"I Lied, So What?"
Season Survivor: Jungles of Kenya
Author Wafflefreak
Episode Number 11
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This is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Kenya

Previously On Survivor...

  • Devastated by Lynsie's betrayal, Rachael quickly learns that she's on the outside of a majority alliance. When hope seems bleak, Corinne emerges as a friend stating she wants to flip the game on the duos, in particular the two running the show, Lynsie and Johnathan.
  • When Rachael won yet another immunity challenge, Corinne scrambled to save herself by approaching Dan. Although Dan's vote was not enough, and he had to turn to his closest ally, Shaun, to vote with them. However at tribal council, Shaun refused to flip resulting in a tie. After the revote it was clear neither side was budging, and it was Johnathan who was eliminated from the game after drawing rocks. 5 remain, who will be voted out tonight?


Night 32

It's a lively night. An owl perched not too far from camp, could be heard echoing throughout the forest. Frogs, beetles, and mosquito's all join the winged creature as an orchestra of sound in the night. Just then, the castaways return to camp, and exchanged awkward, forced hugs.

Tonight Corinne tried to have me voted out, thank (bleep)ing god it failed. Unfortunately though, Johnathan took the fall for me. (sniffles, and whipes her nose with her hand. Then covers her eyes) One sec.. (She pulls herself back together and sighs) It's just... it's a hard night. Johnathan was a good guy and didn't deserve that. I uh, I'm here to play though, and I understand it's just a game. I have no problem shaking their hands and telling them that was well played, because it was.


Corinne gives Lynsie a hug, and reminds her that it's just a game. Lynsie gives a half grin and tells her that it's fine and she understands. Dan however cannot even bring himself to look at Shaun, and Shaun can feel the anger radiating from his body. Rachael reminds everyone that this is what they had signed up for, and that they're each one of the five remaining people left standing.

Rachael: There's eleven other people who want to be in our shoes right now, guys! Relax, soak it in, enjoy! We're one of the last five in this game, holy crap, that's crazy! Don't let sour feelings ruin the moment for you!

A statement that seemed quite rich to Dan considering the way Rachael had spoken to Lynsie just after the previous tribal council before.

I... am so lucky (forces nervous chuckle). I don't know how I did it, but I'm still here. I don't know if I bought myself just a few more days, or if I put myself in more of a top position. I just, I don't know. I'm just happy to still be here.


Everyone heads to bed. It's a cooler night than what they've experienced, so everyone's forced to put their feelings aside, and cuddle up with the person next to them, regardless of how much they might not like them at the moment. Each knowing that this will turn out to all be worth it for one of them. Just another mere 7 days left of the game, they're all so close they can each picture themselves winning in their heads, clearer than ever.

Day 33

The next morning Dan's the first one up, and he takes a seat next to the fire. Slouched over with his head laying in his hands for support, he stares into the flames, losing track of time. Rachael's the second person to awake, and she sits cross legged on the ground next to him. She personally thanks him for voting with her the night before, and notes she's unsure if this has turned into an official allegiance to one another, but wants him to know either way she is extremely thankful.

If it wasn't for Dan, Corinne would be gone and I'd still have nobody on my side. I really need to butter him up, and make him feel like I'm so indebted to him that he'll want me around even longer.


The two talk, and Dan shares with Rachael that for the past few days Shaun has been rationing her food, giving her less than everyone else. Rachael is quite taken back by this information, and quickly becomes livid.

Shaun went against me last night, this late in the game if you lose trust in someone they're not getting it back. He stirred the pot, I'm just retaliating.


Rachael walks over to the shelter and grabs his foot, which is slightly sticking off the platform, and starts shaking it, demanding that he wakes up.

Shaun (In a daze): What the hell is going on, Rachael?!

Rachael: What the hell is this nonsense about you rationing my food, huh? That's not strategy, Shaun we're starving as it is. That's just messed up!

Shaun: What the (bleep) are you talking about, is this seriously what this is all about?

Rachael: Don't try to dismiss me, I cannot believe you've been doing that. That's just so scummy!

Shaun: Rachael, please not now. I'm tired.

Rachael: And I'm hungry! God forbid I ask for an apology!!

And with that, Rachael stomps out of camp. Shaun just stays there, sitting up. From his vantage point, he can clearly see Dan, who was silently watching the whole thing. By this point everyone else has been awoken as well.

Shaun: Thanks. Thanks a lot, dude.

Dan continues sitting with no reply. Shaun just lays back down, and pulls the covers up over himself to try and go back to sleep.

I'm actually so surprised and disappointed that Dan sold me out like that. He's officially gone rogue.


Rachael sits alone on the beach, with her knees in the air and her head resting on them. She lifts her head up, to reveal she has been crying. She wipes her tears, and runs her hand throughout her hair, stopping half way through.

I just feel so stupid. I was sitting here, gloating about being in such a great alliance. Meanwhile, my allies were in on my best friend out here backstabbing me, and that my food portions were being cut. That's completely (bleep)ed up. I'm pissed, I'm upset, and I'm everything in between.


Day 34

Reward Challenge


Challenge: Second Chance
The castaways will race across a balance beam, untying three sets of macanas as they go. The first three castaways to cross the finish line win. In round two, they would use the macanas to break a tile thirty feet away. The first two move on to the final round, where they will solve a puzzle based on a Maya calendar. Once it is solved, they hop into a cart and chop a rope with a machete, sending them down a ramp.
Reward: A brand new car
Winner: Rachael

Reward Challenge: Second Chance
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd 4th
Round 3 2 1
Castaway Kenyarachael

I'm so over her winning streak at this point. I really, truly am.



Returning to camp, it's hot. It's really hot. The flies are bad today as well, along with the giant indigenous hornets. Everyone's in a sour mood, and the conditions aren't putting any smiles on their faces. Corinne lets out a grunt as she swats away a fly thats been buzzing around her filthy head.

These people aren't even trying to pretend they're happy for me anymore. No smiles, no hugs, no congratulations, nothing!


This girl is unbeatable! We might as well hand her the million dollars, right here, right now.


Lynsie and Shaun go for a walk together through the woods, and talk some strategy. They make their way down the path, and talk about the serious risk of Rachael winning her way into the finals. Shaun scoffs at Corinne's stupidity, stating she's only helping the biggest threat in the game and than Dan's just as dumb for following along.

I lied, so what? Corinne's done it plenty of times, yet Dan's still willing to trust her! Now the three of them (Corinne, Dan, Rachael) all seem to have an alliance, because I, of all people, look untrustworthy. This is crazy, they're handing Rachael the million dollars.


I don't understand why they'd help Rachael. Heck, I'd vote for her in the end. We need to work together to get her out.


Lynsie tells Shaun that the whole split down the middle dynamic is ridiculous in the game at the moment. She tells him that they should all have one public enemy, and it would be smart if they all put their personal feelings aside to try to terminate that said person. Shaun is in complete agreement.

Lynsie decides she wants to talk to Corinne about calling a truce, in order to try to vote out Rachael.

Lynsie: Okay, so I know you probably gave Rachael your word, but would you ever consider going back on it?

Corinne: Present me with an option that would make me consider it.

Lynsie: Corinne, I don't have much to give you. My only plea is she will win this game if she makes it to the end. We need to put our personal feelings aside, and work together, along with Dan and Shaun, and try to pick this girl off once and for all!

Corinne: Lynsie, if I'm being honest with you, here's my dilemma. Yes, Rachael poses a serious threat to my game, but so does losing numbers. Right now my new side has numbers to back me up. I can guarantee myself final 3 if I stick with the people I have.

Lynsie: You mean you guarantee playing for second place, as apposed to first.

Corinne's all about winning, she's in this game for her kids. I need to appeal to the game player in Corinne, and make her feel like she wont take a single penny home to her children if she stays set on her current final three plan.


Corinne: Lynsie, why should I even consider saving your ass? You literally just tried to backstab me at the last tribal council. I didn't even instigate anything, you just tried to pull a fast one on me for once.

Lynsie: Yes, I'll admit, I tried to do you dirty, but it's only because Rachael had immunity. Corinne, listen to a voice of reason, tell me you'll at least consider voting her out if she doesn't win immunity.

Corinne: Lynsie, of course I'll consider it, but I'm not making you any promises.

Lynsie: Think long and hard.

Lynsie's paranoid because she knows that if Rachael wins immunity again, her closest ally (Shaun) is next to leave. Rachael may be able to win her way to the finals, but this is a game, and there's more elements to it than winning competitions. I think I could beat her, I mean what have her major moves been? As of lately the only thing she is capable of is winning immunity. I've played strategically, and I'll be damned if that's not more deserving than winning a few competitions. So yeah, I think I could beat Rachael in the end.


Day 35

Corinne lays in bed in the early hours of the day, the only one awake. There's only four days left in the game, and four other people standing in her way, every move she makes at this point is crucial. All night Corinne has gone back and forth on what Lynsie had said to her the day before. On one hand, Corinne views Lynsie as a silent threat that's very likely to win the game, but on the other hand Rachael does pose as a major obstacle herself. In Corinne's own eyes she wouldn't be playing for second place, but she needs to put herself into other juror's shoes, and not just how she'd vote.

I'm torn. A numeral advantage on day 35 is huge, I'd be crazy to give that up! With that said though.. (sigh) if I keep Rachael in this game I might be securing numbers behind me to ensure I get runner-up. This game honors moves, and the biggest one of all might be jeopardizing my own security to remove the one winning everything in sight. If I'm presented with the opportunity.. I... I, I don't know. Maybe I'll take it?


Immunity Challenge

Challenge: Pole Dancing
Each castaway begins attached to a long piece of rope wound around a series of pole. They would need to get enough rope unwound to reach the finish. Also, their hands and feet are shackled. They would reach for ten keys, using one key to unshackle their hands. At the next pole, they unlock their rope and unwind it. When they reach the last key, they will use it to unshackle their hands. The first person to cross the finish line wins immunity.
Winner: Lynsie

Immunity Challenge: Pole Dancing
Result Winner Competitors
Castaway KenyaLynsie
Dan, Corinne, Rachael, Shaun

(Lets out a scream in excitement while waving her hands around) (Talking really fast) Oh. My. God! I'm final 4! I'm final 4!!! I beat the girl who couldn't be beaten, and secured myself a spot in the final 4! This is crazy, this is absolutely insane! I'm so excited, I have a million thoughts running through my head at the moment. (Pauses for a second, then begins talking at a normal pace) This is by far the best feeling since this game started.



Returning from the challenge, Lynsie's joy over her win is shining through. She has regained her hop in her step, and her bubbly personality which has been absent the past few days has once again returned. With a laugh she says she feels as though she's glowing, but it's true. This win has really turned around her attitude.

I got this when I needed it the most, and it feels amazing.


Worried about what the vulnerability could mean for her, Rachael turns to Corinne and Dan for reassurance.

This is the first time in a long time that I've gone to tribal council without immunity. I'm a nervous wreck. Last time I was there without the necklace, I almost went home. I certainly hope I don't suffer the same fate tonight. However, I do seem to have a new steady alliance to depend on. They're not the most reliant people, but it feels nice to have someone backing me.


After Rachael walks off, both Corinne and Dan stand staring at each other silently. Both knowing what the other one was thinking. Corinne decides to break the ice and ask Dan what they're actually going to do, and he replies back with a simple "I don't know".

Yes, Rachael's on our side. But the true question is, do we want to take this opportunity to strike while we can?


Shaun sits on the shelter, his right leg is shaking a mile a minute. The nerves have taken over his body, causing his stomach to do somersaults. He knows his head is on the chopping block, and if Corinne and Dan do not flip, he has almost no hope.

Shaun swallows his pride, and approaches Dan. Dan's honest with him and tells him that he's unsure if he should vote to keep him around, due to the fact he turned his back on him last vote without as much as a heads up. Dan said he was shocked by his choice, and the way he handled it, and that he's not so sure that he can trust him anymore. Shaun apologizes and admits that he didn't make the best choices, but hopes that he can be given a second chance. He can tell Dan's wavering. Shaun notes that they've been together for a majority of the game, and to throw away such a strong bond this late in the game would do only bad things to both of their games.

I need Dan to see that I need him. If Dan thinks I need him, he'll think I'll never vote him off, therefore he'll want to keep me around longer.


With minutes to spare before tribal council, Shaun continues working on Dan's vote. Even if they cannot get Corinne, Dan will be enough for a majority. To try to ensure they get their way, Lynsie once again approaches Corinne about turning on Rachael. "Convince me", Corinne tells her. Open to the idea, she needs to know that going along with Lynsie's plan will ultimately be ideal for herself. Lynsie urges her to take the opportunity while they can, stating that there's no way Rachael would lose in the end. She tells Corinne that they're going to have to trust each other, and that considering this is the best move for both of themselves, they need to work together. Lynsie tells her that if the four of them come together to eliminate Rachael, that Dan and Shaun could very likely rekindle their alliance. The whole time Corinne nods her head, but deep down she's uncertain if Dan would actually turn his back on her at this point. Especially since she has never directly tried to screw him.

I see these little conversations happening, but what can I do? Obviously they're going to happen. I'm not going to babysit these people, that'll do nothing but show distrust. If I just let things happen, and don't show paranoia, they'll know that I'm putting faith into them, and realize that I trust them for their word. ... So lets hope that I actually can.


Tribal Council

At tribal council Rachael reveals she nervous about being unprotected after her abundance of wins, but says she has trust in the people she's working with. Jeff asks if the seemingly obvious choice, Rachael, thinks she's safe, who would be in the hot seat. Shaun notes that he knows his name has been thrown out into the mix, and thinks the worst decision possible would be to vote him off over the biggest threat in the game. Lynsie agrees with him, saying she cares very deeply for Rachael, but she needs to play the game strategically. When asked, Corinne says she can see both sides of the story, and that both have pros and cons. With that, the castaways vote. Jeff grabs the urn, and is about to read the votes just as he's interrupted by Lynsie. She stands and states she wishes to play her hidden immunity idol on Shaun. Shaun breathes a sigh of relief as he is now safe. Rachael's head falls into her hands. The votes are read, the first is for Shaun and it's nullified. It becomes clear Shaun and Lynsie's pleading has worked, as the rest of the voting ballots reveal Rachael's name. With a sigh, Rachael stands and gives the remaining four castaways each a hug goodbye. She even gives Lynsie a kiss on the cheek, and says that she hopes they're able to smooth things over after the game. "I'd like that", responds Lynsie. Rachael grabs her torch, and it is snuffed by Jeff. As the wipes away a single tear, she turns, waves, and says goodbye.

Tribal Council 11:
Rachael (4 votes)
Corinne, Dan, Lynsie, and Shaun
Shaun (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

I love you dearly, but unfortunately this is a game. Therefore it's time for you to go.


I'm casting this vote, because I want to win this game.


You're unstoppable, and if we don't get rid of you now we never will. I'm sorry my friend, take care.


Final Words

This has been quite a game, full of ups and downs. I made so many wonderful friends, and made so many memories that... there's no way I can leave here bitter. I've had the time of my life, meeting new people, playing these challenges, and scheming like I never have before! Survivor has been the experience of a life time and I am honored to say that I've been able to take part.


Still in the Running