"I Don't Like You, But I Don't Like Losing!"
Season Survivor: Solomon Islands
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Episode Number 14/15
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This is the 14th episode of Survivor: Solomon Islands

Previously On Survivor...

The final six were divided into two alliance's. Brad, Tammie and T-Man against Lucas, Nate and Rachael. Everyone wanted one more person to join them to avoid a tie and possible drawing rocks. But when six loved ones came to the isalnd, T-Man was scared. 

Jeff: T-Man, heres your girlfriend, Veronica.

T-Man: 0_0!!!! Jeff i'm single!?!? Veronica is my sister...

His girlfriend was pretending to be his sister. However, Brad and Tammie figured this out. However they kept that infomation to them selfs. At the immunity challenge. Rachael, Brad and Tammie battled it out for immunity. But Brad ended up winning. At camp, Brad dicided to try and split the other alliances votes. He convinced them he was with them and that they should stlit the vote 2-2 in case of an idol being played. At tribal council, Brads plan worked and Lucas was eliminated in a 3-2-1 vote. Only 5 remain. Who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge:  Chimney Sweep

The castaways would brace themselves with their arms between two walls while standing barefoot on two foot pegs. Every 15 minutes, the castaways would move down to smaller foot pegs. When the castaways reached the third set of foot pegs, they would try to remain on them as long as they could. The last castaway to remain on their pegs would win.

Reward: A massage and feast with 1 player of your choise.

Winner: Nate (Rachael)

Immunity Challenge: Balance Beam Maze

The castaways would start by walking across a maze. If they fall off, they have to start back from the beginning. Once they make it to the other side, they will then go to a rope net, where they have to untie 4 bags of puzzle pieces. Once they have all their bags, they will assemble a puzzle, which will give them clues to a combination of three numbers. The first castaway to get the number sequence right and raise her respective flag color will win Immunity.

Winner: Rachael


Night 33

Returning from Tribal Council, Rachael and Nate know they are on the outs, but Brad decideds to apologise to them for playing them.

Brad: Guys, i'm so sorry. I really am. 

Rachael: It's okay. You're playing a game just as we are. You made a smart move, i made a dumb move. So well done. You pulled it off. 

Brad is smart. He played that move perfectly. You know, he's a great guy, but he's playing to win. And if T-Man knows that T-Man will freak and maybe take Brad out before me and Nate. But i'll worry about that tomorrow. I need to sleep.


Rachael and Nate are 2 of the best people i've ever met. They are so understanding and never bitter. I would rather go to the final three with them. But that would be the dumbest thing for me to do. So i'm stuck with the T-gang.


The final five go and relax in the shelter. Some try to sleep, but stuggle because its an outher wet, stormy night in the Solomon islands. 

Day 34

The tribe wake up early and see there rice tin is very close to empty. Rachael and Brad vunlenteer to go with out any for the day, and the other three eat a small portion of the rice. Rachael then goes off and talks to T-Man about taking out Brad.

Rachael: T-Man, last night, Brad pulled off a great strategic move. You need to understand that taking Brad to the final three is not the smartest thing to do. He will beat you if you face off against him to the jury. Thats why he's the biggest threat and needs to go,

T-Man: I know what you're saying but, I honestly think he's been the least strategical player this whole time, i don't think he'll get any votes. Just saying.

Rachael: okay, well when they jury hands Brad a million dollars, don't come crying to me, because i have warned you.

I don't like Rachael. Rachael a b***h. She knows her and Nate are going next. She wants me to flip and give either her or Nate a million dollars? When i can easily beat a dumb 19 year old with no brain and a midless cop. She's stupid. She's going next.


Tammie, T-man and Brad go off and talk in private. T-Man tells everyone thtat they are so close and that Rachael and Nate will lie to stay an other day. T-man trys convincing he's alliance that Rachael and Nate are devious people and can't be trusted. 

T-Man is so worried me and Tammie will flip and vote him out. And honeslty that wouldn't be a bad idea. If they people on the other side were not Rachael and Nate. If either me or Tammie flips, we are handing either Nate or rachael a million dollars. And were not dumb enough to do that. So were staying with t-man. But honestly, The Guys a f*****g idiot!


AT the reward challenge, Jeff explains how the challenge works then they start. Everyone looks stable early on in the challenge. After 15 minutes, they all move down to the second pair of pegs. T-Man imediatly loses his foot controll and falls down. Becoming the first person eliminated from the challenge. The four that remain all look pretty good, until, Jeff tells them to move to the final set of foot pegs. Brad starts to stuggle and so does Tammie. Brad over comes it, but Tammie falls and becomes the second person out of the challenge. Brad, Nate and Rachael remain. Brad then cant take it anymore and drops. Rachael and Nate are the final two. Both look steady and could stay up a long time. 2 hours and 25 minutes later. Rachael and Nate both start struggling by this time. But Rahcael falls first and Nate wins reward. Jeff then tells Nate to pick one person to join him on reward. He picks Rachael, Jeff then tells them that when they get back to camp, there will be 2 massage tables and 2 masseuse will be waiting for them with a feast full of luxary foods from the Solomon Islands.

The final 5 walk back to camp. Rachael and Nate go over to get there massage and eat there feast. Nate and Rachael eat lots of food and recive massages, whist talking stratergy.

Rachael: We need to convince one of the three of them to come with us. Who do you think is the most persuadable? 

Nate: Tammie. If we can convince her to make a big move,we're good. 

Rachael: Okay, who's more convincing? You or me?

Nate: you. When we're done here, you do it. 

After the massage and feast is over, Tammie sets out to convince Tammie to turn on T-Man.She takes Tammie aside from the men so she can talk in private. 

Rachael: Hey Tammie, I think you need to re-think going to the final 3 with Brad and T-Man. They are two very smart men. I think you need to make a move against them if you want to win. 

Tammie: I disagree. Rachael your amazng and so is Nate, but i cant beat you. Maybe i've made a huge mistake in bringing the 4 of you to the top 4, but i dont know. And i like my chances with T-Man and Brad more than with you and Nate. Sorry.

Rachael: Yeah, but if you make a move and blindside T-Man, then you could beat us. People including T-Man will respect you for making a big move. Anyway, you make your choise and i'll respect you for what ever it is. 

well, well, well. I was certain i would go with Brad and T-Man, but Rachael...That woman is very convincing. I don't know any more. There is pros and cons to both sides, and i think i'm screwed either way.


Day 35

At the immunity challenge, Rachael, Tammie and Brad take an early lead on the balence beam. T-Man and Nate struggle and fall off many times. Brad and Rachael work out a path to the end and race to get there, Nate and Tammie follow them desperatly, but T-Man is struggling and can keep his balence. Rachael beats everyone to the end but Brad and Nate  are close behind her. The 3 of them start going to get puzzle pieces. All work at a similar pace and bring back there first bag at the smae time. Tammie then finishes the maze and starts to get puzzle pieces. T-Man however, is still struggling. Rachael, Nate and Brad return with there second bag and Tammie with her first. Brad takes a nasty fall on his way to get his 3rd bag and Rachael and Nate advance there lead getting there 3rd bags before him. If is a race between Nate and Rachael to get there 4th and final bag, as Tammie is having trouble unting knots, T-Man is struggling on the maze and Brad is limping from him fall. Nate just gets him first and runs to start the puzzle. Rachael however is right behind him. Nate and Rachael race to complete there puzzle, but Rachael takes the lead and wins immunity.

Back at camp, T-Man trys tells his alliance that they need to stay loyal to there final 3 alliance and vote out Nate. Brad and Tammie nod there head. 

It's vital that my coattail riders, Tammie and Brad don't go and make a deal with those morons, Nate and Rachael. If they do, i'll be pissed off!


Nate and Rachael are desprate to stay in the game, but they know that they can't do anything more that hope that either Tammie or Brad flipis. They lay down in the shelter and talk in case it is the last day in the game together. 

I really hope someone flips tonight and saved Nate. He's like a brother to me out here. It would suck for him to go home.


Brad goes and starts to talk with Nate and Rachael to spend time with them incase on of them leaves the Island at tonights tribal council. 

I really like Rachael and Nate and I want to be friends with them. But i can't beat them so i'm forced to work with T-Man and its sucks because i'm like...I don't like you, but I don't like losing. And i'm not losing a million dollars.


At tribal council, Jeff welcomes the final 4 and the jury inculuding a bitter Lucas who was voted out at the previous tribal council. Jeff starts the tribal council by asking Rachael how it feels to have immunity at this late stage in the game? She says it's "bitter-sweet" because she's safe but people she cares about are not. Jeff then askes her who is cares about. She replies, "I care about everyone, but I like certain people more." Jeff asks T-Man the same question. He replies "I care about my alliance. Screw the rest of 'em" Nate rolls him eyes. Jeff picks up on it and askes Nate what the eye roll was about. Nate says that he knows that the only person T-Man cares about is him self. T-Man and Nate get into a fight. Jeff watches in joy, whist Tammie trys to contain her excitement. They then vote and Nate is voted out in a 3-2 vote. Rachael, Tammie and Brad hug Nate on his way out.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 16:
Nate (3 votes)
T-Man, Tammie, Brad
T-Man (2 votes)
Nate & Rachael
Nate out
Nate Young

Voting Confessionals

Amazing man. I'm so sorry but i can't beat you. Good luck, I cant wait to be friends after this game.


You stood up to the T-Monster! Good job dude! Sorry though


When i said i care about certain people less. It was targeted at you.


To be quite honest, I can't stand you. You are a devious human being, and a bully. You can't win this game. You're a second Russell! Go the f**k home!


I really like Rachael and Nate and I want to be friends with them. But i can't beat them so i'm forced to work with T-Man and its sucks because i'm like...I don't like you, but I don't like losing. And i'm not losing a million dollars.


Final Words

Well, I guess its game over for me. I had fun and made great friends in Rachael, Lucas, Brad and Tammie. I played well and had a great time. I wish i had outlasted T-Man but that's the game and I love the game, and i'm so proud to be apart of it. Good luck everyone. Except that devious, lazy, moron, who is a lame excuses for a man.

–Nate Young

Still in the Running

Chris out
Johnny out
Larry out
Lucas out
Jenny out
Jodi out
Regina out
Stephanie out
Andrew out
Ben out
Felix out
Nate out
Carol out
Cynthia out
Elizabeth out
Heather out

Next Time on Survivor...

Only Brad, Rachael, Tammie and T-Man remain. Only one can win the game. Who will it be? Join us for the final episode of Survivor: Solomon Islands!

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