"I Can't Forgive"
Season Survivor: Tarutao
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 10/14
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This is the tenth episode of Survivor: Tarutao.

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Reward Challenge Survivor Auction
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Immunity Challenge: Domino Effect
Each player must stack all of their wooden like a line of domino tiles while avoiding tripwires that would topple the tiles that were already stacked. Once all of the blocks were properly stacked, the castaway would start a chain reaction which would be enough to trigger mechanism which will release a ball rolling to a bowl, releasing a flag. The first castaway to raise their flag would win.
Winner: TBA


Night 26

After an intense Tribal Council, where Asami was voted out, the Chalam tribe comes back to camp, where Aries demands an explanation as to why Naak didn't vote as planned. Helena snaps back, saying he is not in the position to demand anything, and in fact, Aries should be the one answering some questions, about his deal with Jarakay. Donny and Colin are also disappointed on how Aries acted during their absence (both were at the reward while Aries was back at camp, making deals with the enemy). Aries apologizes to the Naak alliance for his betrayal, saying that he got greedy enough to think about the endgame, now that their are only 13 days left, but he thinks that what he did was not a significant one, since he finds Megan a threat, and regardless of whether or not voting off Megan came into fruition, it was still a win for Naak, since another Jarakay fell down.

I don't know why they are making a big deal of my deal with Jarakay. First off, there is no guarantee that Asami, Brody and Paul will really vote for me in the end, I just want to make sure that Jarakay will not rebound in any way because right now, Megan is still the pivotal person here. As for Helena, she is pointing the finger at me because I was thinking of my own sake because I'm starting to collect jury votes this early. What does she think of herself? Clean? I don't think so. The only reason she's stuck up on Megan is because she has the idol, and she knows that once Naak can afford losing a member, she is the first target.


As much as I feel guilty on lashing out at Aries for making greedy moves, I also am doing moves for myself, such as trying to remain in Megan's good graces. She is a nice person, and I'm looking forward to be friends with her, but I need her idols to protect me. I have to make sure Aries goes next.


While the tension is happening at the Naak alliance, Megan prepares to sleep, until Brody and Paul come up and apologize to her for the wrongdoings they did to her.

Quote1I'm just wondering if you can still give us a chance?Quote2- Brody
Quote1Chance for what? Side with you guys?Quote2- Megan
Quote1Kinda. Can't you see? The people whom you trusted are now targeting you.Quote2- Paul
Quote1Can't you see you're using me as a pawn again? What do you want me to do? Vote with you, and get dragged in the end? I'm going my way! I can't forgive!Quote2- Megan
Megan is so misguided right now. She thinks that going to the end with us will hurt her and make her appear a scapegoat, but it's not really the case. She's overplaying, because Paul and I are not even remotely close from being threats. Compared to us, Megan has turned herself from a social outcast to complete threat. She has the idol, and she is the only person who can flip the game upside down.


Day 27

$500. Do you really need a poem?

–Tree Mail, as read by Colin

Tree Mail provides each castaway an envelope containing $1000, implying a Survivor Auction. Hungry and weak, the eight remaining castaways are elated to know a food auction is upon them.

This auction is what we need right now. We are bored, hungry and weak. I hope there will be no exotic food trap items there.


The Chalam tribe meets Jeff Probst for the auction. Jeff reminds them they are not allowed to share food items nor pool money. Bidding will be in $20 increments. Jeff offers a covered item, which would remain covered until there's a winning bidder. Megan starts at $80, but Helena jumps at $120. Megan then bids at $200. Helena lets her have it. Jeff gives Megan a choice between two other covered items. After a short sniff. Megan picks her original item. Jeff opens the items she didn't pick: A rotten coconut, and a privilege to receive an extra pair of clothing to be received once they return to camp. Jeff opens Megan's prize, revealing a huge plate of burger and fries. The other items are:

  • Hoagie and potato chips (won by Colin at $240)
  • A power to send a tribemate back to camp, keeping his unspent money (won by Megan at $80; chose Brody to go back to camp, giving her his unspent $500) - But before Brody leaves the auction, he asks if there is a Hidden Immunity Idol planted at camp. Jeff says there was an idol planted somewhere at camp since the merge (Megan's other idol, which she found inside the roasted pig during the merge feast).
  • Spaghetti and meatballs (won by Donny, at $300)
  • An advantage at the next Immunity Challenge (won by Paul at $500)
  • A sponge bath and a slice of chocolate cake (won by Megan by exhausting all her money, including Brody's = $920)
  • A boiled tarantula (sealed item; won by Aries at $380) - Jeff gives him the option between two sealed items. The other item (the original item Aries won, revealed to be a banana split, which Helena buys at $420)
  • A whole box of pizza (won by Colin at $260, the remainder of his money)
  • PBJ sandwhich (won by Aries at $120; but was given a choice between the sandwich, and an extra rice and beans for the tribe; Aries chose the latter)
  • a whole roasted turkey for the entire tribe, and can only be consumed within 90 seconds (won by Morrison; $500)

Alone at camp after being "excused" from the auction, Brody spends time looking for a possible Hidden Immunity Idol. Unknown to him, the third idol was already found by Megan. Brody relentlessly searches the jungle for naught, until the Chalam tribe comes back to camp. Paul asks Brody if he had any luck in finding an idol, but Brody remains empty-handed, speculating that the idol may have been found by someone from Naak. His suspect? Helena.

I have a slight hunch the idol had been found. My only suspect is Helena because it's her who needs it the most, since the Naak men are apparently close to each other.


Brody approaches Aries, who is still apparently mad at him because he outed him at the last Tribal Council, despite his promises not to do so. Aries tries to avoid him, but he is eventually enticed by what Brody has to say.

Quote1What do you want? I still can't forget what you did to me last night.Quote2- Aries
Quote1No please. I am so sorry. I went for the jugular last night because me and Paul are on the outs. But I wanna ask you something. Do you think another idol was planted around here somewhere?Quote2- Brody
Quote1Not that I know of, and I'm not interested in talking to you.Quote2- Aries
Quote1Just here me out for a while. Okay, that jury vote deal is off obviously, but I want you to mull this over. Megan has our idol, and pretty much the other one's gone, and I have a hunch Helena has it.Quote2- Brody
Quote1I'm listening.Quote2- Aries
Quote1There is no doubt Megan turned into a threat all of a sudden. Now, with no strings attached, what if we make an upset? Like, right now, Megan is confident enough not to use her idol, but if we split the votes, and Helena uses her idol, Megan goes.Quote2- Brody
Quote1What makes you say Helena has it?Quote2- Aries
Quote1Helena seems nervous about her place in the game, given that you guys entered the merge with her as the only girl on your tribe, and she is closest to Megan. You know how a powerful a pair is in this game, right?Quote2- Brody
Quote1Of course. Don't screw me over this time. I will consider this for sure.Quote2- Aries

Aries comes up to Megan, and apologizes to her about his plan to blindside her last night. Aries talks strategy with her, saying he is now willing to work with her to vote out Paul and Brody. Megan is suspicious of Aries sudden change of heart.

Aries is such a smelly fish. Thank goodness I don't eat seafood. I know he is up to something again, and it has something to do with me. But I have to play along for a while until I fully know what is really happening, and make a plan afterwards.


Aries goes to Donny and Colin, who are both still a little skeptical of Aries since last night. Aries begs for their forgiveness. Both guys cautiously forgive him, saying that he was just trying to keep their final three deal, and they don't treat the deal seriously. Donny asks what is Aries up to. Aries answers that he would like the remaining men to collaborate temporarily to defuse Megan's idol. He explains that Brody suspects that Helena has the Chalam idol, and Megan is too confident to use hers, that is why would like the men to split the votes between Megan and Helena, and hopefully one of them goes home.

I am quite scared of what Megan is capable of, but what I know is, she feels she is in the seat of power right now. That is why while she is still feeling that way, we are planning to split the votes between the two girls. Megan is getting more and more complacent that is why she won't her idol, while Helena owning another one is still ambiguous. I hope my plan works, if not, I'll be put in a deeper grave than last night. I was lucky to come out from that one alive.


Evening at the Chalam camp, Megan talks to Helena, telling her about the conversation she had with Aries. Helena notices that the men are talking more and more throughout the day. As a failsafe, Megan finally gives Helena the idol she obtained from the merge feast. Both girls agree to try to sniff as much information as possible to keep each other in the game.

Now that we both have idols, the best thing to do is to try to get as much info about ourselves because neither of us wants to go home with an idol in her back pocket.


Day 28

Donny and Colin are collecting firewood, until Donny hatches a new plan. Since Aries unsuspected flipping, Donny states he can no longer trust Aries and he wants to regroup the Naak alliance and oust Aries. While initially wanting to vote Helena and Megan out and make an all-male final three, Colin and Donny approach Helena and Megan, who happen to be at the well, collecting water.

Quote1Hey, girls.Quote2- Colin
Quote1Oh hey. What's up?Quote2- Helena
Quote1I feel for you for not trusting Aries. Actually neither do I or Colin wanted to trust him anymore.Quote2- Donny
Quote1So, what's your plan? Blindside Aries?Quote2- Megan
Quote1That depends, because we wanna know first if you have the idols. Aries making deals with Brody again. They're planning to split the vote between the two of you.Quote2- Colin
Quote1&%#$! I knew I can't trust that scoundrel!Quote2- Megan

Calm down. We don't want Aries to gain control of the game. He almost did last Tribal. We can't let him do it again.Quote2- Donny

Quote1Agreed.Quote2- Megan
Quote1Same.Quote2- Helena
Quote1Do you have plans now? We actually have two. One was the rehidden Jarakay idol, and the other one I found at the merge feast. It's at the roasted pig.Quote2- Megan
Quote1Awesome. We are actually making Aries believe that we will be voting with him. That is, split the votes between you guys.Quote2- Donny
Quote1Then, you both whip out your idols, then poof! Aries is gone!Quote2- Colin
Quote1Sounds good to me.Quote2- Megan
Quote1Seconded.Quote2- Helena
Quote1So it's us four till the end?Quote2- Donny
Quote1Awesome.Quote2- Helena
Quote1Great!Quote2- Colin
Quote1Let's kick their butts!Quote2- Megan
That conversation we had with Colin and Donny was amazing. For the first time in this game, people are actually coming to me for an alliance. Colin and Donny basically said they can't trust Aries no longer after his move against me. Now, we are having a final four pact. Should we get an alliance name?


Meanwhile, few meters off-shore, Morrison and Aries are fishing. Morrison explains his financial condition to Aries, saying that the recession really took a toll on his farm, his investment. Aries, whom Morrison considers as a friend, finds him more threatening than Helena and Megan combined.

Cold blooded as it might seem, but I think Morrison is a bigger threat because he didn't make enemies in the jury, and he needs the money more than any of us combined. I think I have to reconsider my options. If the title is really for me, thn Morrison has to die at the next vote, or else I won't win.


Evening at the Chalam camp, Aries talks to Colin and Donny, saying it could be the time for Naak to cut one of their own, explaining to him that Morrison poses as a bigger threat to their final three plan, and proposes to blindside him since they have the numbers, and will still have the numbers after the vote. Unknown to Aries, what he did at the last Tribal Council already broke that pact he made with Colin and Donny.

Though the deal we had with Aries was secretly off, Aries has a pretty good idea of blindsiding Morrison. By tomorrow morning, Helena and Megan have to know this, and from there, we make our move.


Day 29

Colin talks to Helena and Megan about Aries' idea of blindsiding Morrison. Both girls agree to change vote plans. Megan proposes that they should save the split vote at a later time, and go with Aries' plan of voting off Morrison, because Aries would have less jury votes compared to Morrison, who hasn't hurt anybody. The three of them agree it would be Morrison instead of Aries. Colin promises the girls to relay the information to Donny. Meanwhile, as they collect their Tree Mail, Donny talks to Aries, saying that he, Colin, and the girls are on board with his plan of blindsiding Morrison, and the girls have forgiven him. To cover up the girls' two idols, Donny lies to Aries, saying that Megan's idol is the only idol in play, and the second idol may still be out there. Donny and Colin then compare notes, where their final four pact will vote with Aries at the next vote, but will vote him out at the Tribal Council after it.

Aries is in a big surprise after this vote. We are totally on board with his plan of blindsiding Morrison, as cold blooded as it was. But we could just shove it at Aries so we don't get brunt of the blame. We might be voting with him at the next vote, but certainly not the one after it.


The Chalam tribe meets Jeff probst for their next Immunity Challenge. Jeff reveals that the advantage Paul won from the auction is that, his challenge station will be relatively shorter than the other players. While the rest of the contestants have eight rows to fill in, Paul only has six.

The castaways rush to stack their blocks. Brody, Megan and Morrison struggle to do the challenge because they constantly touch the tripwires. Colin and Donny perform slowly but surely. Helena, Paul and Aries are on equal playing field until Helena's stack fall short because the blocks are not distanced correctly. Paul tips his first block, as Aries tries to catch up by restacking. As Aries starts to move his blocks, Paul accomplishes the task, winning himself immunity.

Back at the Chalam camp, Morrison approaches Colin and Aries, asking confirmation about the split vote. Aries tells him there are changes of plans, saying that Megan already forgave him, and voting out Brody is the new plan. Morrison comes to the other members of the Naak alliance, and he hears the same thing from everyone. Feeling unpleasant, Morrison looks for the idol, to no avail. Colin and Donny are secretly giggling as Morrison fruitlessly searches the forest for the idol.

My alliance partners say pretty much the same thing, but I feel there is something awfully wrong. I better find that idol quick.


Meanwhile, Brody approaches Aries if he is truly next to go. Aries tells him the Naak alliance are plotting against Morrison, and it will be in his best interest to either vote with them, or stay out of the way. Megan overhears the conversation, confirming further Aries untrustworthiness. Meanwhile, Paul takes a nap off-shore at the raft.

The Naak's are turning on each other, now they have enough numbers that can get them at the next round. That said, it will be only temporary. With Aries as the leader of the Naak alliance, I have to continue working him until they completely fall apart. I have to keep fighting.


At Tribal Council, Helena and Megan express their frustrations at Aries for trying to vote them out despite their loyalty. Aries apologizes and clears the situation, saying he no longer targets them, and the Naak alliance has regrouped, though he admits that if he is next to go, he has nothing to blame other than himself. With the odd man out, Brody says he is happy to accept his fate since Paul is immune, and there is no chance that they would turn on Megan, who would just whip out her idol and save herself. In a last-ditch effort to persuade the Naaks to turn on Brody, Morrison claims he has found the elusive third Hidden Immunity Idol, and shows a rolled burlap with a rock hidden inside. A paranoid Morrison tries to use it to convince the Naak alliance to stick together vote Brody out, but everyone in the Naak alliance (minus Aries) see through Morrison's bluff, while Brody and Paul throw their votes to Megan. In the end, Morrison is the first of the Naaks to join the jury in a 5-2-1 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
Morrison (5 votes)
Aries, Colin, Donny, Helena, & Megan
Megan (2 votes)
Brody & Paul
Brody (1 vote)
Morrison Doyle

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • Aries becomes emotional and nervous for blindsiding Morrison. 
  • Brody and Paul continue to fight for their lives. Will they be able to convince Megan to use her idol for one of them?
  • With Morrison gone, will Aries be able to take down Helena and Megan? Will Helena and Megan use their idols? Stay tuned!

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