"I Know Who Put My Head on the Block"
Andrew Savage and Troyzan Robertson return to play Survivor once more!
Season Santa Cruz Islands
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 1/14
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I Know Who Put My Head on the Block is the premiere episode of Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Deep Sea Solving
The challenge starts out by having one member from each tribe swim from the shore to their tribe's floating platform. On their way there, they must unclip a bag of puzzle pieces from the bottom of the ocean. Once there, they hand off to five members of each tribe, who are to dive down and retrieve five more bags of puzzle pieces that are clipped underwater. Once they are all collected, the final three members of each tribe are to solve the puzzle. First tribe to solve it wins immunity and reward.
Reward: Flint and a fifteen-pound bag of beans.
Winner: Temotu


Day 1

The camera starts out with an overhead view of the Santa Cruz Islands as it pans through the thin clouds. After a few more shots, it cuts down to the water, where two boats carrying eight castaways each are being paddled to shore. It then cuts to Probst on a helicopter, waiting to introduce a new season.

We are here in the Santa Cruz Islands, an isolated chain of islands east of the greater Solomon Islands. Below me are sixteen new castaways to Survivor paddling their way to shore and having already started an adventure of a lifetime. They come from different walks of life, all with an unique story to tell.

–Jeff Probst

It cuts back to the boat of the Fatutaka tribe, who will be wearing blue.

I am a retired Air Force colonel and former astronaut. I flew on two different space missions during my time in NASA, but this is an entirely different challenge. You're not leaving the earth, but you're leaving everything you have back home to compete with fifteen other people that are doing the same thing. I'm excited for what's in store.


To finally be on Survivor after applying so many times is a dream come true! Now, I finally get my chance to play the game I've been watching since I was like nine. (starts smiling from ear to ear) Gah, I can't wait!


It then switches over to the boat of the Temotu tribe, who will be wearing orange.

Being a police officer, you have to be very observant of your surroundings constantly. So, I look over as we're paddling in, and there's a familiar face that I know I've seen on TV. I just can't put the pieces together as to who it is. I'm hoping it'll come to me eventually cause knowledge is power, especially in a game like this.

–Mike (on Katherine)

The camera returns to the helicopter, focusing on Probst.

What they aren't aware of is that two of Survivor's most memorable players from seasons past are returning for another shot and redemption.

–Jeff Probst

It cuts to another helicopter, as it flies over the two boats, that carries the two returning players of the season, Andrew Savage of Survivor: Pearl Islands and Troy 'Troyzan' Robertson of Survivor: One World. The camera focuses on them looking down at their competition as they fly by.

To get a second shot at this...oh man, it's almost like I'm walking into the gates of heaven. It's so surreal to be here again on Survivor and have another shot at getting that million-dollar check. I'm on the cusp of it. I can taste it. There's no way I don't make it to Day 39 this time. I'm ready to get this thing going and show these people that I'm not a one-season pony. This is my island, baby!


On Pearl Islands, the Morgan tribe had its share of adversity and difficult circumstances, but then we pulled through and won the next three immunities. I've seen what the highest highs and lowest lows of Survivor look like, but that was season seven. The game has changed tremendously since I last played. But I'm here and I'm ready. I'm not wasting a second opportunity like this. I can't envision a scenario where I don't come out of this game as the winner.

–Andrew S.

The camera returns to Probst's helicopter, as he is standing on the legs of it just as he was in the Survivor: One World premiere.

It's the ultimate adventure. A group of strangers forced to work together while battling the elements and each other. They must learn to adapt, or they'll be voted out. In the end, only one will remain to claim the million-dollar prize. Thirty-nine days, eighteen people, one Survivor!

–Jeff Probst

Survivor Santa Cruz Islands

Survivor Santa Cruz Islands

The camera fades from the intro to the two boats reaching the shore as Probst awaits before them. In front of Probst are mats for each tribe. The sixteen new castaways hop out of their boats and walk towards their respective mats while all smiles. Once they reach the mats, Probst greets them.

Probst (all smiles as well): Welcome to the Santa Cruz Islands!

The newbies unleash a roar of excitement and applause in response.

Probst: You have all been divided into two tribes, but your tribes are not complete just yet. Two players from past seasons will be playing alongside you.

The castaways have mixed reactions but all have the universal feeling of anxiety.

Probst (to someone off-camera): Let's bring 'em in!

The helicopter carrying the two returning players lands cleanly on a level patch of sand not far away from the mats. The other sixteen shield their eyes from the sand whipping up from the propeller as the door of the helicopter slides open. First, Troyzan hops out of the helicopter and confidently trots his way to the others. The castaways break out in applause as Katherine simply laughs as they continue.

As soon as I saw that it was Troy that got out of the helicopter, I was like 'Oh my gosh, it's really him.'. Troy and I worked a shoot together about a year or two ago, and he was a really fun photographer to work with. All I was thinking was 'Please let him be on my tribe, please let him be on my tribe.'.


Troyzan stands next to Probst as Savage hops out of the helicopter and makes his way to the rest. He doesn't get quite the fanfare as Troyzan did, but he still gets a warm welcome as he makes his way to Probst and his seventeen competitors. Once Savage is standing next to Probst, the helicopter takes off and leaves the island.

Probst: Alright. Let me give you guys a brief synopsis about your returning players. Savage, in Pearl Islands he was the de facto leader of the Morgan tribe. He carried his weight, literally and figuratively, in challenges and was a hard worker around camp. Even though he didn't make the jury in his first season, losing is not in his nature. Troyzan, like Savage, was a force in challenges and a strong worker around camp in his first season. He was the main opposition to the women's alliance that dominated One World, and his immunity wins and immunity idols kept him in the game that much longer.

Probst (to Katherine): Girl in the back...

Katherine: Katherine.

Probst: Katherine, what do you make of seeing Savage and Troyzan?

Katherine: From what you described, they're going to be assets to whatever tribe they're on, and I'm going to welcome whoever's on our side with open arms.

The camera shifts focuses to the Fatutaka tribe looking on as Katherine finishes her answer.

As soon as Katherine started talking, I knew exactly who she was. How do you not know who Katherine Webb is by now? I don't know what her strategy is going to be as far as her fame goes, but for me, right now, that's only for me to know.

–Andrew G.

Probst (to Andrew G.): Okay, guy in the back over here. What's your name?

Andrew G.: Andrew.

Andrew S.: Ah, another Andrew!

Probst (cracking a smile): Andrew, your reaction to seeing Savage and Troyzan.

Andrew G. (also smiling): I've been watching this show for all of its entirety, so I know what each of these guys brings to the table. And they don't have any weaknesses that are obvious, so whatever tribe they're going to be placed on is going to benefit from having their experience there in the first few days. I'm happy to see both of them regardless.

Probst: Alright, well let's get to it. It's time to find out which tribe Savage and Troyzan will be on. I have, with me, two eggs. One with blue paint, one with orange paint. On my go, you guys will smash the egg you choose however you want to, revealing which tribe you will be on.

Troyzan (turning to Savage): How do you want to do this, man?

Andrew S. (shrugging his shoulders and smirking): It doesn't matter to me. I can pick first, I guess.

Savage reaches into the bowl Probst holds and grabs an egg. Troyzan grabs the other as the two and the other sixteen looking on await Probst's signal.

Probst: Alright...smash 'em.

Troyzan smashes his egg first and smears orange paint against his cream-colored button down. The Temotu tribe applauds as Troyzan goes over to join his new tribe. Savage smashes his away from his suit and reveals the blue paint representing his induction to Fatutaka. He grabs his stuff and runs over to the blue tribe, who greet him with open arms. Probst gives the two tribes their buffs and maps to their camps, and the two groups of nine go their separate ways. The camera fades to break as the two tribes continue to welcome their respective returning player and start the trek to their camps.

The camera returns as it pans over the ocean with a flock of birds flying by. It settles on the Fatutaka beach, where its nine members are arriving to their home for the first time.

Chase (excitedly): Here it is!

The rest join Chase in cheer and glee. The nine share hugs and high-fives with one another. They then start unloading their belongings.

Of the two tribes, I think Fatutaka looked like the better bunch to me. Half of them are young and full of energy, and the older half is, I'm assuming, full of life experience and wisdom. But overall, this looks like a really good bunch.

–Andrew S.

Alvin (to Andrew S.): Alright, seasoned veteran. Where do we start?

Andrew S.: The first thing is the shelter. It's absolutely imperative we get one together as soon as we can. After we've got groundwork and just an idea of what we're doing, we'll move over to the fire.

Suzanne: Alrighty, sounds like a plan!

Jordan: I guess girls on palm fronds and guys on gathering the bamboo?

Roger: Well, don't we need to figure out where we're going to put the shelter first?

Andrew S.: Well yeah, that's always the first step. Once we figure out a location, then we start gathering the things we need.

Andrew G.: I would think it needs to be away from the shore but not too far inland, right?

Andrew S.: Right, but we'd just have to see what we're working with as far as surroundings.

Andrew G. agrees as Chase observantly remains silent.

When the general consensus was to start on the shelter, I kind of reared back a bit because I thought fire was more essential at the time. I'm not running the show, nor do I want to, but that was my opinion, and I decided to not voice it right then and there to avoid butting heads early on. But if we can't get a fire going by dark, we're screwed.


Later, after deciding on a location, the men of the tribe gather wood for the shelter and start making the floor. Once the floor is finished, they start on the posts for the ceiling. Before Chase can place the first post, Roger takes exception to the shelter's location.

Roger: Are we really sure this is the best spot? If we go back ten, fifteen feet, I think we'll be safer from any weather or high tide.

Chase (while holding the post): But we've already started making the shelter. You should've said something when we were figuring out a place to start with.

Roger: Only because I didn't realize it until now. How big of a move can it be to simply scoot everything we've worked on back a few yards?

Chase and Roger's argument increases in volume, which makes the girls, who are weaving the palm fronds, stop and turn their attention to the two guys. The rest of the guys silently look on before Savage intervenes.

Andrew S. (stepping in): Guys, this really isn't what we need on the first day. I'm sure we can meet in the middle somewhere. (turns to Alvin and Andrew G.) Do you guys mind?

Alvin and Andrew G. look at each other.

Andrew G.: I don't really mind either way.

Alvin: Yeah. You guys do what you want to do, and I'll be okay with it.

Andrew S.: Girls?

Olivia (shrugging her shoulders): Doesn't matter to me.

Gaby, Jordan, and Suzanne agree with Olivia as the guys begin to move their work further inland.

We're working on the palm fronds just right next to the shore and, out of nowhere, we hear two voices going at each other. We turn around and Chase and Roger are bickering at each other...already! We're maybe a couple hours in to the game and people are already fighting. It's just not what we need on Day 1. We don't need it, period, but definitely not on Day 1.


The five guys lift the base of the shelter, which is tied together by rope, and move it back a few feet.

Andrew S. (trying to hide irritation): Is that good, Roger?

Roger (after a brief observation): Perfect.

They then continue working on the shelter as they were before the argument.

I'm all for people speaking their mind but at least have some sense to go with your argument. Roger, after we're working on the shelter and have confirmed a location, decides that that place on the beach isn't good enough. So, Chase then proceeds to say what everybody else is thinking and ask Roger why he wasn't bringing this up two hours ago. Then they start arguing, and I have to go in and break it up. It's too early in the game to be alienating yourself like Roger is. If he isn't careful, he could be the first to go.

–Andrew S.

It focuses on Roger watching on as Alvin and Chase set up the posts for the shelter. It then cuts to the Temotu beach, where they are seen approaching their camp and flag. As soon as Melanie, who is at the front of the group, sees the flag, she instantly raises her arms in the air out of sheer excitement.

Melanie (to the other eight): We made it!

The nine members of the orange tribe high-five and hug each other as well. They then circle around and introduce themselves and where they are from. After the meet and greet, Troyzan asks for the attention of his tribemates.

Troyzan: Okay, I know I'm the experienced one here, but I'm not wanting to be a leader. I think everyone should have a say in everything that we do and not have the decisions come from just one person. So, with that said, the two biggest things on the first day are the shelter and a fire. They're both equally important, so it doesn't matter to me what we do. The only thing I ask is that we make the decision quick. Let's go around the circle here.

He starts with Mike, who says shelter. Then it goes to Melanie, who says shelter. As it goes around the circle, the general consensus agrees to starting with the shelter.

Troyzan: Okay, great. That was easier than I thought it was going to go. Now, we just need to get stuff like bamboo, some palm leaves, and we can go from there. Does anybody want to start grabbing bamboo with me?

After a brief period of silence and looking around the circle, Katherine volunteers to assist Troyzan. The two then go off to collect bamboo as Derek, Justin, and Mike begin to determine the location of the shelter.

Derek: We'll stay here and figure out where we're going to put the shelter.

Troyzan (shouting from a distance): Just remember you want to be a good distance away from the tide! So, the further away from the shore you are, the better!

Derek and Mike give a thumbs up as Amy and Robert look on.

There's something...fishy about Troyzan, and I don't really know what it is right off the bat. To me, his little speech earlier seemed like he was trying to deflect attention off of himself and spread it amongst the rest of us. And it could be that I'm reading too much in to it, but he's also a returning player. He's still savvy as to how he plays the game. Otherwise, they wouldn't have brought him back. I'm not labeling him as a threat, but he is someone I need to keep a watch on.


It cuts to deeper in the woods where Troyzan and Katherine are about to begin collecting materials for the shelter. Before they do, they look back to see if they were followed. Their faces then light up at the sight of one another and hug each other tightly.

Troyzan (beaming): Oh my God, it's been at least a year since I've seen you! How are you?

Katherine: I know! I'm good...I just can't believe that we standing here together...

Katherine and Troyzan (almost in unison): ...on the same tribe!

Troyzan: Man, this is unbelievable...

He then begins to speak softly in the possible case of his voice carrying.

Troyzan: I just want to let you know that I've got your back in this game. I know it's Day 1, but we pull a couple more people in and we can go far.

Katherine (nodding her head in agreement): No, I totally agree. I saw you get off the plane and said to myself 'That's the one person I definitely want to work with.'. This couldn't played out any better.

Troyzan (looking back once more): Okay, we can't stay out here that long, or they'll start wondering what's taking us so long. But you're my number one. Remember that.

Katherine: And you're my number one.

The two lock pinkies and begin to collect bamboo.

Katherine and I worked a photoshoot together a little while back, so I had been itching at the opportunity to pull her aside and talk strategy with her one on one. We finally got the chance to talk when we were out getting bamboo for the shelter. I basically told her that she is going to be my closest ally no matter what happens. So right there, we formed an alliance and went back to camp with the bamboo as if nothing had happened.


Katherine (as they walk back to camp with armfuls of bamboo): So, who were you thinking of wanting in with us?

Troyzan (softly): I like Mike. He seems like a down-to-earth guy. We can bring in Derek and...the blonde girl to give us majority.

Katherine: Jocelyn or Amy?

Troyzan: Jocelyn. But let's just get the shelter built and the fire going, and we can talk to them about it later.

Katherine (looks up from the ground to Troyzan and smirks): I'm fine with that.

Troyzan (smirking back): Awesome.

Troy and I went to grab some bamboo for the shelter, and when we get there, we get our chance to catch up and see how the other's been...just stuff like that. At the end of it, he says that he's got my back in this game no matter what, so I guess you can say we made an alliance right off the bat. That makes me feel comfortable, though. It's nice to know that someone who's played Survivor before wants you as their number one ally. We just need to do the best we can to not have the targets on our backs.


It cuts to Troyzan and Katherine, who is visibly happy, returning with the bamboo. It then shifts focus to Robert, who is working on the fronds with Melanie close to the shore, turning around and noticing the two returning.

Robert (softly): Something just doesn't feel right.

Melanie: How so?

Robert (while focusing on his frond): I just think Troy's starting to get the ball rolling.

Melanie (after turning around to see for herself): Mmm, I don't think so. I think he has better sense than to go and start playing the game this early.

Robert (looking over his shoulder once more): I don't know...

Robert drops the discussion with Melanie as the two continue working on their palm fronds.

Troyzan and Katherine went off into the woods together to get some stuff for the shelter, and for whatever reason, I just had a bad feeling about it. Granted, there is some fault on the rest of us for not volunteering to assist him, but Katherine being the only one to go with him to help makes me a little suspicious.


The camera focuses on Troyzan, Katherine, Mike, and Derek in the process of building the shelter. It then fast-forwards through the afternoon and halts right before sunset. It rests on the Fatutaka beach, where all of its members are huddled around Andrew S. and Chase working on a fire before dark. The two guys try rubbing two bamboo planks together, a la Shamar and Michael from Survivor: Caramoan, but are unable to spark an ember.

Chase (exhaustedly): Guys, not to be that guy, but I really think we should've started on this earlier.

Suzanne: Well, we can't change the past. We at least finished the shelter, so we have a roof over our heads.

Andrew S. falls back on to the sand out of exhaustion and then looks over to the sun, which is close to setting.

Andrew S. (breathing heavily): We need to get something going in the next ten minutes. Otherwise, we're going to freeze tonight.

Alvin: You guys are shot. 'G' and I can take a crack at it.

Andrew G.: Yeah, let's give it a go.

After putting some more brush in the slot they cut in the bamboo, Alvin and Andrew G. start emulating Andrew S. and Chase's method of rubbing the two bamboo planks together. They fiercely saw their bamboo plank back and forth.

Alvin (as they continue sawing): That's it! Keep it going!

Jordan: Wait, wait! I see an ember!

They stop grinding the planks together and check to see if they do indeed have an ember. They succeed in getting an ember, but as they attempt to transfer it to their fire pit, it goes out. The nine castaways have various reactions to the ember going out.

Olivia (disappointedly): So close...

Suzanne (trying to remain positive): But hey, you guys did awesome. Great job, guys.

The four guys who attempted the fire-making look at the burnt-out ember in disappointment while still catching their breath.

We came so close to having fire on the first day. The first day! These guys worked their tails off to get that brush lit, but the breeze off the water just came in and blew it right out. I think, with that, it took the wind out of everybody's sails a little bit. To come so close to something that we were about to make with makeshift materials, it definitely stings, but it's not the end of the world. We still have a long ways to go, and we can't let something like this get us down.


Day 2

The camera goes through the night and rests on early morning right before sunrise. It cuts to the Fatutaka shelter, where its nine members are cuddled up next to each other to stay warm. Olivia is seen overly shivering in comparison to the rest.

Last night was miserable for me. We couldn't get a fire going, so we all had nothing but the clothes on our backs to keep us warm for the night. And...(briefly pauses and looks out into the ocean) was just miserable. It made me miss home and want to be under a blanket with a glass of hot chocolate. I still want to be here, but I just don't want to feel cold and have to shiver constantly.


It cuts to later that morning, where Olivia is seen sitting in the sand next to the tide alone as the others take another crack at getting a fire going. Jordan looks over her shoulder and notices Olivia. She then notifies the other seven that she'll return shortly and walks down to Olivia.

Jordan (concerned): Hey, are you doing okay?

Olivia (trying to brush it off): Yeah, I'm fine. I just...I just had a hard time with keeping warm last night. So, that's why I'm out here away from the shade.

Jordan: Well, we're working on getting a fire going. We'd love it if you were there with us.

Olivia: Okay, I'll be there in a second.

Jordan walks back up to right outside the shelter, where the rest of the tribe continues working on the fire.

I'm worried about Olivia. I don't think she's mentally prepared herself for the elements out here. She said that she had a hard time staying warm last night but hey...we all froze, so this isn't something coming out of left field. It's something that we all have to get used to, including her.


Back at the main shelter area of camp, Alvin and Andrew G. take another crack at making a fire.

Alvin: Let's just do the same thing that we did last night. We got a spark out of it, so it can't hurt to try it again.

Andrew G. (grabbing a bamboo plank): No, I completely agree. Let's do it.

The two guys start sawing bamboo planks back and forth once more. As they do, Andrew S. quietly approaches Jordan about Olivia.

Andrew S. (whispering): Hey, is she okay?

Jordan: I think so. I think she's still adapting to the elements. She said she was shivering all night.

Andrew S. (as Alvin and Andrew G. grunt in the background): But we all were.

Jordan (softly): That's what I was thinking too!

Andrew S. and Jordan's conversation is cut short as Alvin and Andrew G. come up with yet another spark. Gaby and Roger grab the brush together and slowly make their way to the fire pit with it.

Chase: Be careful, guys...

They carefully place the lit brush on top of the firewood, which ignites the fire and causes the members of the blue tribe to celebrate.

Alvin (ecstatically to Andrew G.): Nice job, man!

Andrew G. (smiling from ear to ear): You too, man!

The two high-five as Olivia, who cracks a smile at the sight of fire, joins in on the celebration.

This day has gotten off to a nice start. We finally got fire, and we got it with nothing but raw materials and willpower. Y'know, 'G' and I have got a good system going. Both times we've tried making fire, we've come up with embers with the second time being the charm. If we can keep working on this chemistry we've found, we can do some damage to the Temotu tribe.


The Fatutaka tribe continues to celebrate with one another as the fire healthily keeps burning.

Chase (excitedly): Woo! We've got fire! We've got fire, yes!

The other eight share Chase's joy as the camera fades to break.

The camera fades back in with shots of the Fatutaka island's volcano. It glides over the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it. It then rests on the Temotu beach, where Derek and Jocelyn are seen sitting in the shelter and getting to know each other. Their conversation consists of their lives back home.

Derek: Yeah, I've been modeling for awhile now. It can be a hassle keeping up with the body at times, but I guess it's better than being a slob.

Jocelyn (almost in a complaining tone): No, I totally hear 'ya. You have to stay in such good shape all the time for dancing. I like looking nice and everything, but I would love to be able to eat like a tub of ice cream or something.

This gets a chuckle and an agreement from Derek as the two continue on with their conversation.

Jocelyn's a pretty neat girl. We talked about our careers and how physically demanding they can be at times, and we kinda bonded on that. We got to know each other on a personal level, and in a game like this, it's huge to build trust like that early on.


As Derek and Jocelyn sit in the shelter, the camera focuses on Justin, who is peevishly sitting in front of them and outside the shelter.

Earlier, I bared witness to the sob stories of Derek and Jocelyn and why it's so hard to take care of your bodies and be easy on the eyes. I wanted to just bolt from where I was sitting and save my ears the trouble, but that would've looked bad. So instead, I simply stared out into the water and tried to avoid the thought they were having of it sucking so much to be beautiful. (starts mockingly pouting) It's just so hard being good-looking! (returns to being serious) I mean, it's Day 2 and I'm already tired of those two.


It cuts back to Justin trying to drown out Derek and Jocelyn by staring out into the ocean as he sits. Meanwhile, out about five or six feet into the ocean, Troyzan, Katherine, and Mike are all seen floating next to each other.

Troyzan (softly to Mike to make sure his voice doesn't carry): So Mike, Katherine and I were talking yesterday...about the game and the numbers of the game. And if you haven't committed to anybody else here, we want you on board with us.

Katherine (somewhat going along with Troyzan's pitch): We talked and we thought that you were the most down-to-earth, no-nonsense kind of guy, which we like.

Troyzan: This would be the final three right here. If all goes according to plan, we'll be sitting at that final Tribal Council.

Mike: I have to say, I'm flattered. I honestly didn't think I was the first person on anybody's radar, so you guys can count me in this thing for the long haul.

When Troyzan and Katherine came to me with a deal to the final three, I jumped on it real quick. Troyzan's somebody I want to work with cause this isn't his first rodeo. He knows what to look for in people when making an alliance, and...(chuckles)...I guess I've got what he's looking for. But he is somebody I want to learn this game from, and with him, I think I'm going to learn a lot. Not even from a survival standpoint. I think I can learn a lot about the strategy part of the game from him, too.


Mike: So, it's the three of us...and who else?

Katherine: We were thinking about Derek and Jocelyn to give us five over four.

Troyzan (finishing Katherine's point): That way we have majority, but it's going to be the three of us running the show.

Mike (starting to get pumped up): Well, all I can say to that on. Let's do this thing.

The three members of the newfound alliance continue talking but it becomes inaudible as it goes into a confessional.

These last two days have been great for me. I mean, I can't believe how quickly the pieces have been put together. Katherine and I made an alliance yesterday and today, we got Mike in with us. All we have to do now is get Derek and Jocelyn in, and we're set. I'm not going to be played like I was played last time. I'm out here to show that this is my island, and I think I'm doing it so far. I'm not going to get ahead of myself cause it's only the second day, but I think I'm off to a good start.


The three are seen laughing and having a good time in the ocean as it then fast-forwards to that night at the Fatutaka beach. Andrew S., Chase, Gaby, Olivia, Roger, and Suzanne are seen having a good time around the fire while telling stories about one another, some self-deprecating and some inspirational. Meanwhile on the shore, Alvin, Andrew G., and Jordan are also sharing stories. Alvin shares some stories from his time in the Air Force while the other two intently listen. Afterwards, Andrew G. relives some tables he waited on back home, and Jordan shares some stories of kids that she has worked with. The three visibly enjoy each other's company.

Alvin, Jordan, and I had a really fun night. All we did was swap stories just down by the water. We genuinely got to know each other and enjoy each other's company.

–Andrew G.

Alvin (after a brief pause): So, what do you guys think of the game so far?

Andrew G. (happily): I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Jordan (happily as well): Same. I've been a fan for so long, so being here is so surreal.

Andrew G.: What about you, Alv?

Alvin: Oh, I'm having fun too, especially today. We got the fire down, nobody's been arguing...

Jordan: Nobody's been talking about the game either. It's kinda nice...but we're here to play the game, y'know?

Andrew G. (hesitantly): So, let's start playing the game then. The three of us right here stick together to the end?

He discretely sticks his hand in the middle of the three.

Jordan (putting her hand on top of Andrew's without any hesitation): I'm more than down with that.

Alvin (putting his hand in as he cracks a smile): Make it three, then.

The three do a small, quiet cheer to confirm their alliance as Alvin then stands up and heads back to the shelter and fire.

I was a little hesitant to start talking about the game cause I've wanted to lay low these first couple votes, but I really didn't expect to feel like I trust Alvin and Jordan so quickly. Maybe that's me being too trusting...I don't know. Either way, I'm now in an alliance with the two people on this tribe that I've related to the most so far, which are Alvin and Jordan. And I couldn't be happier with my choices of allies. Jordan and I have been lifelong fans, so we know this game inside-out. Alvin and I have had this chemistry ever since we got here. We've made fire twice without flint, and he's just an awesome guy to be around. I know that it's three out of nine people, but I'm really excited to get this nailed down as soon as we did.

–Andrew G.

Andrew G. (after Alvin has left): I'm really happy that I got to lock this down with the two of you. I've had the most fun with you guys.

Jordan: And I think that's what it's all about. I think the key to a strong alliance is people wanting to work with each other, and we've got that.

Andrew G. (jokingly): And I'm not going to vote either of you out...unless one of you is playing a much, much, much better game than I am at that point.

Jordan (laughing at Andrew's remark): Same here!

Today was monumental in that I aligned with the two people I wanted to align with over anybody else, and that's Alvin and Andrew. We have clicked more and have clicked faster than anybody else on this tribe has. It's just one of those things where there was instant chemistry from the very beginning. It's going to be fun playing the game with them...I can already tell.


Day 3

The camera zooms through the clear, starry night and sunrise an focuses on the Temotu beach, where Troyzan and Derek are seen trying to start a fire to no avail. It then cuts to Katherine and Jocelyn collecting branches in the woods and then cuts to Robert checking on tree mail. Once he grabs tree mail, he looks around to make sure that he's alone.

Robert (quietly to himself): Might as well look for the idol while I'm here...

Robert sets the tree mail package down and starts snooping for the idol in trees along the beach. Katherine and Jocelyn, who are in a spot slightly elevated from but very near to where Robert is, are seen still collecting branches and talking.

As I'm grabbing tree mail and about to return to camp, I have this thought of 'Well, it wouldn't hurt to look for an idol while I'm here.', so I set it down and begin hunting for a possible idol. Jeff never mentioned idols when the game started, but he never said they weren't in play. I just thought that that would've been a brilliant opportunity to seize with a low risk factor but a high reward.


As Robert continues looking, Katherine and Jocelyn notice Robert suspiciously looking in trees.

Katherine (quietly looking down at Robert): What is he doing?

Jocelyn: Did he drop the tree mail somewhere?

Katherine (unsurely): No. It's just sitting right there next to the tree. I think that's it, anyway...

Robert then jumps from the tree and notices Katherine and Jocelyn spying on him. They begin shouting a conversation from a distance.

Robert (trying to cover his tracks): Tree mail said that something for the challenge was in one of the trees!

Jocelyn (not believing him): Okay! What is it that you're looking for?

Robert (trying to now go along with the lie): It didn't say!

Katherine (wanting to get to camp): Well, keep looking! We're on our way back to camp!

Katherine and Jocelyn start their way back to camp with armloads of branches.

As Katherine and I are getting twigs and sticks for the fire that we're hoping to make...we see Robert in a tree next to tree mail, and I just thought to myself 'He's looking for the idol. No question.' So, we got back and told everybody what was going on before he got back just to make everyone aware.


It cuts back to camp where Jocelyn and Katherine set their piles of branches down and relay the news to the other six at camp.

Jocelyn: So, you'll never guess what we saw while we were out just now.

Justin (half-concernedly): You didn't get attacked by an animal, did you?

Katherine (rolling her eyes): No...we didn't. We saw Robert looking for something in the trees.

Jocelyn: And we think that he was looking for an idol.

Troyzan: Well, of course he was. You wouldn't look in holes in trees for anything else!

Jocelyn: He said that tree mail said that there was something for the challenge in the trees...

Katherine: We thought it was B.S., so we tried to get here as soon as we can to let you know.

Troyzan: Okay, so everybody just act natural when he gets back and don't give him any signs that we know.

The other seven nod their heads in agreement as Troyzan looks out to see if Robert is returning to camp.

Robert volunteered to grab tree mail this morning while Katherine and Jocelyn were grabbing kindle for the fire and the rest of us were trying to make the fire. Then the girls get back and say that they saw Robert looking around for an idol. That's like the cardinal sin, man. You can't be looking for an idol while the rest of us are working! You've gotta be sneakier than that! Now the target's squarely on him. If we lose tonight, he's questions asked.


It cuts to a small, sandy island completely surrounded by water and two floating platforms, one for each tribe. The two tribes paddle their boats in and it then cuts to the eighteen castaways walking onto their respective mats. Probst then goes on to explain the challenge, its mechanics, and the rewards that go along with winning. He reveals the flint and the beans, much to the happiness of both tribes. Then he unveils the tribal immunity idol.

Probst: With this, your tribe is safe and cannot be voted out of this game. Losers go to Tribal Council tonight, where someone will be the first person voted out of this game. I'll give you guys a moment to strategize, and we'll get started.

The two tribes huddle and discuss who is to go where for the challenge. The assignments designated for each tribe are as follows:

Swimmer Divers Puzzle Solvers
Andrew G.
Andrew S.

Once everyone is in their positions, Probst starts the season's first challenge.

Probst (excitedly): Okay, for immunity, flint, and beans. Survivors ready? Go!

Andrew G. and Derek dart off the island and dive into the water at full speed almost simultaneously. Derek edges ahead of Andrew G. as they swim out to the underwater bag of puzzle pieces. Both guys intermittently duck their heads underwater to see how close they are to the bag as they swim. Derek dives down first, but Andrew G. is seen not far behind. Derek is seen swimming down to the ocean floor and beginning to unclip his bag. As he goes up with his bag, Andrew G. reaches the ocean floor and quickly unclips his bag. Derek comes up first and swiftly swims to Temotu's floating platform, where the other eight members wait for him. Andrew G., starting to fall behind a little more, comes up from underwater with his bag in hand as he starts making his way to Fatutaka's floating platform as his tribemates cheer him on. Derek eventually reaches the platform and throws the bag up to it. Amy then jumps in the water to collect the first bag of puzzle pieces on a twenty-foot rung. As she reaches the four-foot mark to unclip the first bag, Andrew G. reaches his platform and exhaustedly throws his bag onto it. He pulls himself on to the platform as Jordan jumps in to get Fatutaka's first bag on the rung at four feet. Amy comes up with her bag, which sends Jocelyn in to retrieve the second bag for Temotu. Jocelyn is seen arriving at the eight-foot mark as Jordan swims up with the first bag for Fatutaka. Once Jordan gets on to the platform, Suzanne dives in to get the second bag. Jocelyn doesn't waste time and hastily returns with Temotu's second bag. She hands off to Mike, who jumps in for the third bag. As he swims down to the twelve-foot marker, Suzanne is seen having a hard time unclipping her bag. She eventually is able to unclip it, but Probst commentates that Fatutaka lost a lot of time. She climbs on to the platform with her bag, and Alvin subsequently dives in to get the blue tribe's third bag as Mike returns with Temotu's third bag. Katherine jumps in for the fourth bag not far behind Alvin. They swim down side by side as Alvin stops at twelve feet and Katherine stops at sixteen. Both quickly unclip their bags and swim back up to the surface. Alvin, because of his four-foot lead on her, beats Katherine up to the surface, but both climb their platforms and hand off to the next diver. Chase for Fatutaka and Troyzan for Temotu jump in simultaneously to retrieve their bags. While they swim down, Troyzan puts some distance between he and Chase as he reaches twenty feet faster than Chase can reach sixteen. He makes quick work of his bag and hurriedly floats up to shore. Chase is seen having difficulty with his clip as Troyzan reaches the surface without any setbacks. He gets up on to the platform as Justin, Melanie, and Robert begin untying their bags. Andrew S. can only look on as he waits his turn.

Andrew S. (to himself, under his breath): Come on, Chase. Hurry up, man.

Chase finally gets his bag unclipped and swims as fast as he can back to the platform. Meanwhile, the three working on the puzzle for Temotu are seen making serious headway with the puzzle, which will be a scaled map of the greater Solomon Islands when completed. As they continue working, Chase hands off to Savage to retrieve Fatutaka's fifth and final bag. Savage is seen jetting to the twenty-foot point to unclip his bag. It cuts back to Temotu, who have suddenly stalled with their last half of the puzzle. Savage, to even the surprise of Probst, makes it back to the surface in record time and drops off his bag. Gaby, Olivia, and Roger then start untying their bags and working on the puzzle. Gaby and Roger start testing pieces in the puzzle as Olivia is seen hesitating and not nearly doing as much as the other two. Her tribemates, such as Savage notice this.

Andrew S. (quietly to Alvin and Suzanne): Olivia's flustered. She's second-guessing herself.

Alvin and Suzanne can only nod in agreement and look on as Temotu's lead increases. Roger also notices this and grows more and more frustrated with Olivia as the challenge goes on.

Roger (tensely yelling at Olivia): No! No! What are you doing?! That piece goes over here!

Gaby tries to calm both of them down, but it's to no avail. Justin, Melanie, and Robert finish the puzzle to give Temotu immunity. The orange tribe celebrates with one another as Fatutaka looks on in disbelief and disappointment. It cuts to after the challenge where Probst awards Temotu the immunity idol and the bag of beans.

Probst (preparing to throw the flint): Also...

Troyzan (playfully stopping Probst): Whoa, whoa, Jeff. Don't throw it. I don't want to lose it in the ocean!

Probst grins as Troyzan goes to retrieve the flint from him. He then congratulates Temotu once more and sends them back to camp. He turns to Fatutaka with not-as-exciting news.

Probst: Fatutaka...all I've got for you is a date with me tonight at Tribal Council, where one of the nine of you will be the first person voted out of this game. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. I'll see 'ya tonight.

The nine members of Fatutaka dejectedly grab their belongings they brought with them as it fades to break with another shot of the members of Temotu celebrating cheerfully.

The camera returns to the nine members of Fatutaka walking back to camp along the shoreline. Once they get to camp, they unload their belongings and relive the challenge.

Andrew S. (solemnly but trying to remain confident): Well, I know it was a losing effort, but we did a good job today.

The rest of the tribe quietly and half-heartedly agrees with Savage. Roger discretely scoffs while nobody is looking.

Chase: There is something I would like to say. Roger, I thought what you did at the challenge was disgraceful, and I think you were out of line.

Roger: Now hold on a minute. What did I do?

Chase (starting to raise his voice): You know exactly what you did. I don't think you yelling at Olivia is going to motivate her to perform better in the puzzle. I thought it was extremely unnecessary for you to do that.

Roger (also raising his voice): So, what am I supposed to do? Watch her as she puts the wrong piece in the wrong spot? We were going nowhere, Chase! She was standing around doing nothing!

Chase and Roger's argument escalates to a point where they have to be separated by their tribemates. There is no physical altercation, but the tribe did this as a precaution. Olivia, meanwhile, sits on the edge of the shelter on the brink of tears.

As much as I don't want to say it, I'm ninety-nine percent sure I'm the reason we lost the challenge today. I wasn't the only one, though. Gaby and Roger didn't pull their weight either, but my failure was the most noticeable. So then, when we get back to camp, Roger lets me and the rest of the tribe know how I screwed up and cost us the challenge. (wiping away tears) I'm just over the freezing and the yelling and the arguing already. I'm just over it.


Olivia continues to sit there silently as Chase and Roger's feud ends via their tribemates.

Roger really agitated me today. Well, he's been agitating me for the past three days, but he struck a nerve in me today. You just don't yell at someone because you're losing. I understand you're frustrated, but you just don't do that...especially to a girl who hasn't had the best of times so far in this game. When I came to Olivia's defense, he started to try to defend himself and it really didn't help anything. He's just a spineless old man who needs to go tonight.


It cuts to a little bit later in the afternoon when things have calmed down around camp. Chase, both Andrews, and Alvin are in the woods discussing the vote.

Chase: Guys, I just want to say that I wasn't trying to start an argument. I was just trying to defend Olivia cause I thought Roger treated her like (expletive) today. So, you know who my vote is for tonight.

Andrew S.: But you have to look at all three of them. They all really let us down in the puzzle today.

Chase (to Alvin and Andrew G. after a brief pause): What about you guys?

Andrew G.: I think we need to give each of them a fair shake going into tonight.

Alvin: I'm with him on that. They cost us the challenge as a unit. We just need to let the afternoon play out and see what happens.

Chase simply nods as the four guys continue talking inaudibly as it goes to a confessional.

There's a lot of dissection going on into tonight's vote. It's been narrowed down to the three that worked the puzzle: Roger, Gaby, and Olivia. Gaby didn't struggle as mightily, so I don't think she's on anybody's radar for tonight. Roger's a target for struggling but also being really inconsiderate after the challenge. That being said, as inconsiderate as he was, Roger brought up very key points. Olivia seemed to succumb under pressure and performed worse as the challenge went on. Both of them have glaring weaknesses, so we can't really go wrong either way we go tonight.


It cuts to the girls of the tribe sitting by the shore having roughly the same talk as the guys.

Gaby: We just have to vote as to what's best for the tribe.

Suzanne: I think we'd be better off without grumpy grandpa, honestly...

Jordan: No, let's do it. I'm all for getting rid of him tonight.

Suzanne: Sound good to you, Olivia?

Olivia, who had been staring out into the ocean, breaks her gaze and looks at the other three girls.

Olivia (half-heartedly): Yeah, that sounds good.

Suzanne (suddenly concerned): What's wrong, Olivia?

Olivia: I got to thinking about what Roger said earlier...

Gaby (immediately cutting Olivia off): Don't let what he said about you get you down. That was him just being a bitter old man.

Olivia: I know but I haven't had the best time out here. I'm not quitting nor do I want to quit, but this experience just isn't what I thought it was going to be.

Suzanne: Is it something that may get better over a few days?

Olivia (as an innocent smirk comes across her face): I don't know. I can't control what everybody's going to do or how many challenges we're going to win over the next few days, so I can't really give you an answer.

The other three glance at one another and begin to visibly worry about Olivia's instability.

Olivia just hasn't had her head in the game...I don't think at all, really. Back home, my job is teach people how to find your center and clear your mind. Maybe I can get through to her with yoga today...who knows? If not, then she might become a liability to the rest of us.


It cuts to Suzanne teaching Olivia some yoga positions in hopes of clearing her mind and motivating her. The camera then zooms back to camp, where Savage and Jordan watch from a distance.

Andrew S.: What are they doing?

Jordan: Suzanne's teaching Olivia some yoga. She was a train wreck when we talked to her. Her head just hasn't been in it.

Andrew S. (somewhat surprised): She's checked out already?

Jordan: Yep. So, Suzanne's doing what she can to get her back into the game.

Andrew S.: But do we need her that badly, though? If she's checking out now...on Day 3, it's hard to say how long she's going to last out here.

Jordan stays silent for a bit as she continues watching.

Andrew S.: I'm not trying to talk bad about or degrade her, but she didn't do well in the challenge and she doesn't do much around camp. The palm fronds were the last thing I saw her do and that was two days ago. She's a sweet girl...but if she's checked out, she's checked out.

Jordan bites her lip out of disappointment but also understands the situation.

I've dealt with someone who doesn't have the heart or the mindset to stay in the game, and it's difficult trying to talk them into staying. We got a couple more challenges out of Osten before he quit, but this situation's a little different. Olivia's not nearly as built as Osten was nor is she an asset around camp, so I think this is a loose end we need to cut off. And I told Jordan that as we watched them do yoga on the beach. I don't think she was for the idea, but I think she understands that it's going to hinder us long-term if we keep her around and she doesn't improve physically and mentally.

–Andrew S.

The camera highlights Olivia and Suzanne's yoga session once more as it then cuts back to the woods, where Alvin, Andrew G., and Roger are seen walking on a beaten trail surrounded by foliage.

Roger (as they are walking): This is probably a dumb question, but have you guys heard my name come up?

Andrew G. (trying not to laugh at Roger's question): Well yeah, you can't go do what you did earlier and not have people talk about it. I'll be dead honest with you. Your name's on the top of everybody's list right now.

Roger becomes silent for a moment and then responds.

Roger: It was never my intention to start a fracas like that. I was trying to defend my point of view when Chase brought it up.

Alvin: Well, even with that, it still rubbed people the wrong way. You've got to realize that, Roger.

The three continue walking and talking through the jungle.

So, it appears that my actions have put me in hot water for tonight's Tribal Council. At camp, all I was doing was trying to defend myself when Chase attacked me, but nobody saw it that way. So, I know who put my head on the block. I'm no dummy to think that Chase is the one going around badmouthing me and throwing my name around. But looking back, I probably shouldn't have yelled at Olivia like I did, but we were going nowhere and she wasn't contributing any effort to the puzzle at all.


Roger: Well, if you hear anything else, please let me know...cause I would like to stay.

Alvin and Andrew G. simply look at each other with a hesitant look on each of their faces.

Alvin (trying to ease Roger): Definitely. We'll give you a shout.

It cuts to back to camp later in the day, where Jordan approaches Andrew G. behind the shelter to talk. The two try to seclude themselves from the other castaways that are present at camp.

Jordan (quietly): So, things have changed.

Andrew G.: About tonight?

Jordan (nodding in affirmation): Everybody's thinking Olivia tonight.

Andrew G. (puzzled): How come?

Jordan: I think she's having a hard time adapting to the game, but everybody else is saying that she doesn't want to be her heart isn't in it.

Andrew G.: Well, if that's what everybody else is doing tonight, then I have no problem with that. We just need to let Alvin know. Who else is in this?

Jordan: It's us, Savage, Gaby, Alvin when you talk to him, and I can talk to Suzanne and see how she feels about it too.

Andrew G.: Sounds good. Let's do it.

The conversation between the two allies abruptly ends as both Andrew G. and Jordan disperse to respectively tell Alvin and Suzanne the new developments of the vote. It cuts over to Jordan approaching Suzanne, who is on the shoreline, to ask about Olivia. The two greet one another before getting to the topic at hand.

Jordan: How's she doing?

Suzanne (unsurely): I'm not sure, really. I can't get that great of a read on her, even when we were over there doing yoga.

Jordan: Well, there's a group of us that are thinking about voting her out tonight. We wanted to not leave you out of the loop and see how you felt about that.

Suzanne: I'm fine with whatever the majority of you guys wants to do tonight. They both have their reasons as to why they should go home. I would feel horrible voting Olivia, but I don't know if she's able to keep going...

Jordan: The plan right now is Olivia, but we can get back to you if it changes anymore.

Suzanne (grinning and giving her a thumbs up): Awesome. Thanks for coming and touching base with me.

It cuts to that evening as the nine members of Fatutaka prepare for their first Tribal Council. They leave camp and begin the trek along the shore in a single-file line.

The talks today have been about nothing but Roger and Olivia and who we're going to send home tonight. From a personal perspective, I would send Roger home in a heartbeat because he's negative and just stubborn as could be. But tonight's vote isn't a matter of personal perspectives. It's a matter of what's going to be better for this tribe going forward. Do we take out the grumpy and abrasive Roger or the detached and ever-adapting Olivia? Everyone seems to be set on Olivia, but...funny things happen at Tribal Council. Chances are, tonight won't be any different!


The camera speeds through the sunset and lays focus on the Tribal Council area, which is starts with a dock for the attending tribe's boat and bends right to the actual area. It shows the nine attendees filing into the central area of Tribal Council, which consists of a volcanic ash and limestone setting and no roof overhead. There, Probst awaits the Fatutaka tribe as they file in one by one.

Probst (nudging his head in the direction of the torches): Behind each of you is a torch. Go ahead and grab a torch, approach the flame, dip it in, and get fire.

They each grab a torch that sits behind the seats and dip them in the central fire pit as instructed.

Probst: This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game, fire represents your life! If your fire is gone, so are you, and that will be the case for one of you tonight!

Each of the nine take their seat after placing their torches down.

Probst (taking his seat as well): Okay, so your first Tribal Council. Not the place you want to be, but somebody has to be here. Suzanne, what's been the hardest part of these past three days?

Suzanne: As far as the conditions and camp life, nothing overly severe. We didn't have fire the first night, but we were able to get an ember and keep it yesterday.

Probst (smiling): So, you guys have fire already?

Suzanne (as she and some of her tribemates giggle): Yeah, Andrew and Alvin were our workhorses and were able to get the fire going for us.

Andrew G. (trying to deflect the attention off of him): Stop, stop. It was a team effort! We may have made the fire, but everyone pitched in and contributed in some way, shape, or form.

Probst: So from the sound of it, it doesn't sound like the conditions are getting to anybody.

Savage is seen visibly attesting to that but Probst does not bring it up.

Probst: Alvin, the surviving part you guys have adapted to, it sounds like. From a social aspect, though, has it been as easy to grasp as it has been for surviving?

Alvin (cracking a grin): Well Jeff, I think we do get along as a whole, but there are some strong personalities on this tribe as well. A couple have butted heads at times...

Before Alvin can finish, Chase raises his hand to acknowledge that he is the subject of Alvin's response.

Probst: Chase, would you be one of these strong personalities Alvin is mentioning to?

Chase: Without a doubt. There have been times over the past three days where I have voiced my opinion and some tribemates have voiced theirs in disagreement.

Probst: And that would be who?

Chase (hesitating a little): Well...

Andrew S. (unintentionally interrupting Chase): It's not a secret, Chase. The whole tribe knows after today.

The rest of the tribe except Roger grin and chuckle softly at Savage's remark as Chase finishes his original thought.

Chase: Roger and I have bantered at one another on multiple occasions to answer your question, Jeff.

Roger (before Probst can ask him anything): Oh, that's definitely true!

Probst: Well, let me ask you this, Roger. What have the arguments been on the subject of?

Roger: Well, we had one about the shelter and where it was going to be put. We had another one today about the challenge and how I directed my (uses his hands as quotes) "anger" at Olivia today.

Probst: Let's talk about the challenge today. Roger, you did direct frustration at Olivia and Gaby at the challenge, but you guys were beaten in all three phases today. So, my question is why focus your frustration on specifically Olivia when the tribe as a whole did not perform well in the challenge today?

Roger (matter-of-factly): Because I felt that she contributed the least, and I still stand behind that fact. Gaby and I were trying different pieces in different places to see if they would fit. Olivia would just stand out of the way and behind us, hold one of the pieces in her hand, and not do anything with it. It was a high-pressure situation, and she didn't perform well under pressure.

Chase (immediately detesting Roger's argument): And did you perform well under pressure? I think you're giving yourself too much credit and giving her too little. Stop putting all the blame on her and be accountable for at least some of the loss...cause you definitely deserve at least some of it.

Roger barks back at Chase, sparking another argument over the challenge and who is to blame for the loss. Throughout the argument, Chase continuously defends Olivia, who is sitting in between the two and has her head in her hands at this point, as Roger keeps passing the blame to her. The other six start looking at one another in uncertainty and concern as Chase and Roger wind down their argument.

Jordan (half-laughing out of disbelief): This sums up their relationship in a nutshell.

Andrew S.: And it's something that needs to be addressed if both of these guys make it through tonight. This is at least the third argument they've had in three days here. We can't keep having conflict like this each and every day if we're trying to win challenges.

Probst (to Savage): Well, as a bystander, what can you do when all of this is happening right in front of you?

Andrew S.: You vote one of them out. That's a really quick fix and it might have to be done tonight cause this is ridiculous. None of us came out here to listen to two grown men verbally attack each other. We came out here to win.

Probst: Olivia, I haven't even gotten to hear your thoughts on all of this. I can imagine that it doesn't feel great hearing somebody say that you're the reason that this tribe lost today.

Olivia (starting to tear up):, it doesn't. I've played sports at a collegiate level, so I'm a very competitive person. I don't like losing as much as anybody else does. I'm going out there giving it my best effort, and I just hate that I'm being attacked for it.

Olivia puts her head in her hands once more as Chase tries to comfort her. The camera skips around the members of Fatutaka as they provide various reactions, most consisting of indecision, to the events that had just transpired. Probst wraps it up after a few more questions regarding the challenge and commences the voting process. One by one, the castaways cross the rickety wooden bridge to the voting booth. Only Chase and Roger's confessionals are aired as the voting ends with Gaby taking her seat.

Probst: I'll go tally the votes.

The nine castaways look on in anxiety as Probst collects the voting urn. Chase is seen rubbing Olivia's back out in hopes of consoling her. Probst places the urn down on the waist-level column.

Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote: Roger (1)

Roger nods his head slightly as he internally comes to terms that there is a possibility of him going home.

Second vote: Chase (1-1)

Chase looks over to Roger with a deadpan expression on his face as he knows who cast the vote for him.

Third vote: Roger (2-1)

Roger visibly becomes more nervous as the votes for him begin to stockpile.

Fourth vote: Olivia (2-1-1)

Olivia, who had been hunched over, sits up straighter as the first vote for her is read.

Fifth vote: Olivia (2-2-1)

Olivia's expression turns to worry as Chase and Roger look surprised.

Sixth vote: Olivia (3-2-1)

Seventh vote: Olivia (4-2-1)

Jordan is seen biting her lip and Andrew G. shakes his head in discontent as Olivia dejectedly looks on.

Eighth vote: ...

Probst: First person voted out of Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands...Olivia. That's five and that's enough. I need you to bring me your torch.

Olivia gets up from her seat as does Chase. He delivers a warm hug to her as she wishes him and the rest of the tribe luck. Olivia places her torch down before Probst.

Probst: Olivia, the tribe has spoken.

With her torch extinguished, Olivia proceeds to leave the Tribal Council area. The remaining members of Fatutaka wave and tell her goodbye as she leaves.

Probst: Well, tonight's Tribal Council certainly had its share of friction. The two sources of that friction, Chase and Roger, both survived the vote. It will definitely be interesting to see how this decision plays out. Because you have attended Tribal Council, you have earned flint. Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

After obtaining the flint from Probst, the eight remaining members of Fatutaka rise from their seats, collect their torches and belongings, and proceed to return to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Olivia (6 votes)
Alvin, Andrew G., Andrew S., Gaby, Jordan, Suzanne
Roger (2 votes)
Chase, Olivia
Chase (1 vote)
Olivia Ellis

Voting Confessionals

You are a stubborn and maligned man. We will be singing 'Kumbayah' around the fire when you leave. I can promise you that.


Your muscles may be big, but so is your head. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, kiddo.


Final Words

I really hate that I'm sitting here right now, but I totally understand why my tribemates made the vote that they did. My head wasn't fully in the game and it showed. That's my only regret over these three days. I still fought hard in the challenge today, but when it came to everything else, I just wasn't ready.

–Olivia Ellis

Still in the Running

Andrew G.
Andrew S.

Next Time on Survivor...

After becoming aware that he's on the outs, Robert scrambles to improve his position at Temotu while the friction at Fatutaka doesn't let up.


  • The episode title was said by Roger when he was referring to Chase possibly throwing his name around for Tribal Council.