"I'm Still Standing!"
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Season Survivor: Dominican Republic
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Episode Number 9/13
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This is the ninth episode of Survivor: Dominican Republic

Previously On Survivor...

After voting Jenny out Hector, Sully, Kendra, and Denise made a pact with the Core Four Alliance that they would vote Wild Bill out next and then when it came to the final eight, they would fight to see who would gain majority. With his back up against the wall, Wild Bill pitched the Core Four a better offer. He would vote with them if they were open to taking him to the final five.

The Core Four debated the merits of both potential pacts in in the end they sided with Wild Bill. At Tribal Council the Core Four and Wild Bill voted for Hector. This meant that Wild Bill’s archenemy Hector became the first member of the jury. Eight are left, who will be voted out next?


Reward Challenge: Coconut Juice
Contestants would be split into pairs and would gather coconuts. They would split open the coconuts and let the coconut milk run into a tube to raise a ball. The first pair to raise their ball to the top would win.
Reward: The winning team will be taken by boat to an uninhabited island where they will have a meal that is made up of traditional food from the Dominican Republic.
Winners: Wild Bill & Sully

Immunity Challenge: Shoot 'N Shuffle
The castaways would play a version of shuffleboard. Each castaway would be given three pucks which they would try to slide closest to the target. The castaway whose puck ends up closest to the target would win.
Winner: Sully


Night 24

The Sabana de la Mar Tribe is shown returning from Tribal Council after voting Hector out. Denise goes into the shelter and starts to cry. Both Kendra and Esther try to comfort her but neither is successful. Denise gets up and leaves the shelter.

Tonight…tonight was tough. I felt like I lost a brother tonight. I know I made a damn fool out of myself by crying like a baby at Tribal Council but it is what it is. I wished that I had not shown any emotion…but hey what can I say…I guess I am a very emotional woman. People made promises to me and Hector and while that is all part of the game…it still sucks.

First Thom goes and now Hector is gone, I no longer have my rocks with me in this game. Without Hector in the game I feel as if I am all alone. Sure Gil and Kendra are still around but I was never truly close with either of them. I mean I like them well enough but there is just not that strong connection with them that I had with Hector. I guess from here on out I am all alone…


Day 25

Day twenty-five begins with a confessional by Sully who is sitting alone out on the beach.

Last night sucked, there is no doubt about that. In hindsight I cannot believe just how important the vote to get rid of Thom was. If Kendra and I had kept Thom instead of Bill…last night would not have occurred and we would have been on easy street.

Now I am going to have to fight tooth and nail just to stay in this game and I am questioning if I really want to fight to stay in this game. I mean of course I want to stay but as of now the only path for me to stay in this game is to win every Immunity from now until the end of the game. And even I am not delusional enough to think I could do that.

This is just a sucky situation I find myself in right now and I only have myself to blame for it.


Back at the campsite, Denise approaches Esther and asks if she will take a walk with her alone. Esther says she would love to and the two women head off into the wilderness.

Quote1So exactly when did you know that Hector was going to be the target of your group and not Bill?Quote2- Denise

Quote1Shortly before we headed off to Tribal Council…Quote2- Esther

Quote1Why didn’t you tell me what was up as a courtesy?Quote2- Denise

Quote1Well…to be honest with you I…ah…I did not really see the point in it. I mean there was nothing that was going to change at that point. Jill and the boys had already made up their minds and there was no talking them out of it.

Plus you have to admit that Bill’s offer was much better than the off that you and Hector made to us. Going with Bill gave us a majority and so we had to take him up on his offer…we would have been stupid not to.

Granted I do not like or trust him and I would have much rather worked with you and your group…Quote2
- Esther

Quote1Then why didn’t you?Quote2- Denise

Quote1Two reasons really. The first reason is if I were to have voted with you I would be the low woman on the totem pole. Being five out of five is not the most ideal place to be.

My second reason is I want to stay loyal to the three people who have had my back for the majority of the game. I mean if it was not for them I would have never made it to the merge and so I feel as if I owe them.Quote2
- Esther

Quote1Well your second reason I can understand, after all that is exactly how I felt about Thom and Hector. However, had you joined up with us I am pretty sure that I could have convinced Hector to make you a member of our final three.

The truth is I have never really bonded with Sully or Kendra. I mean yes I have worked with both of them in the past but to be honest with you the bond is just not there. Kendra is a nice enough girl but we have very little in common and the age gap between us is big. Sully…well I really do not trust him all that much. He seems to be a flip flopper, he never wants to take and stick with a side.

So you could have helped us out and you would have probably made it deep in this game.Quote2
- Denise

Quote1Well, I am sorry that we cannot not work together right now, but do not count yourself out of the game just yet. I promise you this much, I will fight to keep you in this game for as long as I possibly can. It may not be much of a promise but it is a promise that I will keep.Quote2- Esther

Esther is my lifeline in this game; yes I tried to make her guilty over voting Hector out. But really she did what was best for her so I can’t really fault her for making such a move. If I am to have any hope of staying in this game, I am going to have to get close with Esther and hope that her and her alliance sees the value of keeping me around.


Kendra and Sully are having a conversation of their own, in which they are talking about how they can stay in the game. Sully says that he knows he is probably next and so he is going to have to try very hard to win Immunity. Kendra asks him if he is afraid that by winning Immunity or doing well in the next Immunity Challenge, that he might just be putting an even larger target on his back.

Sully laughs and says that there is already a huge target on his back, so what would it matter if it got larger. Kendra says that she wished she could find a way to get in the good graces of the former members of the Yuna Tribe, but so far she has not. Sully says that she should try to get to know Jill seeing how they are around the same age and Kendra shoots him a dirty look. She then says that she tried to have a conversation with Jill, but she quickly got annoyed with how dumb Jill was and she could not take spending any more time talking to her.

Sully says that he knows what she is going through as he has had a couple of decent conversations with Rodney but that they have not really bonded. He then tells Kendra that he has a feeling that Damion does not like him because most of the time Damion gives him short answers and Damion always seems cold to him. Kendra reminds him about the challenge where he did his over the top celebration and how she told him that Damion did not looked pleased about that.

Sully thinks about it for a moment and he says that could very well be the case as to why Damion does not really talk to him. Sully then says that he is afraid of the fact that Denise seems to always be talking to Esther and he says that he can see Denise using that relationship to her advantage. Kendra laughs and says she thought the same thing, but then she realized it is nothing to get worried about because all that relationship is doing is moving Denise from eighth or ninth place to seventh.

After last night’s vote Gil, Denise, and I have found ourselves up a creek without a paddle. But the competitor in me is kind of excited, because now I have to up my game due to my back being against the wall.

The people from the old Yuna Tribe might be in control of the game right now, but I still have a lot of fight in me and I am going to do everything that I can to stay in this game for as long as I possibly can.


Day 26

Nothing of note happened prior to the Reward Challenge.

Reward Challenge:

It is now time for the Reward Challenge; the Sabana de la Mar Tribe enters the challenge area. After the contestants settle in on the mat Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge and what the winning team of challenge will get. For this challenge the teams will be broken into four teams of two. The teams were randomly selected. Here is the breakdown of the teams for this challenge:

Team A: Esther and Rodney
Team B: Damion and Kendra
Team C: Denise and Jill
Team D: Wild Bill and Sully

This was a pretty one-sided challenge as Bill and Sully were in the lead for the entire challenge. There was a point where it looked like Kendra and Damion might catch them but in the end they could not. This meant that Bill and Sully won the Reward Challenge!

Jeff congratulates Sully and Bill on a very impressive victory; he informs them that they will be leaving for their reward right away. At this point a boat pulls up and takes the guys away from the rest of the contestants.

Jeff then turns to the other contestants and tells them he has nothing for them.

When we got to our reward fest, it was absolutely amazing. The food was just great, but I couldn’t really enjoy the reward because I was felt very uncomfortable sitting there with Bill. For the first few minutes we sat there in silence, just trying to enjoy our food. Then I had to break the silence because I was sick of feeling so awkward.


Quote1So man, me and you haven’t had any time to speak about the last vote…Quote2- Sully

Quote1You mean when you tried to get rid of me?Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1Well yeah…but you gotta admit bro part of that was on you. You brought those votes on you at Tribal.

If you didn’t act the way you acted after Jenny was voted out, things might have been different for you. Maybe we would have gone after Damion or Rodney first. But you had to be combative and so we had to vote for you.Quote2
- Sully

Quote1And how did that turn out for you guys? I am still here and Hector is sitting on the jury, thinking over all of the dumb mistakes he made. You will probably be joining him sooner rather than later.

That whole argument that I had with you and Hector where I followed the two of you around was not really focused at you. I mean, yeah I thought it sucked that you were willing to get rid of one of us before any of the Yuna went but I was doing what I did to get under Hector’s skin.

The thing is I really do not want that to happen. I actually like you and I still would be very open to working with you. Just you though…I want no part in working with Kendra or Denise.

I am actually the main reason why you are still in the game right now. The others wanted to get rid of you first and I told them not to do so. They felt like you were a bigger physical threat than Hector, so I had to tell them that while that is true, Hector was the glue that held the three of you together.

I did this so that I could keep you in this game for the benefit of both of us. You see I’m not stupid, I know full well that once the final five comes around my game will be over. So that is why I want you to stay in the game, I want to try to talk Rodney and Damion into forming an all-guys alliance.

I mean it would be perfect…you know in a may the best man win sort of way. Granted, I ain’t sure if those guys would be willing to turn on Jill and Esther but it is worth a try.

I mean shoot Gil; I am at the point where I don’t even want to win this game. I just want to be the final two goat for some lucky person. I would love it if I could get you through the next couple of rounds so that I could be that goat for you.Quote2
- Wild Bill

Wild Bill was at it again at the Reward feast, he is trying to feed me this line of bull about how he wants to work with me. He wants to form an all-guy alliance and have the four of us be the final four. Then he wants to be in the final two with me so I can beat him because there would be nobody that would vote for him to win. I don’t believe he was being sincere one bit.

I think the whole thing was just one big mind game…or maybe he was just paying me lip service to keep my hopes up. It really doesn’t matter what his motivations were because I don’t trust that dude as far as I can throw him.


My conversation with Sully was somewhat sincere in that I would like to work with him again. The last vote was always about getting Hector out because I have wanted him gone since day one. I really don’t care about the rest of my former teammates, I just wanted Hector gone.

So yeah I would like to work with Gilbert again but I am not sure if it will ever be a possibility because he seems to be public enemy number one now. It will take a lot of magic on my part to have them get rid of Denise and Kendra first but I hope and think that I can do it.

As for the all-guys alliance…well that probably ain’t gonna happen because Damion hates Gilbert but you never know that anything is a fact in this game.

–Wild Bill

Day 27

Day twenty-seven begins with a conversation between Wild Bill and Damion who are walking in the woods. Bill is trying to gauge Damion’s interest in putting aside his differences with Sully and forming an all-guys alliance. Damion is having none of it, saying that he does not like Sully’s cockiness. Bill says that while Sully does go a little over board he would be easy to beat in a final four scenario. Bill then adds that none of the guys left in the game will have a chance of beating any of the women left in the game in a final two, so it only makes sense to send the women packing. Damion will not budge for his previous line of thinking and says that as a professional MMA fighter respect of your opponent means a lot to him and Sully has never once showed any of his opponents an ounce of respect, so he will never be willing to work with someone like that.

Bill trying to keep Sully around has me seeing red flags all over the place. This dude don’t want Sully around cuz he wants to make an all-guy alliance. He wants to keep that fool around because he doesn’t think that me or Rodney will take him to the final two with us. So if he has Sully around he will have someone that will take him to the final two. There ain’t no flies on Wild Bill, know what I’m saying?


I’ll say this much, Damion is one stubborn dude. I tried to see if he had even a remote interest in forming an all-guys alliance and the guy shot it down right away. He must really hate Gilbert.

–Wild Bill

Immunity Challenge:

The eight remaining contestants arrive at the challenge site and Jeff explains the rules of the Immunity Challenge. He then asks Kendra, to give him back the Immunity Necklace. Jeff reminds them that the winner of the challenge will be safe from the vote at Tribal Council. While anyone without Immunity will be eligible to be the ninth person to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic.

Round 1:

The castaways drew the order in which they were going to compete in this challenge; Jill was the first person to compete in the challenge. With the target being an X near the end of the board, Jill did not even come remotely close to her target.

Esther goes next and surprisingly enough her puck comes pretty close to the target. She smiles because for once she actually did good in a challenge, well good enough to have the lead for now.

Rodney pushes his puck too hard and it sails off the board.

Wild Bill aims to knock Esther’s puck further away from the X but his puck does not even come close to hers and he obviously swears in displeasure as the editors blurred out his mouth when they showed his reaction shot.

Both Damion and Sully suffer the same fate as Rodney as they overshoot and both of their pucks fall off the board.

Denise’s feeble attempt makes Jill’s attempt look great, Denise’s puck only goes halfway down the board.

Kendra is the final person to go in this round and she manages to get close to Esther’s puck but not close enough to get the lead. At the end of the first round Esther’s puck is the closest to the target.

Round 2:

Jill manages to hit Esther’s puck and this causes both pucks to fly towards the edge of the table. This means that Kendra is now in the lead as her puck is closest to the target.

Esther’s second try does not net her the same result as her first try as her second puck is nowhere near the target.

Rodney tries a different approach this round, instead of flinging his puck across the board. He tries to gently glide his puck across the board; the result is pretty good but not good enough to knock Kendra out of first.

Wild Bill’s puck chucks his puck to hard and it goes flying and it knocks Esther’s first puck and Jill’s second puck right off the board. Bill actually looks pleased by this for some odd reason.

Damion has better luck this time around but he is still not that close to the target.

Sully once again overshoots sending his second puck off the table. Upon seeing his second puck fly off the table, Sully grabs at his hair out of frustration.

Denise’s second try was far better than her first try but she was still not that close to the target.

Kendra’s second puck came very close to her first puck but her first puck was still the closest at the end of the second round.

Round 3:

Round three saw Jill’s third puck collide with Kendra’s first puck sending both pucks further away from the target. It did not matter that much to Kendra because her second puck was still the closest to the target so she was still in first.

Both Esther and Rodney came close to getting their pucks near the target but neither of their pucks were as close as Kendra’s second puck.

Wild Bill proudly watched as his puck pushed Kendra’s second puck past the target. Once again Bill was just happy to spoil the game for someone else and really did not care if he did well in the challenge.

Damion once again did not come remotely close to the target.

Sully took a deep breath and slowly slid his puck and it ended up almost exactly on the target. Never one to hide his emotions, Sully yelled out “Yes!” and pumped his arm.

Denise once again had no luck as her puck did not go far at all.

At this point Jeff points out that Sully’s puck is the closest to the target, but he informs the castaways that Kendra who has had the most success in the challenge thus far still has to go.

Kendra wipes some sweat off of her brow before she slowly slides her puck across the table. His puck ends up very close to the target…but not close enough. This means that Sully has won Individual Immunity!

After Jeff puts the Immunity necklace around Sully’s neck, Sully triumphantly cries out:

I’m not going anywhere! I’m still standing!


The tribe returns from the Immunity Challenge and Rodney gives a confessional about the current state of tonight’s vote.

Well Sully winning Immunity certainly throws a monkey wrench into our plans tonight. Sully was supposed to go and now we have to make the very tough decision about which woman is going to go home tonight.

Is it going to be Kendra the challenge demon? Or Denise the nice mother of four. Both are viable options but we have to narrow down which one of them is the best to go right now.


Wild Bill and the Core Four Alliance head off towards the beach and as Sully, Kendra, and Denise watch them walk off. Denise jokingly says to Kendra…

Well kid, it looks like they’re off to plan our demise.


The discussion on the beach is just what Denise thought it was, talking about which woman they wanted to keep around.

Quote1I think either of them would be good to get rid of tonight. I mean Kendra is a beast during challenges, she might not win them all but she is in the thick of them every time. I mean look, she won the last Immunity Challenge and she almost won the one we just had so those facts alone makes me want to get rid of her.

On the other hand, Denise is a sweet woman who does not seem to have a malicious bone in her body. I would hate to see her somehow make it to the end…I mean I don’t think she will but stranger things have happened.Quote2
- Rodney

Quote1I am in favor of getting rid of Kendra. She is younger than Denise, she is a better athlete, and so she poses the bigger long term threat to us.Quote2- Esther

Quote1You left out the fact that she is your buddy as well. Don’t try to be snowing anyone Esther, you want to keep Denise in this game because you and her are friendly and that is something you can use against the four of us down the road.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1Oh I am not going to hide the fact that I have a stronger bond with Denise than I do with Kendra. However, I resent you saying that I am trying to keep her around to further my game.Quote2- Esther

Quote1Hey darling, there ain’t no shame in doing whatever you can to stay in this game. That being said I would caution keeping Denise around. Sure Kendra is good in challenges but Denise is one smart cookie.

Out of all of my former Payabo tribemates, she is the one that I respected the most. Sure she wears her heart on her sleeve but don’t get it twisted, that chick is in this to win this and she don’t care whose throat she has to step on to get what she wants. Especially now that her two biggest allies are gone, she don’t have no connections towards anyone left in the game so she is going to start playing ruthless.Quote2
- Wild Bill

Quote1Damion, you’re being quiet…what’s your opinion?Quote2- Rodney

Quote1Well man, truth be told I say we get rid of Kendra because she and Sully are close. They are the closest thing to a pair out here and I say we break them up right now. You know what I’m saying?Quote2- Damion

Quote1Plus Kendra totally doesn’t like me and so I don’t want her to be around any longer. At least Denise is always nice to me.Quote2- Jill

After our conversation, I think and hope that the consensus is to get rid of Kendra. She is far too dangerous to keep around.

The thing is Wild Bill might sway the guys and Jill to see things his way. If that is the case then there is not much I can do to protect Denise.


As we see the castaways getting ready to head off to Tribal Council we get a voiceover confessional from Denise.

Well tonight may very well be my last night out here. It sucks that it has come down to me and Kendra but it is what it is. I am going to have to fight like hell to stay in this game!


Tribal Council:

After settling into their seats Jeff brings in the first member of the jury Hector who was voted out at the last Tribal Council. A clean shaven Hector takes his seat in the jury box and he smiles at the other castaways.

To start the conversation off Jeff asks the castaways who among them did not feel safe at tonight’s vote. Denise, Kendra, and Jill all raised their hands which caused Kendra to laugh. Jeff asks Kendra why she is laughing and Kendra tells him that it is ridiculous that Jill does not feel safe tonight. She says that there is no chance of Jill going home and she is insulted that Jill would think that she could be going home.

Jill says that until the votes are read nobody should feel safe from the vote. She says the only person that is guaranteed to be in the game tomorrow is Sully. Kendra rolls her eyes and tells Jill to keep living in her fantasy world.

Jeff turns his attention towards Sully and asks Sully how big it is for him to have Immunity tonight. Sully smiles and says that it is huge because he was supposed to be the next to go home but now nobody can touch him for another three days. Sully then goes on to say that he now knows what it is like to be the pariah in the game because nobody besides Kendra seems to want to have anything to do with him. He says that he is cool with it though, because that just makes him more focused in challenges and he plans on trying to win every Immunity Challenge from here on out. He says he is going to force Bill and the old members of the Yuna Tribe to keep him in the game.

Jeff asks Denise about her feelings going into the vote. Denise tells him that she does not feel very secure and she knows that the vote is between her and Kendra. Denise said that she will not throw Kendra under the bus but she would love to stick around another three days.

Jeff asks Damion what he was basing his vote on. Damion tells him that he is going to vote the person out that poses the most danger to his game.

With that last comment it is time to vote.

After all of the votes are cast, Jeff goes off and tallies up the votes. He then returns and reads off each vote and in the end Kendra becomes the ninth contestant to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic. This also makes her the second member of the jury.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Sabana de la Mar
Kendra Brolin
Kendra (5 votes)
Wild Bill Gokey With BeardDamion Pendergarst With BeardEsther Ryan
Rodney Burish With BeardJill Landry
Wild Bill, Damion,Esther,
Rodney, Jill
Wild Bill Gokey With Beard
Hector (2 votes)
Denise KesselGilbert Sullivan With Beard
Denise, Sully
Jill Landry
Jill (1 vote)
Kendra Brolin
Kendra Brolin eliminated

Voting Confessionals

You are a stupid waste of space. You give a new meaning to being a dumb blond. You feel like you might be going home tonight? Well here is my vote…not that it means much.


Dude you suck!


In this game you constantly backed the wrong horse, now it’s time for you to ride the hell out of here. Happy trails to you, until we meet again.

–Wild Bill

I have nothing against you, you seem like a nice enough young lady. But I simply cannot vote for you to stick around over Denise and seeing how you were the only two real options I had tonight…I voted for you.


You are one hell of a competitor, you are a challenge beast, and you were a major reason why the Payabo Tribe dominated us all of the time. This is why I have to vote you out.


I would have rather this been a vote for Sully but that fool had to get Immunity so I have to vote for you instead.


You never took the time to get to know me and I totally get the vibe that you don’t like me. So I am more than happy to send you to the jury.


This is probably going to be a throwaway vote because I have a feeling that either Kendra or I are going to be the one going home tonight. However, if I do leave this game tonight I will leave with the satisfaction of knowing that this vote is being cast against a truly horrible human being.


Final Words

Well this was to be expected. As soon as Hector was voted out I knew my goose was cooked. I have no hard feelings…it is what it is. I enjoyed the vast majority of my time out here and so besides winning the million dollars that is all that I could ask for.



Members of the Jury
Hector Guzman Jury Photo
Kendra Brolin

Still in the Running

Th John Dissmore-1
Esther Ryan
Rodney Burish With Beard
Martha Hughesbw
Damion Pendergarst With Beard
Carly Pattinsonbw
Mark Heiden eliminated
Jill Landry
Sherri Goulet eliminated
Hector Guzman eliminated
Denise Kessel
Gilbert Sullivan With Beard
Jenny Chang eliminated
Wild Bill Gokey With Beard
Wild Bill
Kendra Brolin eliminated
Thom BradleyB&W

Next Time on Survivor...

  • One person gets upset when they learn where they stand in the game during a reward dinner.
  • Denise and Sully try to get allies on their side.

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