"I'm Sad and Happy"
Season Survivor: Hainan
Author kenkwho
Episode Number 1/14
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I'm Sad and Happy is the first episode of Survivor: Hainan.


Hainan, a beautiful island in the South China Sea, known with gorgeous beaches and it is a famous holiday place in China. Nonetheless, little has seen the dangers side of the pretty island. Fierce thunderstorm and hurricanes, poisonous snakes and spiders. It is surrounded by the beautiful sea with lots of marine creatures. In Five Fingers Mountains, twenty strangers are divided into two tribes - Lei Gong, the God of thunder, and Yu Shen, the God of rain. First impressions are already forming.

Seriously? I never expect a guy with pink hair, trying to stay on the boat floating on the river.


There is an old lady with red hair. I think she's smart, at least she seemed so. I don't want to see anyone smarter than me on this island.


It's not the first time for people to judge me on how I look, why my hair is pink, why I am wearing this and that. I am used to it. I am going to show them I've got strategy, and I am going to vote each of them out.


They will need to battle against the elements and each other. They must learn to adopt or they'll be voted out. In the end, only one will claim the million dollar price. 39 Days, 20 people, One Survivor.


Reward Challenge: Getting Used to Drama
Contestants will be arranged to watch a traditional Chinese drama show called "The Princess Flower". Castaways must rebuilt the mask of the five characters in it. First tribe to finish wins reward.
Reward: Flint and an extra machete. Winner: Yu Shen

Immunity Challenge: Fuse the Gaps
Two at a time, six castaways must retreat six crates on the river bed. Each crates contain a bag of puzzle pieces that assemble the map of Hainan. Three remaining castaways must finish the puzzle using their knowledge of geography of Hainan that was sent to them via tree mail. First tribe to finish wins immunity.
Winner: Lei Gong


Day 1

20 Survivors arrive at a beach on a truck next to a lake. They first meet Jeff。
Jeff: Welcome to Survivor: Hainan!(Everyone cheers) You have already been divided into two tribes-Lei Gong, the God of thunder. (throws a bag of buff) Yu Shen, the God of rain - two things that you'll probably encounter on this island are rain and thunder. (throws a bag of buff) (wears buff) I know none of you have any camp supply. Behind you is the truck you rode to arrive here. It's full of supplies - beans, rices, woods, water. On my go, you'll have 60 seconds to gather as much as you can on this truck.

Who bothers to get on the truck to untie this, untie that? Just stay on the ground and get whatever got thrown down!


Jeff: Survivors ready! Go!
[Everyone gets what they want]
Jeff: We can see different strategies here. Some is getting wood, some is getting food, some is getting what others have gotten! Sixty seconds will end in 5...4...3...2...1... This is it! Stop right where you are at!
Jeff: Wow! Yu Shen, you guys have collected lots of woods, but no food.
Fion: Well a secure water-proof shelter is very important. Coconuts are every where so food is probably not a big problem. The other tribe got bananas, watermelons, all those rots easily.
Nancy: Yeah, it might seemed we only got food when we once got woods just right next to me. (Johnathan smiled and looked down)
Jeff: Alright. Here's map to your new home. Lei Gong, Yu Shen. (throws 2 maps) Enjoy your time here, head out!

I can expect someone getting crazy for me to have taken what they've got. But so what? If you survive to the merge, I'll vote you off when you are still smiling like a baby.


At Lei Gong camp,
Catherine: Woo Hoo! Survivor Day 1!
Albert: Shall we have a cheer?

I am quite shocked that Johnathan took all the woods from the other tribe. Well, it's still a game, but if I were them, and I sat on the jury, I probably wouldn't have voted for someone who took my stuff and made my life miserable.


The first step we entered, I see Albert trying to be the leader and cheer everybody. I am not sure if that's strategy. To me, strategy probably shouldn't start to be played without the shelter. I expect no one to build a shelter while everyone just walk along the beach whispering to each other


Gabriel: Do you all think we should work on the shelter?
Dash: Sure, I can help.
Gabriel and Dash walks away to cut wood with the machete.
Gabriel: I'm Gabriel. Nice to have you with me. The game is so crazy.
Dash: Dash. I know, it's probably true that everyone would be paranoid about everything.
Gabriel: So I'm here to cut wood instead of facing that drama.
Dash: You know you are gonna be first out if you do that huh?
Gabriel: I don't know what to do!
Dash: If I have four more people with me, would you join me?
Gabriel: Is this the final two promise?
Dash: Sure, deal?
Gabriel: Cool.

I don't know if I had aligned with the correct person. He seemed so not strategical, and not wanted to play, but that's the perfect quality to become a goat to bring to the finals!


At the beach,
Elisa: I'm Elisa, I can cook really well, I can probably get all of us a good meal if we've gotten food here.
Holmium: Johnathan maybe should've gotten some food. Haha.

You are still talking about no food? Build me a shelter and everyone go coconut!


Albert: Alright everyone. We probably need to build a shelter now. The sky is getting dark and cloudy. Let's all get something going.
[Everyone walks away to gather material]
[Bobby and Albert was walking along the beach to get some rock.]
Albert: Hey it's Albert here.
Bobby: Hi Albert, Bobby. We've gotten so much wood now, we can probably complete the shelter really soon.
Albert: Maybe, I saw two walked away before we even talked about the shelter. They seemed to be ... you know, talking strategy stuff.
Bobby: Yeah, I know, I don't know should we keep them. They are fit but pairs in this game can be dangerous.
[Catherine, Ingrid and Fion was sitting under a tree]
Albert: Hey guys, shall we build the shelter here, it's under a tree and it's convenient.
Catherine: Sure. Let's get some wood. [Albert, Bobby, Ingrid and Fion followed]
Bobby: Do you noticed the two other guy walked away?
Ingrid: Yeah, they went straightly to the woods and I don't even know their names by now!
[Holmium joined]
Holmium: They're probably working in twos by now.

It's a group of six here. I can form the majority here. I originally wanted John to have a final alliance, since he's got a bad impression as viewed by the other tribe. No one will vote for him. But for now, it's majority. I will be more than happy to see him go now


[Dash returned to the beach, seeing a group was missing.]
Elisa: Hey, you see the machete? I wanna get some cocos.
Dash: I think Gab has got it.
[Gabriel, Dash and Elisa gathered under a coconut tree and get some coconuts]

At Yu Shen camp:
Nancy: Now we've got no wood, that pink guy is a jerk.
Mi: At least we got food!
Keith: We need to build a shelter now. Hope we got an enjoyable shelter.
Rebecca: Do you guys need leaves? I see some over there.
Lucas: Probably. We got lots of work to do!
[Mi and Rebecca walked to get some leaves]
Mi: Do you think this the easiest job ever? Gathering leaves require, like, zero energy.
Rebecca: No, eating and sitting doing nothing is the easiest! [laughed] Weaving this leaves may cut these beauties! [raised her hands]

Those two girls I thought they were just goats. They went together to form young girl alliance? Hell no! They are gonna be the first two weak chicks to go!


[Tifanie heading to Keith]
Tifanie: Hey young boy, anything to help?
Keith: I need to chop this bamboo up, would you mind holding this log for me?
Tifanie: Sure. We need a shelter, it's gonna rain soon.
[Tifanie looked away and put down the log]
Tifanie: You see the two girls? They went to get leaves.
Keith: Everyone saw them.

I want all the young boys, fit boys on my side. Vote out the weaker chicks. We can stay strong and remove a pair.

– Tifanie

[Oak and Steven was on the other side of the beach]
Oak: I know how to make a fire, do you think we should try?
Steven: What do you need, coconut husk maybe?
Oak: Sure, I'll get some sticks by myself.
[Penny headed back with a bucket of water]

I decided to head for the water by myself because I want to look for the idol. I don't know will I need it so soon, but it's gonna be useful if I accidentally fall into a minor alliance.


Penny: Do you need any help? I can find Qwerty to help too!
Oak: Probably I'm gonna need a few people to hold the wood steadily. I think I can do it with you and him. Thank you!
[Penny headed to find Qwerty]
Penny: Qwerty is an interesting name, isn't it?
Qwerty: It is. I changed my name when I was fourteen. I liked computer games so much that I named myself after a keyboard. Later, some guy from my school asked me if I want to join them to write computer games. I never know I could do so well!
Penny: Wow, you know how to write computer stuff! But both of us is going to need some help to start a fire!
[Qwerty, Penny, Oak and Steven gathered to start a fire]
[After 10 minutes plus some hard work]
Penny: (Yelling) Woohoo! We got a fire!
[Tifanie, Keith and Lucas came over to see]
Lucas: Wow, nicely done! We have our material for shelter, we have fire, we have water, we have food now.
Keith: Energy! Yu Shen!

It's funny to see everyone so happy. Seems that they don't know one of us might go home 2 days later. I'll keep that in mind and stay awaken.


Day 2

At Yu Shen camp:
[Penny walked around the well]

I woke up today early to look for the idol. First day it went seeming to be a big happy family. I am not even sure if I'm in any kind of alliance. I try my best to secure my spot without anyone's help.


[Penny dug under a dead tree near a small pond]
Penny: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! [Penny reached for a brown tied-up thing]
Penny: This is it? [untying] Oh my god, "This is the hidden immunity idol..." Oh wow, I know I can last for at least six days now. Phew. Let me get the tree mail and pretend nothing happened.

Now I got the power, I know I can do something with it.


[Penny with the tree mail walked back to the group]
Penny: Tree Mail!

Horrible the camp life might be,

But hope is what you about to see.
Some of you might be happy,
And some might be gone unfortunately.

–Tree Mail

Mi: Might be gone?

As I read "might be gone", I was thinking, is there a tribe swap on Day 2? What is it "might be gone"? Gone to where? To enjoy the reward, was what I was thinking to cheer up myself


At Reward Challenge:
Jeff: Come on in guys!
[Both tribes walked in]
Jeff: Welcome to your first reward challenge. In tree mail you were told that some might be happy but some might be gone. Here it's the sad news: One of you, from each tribe, will be voted out. They will be sent to redemption island to fight for a chance to get back into the main game. That means, 10 minutes later, only 18 will remain.
[Everybody was shocked]

I worried about this before. I just hope everybody is going to vote for the weakest player, who I obviously isn't.


Jeff: Everyone will get a torch, light it up and stick it into the sand next to you. Lei Gong, here is an urn, there is parchment paper inside. Find a spot, write a name and put the vote in. Yu Shen, here's your urn. I'll give you some time to decide who to be voted off.
[Some time later]
Jeff: Alright, Lei Gong, you guys are up first. Give me that urn.
Jeff: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council very immediately. If anyone has the hidden immunity idol, and wants to play it, now would be the time to do so. [no one reacted] Alright I'll read the vote.

Jeff: Give me your torch
Jeff: ... the tribe has spoken.

Jeff: Now, it's time for Yu Shen. Jeff: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council very immediately. If anyone has the hidden immunity idol, and wants to play it, now would be the time to do so. [no one reacted] Alright I'll read the vote.

Jeff: Give me your torch
Jeff: ... the tribe has spoken.

Jeff: The two voted out, you will have a chance to get back to the main game. Grab you torches, head to redemption island.
Jeff: Alright. Now for the reward challenge. You will be arranged to watch a traditional Chinese drama show called "The Princess Flower". You must then rebuilt the mask of the five characters in it. First tribe to finish wins reward. Wants to know what the rewards are?
[Both tribes said Yes.]
Jeff: Fire, in the form of flint, and an extra machete. They are important tools you can utilize for better camp life. [Everyone claps]
Jeff: We are now 9-9 even. No one is sitting out. Give you a minute to strategize, and we'll get started.
[After watching the drama]
Jeff: Alright, you have all watched the drama and all the pieces of mask are in front you. Survivors ready, go!
Jeff: Yu Shen heads to a good start by separating all the pieces into 5 sections. Jeff: Yu Shen completed 1 mask!
Jeff: Yu Shen completed 2 masks and Lei Gong hasn't even completed one.
Jeff: Yu Shen completed 3 masks! Lei Gong is still confused.
Jeff: This is it, Yu Shen completed 4 masks!
Jeff: Yu Shen wins reward!

After Reward Challenge:
At Lei Gong camp:
Albert: We should have came up with a better strategy.

I was shocked to be informed that we needed to vote out two people immediately. At least they didn't pick the oldest person here. That's okay. But I didn't vote along with the majority. That's not very good. I need to confirm I'm part of them.


Bobby: It's okay. Just a flint. We can make fire!
Catherine: Seriously?
[Bobby picked up some sticks and asked help from Albert, Catherine and Fion]
Ingrid: (laughing but helping) This is not gonna work!

At Redemption Island:
Mi: We got two people here. Hope it's not gonna be miserable!

I didn't expect to be eliminated so early on Day 2 - That's the worst result ever! I gotta fight hard to get back to the game.


Elisa: Let's get some water.

At Yu Shen camp:
Tifanie: First Win!
Oak: Don't need to drill woods to get fire now!
Lucas: It's Day 2 and 2 people are already out. I don't know if there's gonna be another tribal tomorrow!

I'm sad and happy after the challenge. I'm happy because I won a challenge and I wasn't voted out. I'm sad because I'm obviously on the outs now. I want to find some sort of crack here. I hope this eight people can be separated into 4 against 4!


Day 3

At Immunity Challenge:
Jeff: Come on in!
Jeff: Yu Shen, how is camp life?
Keith: We have fire, we have good shelter. Now we have two machetes and we can gather food real easily.
Jeff: Good. Let's move to our first immunity challenge. Two at a time, six castaways must retreat six crates on the river bed. Each crates contain a bag of puzzle pieces that assemble the map of Hainan. Three remaining castaways must finish the puzzle using their knowledge of geography of Hainan that was sent to them via tree mail. First tribe to finish wins immunity. [reveal the immunity idol]
Jeff: I'll give you a minute to strategize, and we'll get started.
[A minute later]
Jeff: Lei Gong, we have Bobby, Dash, Gabriel, Holmium, Ingrid and Johnathan for the crates, Albert, Catherine and Fion for the puzzles. And Yu Shen, we have Keith, Lucas, Nancy, Oak, Qwerty and Rebecca for the crates, Penny, Steven and Tifanie for the puzzles. Survivors ready, go!
Jeff: Johnathan and Gabriel going for Yu Shen first. Followed by Nancy and Oak.
Jeff: Johnathan and Gabriel reach the crate first! Nancy is struggle to swim so far out!
Jeff: Lei Gong has 1 crate, having a great lead now as Yu shen hasn't reach the crate yet.
Jeff: Ingrid and Catherine is next!
[Some time later]
Jeff: Dash and Holmium is bringing back their sixth and final crate. Lucas and William is still working on their fifth crate!
Jeff: Lei Gong start working on the puzzles!
Jeff: Yu Shen is sending Qwerty and Rebecca for the final crate.
Jeff: Tiffanie is struggling to open the puzzle bags!
Jeff: Yu Shen is coming back witht their final crate. Start working on the puzzles! Lei Gong just opened all their bags and start working.
Jeff: Both tribes are making good process! Steven is putting together two pieces at a time! Lei Gong is half done and Albert puts another piece!
Jeff: The challenge is ending very soon! Fion is putting in the last two pieces! Jeff: Lei Gong, wins immunity!

Jeff: Lei Gong, here's immunity idol. Yu Shen, I'll meet you at tribal council tonight. Head back to camp.

At Yu Shen camp:

Nancy and Tifanie sucked so bad today. Couldn't swim and couldn't untie a bag? You're kidding me! But I'm still on the outs now. I don't know should I align with them or convince people to vote against them.


[Rebecca walked into the woods with Keith]
Rebecca: Keith, I think it's quite obvious that I'm gone if I don't do anything. Keith: I'm afraid you are right.
Rebecca: But if we pull three more people, we can vote out four others. People will come back from redemption and we will have six. Six is good at a merge, right?
Keith: Who do you think you can pull?
Rebecca: Nancy and Tifanie did so bad today, I think they might be the target? I'll try to find them and I'm voting for Steven tonight.
Keith: Okay, find them first. I think I might have Lucas.
[Penny is talking to Qwerty and Lucas on the beach]
Penny: The choice tonight is quite obvious huh?
Qwerty: We have us three, Keith, Tifanie and Steven. Six should be good.

I hope this would work today. Keith has two and I have three. I don't want to be voted off yet.


At tribal council:
Jeff: Penny, before the reward challenge yesterday, Yu Shen voted out Mi with an 8-2 vote. Is the group so united now?
Penny: I can sense there is a majority and a minority right here.
Jeff: Rebecca, do you have any pressure right now?
Rebecca: I don't believe that the eight is a tight eight. Let's see survivor Samoa. Galu had eight and they were all voted out. I believe that the minority might still have some chance here.
Jeff: Nancy, do you think there is a consensus here now?
Nancy: I honestly don't know, but I'm quite sure that tonight's vote will not be unanimous.
Jeff: Alright, it's time to vote. Rebecca, you're up.
[All voted]
Jeff: I'll tally the vote.
[Got the urn]
Jeff:Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council very immediately. If anyone has the hidden immunity idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so. [no one played idol] I'll read the votes.

Jeff: Give me your torch.
Jeff: ... the tribe has spoken.
Jeff: You'll have a chance to get back to the game. Grab your torch and head to redemption.
Jeff: It's only day 3 into the game and it's a long way till the final. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Good night!

Last Words

I'm the one voted out on Day 3. I'm quite disappointed but I'm not the first out. I feel like I have tried my best to play the best strategic game I can but I still hope I can get back to the game. Come on, redemption duels!


Voting Confessionals

Two people is enough to swing the whole game


You are pretty, but you don't give me a million dollars.


Oh god, I hope this works.


I know I am weaker, and I don't wanna go out next.


Still Running

Lei Gong
Albert lee
Bobby nelson
Catherine reynolds
Dash mash
Elisa rester gray
Fion fish
Gabriel gaps
Hope -holmium - nickle
Ingrid hong
Johnathan mott
Yu Shen
Keith dawson
Lucas williams
Michelle mi chen gray
Nancy dorris
Oak timm
Penny smith
Qwerty filex
Rebecca thomas gray
Steven dye
Tifanie case

Next Time On Survivor...

Jeff: The first redemption duel is coming with a small twist.
Fion: Fish! (screaming)
Jeff: And a contestant is surprised.
Ingrid: I thought we were in an alliance!

Author's Notes

I hope all the forms and tables would work! Not good at computer language!