"How Are You Happy?"
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Who is happy about losing?

Season Survivor: Solomon Islands
Author User:Henzzy
Episode Number 2/14
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This is the second episode of Survivor: Solomon Islands.

Last Time on survivor

20 castaways were divided into two teams, Choiseul and Isabel. A new twist called Buy Your Fate, could change the future of the game. Andrew bought an idol clue, and eventually found it, but Heather saw him find it. Heather tried to gain his trust by some basic flirting. Which annoyed her friend Tammie. At Isabel, T-Man and Stephanie had an alliance but Stephanie had no clue that T-Man was playing her. After losing the immunity challenge, Isabel voted out Jenny beacsue of her physical weakness. 19 remain who will be voted out tonight?


Reward/Immunity challenge 2 people from each team must carry one person around an obstacle course. Once they reach the end of the course they must run back and get the next person. After all 7 other members are there they must run back together.

Reward flint and a tarp. and tribal immunity

Winner Choiseul

Night of Day 3

After voting out Jenny, the green team are nervous about the next challenge. They want to get a good sleep in case they have an immunity challenge tomorrow. Larry is confused to why Regina would have voted for him.

When Regina gets back tomorrow she'll get a few questions from me. What did I do to her? So yeah, I'm confused.


Day 4

The men at Choiseul dicide to go hand fishing to catch some fist for the tribe to enjoy. They go out in the water and try catching some fish. While the men are out, Heather and Tammie talk about Andrew and gaining his trust.

Heather: He needs to trust us, so what will we do?

Tammie: not flirting, that won't work, we need to seem dumb because I think he might be a bit of a Russell, so we can be his Natalies!

Heather: that could work!

Tammie: want to give it a go?

Heather: why not? I'm in!

What the hell Tammie? You wanna act dumb? really? thats the dumbest thing i've ever heard! I'm guning for you now!


Brad and Nate walk over and put 3 small fish the men hade cought near the fire. Cynthia starts to cook them. Carol and Elizabeth go out and help with the fishing, only to be told to leave by Felix.

Carol and Elizabeth wanting to help fish? no way! Like do they want to be embarrased?


Carol and Elizabeth walk off anoyed with Felix

Elizabeth: is he judging us because we are older women?

Carol: I think so!

Elizabeth: Well he's gonna get what he needs! At least we can do things in challenges.

Carol: Yeah!

Felix is a mean sexist guys. Like if we had asked Brad or Nate or Ben we would have got to help, but not Felix


Cynthia finishes cooking the fish and the tribe eat them for lunch and dinner.

At the Isabel tribe, T-Man takes Stephanie aside and reads her the hidden immunity idol clue. Then they go looking together.

Steph is dumb, like shes really dumb! i read her the clue and she helps me look? I'm like this game.


Stephanie finds the hidden immunity idol, and takes it to T-Man. T-Man flirts with her and she gives him the idol. T-Man tells Stephanie how grateful he is.

She is soooooooo dumb! has she got a brian?


T-Man and i are great friends, we could be the final 2!


Jodi starts feeling a bit sick, she belives it to be karma for betraying Jenny. Rachael helps her and cares for her. About half way through they day Regina returns from exile island.

I wasn't surprised to not see Jenny, she failed in the challenge, but she had that free past to exile if she used that she might still be here.


Larry goes to ask Regina why she voted for him

Larry: Hi, I've got a question for you. Why did you vote for me last night?

Regina: Um... Well... Jodi, Jenny and I had a female alliance and your a guy so yeah.

Larry: Why me though?

Regina: It was picked randomly.

Larry: But only you voted for me!

Regina: Well then I have loyalty.

I don't trust Regina, she's voted for me once, i bet she will do it again.


Regina asks Jodi why Jenny is gone, and Jodi says that Jenny needed to go for the tribes sake.

Day 5

Choiseul's day 5 is a day of fun and laughter. Comedian, Benjamin makes everyone laugh with his humor and jokes.

I like this team! we have people like ben who love a laugh! hes a great guys and i'm defiantly want him to stay around.


Heather and Andrew go off talking.

Heather: Tammie told me that she's gonna use you!

Andrew: what! why?

Heather: she also told me you have an idol.

Andrew: WHAT! how does she know that?

Heather: i don't know. But shes been talking to Brad and Ben about voting you out.

Andrew: shes going down! and Heather, thanks for telling me, and i do have an idol.

Tammie is not good for this team, all she needs to do is tell Brad or Nate about the idol and i'm gone! He needs to go before she tells anyone!


*giggles* I liek being a bad girl! Im definatly the underdog this season but im playing well!


Andrew and Heather walk back to the rest of the tribe, and Felix askes them some questions.

Felix: what were you guys doing?

Andrew: talking?

Felix: about what?

Heather: whats it to you?

Feilix: whatever

At Isabel, Jodi isn't feeling anybetter. Chris and Larry begin to worry if shes strong enough for the challenge. T-Man and Stephanie start talk about ways to use the idol. Stephanie sugest they use it to save each other.

Gosh! Stephanie keeps thing in the idol is both of ours! Its not its mine! its in my pocket so go away!


Chris, Rachael, Larry, Lucas and Johnny talk about voting out Jodi if they lose.

Rachael: shes nice but, her sickness might weaken us.

Chris: your right, but what about T-Man?

Larry: he can go next time.

Lucas: but Regina isn't great.

Chris: yeah but, Jodi is sick and T-Man's a jerk

Rachael: what if Jodi gets sent to exile? do we vote out T-Man?

Chris: yes.

the alliance didn't know that T-Man had been listening to them the whole time. and was getting infomation.

well, well, well. These people want me and Jodi out! if we lose Jodi will most likly be sent to exile, but if i make us lose on purpose, they might send me! Thats what i'll do!


Day 6

At the immunity challenge Jeff explains the challenge and tell Choiseul they need to sit someone out. Felix volunteers to because he is the heaviest. The carriers for Choiseul are: Nate and Brad. and for Isabel they are, Johnny and Chris. Nate and Brad carry Tammie with ease, as do Johnny and Chris carrying Rachael. Rachael and Tammie are drooped at the finish line at similar times while the men run back. T-Man and Heather are next. T-Man purposely falls off to slow the team down. While Brad and Nate drop Heather off. T-Man takes an other fall, hurting his arm. Brad and Nate overlap them carrying Andrew. Johnny and Chris are nearly finished with T-Man, when he takes a thirs fall. Brad and Nate bring Elizabeth to the finish at the same time as T-man finishes. Choisuel have 4 and isabel have 2. Next to be carried are Carol and Stephanie. Both are dropped of at the same time. Choiseul then carry Cynthia and Isabel, Jodi. Jodi is dropped off just before Cynthia, but the score is 6-4. Benjamin is last for Choiseul. Isabel take Larry. Brad and Nate drop Ben off and Jeff yells out " CHOISEUL WINS IMMUNITY"

Brad gets the immunity idol for his team. Jeff the asks who Choiseul want to send to Exile island. Nate then says T-Man. T-Man goes and votes. and then leaves to exile island.

my plan worked! I'm definitaly playing rhis game! Jeff just give me the money right now! i hope there is an idol here aswell!


When T-Man reached exile island he went looking everywhere for an idol. he digged he climbed he looked everywhere, and the he saw it! buried under a tree root.

6 days into survivor and i have two idols! YEAH BOY! im rocking!


T-Man then makes a fake idol and hides it in the same spot.

I hope some idiot finds this and thinks its the real thing!


At Choiseul there is celebration on winning thier second immunity challenge in a row. They also put there tarp on the shelter, and make a better fire.

we did really well in the challenge! I'm so happy, i hope we can be like Koror


Brad dicides to make an alliance with some of his tribemates.

I'm wanting an alliance, with some people, Nate, Ben, Tammie and Cynthia would be great, and myself. I think that would be great


Brad then proposes that alliance to the people. They all agree, but Tammie is suspicious.

Brad wants me in his alience? really? im confussed like wouldn't he want Carol or someone? i dunno. But if he is telling the truth, im in with it!

– Tammie

Andrew see's that Brad wants an alliance with those people so, Andrew gets the remaining 4 in an allience with him. Carol, Elizabeth, Heather and Felix all join his allience.

now there is two alliances! mine and Brads, but my side has an idol!


Over at Isabel people are talking about tribal council. Chris and his alliance are still thinking about Jodi.

Jodi is sick, and we can't have a sick person on our team, i think that T-Man purposely lost us the challenge but we can't vote him out! that makes me angry, becasue why would he want to lose?


I'm sick so i'll probably go home tonight but i'm gonna scramble and try get someone other than me out.


Jodi: Stephanie should go home, that would give T-Man a warning to try harder in challenges.

Rachael: Yeah, that could work. I'll talk to my alliance.

Jodi: Thanks.

Rachael: You're welcome.

Rachael talks to her alliance about voting out Stephanie.

Rachael: If we vote out stephanie that will give a message to T-Man.

chris: I don't think so becasue he'll just get Regina into an alliance with him.

Larry: We don't know that!

chris: I do! T-Man's the kind of person who will manipulate you by flirting and blackmailing you! He's like Russell.

Rachael: That's why we should vote out Steph so that he needs to try get Regina and we can warn Regina so shes ready!

Lucas: I'm with Rachael! its a good idea.

Everyone is changing there mind! Jodi is sick she needs to go home!


The team walk to tribal council, worried about loyalty, trust and elimination.

At tribal council, Jeff asked what happened after they lost the challenge. Rachael replies talking strategy. Jeff asked people that feel safe the raise there hand. everyone but Jodi rises there hand. Jodi says she's sick and might be going home. Jeff puts T-Mans vote in then tells everyone to vote. in the end Jodi is sent home in a 5-4 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Jodi (5 votes)
Chris, T-Man, Larry, Johnny & Stephanie
Stephanie (4 votes)
Jodi, Rachael, Lucas & Regina
Jodi out
Jodi Osley

Voting confesonals

Go see a doctor!


I hope this works.


I've tryed and I hope I've done enough.




I hope this will annoy T-Man.


Well Rachael told me to do this.


I'm loyal to Chris.


T-Man is my buddie and he wants this so this is what he gets!


bye girl, this would not be happening if you wernt sick.


Final Words

It was a 8-1 vote like i thought it would be, it was 5-4. im glad me and Rachael got some people with us, and if it was just one more i would still be in the game. Thanks for the 6 day adventure, and good luck Rachael

–Jodi Osley

Still in the running






Jenny out

Jodi out


Andrew zarr

Cynthia Ballard




next time on survivor...

can Isabel final win a challenge? and will T-Man betray Stephanie?

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