"If You Play With Fire, You're Going to Get Burned"
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Season Survivor: Dominican Republic
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Episode Number 12/13
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This is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Dominican Republic

Previously On Survivor...

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Reward Challenge: Mud Pack
Players are to maneuver past a hitching post to a mud pit and back, dumping the mud into a bucket. The player with the heaviest bucket of mud after ten minutes wins the challenge.
Reward: An afternoon at the spa.
Winners: Rodney [Jill & Wild Bill]

Immunity Challenge: Get a Grip
The castaways must hang onto a pole as long as they can. The last person left hanging without touching the ground wins immunity.
Winner: Jill


Night 33

The Sabana de la Mar Tribe returns from Tribal Council after having just voted Damion out. Rodney looks sad as he puts his stuff down. He then goes and sits down near the fire and just stares at it. He is soon joined by Jill who comes over and sits next to him.

Quote1Do you want to talk?Quote2- Jill

Quote1Not now…maybe tomorrow...but not now. I just need some space right now.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1Okay, but if you want to talk…I’m totally here for you.Quote2- Jill

Tonight’s vote made me a bit humble. I was very secure in my position in the game, but after the girls voted Damion out…well I have no clue as to where I stand in the game right now. I feel like they stabbed me in the back…maybe I will feel better after I have had some time to think about what just happed but as of right now…well I just feel like crap.


Day 34

Day thirty-four begins with Esther telling the tribe that she wants to have a tribe meeting in order to clear the air after the previous night’s vote. The remaining five castaways stand around the shelter waiting for someone to being talking.

Quote1Seeing how I was the one that called this meeting, I guess it is only fitting that I am the one who speaks first.

Last night I made a move that I did not want to make, but it was a move I felt was necessary to make. I was told that Rodney, Bill, and Damion were going to be coming after me and so I made the only move I could possibly make. To an extent I regret making it now that I see the information was not entirely true, but I hope everyone can see why I felt the need to make such a move.Quote2
- Esther

Quote1So you see now that neither me or Damion were coming after you…right? I mean I know you were lied to but we told you and Jill point blank that we were going to vote out Denise and yet you still did not seem to trust our word.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1Well Rod, you have to look at it from my point of view. Damion had already voted against me twice and he was angry over me giving him the baked potato at the Reward Challenge. Therefore, when someone tells me that he was going to be voting me out you can see how I might have been concerned about him doing trying to get me out again.Quote2- Esther

Quote1But we came to you and told you that we were going to vote for Denise. Look Esther, I can understand why you were leery about fully trusting Damion. But I have to admit, it hurts that you felt you could not trust my word.

I mean since the four of us formed our alliance, I have been nothing but loyal to you. When I give my word to someone I keep it. No offense to either Bill or Denise but I wanted an all-Yuna final four, that has been my goal since the merge and I would have done anything that I could to see to it that the four of us made it to the final four.

I just feel betrayed by what happened last night, maybe I am being overly dramatic but that is my feeling.Quote2
- Rodney

Quote1Oh that’s rich coming from you kid. If anyone should feel betrayed by last night’s vote it should be me. After all you and Damion set me up to be the scapegoat had Denise been the one voted out.

I have zero sympathy over seeing Damion go. The bottom line is Damion got voted out because you and him tried to get cute. Had Esther and Jill voted with you to get rid of Denise, Esther would have had one wonky vote cast against her and I would be the guy that made the vote.

The funny thing is you and Damion could have told me that you were going to vote Denise out and I would have gladly changed my vote. We could have forced a tie in the vote and went from there, maybe Damion would have still been in the game had you done that. But the two of you had to get cute and play with the votes.

I guess the lesson learned here is that if you play with fire, you’re going to get burned.Quote2
- Wild Bill

Quote1Well I just want to state the obvious here. Is it really all that bad for any of our game’s that Damion was voted out?

The guy is a professional athlete and was a huge threat in any physical challenges. So I really don’t see what the big deal is.Quote2
- Denise

Quote1The big deal is you lied to get rid of someone who I considered a friend. Your lie also turned two of my other friends against me. Now I know this is just a game and you have to do what you have to do to stay in the game but I can’t help but be angry over seeing my friend getting voted out.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1Look I understand where you are coming from…I truly do. After all Bill helped vote out my friends in this game. But the thing is those votes made me realize that I was not going to skate through this game. It made me tougher.

Last night I saw the chance to get rid of a threat in this game. So I jumped on the opportunity to do so, I don’t feel great that I lied to get him out but it is what it is. I mean at the end of the day only one of us is going to win the game so I had to take a chance and make a move that was going to better my game.Quote2
- Denise

I enjoyed the little tribe meeting today. I love how one vote tore apart this whole game.

There are two things I want to do more than anything else in this game. The first is to get rid of Bill and the second is to win the whole thing. This fracture that happened after last night’s vote can only help me achieve those goals.


I came out of the tribe meeting today knowing that I have to get rid of Denise. By hook or by crook, I need to get her out before the final four because I would hate to have her talk Esther and Jill into getting rid of me like she did with Damion.


Later on Rodney and Wild Bill are in the woods discussing what happened with the last vote.

Quote1Look man like I said during the meeting, I know you were trying to make me the goat by voting for Esther last night. I must say that I’m not happy about that but right now I think you and I are going to have to stick together. You are my best chance at getting to the end and I am your best chance. If we want to move forward in this game then we’re going to have you use each other to do so.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1Yeah what Damion and I did to you last night was obviously poor judgment on our part. We talked about telling you to change your vote but then we decided to just leave the votes where they were at.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1And how did that work out for the two of you?Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1Well it obviously didn’t work out so good for us. And now I find myself in a terrible situation. I am not sure where I stand in this game right now. Am I going to be the next to go? Or am I safe until they vote you out?Quote2- Rodney

Quote1Well if I were you, I would try my damndest to win the next Immunity Challenge; I know that is my plan. I mean shoot, last night’s vote told me two things.

One was that you and Damion thought you could pin the whole getting out Esther plan on me. And two, under no circumstances is Denise ever going to be willing to work with me. I mean I pitched the perfect plan to her and she turned it around on me. I guess she is still bitter over me sending home Hector and Thom.Quote2
- Wild Bill

Quote1At this point I just want Denise gone from this game and I don’t care how it happens. That chick has got to go.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1I’ve been telling you that since we became allies. Denise was the most underrated player on Payabo. Sure she was always a bit overly emotional but she also had something in her that made her very dangerous.

I mean really she’s been playing the game all by herself since Hector was voted out. Sure Kendra and Gil were around but she was never truly aligned with them after they helped me vote out Thom. So she has been a caged animal pretty much since the merge and she was just waiting for her cage door to open so she could pounce and boy did she do that in a big way last night.

What sucks right now is we are now the minority. How are we going to stay in the game if Denise fills Jill and Esther’s head with that girl power bull?Quote2
- Wild Bill

Quote1Well I guess I could try to get Jill to vote with us. I mean she and I have been pretty close since the start of the game and she has to know that I have her back.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1I don’t know about that man. Once a group of chicks get together they are damn near impossible to break apart. You might need the Jaws of Life to get Jill away from those two hens.Quote2- Wild Bill

I like the fact that Rodney is in a very vulnerable state right now game-wise. I can use this to my advantage.

Right now he feels like he could be the next target and I hope he keeps on thinking that. Maybe…just maybe he will really start to distrust Jill and Esther. If he does begin to not trust them, then I will have a one-way ticket into the final two.

–Wild Bill

Day 35

Day thirty-five beings with Rodney sitting on the beach looking out into the ocean, he is soon joined by Jill.

Quote1Hey…Quote2- Jill

Quote1What’s up?Quote2- Rodney

Quote1I totally have this feeling that you have been avoiding me the last two days. I just want to have a conversation with my buddy and you seem to be totally avoiding me at every turn.Quote2- Jill

Quote1I’ve been wanting to talk…I really have but I did not want to seem like I was mad so I was kind of avoiding you until I was ready to talk.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1Look, I totally understand why I might not be one of your most favorite people right now. I truly do, but I would like for you to hear why Esther and me did what we did.Quote2- Jill

Quote1I understand why the two of you did what you did. But at the same time I thought the four of us had a bond of loyalty built on trust. It is obvious that I was the only one that thought that way though.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1Oh gosh, I totally trust you but when Denise told us that you and Damion were going to vote Esther out…well I had to do everything I could in order to save my friend. It was totally the right move to make even if it was done for the wrong reasons.

I am not happy that I was duped by Denise, but she was right when she said that getting rid of Damion helped everyone else out. I mean he was totally Superman and it was going to come to a point where he would probably win a bunch of challenges in a row and then we might never have been able to get him out of here.

I am sorry to see Damion go because I thought of him as a friend but at the same time he would have totally kicked some major league booty so he did need to go sooner or later.Quote2
- Jill

Quote1I guess you are right in that respect…it just sucks seeing how just a little paranoia can mess up the all that we had planned. I guess we will have to move on from this little bump in the road.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1Totally!Quote2- Jill

After having my conversation with Jill, my mind was put at ease to an extent. That being said, I am not going to be blindly loyal to either her or Esther now. At the end of the day this is an individual game and it is everybody for themselves so I just have to do whatever I can to live to see another day.


Reward Challenge:

It is now time for the Reward Challenge; the Sabana de la Mar Tribe enters the challenge area. After the contestants settle in on the mat Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge and what the winner of the challenge will get.

There is not much to say about this challenge as the castaways race back and forth with mud on their bodies, emptying the mud into their respective buckets. At one point during the challenge Rodney looked over and saw that Jill was putting the mud into her hair. He yelled out…

Man do I wish I had hair like Mark’s now!


Jeff calls an end to the challenge after the ten minute mark is reached. After weighing all of the buckets, it is announced that Rodney has won the challenge!

Jeff tells Rodney that a day at the spa is no fun and he should pick one other castaway to join him. Rodney thinks for a moment before deciding to pick Jill to join him. Jeff then says that the helicopter that will be flying them over to the spa has enough room to fit three people, he tells Rodney to pick one more person to join them.

Rodney does not look at all comfortable at making this decision, after a brief pause he chooses Wild Bill to join them. Both Denise and Esther look sad as Jeff tells them that he has nothing for them.

We see Bill, Rodney, and Jill flying in the helicopter. All three make comments about how awesome the view is from the helicopter. Bill then wonders out loud what Esther and Denise are doing right now.

Well we are about to find out as we are taken back to the Sabana de la Mar campsite and we see Esther and Denise standing by the fire.

Quote1 I can’t believe Rodney didn’t choose you to go on reward with him and Jill. I mean the three of you have been together since day one. I guess this tells you where you lie in Rodney’s eyes…Quote2- Denise

Quote1Perhaps. Or maybe it is just his way of showing me that he is not happy that I voted Damion out…Quote2- Esther

Quote1Well that was my first thought as well, but he chose Jill to join him right away and Jill did help us to get rid of Damion…so I am not sure if that is the case. I think he just showed you that he is more loyal to Bill than he is to you. I guess your bond with him is not as strong as you thought it was.Quote2- Denise

Quote1Who really knows…maybe he saw more value in taking Bill with him…I am not going to get paranoid over it. Only he knows his true motivation and that is that.Quote2- Esther

I feel a little guilty about doing everything that I can to poison Esther and Rodney’s relationship in this game. But if I can plant just a tiny seed of doubt in her head…well that might mean she will turn on him just like she turned on Damion.


Meanwhile at the spa we see Jill, Bill, and Rodney getting back massages.

My back has felt like crap for the past fifteen years. After the massage I got today my back feels great! I guess I am going to have to get back massages more often when I get back to regular society.

–Wild Bill

This was just a great reward to win. The highlight of the whole thing was seeing Jill in a bikini, man did she look hot in that bikini. Don’t tell her I said that…


After the massages are done the castaways, who are all wearing white robes, head off into a lounge type area and they begin to talk game. Bill says that the next vote is going to be very crucial and that Jill could very well be the swing vote depending on who wins Immunity. Jill just nods her head in agreement and looks absolutely petrified over the fact that she could end up being the swing vote.

Rodney tells Jill that if Denise does not win Immunity, he and Bill are going to vote her out. He says that she has to pay for knocking Damion out of the game before his time. Jill response to this bit of information is very non-committal and she seems very uncomfortable over the subject even being brought up.

Bill says that either she votes him out or she votes Denise out but either way she is going to be the deciding vote. He just hopes that she works with him and Rodney because if Jill decides to keep Denise in the game she (Jill) will never have the chance at getting to the final two because Denise will take Esther with her. He (Bill) then tells Jill that if she (Jill) manages to somehow win her way to the final two, she will have no chance at beating either Esther or Denise in the finals. However, she would have a very good chance at beating either Rodney or him (Bill) in the finals.

Oh gosh, the reward was amazing today and it really was an eye opening experience for me. I totally did not know that I was the big decision maker out here and I was going to decide the way the game goes with my next vote.

Rodney and Bill both totally brought up good points today and I will have to think about what they said. I’m just like not sure I even want to be in the position that I am about to be in.


Day 36

It is early in the morning on day thirty-six. Only Esther, Jill and Denise are awake and doing various chores around camp. Denise motions for Esther and Jill to follow her in the woods so that they can talk. After they are out of ear shot from the sleeping guys, Denise smiles at Jill and begins to speak.

Quote1I really wanted to talk to you last night after you returned from your reward, but I did not want to make the guys suspicious of anything. That is why I wanted to talk to you now.Quote2- Denise

Quote1Totally.Quote2- Jill

Quote1Did the guys try to press you for who we are going to target? Did they try to influence you to vote with them?Quote2- Denise

Quote1Oh gosh, it was totally an outside of the game day for the three of us. I mean of course we talked a little bit about what happened with the Damion vote but after that we just talked about how great the reward was.Quote2- Jill

Quote1I’m not buying that. You mean to tell me that you went on a reward with two paranoid men and all you did was talk about the reward?

Are you seriously trying to say that to me?Quote2
- Denise

Quote1Look…if Jill says that is all that they talked about, then that is all that they talked about. What reason would she have to lie to you?Quote2- Esther

Quote1I don’t know, maybe she wants to cover up for her two new friends.Quote2- Denise

Quote1Hold up there. I’ve been working with Rodney since the start of the game, there is nothing secretive or new about that. And Bill is totally not a friend of mine; in fact I totally think he is a gross old perv. I’m not covering up anything and plus even if I was what business is it of yours?Quote2- Jill

Quote1Well it’s not your neck that is on the chopping block…it’s mine. So yeah I have more than a passing interest in what plans may or may not be made about me.Quote2- Denise

Quote1What ev, I’m outta her.Quote2- Jill

Jill walks away from Esther and Denise and heads back to camp.

Denise totally has a lot of nerve trying to interrogate me about my reward with Bill and Rodney. It is none of her business; I can’t believe she freaked out on me like that.


Denise is becoming unhinged out here and her outburst at Jill is another example of that. I do feel bad because she is in a stinky situation but the way she has been dealing with people lately is just not good.

She has become more and blunter in the way she treats people and that is becoming a huge problem. After all, you get more bees with honey and she just does not seem to under that.


I have no clue as to why Jill stomped off after our conversation. I was well within my rights to ask her if the guys are coming after me. She had no reason to get all offended.


Immunity Challenge:

The five remaining contestants arrive at the challenge site and Jeff explains the rules of the Immunity Challenge. He then asks Bill, to give him back the Immunity Necklace. Jeff reminds them that the winner of the challenge will be safe from the vote at Tribal Council. While anyone without Immunity will be eligible to be the twelfth person to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic.

The challenge begins and it is clear as day who is comfortable and who is not so comfortable. Bill and Esther are struggling to stay on their poles, while Rodney, Jill, and Denise seem to be having no such trouble.

We see a time lapsed footage of the challenge which stops at the five minute mark. It is at that point that Esther, who had been struggling to stay on the pole for the entire challenge, finally gives up and slides off her pole and onto the ground. This makes Esther the first castaway to be eliminated from the challenge.

More time lapsed footage of the challenge is shown, during this it seems as if Bill is finally getting the hang of the challenge. The footage stops at the thirteen minute mark of the challenge, which is when Rodney drops out of the challenge. Once he is on the ground you can tell he is very disappointed in himself as he punches his right fist into the palm of his left hand.

Bill tells Denise to drop because he can stay up on his pole all day. Denise laughs and tells Bill to dream on.

Once again we see time lapsed footage of the challenge, said footage stops at the fifty-two minute mark. It is at this point that Bill begins to slide down his pole. He tries to shimmy back up the pole but it is to no avail as that actually causes him to slide down the pole even more. He finally sees the writing on the wall and drops out of the challenge.

Denise, who has a huge smile on her face, looks over at Jill and asks if Jill is willing to drop. Jill says that she is not going to drop because she has yet to win an Immunity Challenge and so she would love to try and win this one. Denise tells Jill that she is safe from the vote tonight anyway and does not need Immunity. Whereas she (Denise) feels very vulnerable and she would really like Immunity so that there is no question as to if she is safe or not. Jill apologizes and reiterates the fact that she does not want to drop.

The challenge breaks the one hour mark and both women are still on their respective poles clinging for life. Denise once again tries to get Jill to drop, but Jill refuses to do so. It is at that point that a frustrated Denise gives up and slides down her pole, thus eliminated herself from the challenge. This means that Jill has won her first Individual Immunity Challenge of the season!

After Jeff puts the Immunity Necklace around the neck of Jill, he reminds the other castaways that Jill will be safe from tonight’s vote while one of them will become the fifth member of the jury.

I can’t believe that Jill was selfish enough to win that challenge. Her neck is nowhere near the chopping block tonight but yet the little princess just had to have her tiara.

What really stinks is I now have to kiss her butt because it seems as if she is the swing vote tonight. This has just been one horrible day…


The Sabana de la Mar Tribe returns from the Immunity challenge. Bill asks Jill if she could talk to him, she agrees and the two of them head off towards the beach. Denise is not having any of this and she follows them.

Quote1This is a private conversation between me and Jill; this had nothing to do with you.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1No, that is not going to fly William…not this late in the game. There is no such thing as a private conversation, especially when it involves me getting voted out.Quote2- Denise

Quote1Okay you want to lay all of our cards on the table in order, fine we can do that. Why don’t we both pitch Jill the reason why we should stay and the other should go. You might not like what I’ve got to say though Denise.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1I’m an adult William; I can take anything you can dish out. I am not going to be bullied by you.Quote2- Denise

Quote1Fine, here’s what I was going to say to you Jill. I think it is obvious that you are the swing vote tonight. You are going to have to decide which one of us you are going to keep.

Well I think it should be me, I mean after all I didn’t have to help you eliminated my former tribe. I could’ve…Quote2
- Wild Bill

Quote1Whoa there, don’t make it seem like you did that out of the kindness of your own heart. You helped them out because your back was against the wall and that was the only move you could make at the time.Quote2- Denise

Quote1No you’re right but I made a move that was mutually beneficial for both them and me. I am a big part of the reason as to why there are three of them left in the game right now. Because y’all would’ve eliminated them by now had you side ended up in the majority.

Look Jill, I helped you guys get the numbers in this game. I’ve been nothing but loyal to you since I joined up with you…Quote2
- Wild Bill

Quote1So the last vote didn’t count then?Quote2- Denise

Quote1That last vote shouldn’t have happened the way it did. But that is not the point of this; the point is I think there are more merits to keeping me in this game. Hell if you take me to the final two with you, you might as well get ready to sign the million dollar check, cuz there ain’t no way in hell the jury will allow me to win this game. That should be reason enough to keep me in this game.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1Jill, I guess what it all boils down to is if you are willing to keep on selling your soul to the devil. Sooner or later you are going to have to take a stand and eliminate this creep. Think of how happy the members of the jury are going to be when they find out that you were the one that sent him packing.

The amount of good will you get from that move could help you win the game. Plus if he stays in the game there is no way he is going to help you keep Esther. He and Rodney will try to vote either one of you out. However, if I am still in the game I will make sure that it is an all-women’s final three. Just think about how sweet that will be.Quote2
- Denise

Quote1Look I totally appreciate what the two of you are saying and all, but I want to talk to Esther and Rodney before I make my decision.Quote2- Jill

Jill asks both Bill and Denise to give her some alone time with Esther and Rodney. They agree and so Jill returns to camp alone.

Jill begins by asking Rodney if he is willing to get rid of Bill at Tribal Council. Rodney says that he would not think of getting rid of Bill as long as Denise is still in the game. He (Rodney) says that Denise has to go due to her being the one who masterminded the Damion vote. Rodney then says that if they decide to keep Bill in the game, he would be very open to voting him out when the get to the final four.

Esther tells Jill and Rodney that she does not feel like Bill deserves to be in the game any longer due to his past actions. She (Esther) then goes on to say that Bill is not a nice person and he will probably just waste the money on stupid stuff whereas Denise would spend the money more wisely.

Rodney laughs and says how Bill and Denise are going to spend the money is irrelevant. He says that Bill has helped them out as a group while Denise has done nothing for them. Rodney then tells Jill and Esther that they kind of owe Bill because he helped them get to where they are in the game and his payment should be getting into the final four.

Jill whines about how her position sucks and Esther walks over to her and puts her arm around her. Esther tells Jill that she should make the move that is going to be best for her game. Rodney agrees and says that he will support her no matter what move she makes and he really does want the final three to be him, Jill, and Esther.

Oh gosh, it totally sucks to be the swing vote tonight. I have gotten enough blood on my hands in this game and now it looks like I am totally going to be getting more.

I just hope that whatever move I make tonight, is not going to come back and haunt me.


Tribal Council:

After settling into their seats Jeff brings in the members of the jury Hector, Kendra, Sully, and Damion who was voted out at the last Tribal Council. Damion smiles at the castaways who are still in the game, seemingly showing that he harbors no ill will towards the people who blindsided him during the previous Tribal Council.

Jeff congratulates Jill on a hard won Immunity Challenge. Jeff then asks Jill if she was even remotely tempted into taking Denise’s offer to throw the challenge to her (Denise). Jill laughs and says that at no point did she ever think about throwing the challenge. She (Jill) then says that she came out there to compete and earn her victories and she would feel cheap if she handed someone else a victory.

Jeff notices that Denise is not pleased about Jill’s answer. He asks Denise how she felt over what Jill had just said. Denise tells Jeff that while she respects Jill’s competitive nature, she really wanted Jill to drop so that she could win Immunity and be safe from the vote. She (Denise) then says that Jill was never in any danger of going home so she did not need Immunity. Whereas she (Denise) is in serious jeopardy of going home tonight and that Immunity necklace would have given her safety.

Wild Bill begins to laugh over this remark and says that Denise should be in danger of going home if she was not good enough to win Immunity. He says that he knows his neck is on the line and it deserves to be because he was not good enough to win the challenge and he would never expect someone to hand the challenge to him.

Jeff says that Wild Bill has brought up a good point, in that one should not ever think they deserve to be handed Immunity. It is something earned not given. Denise frowns and says that all she really wants, if to make it to the final four. She says that she cannot believe that anyone of the old Yuna Tribe would consider keeping Bill over her.

Wild Bill rolls his eyes and says that she (Denise) has done nothing to help any of the former members of the Yuna Tribe get to where they are in the game. He then says that has helped them get to where they are, even if by helping them he has greatly helped himself as well. Bill then says it makes perfect sense to get rid of Denise right now because she was friendly with at least three members of the jury and because of that they might be more inclined to vote for her to win.

Denise then laughs and says if any of the former Yuna Tribe members vote to keep Bill in this game over her, the members of the jury will not have any respect for them.

Rodney interjects and says that she (Denise) should not presume to know what is on the mind of the jury members. He then says that it would not matter if the jury does or does not respect the move because in the end they will have to vote for someone to win.

With that last comment it is time to vote.

After the last castaway votes, Jeff goes off to tally the votes. He then returns and reads off each vote and in the end Denise becomes the fifth member of the Jury and the twelfth contestant to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
Sabana de la Mar
Denise Kessel
Denise (3 votes)
Rodney Burish With BeardJill LandryWild Bill Gokey With Beard
Rodney, Jill, Wild Bill
Wild Bill Gokey With Beard
Wild Bill (2 votes)
Esther RyanDenise Kessel
Esther, Denise
Denise Kessel jury.jpg

Voting Confessionals

This vote is for Thom and Hector!


Turn out the lights, the party is over!

I hope this vote sends you to the jury. I want to see the look in your eyes when you realize that I am the last member of the Payabo Tribe standing.

–Wild Bill

Oh gosh, you have really been annoying me the last couple of days. Plus I totally didn’t like the fact that you lied to me about Damion. Because of all that I am totally happy to send you packing.


This vote is payback for knocking Damion out of the game, plain and simple.


You are not a very nice young man and I would just hate to see you last longer than Denise.


Final Words

Before we see Denise’s final words, Jeff hypes the season finale. We get confessionals from the members of the final four, talking about what it is like being in the final four.

I cannot believe that I, the oldest woman in the game, will be competing in the final four. This has been such an amazing journey and I hope I have what it takes to win the whole thing.


Just like in the Highlander movies, in the end there can only be just one. I fully attend to be that one.

Wow now I feel really nerdy because I quoted Highlander…


This is just fantastic, I am so happy that my two closest allies Esther and Rodney are in the final four with me. I can’t wait to see what happens next, I hope that I come out the winner.


I am the final member of the Payabo Tribe left standing in this game. I know that there is a good chance that if I make it to the finals I will not win. But I still have a couple tricks up my sleeve and you can never count Wild Bill Gokey out.

–Wild Bill

Denise's Final Words

Wow this stinks. I really wanted to outlast Wild Bill so that I could be the last member of the Payabo Tribe left standing. Now that, that is not going to be happening for me I will just have to sit back and relax and decide who is worthy enough to win this show.



Members of the Jury
Hector Guzman Jury Photo
Kendra Brolin Jury
Sully jury
Damion Pendergarst jury
Denise Kessel

Still in the Running

Th John Dissmore-1
Esther Ryan
Rodney Burish With Beard
Martha Hughesbw
Damion Pendergarst elimination
Carly Pattinsonbw
Mark Heiden eliminated
Jill Landry
Sherri Goulet eliminated
Hector Guzman eliminated
Denise Kessel jury.jpg
Gilbert Sullivan B&W
Jenny Chang eliminated
Wild Bill Gokey With Beard
Wild Bill
Kendra Brolin eliminated
Thom BradleyB&W

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Author's Notes

  • Sorry about the short Reward Challenge write-up. I realized after I chose that to be the Reward Challenge that there really is not much to write about in that challenge. It is just a bunch of people running back and forth scraping mud off of their bodies.