"Idol Fever"
Idol-Fever-image Someone finds an idol...
Season Survivor: Madagascar
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 4/13
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This is the 4th episode of Survivor: Madagascar

Previously On Survivor...

Baobab won both challenges. Bobby found an idol clue, but Corey wouldn't stop at anything to get it. Fossa was nearly divided at tribal council. Who will be the first to find an idol and will Fossa's split decision affect the team's performance?


Reward Challenge: Shoot Your Way Home
Each tribe would be equipped with a pouch of marbles and a slingshot. In turn, each tribe member must take a shot at a ceramic tile grid. The first tribe to break all twenty tiles wins immunity.
Reward: Comfort items: Blankets, Pillows, Chairs, Lantern.
Winner: Fossa

Immunity Challenge:Blind Leading the Blind
One tribe member would guide their blindfolded tribemates to gather fifteen pieces to a puzzle cube that are scattered across the forest. Once all pieces are collected, the whole tribe must finish their puzzle.
Winner: Baobab


Night 9

Fossa returned from the tribal council.

The vote didn’t go the way I had planned, I thought Julian would’ve been on our side and voted out Kamila but he wasn’t. I still stand by my vote though, but I worry Hanson and I will feel the wrath of Nicholas and Kamila now.


The whole team rests in the cave, and Kamilia vents to Nicholas.

Kamila: "I cannot believe it was almost me who got voted out. You guys are jerks!"
Nicholas: "Don’t worry, we have the numbers! Its 4 to 2 now anyway, you’re still here."
Kamlia: "Why did it have to be me though, I’m not weak."
Hanson: "Are you kidding me? If you’re not “weak”, then you must be PATHETIC. You’re not good at challenges, you are socially…annoying and you don’t contribute anything around camp. "
Nicholas: "Back off old man! She’s upset! You should really watch what you say! Or you’ll be next."
Elsa: "Don’t speak to your teammate like that! "
Nicholas: "You better be quiet little girl! You can go next too! "
The argument continues between Nicholas, Elsa, Kamila and Hanson, Antonia whispers to Julian “Why are we on a team of bitter, nutcases?”

I might have made the wrong decision by voting out Bella. Kamila isn’t suited for this game. But I made a decision and I can’t go back on that now, I have to live with this now…


Day 10

The teams marched to the challenge and Baobab saw that Bella was eliminated. They weren’t surprised.

Baobab sits Jasmain out of the challenge. The teams are evenly matched when it came to sharpshooting. To the surprise of Baobab, Drew and Jessica were quite the sharp shooters. But Nicholas and Hanson are also both good at shots as well. Little by little, almost all the tiles are smashed by the opposing teams. When there were 2 tiles were left for each tribe, Kamila and Rikku were up. Neither of them had hit a tile before. To everyone’s surprise, Rikku broke her first tile, Kamilia missed again. Baobab only needs one more tile to win. Then Drew and Hanson were up. If Drew breaks his tile, Baobab wins immunity. Hanson shoots first and hits his tile. Drew misses the target, Baobab gasps. Now that both teams are tied, Jeff tells them that the selected shooting order can be abandoned and each team can pick one person as their last shot, because whoever breaks the tile first will win. Baobab picks Drew who had hit the most targets, Fossa picks Nicholas. They both arm themselves with the sling-shot and wait for Jeff’s call. Jeff shouts “Go!” and they both quickly grab a marble, load, aim and shoot. Drew misses and Nicholas hits his tile. Fossa wins reward.

Carly, Rikku, Jessica and Drew watch from the shelter.

Rikku: "What are they all doing walking around with their heads low?"
Carly: "Rikku, how can’t you tell, their obviously looking for the idol!"
Rikku: "An idol? The immunity idol? How do they know there is one?"
Drew: "They probably found a clue before us, and judging how they keep kicking stuff around and looking low, it must be on the floor."
Rikku: "Why aren’t you guys looking?"
Carly: "It’s a waste of time, plus it makes you look desperate."
Rikku: "I don’t think so, Idol finders usually have good control over the game, I think im going to start looking."
Carly: "Where do you even begin? You have no clues."
Rikku: "Well, from what you guys have told me, its obviously on the ground, right? I don’t know why wasting time in the shelter is better than wasting time looking, you might actually find it, see ya!"
Rikku heads off to start looking

I don’t see why they wouldn’t look. Who says you need clues to find an idol?


Drew: "She has a point you know…"
Jessica: "She sure does, why don’t we go look. Who will it hurt? Everyone is looking anyway."
Carly: "Oh you guys too? Fine then! Go look!"

I would love to have the idol. Looking is pointless without the clue though. I wish I had it, I love solving riddles! Too bad those 3 airheads have the clue…


Im not going to sit around and let someone other than me find the idol, besides, sitting with Carly is no fun, she is negative and sorta annoying.


I got everyone to leave and look for the idol. It’s a strategy. I know either Jasmain, Corey or Bobby has the clue. So while Drew, Rikku and Jessica look at the ground with no chance of finding the idol, I’ll look at Bobby, Corey and Jasmain. I know its somewhere on the ground, but Im going to just watch them until I have a better idea as to where it is. If they circle trees, Ill look around some trees. If they kick over rocks, Ill kick afew over.


At Fossa, the tribe was enjoying their pillows. But Antonia’s pillow had something in it.

We all grabbed pillows and rested our heads on them. When I laid my head on mine, I felt something rolled up inside it. I knew it was the clue. So I waited for my teammates to nap, then I quietly put my hand into the pillow case and dug out the clue.


Antonia reads the clue and understands that the idol is buried. She doesn’t know where to begin.

I know my tribe loves naptime. So I took the opportunity to go and dig by a tree.


Antonia didn’t know that while she usually naps with her team for 4 hours, Julian only sleeps for about an hour. Julian wakes up and sees her digging from the cave.

I woke up and saw Antonia digging. She is normally napping with the rest of my tribe, but I am a light sleeper and a bit of an insomniac and I don’t sleep much anyways. It was weird but I pushed it off. Then I realized she wasn’t just digging, she was looking. So…. I went to help her…-


Julian: "Hey Antonia! What are you doing?"
Antonia *jumps at the sound of Julian's voice*: "Julian! You startled me! I was uh… Well I can’t lie, I found the idol clue, its buried."
Julian: "That’s interesting, I wonder where…"

I’m not such a great liar, and why would someone be digging out here in the jungle, I couldn’t even think of a lie, so I told Julian. Ive talked to him a few times, he is a recent economics graduate, so he is smart. I like smart people, so I figured I could use his help


Antonia lets Julian read the clue and the two of them work together digging around camp for a few hours. They fill in their holes so when the others finish napping, they aren’t suspicious.

At Baobab, Bobby, Corey and Jasmain don’t want to dig.

Bobby: "So we know its underground, but we don’t want the rest of the team to know, is that why we aren’t digging?"
Corey: "Yep!"
Jasmain: "Then how are we supposed to find the clue if we aren’t looking?"
Corey: "When the sun sets and the others go to sleep, we can start digging."
Bobby: "I think its too late to keep the others from noticing."
Corey: "What makes you say that?"
Bobby: "Well, it looks like everyone but Carly is already looking."
Corey and Jasmain looked to see everyone walking around heads down. Everyone except Carly.

Jasmain: "And why do you think she isn’t looking, you don’t suppose…"
Bobby: "Do you think she already found it? I mean, she hasn’t moved an inch from the shelter all day! What if she saw you digging the other day and already went and found it?"
Corey: "Relax, there is no way she found it without the clue."
Jasmain: "Then why hasn’t she tried looking."
Corey: "Maybe she just doesn’t care. "

Corey is blind. He cannot underestimate Carly like that, there is no way she just doesn’t care about the idol. Idols help you win. Of the past 3 sim survivors, 2 winners played an idol! And the other finder got 2nd place! She must already have it, why bother looking anymore.


I don’t know why she isn’t looking, and I don’t care! It’s her loss, but there is no way she already found it!


Night 10

Rikku, Jasmain, and Drew went to sleep. Everyone else pretended to be sleeping. Bobby and Corey left the shelter first. They didn’t go far and started digging.

We will find it tonight. Or die trying!


Carly then silently got up and snuck up behind the two boys. Being dark, they didn’t see her.

So they’re digging! It must be underground! I knew it! That doesn’t help me much now though. They will probably dig all night and won’t find it because it’s dark. So I'll sleep it out and look tomorrow.


Jessica starts to get up and hears someone coming back, she pretends to be asleep again while Carly gets back into the shelter. Jessica waits until she hears Carly snoring, then she ventures out. She sneaks up on Bobby and Corey’s digging too.

I kinda figured it was underground. But the possibilities to where it could be underground are endless! So I returned to the shelter and contemplated where it could be. Where would an obvious hiding place be? Then I realized it must be under the flag!


Jessica heads toward the flag and starts to dig.

Bobby: "This is fruitless, we aren’t going to find it in the dark."
Corey: "Come on Bobby, don’t give up! We can… wait, do you hear that?"
Bobby: "Hear wh-"
Corey: "SHHH!!"
Corey and Bobby listen closely. They hear a familiar sound.

Bobby: "I- Is someone digging?"
Corey: "They must've seen us digging and now they are! Quick lets go to it!"
Jessica is rapidly digging under the flag, she knows it’s there. She feels a package and hears clashing in the woods. She scoops up the package, knowing it’s the idol and as quickly (and quietly) as she can she returns to the shelter and hides the idol package in her bag. Corey and Bobby arrive at the flag. There is a deep hole.

Corey: "How could we be so dumb Bobby, it was right here! Under the flag! And now someone has it! "
Bobby: "Are you sure? Maybe they didn’t find anything."
Corey: "If they didn’t, then why would they leave?"
Bobby: "Maybe they got scared! "
Corey: "No! Whoever dug this has it! C’mon, let’s go back to the shelter! "
At the shelter. Corey quietly confronts the idol finder.

Corey*whispering*: "I know you aren’t all asleep! One of you has the idol! Just confess! We can work together! Please!"
No one moves.

Bobby: "It’s no use Corey, let’s go to sleep, we didn’t find it."

I can’t believe the finder got away. I’m pretty sure its not Jasmain or Carly. So that leaves Rikku, Drew and Jessica. UGH! This is awful! Why didn’t I think to dig under the flag!


Day 11

At Fossa, Kamila and Nick sneak off to be romantic and Antonia is off collecting Baobab fruit.

Hanson: "I really hate how Kamila and Nick just run off and get…well…"
Elsa: " I agree, we have to break them up! "
Julian: "I wish we could, but even if the three of us voted against them, it’d be a 3-3 tie. Unless you think we could get Antonia on our side."
Elsa: "You totally could!"
Julian: "That reminds me, I have to tell you guys! Antonia has the idol clue. She showed me it and it's buried!"
Hanson: "Why’d she show you?"
Julian: "Because I caught her digging, and I snuck up on her and she had to! She is probably going to tell her alliance so let’s start looking before she gets the chance."

I think it’s weird that Antonia decided to tell Julian. Nonetheless, I am glad he told us about the idol, because I am feeling very vulnerable.


Hanson, Elsa and Julian start digging around for the idol.

At Baobab, Jasmain, Drew and Rikku wake up to see that someone has found an idol. Corey was pointing fingers at all his sleeping teammates.

Corey: "Who dug up that hole? We know one of you did it! Was it you Carly? Or you Drew? How about you Jessica?"
Carly: "You are ridiculous Corey! We’re not dumb, and were not blind! Look at your dirty fingernails! And Bobby’s! It was you two who dug it up last night! Stop trying to blame us! "
Corey: "If it were us, We would’ve filled that hole in, we wouldn’t want the whole team to know we had it! Why are you trying to blame us Carly? You have something you need to share?"
Carly: "I think you’re psychotic! You obviously have the idol and you’re trying to trick the weaker minds here, well I’m not fooled!"

I had to walk away from the situation. I think the idol has been found. I missed my chance to get it last night, but someone did get it. As to who, I don’t know. I actually don’t think Corey or Bobby have it, or else they wouldn’t have made that scene. I wonder who found it.


Jessica: "Hey Drew! Wanna go walk to the well with me? We can get the water for today."
Drew: "Sure."
Jessica and Drew walk to the well to fill the pot with water to boil. Along the way, Jessica tells Drew she found the idol.

Jessica: "I haven’t even opened it yet! That’s how close they were to finding me! I didn’t want to open it and make a sound. "
Drew: "That’s great that you found it!"
Jessica: "I know! But when we are at the well I have to wash my fingernails! Carly is very observant! I’m glad I had my hands covered when she and Corey were going at it!"
Jessica and Drew get to the well, Jessica cleans her nails the best she can but cant get all the dirt out. She also cleans her dress off. She hopes no one will notice her still dirty fingernails. While they’re gone, Jasmain confronts Bobby and Corey.

Jasmain: "So did you guys actually find the idol and put on that show, or did someone else? "
Bobby: "Someone else did."
Jasmain: "Are you kidding? And you don’t even know who found it?"
Corey: "No!"

My alliance sucks! How could they let someone else find it! Why are they so dumb!


At Fossa, Nicholas and Kamila finish what they were doing and are thirsty. They go get Antonia who is off collecting Baobab fruit. Antonia tells them about the idol and shows them the clue. All three of them head back to camp to look.

Kamila: "Don’t you think they would bury it under something significant like… the flag?"
Nicholas: "Your guess is as good as mine, let’s go look!"
The three get to the flag and start digging through the dirt.

Nicholas: "Something isn’t right you guys."
Antonia: "What do you mean?"
Nicholas: "The dirt, its too soft, someone has already dug here. Look, when I dig in this dirt over here the dirt is dry, hard and stiff. But over here, it’s easier to dig through."
Kamila: "Someone is already looking? But that can’t be right if Antonia has the clue."
Nicholas: "Have you been looking without us?"
Antonia: "No! Why would I do that?"
Kamila: "Don’t lie! Does anyone else know about the clue?"
Antonia: "No! I promise! Maybe there was another clue in someone else’s pillow!"

I’m suspicious. Usually, there aren’t two clues hidden at once, I guess it’s possible, but I think Antonia is hiding something from me, or us!


Antonia is a liar. I cannot believe my alliance is falling apart this early!


Day 12

The tribes meet again to face off in an immunity challenge. Rikku sits out for Baobab Jamain is the caller for Baobab and Kamila for Fossa. Jasmain, being a cheerleader, uses her loud voice to overpower Kamila’s. Jasmain gets 3 puzzle pieces collected for every 1 that Kamila collects. Kamila starts to scream to try and move her team quicker, but most of them stumble. Jasmain continues shouting and getting pieces returned to her mat. When Baobab collects all 15 pieces, Fossa only has 10 collected. With the help of Jessica, Baobab solves their puzzle as Fossa collects their last puzzle piece. Baobab wins immunity. Baobab returns to camp with high spirits after winning immunity. There isn’t much talk of the idol.

I’m glad we won this challenge. There was a lot of tension at camp that needed to go away. Luckily, we won and the tension has temporarily left.


I’m pleased that I got to contribute my cheering ability at the challenge, and ultimately helped us win! Jessica usually gets lots of credit for solving puzzles, but I’m glad I was a factor in winning today!


Things were not going so smooth at Fossa. Hanson pulled Nicholas away from Kamila to confront him.

Hanson: "I don’t want to upset you but you really need to see that Kamila is hurting our tribe’s performance."
Nicholas: "You need to give her a chance. That other chick from Baobab was screaming her brains out! How could anyone have out–shouted her? Kamila isn’t the weakest."
Hanson: "Then who is?"
Nicholas: "….Antonia. She is weak."

I couldn’t insult anyone in his alliance. He would’ve blown up on me. So I threw Antonia under the bus to try and save Kamila. It kinda stinks but then again, I do want her out. She lied about the idol! I know she has it! And if she is smart, she’ll play it, but I don’t think she will see this coming.


What a slimy guy. He threw his ally under the bus. I actually wouldn’t mind getting rid of Antonia now, it would weaken Nicholas. He’d lose an ally. But then again, I want to win challenges.


Antonia is a trickster. She has the idol. It has to be her now, or she will continue to lie to us. She has to go.


Kamila and Nicholas go see Julian, Antonia and Elsa in the cave, all of whom were already chatting. They ask for Antonia, and take a walk.

Kamila: "What were you guys all chatting about?"
Antonia: "We were discussing getting rid of…. Hanson."
Nicholas: "Interesting, but we think it should be Elsa, she is young, weak, and a rebel! "
Antonia: "Well if you guys think that’s what I'll do!"
Kamila: "Perfect! HAha"

Lying to her is like taking candy from a baby. I can’t wait to see her face when she goes.


Tonight’s tribal will be interesting…


Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
Kamila (4 Votes)
Antonia, Elsa, Hanson & Julian
Antonia (2 Votes)
Kamila & Nicholas
Kamila B&W
Kamila Bonetti

Voting Confessionals

I am the swing vote. I am not going to stick with my alliance. I just... I made the wrong decision aligning with you.


It will be a pleasure not having you around at camp anymore.


Hopefully this time it works!


Last vote, I made a mistake. I won't make another.


I don't trust you! Begone! I'm praying you don't use your damn idol that you lied about!


Sorry Kamila. I don't think I saved you tonight. I'm hoping you'll survive the vote, but things aren't looking so bright...


Final Words

Those jerks! Well, I hope they all lose every next challenge. Except Nick! Good luck Nick! Outlast them all!


Still In The Running

Bella B&W




Kamila B&W


Sammie B&W
Carly B


Sherbert B&W

Next Time On Survivor...

  • Nicholas is upset about Kamila's elimination.
  • A tribe switch ruins some alliances.

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