"I'm Gonna Miss Her"
Survivor Palawan
Season Survivor: Palawan
Author User:MisterGohan
Episode Number 1/15
Episode Chronology
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I'm Gonna Miss Her is the first episode of Survivor: Palawan


Day 1

Jeff Probst “This season features a twist like no other. Castaways will face against their loved ones in a battle for $1,000,000. Whether it be by Blood or by a Relationship, there are ten pairs in this game who are urging to beat their loved one, or work with them in this game. In the end, only one person will end up with the million dollar prize. It will all be decided right here. 39 Days, 20 People, 1 Survivor!”
Jeff Probst

The sun is at its highest point in the sky. All the castaways are in the same area, looking around, already making assumptions. They have been divided into ten pairs, but what they don't know is that they'll be playing this game alone.

Larisa Pep “My sister, Breanna, and I have a complicated relationship. On one end I love her to death, and I would do anything for her... but a part of me can't wait to get this game started. I'm going to win this game. I don't care what it takes.”

Noah Meeq “Some people are going to sit here sayin' 'Oh, I want to work with who I brought with me'. 'They're the love of my life', 'they've always been there for me'; whatever. I don't care a rat's ass about my brother. I wouldn't care if he got voted out first.”

Craig Johnson “Lisa and I are inseparable. We don't look like we should be a couple at all, but we've been married for a good twelve years. I would give my life to keep her safe; that's a promise.”

The castaways watch as Jeff is brought in via helicopter. He walks towards the castaways and smiles.

Jeff Probst: Welcome to Survivor: Palawan. You have all come with a loved one. Whether it be by a family relation or by relationship. You will all be divided into two separate tribes. No pair will be on the same tribe.

Stacey Kraper “You know... Jeff says that we're not going to be with our loved ones. It makes me sad. My daughter, she's not going to do very well without me. We work as a pair. I don't think there's ever been a moment where we've been apart. I'm gonna miss her.”

Alex Lewis “I've been waiting for this moment a long time. What better way to play Survivor with the love of my life. But Jeff just has to throw a wrench into everything. My entire life I've been wanting to get on this dang show, and he's going to split up the people we came with. Everything's going to go haywire.”

Jeff Probst: When I call your name, step onto the green mat. You'll be known as Visayas. Cody, Alex, Lisa, Kim, Charissa, Grant, Breanna, Matt, Krista, and Noah. Now when I call your name, go step over to the purple mat. You guys are Mindanao. Joshua, Larisa, Opal, Stacey, Matt, Orrin, Sierra, Courtney, Craig, and John.

The castaways go on their respective mats. Before they can even say a word, Jeff throws another twist into play. He tells them that they're going to vote someone out immediately. He passes them parchments and pen. He gives them a moment to write.

Jeff Probst: Before we reveal the votes. Guy with the curly hair, green fedora. What do you think people are basing their vote on?

Matt L. Well, I think that above all, everyone's intentions are to vote out the weak. We don't know who's pair is who. Just wait, we'll find out soon. This is going to... show reactions.

Jeff Probst: Alright then. Let's start with you. Who'd you vote for?

Matt L.: I voted for the uh, guy with the glasses, slightly larger than the rest of us.

Noah: Me. Name's Noah.

Jeff Probst: Noah, who'd you vote for?

Noah: Feel a bit bad about this; Older lady, I wanna say Asian but I can't tell from here.

Kim: That's okay. My name's Kim.

Kim Yaun “I acted alright about the whole situation, though it killed me completely, I didn't want my name to be written down once. They haven't gotten to know me! I could be a nice older lady, and not a cranky one. I'm hard working; I've had to work for everything I've done. Hard work pays off, but I didn't get a chance to show that I'm not as feeble as I look.”

Jeff Probst: That's one vote for Noah, and one vote for Kim. Who'd you vote for?

Jeff goes down the line for the Visayas tribe. It came down to Breanna and Kim each having three votes.

Krista June “I voted for Breanna because... I'm a dumb blonde in a sense, even though I'm not blonde. Does that make sense? Breanna looks smart, and she's beautiful! I can't compete with that! It was in my best interest to get her out, it'd make flirting a lot easier on this island.”

Once Charissa and Grant's votes were revealed to be for Kim, it was official; Kim was the first person voted out of the game.

Tribal Council 1:
Kim Yaun
Kim (5 votes)
Alex LewisBreanna PepCharissa AndersonGrant FiloskyNoah Meeq
Alex, Breanna, Charissa, Grant, & Noah
Breanna Pep
Breanna (3 votes)
Kim YaunKrista JuneLisa Johnson
Kim, Krista, & Lisa
Grant Filosky
Grant (1 vote)
Cody Galn
Noah Meeq
Noah (1 vote)
Matt Lich
Matt L.
Kim Yaun
Kim Yaun
Sent to Redemption Island

Kim went to stand by Jeff, and Jeff then went onto the Mindanao tribe.

Jeff Probst: Time to see who you all voted for. We'll go in order, starting with you.

Matt M. I voted for the sister of the other tribe on the far right. Looks like a business woman.

Opal June “Is Matt stupid? I get that he was describing my twin sister. But, you don't tell people what you're thinking. If you think, you're someone I can't trust. I need people who I can control like a zombie. I can't do that if people are already having suspicions as to who my Loved One is. What an idiot.”

Larisa: I voted for the older guy with blond hair, not grey hair.

Orrin: Thanks for that. Really appreciate it. I voted for the only man who's probably older than me.

Joshua: I voted for the uh... hipster it seems. Big purple glasses, jacket to match.

Stacey: Assuming that the young man beside me voted for the same guy. I too voted for Matt.

Going down the line, there had been some votes for only one person, but it came down to three votes for Orrin, and two for Courtney and Matt.

Jeff Probst: Alright. It's down to you, Courtney. You are the last one to vote. Who did you vote for.

Courtney: Though normally I'd feel too bad about this. But, considering I don't want to go home. I'm glad that I voted for Orrin.

Jeff Probst: With that, Orrin, go join Kim over here. I'm just going to say it right now; you two are not going to be going home just yet. Redemption Island is in play this season. As for the Loved Ones; if your Loved One is on Redemption Island at any time, you can swap with them before a duel. However, doing so would reveal that you two are in fact Loved Ones.

Tribal Council 2:
Orrin Yaun
Orrin (4 votes)
Courtney SikatLarisa PepOpal JuneSiera Honne
Courtney, Larisa, Opal, & Siera
Courtney Sikat
Courtney (2 votes)
Craig JohnsonJohn Pitaz
Craig & John
Matt Meeq
Matt M. (2 votes)
Joshua WunderStacey Kraper
Joshua & Stacey
John Pizaz
John (1 vote)
Orrin Yaun
Opal June
Opal (1 vote)
Matt Meeq
Matt M.
Orrin Yaun
Orrin Yaun
Sent to Redemption Island

Jeff Probst: Alright, you two can head over to Redemption Island; just follow the path over to the left. The rest of you, here you go! *Tosses a map to Craig and Matt* Those will help you get to your camps. It's going to be a long hike. See you guys later.

The two tribes go on their way. Before they head out, Lisa gives an air-kiss to Craig as she heads out. Joshua views the situation, but remains quiet as they leave the area.

Joshua Wunder “That's... ridiculous. Are you going to at least, oh I don't know, attempt to keep your pair a secret? They'll learn soon enough that what I just observed will prove to be a terrible mistake.”

The Visayas tribes arrives to the camp to find only a pan, machete, and a weeks worth of rice. Grant brings everyone together in a circle to try and figure out who needs to do what, much to the annoyance of others.

Grant: We need our biggest guys working on the shelter. Matt, Noah, Cody, you'll be working with me. You three, *points to Charissa, Breanna, and Lisa* We need palm fronds. If anyone of you knows how to weave them, please teach the others. The others just need to gather water.

Alex and Krista grab the canteens and head into the jungle. The camera pans to the group of girls gathering the palm fronds.

Breanna Pep “There's something about Grant that doesn't seem right. He's wanting to be the leader. I don't mind it; he has that look about it him that just screams 'I have to control everything'. If I can get on his good side, the orders that he can get out can be my doing. If he's the leader, and he gets a good alliance, he controls the game. That's what I need to do. If he controls the game, and I can get into his head? I'm golden.”

The camera switches to Krista and Alex, who have reached the Water Well.

Alex: So... Grant's a pain in the ass, huh?

Krista: *Laughs* That's a great way to put it. Who does he think he is?

Alex: The leader of the tribe. If he's watched an ounce of Survivor, he'd know that the leaders don't tend to last.

Krista: Yeah. *Dunks a canteen into the Water Well* So... who'd you come with? I came with my sister.

Alex: I came with my girlfriend. But don't tell anyone, okay?

Krista: Oh, that's sweet. Yeah, your secret's safe with me.

Alex Lewis “I don't know if I can trust Krista. She's a flirt, that much is obvious. But... that can't be it, can it? There has to be more to her than just being a dumb version of Parvati. I shouldn't have told her, but there aren't many options of who to pick as my loved one without her finding out I'm lying. This is going to be confusing.”

The camera changes to the Mindanao camp, showing its flag. The sounds of cheers can be heard as the camera switches to the tribe walking up the path.

Siera Honne “This is amazing. The island is beautiful, the scenery is beyond what I've ever seen before. It's like a vacation, though in here you're not really having fun. Your mind is set on the game twenty four seven.”

All of the castaways from Mindanao sit down and try to divvy up the workload. Along with that, they chat about their relationships with their loved ones.

Opal: Does anyone want to say who they brought with them?

Matt M. Do you think we're idiots?

Opal: Excuse me?

Craig: Calm down. I don't think Matt meant anything by it.

Matt M. I did mean something by it. I get the fact that you're a lawyer or whatever, so you're smart. But my god; do you really think that we'll just blatantly reveal who we came with?

Courtney: Can we not fight? It's the first day.

Opal storms off while Matt M. starts mocking her; which annoys Joshua.

Joshua Wunder “I don't know what it is, but Matt has this quirk about him. He acts like a child, to put it simply. He just won't shut up. He's so annoying it just makes me wanna puke. He had no right to treat Opal that way. It was disrespectful, and I'll never let that get past me.”

Matt Meeq “We think I care what people think of me. This is a game. We're not here to make friends. We're here to win $1,000,000. I need that money. I want that money. If they think I come off as rude- I really don't care. I'll tear skin and bones to make sure that I'm there at the end. Guaranteed.”
Matt M.

Joshua walks up to Opal, who is working on the shelter. Most of the others are seen in the ocean, whereas others are seen laying around camp. Joshua goes to help Opal on the home.

Joshua: Are you okay?

Opal: No. I'm not. Matt is one of the most obnoxious people I've ever met. I want him gone.

Joshua: I'd be willing to help you with that. We could get an alliance together. Vote him out.

Opal: Sounds good to me! I think I know who to bring in too.

Opal goes over to the people laying in camp; Courtney, Craig, and Stacey. She asks them to join them in voting out Matt in the event they lose, which they agree to. Meanwhile, the four in the water, Larisa, Matt, John, and Siera have a different idea.

Matt M.: I think people are pissed at me for bashing Opal. I'm just saying it as it is, she doesn't need to boss us around.

Stacey: Agreed. The best bet for us is to group together, and bring in one other for a majority. What do you think, John?

John: Sounds like a plan. You're alright with this, Larisa?

Larisa: *Nods her head* I'm peachy. This will go great!

Larisa Pep “Horribly great, that is. I don't want to be with the misfit who no one really likes. They're alienating people; being away from everyone. I only came towards them because I didn't want to be in the water alone. Besides, they don't seem like the smartest group of people...”

Day 2

The Visayas camp is shown in slight daylight. Most of the campers are still in their roughly made shelter. Alex, however, is sitting on the sand.

Alex Lewis “This game is... not what I expected. I expected to come out here and own it by Day 1. You know, alliance built together, already contemplating as to who's going home. It's not like that at all. I'm cold, I'm hungry, I didn't sleep last night either. I commend anyone able to last three days out here, this place stinks, but I'm not giving up.”

Alex looks around behind him, noticing he's the only one awake. He rushes off into the jungle. The camera pans to the shelter, where Breanna lays awake.

Breanna Pep “That's smart. Going for the idol when no ones awake. There's one small issue with that; I'm awake. He wants to go for the idol, I'll give him a reason to use it.”

Alex comes back after a few minutes, and sits back into the sand again with a stick, drawing pictures into the dirt. The camera speeds up to the mid-day, where the other castaways are out and about. Breanna and Charissa are shown walking on the side of the beach.

Breanna: What are you thinking right now, in case we lose.

Charissa: I want to keep this tribe strong. I don't care who's annoying and who's strategizing. It won't do much help for anyone if we can't beat the other tribe. That being said, Noah would be the best bet.

Breanna: I understand your thinking, I do. But Noah's not the most important one in my mind; at least in general. All the guys worry me, we have the disadvantage. In all honesty, we should bring the other girls together; Krista and Lisa. And... another guy. Our only hope is to get another guy unless we find the idol.

Charissa: I think Matt would work with us. He's chill. I really don't think gender matters to him, so even if he's included with the rest of the girls, I doubt he'd mind.

Just as they say this, Matt walks up to the path, carrying some bamboo.

Matt L.: What'cha talking about?

Breanna: We want to make an alliance. You, myself and Charissa, first of all. Then the other girls, Lisa and Krista. If you think there's anyone else we could get, I'd appreciate it.

Matt L. I think Grant would be fine with this. He wanted to work with you two anyways.

The three agree to work together, whereas Alex, Noah, and Lisa are talking.

Lisa: Breanna's making me suspicious. The way she holds herself just makes me feel like she has something to hide.

Noah: Probably does. The pipsqueak's smart.

Alex: *laughs* Pipsqueak? Haven't heard that in a while. I'd be fine with getting her out. The less strategy on this tribe, the better. Five bucks of the million that she's plotting against one of us.

Lisa: I'd go with you on that bet. I'm going to be honest, guys. I like the two of you. I'd like to go to the end with you two, I'd be happy with this.

Lisa Johnson “The two of them, Alex and Noah, they're young enough to be my own kids! They're opposites, but I guess they attract pretty well. Alex has the mentality my husband has; calm and knows what to do. Whereas when Noah opens his mouth, he... oh I don't know. He doesn't think he can offend anyone by what he says, takes it as a joke. I don't find it funny, but I think they can both work together well enough to keep me here long enough until I can be reunited with Craig.”

Camera changes as Mindanao Day 2 shows across the screen. The alliance of five; Opal, Joshua, Courtney, Craig, and Stacey, all together in the water. Larisa is with them, as Matt watches from the beach.

Matt Meeq “This group of people... god, they're annoying. The only one more annoying is my brother, thank goodness he's on the other team. Anyways, yeah back to these people. It's one thing to be excluded from game-talk. It's another to be excluded period. The only ones who talk to me are Siera and John. Larisa too, but not as much. I have to take matters into my own hands if I'm going to have a shot at winning the mill'.”
Matt M.

Larisa: I promise you, I'm with you guys. They made a final four with me included, but I swear I had no intentions if sticking with them. What I say is true; Opal they're targeting you. Matt finds you bossy, simple as that. Oddly enough he's the ringleader, if you believe it.

Opal: Obviously I believe you, but it's weird that you're coming to us now. Why?

Larisa: They wouldn't leave me alone *groans*. I'm amazed they haven't been grouping around me yet.

Joshua: Alright, that settles it. We've got a solid six. Those three don't stand a chance.

Stacey: We need to look for that idol. We don't want them getting it.

Craig: You three might not want to be talking so loudly. Matt can hear us from here.

With that statement, they look over to see Matt is gone. Joshua mutters a curse that is blurred out, and he starts swimming after him, and as soon as he reaches the shore he goes into a full on sprint. The others soon follow.

Joshua Wunder “As soon as I saw Matt not there, I knew he took off looking for the idol. I was on a track team in Highschool, and I consider myself to be a damn good runner. Unless he finds the idol in less than ten seconds, he won't be finding it in secret.”

Craig Johnson “It was a bloodbath. People running left and right looking for the idol. And on Day 2, no less! This season's already turning into a cluster. I hope everything is fine on Lisa's team. It hurts knowing that she's over there. This twist of not being with your pair is taking its toll on me two days in. Stinks knowing I have to compete against her. But its worse knowing that I can't protect her over there.”

The camera shows the Redemption Island camp, with Kim and Orrin laying in the shelter together. The two are kissing eachother, a fire made in the distance.

Orrin Yaun “Every time I saw my loving wife's name... it was heartbreaking. Then I go join her. They pinned us as the weakest because we're the oldest. It's a stereotype that I don't appreciate. I was able to make fire, I was able to find food. On that reason alone I'm more valuable than half of the idiots here.”

Kim Yaun “On one end, it's sad to know that my husband is here on this island. But on the bright side, he's with me! We get to spend two days alone on an island, it's like a vacation. I don't want to duel my husband, but one of us has to win the million dollars. I'd prefer it be him.”

Day 3

The tribes walk into their first immunity challenge.

Jeff Probst: I just want to get a little update. Cody, what's it like being away from your Loved One?

Cody: To put it simply, it's a pain in the ass. You get no indication as to how they're doing out in this heat. You have no idea what kind of alliances they've made, you know nothing. That's scary to me.

Jeff Probst: Alex, you're a big fan of this show. As far as twists go, what's this one like?

Alex: *laughs* I think Cody put it in the better way than I could have. It's a pain. It's up there with the Hidden Immunity Idol. It gives us another reason to think.

Jeff Probst: And with that, we'll begin our first challenge.

Reward/Immunity Challenge: It's a Long Way to the Top
One by one in pairs, tribes have to make their way up a four-story high tower. On each of the floors, the pairs will throw three crates down the tower that are filled with sandbags. Once all four levels of crates have been thrown down, the leftover person will collect sandbags and throw them into six holes. A flag will be raised when the holes are filled. 
Reward: The winning tribe receives flint.
Winner: Visayas

Immunity Challenge: It's a Long Way to the Top
Result Tribe Runners #1 Runners #2 Runners #3 Runners #4 Tossers
Won Visayas Cody GalnKrista June
Cody & Krista
Grant FiloskyMatt Lich
Grant & Matt L.
Alex LewisCharissa Anderson
Alex & Charissa
Breanna PepLisa Johnson
Breanna & Lisa
Noah Meeq
Lost Mindanao Craig JohnsonJohn Pizaz
Craig & John
Siera HonneStacey Kraper
Siera & Stacey
Matt MeeqOpal June
Matt & Opal
Joshua WunderLarisa Pep
Joshua & Larisa
Courtney Sikat

Jeff Probst: Visayas wins immunity! Mindanao, got nothing for you except a date with me at Tribal Council.

The Mindanao tribe leaves in a huff, whereas Visayas is cheering. Lisa is seen looking over at Craig, waving him goodbye.

Lisa Johnson “We won the challenge today... which is nice. We have flint which is nice. Yet, it's bittersweet. It's hard knowing that I just sent my own husband to tribal council. *Starts to sob* I know he'll be fine on the other tribe but it would kill me knowing that at some point, if we're on the opposite tribe and we win... and he goes home... it will be my fault.”

Opal June “Losing the challenge just means we have to cut off dead weight. Between Matt and John, there's really no difference in challenge performance. Preferably I want Matt gone just for the fact that he's annoying as hell. We won't be missing him, really.”

The cameras show Opal's alliance in the shelter, whispering to each other.

Stacey: So the plan is to vote out Matt, correct?

Opal: Yeah, I'm pretty sure no one's going to care that he's gone, will we?

Joshua: I can't think of a reason as to why we would. He's arrogant, annoying, a push-over...

Larisa: Don't forget self-entitled.

Joshua: Yeah, that too. They're just a small group of three against a group of six smart and physically adapt people. There's not much they can do.

The cameras switch to Matt reaching into his back in the jungle next to Siera and John

Matt M.: So... I found the idol. *Reveals it out of his bag*

Siera: You did not! Oh my god! This really helps our case right now.

John Pizaz “I'm not one to jump for joy... but when Matt pulled out that idol I felt a bit like a kid again. It's nice to have a bit of protection, even this early.”

John: There's just one small dilemma, who do we vote for?

Matt M.: I'm pretty sure they're all voting for me, so whoever we vote should go home. I'm thinking Opal; one for being a brat, two for being the brains of the other alliance.

Siera: I know this sounds dumb... but why not vote off our strongest member? If we really want to throw an ax their way, that's the best way to do it. Our strongest is Craig, in my opinion. And another thing is, we know who his loved one is. You've seen the way Lisa and Craig stare at each other during the challenges; it's a bit obvious.

Matt M.: I'm telling you, we have to vote for Opal! It's our best move.

Siera: You're letting your emotions get in the way of the game, Matt. Craig is our best option.

Matt M.: Do what you want, I'm voting Opal tonight no matter what. I've got the idol, we're golden.

Matt walks off, whereas John and Siera stay put. Siera looks out to see if Matt's gone.

Siera: Alright, so I think you know that Craig is the better option, right?

John: If you say so... Craig is a good competitor, we might need him for other challenges, right?

Siera: I feel as though we can do just fine without him. And if we can't, then we still get the last laugh in the end by screwing up our tribe the best way we can.

John Pizaz “Siera's lost in her own little world. I don't know if she's forgotten that this is supposed to be a team effort for these first days or what. There's really nothing else that I can do other than go along with it; keep her happy. Matt's gonna be entirely pissed off. Hell, what else is new? There's no pleasing him. He will not stop until he gets his way, so the best thing to do is to just vote with Siera and get the job done.”

Tribal Council

At Tribal Council, it is clear the tribe is split into two. Before Jeff reveals the votes, Matt shows his Hidden Immunity Idol, and decides to play it on himself. The shocked faces confirm that Matt needed to play his idol. Jeff reveals the votes, where a majority of the votes for Matt do not count. That leaves one vote each for Opal and Craig. The last vote is for Craig, and Craig is the 3rd person voted out of Survivor: Palawan.

Jeff Probst: Craig, you will have a chance to get back into this game. Grab your torch, head to Redemption Island.

Tribal Council 3:
Matt Meeq
Matt M. (used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Courtney SikatCraig JohnsonJoshua Wunder
Larisa PepOpal JuneStacey Kraper
Courtney, Craig, Joshua, Larisa, Opal, & Stacey
(votes not counted)
Craig Johnson
Craig (2 votes)
John PizazSiera Honne
John & Siera
Opal June
Opal (1 vote)
Matt Meeq
Matt M.
Craig Johnson
Craig Johnson
Sent to Redemption Island

Voting Confessionals

Joshua Wunder “You're a pain in the neck. If I have to live three more days with you I'm going to need some sort of asprin.”

Matt Meeq “I don't like you, it's going to be so nice knowing you aren't going to be around anymore.”
Matt M.

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