"I'm Sick of Seeing Good People Being Voted Out!"
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Season Survivor: Dominican Republic
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Episode Number 10/13
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This is the tenth episode of Survivor: Dominican Republic

Previously On Survivor...

Denise tried to cope with the fact that her biggest ally Hector was voted out.

Wild Bill tried to sell Rodney and Damion into forming an all-guys alliance with Sully. Damion did not seem remotely interested in this as he did not like Sully because he considered Sully to be disrespectful.

Sully won Individual Immunity and he once again taunted his fellow castaways reminding them that he was not going anywhere.

Esther and Wild Bill got into a debate over who should be the next person to be voted out. Wild Bill wanted Denise to go because he felt that she was a threat to his game. While Esther tried to protect her friend Denise by saying they should vote Kendra out due to Kendra being an a huge threat to win Immunity.

In the end Esther got her wish as the Core Four and Wild Bill voted Kendra out making her the second member of the jury. Seven are left, who will be voted out next?


Reward Challenge: Face Off
Answer questions about the players in the game, then try and guess the answers most commonly given for the same questions. For every correct answer, a player is allowed to chop one of three ropes. Last person standing wins.
Reward: First choice of restaurant meal and choice of the order other players make decisions.
Winner: Esther

Immunity Challenge: Money Box
The final 7 castaways will be attached to a hitching rail. Once Jeff says go, the castaways will maneuver over and under the hitching rail, releasing rope. When they think they have enough rope, they'll run out and try to reach for a bag. The first 3 people to get their bag move on to the final round where they must solve a gold coin puzzle. First person to get it right wins immunity.
Winner: Rodney


Night 27

The Sabana de la Mar Tribe returns from Tribal Council after having just voted Kendra out. There is some small talk about how there are only seven of them left now. We then get a confessional from Denise.

Once again Tribal Council was very tough for me tonight. It sucks that we came into this merge with the majority but now there are only two of us left. I say two because I really do not consider Bill a part of Payabo…he is nothing more than a mercenary.

I must admit that I cannot even bring myself to cry over Kendra’s elimination because right now I am just emotionally drained. I have cried so much over the course of the past week or so…I just can’t cry anymore.

To be honest, I am not sure I even want to be in this game anymore. I am just so sick of seeing good people being voted out while Bill stays!


Day 28

Day twenty-eight begins with Sully and Denise walking on the beach talking about any moves they can possibly make.

Quote1I am so glad that you and I can have the time to talk. Now we may have never been close but right now all we have is each other in this game. By the looks of it, it would seem that we are probably going to be the next two to be voted out.

Obviously I don’t want that to happen and I know you don’t want that to happen. So what I would like to know is has anyone tried to make you an offer?Quote2
- Denise

Quote1Well Bill keeps on telling me he is working the guys to form an all-guy alliance because he says that none of the guys left can beat any of the women left. But to be honest with you that simply ain’t going to happen because there is no way Damion would be willing to work with me.

So basically I’m a lone wolf right now, I have nothing out here and besides you and occasionally Bill, none of the old Yuna people even bother to talk to me. Do you have anyone over on that side that you think you can flip?Quote2
- Sully

Quote1Well I have bonded with Esther and I truly think that she does want to keep me around for as long as she possibly can. She keeps telling me that she will do everything that she can to make sure Bill gets voted out before me. But I am just not sure she would be willing to blowup her entire game in order to work with me.Quote2- Denise

Quote1One thing that I have noticed over the past couple of days is that Damion and Rodney seem to be close and Esther and Jill seem to be very close. So that might be the opening that we could exploit. You know, have the women join up with me and you. I mean it would be perfect for them because when the final four comes along they will only have to worry about dealing with one man.

In their current alliance they will have to deal with two men. So maybe you can convince them to flip and the four of us could work together.

Plus, think how epic it would be to get rid of the game’s biggest villain Wild Bill. That would be awesome!Quote2
- Sully

Quote1Oh I would love to see Bill gone before both of us, especially due to all of the havoc he has caused but to be honest with you I am not sure I would be able to pull off getting Esther and Jill to work with us. It is going to be a very hard sell, not so much with Esther because she is not really all that fond of Bill or Damion and I think if a better alliance were to come along she would jump at that opportunity. Jill and Rodney are very close and I think they have feelings for each other even if they don’t say so outwardly, so I highly doubt Jill would jump in and join our cause.

I mean I am going to try to test the waters but don’t be shocked if I come back and tell you that it is a no-go and that either you or I will be going next.Quote2
- Denise

Well right now my game is in the ninth inning with two outs and the bases empty. If I can just hit a homerun I might be able to stay in the game but I need a lot of help from Denise. I am just glad it is in her best interest to keep me around because if not then I would be completely out of luck.

I’m going to admit things aren’t looking good for your boy but I am a fighter and I am going to keep on fighting and do everything that I can to stay in this game for as long as I possibly can.


Later on in the day Denise and Esther are alone inside the cave which acts as the shelter for the tribe. Denise brings up Sully’s idea and Esther seems very non-committal. Esther says that if she went with Sully and her it would be game suicide for her because that means there would be three people on the jury that would be mad at her (Damion, Rodney, and Wild Bill) and Denise would already have both Hector and Kendra’s votes in the bag. She then goes on to say that she is willing to fight for Denise to stay but there does not seem to be a way to keep Sully around because there is no way Jill would work with Sully and Denise over Rodney and Damion. But she might be more willing to work with Denise if she was a solo part of the deal and not part of a packed deal. Esther says that she would really love to keep both Denise and Sully in the game but it is not in her power or to her advantage to do so. She then apologizes to Denise because she feels bad that she cannot help her.

I struck out with Esther this afternoon. I am not sure if she was giving me lip service or not when she said that she would be open to working with me. All I know is she will not work with Sully and to be honest…I really can’t blame her. I mean there is not a lot of upside in turning on the people that she has been working with since the start of the game.

Right now I have to hope that Sully does not win Immunity so that I can be somewhat safe for the next couple of days.


I truly wish I could work with Denise at this point in the game and her plan to work with Sully was not a bad plan at all. However, it is simply not smart for me to flip at this point. Perhaps at some point down the road…just not now.


Day 29

Day twenty-nine begins with Wild Bill once again trying to get Damion interested in an all-guys alliance. Damion once again does not seem very open to it at all and he cites Sully’s cockiness as one of the main reasons and says the perfect example of this was at the last Immunity Challenge where Sully stated talking trash after he won Immunity.

Bill says that Damion should overlook Sully’s faults because it is beneficial to Damion’s game to work with Sully. Bill once again reiterates that none of the guys left in the game have a chance of beating any of the women left in the game in a final two scenario.

Damion seems to agree with Bill, but he says when the time comes they could make it an all-guys final three. He says if the three of them stick together (Damion, Rodney, and Bill) there is no need to add Sully into the mix. Damion then says that he is no fool and he knows that the main reason why Bill wants to keep Sully around is because Bill doesn’t think either Rodney or him will take Bill to the finals with them. While Bill knows that that Sully would be open to taking him to the finals.

Bill tires to dismiss this saying that he is only looking out for the best path to the final four. He says that working with anyone of the women would not be the best path and that the guys should just get rid of them while they have the numbers.

I swear Damion is as stubborn as a damn mule. He is not even remotely interested in working with Sully.

I truly believe that if the men don’t join together now and get rid of all of the women…then we will be crowning a woman as the winner of this season.

–Wild Bill

Reward Challenge:

It is now time for the Reward Challenge; the Sabana de la Mar Tribe enters the challenge area. After the contestants settle in on the mat Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge and what the winner of the challenge will get.

The first question of the challenge was:

Who do you trust with your life?

The majority of the players answered Esther. Oddly enough only Rodney, Denise, and Jill thought that the majority answer would be Esther and so they were the only people in this round allowed to chop the rope of an opponent.

Both Rodney and Jill chose to chop Sully’s ropes which meant that he was already down to one rope by the end of the first round.

Denise chose to chop one of Wild Bill’s ropes.

The second question of the challenge was:

Who would you most like to be stranded with?

The majority answer was Jill (There are four men competing in this challenge after all.). Everyone got it right except Jill who chose Rodney as her answer.

Denise chose to once again chop one of Wild Bill’s ropes.

Wild Bill took out one of Denise’s ropes in retaliation.

Sully chopped one of Damion’s ropes.

Esther took out Sully’s remaining rope, eliminating him from the challenge.

Sully just throws his hands up as if he expected to be eliminated from the challenge first.

Damion and Rodney both chopped Denise’s remaining two ropes which meant that she was eliminated from the challenge as well.

The third question was:

Who is the most annoying?

The majority answer was Wild Bill. However, oddly enough everyone but Esther answered Sully.

Esther eliminated Wild Bill from the challenge after she chopped his final rope.

Wild Bill shakes his head in disgust and mumbles something as he heads over to the loser’s bench.

The fourth question was:

Who is the most honest?

The majority answer was Rodney. All four castaways gave Rodney as an answer meaning the four of them each got a chop in.

Jill was first and she chopped Damion’s second rope after profusely apologizing to him.

Damion went after one of Jill’s ropes.

Esther was not as apologetic when she chopped Damion’s final rope, thus eliminating him from the challenge. She is probably still mad at him for the votes he dropped on her at the start of the game.

Rodney smiled at Jill and told her that this has to happen and with that he chops her second rope. She playfully punches him in the arm when he returns to the mat.

The fifth question was:

Who does not deserve to still be here?

The majority answer was Denise. However, only Rodney answered Denise when it came to the answering stage of the challenge.

Rodney eliminated Jill from the challenge after he chopped her last rope. Jill pouted at him and said…

I’m totally going to get you for this.


The sixth question was:

Who mistakenly thinks they're running this game?

The majority answer was Wild Bill. Both Rodney and Esther answered Wild Bill.

For his part, Wild Bill laughs at the answer and shakes his head in agreement.

This means that at the end of this round both Rodney and Esther have two ropes left.

The seventh question was:

Who do you hope to never see again?

The majority answer was Wild Bill. Rodney answered Sully while Esther answered Wild Bill. Bill just laughed and shook his head after hearing he was yet again an answer to a negative question.

Esther chopped Rodney’s second rope, meaning that after this round he is on the verge of elimination.

The eighth question was:

Who are you least likely to invite to a family dinner?

The majority answer was Wild Bill. Both Esther and Rodney answered right but it did not matter because Rodney was down to his last rope. This means that Esther won the Reward Challenge!

The negative answers in today’s Reward Challenge didn’t bother me one bit. Actually, I’m proud of those answers because it means that people do not think much of me. If the group consensus is that I am the most hated person in the game perhaps people will be seriously thinking about taking me to the finals as their goat. That would be something that I would be very cool with.

–Wild Bill

After the tribe returns to camp, they all break off to do various tasks around camp. Jill and Esther go out into the woods to get some water from the well.

Quote1This was not a challenge that I wanted to win. It was such an unnecessarily cruel challenge and the reward is just as bad.Quote2- Esther

Quote1Totally but the thing is you have to look out for yourself when giving out the reward. I would say give Sully the lowest prize because he will probably be gone soon. After that you have to totally do what’s right for your game…don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something that you are not comfortable doing.Quote2- Jill

Quote1I am uncomfortable doing the whole thing. I really wish Rodney would have won this challenge and the weight of the decisions were on his shoulders. I mean really no matter what I do I am going to get people angry at me.Quote2- Esther

Quote1Well sadly that’s the name of the game. We’re all going to have to piss someone off sooner or later so I guess this will totally be a good way for you to get used to it.Quote2- Jill

This was not a challenge I wanted to win. This challenge puts a terrible burden firmly on my shoulders and paints a huge target on my back. I guess those are the breaks in a game like this...but it still stinks.


The castaways arrive at the Survivor Restaurant for their “reward” and see Jeff standing in front of a long table that has various dishes of food on it. A waiter (Probably one of the show’s production assistants.) shows Esther to her seat at the head of the table. Jeff informs Esther that it is now time to determine who gets what dish to eat. The dishes are a Sirloin Steak with potatoes and a glass of wine, a hamburger with fires and a coke, a small peperoni and cheese pizza, a garden salad with dressing to be chosen by the castaway who ends up with the salad, a hotdog, a baked potato, and a piece of bread with a glass of water.

Esther makes the following choices:

Esther chose the Sirloin Steak with potatoes and wine for herself.

Jill got the hamburger with fries and a coke. Rodney got the small peperoni and cheese pizza.

Denise got the garden salad.

Wild Bill got the hotdog.

A none too pleased Damion got the baked potato.

And Sully ended up with the piece of bread and the glass of water.

The castaways being to eat and it is clear as day that Damion was not pleased with having to eat the baked potato. He mutters to himself about how he does not like potatoes. Sully tells him that he should be thankful that Esther did not give him the piece of bread and water. This causes Damion to get even angrier over his situation.

I was so great to see Damion get so angry over having to eat a baked potato. This dude is just plain old nuts. The best part of it was when I said the thing about him being lucky that he did not have to eat the bread. That comment got him even more ticked off…it was great!


I don’t know what was up with Esther given me that baked potato at the Reward. But I’m a little pissed at her right now. I mean I thought we squashed our beef ages ago…but I guess she never fully got over the fact that I voted for her.

Then to top it off I got that damn fool Sully making his little remarks. Truth be told, if I was allowed to hit folks…I would knock Sully the hell out. Maybe that would knock some sense into that damn fool.


Damion was being a big baby at the Reward, I mean yeah it sucks that Esther gave him a potato to eat and he hates potatoes. But what are you going to do?

It is what it is and he needed to suck it up and be a man. I mean he has to know that Esther probably did that to butter up to Bill and Denise but in the heat of the moment I guess he did not realize that fact.

Damion is my boy and I will do almost anything for him out here. But the dude has to remember that this is a game and sometimes you as a player are better off keeping your mouth shut and just observing what is going on.


Day 30

It is now early in the morning on day thirty and Esther and Damion seem to be the only two awake and doing things around camp. Damion pauses for a moment and asks Esther if the two of them could talk for a minute. Esther says of course and the two of them head out towards the beach.

Quote1About last night…Quote2- Damion

Quote1Yes…I actually wanted to tell you that what I did last night was purely strategic. It in no way reflects how I feel about you in the game.

I had to make a selfish move for myself and that was all that it was. I hope you can respect that…Quote2
- Esther

Quote1Was that all it was or do you have some left over anger towards me because I voted for you twice? Cuz I thought we squashed that beef when we joined our alliance…but if you still think I am out to get you…well I’m not.

I fully plan to stick to our final four plan with Jill and Rodney. I know me and you haven’t had much time to talk to each other since the merge but I am totally loyal to y’all, I don’t have no side alliances…no nothing. I just want it to be the Core Four to the end mama…Quote2
- Damion

Quote1Well I never once questioned your loyalty. Also, let me assure you that what I did last night had nothing to do with the votes you put on me early in the game.

I just needed to make Bill and Denise feel more secure in the game so that if I do make it to the final two…maybe they will remember that kindness and throw their votes towards me. That is truly the only reason why I made the move that I did.Quote2
- Esther

Quote1I mean look I get that you gave Denise the good food. But Bill…

Really? I mean I get buttering up the jury and all but I don’t think there is a way to butter up Bill, know what I’m saying?Quote2
- Damion

Quote1That may very well be a valid point, but it was a move that I had to make. I truly feel sorry that it upset you but I do hope that you understand why I did, what I did.Quote2- Esther

Quote1Yeah I understand. We’re good mama…but just so you know I really hate baked potatoes. They are just nasty…know what I’m saying?

You want to hug it out?Quote2
- Damion

Quote1Sure let us hug it out…Quote2- Esther

Esther and Damion give hug on the beach before heading back to camp.

I am not sure if Damion truly believed me when I told him that giving him the baked potato was a purely strategic move. I hope that he believed me because it was the honest truth.

I would be lying if I said I am still not a little mad that he tried to get me out at the beginning of the game. However, last night had nothing to do with his votes and it had everything to do with me trying to get people to like me a little more.

Now I am not saying that it worked because Damion is probably right in that I do not think William will ever truly like me, but I had to at least try to make him happy.


Later on in the day Rodney ask the entire tribe to join him in camp. As the entire Sabana de la Mar Tribe arrive in camp wondering why Rodney wanted to talk to all of them. Rodney stands on a tree stump and says…

Folks I just wanted us to stop what we were doing for a minute so that we could talk about something big that is happening today. I am not sure if anyone else realized it or not but we’ve been out here for thirty days!

That’s right we’ve made it to the thirty day mark. That means that some of us have been living together for an entire month! I just wanted everyone to stop and think about the epic milestone that we’ve reached today as a collective group!


The Sabana de la Mar Tribe start clapping their hands upon this revelation (Yes even Wild Bill was happy to have survived to the thirty day mark.).

You know I actually liked the fact that Rodney took the time to make us realize that we’ve been out here for thirty days. For a few moments it took our minds off the game and I think that is something that we all needed to have happen.

I did get me thinking about how likable Rodney is and how he seems to be friendly with everyone. I mean he even jokes around with Sully and me. That kid is in a very good place…he is someone to watch out for.


Immunity Challenge:

The seven remaining contestants arrive at the challenge site and Jeff explains the rules of the Immunity Challenge. He then asks Sully, to give him back the Immunity Necklace. Jeff reminds them that the winner of the challenge will be safe from the vote at Tribal Council. While anyone without Immunity will be eligible to be the tenth person to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic.

The challenge begins and everyone but Esther seems to have a handle on the challenge. Sully is the first person to try and reach his bag but his rope is nowhere near long enough to reach. He mumbles a swear word which the editors kindly cut out and he goes back to work trying to get enough rope to advance to the next round of the challenge. The second person to try for their bag is Jill but she also comes up short. However, she is actually pretty close and probably does not need to do more in order to advance into the next round.

Rodney is the next to try his luck and he is extremely close but not close enough as his bag is just out of his reach. Jill tries once again and this time she has enough rope to reach her bag and become the first castaway to advance into the next round.

Seeing Jill advance a panicked Sully tries and succeeds at getting his bag meaning he is the second person to advance into the final round. Jeff Probst notes that both Rodney and Damion are still very much in it while Esther, Bill, and Denise do not seem to be making progress at all. Both Damion and Rodney decide to go for their respective bags at the same time and Rodney just beats Damion to his bag in a photo finish. This means that Rodney claimed the third and final spot in the next round of the challenge.

The next phase of the challenge begins and Jill declares…

Ugh…I totally hate puzzles!


This was an obvious fact as both guys seemed to be doing a much better job at their respective puzzles than Jill. Sully gets stuck and realizes that he did something wrong and would have to start over again. This error cost him as Rodney took the lead and he did not look back at that point as he finished his puzzle first and won Individual Immunity!

Sully looks absolutely crestfallen as Jeff puts the Immunity Necklace around Rodney’s neck.

Sully I hope by Rodney winning Immunity, your ass goes home tonight. Maybe then you will learn to be a little more humble.


The Sabana de la Mar Tribe return from the Immunity challenge. Upon returning to the camp the Core Four and Wild Bill head out to the beach to discuss their next move while Denise and Sully remain in camp.

Quote1And then there were two, it looks like one of us is going to the jury tonight kid…Quote2- Denise

Quote1Nah, I think you’re good. They are probably going to get rid of me tonight. I seems like it was pre-ordained that I should go next as none of them are willing to make moves against each other yet.Quote2- Sully

Quote1I am not sure if they will. It seems like Esther really wants to work with me but she seems too scared to go against her guys.Quote2- Denise

Quote1Well it is what it is; if I go to the jury…I go to the jury. I have tried my hardest to try and get some of them to work with me but it just wasn’t meant to be.

When it does come time to vote, I want you to do me a favor and vote for me. There is no use in throwing your vote at one of them because that is only going to hurt your game.

I am as good as gone so it hardly matters if you pile yet another vote on me…Quote2
- Sully

Quote1No…I don’t care if it gets them angry at me…I am not going to have a hand in voting you out. My vote is going to go to Bill and it is going to keep on going towards Bill until either he or I are gone from the game.

After what he did to us…he deserves every vote he gets from me.Quote2
- Denise

The sure vote for Sully going to the jury is not as solid as Sully and Denise thinks it is as once again Wild Bill is pleading the case to keep Sully in the game and get rid of Denise. Both Esther and Damion think that is a terrible idea and Esther questions Bill about having ulterior motives for keeping Sully in the game.

Bill laughs and says that she is the last person to be questioning his motives once again. He then says that she and Denise have grown pretty tight since the merge and if he didn’t know better he would think that Esther was planning on using Denise to her advantage later on.

Esther seems very angry over the fact that Wild Bill would even make that remark and she says she that she is loyal to the people that got her this far in the game and she would not just drop them in order to work with someone who has become a friend to her. Rodney, always trying to play the peacemaker, tries to change the subject and talk about the merits of getting rid of each of them but it is to no avail as Esther is still very angry over Bill’s remark and she storms off.

I don’t need this crap today! Tonight’s vote was supposed to be one of the easiest votes we had but Wild Bill has to stir the pot and cause unneeded drama.

Now Esther is off sulking in the woods, Bill is bitching to anyone who will listen that Denise should go next and I am just wondering what the heck is going to happen at Tribal Council tonight!

Man these people suck!


Tribal Council:

After settling into their seats Jeff brings in the members of the jury Hector and Kendra who was voted out at the last Tribal Council. Kendra smiles and winks at the castaways that are still in the game.

Jeff asks Sully what it meant to him to be so close to winning back-to-back Immunities this afternoon. Sully says that had he won the challenge today he would have stayed in the game for another three days. Because he did not it is almost a guarantee that in a few minutes he will become the next member of the jury.

Jeff says that, that is a very defeatist attitude. Sully laughs and says that when nobody wants to work or even talk to you, you kind of pick up on the fact that you are probably going to be the next to go if you do not have the Immunity Necklace resting around your neck.

Jeff asks Wild Bill if Sully staying in the game is truly a lost cause, Bill says that if it were up to him Sully would remain in the game and Denise would be the next one to go. He says that Sully has no allies in this game and therefore he has nobody looking out for him. However, Denise is trying to insert herself into an alliance with Esther and he says because of this Denise is a much more dangerous player.

Jeff questions Denise about the validity of Bill’s statement and Denise just shakes her head and laughs as if Bill is crazy. She says that she is not trying to insert herself into an alliance with anyone. She then admits that she and Esther have become friendly since the merge but that has not meant anything because Esther has rebuffed any plan that Denise had made to her about working together. Denise then laughs again and tells Wild Bill not to worry because she is not trying to take his spot in the pecking order of the tribe.

The cameras cut to Hector and Kendra who are both sitting in the jury box laughing over Denise’s comment to Bill’s paranoia.

Jeff then asks Damion what he is basing his vote on tonight and Damion rather bluntly tells him that he is voting for Sully. Jeff marvels over the fact that he Damion is so forthright about his answer considering it is a secret vote. Damion sits there stone faced and says:

I’m voting him out cuz I don’t like him. He knows that I don’t like him so there ain’t no need to hide what I’m plan on doing.


Sully just furrows his brow and shrugs his shoulders after hearing Damion’s intentions to vote him out. With that last comment it is time to vote.

After all of the votes are cast, Jeff goes off and tallies up the votes. He then returns and reads off each vote and in the end Sully becomes the tenth contestant to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic. Thus making him the third member of the jury.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Sabana de la Mar
Gilbert Sullivan With Beard
Sully (4 votes)
Damion Pendergarst With BeardJill Landry
Esther RyanRodney Burish With Beard
Esther, Rodney
William Wild Bill Gokey
Wild Bill (1 vote)
Denise Kessel
Damion Pendergarst With Beard
Damion (1 vote)
Gilbert Sullivan With Beard
Denise Kessel
Denise (1 vote)
Wild Bill Gokey With Beard
Wild Bill
Gilbert Sullivan B&W

Voting Confessionals

You just said that you don’t like me…so I might as well give you more of a reason to hate me.


This is a warring vote Denise because I simply don’t want you messing with my game. Plus, you have to realize in three days’ time…I’m going to be the last Payabo standing!

–Wild Bill

You are truly a vile human being and I can’t wait for you to leave this game. Oh and p.s. I will steal your spot and I will send you to the jury. Just watch me work my magic!


I am voting for you because it is between you and my friend Denise and you have not said more than two words to me since the merge.


Oh gosh…I am totally just voting with the majority. This is totally game and not personal.


Hey dude, you were a total challenge beast and I can’t have people like you in the game because there will come a point when I need to win Immunity. With you gone my chance go up.


Son you need to learn some humility. I hope when you look back at your actions throughout this game you learn to respect your opponents.


Final Words

Wow I can’t believe I lasted an entire month out here! There are some shady people left in this game and I don’t relish the fact that I might have to give them the grand prize. I just hope Denise somehow manages to work her charms and win this game.



Members of the Jury
Hector Guzman Jury Photo
Kendra Brolin Jury
Gilbert Sullivan With Beard

Still in the Running

Th John Dissmore-1
Esther Ryan
Rodney Burish With Beard
Martha Hughesbw
Damion Pendergarst With Beard
Carly Pattinsonbw
Mark Heiden eliminated
Jill Landry
Sherri Goulet eliminated
Hector Guzman eliminated
Denise Kessel
Gilbert Sullivan B&W
Jenny Chang eliminated
Wild Bill Gokey With Beard
Wild Bill
Kendra Brolin eliminated
Thom BradleyB&W

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Author's Notes

  • This is the first episode where the members of the former Yuna Tribe outnumber the members the former Payabo Tribe.
  • Upon the ending of this episode, everyone in the game had at least one vote cast against them.