"I Wasn't Born Yesterday"
Season Mongolia
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 2/15
Episode Chronology
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I Wasn't Born Yesterday is the second episode of Survivor: Mongolia.


Reward Challenge: Idol Hands
One member from each tribe will hold a handled pedestal with an idol on top. The goal is to knock the other tribes' member's idol from their pedestal and be the last to have an idol on their pedestal. First two tribes to score three wins reward.
Reward: Fishing gear for the first and second-place tribes and for the first-place tribe, a canoe.
Winner (according to finish): Manlai and Noyon

Immunity Challenge: Gatecrasher
The three tribes must use a heavy battering ram to completely smash through two wooden gates, place it into a solving station, wind a metal peg around the maze of grooves etched into it to free it, and then use it to hit a gong.
Winner (according to finish): Manlai and Sevrei

Previously on Survivor...

Twenty Americans were stranded in the mountains of Mongolia, where they immediately learned that the game was on. “I got news for you...we aren’t starting out in tribes." At camp, the Survivors began to build their shelter, and Wayne’s teachings and direction rubbed people the wrong way. “He’s arrogant, a know-it-all, and just plain rude.” Meanwhile, bonds began to form. First, Elliott and Jenn. “Strategy-wise, we’re on the same page. We want to work together, and we have a common goal.” Then, Jake, Nicholas, and Abby. “We got the Pretty People Posse here.” At the first immunity challenge, Wayne and Elliott struggled. “One of those two has to go tonight.” At Tribal Council, Wayne’s performance and bossiness made him the first person voted out. The next day, Danielle began to play the game...a little too much for everyone’s liking. So, she tried to cover it up. “We found a gazelle. We were going to see if anyone want to help catch it.” “As if she wasn’t suspicious enough, Danielle makes up a wild story about finding a gazelle that she needs help catching!” At the next immunity challenge, Abby cost the blue team a chance at victory, but Danielle’s over-strategizing afterwards made her a target... “That seems like the easy vote, but I really think we should be taking a threat out.” “She’s playing too hard.” ...and she paid the price by being voted out. Eighteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?


Night 4

The camera focuses on the moonlight, then transitions to the eight castaways returning from Tribal Council. Nicholas and Melissa are sitting around the fire when they notice them returning.

Nicholas: Well, hey there! Who’s no longer with us?

Heather: outta here!

Melissa: Whoa! Did not see that coming!

Tony: Well, who did you think we were going to take out?

Melissa: Not Danielle, that’s for sure.

Tonight, the masses decided it was Danielle’s time to go, which I don’t agree with. Abby was clearly the weaker link, but I guess they had a good reason to get rid of Danielle...


It cuts to Henry talking to Julia in private.

Henry: I thought everybody was on the car traveling down Abby Road. You know what I mean? They didn’t tell me anything.

Julia: I know, I know. I liked the girl too.

Julia looks at Henry and puts her hands on her head in confusion and disappointment.

Danielle was voted out tonight, which sucks. She was one of my allies out here, and those idiots decided to get rid of her...and I have no idea why. She didn’t do anything wrong... (pauses) ...unless, that’s why.


Julia: I still think we’re okay for right now. We still have a lot of people that are still with us on my team yesterday. Let’s see what tomorrow brings, but we should be okay.

Julia’s a smart girl. I’m glad she’s picked me to go with her through this game. I’m not the best-looking dude, and I’m certainly not the smartest, but I’ll be sure to be connected to her hip throughout this game if she’s going to take me far.


They pound fists and return to camp.

(intro plays)

Day 5

The camera glides through the scenic Mongolian mountains and wildlife before focusing on the camp of the eighteen remaining Survivors. It then cuts to multiple castaways meddling around and trying to find something to do.

This morning, everybody was sitting around...bored out of their minds. We’re so damn paranoid if two or three people go off together. We think, ‘Oh, I know what they’re doing.’, and chances are, that is what they’re doing. Strategizing. We need something to change.


The camera cuts to the shelter where Benjamin and Cassie are seen lying on their stomachs facing out of the shelter.

Cassie (almost in a whiny tone): There isn’t anything to do...

Benjamin: Nope. We have food. We have water. We have all the supplies we need. (sighs)

A light drizzle begins to fall on the camp.

Everyone’s kinda bored around camp. Food’s good, water’s good, everything is good, but we’ve just been sitting around waiting for something to happen. So, hopefully something does happen soon.


The camera adjusts to a valley away from camp, where a fenced area with mud is in the center of the valley as the site for the next challenge. The eighteen castaways are then seen filing in to the site and onto the mat as the drizzle has turned into a light, steady rain.

Probst: Okay, before we get to the challenge. How is everybody doing?

The castaways let out a collective ‘Good.’ to Probst without any genuine emotion.

Probst: Well, I gotta say, that wasn’t very enthusiastic. What’s been going on?

Cassie: Well Jeff, we’ve been kinda bored today. There hasn’t been anything to do.

Probst (surprised): You guys don’t have to go searching for food or wood? Nothing to do?!

Cassie: Nothing...

Probst: Does this reign true with everybody else?

The cast nods their heads in agreement with Cassie.

Probst: Alright then, let’s give you guys something to do. I want everyone to step on a disc that is in front of you here.

The castaways look down at the discs.

Julia (shocked): Oh (expletive).

Probst: Men on the light discs, women on the dark discs.

Each Survivor, stunned, steps on a disc and awaits further instructions.

Probst: Okay, who wants to have the honor of stepping off their disc first and revealing the contents.

Antonio raises his hand. He steps off the disc, picks it up, and reveals a yellow buff. The castaways then let out a collective ‘Ohhhhh.’ as a reaction to the long-awaited introduction of tribes.

Probst: Antonio, you now a member of Manlai. Take a spot on the yellow mat. Who’s next?

Cassie: I’ll go!

Cassie steps off of her disc and pulls out a red buff.

Probst: Cassie is now a member of the red tribe, Sevrei. Take a spot on the red mat. Who’s up?

Ruth: Aw hell, I’ll go.

Ruth then pulls out a blue buff.

Probst: Ruth is now a member of the blue tribe, Noyon. Go ahead and take a spot on the blue mat.

Melissa: Three tribes?!

Probst nods as the castaways remain shocked, but amused at the fact that it is now a tribal game.

So, Antonio pulled out the yellow buff. Then, Cassie pulled out a red buff. Then, (laughs) Ruth pulls out the blue buff, and I’m like, ‘What?!’. This completely throws me for a loop. I have to rethink everything now.


One by one, castaways stepped off their discs, revealed their new buff, and went to their respective mats. The tribes turned out as follows...

Manlai Noyon Sevrei

Probst then gets to explaining the reward challenge. He also explained that the three tribes would be going to new camps, where they would have to build another shelter. However, they would have a limited amount of supplies waiting for them.

They then proceeded to the reward challenge.

Match-Ups Winner
None Elliottmon
None Abbymon
None Ericmon
Challenge Winner: Manlai Challenge Runner-Up: Noyon

After the challenge, Probst congratulates Manlai and Noyon and tells them to come grab their fishing gear. He also tells Manlai that their canoe will be waiting for them at their new camp. He then tells Sevrei that he’s got nothing for them but a map to their new home. Probst also throws Manlai and Noyon a map to their new homes as well. With that, the newly born tribes walk out of the challenge area and head in different directions to their respective camps.

I’m so happy I got Scott and Henry on my tribe. I could care less about losing the challenge today. All I was thinking about was who was I going to end up with, and the end result was perfect. Like, I’m on cloud nine right now.


The camera zooms out on the valley and fades to break.

The camera fades back in to the members of Manlai arriving at their new camp, which is more wooded than the original camp and smaller in size, with the fishing gear and a new canoe waiting for them in the lake behind camp.

Heather: All right! Home sweet home...again!

Jake: Everybody did a nice job today. I’m really happy with this group.

High fives and congratulations were shared among the six.

This is a really solid group, I feel like. Antonio has been a beast in challenges so far. Katie and Melissa were in my alliance before the tribes were made. Manlai life is good for me.


The camera adjusts to the Manlai tribe building the shelter, as the girls work on the cover and the guys work on the surface and frame of the shelter. All six members are equally pitching in and seem like they’re getting along.

We got that shelter up quick, and I mean quick! This is an amazing group. I do not expect to lose a challenge with these guys. Not one.


The six of Manlai are then seen in a completely built shelter, laughing and having a good time.

The camera then transitions to six members of Noyon heading to their new camp, which, similar to Manlai, is smaller and more wooded than the original camp, while carrying their fishing gear.

I’m content with this group of people. I have my number one, in Jenn, with me, and I feel like I can get Ruth to go with us as well, cause she’s been on the outs ever since that first vote!


They set down their fishing gear and begin to figure out what duties need to be done first.

Nicholas: So, let’s decide on what needs to be done first. Shelter sound good?

Ruth: I don’t know. We’re going to need fire at some point with the rain coming in and out.

Jenn: They’re both important, but we have to figure out which one to do before it starts raining again.

Nicholas (in a condescending tone): Well, my philosophy on it is we need a shelter to cover the fire, if need be. I just don’t think it makes sense to build a fire, then have it rain, then we did all of that for nothing. I like my idea more, so why don’t we go ahead and start with the shelter if that’s cool with you guys.

The rest of the group nods and agrees softly. They then begin work on the shelter.

Looking back, I may have been wrong about what our priorities should be, but Nick didn’t have to be an (expletive) about it. I wasn’t born yesterday. I know we need a shelter as well as a fire, but that’s how he is I suppose. I haven’t really talked to him over the past five days, so this is my first look at him. And you know what, I don’t like what I see.


The camera focuses on Nicholas carrying a couple handfuls of wood and dropping them in front of the shelter. It then cuts to Elliott and Jenn, who privately broke away from the work, in the jungle behind camp.

They share a hug in joy that they ended up on the same tribe as one another.

Jenn: This is awesome! I saw you with the blue buff, and I did my best to not geek out!

Elliott: Oh, I know. I was the same way, girlfriend. I can’t believe you and I are wearing the same color buff! This is so exciting!

Ever since day one, Elliott and I have had a connection. We complement each other like Siegfried and Roy complement one another. So, we had a talk in the jungle after the Nicholas the slave driver got a ton of wood, (rolls eyes) and we decided what our next move was going to be.


Elliott: I think we need to bring Ruth into the fold cause I could just tell she was about to go off on Nicholas earlier. So, we can play that up, and then we need to see if there’s an idol anywhere near here.

Jenn agreed with a simple ‘Okay”.

Jenn and I had a little pow wow in jungle, and I basically told her what I was thinking going forward because I trust her, and I know she trusts me. So, I told her that we need to bring in Ruth and then look for an idol. Why look for one now? Because now that tribes are in existence, there has to be one lying around here somewhere, as opposed to someone looking for it at one camp with seventeen other people wondering what the hell you’re doing. Now’s the time to start looking.


The two return to camp as the rain begins to fall once again.

The view cuts to the Sevrei camp, which is wooded but not as much as the previous two camps, as the rain falls on their building of the shelter.

Julia (while working on the shelter cover): Oh my God, I hate this rain!

Tony (laughing softly): Ah, you’ll get used to it.

I come from a family where abuse was very common in my house when I was growing up. My mom was also working three jobs while all of this was going on, so watching her have to deal with what my dad did to her and work over seventy hours a week changed me. Rain and starvation don’t bother me, and I don’t plan on them bothering me out here. I may be nineteen, but I know I’m stronger than all of these people because what I saw my mom go through when I was a child. I’m using that as my fuel in this game.


Victoria: Tony, I haven’t seen you complain once the entire time we’ve been out here. I’m really impressed.

Tony then told Victoria and the rest of the tribe the story about him and his mom.

Victoria (almost in tears): Wow...

Cassie (in tears): Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry...

Tony: It’s okay. She’s a stronger woman because of it, and I’m proud of her.

The camera cuts to Julia, who is not visibly upset from Tony's story.

Tony’s sob story put a target square on his back. It’s a tragedy with what his mom went through, don’t get me wrong, but if he makes it to the end, that’s a guaranteed million-dollar check in his name because of that story. He’s got to go. We have to take him out soon.


Julia and Scott are then seen talking at the campsite in private.

Julia (whispering): I’m telling you, Tony needs to go as soon as possible. That story he told earlier is going to get him votes if he makes it to the end. We need to take him out.

Scott (whispering): So what, do you want to throw a challenge or just have him gone the next time we go to Tribal?

Julia (still whispering): No, I think throwing a challenge isn’t going to gain us any favor with the rest of these guys. So, all we can do is wait. I just want the plan put into motion.

Scott agrees and they return to their duties at camp.

Tony is certainly a threat if he gains steam, but it’s day five of a game that lasts thirty-nine days, I need to see what happens as it progresses. Because one rash move and you could be out like that.


The camera focuses on Scott and Julia separately analyzing their tribe as it fades to break.

Day 6

The camera fades in to Mongolian wildlife and an overhead view of the Mongolian forests and jungles before transitioning to Noyon’s camp as everyone but Elliott is sleeping. It cuts to Elliott scampering in the jungle as he looks for the hidden immunity idol.

I made sure I woke up extra early to look for the hidden immunity idol this morning. Of course, I don’t have any clues to go off of, so I haven’t had any luck so far.


It cuts back to Elliott stopping his search and starting to get frustrated.

Elliott (to himself): Where is this thing?

Elliott continues his search under rocks and in the holes of trees and logs, but to no avail. He returns to camp unsuccessful, as everyone continues to sleep.

It cuts to later in the day as Nicholas and Abby are seen walking towards the tribe’s water well with empty buckets.

Abby: I honestly would’ve liked to have more people that I actually like on this tribe.

Nicholas: I know, I know. I think if we can just get rid of Ruth, then it’ll be smooth sailing ‘til the merge.

Abby: Oh, definitely. She’s so opinionated! She always has something to say if she doesn’t agree with you!

Nicholas: Remember the whole shelter versus fire deal yesterday? I knew what I was talking about! Of course, she had to put her two cents in...

Nicholas is my only ally on this tribe right now. I mean, I like Eric too, but we’re not buddy-buddy, so I can’t really call him an ally. That makes Nicholas and I two people out of a tribe of six. I think we need more people, in order for us to feel more safe. There’s no hope in aligning with Ruth. She’s too stubborn. Elliott or Jenn could be an option, though. If not, then we need some help.


Abby and Nicholas fill their buckets full of water until Nicholas notices something on the well.

Nicholas: Wait, what’s this?

He goes to a little crack on the back side of the well and pulls out a rolled up piece of paper. He unrolls it to find a clue to the idol.

Nicholas (trying to keep quiet, but still excited): Oh my God, it’s a clue!

Abby: Ahh!

Abby lunges towards Nicholas and hugs him. They detach from one another so they can read the clue together.

Nicholas: Okay, let’s see what we’ve got here. (reads the clue aloud) “While this is not the idol you seek, this is a step in the right direction. Ask why next to the creek, and its contents will give you protection.”

Nicholas puts the clue in his back pocket.

Abby: ‘Ask why next to the creek’? I don’t get it.

Nicholas: I think it’s talking about the creek we passed on the way here from camp. Let’s go check it out.

It cuts to the two at a creek, about halfway between the camp and the water well, with multiple trees surrounding it. They start looking for the idol.

Nicholas: I don’t know if we should be asking ‘why’. I think we should be asking ‘where’. This creek stretches as far as I can see.

Abby: But why would the clue take us away from what’s close to camp? Let’s keep looking here.

They continue searching but without any luck.

Nicholas: Forget it...we’ll have to come back later. They’ll start to get suspicious if we’ve been gone too long.

They abandon the search and head back to camp with their buckets full of water.

So, good news, we found a clue to the immunity idol. The bad news, the clue is impossible to figure out. It told us to go to the creek that we pass on the way to the water well and ask why. I have no idea how to interpret that, but I couldn’t really spend a lot of time looking for it without everybody else back at camp getting suspicious. Abby and I went back to camp and basically said that we’ll find it next time.


Abby and Nicholas return to Noyon’s camp and their tribemates with the buckets of water. As Nicholas sets one of his buckets down next to the fire, Elliott, who’s sitting in the shelter that is behind Nicholas, notices the clue that is slightly sticking out of his back pocket.

Elliott (trying to pressure Nicholas): Did you guys have any problems with the water? You guys took longer than I thought.

Nicholas (nonchalantly): Nah, we knocked over a bucket and had to fill it up again.

Elliott: Oh, okay.

After we brought the water back, Elliott asked us what took us so long. I tried to play it off saying that we dropped a bucket or two and had to fill it back up cause I think that he thinks that I have a clue to the idol, or even worse, the idol itself.


Nicholas brings Elliott aside privately.

Nicholas: I think you’re weary that I have an idol or not, so I just wanted to tell you straight up. I don’t have the idol, but I found a clue to the idol.

Elliott: So was that what was in your back pocket?

Nicholas: Yeah.

Nicholas pulls out the clue and gives it to Elliott.

Elliott (reading the clue to himself): Alrighty. And you’re sure you don’t have it, right?

Nicholas: I mean, I don’t know what else to tell you. That’s the clue to it. If I had the thing, I would show it to you with the clue.

Elliott: Okay, good enough for me.

The two return to the others at the shelter.

Nicholas has the clue to the hidden immunity idol, which he found behind the water well. First, shame on me for not looking there. Second, shame on him for showing me the clue! I’m going to look at where the clue said to look cause I don’t fully trust that he doesn’t have it. Either way, he’s in my crosshairs. All I have to do is pull the trigger and he’s gone.


The camera shifts over to Sevrei, where Cassie and Tony are trying to find materials for a homemade fishing net next to their tribe lake, which is completely enveloped by the jungle.

Tony: Here, we can use my shoe string as somewhat of a line.

Cassie: No, no. Let’s use my necklace.

Cassie takes off her necklace, removes the pendant from it, and ties the string, that was once was her necklace, to the stick she and Tony were using as the fishing rod.

Tony: Nice!

They cast their new line out into the lake.

Cassie’s a smart girl. She showed that when we went fishing. I thought my shoe string was going to be sturdy enough, but she took her necklace apart and made a pretty awesome line out of it. I was impressed.


Tony is seen snagging the line out of the lake with a fish caught on the hook. The two celebrated over the triumph of catching fish with a homemade fishing gear.

The camera cuts to Cassie and Tony rushing back to camp with their prize.

Cassie: You’ll never guess what we got!

Henry: Umm...the idol?

Tony: No, even better. It’s edible.

Tony shows the fish to the other members of the tribe, who celebrate.

Those two rascals ain’t that bad. They got us some food. That’s more than I can say about me or Scott or any of the other senior citizens of the tribe. We can feast on all the fish we want to with those two around!


The camera focuses on the fish being cooked over the Sevrei tribe’s fire and then fades to break.

Day 7

The sun rises through the morning clouds on Manlai’s camp, as everyone is seen sleeping except for Benjamin and Katie, who are tending to the fire. Jake then pops his head out of his spot in the shelter.

Jake (half awake): You guys got it going?

Katie: For right now, yes. Just as long as these clouds stay away.

Jake: I think more wood is going to help it out, honestly. I’ll go get some if that’s okay with you guys.

Benjamin and Katie see nothing wrong with it, so Jake leaves the shelter to collect more wood.

Ever since we’ve become tribes, Jake has been a completely different player. He’s still the same person as he was on day one. Fun, easy to get along with, but I think it has something to do with Nicholas and Abby being on another tribe that has made him more of a quiet player. I was a little concerned about him going out and getting firewood by himself this morning, but he immediately came back with a handful. I’ll be keeping an eye on him, but I actually like this Jake. He doesn’t act like a total moron.


Jake returns to camp with a handful of wood and sets it next to Benjamin and Katie, who are still tending to the fire.

Benjamin: Thanks, Jake.

Jake: Sure thing, guys. If you guys need more I can get some more. If not, I’m going back to sleep.

Benjamin: Nah, we got this. Thanks again, man.

Jake: No problem.

Jake returns to the shelter and settles in his spot. Katie then turns to Benjamin as Jake starts to nod off.

Katie (whispering): He hasn’t been this quiet since...ever. He was so obnoxious when he was around Nick and Abby, like, it was too much for me to bare. Now he’s shut his mouth since we came over here.

Benjamin briefly stays quiet.

Benjamin: How do you know this?

Katie: The three of them and I were getting water the first day, and they were like, ‘This is it. This is a good group. All we need is a couple more people and we’re good.’

Benjamin: I wasn’t one of those people, was I?

Katie: No...if it makes you feel any better, I didn’t really say yes to anything they offered me. Not genuinely, anyway.

Katie and I are tending to the fire this morning, and she tells me that Jake, Nick, and Abby formed an alliance on day one. Also, she said that Jake’s a different person around them. I don’t know this firsthand, but Katie seems like she knows what she’s talking about. I like Jake, but if I have to take him out to save my own ass, I’m doing it.


It cuts to Jake snoring in the shelter.

The camera then cuts to a forested area of the mountains and focuses on two gates and a gong before showing the three tribes filing in to the challenge area.

Probst begins to explain the immunity challenge, originally from Survivor: China, and how the first two tribes to finish would be safe. The last-place tribe would have to go to Tribal Council, where the third person would be voted out of Survivor: Mongolia. No one sits out due to equal tribe numbers and they awaited the signal from Probst. Probst readies the Survivors and lets them loose. The manpower of Antonio and Jake for Manlai quickly establishes them a lead as they begin to smash the first gate, with both Noyon and Sevrei not too far behind. Manlai gets through the first gate as the other two tribes steadily smash their respective gate. Manlai reaches the second gate with no one visibly fatigued, and they begin to hack away at the barrier. Both Noyon and Sevrei simultaneously break their gates down, thanks to Eric and Scott respectively, and approach the second gate. As the other two tribes arrive to the second gate at the same time, Manlai crashes through their second gate and proceeds to the solving station. Noyon is seen slowing down slightly as Abby and Ruth begin to tire. Sevrei quickly knocks down their second gate, much to Probst’s surprise, and heads to their solving station. Manlai is seen reaching an impasse with their maze. They back up a bit, opening the door for Sevrei. Noyon finally finishes their second and final gate off and tries to play catch-up to their opponents. Manlai gets back into a rhythm and methodically goes through their maze. Sevrei is seen working on their maze as Manlai solves their maze and rams into their gong to finish first. As Manlai celebrates, Noyon works on their maze as Sevrei hits a dead end in theirs. This gives Noyon a slight advantage as Sevrei backtracks. Both tribes continue to progress through the maze until Noyon stumbles at a dead end close to the end of their maze, once more giving an opportunity for Sevrei. After backtracking, Julia leads Sevrei through the correct path of the maze as Noyon backtracks. Once Noyon starts up again, it is too late. Sevrei finishes their maze, rams their gong, and wins immunity along with Manlai.

Probst (splitting the idol into two different parts): Manlai, I’ll go ahead and give you the main part of the immunity idol. Sevrei, here’s your part. Congratulations.

He hands off the two parts and then addresses Noyon.

Probst: Noyon, you fought back but in the end, not enough. Head back to camp, I’ll see you guys tonight at Tribal.

The three tribes of six head back to camp in the same route as they came in. Noyon is seen dejected and defeated while Manlai and Sevrei celebrate and are more than content with the outcome of the challenge. The camera fades to break.

The camera fades back in to the members of Noyon returning to their camp after being defeated.

Man, we almost came back and won the thing...but we just didn’t have the muscle in the first part of the challenge. It’s safe to say that Abby and Ruth struggled today. There’s no way I’m voting my ally Abby out of this game, so Ruth’s gotta go.


The castaways gather around the shelter except for Ruth.

Ruth: I’m gonna go fill up my canteen. I’ll be back in a bit.

Ruth leaves as Nicholas begins to speak up.

Nicholas: This is a solid five right here going in to the next challenge. She didn’t pull her weight today. Let’s go ahead and cut the dead weight and move forward.

It doesn’t show the others’ reactions, but it then cuts to Ruth, who is sitting on the water well, seeming depressed and beginning to tear up.

I feel like I’ve been on the outside this whole time. I can’t do good in challenges. I just can’t seem to fit in. I’ve had it hard as a homosexual in the south, but this is almost impossible. I don’t want to quit, but I having a really bad day.


After a while, Ruth returns to camp dry-eyed and settles in with the rest of the group. Jenn, however, notices that something is wrong.

Jenn (quietly): Are you okay?

Ruth: Yeah. (looks around) Come with me.

Jenn follows Ruth to a part of camp where they won’t be disturbed.

Jenn: Okay, what’s going on?

Ruth (tearing up again): I want to quit. I don’t know, I’m having a really bad day.

Jenn (trying to console Ruth): Oh no, no, no. Don’t quit. You’ve made it here. You can’t just turn around and say you’re done with it. Look, we’re going to have good days and we’re going to have bad days. We just need to make the most of the bad days and not let them get to us.

Ruth: All right, I try to tough it out...

Jenn: There ya go! If you want to talk any, I’m here and I’m sure Elliott will talk too. Okay?

Ruth gives her a thumbs up. They share a hug and return to the others.

I hope Ruth can keep it together. She’s a tough woman, but everybody seems to be shunning her. I noticed that when we first started playing. She needs some supporters and she can go far.


Jenn approaches Elliott, with Eric nearby.

Jenn: We need to keep coaxing Ruth. She lost it in the forest earlier.

Elliott: I thought we have been coaxing her...

Jenn: Not enough, apparently.

Eric: Is she okay now?

Jenn: Yeah, she’s fine. She’s just having a bad day.

Apparently, Ruth had a breakdown when she went to go fill her canteen up. I don’t want weak people going forward with me in this game. We need all the strength, physical and mental, that we can keep around. She’s been neither lately.


It cuts to Nicholas, Abby, and Eric talking in the forest amongst themselves.

Nicholas: So, we’re going Ruth tonight, right? No fancy stuff?

Eric: Yep, that’s the plan. I mean she broke down when she went to get water earlier. She’s just not in it.

Abby: Oh, if that’s the case, we don’t need weak players around. I’m definitely putting her name down tonight.

Nicholas: And I’m sure Elliott and Jenn will be for this too. Easy vote tonight, guys. (laughs)

Nicholas and Abby continue to laugh mockingly, which makes Eric look slightly unsettled as the three disperse from where they were talking.

Just when I think I’m for certain putting Ruth’s name down, I’m all of a sudden not sure. Nicholas and Abby just seem so...arrogant. They act like they’ve got this game in the palm of their hands, and...I don’t know. I need to decide what’s best for me to do.


Eric comes back to Elliott and Jenn at camp to talk strategy.

Eric: I was wondering what you guys were doing tonight.

Elliott (jokingly): Eric, are you asking me out on a date tonight?

Eric’s serious demeanor levels off a bit as he laughs at Elliott’s joke.

Eric: No, my wife wouldn’t like that. On a serious note, what way are voting tonight? I was thinking Ruth at first, but when I talked to Nicholas and Abby about it, they just seemed so full of themselves. Like, they are running this game left and right.

Elliott: Well, let’s take the rug out from underneath them, then. I got Nicholas to show the clue to the idol, so I know he has that. I don’t know if they have the idol already, though.

Jenn: Well, let’s say they do have the idol. That is assuming Nicholas would’ve found it, not Abby. No way he thinks about playing it cause he thinks we’re with him voting Ruth. Let’s vote Nicholas. Totally catch them off-guard.

Elliott: But we can’t keep losing challenges.

Eric: So, Abby?

Elliott: That’s what I would do. She’s sucked in the past two challenges.

Eric and Jenn are seen pondering about their upcoming decision. The camera then cuts to right before Tribal Council, as Nicholas approaches Eric and Elliott about voting.

Nicholas (whispering): I just want to make sure that’s the plan’s still on for tonight. Ruth?

Noticing Ruth is nearby, Eric and Elliott give a simple nod. The six members of Noyon are then seen heading to Tribal Council with their torches.

It seems like I’m the man in the middle. I can either go with the arrogant crowd with Nicholas and Abby and vote out Ruth, or I can go with the weaker crowd with Elliott and Jenn and vote out either Abby or Nicholas. It’s a toss-up at this point. I just have to do what’s smartest for me going forward.


The camera zooms out of the Noyon camp, transitions to the sun setting behind the mountains, and then shifts to the six castaways filing in to Tribal Council with their torches lit. They sit on their respective stools and Probst begins to ask his questions.

Probst: Nicholas, I’ll start with you. How have the first few days been as a tribe finally?

Nicholas: Awesome, actually. We adjusted quickly. We already knew how to build a decent shelter. We caught a couple fish with the gear we won, so it’s been a swell two or three days.

Probst: Ruth, how have you been holding up?

Ruth: Ah, to be honest, I’ve had my ups and my downs, but these guys have talked me through it, so I’m good right now.

Probst: What sort of ups and downs have you had?

Ruth: Well, I wanted to quit first off. I sucked in the challenge today. I’ve been on the outside since day one, so it was getting the best of me. Then I talked to Jenn, and she helped me out...kinda set my head straight.

Probst: Jenn, what did you say to her to change her mind?

Jenn: Just that she’s a valued worker and member of this tribe. We all have highs and lows, she just hit a rough patch. I just told her that we’re here for her and not to feel left out because she’s not.

Probst: Let’s shift gears again. Abby, has there been any talk of an idol anywhere near your camp?

Abby: Oh, of course. There’s always talk of it, but I don’t think anybody’s gone and found it yet.

Elliott is seen laughing to himself, trying to hold it in. Nicholas and Abby look over to see what he is laughing about.

Probst: Elliott, you just started giggling all of a sudden. What’s up?

Elliott: Nothing, nothing. It’s just that I think one of those two has an idol.

Nicholas (starting to get frustrated): Come on, man. I told you if I had it, I would show it to you. I don’t have it, so the best I could do was show you the clue that you saw.

Elliott: I’m sorry. What am I supposed to think when a piece of paper is sticking out of your pocket? You can’t expect me to fully trust you after that.

Nicholas shrugs his shoulders, as it cuts to Eric, who was once conflicted about who to go with, but seems to have made up his mind.

Probst: So, catch me up on this. Nicholas, you found a clue to the whereabouts of an idol?

Nicholas: Yes.

Probst: And Elliott caught you with the clue?

Nicholas: Yeah, I mean it was my fault to have it out in the open, but I’m not lying when I say I don’t have it. I’m trying to be an open book about this, but you don’t believe me. (shrugs shoulders) I don’t know at this point.

Probst: Well, there is a lot of uncertainty heading into this vote. Let’s try to bring some clarity to it. It is time to vote. Nicholas, you’re up.

One by one, the members of Noyon head to the voting booth to cast their vote. Only Nicholas’s confessional is aired as Probst goes to tally the votes. The six castaways avoid showing any anxiety or worry as Probst returns with the urn.

Probst: If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.

An idol does not surface, and Probst begins to read the votes.

First vote: Ruth (1)

Second vote: Ruth (2)

Third vote: Abby (1-2)

Fourth vote: Abby (2-2)

Fifth vote: Abby (3-2)

Sixth vote: ...

Probst (hesitates slightly): Third person voted out of Survivor: Mongolia...Abby. I need you to bring me your torch.

Abby arises from her stool, removes her torch, and approaches Probst. Nicholas, meanwhile, is dumbfounded by Abby’s elimination.

Probst: Abby, the tribe has spoken.

As her torch is being snuffed, Abby turns around to the other five and says her goodbyes. She then exits the Tribal Council area.

Probst: Well, it seems like you guys were introduced a choice of keeping the tribe strong for challenges or keeping the tribe loyal to one another. You made your choice, but will it come back to haunt you? Grab your torch and head back to camp. Good night.

The five surviving Noyon members get up from their seats, grab their torches, and return to their camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Abby (4 votes)
Elliott, Eric, Jenn, Ruth
Ruth (2 votes)
Abby, Nicholas
Abby Quinn

Voting Confessionals

It's as simple as this, you are the weakest link. See ya!


Final Words

I have no idea why I am sitting here and not Ruth. Everyone turned on me except Nicholas. He had my back the entire time, so to Nicholas, good luck. To everyone else, you suck. I wasn't ready to go home.

–Abby Quinn

Still in the Running

Manlai Noyon Sevrei N/A

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Nicholas loses his cool at Noyon... "She was the obvious choice to vote out! How could not see that?!" ...and an unlikely discovery by one Survivor causes a shakeup within their tribe. "I don't know what I should do...oh, man."


  • The episode title was said by Ruth while venting about her frustrations of Nicholas.
  • The reward challenge is originally from Got My Swag Back from Survivor: Philippines.
  • The immunity challenge is originally from My Mom Is Going to Kill Me! from Survivor: China.