"I Regret What I Did Tonight"
Los Haitises Park
Season Survivor: Dominican Republic
Author User:Gavin316
Episode Number 6/13
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This is the sixth episode of Survivor: Dominican Republic

Previously On Survivor...

The Yuna Tribe’s Mark, feeling betrayed by his allies Jill and Esther over their elimination of Martha, declared himself to be the lone wolf in the game stating that he would not ally with anyone.

Jill, Esther, Rodney, and Damion christened their new alliance the Core Four.

Over on the Payabo Tribe Thom and Denise further strengthened their friendship while they talked about how much they have missed their loved ones.

The Payabo Tribe would go on to lose their second Immunity Challenge and the old battle lines on the tribe once again appeared. Wild Bill and Jenny wanted to get rid of either Hector, Denise, or Thom. Thom, Denise, and Hector wanted Wild Bill to go. Sully and Kendra were the swing votes and the two of them ultimately sided with Bill and Jenny and the four of them voted Thom out due to the fact that he was perceived as a liability during challenges. Eleven are left, who will be voted out next?


Reward Challenge: Shoulder the Load
Three members of each tribe (Two males and one female.) will have a pole across their shoulders. Each round, weight (20 lbs.) will be added to that pole. The decision about which tribe member gets the weight will be made by the other tribe. When the weight becomes too much to bear, the tribe member will drop the pole and be out of the challenge. Last person left standing wins immunity for their tribe..
Reward: Barbecue lunch near a waterfall.
Winner: Yuna

Immunity Challenge: Obstacle Course
Tribes must race through an obstacle course. Said obstacle course will be broken into four stages. In the first stage of the obstacle course all five members of the team must traverse a balance beam bridge which crosses a mud pit if any team member falls into said mud pit that player must go back to the start of the stage and try to cross it again. The team cannot move onto the next stage until all five members of their team have crossed the bridge successfully.

The second stage of the course has the tribes climbing over a wall. All five tribe members must climb over the wall before they can advance onto the third stage of the course.

The third stage of the course will have both teams run through a tire course. All five members must finish the tire course before the tribes can advance on to the final stage.

In the final stage the teams must lift three consecutive gates (Each gate weighs more than the previous gate. The first gate weights ten pounds, the second gate weighs twenty pounds, and the final gate weighs twenty-five pounds.) and crawl underneath said gates. The first tribe to complete all four stages wins Immunity.
Winner: Payabo


Night 15

The Payabo Tribe returns from Tribal Council and Sully informs the entire tribe that getting rid of Thom was the right move to make because he was so terrible during challenges. He then says the truth is the truth and the truth is they just made the team even stronger.

You know I sometimes wonder where Gil’s brain is. He knows that both Denise and Hector are upset over Thom leaving the game and yet he stands in front of them like a pompous ass trying to justify why he made such a move.

Prior to the start of this game I said I would play this game with no regrets. I regret what I did tonight. I tired to play with my brain and not with my heart. Now I am stuck with my choice.


Ya know I keep on saying I got rid of Thom because he was weak in challenges and that is partly true. My main reason for getting rid of him was because now our team is even. With the elimination of Thom the team is now officially made up of three two people alliances.

The glory of it is, now Kendra and I are the powerbrokers on this team because Hector and Denise will never be willing to work with Bill and Jenny. Bill and Jenny will never be willing to work with Hector and Denise. So all of a sudden, Kendra and I are the two most important people on this tribe because in order for one of those other alliances to gain an advantage they have to work with us.

I find it to be very funny when you think about it because by eliminating both Thom and Sherri from the game, Kendra and I have screwed both sides. Now here we are dictating the flow of the game. Man it’s good to be smart.


Sully is starting to really get on my last nerve, especially when he was trying to give his reason for voting out Thom. He and Kendra made a deal with the devil tonight and it is a deal that is going to come back and bite them on their asses sooner or later.


Day 16

We begin the sixteenth day at the Payabo camp where we see Hector and Denise talking about the elimination of Thom. Hector says he is pissed off that Kendra and Sully would vote Thom out when there was no reason to do so. He then says that if the merge happens soon he and Denise are going to have to think long and hard over if they should try and help the Yuna Tribe eliminate the rest of the Payabo Tribe.

Denise starts to cry and tells Hector that her mind is not at a place where she can think about something like that yet. She then goes on to say that after losing Thom see needs to mentally step away from the game for about a day so that she can get herself to a place where she is ready to play again.

Hector tells her that he understands but they are going to have to get on the same page because they only have each other in this game and so they have to be ready for any possible scenario that may emerge down the road.

I like Hector…but in this game he only wants to talk about two things. One is his hatred of Wild Bill. The second thing he always wants to talk about is strategy; those are the only two things he seems to care about. In the sixteen days that I have known him I do not think I have had one conversation with him that did not deal with one or both of those topics.

It is just mentally draining on me. Especially now that my buddy Thom is no longer out here, because when Thom was here he acted as a buffer but now that he is gone I am going to have to be involved in Hector’s endless strategy talks. It has only been a few hours and I already miss Thom so much…


Denise has to get over last night’s vote. I mean yeah it pisses me off that Sully and Kendra could stab us in the backs. But what is that anger going to do?

How is that anger or that sadness going to progress us through the game?

The it is not. She has to calm herself and get her head back into this game or she might very well find herself to be the next person gone from this game.


Over at the Yuna Tribe we see Mark doing his Yoga out on the beach all by himself as the camera pans towards the camp we see The Core Four just sitting around in the camp chitchatting. Mark voiceovers:

I am starting to think that voting out Martha might have not been as bad as I initially thought it was. You see I’ve now found an inner peace out here on the beach…in the jungle. I am in a natural environment for me.

Since I stopped engaging in conversations with the others on my tribe, I have found a Zen like peace. I enjoy the solitude out here. I am one nation onto myself in this game and maybe that was the role I was always meant to have out here. I have so much serenity right now; I just don’t have a care in the world.

If we lose the Immunity Challenge and I am voted out, it truly will not bother me now. I have reached a place where I know that whenever I depart from this game…it is when I was supposed to depart from this game and that is the best feeling in the world. No longer am I going to be stressed out over the outcome of this game…now I can truly be the nature boy and be one with nature and that…that is worth more than all of the money in the world.


At the Yuna camp proper, Jill tells her allies how Mark told her to stay away from him after she asked him if he was all right. Rodney then laughs and says, “For a guy who claims to be super mellow. He sure does have a gigantic stick up his butt.” Everyone laughs at this comment as we see Mark, far off on the beach still doing his Yoga, oblivious to the comments being made about him.

Jill then says that when things were going his way he was all about team unity. However, once things started to not go his way he has turned into a monk refusing to talk to anyone or even doing much work around camp.

Back at the Payabo Tribe Denise is sitting alone in the shelter staring out into space when Kendra approaches her.

Do you mind if I join you?


Denise still seems to be in a bit of a haze, either that or she is trying to ignore Kendra. After a few moments she turns and looks Kendra and shrugs her shoulders. Kendra sits down next to her and begins to speak.

Quote1Okay I really wanted to talk to you about what went on last night with the vote and why I did what I did. You may not be interested in what I have to say but you are one of the few people out here that I like and respect and so I feel that I owe you an explanation as to why I did what I did.Quote2- Kendra

Quote1Kendra I really appreciate you doing this, but the thing is I am still a little raw over the vote and I am not sure if I am ready to talk about this right now.

I guess I could talk, but I am just warning you I might not be a receptive audience. I just want you to know that…Quote2
- Denise

Quote1That’s cool; at least you’re being honest with me. Okay yesterday I truly voted out Thom because I felt challenge wise that was what was best for the team. I mean Thom is such a super guy but at the end of the day he had to go because if not we would have ended up sitting him out of every other challenge and how was that going to benefit us?Quote2- Kendra

Quote1Keeping him around would have meant there would be one more loyal person in this game for us. Now instead of having someone who was completely loyal to us you and Sully got rid of him for two people that simply cannot be trusted.Quote2- Denise

Quote1Trust me I know full well I made a huge mistake in allowing Bill and Jenny to stay in the game. But what’s done is done, I can’t change the past and so about all I can do is tell you that no matter what from here on out you and Hector have my vote. I know that it might not be enough to salvage any of our games but right now it is about all I can offer you as a way of saying I am sorry.

I just wanted to get that off my chest. I shall give you some alone time and I just hope that you can trust me again.Quote2
- Kendra

I’m not sure if Kendra is being sincere or not. I mean it seems like she is truly sorry for voting Thom out but then again maybe she is just saying what I want to hear. I am going to be cautious in dealing with her and hope she does not screw me again.


I felt that my talk with Denise went somewhat well this afternoon. I am not sure if I completely convinced her of my sincerity in wanting to vote with her and Hector from here on out. If I did not convince her…well I really don’t blame her but I hope she sees me as someone she can still trust going forward in this game.


Day 17

Day seventeen begins at the Payabo Tribe campsite. It is early in the morning and the entire team, with the exception of Kendra, is near the campfire eating. Wild Bill does a set-up confessional to explain why he did what he is about to do.

I’ve been a little tame the past couple of days. I haven’t really gone out of my way to screw with anyone. So today while we all stood near the fire eating breakfast I decided that it was high time to mess with my favorite target Hector once again. The fact that Denise got involved in the situation as well was a bonus.

–Wild Bill

Quote1Jenny, I’ve gotta say it felt so good to send old man river packing. That was some good revenge on our parts. What sucks for you Hector was your boy Gil over here turned his back on you.

I know what happed at Tribal Council was a tough lesson for ya but you should be thankful you learned it. Trust no one.Quote2
- Wild Bill

Quote1William I…Quote2- Hector

Quote1It’s Wild Bill ese, only my parents have the right to call me William.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1Whatever man, I’m not going to call a grown man Wild Bill. You want to know why I refuse to call you Wild Bill.

Because you are a pathetic, loathsome, person who if you were on fire I wouldn’t even waste my spit on you in order to try and put you out. I know exactly what you’re trying to do here William and it ain’t gonna work. You are not going to get a rise out of me man…no way no how.

Quote2- Hector

Quote1I’m not trying to do anything to you Hector. I am simply stating that it felt good to make your boy Thom take the walk of shame to the loser’s lounge. I can only hope that you will be joining him soon now that you don’t have the votes to back you up.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1Why are you doing this Bill? Why are you trying to purposely upset us? What kind of a person does that to others? What did Hector and I ever do to you?

You voted out Thom, fine that’s cool for you because he would never have been open to working with you and so that was the right move to make for you and Jenny. But why do you have to gloat about it?

Quote2- Denise

Quote1Why? Well…simply put, because I can. The fact of the matter is right now the two of you are on the low end of this team’s totem pole and because of this we can get rid of you whenever we want so you being upset with me is not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things because you and Hector are now irrelevant in this game.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1Gilbert I want you to take a long hard look at this guy right here. You chose to deal with him, you chose to work with him. I hope you found some humor in this whole deal because you, Jenny, and Kendra are enablers. Had you just gotten rid of him like you should there would be none of this crap in camp…our camp life would have been awesome.

I truly hope you are happy with yourself Gil because I have a funny feeling that there is going to come a time when you look back and regret the Thom vote. Because we all know he is going to turn on you. It is not a question of if he is going to turn on you…no…it is a question of when he will.Quote2
- Denise

Denise bursts into tears and storms out of camp quickly followed by Hector.

Jenny and Wild Bill just laugh over Denise’s outburst. Sully just stands near the fire looking down at the ground and shuffling his right foot from side to side.

Wow, I know Wild Bill is a scumbag but he went above and beyond this morning. I don’t regret getting rid of Thom because it needed to be done. But part of me does sort of regret keeping Bill around longer because Denise is completely right he does make camp life miserable for everyone.


I feel so ashamed of myself for being so overly emotional over the past couple of days. I did not want to be like that out here. Especially not in front of someone like Wild Bill who gets pleasure out of other’s misery. Now I’ve given him more ammunition to use against me at a later date.

The thing is, I am still very raw over Thom getting voted out and so I had to be emotional. I am not sure what the future holds in this game but I would love to still be around if and when Wild Bill gets voted out.


Reward Challenge:

It is time for the Reward Challenge. The Yuna Tribe is the first team to arrive at the challenge once all of their members are settled on their mat; the Payabo Tribe enters the challenge area. Jeff Probst informs the members of the Yuna Tribe that Thom was voted out at the previous Tribal Council. Damion just nods his head as if he figured that Thom would not be in the game much longer. Jeff Probst explains to both teams the rules of the challenge and informs the castaways the winning tribe will be getting. Jeff tells the Payabo Tribe that because they have one extra member on their tribe they must sit one person out. They are not allowed to sit the same person out in back-to-back challenges which means that Denise must take part in this challenge. The Payabo Tribe chooses Jenny sit out this challenge.

Holding weight for the Payabo Tribe is: Gilbert, Hector, Denise
Holding weight for the Yuna Tribe is: Mark, Damion, Jill

The Yuna Tribe decides to target Hector right out of the gate putting weight on him during the first three rounds of the challenge. The Payabo Tribe’s approach is to spread the wealth around and by the end of the third round all three Yuan members have twenty pounds resting on their shoulders. The challenge speeds along and by the time we get our next update Jeff informs us that for the Payabo Tribe, Hector now holding eighty pounds, Denise has twenty, and Gilbert has twenty. While on the Yuna Tribe side of the challenge, Mark has forty, Damion has forty, and Jill has forty.

Kendra notices that Jill is struggling to hold up her weight and so she and Bill begin to focus putting weight onto Jill. Two rounds later, Jill becomes the first contestant to drop out of the challenge after shouldering eighty pounds. After Jill leaves the challenge the Payabo Tribe once again decides to spread the wealth to both Mark and Damion.

When one hundred and forty pounds is added to Hector, Hector begins to stagger and finally has to drop out of the challenge as the weight was just too much for him to handle. Jeff gives us another update after Hector is eliminated at that point in the challenge Denise is holding eighty pounds, Gilbert is holding eighty pounds for the Payabo Tribe. While Damion is holding one hundred and twenty pounds and Mark is holding one hundred pounds.

Denise drops out of the challenge shortly after Rodney and Esther give here one hundred and twenty pounds to shoulder. After dropping out of the challenge Denise lies on the ground and begins to cry. Partly because she is in pain and partly because she feels that she let her team down. Jeff gives another status update directly after Denise is eliminated. Gilbert is holding one hundred pounds for the Payabo Tribe. While both Damion and Mark are holding one hundred and forty pounds each for the Yuna Tribe.

At this point Sully begins taunting the Yuna guys. He tells Mark and Damion to quit because there is no way either of them will be able to beat him. Damion looks over at him angrily and mutters something inaudible to himself.

Kendra notes that Mark is really starting to struggle and so she and Bill begin to load the weight onto Mark. However, that quickly becomes a moot point as Gilbert drops out of the challenge shortly after he reaches the one hundred and forty pound mark. This means that the Yuna Tribe has won its first reward challenge and has won back-to-back challenges for the first time as well.

Jeff informs the Payabo Tribe that he has nothing for them, as the Yuna Tribe celebrated a well-earned victory.

This was a huge win for our team. Know what I’m saying?

But the thing is that kid Sully had another one of his outbursts during the challenge. Now I know I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, as an MMA fighter I’ve been thought to show your opponent nothing but respect. And if your opponent don’t respect you…well when you get him in the cage you either knock his ass out or make em tap.

Well I can’t do either of those things out here but if both me and Sully make the merge. You best believe I’m gonna do everything in my power to knock his ass out of the game.


The Payabo Tribe returns from the challenge and Hector pulls Sully aside. Kendra tells Sully that he needs to tone down his trash talking of the other team during challenges because they may have to work with the Yuna people down the road when the two teams merge. Sully laughs it off saying that when they get to the merge it will not matter because they will have the numbers and nothing the Yuna Tribe does will matter in the grand scheme of the game.

I noticed something today at the reward challenge. When Sully started taunting the other team that guy Damion looked pissed off. In fact I could hear him muttering something about Sully which I could not make out.

I truly do not think that Sully fully grasps how important a good social game is out here. He is getting more and more people mad at him. I mean even if we go into the merge with the numbers on our side, there are going to be at the very least two members of the Yuna Tribe on the jury. So why taunt and antagonize them needlessly when you might need their votes?


Kendra told me to stop taunting the other team. She seems to think I pissed off that bald headed dude Damion on the other team. To which I say…who cares?

Why do I care if Damion does not like me? If we merge with numbers that dude will be the first to go anyway so what do I care if I piss him off?


The Yuna Tribe arrives at the picnic site near the waterfall. They sit down and Esther marvels at the beauty of the waterfall. Rodney jokes that he is too hungry to enjoy the waterfall; the only scenery he is enjoying is the multiple hot dogs and burgers laid out before him.

This reward challenge win was just what our tribe needed. None of us has eaten much over the past seventeen days, so this was a welcomed respite from the game. There were plenty of laughs and great conversation. Heck even Mark joined in on the conversation and he has not uttered a word to any of us over the past four days or so.

It was truly a great experience and I think it made all of us forget what was going on in the game and it allowed us to look upon each other as human beings and not the competition.


Oh gosh, this was a super duper fun challenge to win. I really don’t think I have ever eaten that much in one sitting in my entire life! I am so happy we won for once.


When we got to the reward challenge I came to the realization that I have been acting like a bit of a jerk lately. Now I will not apologize for acting like a jerk but I will try to reintegrate myself back into my team.

As much as I enjoy the peace and serenity or being a nation onto myself, even I need to have human contact. So I decided to talk to my team at the reward challenge and I had fun. I did not think I would be able to enjoy myself around people who willingly backstabbed me.

However, at the end of the day it is just a game and they all did what they thought was best for them. The more that I think about it from their perspective the more I realize that I am at peace with the move that they made even if it means I am not long for this game.


Day 18

As day eighteen begins we see the whole Yuna Tribe sitting around their campfire discussing what happens if the merge is indeed coming up in the next round. Jill says that they need to stick together no matter what happens number wise. Rodney bluntly asks Mark if he is willing to work with the other four post-merge.

Mark pauses for a moment before saying that if they are willing to work with him, he will be willing to put his differences aside and work with them. He then says that he is a strong believer in team unity and he has tried to preach that all game and if all five of them make the merge then they are going to have to be united.

I’m like totally not sure if I trust Mark or not. I mean just two days ago he was totally not talking to anyone on the team and now all of a sudden he is talking about working with us if the five of us make it to the merge…I’m just not buying it at all.


It is funny how things work in this game. Just forty-eight hours ago I wanted nothing to do with anyone on my tribe. Now I have just pledged to work with them if we make it to the merge.

I want it to be known that I am truly sincere in what I am saying. If I make it to the merge I will work with the remaining members of the Yuna Tribe…well that is unless the other tribe makes me a better offer. Then I might just have to backstab those who backstabbed me.


Over at the Payabo camp Kendra and Sully are sitting on the beach talking about the upcoming Immunity Challenge.

Quote1This next challenge is going to be the key to the game. If we win it then we will be golden after the merge.Quote2- Sully

Quote1I wouldn’t be so sure of that. First off, we don’t know if a merge is coming next. Secondly if one does come can we really trust Jenny or Bill to vote with us?Quote2- Kendra

Quote1They better vote with us. After all, I saved their asses…they owe me big time. you really think the two of them would flip on us?Quote2
- Sully

Quote1Ah…yeah. I mean there is no love lost between the two of them and Denise and Hector. So exactly how is it that you expect the four of them to ever vote together post-merge?Quote2- Kendra

Quote1Common interest. I mean each side has to rely on the other or they will not make it far and both sides need to lean on us.Quote2- Sully

Quote1Say we lose the Immunity Challenge today, who are you going to side with?Quote2- Kendra

Quote1Well if we lose it will be between Jenny and Denise because let’s face facts neither of them belong in this game so we should cut our losses and eliminate one of them.Quote2- Sully

Quote1Why not Bill? I mean if push comes to shove don’t you think that Jenny would be more manageable then Bill.Quote2- Kendra

Quote1Yeah but it all comes back to if we think there will be a merge or not. I would hate to get rid of Bill only to have Jeff tell us that there will be no merge. Then what will we do?

But we can’t think like that. We have to go out and win Immunity and then we can make those types of decisions when we have to.Quote2
- Sully

Immunity Challenge:

The castaways reach the challenge site; Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. Jeff informs the Payabo Tribe that because they have an extra member on their tribe they must sit one person out. They are not allowed to sit the same person out of back-to-back challenges which means that Jenny must take part in this challenge.

The Payabo Tribe discusses who should sit out the challenge and they collectively decide that Wild Bill should sit this challenge out due to his poor cardio. Jeff reminds the two tribes that the winning tribe will be safe from the vote tonight, while the losing tribe will go to Tribal Council, where one of their tribe members will end up becoming the sixth person to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic.

The Payabo Tribe gets out to an early lead in the challenge as they are able to cross over the balance beam bridge with no problem. The Yuna Tribe is not as fortunate as their opponents due to the fact that both Damion and Mark fell off the balance beam multiple times forcing both men to go back to the start and try again.

While the Yuna Guys struggled on the balance beam bridge, the Payabo Tribe tries to think of the best way to do the next portion of the challenge. Denise tells Hector that their best bet is to have Hector sit at the top of the wall while Sully stays at the bottom of the wall and together the two of them can help boost the women over the top of the wall with the women stepping on Sully’s hand and Hector pulling them over the wall. The Payabo Tribe is all in agreement with this strategy and they begin to implement it.

However, the time they wasted trying to decide what course of action they were going to take cost them some time as the Yuna Tribe was able to get back into the challenge. The Yuna Tribe copied the same strategy as Payabo but they were able to do it much quicker as both Damion and Mark were stronger than Hector and Sully. This meant that Yuna had a slight lead coming out of the second stage of the challenge.

The back and forth nature of the challenge continued as the Yuna Tribe struggled in the third stage of the course. Esther, who hardly looked like she was in any condition to run at this point, basically walked through the tires as Damion yelled at her to run. Mark did not do much better as he was huffing and puffing his way through that stage of the challenge as well.

The struggles of the Yuna Tribe in the third stage of the course allowed the Payabo Tribe to catch up and eventually pass them going into the final stage of the challenge.

In the final stage of the challenge the Payabo Tribe sent Hector through the first gate so he could hold the gate up for the women on the team. Kendra declined Hector’s help saying that she could do it herself. Meanwhile on the Yuna side of the challenge Damion was the man who held the gate up for Esther and Jill.

At this point both tribes were once again neck and neck heading into the final gate. Soon Hector managed to slip under the final gate just mere seconds before Damion did which meant that for the fourth time this season the Payabo Tribe has won Immunity!

After the challenge is over, Jeff Probst hands the Immunity Idol over to Kendra. He then informs the dejected looking Payabo Tribe that he will be seeing them a Tribal Council this evening where one of them will be the sixth person voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic.

The Yuna Tribe returns to their camp after having lost their fourth Immunity Challenge. Each member has a solemn look on their respective faces.

Man this sucks! Truth be told I haven’t lost this much at anything I have done in my entire life. I’m over this losing crap…know what I’m saying?


Once again we were inches away from winning Immunity. I think that this is faith’s way of playing a cruel trick on us.

Now we have to go about the nasty business of voting someone out. Now I think it will be Mark, but after my performance at the Immunity Challenge…I have no idea if that will be the case. I could very well be the one to go home tonight.


All five members of the Yuna Tribe are standing around the tribe’s fire. Mark looks around and smiles for a moment before he begins to address the tribe.

Guys, I think the writing is on the wall for me tonight. I am pretty sure that the four of you are going to vote me out. If that is the case there will be no hard feelings on my part.

I just do not think I was cut out to play this game. It brought out a very nasty element of my personality and I am not at all happy that, that happened. I guess what I am saying is if any of you are entertaining the thought of keeping my here…please don’t. You have my blessing to vote me out and I do not want any of you to have the undo stress of having to save yourselves.

Let’s just relax and enjoy the environment that we are in. Let’s not get caught up in game talk this afternoon…let’s get caught up in our natural environment.


Mark’s speech was a little odd, I mean the dude knew he was going yet he gave us his blessing to get rid of him. I am not sure what was up with that crap but never for a minute was I thinking about writing down anybody but Mark’s name.


Tribal Council:

After the tribe settles into their seats, Jeff asks Jill what the mood of the tribe was after losing yet another Immunity Challenge. Jill says that everyone was tired of losing but it is what it is and they have to move on.

Jeff asks Esther if there was a lot of scrambling this afternoon and Esther laughs and says…

Oddly enough Jeff there was no scrambling whatsoever this afternoon. In fact most of us took naps before coming here to Tribal Council.


Jeff looks shocked over this comment and he reminds the tribe that today is day eighteen of a contest for a million dollars and he is amazed at the fact that there was nobody scrambling to stay in the game.

Mark speaks up and tells Jeff that the reason why there was no scrambling at the camp was because he told his teammates to vote him out. He said he was done with the game and he did not like the kind of person he had become while playing the game.

Jeff says that it sounds to him that Mark is saying he wants to quit. Mark laughingly dismisses this notion saying that he does not want to quit but he knows his time is up and he has embraced that fact. He further says that the rest of his tribe has formed an airtight alliance, one which he does not think he will be able to crack.

Jeff, who still seems shocked, asks Mark if he even tried to plead his case to stay. Mark tells him that there was very little point in doing so because he is the only person on the team that was not part of the alliance.

Jeff says to Rodney...

If you have someone who is unwilling to put up a fight for themselves and basically says hey guys you have permission to vote me out. This has to be the easiest vote of the season for you guys thus far.

–Jeff Probst

Rodney laughs and tells Jeff that Mark has made all of their lives easier tonight.

Mark smiles and says that was what he was there for, keeping a mellow vibe on the tribe.

With that last comment it is time to vote.

After the castaways vote, Jeff goes off and tallies the votes. He then reads off the votes and in the end, to the surprise of no one, it is Mark who gets the most votes, which means that Mark is the sixth contestant to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
Mark Heiden
Mark (4 votes)

Esther RyanJill LandryDamion Pendergarst With BeardRodney Burish With Beard
Esther, Jill, Damion, Rodney

Esther Ryan
Esther (1 vote)
Mark Heiden
Mark Heiden eliminated

Voting Confessionals

Well I cannot vote for myself and I have to vote for someone so I decided to vote for you.


You wanted to be voted out man, so your wish is my command. Peace out dude.


Oh gosh…it was fun getting to know you.


See ya my man!


Well I truly hate to do this but I am doing what you asked me to do. I only wish that we did not have our little tiff because your friendship meant a lot to me out here. Take care Mark.


Final Words

I truly have no grudges; I am leaving this game at a good place. I know a few days ago I said that I didn’t want to be stuck with my teammates for another three days. Well upon thinking about that further I would gladly hang around any of them for another three days and I truly hope that one of them walks away with the win.


Still in the Running

Th John Dissmore-1
Esther Ryan
Rodney Burish With Beard
Martha Hughesbw
Damion Pendergarst With Beard
Carly Pattinsonbw
Mark Heiden eliminated
Jill Landry
Sherri Goulet eliminated
Hector Guzman With Beard
Denise Kessel
Gilbert Sullivan With Beard
Jenny Chang
Wild Bill Gokey With Beard
Wild Bill
Kendra Brolin
Thom BradleyB&W

Next Time on Survivor...

  • The two teams merge.
  • Jenny tries to think of a way for her and Wild Bill to take over the game.

Author's Notes