"Idol Maiden"
Season Survivor: Tarutao
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 9/14
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This is the ninth episode of Survivor: Tarutao.

Previously on Survivor


Reward Challenge Totem Coming
The tribe will be divided into three teams of three. One by one, players must dive down underwater to retrieve three bags of puzzle pieces. Once all bags are collected, they must form the puzzle, which would reveal a riddle. The answer to the riddle is a combination which they must use on a 5-headed totem pole. The team must then arrange the numbers from top to bottom. If the combination is correct, the mouth at the bottom of the totem pole will open, revealing a knife which the team must use to chop a rope, releasing a flag. First team to raise theirs wins reward.
Reward: An overnight resort stay with massage and food to boot
Winners: Megan, Colin, Donny

Immunity Challenge: Touchy Subjects
The survivors will personally answer a survey on what they feel of their competition. Once the answers have been tallied, Jeff will then ask the same questions, but this time, the survivors will have to guess what the tribe answered as a majority, which might differ from their personal answer. Each correct answer entitles a survivor to chop one rope of another tribe member. If a survivor loses all his three ropes, the trapdoor his dummy is standing on will open, sending the dummy to a pit of fire, eliminating him from the challenge. Last person with an intact dummy wins immunity.
Winner: TBA


Night 24 

The Chalam tribe goes back to camp after a shocking blindside that cost the old Jarakay a member, putting them in a numbers disadvantage. Brody asks his fellow former Jarakay as to how the vote came to be. Everyone, including Megan (who knew the existence of the Naak idol and also the person responsible for Giovanni getting sent home in the first place), shake heads, saying they were all surprised as Brody was. While they appear to believe Megan, Paul, Asami and Brody are suspicious.

It was good that I scared Naak to use their idol and take Giovanni out of the game. I chose to stick with Naak because I chose to fight my way through this game, not to be taken as a goat. I have two idols, and I can use them to gain some respect from my old tribemates. Jarakay will never belittle me ever again, and I hope, that way, I get their jury votes. I'm like the maiden of idols in this tribe.


If there's someone from Jarakay that is secretly working with Naak, whoever this person is, it will blow up to his face.


Meanwhile, the Naak alliance members congratulate themselves for now gaining the numbers advantage. Aries proposes that now they have the numbers advantage, they have no need for Megan to stay. Helena reminds them she has the rehidden Jarakay idol, and she might flip back to her old tribe. Uncertain of where Megan's loyalties will lie at the next vote, the tribe decides to either vote Brody or Paul.

We don't know whether or not Megan goes back to her old tribe or not, and Helena brings out a great point that voting Megan out this early is very risky because if she gets wind about it, she has an idol to screw us over. Regardless, we need to make sure Jarakay won't get a chance to flip the script around.


While the Naaks prepare for sleepy time, Asami, Brody and Paul discuss about Megan. All three believe that Megan was the catalyst of Giovanni's blindside because Giovanni was cruel towards her and she has every right to retaliate. Brody proposes that due to Megan's questionable loyalty, he wants to make a jury vote deal with a Naak member.

Quote1I really don't know what to think of Megan. I almost want to vote her off.Quote2- Paul
Quote1Me too, but our numbers would dwindle further anyway, and we don't know if there will be idols out there.Quote2- Asami
Quote1I have an idea.Quote2- Brody
Quote1I'm listening.Quote2- Asami
Quote1Now, we don't know where Megan's loyalties truly lie, but I think I can at least cause chaos at Naak.Quote2- Brody
Quote1What do you mean?Quote2- Paul
Quote1Okay. What if we approach Aries and tell him we would vote for him at Final Tribal, as long as they vote Megan out. Then we rat him out in front of his tribe. It's a win-win for us. If they vote Megan out, perfect, we outlasted her. Then, regardless, we'll expose our deal to Aries, then they will vote him out, and we live for three more days. Thoughts?Quote2- Brody
Quote1Brilliant! I'm on it.Quote2- Asami
Quote1Not bad. I'm in.Quote2- Paul

Day 25

Aries and Brody go to check if they have Tree Mail. Turns out a message notifies them about their next Reward Challenge. The message comes with a 5-headed small totem pole of animals endemic in Thailand.

Three on three, this is the event for today.
Turn this one out, and in a place of comfort you'll stay.

–Tree Mail, as read by Aries

As the two walk back to camp, Brody talks to Aries, telling him that he, Asami and Paul would vote for him at the Final Tribal Council, but if only he could convince Naak to vote Megan out. To sweeten the deal, Brody promises to keep the conversation a secret whether or not Aries accepts the deal. Aries is weary of the idea, because there is no guarantee that the three will really vote for him if he makes it to the end.

Aries comes up to me, that he, Asami and Paul will all vote for me at final tribal, but I have to swerve the vote to Megan's direction. This is tricky. I may have three jury votes, but at the same time, it could be a bluff for all I know. They may be sitting on the jury, but they outplayed me more than I did.


The Chalam tribe meets Jeff Probst for their next challenge. The tribe is divided into three teams of three. After a draw of colored rocks, the teams are:

  • The red team consists of Megan, Colin and Donny.
  • The blue team consists of Helena, Paul and Aries.
  • The purple team consists of Morrison, Asami and Brody.

The blue team leads early as Helena, Paul and Aries are all skilled swimmers. The red team struggle because Megan is a terrible swimmer. The purple team however is almost out of it due to the team's collective age. The blue team loses their lead as Megan leads the charge at the riddle-solving portion, correctly arranging the totem heads, revealing the knife. Colin grabs the knife and cuts through the rope, releasing their flag, winning them the challenge. 

Back at camp, Aries discusses strategy with Helena and Morrison. Aries tries to convince Helena and Morrison to vote Megan out while trying to not imply anything about his conversation with Brody earlier. Helena is suspicious as to why Aries is so bent in voting Megan out.

Aries targeting Megan is so getting increasingly unnatural. I think something's up with Aries, something we don't know. But what I know is, I personally need Megan because I know in my heart I'm next to go after the next vote.


Meanwhile, at the resort, Megan, Colin and Donny all have massages first before they enjoy their lunch. Colin admits this is his first time receiving a massage, and his lower back is his strongest tickle spot. The masseuse patiently massages Colin while the he uncontrollably giggles during the massage session. Donny and Megan can't help but laugh as well.

Colin is utterly hilarious today. It's his first massage, and it really shows *giggles*. Like, the masseuse is already visibly upset about Colin endlessly laughing and moving. What bothers me is that, the other customers might get suspicious of what's happening inside the massage booth.


Over lunch, Megan discuss strategy with the boys. Donny and Colin say that Brody would be their intended target, but it would still depend on who wins the Immunity Challenge. If Brody wins, then Paul goes, and vice versa. Megan opens up the idea of voting for Asami, saying that she is socially more adept than Brody or Paul, and the Special Aids student can valiantly hold her own at challenges. Colin asks her if she would divulge her secret about possessing the rehidden Jarakay idol. Megan insists to keep it a secret, but she stresses she is permanently on board with Naak.

I know Asami's the only person from the former Jarakay who kept me sane there, but I see her as a bigger threat than Brody and Paul will ever be. Brody is just there, doing strategy very feebly, not to mention clumsy; and Paul doesn't open up at all. He's always guarded. Mysterious types work in real life, but not on Survivor. Being shy and a pushover don't get you anywhere in this game.


Late afternoon at the Chalam/One World camp, Brody and Paul attempt to look for the rehidden Jarakay idol. Not knowing Megan already possessed it, the two continue to search for the object. Asami catches up with them and asks them of their progress. Paul and Brody is still unable to look for it. The two thinks that anyone from Naak, or Megan may have found it already, and since it's already post-merge, the rehidden idol can be used by either tribe.

Day 26

Asami and Aries walk towards Tree Mail to know what the next Immunity Challenge is all about. Asami asks Aries if the Naaks have any solid plan coming to Tribal Council. Aries tells her that Naak has no definite plan yet. Asami tells Aries to reconsider the deal because she, Paul and Brody were sincere about their offer to vote for him. Aries responds, saying that he was trying to convince Helena and Morrison to vote Megan out, apparently to no avail. But as a form of consolation, Aries reveals that Megan has the idol, and she secretly made a deal with Naak that she will confirm her loyalty to them in exchange for Giovanni's head.

The Jarakays are on me, striking fear on me. I think I'm good at not showing it, but I am actually scared. Brody promises not to tell anyone, but he has every right to spill what he knows. If any of them speaks up, I'm dead.


The Chalam tribe reunites at the next Immunity Challenge. Jeff hands each contestant questionnaires about their remaining comrades. Aries wins immunity for answering correctly in all questions.

Back at camp, Aries talks strategy with Naak, saying that Megan turned herself into a bonafide threat since the merge. With an idol in Megan's back pocket, Aries stresses Megan is becoming increasingly powerful and they need to flush the idol out. The Naak alliance seems to agree. As the alliance disperse to continue doing camp chores, Helena comes up to Morrison, Colin and Donny, one by one. She explains to each of them, especially to Colin and Donny, who were both away for the reward. Helena proposes to vote Asami out, because she is a stronger social threat than Brody and Paul combined.

I feel uneasy about Aries trying to vote Megan out. It was all of a sudden. It's like something's brewing, and I don't know a thing about it. I need to know what is Aries up to, because after this Tribal Council, I know the Aries, Colin and Donny will target me and Morrison because at the next Tribal, Naak will have nothing to lose if we cannibalize. Had Aries not won immunity today, I would've convinced Naak to vote him out.


I know it would be hard to stomach what I have in store for Megan tonight, but I have to call the shots. She has an idol, and I have the favor of the three people I wanted to vote out next, so Megan's gotta go. Once Megan's done for, Helena's next.


Meanwhile, Megan is approached by Asami asking if she has information about the idol. Megan admits she found the rehidden Jarakay idol days ago. However, Megan stretches the truth by explaining to Asami she is planning to use the idol to surprise Naak so they can go to the next round 4-4. After her conversation with Asami, Megan goes to Helena, asking her of the next plan. Helena tells her something's up with Aries because while she, Colin and Donny were away, Aries suddenly tried to convince the Naak alliance to vote her out. Surprised by Helena's revelation, Megan starts to get paranoid, that she and Helena are being fooled by Aries as well, and he was trying to pull off a big blindside all along. To ease Megan's thoughts, Helena tells her of the plan she told Morrison, Donny and Colin.

I just learned some stuff from Helena. While I was away for the reward, Aries all of a sudden wanted me gone after the favor I did for his tribe. As much as I would want to be pissed off at him, I actually like being targeted by Aries, because people are starting to finally take me seriously. This is why I sided with Naak, because Jarakay would never treat me as a threat.


While refilling their water bottles at the well, Aries talks to Asami, telling her that everyone at Naak is on board with voting Megan off. Asami goes to Brody and Paul, explaining to them that Naak agrees with the plan. Asami also informs them about Megan's idol.

Megan is a biger threat than I thought. We knew Megan would flip to Naak, but she somehow made us half-believe that she is still with us.


To verify if what Helena was saying was true, Megan comes up to Aries, and asks him of their next plan. Aries, who visibly turns pale (Megan does not bother telling him that his face is turning pale), tells her they would be voting out Brody. Ten minutes before Tribal Council, Aries talks to his Naak tribemates one last time, asking them if voting Megan out is already locked in. Helena, Colin, Donny and Morrison seem to agree. Megan approaches her Jarakay tribemates, telling them she has an idol, and she would use it for Brody. Brody and Paul look at each other, saying that they don't believe Megan anymore.

We can see through Megan already, and we don't buy any of her lies anymore. Regardless, she and Aries will be bared tonight. So regardless of what happens at Tribal Council, we know Naak will implode after the vote, and they might consider voting Aries out next.


At Tribal Council, Jeff asks Aries, the leader of the Naak alliance, if the fate of Jarakay is set in stone. Aries, the leader of the Naak alliance confirms that Jarakay's seats at the jury bench "was already paid for" and the seats are just waiting to be seated at. Jeff then asks about the Hidden Immunity Idols, and Megan confidently shows the Jarakay idol to the tribe (she still keeps her possession of the Chalam idol a secret), saying she found it when the tribes just merged, saying that she made an alliance with Naak, because they treated her better than Jarakay ever did. Paul and Brody try to apologize to her, but Megan refuses, saying it is too late for an apology, and only Asami cared for her. At the jury bench, Gabriella and Giovanni whisper to each other that they somewhat agree to Megan, and they would've said sorry too, had they been allowed to talk.

In the end, Helena's plan is becomes in fruition, as Aries is the only member of the Naak alliance who voted for Megan. Megan, and the other Naaks vote Asami out, sending her to the jury in a vote of 5-4.

Interested that Aries apparently failed to persuade Naak and with their numbers continue to dwindle, Brody takes the drama a step further by telling the Naak alliance the jury vote deal Aries accepted. All heads turn on Aries.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Asami (5 votes)
Colin, Donny, Helena, Megan, & Morrison
Megan (4 votes)
Aries, Asami, Brody, & Paul
Asami Yokohama

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • Aries is on hot water for accepting the deal with Jarakay.
  • Megan is also in trouble for exposing her idol and her secret alliance with Naak.

Author's Notes

  • The episode title is a pun on "Iron Maiden".
  • Apologies if the episode took forever to be completed. The author had a hard time composing the remaining episodes and make them a cohesive unit.

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