"I Have the Luck of the Irish!"
Season Survivor: Ireland
Author DVMP
Episode Number 1/15
Episode Chronology
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This is the 1st episode of Survivor: Ireland.


Reward Challenge: Balance Beam
Each tribe has all of their players balancing on top of a thin balance beam.  The contestants have to organize themselves in a series of different orders, starting with alphabetically, then by their birth date, and finally by their age.  The first 2 out of 3 wins.
Reward: Choice between fishing supplies and comfort items.
Winner: Waterford

Immunity Challenge: Strive to Dive
Both tribes will use boats to paddle out and retrieve five different puzzle bags, which are tied underwater and require diving. After all five puzzle bags are retrieved, the tribe will paddle back to shore and head up to the puzzle station, where they will empty their bags and 3 members of each tribe will be assigned to solve the puzzle.  The first tribe to solve their puzzle will activate a key which will raise their tribe's flag, winning them immunity.
Winner: Waterford


Day 1

In the wilderness of the cultural country of Ireland, 18 castaways, from different walks of life, being the journey of a lifetime.  Already divided into two tribes, based on two cities in Ireland, Waterford and Wicklow, the castaways are in a speedboat, riding along the coast to their destination in Limerick.  Once they arrive, they are led to their mats, as Jeff Probst walks in.  Jeff hands out their maps to their new homes, as well as their buffs, and sends them off.

So this is what Survivor is all about! I can't wait to get started, these people won't know what hit them!


Over at Waterford, Jordan led the way to the campgrounds, and the tribe immediately got to work.  Within what seemed like a very short amount of time, the shelter was already built, and the castaways decided to introduce themselves.

Our tribe is like a well-oiled machine, we already got the shelter up, and the energy around camp is great, I can already tell we're going to be the dominant tribe around here.


After introducing themselves, the majority of the tribe goes out for a swim, while Bruce and Riley stayed up on shore.

I was listening to the introductions, and deducing what they might be like based on their looks, and the main thing I've noticed is that there's a bunch of odd-balls in this tribe, with Tommy the mohawk and eyebrow ring guy, Chaswell the gamer, and even Nalia the zookeeper.


As the tribe relaxed in the ocean, Bruce and Riley struck up a conversation.  Bruce reveals that his wife has stage 1 cancer, and that he's out here for her.  Riley was surprised by Bruce's openess, and how her first impression of him was wrong.

Bruce really opened up to me today, and it shows to me that I can trust him. I thought that when I looked at him, he was a tough guy, but he's sweet on the insides.


So far, Riley's the only one in this game I trust. I decided to reveal to her about my wife's cancer, which I didn't want to do because I wanted to win based on my merits, not my wife's problems, but now that she knows, I trust her, and I think she feels the same way.


At Wicklow,  the tribe has similar progress in building the shelter, though at night, the vibe of the tribe was very different, with Darla and Jonah "cuddling" each other.

Seriously, if you are going to be smooching each other, go do it somewhere else, or don't do it at all. Where are these people's integrity?


Day 2

Morning at Wicklow was stressed, as the whole tribe was sick of the budding romance between Darla and Jonah.

I've got Jonah wrapped around my fingers, he's already attached to me, and he's not letting go, which is one more vote I have. Silly men, do you really think you could get this?


Darla's a very warm person, at least her body is. But I'm not going to be fooled, I came out here to win a million bucks, and no one is getting in the way of that.


The tribes receive treemail, which informs them of their first challenge.  They convene for the reward challenge, which is a similar challenge to the one competed in Survivor: Vanuata- The Balance Beam.  For the first arrangement, Wicklow runs smoothly while Waterford tries to get the hang of it, Shai losing her balance and falling off in the process.  Wicklow scored the first point.  The second time, however, Waterford worked as a team, while Wanda lost her balance, knocking both her and Nina into the water, scoring Waterford the penultimate point.  For the third round, both tribes are neck and neck, until Wanda loses her balance and falls into the water, which loses the challenge for Wicklow.  Jeff asks the winning Waterford tribe which set of supplies they would like, and they unanimously agree to take the fishing supplies.  Jeff then reveals that besides the reward, the Waterford tribe would be able to kidnap a member of the Wicklow tribe, which sends gasps across the cast.  Waterford decided to pick Wanda to be kidnapped, before Jeff revealed that Wicklow could also kidnap a member of the Waterford tribe, choosing Riley.

Wanda looks like the weak link on Wicklow, which is why we took her. Here's to seeing if we can squeeze any information out of her.


At the Wicklow tribe, other relationships started to form. Riley decided to be quiet and not leak any information about her tribe, but remained friendly.

So long as I stay strong and don't leak any information, Waterford can't be angry at me at all, which is what I need.


Meanwhile, Wing and Brendan formed a bond, as they both had similar views on the Jonah/Darla romance, and thought they would be a great pairing.

Wing and I already struck up a relationship, we're gonna be the duo

to watch!


Brendan's a smart person, who's always very respectful, two qualities I look for in a friend/ally.


At the same time, Daniel and Janette were sitting on the beach, and struck up a duo of their own.

Daniel's a funny guy, who's also very nice, I can see myself working down the road with him.


You always need a wing-man in Survivor, and in my case, it's a wing-woman! Janette is easily my closest ally at this point, because we both have mutual trust for each other.


Shaun had an idea to keep the tribe strong, which was his first priority, by making a dominant alliance of the strongest people in the tribe. Seeing the two pairings, he approached Janette, Daniel, Brendan, and Wing about the alliance, which they all accepted. In retaliation to this, Darla approached Nina about an alliance of their own, saying that they should work together, which Nina cautiously accepted.

I decided to form a five-man alliance of myself, Brendan, Wing, Daniel, and Janette, and it worked! I feel in power on this tribe, which is the best feeling to have.


Darla approached me for an alliance with her and Jonah, which I cautiously accepted, but it makes me nervous, because having an alliance of three won't help on a tribe of nine.


I got Nina on my side too, I'm just going to recruit people one by one, until I have a majority, and so far, it's working!


At Waterford,  the tribe asked Wanda about her tribe in a rough manner, which Wanda refused to do. Frustrated, the tribe eventually gave up.

I'm trying to stay strong for my tribe, which is very hard for me to do. I never knew Survivor would be this hard on you.


To take some time by herself, Wanda went down by the beach, and silently sobbed. Nancy, seeing this, walked down to see the problem.

What's wrong, hun? -Nancy

I never knew Survivor would be this hard, and everyone seems to be attacking me!-Wanda

Wanda, just relax.  Survivor is a hard game, and you're never going to last with that attitude.  Think of it as an adventure, just a fun little exploration of nature, and relax yourself. -Nancy

I know that's what I SHOULD do, but I miss my children, it's hard having to be strong for them all day, having to be a role model.-Wanda

Everyone has tough parts in their life, the key is to just relax, and take on what you can.  Right now, all you can do is sit here on a beach, 4000 miles from your home, relax, and make friends, so why don't you go do that?-Nancy

Thanks for understanding Nancy, I'll try my best.-Wanda

I have four boys out there who I'm the mother of, and I miss them. But Nancy helped me realize that I just have to take things day by day, and that's exactly what I'm going to do.


Wanda's problem is similar to mine, except I know I don't have a dad to go back to at home, and I need to power through it on my own. Thank god I have yoga to turn to.


While Nancy and Wanda are chatting, Shai decides to pull Bruce and Jordan over to form an alliance, which the two agree upon. They decided to pull in Nancy, and pull her to the side after she finished talking with Wanda. She agreed to the alliance, and the foursome was made, and decided to approach Riley as a fifth when she came back.

I already made a solid alliance with Bruce, Jordan, Nancy, and soon-to-be Riley, so I feel quite comfortable of my position in this game. Our alliance will run this tribe!


This alliance is solid per-se, but I am not ready to settle down with just one group of people, I'm willing to explore my options.


Day 3

Both tribes convened for the immunity challenge as Jeff explained the challenge rules.  When they started, the Wicklow tribe powered ahead, with Shaun kicking them off of the beach into the ocean.  The Waterford tribe was slightly slower,  and that lead expanded as Shaun and Jonah dived down for the bags, and untied the bags faster than Jordan and Bruce.  However, at the fifth bag for Wicklow, which was at the same time the Waterford Tribe untied the fourth bag, Nina looked over the edge to watch the progress, making the boat imbalanced and tipping it over the edge.  By the time they put all the puzzle pieces up, Waterford caught up.  They were neck-and-neck up until the beach, and emptying out the puzzle pieces.  Nancy, Nalia, and Chaswell was on the puzzle for Waterford, and breezed through the puzzle, while Nina, Brendan, and Darla had trouble for Wicklow.  Nalia grabbed the key for Waterford and unlocked the lock, releasing the flag, winning immunity for Waterford.  As Jeff dismissed the tribes, Shaun was visibly disappointed.

At Wicklow, in an attempt to get the numbers, Darla, Jonah and Nina all approached Wanda.  They asked her if she had any other alliances, and when she said no, they invited her to join their alliance, to which she said yes.  

We've recruited Wanda into the alliance, and all we need is one more. I've been observing everyone, and it looks like Shaun is the ringleader of an alliance with two pairs, Brendan and Wing, and Daniel and Janette. Wing obviously does not like me, so that pairing is out, so it's time to recruit Daniel and Janette.


Wanda met up with Daniel, and she talked to him about her missing her children, and the two bonded over it. Wanda asked where Daniel's head was in the game, and Daniel said he did not know, and asked the same question to Wanda. Wanda then told him about her alliance with Nina, Jonah, and Darla, and asked if he and Janette would be on board to join the alliance.

I was having a nice conversation with Wanda, to which she told me what was going on, and it was all nice until she told me about her alliance with Jonah, Darla, and Nina. I suspected such a thing may have been in the works, but I definitely didn't expect to be the swing vote.


I know that we need at least one more person with us to have majority, and after I talked with Daniel, I realized that he'd be the most likely to flip.


Both alliance met up with each other, Shaun's alliance decided to target Nina for her mistake in the challenge, while the foursome targeted Brendan for being the least risky person to target.

My "strongman" alliance is off to a great start, and while I know some people in our alliance, mostly Wing, want one of Darla and Jonah out we need to keep the tribe strong, so Nina, you messed us up, it's your time to go.


Meanwhile, Daniel met up with Janette and explained the situation, and asked for her input. Janette said that if they want to go with the physicality, they should said with the "strongman" alliance, but if they want to side with less threatening and more abrasive people, who would be easier to eliminate down the road, they should go with the foursome.

Me and Daniel are at a crossroad. We can side with the more threatening alliance of people who will probably keep our tribe stronger, or we could side with the weaker group of people who will be easier to eliminate down the road. It's a hard decision to make, and we are the swing votes.


I have the luck of the Irish! *laughs* But really, I feel lucky to not only be in one majority alliance, but two! Me and Janette will decide the fate of this tribe, at least for now, but I shouldn't get too arrogant, or I could be the next one out, if I make the wrong decision.


Tribal Council

At Tribal Council, Jeff Probst asked Shaun about the tribe's priority.  Shaun responded saying that they should keep the strong people around in order to turn around these two losses.  Jeff asks Brendan about who the weak links are, and Brendan says that it'd have to be Nina.  Nina interjects, saying that just because she messed up at one part of the immunity challenge doesn't mean she's the weak link.  Wing points out that she was also on the puzzle crew that failed in the challenge, though Nina responds that it was three people's responsibilities, and that the tribe is pinning all of their losses on her.  Brendan rolls his eyes.  Jeff sends them up to vote, and when they come back, it's revealed that Daniel and Janette decided to side with the "strongman" alliance, and Nina was blindsided in a 5-4 vote, leaving Darla and Jonah shocked, and Wanda shaking her head.

Tribal Council #1:
Nina Langley Small
Nina Langley (5 votes)
Shaun Limmons SmallDaniel Braun SmallBrendan Larrone SmallJanette Naway SmallWing Hoo Small
Shaun, Daniel, Brendan, Janette, Wing
Brendan Larrone Small
Brendan Larrone (4 votes)
Darla Burgundy SmallJonah Scott SmallWanda Wiggins SmallNina Langley Small
Darla, Jonah, Wanda, Nina
Nina Langley B&W Small
Nina Langley

Voting Confessionals

It's either you or me, Nina, and it better be you.


Strategically, you're the best option. I hope you understand.


Get your ### outta here, bye.


It's too bad you have to go, but it's my only option.


It was nice knowing you, except I don't know anything about you.


Let's see where everyone's loyalties lie, shall we?


I wish is was one of the smoochers, but this is what happens when you cost us the immunity challenge and didn't even acknowledge it.


We have to keep our tribe strong, which you are not.


Please don't take this personally, you're a great girl, but that's how the game goes.


Final Words

I definitely didn't expect that, but hey, no hard feeling guys, go kick Waterford's butts!


Still in the Running

Brendan Larrone Small
Nina Langley B&W Small
Daniel Braun Small
Darla Burgundy Small
Jonah Scott Small
Janette Naway Small
Wanda Wiggins Small
Wing Hoo Small
Shaun Limmons Small
Jordan Black Small
Barbara Drew Small
Shai Ninka Small
Nancy Chowdry Small
Nalia Filasco Small
Bruce Lasker Small
Chaswell Gorby Small
Tommy Bond Small
Riley Jones Small

Next Time on Survivor...

  • A vengeful duo causes a complete shift in Wicklow's alliances.
  • Tensions rise on Waterford as the divide between normalcy and strangeness becomes apparent.
  • One of the Wicklow pairs members faces a dilemma, of whether or not to stab their partner in the back.

Author's Notes