to give back by putting up a center for troubled kids, and second, to prove to the world that us prisoners can change too. I had a son, who was born while I was in prison. He doesn't know me at all because he knew a different father, while Fedra filed a temporary restraining order against me. I am not looking forward to meet my son if he he learns the truth, but if I win, hopefully I could finally introduce myself to him without Fedra thinking I'm still the monster she thought I was.

–Budd, crying at the beach

Day 2

At Habagat, Simon crafts a spear to catch fish. Simon manages to catch a bucket full, so each tribe member will eat one whole fish. 

The tribes receive their first Tree Mail for their first Reward Challenge. Habagat, who has collected relatively more than Amihan during the truck raid, wants to win to further put a dent on Amihan's chances of survival. Amihan wants to win to revive from being worse off after the truck raid and prove to the Americans they can defeat them. The tribes then meet Jeff Probst for their first challenge, which is for flint, fire making supplies and an extra supply of rice. The match-ups are as follows:

CCBeatrixCCElle vs CCCharlieCCMoira
Beatrix & Elle versus Charlie & Moira (Lane 1)
Elle finds the bag and is cornered by Charlie and Moira. Beatrix carries Charlie, who is holding the bag. Moira shouts at Charlie to hand her the bag, but she cannot hear it. Out of frustration, Moira tackles them both. Beatrix throws the bag to the free Elle, who makes a free sprint to Amihan's mat. (Amihan - 1; Habagat - 0)
CCRositaCCJorge vs CCWyattCCEmily
Rosita & Jorge versus Wyatt & Emily (Lane 2)

Rosita grapples Emily as Jorge and Wyatt wrestle over the bag. As Wyatt pins Jorge, Jorge makes a seemingly foul move by accusing Wyatt of taking off his shorts. Wyatt is caught off-guard, prompting Jorge to steal the bag and run to Amihan's mat. Several members of the Habagat tribe cry foul over the incident, but Jeff makes a call, that Amihan won the point for this round. (Amihan - 2; Habagat - 0)
CCTommyCCJordan vs CCDominicCCSimon
Tommy & Jordan versus  Dominic & Simon (Lane 5)

Jordan pins Simon, while Dominic and Tommy battle it out to take the bag out of the sand. Tommy gets the bag, but is tripped by Simon. Dominic carries Tommy and slams him on the ground then takes the bag. Tommy rushes to tackle Dominic, but they both land on Habagat's tribe mat. (Amihan - 2; Habagat 1) 
CCJoleenCCVernita vs CCLanaCCCataleya
Joleen & Vernita versus Lana & Cataleya (Lane 3)

Joleen finds the bag, but Lana tosses her away and steals the bag. Cataleya tries to fend off Vernita from Lana, but Vernita steals the bag from Lana. Lana then grabs Vernita by the leg. Lana stands up and hugs Vernita with the bag in between them. Lana yells to Cataleya to ward Joleen off. Lana then carries the helpless Vernita to Habagat's finish mat (both tribes even, 2-2)
CCBuddCCLawrence vs CCCapCCKaito
Budd & Lawrence versus Cap & Kaito (Lane 4)

Most physical match of the challenge. Kaito pins Budd while the latter is holding the bag. Cap then goes to Kaito's rescue by helping him drag Budd to the finish mat. Lawrence, tries to pull the three to Amihan's mat, until Kaito stands and slams the already tired Lawrence. As the two drag Budd with the bag, Budd throws the bag to Lawrence but Kaito intercepts it and rushes to Habagat's tribe mat, winning the Americans the challenge.

The Amihan tribe goes back to camp empty-handed. Budd tries to spark a fire using Lawrence's glasses, but to his dismay, rains poured as he try to catch sunlight. It is already late afternoon when the rain subsides.

Whatever we do, it seems that we can't do anything to turn the fate of tribe around. We are bound to failure, I think.


Meanwhile, at the Habagat tribe, Wyatt blames himself for the loss of his round, saying he could have won the point for Habagat had he not fell for Jorge's dirty trick. Charlie hugs the cajun chef, saying that the tribe won anyway, and karma bit them in the ass. Cap adds that the being willing to employ dirty tactics to win a challenge will be their downfall.

I am not crying not because we lost in that round, but I am crying because this physical weakness can hurt me in the long run because they now know what I am capable of physically, which is none.


The Habagat tribe is on a roll now. We have a good shelter, we have fire, we have food, thanks to Simon's makeshift spear. We can assure you, Amihan won't stand a chance against us. They will march their way to Tribal Council, and go back to wherever country they came from.


Evening at Amihan, the tribe of foreigners vows to defeat the Americans at the Immunity Challenge. Elle stresses that an American should go home first.

We don't need a miracle yet, but we truly need to win the Immunity Challenge tomorrow.


At Habagat, while tending the fire, Lana and Cataleya agree that Charlie's disability hampered the tribe's performance at the challenge. Lana proposes that Charlie should go home first, saying that it is easy to convince the tribe to vote Charlie off, and even if she goes home, their alliance would still be the majority because they have five members.

While picking firewood from the box of tinder they won, Cataleya finds a scroll deep within the box: A clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. Cataleya shows the clue to Lana, but decides to keep it for themselves and not tell the tribe, or the alliance.

As I collected firewood from our box, I saw a clue to the idol. I am ecstatic at first, but I am scared to act suspicious. I am a bad actress for the life of me.


Day 3

At Habagat, Lana and Cataleya search the jungle using the idol clue they received last night. With an Immunity Challenge coming up, the two agree to not look for it so the others won't be suspicious of them.

It annoys me that we have this idol clue, but we can't use it because we have eight other people who might catch us.


At Amihan, Beatrix secretly tells Budd, Vernita and Rosita that Elle has made her five person alliance against her, and she tried to take Lawrence as her sixth, but Lawrence shows up, saying that he is siding with them. The five agree to not talk strategy until after the challenge.

There is a head-on collision waiting to happen at Tribal Council if Amihan loses. Beatrix and Elle couldn't be further alike, being blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Canadian women, but they seem to start a rivalry going. For now, the logical choice is Beatrix because Elle just loves hearing herself talk. But we hope to win the challenge because I really don't wan to go to Tribal.


After receiving Tree Mail, the tribes convene for their first Immunity Challenge. Jeff reminds Amihan that if they win the challenge, they would win flint as well.

Amihan decides that their men and one female would be the choppers, with the only female being Elle. Vernita and Joleen would be the searching for the bags of marbles while Beatrix and Rosita would be the shooters. Habagat chooses Moira, Emily, Charlie, Kaito, Simon and Dominic. Their searchers would be Wyatt and Cap, and their shooters are Cataleya and Lana.

Habagat struggles when its third chopper, Charlie gets tired of chopping. Her tribemates try to yell at her to swap, but she does not hear them, prompting Emily to run in front of Charlie for her to swap. The Habagat tribe catches up when Lana and Cataleya make consecutive hits, but Beatrix breaks the final tile, winning the challenge for Amihan, while sending the losing Habagat tribe to Tribal Council.

Back at camp, the Habagat tribe silently do camp chores. Lana and Cataleya agree to switch places in looking for the idol, but before doing so, both of them must memorize the clue. After memorizing the clue, Cataleya heads to the jungle under the notion of getting firewood. With the clue implying the idol is hidden somewhere on the ground, Cataleya starts searching for tree barks, to no avail. Cataleya bares her bag to Lana to prove she didn't find it, prompting Lana to get it herself. 

While chit-chatting with Dominic, Charlie notices Lana and Cataleya switching places, going back and forth in the jungle. Charlie then knows they are looking for the idol. She peeks at Lana's bag (Cataleya remained in the jungle to pee), and saw the clue scrolled inside. Wasting no time, Charlie rushes to read the clue before Lana gets back at camp.

Good thing I am good at photographic memory. It only took me 15 seconds to memorize the clue. Now I have to look the idol before Lana gets it.


Charlie goes back to Dominic, telling them about the idol clue she found at Lana's bag.

I am really not a cold-hearted person, but as much as that idol being too dangerous of an object to be owned by someone as Lana, we need manpower, and Charlie, clearly has the makings of a strong individual player, but she sucked ass at the Immunity Challenge. Not it's my decision whether or not use this vital information to turn Charlie or Lana in.


Ten minutes before Tribal Council, Dominic tells Kaito and Cap what Charlie told him, and his plan to ride along Lana for a while until the opportune time to blindside her and Cataleya. Kaito and Cap, who are both worried about Charlie's communication improprieties hampering them at challenges, agree. Cap adds that, it is better for them if they align with someone with the idol to further their standing in the tribe, and they would still have the majority anyway if Charlie goes.

Voting Charlie out is definitely gonna hurt us because she is a sweetheart. But in the eyes of the game, having someone like her would hamper us at challenges, and this early in the game, alliances is irrelevant to me. We need the best athletes intact on this tribe.


At Tribal Council, Jeff notes how overconfident the Habagat tribe was during the truck raid. Kaito agreed that the tribe got too cocky, they overlooked their abilities. Jeff then asked whether or not the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol is already found. Charlie then drops Lana's name, saying she found the clue inside her bag. An infuriated Lana, whose pet peeve is a person rummaging through her belongings without her consent, fires back at her, saying she has no right to touch her stuff. Charlie retaliates by exposing to Simon, Wyatt, Emily and Moira that her and the other five members created an alliance, but she is making a plea to the tribe to split the vote between Lana and Cataleya (her plan would be: herself, Dominic, Moira and Emily voting for Lana, while Simon, Wyatt, Cap and Kaito voting for Cataleya), because having devious tribemates this early in the game could fracture the tribe and hinder them from winning future challenges. Expressing her desire to stay, Charlie adds that she could devise personal strategies to cope with her condition at challenges, saying that she would never betray anyone, and will remain loyal to Habagat till the end. Though Wyatt, Moira and Emily empathize and join Charlie in voting Lana, Dominic, Cap and Kaito remain aligned with Lana, sending a teary-eyed Charlie home in a 5-3-2 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Charlie (5 votes)
Cap, Cataleya, Dominic, Kaito, & Lana
Lana (3 votes)
Charlie, Emily, & Moira
Cataleya (2 votes)
Simon & Wyatt
Charlie Pierce

Voting Confessionals

You're going home, hear me? Oh wait, you're can't! Oops.


I caused sparks tonight, and I hope it's you who's going.


Sorry Charlie. A sympathy jury vote is still a jury vote nonetheless; and with your performance at the Immunity Challenge, I really have no reason why to side with you.


Sorry, but I ain't Charlie's angel.


If the tribe is smart enough, Lana is the biggest threat and has to go home.


Lana is dangerous. She has to go.


Cataleya is the weakest member of this group, and personally think Charlie is much stronger than her. I have a sinking feeling this Cat is destined to be taken like a goat in the end.


Cataleya's clueless. She will definitely be Lana's pet poodle.


Charlie, I love you, goodbye.


Apologies lady. You are a ray of sunshine at camp, but you are such a threat.


Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • Will Lana and Cataleya rise to the occasion and keep themselves in their male allies' good graces?
  • It's a five-on-five civil war within the Amihan tribe, with Beatrix and Elle leading the charge.
  • Jorge's ungentlemanly demeanor continues to grate his tribemates.

Author's Notes

  • The author has no prejudice against people with disabilities.

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