"I've Got a Few Tricks Up My Sleeve"
Season Survivor: Guadeloupe
Author User:Dskmd
Episode Number 3/14
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I've Got a Few Tricks Up My Sleeve is the third episode of Survivor: Guadeloupe.

Previously on Survivor...

Regan found an immunity idol. She told Brenden, Ida, and Harvey about it, and left Holly and Abbie in the dark. Over on Bananier, Dallas attempted to find the idol, but failed in doing so. At the immunity challenge, Bananier pulled off a surprise win when Ruby pushed Abbie off of the platform when Abbie was arguing with Joel. Before Tribal Council, Abbie drove everyone crazy with her paranoia. Rodger did some scheming and he managed to keep Joel in the game, sending Chloe home in a 5-3-1 vote.

Eighteen are left, who will be voted out next?


Reward Challenge: Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Four tribe-members would be rowers. They would row from one side of an island to the other, and collect fire-making tools that were waiting on the other side of the island. They could grab a maximum of three different types of supplies to bring back to the four fire-makers, who had to make a fire tall enough to burn a rope. The first tribe to burn through a rope would end up raising their tribe's flag, and with reward.
Reward: Pillows and Blankets
Winner: Bananier

Immunity Challenge: Puzzle Island
The tribe had to work together to assemble a giant word puzzle. There would be many tiles, all with different letters on them. You wouldn't use every letter for the word puzzle. The words would read, when correctly placed together: SPENDING ANOTHER DAY ON THE ISLAND. The first tribe to correctly assemble the puzzle would win immunity.
Winner: Goyaves


Night 6

The Goyaves tribe came back from Tribal Council, with Abbie feeling really, really confused.

I'm just confused about what had happened last Tribal. We were all agreeing to vote Joel, and then suddenly Chloe is getting her torch snuffed. What?


Since Abbie was confused, she decided to talk to Regan and Holly.

Quote1Guys? What just happened?Quote2- Abbie
Quote1We decided to vote out Chloe.Quote2- Regan
Quote1And you didn't tell me?Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Regan? Did you not tell Abbie?Quote2- Holly
Quote1Holly! You were supposed to tell Abbie!Quote2- Regan
Quote1Um... No I wasn't. You said you'd tell her.Quote2- Holly
Quote1Did you not tell me who was going home on purpose, Regan?Quote2- Abbie
Quote1No! I guess it must have slipped my mind. Sorry.Quote2- Regan

I didn't tell Abbie who was going home on purpose. She would have spilled the beans and ruined my plans. Plus, even though she votes for whoever I want her to vote for, it's still fun to make her feel paranoid. That's entertaining to watch.


I have mixed feelings about Regan right now. On one end of the spectrum, Regan probably just forgot to tell me who to vote for. But on the other end, what if Regan really did mean to not include me? What if I'll be going home next?


Meanwhile, Rodger and Joel were plotting.

Quote1We should've saved Chloe, and tried to get someone else on our side.Quote2- Joel
Quote1We can still get out of this mess. Be happy I saved you, instead of Chloe.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1How are we gonna fix this?Quote2- Joel
Quote1Let's get Abbie on our side, and then we can pull in Holly.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1No. Not Abbie.Quote2- Joel
Quote1Why?Quote2- Rodger
Quote1I just hate her.Quote2- Joel

I don't just hate Abbie. I think she's unbearable to be around! She won't stop talking. EVER.


Quote1Who else can we pull in? Face it, Abbie wasn't clued in at the vote tonight. She voted for you and the rest of the alliance voted for Chloe. Abbie's gonna be pissed at Regan and them. She won't wanna vote with them. She'll go to us, and then with Abbie, Holly will follow. We'd force a tie!Quote2- Rodger
Quote1I refuse to strategize with her.Quote2- Joel
Quote1You won't have to. Look, I'll handle EVERYTHING.Quote2- Rodger

Rodger went over to converse with Abbie.

Quote1Hey, can I talk to you for a sec?Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Sure.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Great. Uh, so... That vote was crazy. Were you expecting Chloe to go home?Quote2- Rodger
Quote1No, not at all.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1So, your alliance didn't clue you in? At all?Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Nope. Regan said she forgot to tell me. She apologized.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1She forgot to tell you? That's a lot of you-know-what.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1No, she just forgot to tell me. It's OK.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Sounds like she doesn't want you in the alliance. Since Regan's alliance clearly has the numbers, she might just decide to cut you and Holly loose...Quote2- Rodger

The wonderful thing about Abbie is that she's just so darn fun to mess with! If you make her think she's on the bottom, she'll get this stressed, concerned look on her face. It's priceless to just watch her believe every word I say. And I think I may have convinced her to switch sides and take Holly with her.


Quote1So what do you say? Alliance?Quote2- Rodger
Quote1It depends. I need to think about it.Quote2- Abbie

Joel is in Rodger's alliance. And I don't like Joel. He's gotta go. 'Cause I'm here. And I'm not leaving. And I can't live with him anymore. So I really don't know what to do.


Ida and Brenden were discussing Tribal Council.

Quote1Wait... What was that chick's name? The girl we voted off?Quote2- Brenden
Quote1She's Chloe, and she's 41 years old. Hardly a "girl".Quote2- Ida
Quote1Oh...Quote2- Brenden
Quote1Anything else to add?Quote2- Ida
Quote1No...Quote2- Brenden

Brenden's a nice guy, but... He doesn't seem to have any brain cells. He's like a good-looking zombie.


Day 7

Taylor decided that she would try and turn her own game around.

Dallas is clearly not going to help out Ruby and me. If he really wanted to help us, he would've gotten us an alliance already. Luckily for me, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve... And I'm not afraid to use them.


Taylor spotted Beth and Lydia in the shelter and she ran over to them.

Quote1Hey, guys!Quote2- Taylor
Quote1HiQuote2- Lydia
Quote1So... Is there any way I can convince you guys to vote off Conner first?Quote2- Taylor
Quote1What?Quote2- Beth
Quote1Well, I was told by Ryan that you were voting either Ruby or me if we lost a challenge. Ryan said that you guys told him to tell me that you guys were gunning for me.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1We never told Ryan about who we were voting for... Whether it was you or not.Quote2- Beth
Quote1Well, he must have heard it from someone... And I saw Izzy talking to Ryan earlier today.(Beth and Lydia look at each other in horror) Well... I suppose I'll just be leaving now. See ya. Quote2- Taylor

(Laughing) Oh my gosh! These people are so easy to make paranoid! Ryan never told me anything about voting Ruby or me out! And now, everyone's running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Maybe between all that paranoia, Ruby, Dallas, and I can slip into the cracks somewhere.


Quote1We need to talk to Izzy.Quote2- Beth
Quote1Yeah. What she did was messed up. Telling the person being voted out that they're going home is not a good move. She should know that.Quote2- Lydia

While Lydia and Beth were searching for Izzy, Luke, Adam, and Ryan, who had gotten very close, were discussing what they should do.

Quote1Maybe we should throw a challenge and get rid of Conner.Quote2- Luke
Quote1Nah. He's not worth losing a challenge over.Quote2- Ryan
Quote1Are you sure?Quote2- Adam
Quote1Positive. By the way, it looks like things are getting a little dicey with the female members of our alliance.Quote2- Ryan
Quote1I see what you mean. Do you think Lydia and Beth found out about us wanting to vote out Conner instead?Quote2- Luke
Quote1Just blame the whole thing on Izzy. It was her idea anyway.Quote2- Adam
Quote1I hope the alliance doesn't come apart at the seams...Quote2- Luke

As a person who likes to have things meticulously planned out, I really don't like the idea that our alliance is divided so soon. If we can't agree and we haven't even lost a challenge yet, how will we act in a high-pressure situation?


Reward Challenge

Everyone came over to the place of the reward challenge, and no one seemed too surprised by the absence of Chloe. Jeff explained the challenge, and everyone selected who would do what job.

Immunity Challenge: Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Tribes Rowers Fire-Makers Sit-Outs
Bananier Dallas, Taylor, Beth, Ryan Izzy, Lydia, Adam, Luke Conner, Ruby
Goyaves Harvey, Brenden, Rodger, Joel Holly, Regan, Ida, Abbie None

When Jeff yelled, GO, Dallas, Taylor, Beth, and Ryan all started rowing like crazy. However, Goyaves took time to work out a system on how they would row. They took so long that by the time they were in the water, Bananier was already on the island, getting supplies. The tribe finally decided to take flint, some wood, and a rock. Dallas, being the sneaky person he thought of himself to be, decided to hide everything else they hadn't taken in the bushes, so Goyaves would have a tough time finding supplies.

Bananier started rowing back to the other side, as Goyaves finally made it to the small island. The men looks confused to discover that nothing was in sight. Brenden started to grab the sand that was there. When inquired by Rodger about what the heck he was doing, Brenden looked at Rodger as if he were the dumb one and replied that sand was hot, so it would start a fire. Instead of explained to Brenden about how sand cannot start fires, Rodger just shook his head and walked away to go search for the missing supplies. Joel finally found everything nestled in the bushes. The tribe hastily selected flint, a rock, and coconut husks.

By the time the rowers got back from the island, Bananier was already beginning to make their fire. They had a lot of trouble to start. Izzy and Lydia argued over the way to start the fire, until Luke pushed them both out of the way and began to use the flint. Since Luke had started the fire almost every day at Bananier, Adam, Lydia, and Izzy basically watched Luke. Luke put the wood down in a special shape, put the flint near the wood, and began to use the flint. The fire began to steadily climb up to the rope.

However, the Goyaves tribe quickly realized that they had no idea how to start the fire. They had chosen their items too hastily to think of a game plan. As Bananier burnt through their rope, the Goyaves tribe could only look on angrily as they lost the challenge for the fifth time in a row. (NOTE: I'm not an expert in the art of making fire. So please excuse me if you are an expert at making fire without matches and I confused you. I believe you got the point though.)

Day 8

The Worker Bee alliance immediately got together to work out their difference, per Luke's suggestion. Luke, who was acting as the group facilitator, insisted that they had to discuss who was being voted out if they did end up losing a challenge.

Quote1OK, guys. Let's get this straight. Izzy, you were attempting to get Conner voted out. Beth and Lydia, you decided that Taylor or Ruby would be going home, Izzy said to you that she would vote out one of them with you.Quote2- Luke
Quote1Apparently, someone here needs to work on trust and keeping their word.Quote2- Lydia
Quote1I think we should vote out Conner.Quote2- Izzy
Quote1Couldn't you have told the rest of us that?Quote2- Beth
Quote1 I told Adam, Ryan, and Luke.Quote2- Izzy
Quote1Why not us?Quote2- Beth
Quote1Because you guys would want to vote for Taylor or Ruby.Quote2- Izzy
Quote1Hey, guys! Can't we all... simmer down, before we... boil? (Luke and Adam groan at the bad joke)Quote2- Ryan
Quote1No jokes, Ryan.Quote2- All three females
Quote1This is serious.Quote2- Beth
Quote1Yeah, seriously pointless. Why don't we vote Conner out the first time we go to Tribal, since the majority of us were going to vote for Conner anyway?Quote2- Ryan
Quote1Fine. But don't keep secrets from us again.Quote2- Lydia

Not one person noticed Dallas, hiding. He had heard the whole conversation. He now knew the alliance and its division. And he certainly wouldn't let this information get away.

I now have access to some... interesting information. I'm aware that the alliance is split into small groups. There's Lydia and Beth on one side, then Izzy on the other side. I'm going to use this information to make some waves.



Abbie was currently running around, attempting to get back into Regan's good graces. The tribe was started to get a bit scared of her.

Abbie's all, "Who's going to get voted out if we lose the challenge? It's not going to be me, right? Don't forget to tell me about everything going on!" She's stuck to Regan and I like glue, and that leaves no time with Regan alone, and that's not good. Abbie puts me on edge... and that's saying something. She's just so... intense. No, that's too nice of a word. Let me see... oh, yeah, she's TOTALLY INSANE!


Abbie needs to seek drinks with no caffeine. And she needs to seek duct tape to close her mouth.


I'm totally regretting inviting Abbie into the alliance. She's crazy... But maybe, I'll keep her. She could be Phillip Sheppard, and I'll be Boston Rob. And everyone knows who ends up winning in the end.


That is, everyone except for Holly was scared of her. Holly was still on good terms with Abbie, but she was the only one who was on good terms with Abbie. The rest of the tribe were all secretly hating Abbie's guts.

And needless to say, Joel and Rodger were the first to campaign for her elimination, after they realized that working to eliminate Abbie would benefit them more than working with Abbie. They spoke to Ida after deciding to scratch the earlier plans of making an alliance with Abbie and instead just targeting Abbie.

Quote1Abbie's gotta go.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1I know. She's nuts.Quote2- Ida
Quote1Listen, Ida. If us three vote for Abbie, and you can get at least two other people definitely voting for her, then we can end up getting Abbie out.Quote2- Joel
Quote1Ida: Are you sure you want to ask me? Regan can get anyone to do anything she says. I'm not good at that.Quote2- Joel
Quote1Quote2- Ida
Quote1We believe in you. You just need to follow through for us. Get two people willing to vote for Abbie.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1I know that Harvey will definitely vote for her. He's been trash talking Abbie every chance he gets.Quote2- Ida
Quote1Anybody else?Quote2- Joel
Quote1I'm not sure. Regan seems to like having Abbie around.Quote2- Ida

Rodger and Joel, who are clearly desperate, want me to vote out Abbie if we lose the challenge. They want me to get other people to vote for Abbie. I need to decide if it's better to get the nutjob out of the game or stay on Regan's good side.


Day 9

Immunity Challenge

Once the challenge was explained, Taylor and Adam were chosen to sit out for Bananier, because Ruby and Conner could not sit out again. When Jeff yelled, GO, everyone rushed to grab the tiles with letters on them, yellow for Bananier, green for Goyaves. Luke began to quickly assemble a part of the puzzle for Bananier, while Ida looked at the letters and thought in her head about possible word choices.

Luke had a slight idea about what the answer might be. Mostly, it was not Bananier's puzzle, but Luke's puzzle. Luke was the only one who worked on the puzzle, with Izzy occasionally offering word suggestions and other sorts of help. Luke would yell at the rest of his tribe to get him letters he needed to solve the puzzle, but for the most part, the majority of Bananier just watched Luke.

But on Goyaves, it was a different story. The dysfunctional tribe was actually working together, for one thing, and for another, everyone was pitching in. Ida would ask the whole tribe what they thought the phrase was, and then the tribe would try and create it using the large letter tiles.

Luke yelled over to Jeff that he had finished the puzzle. Jeff went over to look at it. Goyaves kept working.

Luke's phrase was, NO TORCH WILL BE UNLIT. Jeff informed him that it was incorrect.

Ida yelled and screamed for Jeff to come over. Goyaves was bubbling with excitement, they believed that their puzzle was correct... AND IT WAS! Goyaves won immunity, sending the seemingly invincible Bananier to Tribal Council!


Dallas cornered Taylor the minute they came back from the challenge.

Quote1There's no need to worry. The other alliance is voting for Conner tonight.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1How do you know that?Quote2- Taylor
Quote1I listened to their conversation.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1OK. Are we voting for Conner too?Quote2- Taylor
Quote1What do you want to do?Quote2- Dallas
Quote1 You can make the decision, since you're so good at making decisions (smiles). Quote2- Taylor

So far, Dallas is much easier to manipulate than I thought he would be. You just need to stroke his ego.


Quote1OK, we'll vote Conner. Go tell Ruby, make it unanimous.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1OK.Quote2- Taylor

Everyone might have thought that Conner would go home, but Lydia had other plans. Lydia wanted Ruby to go home, and she'd stop at nothing to get Ruby out before Conner. She saw Conner, who was sitting in the shelter, complaining, as always.

Quote1Conner, you've got to listen to me.Quote2- Lydia
Quote1What? I don't want to hear your annoying voice. It reminds me of the mosquitoes. I hate mosquitoes.Quote2- Conner
Quote1Conner! Izzy, Luke, Adam, and Ryan will be voting for you tonight!Quote2- Lydia

Instead of reacting like a normal person, Conner said the following:

Quote1That's not my problem! Go away!Quote2- Conner
Quote1Just vote for Ruby tonight!Quote2- Lydia
Quote1Will it make you go away?Quote2- Conner
Quote1Yes.Quote2- Lydia
Quote1Then, OK. I'll do it.Quote2- Conner

I'm not going to sit here and let Conner go before the beauty queen. Ruby will be the third person voted out of Survivor, you'll see.


Lydia's plans were foiled when Luke noticed her doing this. He decided to exchange a few words with her for the better of the alliance.

Quote1What are you doing?Quote2- Luke
Quote1Saving Conner, obviously.Quote2- Lydia
Quote1Well, why?! We agreed, Conner goes now, Ruby goes later.Quote2- Luke
Quote1Ruby should go now.Quote2- Lydia
Quote1We're voting for Conner tonight. Please don't mess it up.Quote2- Luke
Quote1I can't promise that.Quote2- Lydia

Lydia is singled-handedly destroying what is possibly the easiest vote in Survivor history. Way to go.


Lydia went over to Adam and Beth, with whom she spoke to about voting for Ruby. The two of them agreed to, but secretly, Adam was worried. Did he want to be a part of breaking up the alliance this early? And more importantly, would he be able to remain absolutely neutral in the battle?

Lydia spoke to Ruby, telling her to change her vote to Luke, which Ruby agreed to. Lydia then told Taylor and Dallas to vote for Luke as well. Would they be able to pull it off?

Tribal Council

As Bananier attended their first Tribal Council, Jeff told them to grab the torch, dip it in the flame, then sit down.

Quote1Luke, during the challenges, you took control both times, with everyone pretty much just watching you. Do you think this makes you the leader?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1There's no leader on our tribe. I just showed an aptitude for puzzles and fire-making, so everyone else just let me take over. It was for the good of the tribe.Quote2- Luke
Quote1Taylor, do you agree with Luke, that there is no leader?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Luke has certainly stepped up in a leadership role, which is good. He's athletic, confident, and smart, but he also needs to realize that there are traitors within his own inner circle (she looks at Lydia, who ignores her).Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Taylor, you looked at Lydia when you said that, why?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Well, Jeff. Lydia's alliance was planning to vote for Conner, so Dallas, Ruby, and I thought that we'd vote for Conner as well. But then, Lydia told us to vote for Luke instead. Seems a bit fishy, doesn't it? I mean, we're voting for the same person you are, Lydia. No need to tell us to vote for someone different.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1(turning to Lydia): I guess I didn't get the full explanation when you told me what was going on.Quote2- Luke
Quote1I'm not voting for you! I'm voting for Conner!Quote2- Lydia
Quote1Wait... you said that you'd vote for Ruby. And even though you were REALLY annoying, I agreed to vote for Ruby. And you said you'd vote for Ruby.Quote2- Conner

Tribal Council 3:
Conner (7 votes)
Taylor, Dallas, Luke, Ruby, Adam, Ryan, Izzy
Ruby (3 votes)
Conner, Lydia, Beth
Conner GS
Conner Winston

Voting Confessionals

At least now, there will be some peace and quiet at camp.


You're annoying, just like everything out here.


I'm hoping I've convinced other that you need to go. When you're out of the game, go back to kindergarten.


You're a sweet kid, but you need to get a brain.


Why did you even apply for Survivor? You suck at it.


If you're ever offered to be on a reality show, Rule One is to keep your mouth shut.


I'm betraying some people with this vote, but this is for the good of the tribe.


Um, I'm not so sure why I'm voting for you. It's just that... Taylor and Dallas told me to. Hey, that rhymed! Bye!


Conner, we all knew that this would be the first vote cast. Best of luck to you.


Conner, I'm sorry I had to write your name down, but I'm not voting for Ruby or Luke. You're the only other alternative who might be getting votes tonight.


Final Words

I'm never applying for a reality show again. It stunk. At least there are no mosquitoes back home.


Still in the Running

Louie GS
Chloe GS
Conner GS

Next Time on Survivor...

  • A surprise makes everyone nervous.
This is bad.


  • And tensions rise on the Bananier tribe.
You (bleep)!

Shut up you (bleep)!

Author's Notes

  • The title of this episode was said by Taylor.