"I Am The One, The Only, Survivor!"

Will the loved one's start up a storm?

Season Survivor: Solomon Islands
Author User:Henzzy
Episode Number 13/15
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This is the 13th episode of Survivor: Solomon Islands

Previously On Survivor...

The final 7 was spilt into 3 different groups. Nate, Rachael and Lucas VS Brad and Regina VS Tammie and T-Man. T-man and Brad oth had idols. Brad and T-Man were on the chopping block, and when nither won immunity, there was a 3-3-1 vote. When Brad and T-Man played there idols, there was only 1 vote left.

Jeff: Regina, The tribe has spoken.

Regina was blindsided by T-Man. 6 people remain, and with no idols left in the game, anyone could go home. Who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Mud Slinging

Castaways compete along side their loved ones for this challenge. The castaway will throw a mud-covered ball to their loved one, who must attempt to knock over five targets from a pedestal. First castaway to do this will win reward.

Reward:The winner (along with 2 other castaways of their choice) will get to spend the afternoon and the night with their loved one.

Winner: T-Man (Tammie & Brad)

Immunity Challenge: The Domino Effect

See this' link

'Winner: 'Brad


Night 30

Returning from tribal council, the Honiara tribe is in shock like usal. Brad is now allyless. 

damn! Regina went home and now i'm alown. I need to keep fighting to win this because i don't want to lose when i am 9 days away! I want this so badly!


Brad, your game is over. If you don't win immunity, your out! See ya!


Day 31

Brad wakes up early on day 31 and goes for a relaxing swim. He is then joined by Tammie and T-Man. Brad thinks this is the perfect time to form an unlikely alliance.

Brad: T-Man, Tammie, We need to stick together. If we don't the pecking order will be me, T-Man then Tammie and those three will be the top three. We need to stick together an somehow get us 3 to the top 3.

Tammie: That coul...

T-Man: we are in!

T-Man and Tammie joined up with me really fast. Know all we need to do is avoid a tie. I think I can concinve The other 3 into thinking im with them and want to take out T-Man and Tammie. When really my loyalty, well some of it lies with Tammie and T-Man.


Brad is the last person i would want to take to the final 3. But if i stick with Nate, Rachael and Lucas i wont even make the final 3. So i need to take a risk.


Lucas and Rachael go looking for some fruits in the forrest while Nate sleeps in the shelter. 

When night falls, the rain falls with it! In one of the biggest rain storms of survivor history. The final 6 snuggle up in the shelter to gain warmth. The storm continues all night, the castaway talk about what they do when its raining at home. Tammie plays board games with her best friend and flat mate,Mel. Lucas chats to his friends on socal networks. Brad plays games with his wife and twin sons. Rachael plays games with her son and daughter. Nate hangs out with his friends and syblings. And T-man talks to his friends and "sister" Veronica.

Ok, i lied, Veronica isnot my sister she is my real girlfriend. But i cant say that because Tammie's slow brian will find out what the word Girl friend means with in 9 days.


Day 32

The tribes arrive ready for there reward challenge. Jeff askes the contestants what are they missing most from home? They all reply there family. Jeff then tells them they are about to see some family and friends.

Jeff: Tammie, heres your friend Mel

Mel: *runs out* TAMMIE!

Tammie: MEL! *hugs Mel* Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!

Jeff: Rachael, heres you husband Jason.

Rachael: oh my goodness!

jason: *runs out and grabs Rachael and kisses her* I love you so so so much!

Rachael: I love you too!

Jeff: Lucas, heres your dad, Ton

Tony: *runs out* Lucas, my son!

Lucas: Dad! *hugs him*

Jeff: Brad, heres you wife, Sally.

Sally: *runs out* who's that man? Ha ha ha!

Brad: *hugs Sally*

Jeff: Nate, your sisters dieing to see you!

Cassie: *Runs out* 

Nate: Cassie! oh my.... *hugs his sister*

Jeff: T-Man, heres your girlfriend, Veronica.

T-Man: 0_0!!!! Jeff i'm single!?!? Veronica is my sister...

Jeff: oh sorry

Veronica: *runs out*

T-Man: *whispers to veronica* Play along. I've missed you.

Jeff the explains the challenge and they begin. From the start, Mel and Tammie are struggling. Brad and Sally score 1. T-Man and veronica score 1. Lucas and Tony score. The Rachael and Jason score. Cassie struggles getting the balls to Nate. Rachael and Jason score a second. Followed by T-Man and Veronica. Brad and Sally then score there second. and Nate and Cassie there first. Rachael and Jason score a third. so do barad and Sally then T-Man and Veronica. T-man and veronica score a 4th. Followed by Tony and Lucas with there second. Brad and Sally score there 4th. and Tammie and Mel final score there first. T-Man throws and just misses his final target. rachael and Jason score there 4th and then T-Man scores and wisn the challenge. T-Man and Veronica hug and celebrate there victory. Jeff tells him to pick 2 people to join him on reward. He picks Tammie and Brad.

Jeff Probst! You nearly screwed up my game. I was so close to losing my temper! But i held it in. If Tammie finds out Veronica is my girl friend, she will eventually figure out what that means and i'll be screwed.


I'm a cop. I know when some one is lying. And T-Mans "sister" is not his sister. Jeff didn't say girlfriend for no reason. And i think Tammie know that!


T-man, I'm not an idiot! Come on! I know she's your girlfriend. Like seriously! I'm not as dumb as you think!


Rachael, Nate and Lucas walk back to camp in tears because they didn't get to spend time with there loved ones. T-Man, Tammie and Brad are very excited and enjoy a meal with there loved ones. They all then talk to there loved ones about there family and friends back home. T-Man and Veronica then go off in private to talk. Tammie, Brad and there loved ones talk about T-Man.

Tammie: Brad, do you think his "sister" is really his sister. Because i don't buy it for a second! 

Brad: She's not his sister! He his very stupid to lie about that! He's been lying the whole game though.

Sally: Is he like "The Villain?

Tammie: He make's Russell look like a hero! He's a freakin' jerk.

Mel: Why don' you vote him out?

Brad: We can't, we need he's vote or we will come 5th and 4th. The other 3 have an alliance and we have an allance. 

Tammie: Yeah...

T-Man and Veronica are sitting in the camp shelter while T-Man talks to her about why she is his "sister".

T-Man: The reason you need to pretend to be my sister is because i've been flirting with that dumb girl over there and if she finds out...I'm dead.

Veronica: You cheated on me?

T-Man: oh no Veronica no i didn;t

Veronica: That's why i love you! Because you are a lying cheating devious person. That's why i love you!

T-Man: and i love you too!

The loved ones then left, reluctantlty. And the castaways went back to there normal camp life. 

Day 33

At the immunity challenge, Jeff explains the rules and tells them the 3 fastest will move on. When they start, Tammie and Rachael move very fast and get there first bag across in one try. T-Man and Lucas have trouble. Brad and Nate get there first bag. T-Man struggles to get acroos the balence beam and falls continuely. Rachael scores her second. Followed by Tammie and Brad. Lucas scores his first and Nate his second. Rachael comes back with her third and moves on to the final round. Brad then finishes and moves on to the final round. Tammie and Nate and racing to get there final bag, but Nate falls at the end and Tammies scores and moves on.

In the final round, Tammie struggles to get the dominoes standing up. Rachael and Brad make very fast work dodging the ropes and putting up the dominoes. Tammie finally gets something going but Rachael and Brad are way in frount.Brad then his some rope and a small section of dominoes fall over. Rachael then has hers finished and knockes over her first domino, if goes almost to the end but not quite she must then fix them up. Tammie knocks over a lot of her dominos when she bumbs into a rope. Brad then has his finished and trys knocking his first domino over and it works, Brad's flag raises and he wins immunity. 

Back at camp, discussion about who will be voted out at tribal council is all the is talked about. Brad wants to try and split the other alliances voted so his alliance can get further. He talks to Rachael, Nate and Lucas.

I'm going to lie to these guys so that my alliance will be the top 3! I'm determined and i'm going to kick some butt.


Brad: Guys, here's my plan, T-Man has a third idol, he showed me it in odred to try gain my trust.

Lucas: Oh my gosh! WOW!

Brad: I know. I was so shocked. But i don't want t-man out lasting anyone else. What we need to do is split the vote 2-2 so if he plays his idol, we can vote him out in the re-vote. Are you guys good to do that?

Nate: yeah! I'm good with that. Rachael and Lucas you vote T-Man, Brad and i will vote Tammie. Ok guys we're good.

I really didn't believe what Brad just told us. I mean he is obviously trying to split our votes. I need to tell my alliance that.


rachael: I don't believe brad.

Lucas: Really? I do. The dude has lied the whole game.

Rachael: I don't buy it. We should all vote for T-Man or Tammie.

Lucas: rachael, your worring about nothing. We're good. Rachael: Ok then.

At tribal council. The jury walks in. Ben, Andrew, Johnny, Stephanie and Regina. Jeff then askes the tribe what it feels like to have lasted 33 days. They all say similar things like "It's amazing", " i never thought i could do it" blah blah blah. Jeff askes "Now that Stephanie and Regina are out, is there any conflict?" This question clears angers Stephanie who is on the jury, death stearing T-man. Brad replies "Nothing major is going on. We have disagrements, but nothing huge." Jeff askes more quations and then the final 6 vote. When jeff reads the votes, lucas is voted out in a 3-2-1 vote. Rachael and nate hug there friend before he walks out. T-Man starts laughing as he now has the numbers majority. 

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 15:
Lucas (3 votes)
T-Man, Tammie, Brad
T-Man (2 votes)
Lucas & Rachael
Tammie (1 vote)
Lucas out
Lucas Winston

Voting Confessionals

You'r going home because, I Am The One, The Only Survivor!


Tammie, get your torch ready.


I hope Brad's move pays off.


If only we would all vote together than maybe you would go home.


Bye Tammie


Please, please, please! I hope this worked.


Final Words

WOW! I should have listened to Rachael. This is the only time i've ever really felt stupid. Brad obviously made a huge move and he deserves to be there! Good for him. As for Tammie and T-Man, i hope you guys are next. Good luck Nate, Rachael, and Brad.

–Lucas Winston

Still In The Running

Chris out
Johnny out
Larry out
Lucas out
Jenny out
Jodi out
Regina out
Stephanie out
Andrew out
Ben out
Felix out
Carol out
Cynthia out
Elizabeth out
Heather out

Next Time On Survivor...

T-Man, Tammie and Brad have the majority. And Nate and Rachael are on the outs.

Rachael: I'm next, then you.

Nate: I don't want this to happen.

And will Brad betray T-Man.

Brad: The guys a f*****g idiot!

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