"I Don't Like Those Type of People"
Season Survivor: Virgin Islands
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Episode Number 13/13
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This is the season finale of Survivor: Virgin Islands.


Previously On Survivor...

Sixteen castaways arrived on Exile Island to survive for thirty-nine days living in the islands of the Virgin Islands, split into the tribes Croix and Thomas. Early on, Geoffrey and Leo represented their tribes in a challenge. Leo won, gaining his tribe's trust. Geoffrey was left alone on Exile Island, where two Hidden Immunity Idols were located. One being the Double Immunity Idol.
Friendships formed early on between Sparky and Zachary of the Croix tribe, and Felicity and Octavia of the Thomas tribe. On Thomas, Casper and Justice were outcasts due to their views on the game differing from everyone else. Alexis attempted to make a women's alliance with Felicity, Tiffany and Octavia.
At the first Tribal Council, Casper was voted out, leaving Justice angry. At Croix, Haley and Mark began to target Geoffrey. Due to this, Geoffrey was voted out. Mark, however, had the idol. At Thomas, Harrison and Leo came to an agreement to align with each other. On Exile Island, Leo created a fake Double Idol to confuse people.
A Tribe Swap sent Samantha to Exile Island, where she found the fake idol. The swap also placed Alexis and Leo on Croix, and Katrina and Sparky on Thomas. Due to being new, Alexis was voted out. Shortly afterward, Zachary was removed from the game after an injury. On Exile Island, Justice found the Double Idol. Later that night, Sparky was voted out.
After merging into the tribe Lionel, Leo rejoined the Thomas tribe, betraying Croix. Samantha and Haley were eliminated due to this. Leo was able to convince Mark to give him the idol, which he used to vote him out. While Harrison dominated challenges, he became a threat. When Justice flipped out before a challenge, he was removed from the game, passing the Double Idol to Leo. With the Double Idol, Leo and Harrison were protected against the "Breakfast Alliance", consisting of Katrina, Tiffany, Octavia and Felicity. Katrina was voted out due to this.
On the previous episode, Octavia joined the duo of Harrison and Leo, and the three voted out Tiffany.
Only four remain:

Felicity, the police officer who played very strategically. Keeping her social game strong, and being physically strong when she needed to be.

Harrison, who formed a powerful pact and physically dominated challenges. He mastered the social game, which put a target on his back.

Leo, who was targeted for a long time, yet managed to send the votes in the direction he wanted with the use of idols and strategy.

Octavia, the happy girl who tried to never offend people, and joined a strong alliance, only to betray it due to her having her own strategies.

Who will be the sole SURVIVOR?


Immunity Challenge: The Maze
The castaways must race through a maze to collect eight colored rungs. Once they have all eight, they must place the rungs on steps and climb them. First person to reach the top wins.
Winner: Harrison

Immunity Challenge: Balance Of Power
Starting on the largest of a series of floating platforms, every fifteen minutes the Final Three will move to the next smaller platform. As the platforms get smaller, it will get tougher for the Survivors to maintain their balance. Only their feet can touch the platform. If their hands touch the platform or they fall off, they are eliminated. The last person standing wins.
Winner: Harrison


Night of Day 36

After returning from Tribal Council, Felicity is angry at Octavia for killing the Breakfast Alliance. Octavia apologizes to Felicity, but Felicity is mad that they are now tied with the guys in numbers.

Octavia ruined us! Harrison and Leo have a chance now! I swear, if Octavia's in the finals and I'm not, she will not get my vote. I would seriously vote for Leo over her!


The Breakfast Alliance really did "Break fast". Hehehe. I'm sticking with the guys. I know I can beat them, so it works for me.


Meanwhile, Harrison and Leo meet up to discuss the finals. Leo brings up that they just need to take out the girls to be in the finals, to which Harrison agrees on.

The thing about Leo is, usually I don't like those type of people. But we have had an alliance as long as I can remember, so I will stay loyal to him.


We need Octavia one last time, just to take down queen Felicity. Then, we lose Octavia. Great plan. This is going to be a great ending to a great adventure. When I win a million dollars.


Day 37

Early in the day, the final four go to meet Probst for the next Immunity challenge. Probst announced that Exile Island was out of the game, and now the contestants would only be playing for Immunity.

In the challenge, Felicity and Harrison start off in the lead. Octavia and Leo fall behind. Harrison gets the first rung, followed by Felicity, followed by Harrison once again, followed by Leo, followed by Harrison. Felicity was lost and couldn't find the rung. Octavia, who was also lost, bumped into Felicity when going through the course. Harrison and Leo managed to find their next few rungs, giving Harrison a huge lead. Felicity managed to find her next rung, but was far behind. Harrison retrieved all his rungs and began working on the steps. Leo then returned with all of his rungs and began working on the steps. Harrison then completed his steps and began to climb up. Harrison made it to the top, winning Immunity.

After returning to camp, Felicity tried to convince Octavia to rejoin her and tie the votes with Leo. Octavia went to Harrison and Leo, who reminded her to vote out Felicity.

I would feel so bad voting against my best friend on the show, but I really don't want to force a tie. What if Felicity loses and the guys hate me for betraying them? I would kiss the million dollars goodbye.


At Tribal Council, Felicity heavily implied that there would be a tie. However, after voting, Octavia sided with the guys. Due to this, Felicity was voted out in a 3-1 vote. This left Harrison, Leo and Octavia as the final three.

Day 38

After Tribal Council, Octavia feels horrible about betraying Felicity. However, she hopes that she can win the final Immunity challenge and go to the finals with Leo.

I'm a traitor. I'm just as bad as Leo. I just hope that now I can win the final Immunity and go against the jury with Leo. I'm convinced that I can beat him.


Harrison is proud of the fact that he made the final three.

Getting this far is a huge accomplishment. I knew who to align with and what to do when I needed to do it. These qualities allowed me to make it here.


Probst arrived early at the Lionel camp. He went to meet the contestants and informed them that they will be attending the Rites of Passage. The ceremony used to remember the fallen castaways that helped the three make it so far.

Harrison, Leo and Octavia walk to the Rites of Passage, and pass the torches of their fellow contestants. They collected all the torches, and ceremoniously burned them. Afterwards, they proceeded to their final challenge.

The final three met Probst for the Final Immunity Challenge. In the challenge, everyone started off well-balanced. After fifteen minutes, they moved to the next, smaller platform. Leo started trembling, but retained balance. Octavia, however, couldn't keep it up, and she fell off. This left the challenge between Harrison and Leo. Harrison stayed steady until having to move to the next platform. Both of the guys had trouble, but Leo fell off first. Meaning that Harrison won the Final Immunity.

After returning to camp, Leo and Octavia both had hopes that Harrison would take them to the finals.

Harrison and I have been allies for a long time. He better stay true, or he is not getting my vote.


I spent a lovely time on a yacht with Harrison on a reward trip. So I have strong hope that he will bring me.


Harrison began thinking about who would be the best to go to the final two with.

Normally, I would choose Leo to go to the finals. But Octavia may also be an easy victory. However, I'm not the type to betray pacts. This is going to be a difficult decision, and may or may not cost me the game.


At Tribal Council, Probst reminded Harrison that he will be going to the final two, and choosing who goes with him. Probst also revealed that Leo and Octavia would not vote, due to the fact that they can only vote each other.

After Harrison cast the final elimination vote, Probst went to retrieve it. Probst began to read it and revealed that the final person voted out was
Octavia. She hugged Harrison and Leo before leaving. Probst then announced that Harrison and Leo were the final two, and would face the jury. The final two then returned to camp.

Day 39

After Tribal Council, Harrison and Leo return to camp, alone. Both of them were happy to have gone as far as they could go.

I am here, in the final two. I think that I played a great game, both strategically and socially. I'm pretty sure that's why I'm still here.


I'm really overjoyed to be here, but I knew I'd make it all along. I'm one of the few people out here who can be called a true survivor. I sure hope the jury agrees.


Neither Harrison or Leo slept. Both of them were too excited to be reaching day thirty-nine. When the sun came up, Harrison and Leo began to plan their speeches to the jury. Afterwards, they went to get the treemail.

Treemail contained many different foods and beverages. Harrison and Leo were happy to have so much food after starving. While eating, Harrison and Leo were both thinking about the Final Tribal Council. The biggest part of the game.

This is the best day of the game. I may be facing a bitter jury, but I'm ready. I'm not expecting to get all the votes, but hopefully I'll get enough.


Before heading to the Final Tribal Council to face the jury, Harrison and Leo traditionally burned the camp down.

At the Final Tribal Council, Harrison and Leo sat down as the jury walked in. Probst then told the final two to make opening statements.

I just want to thank you all for this experience. This has been a great adventure and I'm glad that I was able to get to know all of you. This is a social and strategy game. I hope that you all will appreciate my gameplay, and vote for me.


Hey guys. I know you're all probably angry with me for the harsh way that I chose to play this game. I would like you all to know that I played in my own way. We all had our own ways of playing, mine just worked better. It's why I'm sitting here right now.


Probst then told the six Jury members to give speeches to the finalists. Felicity was first.

Felicity: Well, this is an ugly sight. I have different questions for both of you. First of all, Harrison, I told you to stop playing the way you were. You said you wouldn't. You didn't, and look at you now. You've been playing the "nice guy" role the whole game, so I want to see you be mean. Name one thing that you don't like about me.
Harrison: If I had to say, I'd say the fact that you get upset about too many things. If something doesn't go your way, you complain about it.
Felicity: Okay. Leo, my question is... what the Hell were you thinking playing the way you did?!
Leo: Well, I wanted to win. That's my answer.
Felicity: Alright. Thank you two, and congratulations to whoever wins.

Haley was next.

Haley: I'm very sad. Harrison, we barely got to know each other, and Leo... I really don't need to say. Leo, you hurt me. You broke my heart. You were on the chopping block after the switch, and you came to me for help. I agreed to align with you, and help you. All you had to do to fill in your end of the bargain was to stick with us after the merge. You turned around and went right back to your old tribe. I'm sad and hurt. You let me down, and you let all of Croix down. No questions, I just want you to know how I feel. Thank you for listening.

Katrina was next.

Katrina: Well, the two guys that got me out are the finalists. This is silly. Well, congratulations, you both. Harrison, I have a question for you. Did you have a strategy, besides winning all the time?
Harrison: Yes. My strategy was to be friendly and join an alliance. I just tried my best in challenges, and it helped.
Katrina: Good enough. Now Leo, when you played the idol, why did you eliminate me of all people?
Leo: I felt that you were too likable. Everyone loved you, and you were dangerous.
Katrina: Man, you guys are boring. You're answers are both very blunt. This is going to be a hard decision.

Mark was next.

Mark: Just like Haley, I have no questions. Harrison, just so you know, my anger will be directed towards Leo tonight. Leo, thanks. Thanks for humiliating me on television. I don't know why I should reward you with a million dollars after that. I could not stop swearing after being blindsided. I understand that you made a huge strategic move, but it was most certainly a horrible social move. After this show, I hope to never see you again in real life. Call me bitter, call me stupid for that idiotic decision, but I had to put up with your bull**** ever since you joined our tribe. I knew I could never trust you.

Octavia was next.

Octavia: Hey guys! It's nice to see you again! I don't care if I was voted out before the finals, I'm voting solely based on your answers to my questions. We spent all this time together, you should know me well by now. First off, Leo, what was my first job?
Leo: Waitress.
Octavia: Alright, Harrison, when is my birthday?
Harrison: July second, nineteen-seventy.
Octavia: Both correct! Choosing who to vote for will be harder than I thought. Thanks guys!

Tiffany was last.

Tiffany: I have nothing important to say. I'm proud of the way you chose to play the game. I'll admit, I was outplayed, outwitted and outlasted by you. I'm not bitter, I accept defeat. I will not cast my vote based on who I tried to eliminate. But answer this question: Why did you align with each other? Harrison.
Harrison: We were alone at camp and felt that we needed an alliance to get by.
Tiffany: Leo?
Leo: Same answer. I needed to form a good pact to stay loyal to.
Tiffany: I guess I'll accept those. I will vote for who I please.

Afterwards, Probst told the final two to make closing statements.

Thank you for those questions. I would hope that tonight, you would cast your votes for me. For I think that I played an honorable game. Once again, thank you all for this adventure.


I'm sorry to those who didn't like the way I chose to play the game. It was my strategy. There wasn't one move that I made in this game that I didn't think through completely. I'd be very joyful if you all voted for me.


Probst told the jury to cast their votes for a winner. They did so. After the voting, Probst went and retrieved the votes for the last time. He then thanked everyone for the season, and left Tribal Council. He then, along with the votes, boarded a helicopter. And it took off.

Months later, Probst arrived in California in the helicopter. He then walked onto a stage in front of a large audience. Harrison and Leo sat on the stage in the center. After giving an introduction, Probst read the votes.

In a unanimous vote, the winner of Survivor: Virgin Islands was revealed to be...


Harrison was declared the sole SURVIVOR, winning a million dollars, as well. The crowd applauded loudly, and Probst began to announce the reunion show.

Tribal Council

Day 37

Tribal Council 13:
Lukep (10)
Felicity (3 votes)
Lukep (11)Lukep (13)Lukep (14)
Harrison, Leo & Octavia
Lukep (13)
Leo (1 vote)
Lukep (10)
Felicity Benson

Final Words

I feel so horrible. I only had three days left, and I was betrayed. Other than that, I had a great experience and I loved my long time spent out here. Good luck, Harrison, Leo and even Octavia.


Day 38

Tribal Council 14:
Lukep (14)
Octavia (1 vote)
Lukep (11)
Octavia Vinistez

Final Words

In all honesty, I can say that Harrison made a very strategic move. I might have beaten him. Hahaha. I want to be in the finals, but I'll settle for third. I had a lot of fun playing!


Final Tribal Council

Tribal Council 15:
Jury Vote
Voted for
Lukep (11)
Harrison (6 votes)
Lukep (10)Lukep (1)Lukep (3)Lukep (4)Lukep (14)Lukep (15)
Felicity, Haley, Katrina, Mark, Octavia & Tiffany
Lukep (13)
Leo (0 votes)
Leonard Brickham
Lukep (11)
Harrison Randy

Voting Confessionals

Congratulations on getting this vote. Good luck!


Final Results

Lukep (11)

Next Time on Survivor...

Eighteen castaways will head to Zealand, to last thirty-nine days, competing for the title of sole SURVIVOR. Who will win? Find out in Survivor: Denmark!

Author's Notes

  • The final four's boots went through a few modifications before I decided on the order they go in.