"In the Director's Chair"
Season Santa Cruz Islands
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 4/14
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In the Director's Chair is the fourth episode of Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Sled and Smash
Four members of each tribe are to pull a sled that carries one tribe member. The castaway in the sled is to gather keys that hang from platforms at various intervals. Once the tribe collects all three keys, they will use them to unlock a chest. In the chest are parts of a wrecking ball that is to be put together and then held together by locks and chains. Once the locks and chains are securely fastened, the last member of each tribe will use the wrecking ball to smash six bean pots. The first tribe to smash all six pots wins reward and immunity.
Reward: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pitchers of ice cold milk.
Winner: Temotu

Previously on Survivor...

This season, it's been a tale of two tribes. Temotu, the tribe that's risen to the top in challenges..."We have a nice meal and a tarp to sleep under. Temotu is a content tribe to say the least."...and Fatutaka, the tribe that's suffered through the harshest of weather and has yet to win a challenge. "That storm was...brutal." To add insult to injury, the injuries themselves started tacking on. "Savage shows us this big gash on his knee this morning and my first thought is 'Oh my God, I hope it's nothing serious.'. Then he showed it to us, and it didn't look infected or anything, which is a good sign. As long as he doesn't expose it to any bacteria or rub it up against anything, he should be okay." At Temotu, a majority alliance of five consisting of Troyzan, Katherine, Mike, Derek, and Jocelyn began to take shape after Mike found and showed his hidden immunity idol to the rest of the alliance..."While I'm out there chaperoning Robert, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look for it myself. Four or five trees in, boom! This is only for me and my alliance to one else."...but the latter two had their reservations about their position. "Jocelyn and I took a little walk and she brings up that she's not comfortable being in Troyzan's alliance long-term. Part of me has wanted to be the alpha-male of an from that selfish aspect, I would jump ship as soon as the right situation came around, but I have to also weigh what Jocelyn wants to do and when. She's my number one ally, so I'm going to listen to what she has to say." While Derek and Jocelyn weighed their options, another pair formed between the outsiders of the alliance, Amy and Robert. "I'm still looking for an idol. If everyone wants me gone and I can find it before a Tribal Council, it turns into a new game." "Who would you vote for if that was going to happen?" "I'd have to see when and what situation the game's in. I just don't want it to be me, ultimately." "Well, I won't vote for you. You have my word on that. I don't know about everybody else's, but you have mine." "Amy isn't writing my name down, and I'm not writing her name down. The only downside to this is that we need more people. The two of us aren't going to take this tribe by storm all by ourselves, so we need a few more if Amy and I are going to stick around." But with all the happening around camp, Troyzan kept a watchful eye on it all. "There's a reason why there's 'Zan' after the 'Troy'. I'm out here swinging from vine to vine, making sure I know of everything that's going on around camp. I'm loving it, man! This is still my island!" At Fatutaka, Savage started to create an alliance that he hoped would reverse Fatutaka's past fortunes. He branched out to Suzanne, Alvin, and Gaby in hopes of a more experienced alliance. "We thought that the older and more experienced are what's best for this group. I can't trust Chase enough to where he's going to rub somebody the wrong way again. Andrew and Jordan...I don't know. There's something I don't trust about them." "Savage came to me with a proposition that didn't interest me at all. I didn't want to shoot the guy down cause I didn't want it to come back and bite me in the rear. So, all I could do was delay an answer to him and say that I would consider it." "If you don't mind me asking, do you have anything nailed down with anyone?" "No, I haven't...are you about to ask me if I want to be in an alliance?" "Well, I suppose I am!" "Suz asks me if I have anything nailed down as far as alliances go. Of course...she asked me to be in an alliance with her, Alvin, and the older Andrew, and that sounds like a really well-balanced alliance. As long as it stays the way Suzanne laid it out to me, then this is what I'm sticking with." At the immunity challenge, tensions flared..."We're not done yet! Better watch out!" "Get that outta here, big man! Get it out of here!"...and once again, Fatutaka they lost their fourth straight challenge. Afterwards, Chase's unnecessary hostility towards Temotu made him the obvious target, but Suzanne had other ideas. "I've noticed that Jordan and the younger Andrew have done things only amongst the two of them. They seem to be very close to one another. In a game such as Survivor, two votes could be make or break in any given situation, so that's my ulterior motive to break that pair up now that I have the chance...and the numbers to make this work. Don't get me wrong, I adore both of them and would hate to see them go, but I'm here to play a game. The weaker of the two needs to go tonight...and that's Jordan." Now having this information at his disposal and thought to be in the majority, Alvin told his allies, Jordan and Andrew G., of the recent developments and brought Gaby, who started to distrust the older alliance after they let Chase in on the vote, along with him. "I was never in Savage's alliance to begin with, but Gaby didn't know that because we never talked. So when we finally got the chance to talk, I threw out that little pitch of 'Hey, if we go talk to and align with the people that they're targeting, that'll be a majority right there.'. This time yesterday, I think I said that Chase was the potential swing vote. That's not the case anymore. It's now looking like Gaby is the one who will tip the scales one way or the other." "Your name has come up for tonight." "By who? Like, who was talking about that today?" "Everybody that's not here. Suzanne thinks that you two are a pair." "So, what's the plan? Have you all talked about anything?" "Honestly, I was thinking Suzanne. She's the one that's really gunning for you." "I'm fine with that." "I still don't know what to do tonight. Both sides have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to certain things. Like, Chase and Suzanne's side is physically stronger but harder to trust, but...I just don't know. It doesn't matter which way I go...I will be blindsiding somebody either way tonight." At Tribal Council, Gaby made her decision..."Third person voted out of Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands...Suzanne." siding against Savage's alliance and voting with Alvin, Andrew G., and Jordan. "Suzanne, the tribe has spoken." "Well, tonight was based around trust, experience, and what it takes to win. From what I've gathered, you need to work on both trust and experience before you find out what is needed to win. And you need to do it quick because after tonight, you're now down three members in a game all about numbers." Fifteen are left. Who'll be voted out tonight?


Night 8

The camera fades in to lightning crackling across the dusk sky and then to various wildlife taking cover as the thunder grows louder and louder. It cuts over to the now six remaining members of Fatutaka filing back into camp.

Chase (somewhat chuckling to himself): Well, I have to say that I did not see that coming at all. So, congrats on the big move, guys.

It focuses on Savage, still slightly shocked by the night's events, frustratingly standing with his hands on his hips as everyone else unpacks.

After yet another Fatutaka Tribal Council, this is the first one I'm a little off-kilter over. It seems that a couple people that we thought we had alliances with were flip-floppers all along. But that seems to be the game in this day and age...much more deceptive and backstabbing since I last played. If that's the case, then game on. I may have some catching up to do but like I on.

–Andrew S.

Savage continues to quietly huff and puff as it cuts to Gaby sitting by the fire.

When we got back from Tribal, I could tell that older Andrew was not expecting the vote to go that way and...he wasn't happy about it. I don't trust Chase. I haven't trusted him ever since we walked on to this beach. So when they let him in on what the vote was going to be, I felt like they betrayed my trust because Suzanne had told me that it was just the four of us. I felt like a number, not a person. I don't know if that's why Alvin flipped, but that's why I voted with Jordan and the younger Andrew. I think they treated me more sincerely compared to old Andrew and the rest of them. They sought me out to give them the numbers, and I was able to see through that before it was too late.


It cuts back to Gaby sitting by the fire as Andrew G. passes behind her. He leans over and puts his hands on her shoulders.

Andrew G. (whispering): Thank you. Thank you so much.

Gaby (softly): Anytime.

Andrew G.: We can talk more about this tomorrow if you'd like.

Gaby (turning around): Yeah, that'd be great.

Andrew G. (patting her shoulders): All right. Well, I'm heading for bed then. I'll see 'ya in the morning.

Andrew G. makes his way to the shelter as the wind starts to pick up.

You have no idea how on pins and needles I was for this vote. I knew where Alvin stood, but I was completely in the dark on Gaby. So, when I found out that she voted with us, she was the first person I went to. I thanked her, I asked her if she wanted a fruit basket or a massage...(laughs)...but seriously, I really am grateful that she sided with us. Now, we need to win a freaking challenge...otherwise, we're going to run out of people to thank.

–Andrew G.

Day 9

Lightning continues to light up the sky as thunder echoes shortly behind it. The camera flashes to the waves crashing as another downpour hits the Fatutaka beach. The six members of the blue tribe are seen huddled around in the shelter shivering. It scans over various parts of the camp such as their rice pot being filled with rainwater and the palm fronds of the shelter dripping water.

Andrew G.: Well, this sucks...

We're struggling. We can't keep a fire...we don't have enough rations of food to get us through each day...and this is all on top of not winning anything yet. We have to be the worst tribe in Survivor history. If not the worst, we're certainly in the running for it. Something needs to change for the better.


The camera highlights Savage's knee that has the gash, which looks puffy and very yellow compared to his skin.

Andrew S. (trying not to pick at his knee): Gah, this thing is driving me crazy this morning.

Jordan (wincing): Ooh, Savage...that looks really bad.

Andrew S.: I know. It didn't look nearly half as bad as this yesterday.

Alvin: Yeah, you need to have that looked at, man...

Savage turns his focus from his knee to Alvin as he does not want it to come to having it examined.

Alvin: ...just to be on the safe side.

Andrew S. (reluctantly): Let's bring them in, then...see how bad it really is.

It cuts to a covered motorboat making its way through the rough waves as it goes back to Savage sitting in the shelter with the other five standing nearby. The motorboat reaches the shore and comes to a stop. Once fully stopped, Probst, Dr. Ramona of the Survivor Medical Team, and a couple assistants come out of the boat and make their way up to the Fatutaka camp as the rain lets up slightly.

Probst: How's it going, guys?

Jordan: Wet.

Probst smirks and then turns to Savage with a more serious and concerned look.

Probst: What's going on, Savage?

Savage shows his discolored and puffy knee to Probst with the Medical Team behind him.

Probst: All right, let's get the docs to take a look at it.

Probst gets out of the way to let Dr. Ramona and her assistants to examine Savage. She starts by asking where the pain is, if any, by applying slight pressure with her hand.

Andrew S. (painfully, after a couple touches): Yep! Right there...that stings.

Ramona (calmly): Okay, we'll go ahead and numb the knee then.

Dr. Ramona's assistant hands her a cotton swab, and she proceeds to soak it in an anesthetic. After waiting a couple minutes to let Savage's knee fully numb, Dr. Ramona injects antibiotics into it and begins to give further instructions.

Ramona: Okay, the antibiotics should start doing its job soon. It will take a couple days to fully heal, just as long as you don't apply a lot of pressure to it. Also stay away from anything that may cause infection like the mud from your challenge yesterday...just anything that could be bacterial.

Andrew S.: So...what? You're putting me on isolation essentially?

Ramona: For your knee to make a full and quick recovery, yes. That would be the best thing to do.

Probst: How is he for upcoming challenges? Can he still compete or is this something where he's going to have limited participation?

Ramona: If he rests it and keeps it clean until the next challenge, then he will be able to fully participate. Exposing it to bacteria or pressing it against anything could lead to a potentially fatal infection. He can participate, but he will have to be weary of his knee.

The docs came into camp and looked at my knee, which was more discolored and just not looking right than it has been. Basically, what they diagnosed was that it is just a gash but could turn into an infection if mishandled. So, they shot some antibiotics into it and told me to stay away from anything bacterial. (looks around at his surroundings, then chuckles) I'm on a beach that I've only lived on for nine days! I have no idea what is and what isn't sanitary! My plan for the day, since we don't have a challenge, is to just stay around camp and perform as little tasks as I can. I hate to be a burden on my tribemates but if it's to benefit my longevity in the game, then that's what I'm going to do.

–Andrew S.

Probst: Okay, thanks Ramona. Guys, as long as there isn't another problem, I will see you at the next challenge.

The six members of Fatutaka wave and bid Probst and the Medical Team farewell as they return to the boat.

I'm worried about Savage. The medics came in and checked and okayed his knee, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop worrying about it. There hasn't been much talk about it, but he's like our unofficial leader out here. He's the one that showed us how to build the shelter, how to get a fire going, how to keep a fire at night...(smiles)...he's like our little Survivor pioneer. I know he'll be tending to his knee, but we need to keep an eye on it too. I don't want it getting to the worst-case scenario that they were talking about. Y'know, like a possible infection...cause that'd be bad.


It cuts to Savage sitting in the shelter and placing his faded blue buff over his knee as the motorboat speeds off into the rocky ocean.

(intro plays)

The camera fades in to the rainclouds dissipating, making way for sunshine later in the day. It scans over the waves hitting the beach more calmly and then cuts over to Justin whistling through the Temotu jungle. As he does, the camera highlights various harmless wildlife looking through bushes and trees.

Yesterday on our well-deserved day off, I was strolling through the jungle and found a bird's nest that had fallen onto the ground. And inside, there were just these little newborn chicks just chirping my ear off. So then, I look around to see if a momma bird or even a papa bird was around and...nothin'. So now, I'm the self-proclaimed papa bird of the island!


Justin (arriving at the nest, in a parenting tone): How are my chickies today?!

The chicks coincidentally start chirping as Justin kneels down to tend to them.

Justin, man, he's...he's got his way of doing things. He spent all day yesterday messing with those birds. I mean, I can appreciate him caring and tending to them...but c'mon man, they're birds. Birds!


Justin's something else. I should probably be looking over this whole thing with him and the birds and tell all my colleagues back home. (keels over laughing) He didn't even sleep in the shelter last night. He slept with the birds! There has to be a method behind the madness cause there's no way he's completely cuckoo for cocoa puffs! Y'know?


It cuts back to Justin tending to the baby birds, who continue to chirp. He then looks around to see if there's any food he can feed to them. All he can find is a small worm that he separates and feeds each individual chick.

Everybody has been giving me beef over all of this, but I know they don't mean it maliciously so it's easy to just take it in stride. Honestly, this is better than hearing about how hard it is to be beautiful, which is what Derek and Jocelyn do all (expletive) day, or just sit around the fire to kill time. With this, I'm tending to creatures who have it the same as us here...stranded and trying to figure out what the hell to do to survive. There's some satisfaction in that and maybe it'll translate to the game...who knows.


Justin feeds the last part of the worm to the last chick as he follows that with an applause similar to that of a proud parent. It then cuts back to the Temotu camp as Troyzan and Katherine sit by the fire, with the latter poking at it with a stick.

With Troy and now Mike knowing who I am and what my background is, I've been trying to play like under the radar, so to speak. Cause the last thing I want is a target on me because they won't think I really need the money. I want to stick this out until the end without anybody else finding out my identity.


Katherine (quietly as Justin returns in the background): Nobody else knows who I am, do they?

Troyzan (nodding his head): Not unless you've told anybody about it. I haven't heard anything, myself.

Katherine (slightly hesitant): I did...tell Mike. That's just because he's in with us and he was dogging me about it.

Troyzan: Well, as long as you think he won't tell anybody else, then...(shrugs his shoulders)...fine by me. I wouldn't have told him, but that's just me talking.

Katherine: I know. I didn't want to originally, but I think we can trust him to not blurt anything out about it.

Troyzan (slightly nodding his head once more): Alright. If you're comfortable with it, then I am too.

Katherine told me today that she told Mike who she is outside of Survivor because Mike wouldn't shut up about it. I really think that's a dangerous move on her part. It's not because we don't trust Mike, because we trust him one-hundred percent, but he can sometimes put his foot in his mouth before he thinks it through. He hasn't slipped up at all but at the challenge yesterday is a good example. He went crazy after the other tribe started getting in our faces. That's a whole 'nother story, but my point is that I understand why she told Mike, but I wouldn't have done it if I was in that position. But hey, she's the one in the director's chair...not me.


It cuts back to Katherine poking at the fire as a log suddenly falls and sparks fly. Katherine is caught off-guard and yelps. The tribe members that are around glance over.

Mike (laughing to himself from a distance): This ain't Hollywood, baby.

It transitions to an overhead shot of a sunnier Fatutaka beach where Andrew G. and Gaby are seen walking along the shore away from camp. Once they are a good distance away, Andrew G. stops and opens his arms invitingly.

Andrew G.: Since I wasn't able to do this in front of everybody last night...

Gaby happily accepts his hug and they quickly get back to walking.

Andrew G.: Like, you have no idea how much I was sweating bullets last night. Seriously, thank you so much.

Gaby (with a little grin on her face): Hey, like I said, anytime. Between you and me, they made me feel like a number more than a person. You guys were nicer and more genuine to me...easier to trust.

Andrew G.: And that's why I'm thanking you. You could've stuck with them but instead, you came to us. So for that, can I get you like a...fruit basket? A thank you card? You name it, I'll get it for you.

As Andrew G. tries to jokingly list more gift ideas off, Gaby can't help but laugh.

It was really important that I got to Gaby today and basically kissed her feet. Like without her, either Jordan or myself is not here right now, so I am being sincere when I'm thanking her for voting with us. Is she on a level of trust where I show her my idol?, but by doing all of this, I am building a bond out of it. That's also important because I need to get this idea of Jordan and me being a pair out of everybody's heads. She's my closest question, but I don't want anybody else thinking that.

–Andrew G.

Andrew G.: So, did they just come out of nowhere and ask you to be in an alliance?

Gaby: Well...yeah. Suzanne and I were filling up canteens and she asked me if I had made alliances with anybody, so we kind of made one up right then and there.

Andrew G.: Geez, you aren't kidding.

When Gaby told me about Suzanne making an alliance all willy-nilly and such, it made me a little apprehensive to extend an invitation to our alliance to her. I think that she would take it as...'Oh, you're doing the same thing as Suzanne. What did we just talk about? Why are you doing this?'...and neither of us would want that to happen. So, I'm just going to gradually make a bond out of this and see where it goes. If I can make more than something out of this, then it's going to help my game going forward.

–Andrew G.

The two continue walking as the afternoon is close to turning into evening.

Andrew G. (smiling): I know I keep going on about this, but I seriously thought that we were goners last night. Thanks again so much...and that's the last time I say it! I promise!

Gaby (partially forces a laugh): No, no, you're fine! And you're welcome!

The two are now seen still on the shore walking away from the stationary camera.

The younger Andrew...he's a nice guy, but I think he overdoes it sometimes. He was so over the top about thanking me for voting with him last night. Like, I got it the first time! (laughs) You didn't have to repeat yourself. Maybe that's just how he is or he's trying to hide something and overcompensate for it...I don't know.


As it turns into evening, Chase is seen sitting on the shore right in front of camp. Alvin and Jordan are seen in the background working around camp with Savage still sitting in the shelter. Chase then props himself back and looks out into the ocean, something that has become a daily routine for him.

Ever since Roger was voted out, I've made it a habit to where I take thirty to forty-five minutes and just zone out. No strategy, politics, or anything. It's just my time to reflect...whether it's with God or myself or whatever, it all depends. But during all of this, I've looked back at the impression I've made on these people...this tribe and Temotu, and I'm so discontent with it. I don't want to be the guy that's remembered for basically roid-raging all the way through this game. I want to be known for who I truly am back home, and that's a much gentler side than what I've put on display here. Do I get passionate at some points out here? Of course, but it's my responsibility to keep myself from going over that line and putting myself and my tribe at risk. Having said all of that, when you have yet to win a challenge and are struggling to survive on top of that, it's not an easy task.


It cuts back to Chase still zoned out and staring into the ocean. It then moves over to camp as Alvin and Jordan try to prepare whatever they can find for dinner.

Jordan (stressfully exhales): Well, I guess I'll go look in the jungle and see if I can find anything. I'll be back in a bit.

Alvin (jokingly): If a snake bites you, holler!

Jordan (making her way to the edge of the jungle): You'll be the first to know!

Alvin briefly chuckles as his focus turns to the shelter, where Savage sits.

Alvin: How's the knee lookin'?

Andrew S.: It feels better...

He slides his buff, which has covered his knee throughout the day, down his leg to reveal his still-puffy knee.

Alvin (hunching over to get a better look): Not looking any better, though.

Andrew S.: I say it feels better, but it still hurts like hell.

Alvin: Even with the antibiotics?

Andrew S.: Yeah. The doc didn't say how long it would take for them to start working. She just said 'soon'...

Alvin stands back up with a mixed look of discouragement and worry on his face. He attempts to return to prepare something for dinner before Savage stops him.

Andrew S. (starting to move around in the shelter): Let me ask you something...

Alvin (turning back around): Yeah, what's up?

Andrew S.: You were never with me...were you?

Alvin approaches the shelter once more and sits next to Savage. He exhales and takes a moment before he utters anything.

Andrew S.: I know this is a game, but I'd rather you be honest with me. This is just two honest gentlemen talking here.

Alvin (makes direct eye contact to Savage): If this is two gentlemen talking, then I can honestly say that I was never in your alliance. In all truthfulness, 'G', Jordan, and I have actually been tight since the second day. We locked it down on the beach, and it's been the three of us ever since. What you offered me didn't sound bad, but it was just too late, my man.

Savage disengages eye contact with Alvin and simply stares at the sandy ground.

Alvin: I didn't want to betray your trust, so that why I never confirmed it with you.

Andrew S. (with a tension-easing chuckle): Well, you're right about that. If you had said yes and then did what you did, I would be much more pissed about it.

Alvin shares a chuckle with him, but it is short-lived as the heartfelt discussion continues.

Andrew S.: You've been honest with me, so I'll be honest with you. I don't think you guys made the right decision for the tribe last night. I certainly understand where loyalties sit and how strong they are, but if we want to start winning challenges, we need strength. Suzanne was a much bigger asset than Jordan currently is. You know that as well as I do. This may be coming from the wily veteran that last played ten years ago, but that's how I know we need to win. Again, I appreciate the gesture, but I don't think your decision last night was for the betterment of the tribe.

Alvin: Well, you certainly have your opinion, and I have mine. I think you underestimate those two in terms of strength and pulling their weight. I think they have a lot to offer to not only my game, but this tribe as well. I thought and still think that they have more to offer than Suzanne did. I know you see it differently, but this is two gentlemen talking.

Andrew S. (showing a rare smile): And I'm glad we're having this discussion.

The two older men end their discussion and shake hands over it. Alvin helps Savage up after he places his buff back on his knee and the two begin scourging the camp for possible dinner options.

I like Savage. He got the ball rolling for us here, and in general he's just a stand-up guy to be around. He may not be off his rocker when it comes to strategy...(laughs)...but he knows that. He knows that it's been roughly ten years since he last played and plenty has changed in that span. He may not be a fan of the latest vote, but he can talk about it with a level head...and that's what I like about him. He shared his piece, and I shared mine without either of us losing our cool. He and I both know that we have the people to make this work. We can taste this first win. It all just has to come together to make that one shining moment, and I, as does the rest of this tribe, hope that it all comes together at the next challenge.


Jordan returns to camp with her arms full of coconuts that she was able to wiggle off of trees.

Jordan: I come bearing gifts!

The rest of the tribe cheers excitedly as it cuts over to Savage restraining himself from picking at his knee. The camera then fades to break.

It returns from break to a flock of birds flying over the calm Pacific Ocean followed by various overhead shots of the lush forests and jungles of the Santa Cruz Islands. The camera then rests on the Temotu beach as Derek and Jocelyn are seen out in the boat in an attempt to find some fish. Before they start their hunt, they discuss their place in the game once more.

Derek (paddling further out): I know we've kind of settled on staying put until another opportunity comes around, but shouldn't we be trying to make this opportunity? Y'know, instead of waiting for it?

Jocelyn intently listens while she paddles along.

Derek: Cause we both feel like we're on the bottom with Troyzan's group...regardless of what he says. I'm just thinking that this is going to happen sooner or later. We need to go to them instead of having them come to us.

Jocelyn: So, who would we go to?

Derek: I say everyone that isn't in with Troy and them. Melanie, Amy, Robert...every single one of them.

It's no secret that Jocelyn and I don't like our standing in the game right now, especially after Jocelyn laid everything out to Troyzan. But throughout all of this, we've been sitting back waiting for something to happen because we're fine with where we're at...right now. Eventually, it's going to come to the point where we're the next two in line and have no friends to back us up, so I told Jocelyn that we need to go make these friends ourselves instead of having them come to us.


Jocelyn: So, when do we make our move?

Derek (as the gears turn in his head): That's the question...isn't it?

Derek and Jocelyn pause and give it more thought as they prepare to fish.

Derek: I think if we can start going to them as soon as we can, then the better off we are. It never hurts.

Jocelyn: No, you're right. We'll start with Amy and go from there then?

Derek (as he puts the swim gear on): Let's do it.

Derek slides off the boat and into the water with the spear as the camera follows him briefly underwater. He is seen spearing a decently-sized fish before it cuts back to camp where Amy is seen walking with Justin a fair distance away from the shelter and fire pit.

Amy (curiously): Has anybody come to you and talked about the game with you?

Justin (quickly nodding his head): Nope! I just figured that nobody has cause we haven't had to deal with the gloom and doom of losing immunity.

Amy: Well, I'm trying to get a group together against Troyzan and his little clique...

Justin (unintentionally cutting off Amy): Oh, you mean like Katherine, Derek, and them?

Amy: Yeah, exactly. Well, Derek would one of the ones I'm trying to get in this group.

Justin (having initial reservations about Amy's pitch): So, who would this group be?

Amy: It would be us, Robert, Melanie, and Derek to make five over four. At least that's what I'm starting out never know if it could change or not.

Justin (only to appease Amy): I'll think about it and get back to you.

Amy comes to me to talk alliances, the game, and blah-blah-blah. It all sounds good to have the majority in an odd-numbered amount of people but for me, I would at least like the people I'm aligned with. I haven't liked Derek and Jocelyn's easy-on-the-eye faces since we set foot on this beach. So for now, I will think about it...just so I'm not lying to Amy, but I do have my personal red flags blipping up...just going 'shwing' 'shwing' shwing'! I think that's what they would sound like anyway.


It cuts over to later that evening as Amy is quietly talking to a visibly exhausted Melanie near the shelter about the same subject. It picks up in the middle of the discussion.

Amy (softly): It would be us, Robert, Justin, and Derek. How does that sound to you?

Melanie (exhaustedly): That...that sounds good.

Melanie stumbles slightly and places her hand on her forehead.

Amy (immediately grabbing hold of her to keep her steady): Whoa, Mel. You all right?

The members of the orange tribe concernedly turn from the fire pit to see what is going on. Amy and Robert help Melanie sit in the shelter as a couple others try to find her canteen.

I'm talking to Melanie about the game and all of a sudden, she almost collapses, like, right in front of me! I knew that she had been struggling over the past couple days, but I didn't think that it was that bad. So, just to be safe, we called in Medical to see how serious this was.


It cuts to a motorboat arriving at the Temotu shoreline carrying Probst and the Medical Team. They walk up to Temotu's shelter and prepare for their second checkup of the day.

Probst: Hey, guys. What's going on?

The rest of the tribe centers themselves around Melanie, who is sitting in between Robert and Amy in the shelter, as Dr. Ramona and her assistants start asking her questions.

Ramona: Okay, Melanie...are you having any pain of any sort?

Melanie (hunched over with her head on her forehead): Just...just my head. I'm more exhausted and drained than I am anything else, so I don't know what's wrong.

Ramona: Okay. We'll just run a couple tests then.

The Medical Team checks Melanie's temperature and blood pressure, which checks to be below-average, among other things as Probst and the rest of Temotu watches on.

Probst: So Ramona, after running a couple tests, what can you diagnose?

Ramona: She is certainly dehydrated. However, there isn't anything else wrong with her on the surface other than low blood pressure.

Probst: So, this could be a case of having a couple canteens of water and she's good to go?

Ramona: Yes. Keep her hydrated and limit her physical activity to avoid any complications. Like I said, this seems to be a case of just dehydration but nothing advanced or life-threatening at the moment.

Probst: All right. With that, I think we're done here unless there are other matters to tend to.

Justin (joking around): I had a baby bird bite my finger earlier. Do you have a band-aid I can borrow?

Dr. Ramona smiles while Probst lets out a chuckle.

Probst: No, no band-aids, Justin. Alright, get a good night's sleep, and I'll see you at the next challenge.

The members of Temotu bid Probst and the Medical Team good-bye as Troyzan offers his canteen to Melanie.

Troyzan (warmly, as Melanie begins drinking): Chug it down.

Lines may be drawn with alliances and just gameplay in general, but we're still a family out here. We eat together, we sleep together, and we compete together twenty-four hours a day. So naturally, we were all worried when Melanie was being checked on...cause you do grow close to these people even only after nine days. It's a tough game and can take its toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally, and I hope it isn't anything that becomes any more serious...for her sake.


The Temotu tribe continues to console and tend to Melanie as she downs Troyzan's water canteen. The camera speeds through the sunset and focuses on the clear, starry night sky. It then shifts focus to the Fatutaka shelter as Jordan is seen shivering while fast asleep. Andrew G., who is half-asleep to begin with, nudges closer to Jordan and begins to cuddle to keep her warm. The camera then pans across the rest of the tribe with everyone else fast asleep minus Gaby, who glances over and sees Andrew G. and Jordan cuddling.

While everyone was sleeping, I noticed that the younger Andrew got closer to Jordan and the two snuggled the whole night. Suzanne was right about those two. There may not be anything going between them, but they're closer than they'd like to advertise. In this game, a twosome is dangerous. Whether it's going to be dangerous to me or somebody else, we'll have to wait and see. But for right now, I'm just going to keep an eye on them.


The camera cuts back to Jordan scooting closer to Andrew G. to keep warm as it then cuts Gaby glancing at the two and then tossing to her other side. It then fades to break.

Day 10

The camera fades back in through the thin clouds hovering over the Santa Cruz Islands with some scenic shots as well. Afterwards, it focuses on the Fatutaka tribe doing another edition of their radio program, "The Fatutalking Heads".

Jordan (getting the show started): All right, all right! This just in...the Fatutaka tribe of six just got tree mail delivered to them! Inside was a riddle to the challenge today, and they will be playing for immunity! Will the tribe that hasn't won anything finally win something? Call us!

Andrew G. (imitating a phone ring): Bring! Bring! Bring! Oh man...Jordy O., my lines are going crazy! (points to Savage) Caller, you are on the air!

Andrew S.: Yes, I would like to say that I feel good about the blue tribe's chances today. Something's bound to change, and I think today is the day they finally right the ship.

I'm pumped about today's challenge. There was just something about waking up this morning and...(takes a deep breath)...I don't know how to put it into words other than I just like our chances today. I don't know what it is or why it is, but I think today's the day we turn our luck around.

–Andrew S.

The rest of the tribe is in nothing but smiles and are visibly enjoying the radio show as it progresses. It then cuts to Gaby, who is enjoying the time with her tribemates as well.

With the radio show this morning, everybody just seemed so energized and happy this morning! I've never seen this tribe so prepared and excited going into a challenge, especially with what's at stake. We're hungry for that first win, and we're confident, in ourselves and each other, that we can do it today. With all the positive vibes that we've shared with each other this morning, it's going to take a lot to bring us down come time for the challenge.


The six members of Fatutaka are seen filing out of their camp and heading to the challenge site. Chase, at the back of the line, lets out a battle cry as they leave. The camera then shifts over to an overhead shot of a barren field surrounded by palm trees and near the ocean. It highlights the two tribes' sleds, keys, and bean pots. Temotu is seen filing in to the challenge area first with Fatutaka not too far behind.

Probst (once all nine members of Temotu are on their mat): Temotu, getting your first look at the new Fatutaka tribe. Suzanne voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Justin (under his breath): The senior citizens are getting picked off one by one...

Chase plants Fatutaka's flag into the ground, and Probst subsequently goes on to explain the challenge and its mechanics after retrieving immunity from Temotu. Once he's done with going over the challenge, he reveals the tasty reward that goes along with winning. Both tribes salivate and exclaim over the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and milk.

Probst: Judging from your guys' reactions, I know it's worth playing for! Temotu, you now have three extra members...sitting three people out. Who's it gonna be?

Temotu huddles amongst each other to discuss the sit-outs. Melanie inaudibly points at herself during the discussion. After a few more moments, they break up the huddle and make Probst aware of the sit-outs.

Mike: It's going to be Amy, Robert, and Melanie sitting this one out, Jeff.

Probst instructs the three to take a spot on the bench and gives everyone else a moment to strategize. The two tribes internally discuss who will be on what part of the challenge. The assignments are as follows:

Sled Pullers Key Retriever Pot Smasher Sit-outs
Andrew G.
Andrew S.

Once the castaways take their spots, Probst gives the signal to start.

Probst: For immunity and peanut butter sandwiches! Survivors ready? Go!

The foursomes pulling the sled for each tribe are quickly out of the gate and make their way to the their first respective platforms. Behind mostly Chase and Savage, Fatutaka is able to arrive at their platform first as Jordan does not waste time trying to get her first key untied. Temotu arrives at their first platform shortly thereafter as Katherine begins untying her first key. As the two girls are in the process of untying their keys, the camera focuses on a winded Justin as he is already hunched over and out of breath. Jordan is eventually able to untangle the knots of her first key as she climbs back in the sled, and Fatutaka advances to their second platform. Katherine is seen struggling with her knots and costing Temotu valuable time for the first time in any challenge. With a rare lead, Fatutaka arrives at their second platform while Katherine continues to struggle with her knots. Jordan starts untying the knots on the blue tribe's second key as the sled pullers for Temotu frustratingly observe Katherine making little to no progress on her first. Suddenly, Katherine overcomes a snag in the knot and finally releases the first key for Temotu. Not even seconds later, Jordan comes up with the second key for Fatutaka and quickly hops back into the sled. Katherine is seen hastily jumping out of the sled once Temotu gets to their second platform, knowing that she has a lot of ground to make up. It shifts to Fatutaka arriving at their third platform as Jordan wastes no time starting on her third key. Katherine again struggles as she unsteadily unties her second knot. Jordan, however, breezes through her third knot, much to the excitement of her tribemates. She hops back in the sled with all three keys as Katherine briefly glances over, knowing she has to pick up the pace. As the Fatutaka's sled is pulled to the chest, Savage trips over his own feet and stumbles to the ground. He grimaces as he falls favoring his right side but is quick to get up as he and the others continue pulling the sled. Meanwhile, Katherine goes through the second knot faster than the first as she quickly jumps back into the sled, and Temotu heads to their third platform. Fatutaka arrives at their chest as Jordan hands the keys to the sled pullers, who begin trying to match keys with locks. Realizing that she's running out of time, Katherine tries to blaze through her third knot as Fatutaka unlocks their first lock. It then does not take Fatutaka much more time to unlock the second and third locks to open the chest. They open the chest and begin to piece their wrecking ball together. Alvin is seen cheering his tribemates on as Katherine speedily has her third key untied and hops back into Temotu's sled. Troyzan and the others then pull their sled en route to their chest. Andrew G. and Gaby are seen quickly piecing the wrecking ball together for Fatutaka as Temotu arrives at their chest. Katherine tosses the keys to Troyzan, who makes haste to unlocking the locks. He quickly unlocks his first as Andrew G. and Gaby think they have their wrecking ball secure and begin tightly wrapping chains around it. Troyzan blazes through the second and third locks as Fatutaka finishes with their chains and starts fastening the locks. In the background, Savage is seen checking on his knee as the buff covering his wound is starting to darken in color. While he does this, Savage still encourages his tribemates on as Temotu begins the construction of their wrecking ball.

Savage (quietly): Man, this thing hurts...

As Troyzan and an exhausted Justin work on Temotu's wrecking ball, Andrew G. fastens the wrecking ball to a cord and relinquishes it to Alvin, who begins hurling it at the bean pots. Troyzan is seen not messing around with the pieces as he calmly, but hastily, directs Justin where to place what piece. Even though he has pieces in his hands and still tries to contribute, Justin somewhat backs off and lets Troyzan place pieces at will. They are about two-thirds of the way done as Alvin connects with his first pot. On his next throw, he is able to smash another pot as Justin and Troyzan near the completion of the wrecking ball. Alvin then hits a slump as Troyzan puts the finishing touches on the ball and begins wrapping chains around it. Justin is quick to assist him while Alvin's slump is short-lived with a third pot smashed for Fatutaka. The rest of Fatutaka eagerly and intently watch on as they know they are so close to their first win as Savage is seen periodically looking down to check on his knee. Meanwhile, Justin and Troyzan quickly and tightly wrap the chains on the wrecking ball and begin fastening the locks without hesitation. With the three locks fastened, Troyzan attaches the ball to the cord and hands it off to Derek while Alvin smashes his fourth pot, much to the excitement of his tribemates. Derek begins firing away as the rest of Temotu watches and cheers him on. On his second throw, he nails a pot on the initial toss and another as the ball comes back, making Temotu's deficit now two. Alvin pays no attention to Temotu's pots as he continues to aim for his final two pots. He launches the ball, that time to no avail, while Derek connects again with his third pot. Fatutaka's expressions change from eagerness and excitement to that of anxiety and worry while Temotu's members begin to cheer louder with each smashed pot. After a miss, Derek smashes his fourth and fifth pot the same way he got his first and second. Moments later, Alvin connects with his fifth pot smashed, leaving one pot for each tribe. Fatutaka's members try to manage their emotional roller-coaster while encouraging and cheering Alvin on as the members of Temotu do the same. Both Alvin and Derek miss their next throws and have their balls return to them simultaneously. Probst's narration of the challenge as also grown to that of excitement and anticipation. Both Alvin and Derek fire their wrecking balls off at the same time as both barely nick their respective final pots on the initial bypass. However, on the way back, Temotu's ball smashes the final pot as Fatutaka's comes up empty-handed. The members of the orange tribe wildly celebrate their comeback as Fatutaka can only watch with their hopes crushed and deflated. Probst documents Temotu's comeback and then mentions how Fatutaka would be going to Tribal Council for the fourth straight time in an odd tone that mixes excitement, disbelief, and pity. Temotu continues to celebrate while Fatutaka continues to silently wonder what could've been. After the challenge and on his way to his mat, Savage limps over and then collapses to the ground as his tribe quickly turns around to help him up. While on the ground, he grimaces and tries to hide his pain as he holds his knee. Probst quickly intervenes.

Probst (suddenly concerned): Whoa, whoa, whoa...what's going on Savage?

Andrew S. (still on the ground in pain): My just flared up out of nowhere.

Savage then asks Alvin and Chase, who are the ones helping him up, to keep him on the ground.

Andrew S.: I'd rather not walk on it right now.

Probst (internally trying to evaluate the situation): Okay, this has definitely escalated from when we came and checked on it yesterday. (to someone off-camera) Bring in Medical.

Savage deeply breathes as both Fatutaka and Temotu watch on with concern and worry, especially Fatutaka. The camera focuses on Savage's buff-covered knee and fades to break.

The camera returns with an overhead view of the challenge site and a nucleus of people surrounding Savage. The Medical Team arrives this time on a chopper, since this incident is on an island further away from where they are located. Dr. Ramona and her assistants make their way to Probst and Savage as the chopper stays at the challenge site with its engines turned off. She starts unloading her equipment and begins inspecting Savage's knee. She starts to remove the buff from his knee before Savage lets out a painful wail.

Ramona: I know this hurts, but I need to remove it in order to examine your leg.

Savage fights through the pain as Dr. Ramona takes the buff off of his leg, revealing an even more discolored and puffy gash than what it was the previous day. The other fourteen castaways continue to look on as some have looks of disgust with sight of Savage's wound.

Ramona (reaching for cotton swabs and anesthetics): Have you been tending to it since yesterday?

Andrew S. (still in pain): Yeah...all I did was put my buff on it to keep it covered. You can ask these guys...I did nothing but sit in the shelter until this challenge.

Ramona: Do you know where your buff has been these last nine days? Can you think of how much bacteria has culminated on to this over this game? That only worsened the condition of it.

Andrew S. (in a disheartened tone as he tries to fight off tears): God...bless it...

Dr. Ramona continues to inspect the knee while the camera hops over to both tribes' expressions. Jordan tries to fight away tears as Alvin and Chase try to comfort her while some of the women from Temotu are also watery-eyed. Probst is seen on one knee observing the situation.

Probst (to Ramona): So, how is his knee compared to yesterday?

Ramona: It's needless to say that it is much worse than it was this time yesterday. The antibiotics haven't been able to take effect because of the bacteria entering his knee. That reaction only worsened it, and it's something that has taken on the looks of an infection.

Savage eyes clamp shut as he believes he is about to hear the worst possible news.

Ramona: This is now something that can't be cured from sitting around and waiting for antibiotics to work. He needs immediate hospitalization.

Probst (trying to get a clearer understanding for the audience): And that would require you to pull him from the game?

Ramona: There's no question. He needs to leave on that chopper and get to the nearest hospital.

Savage and the rest of Fatutaka can no longer fight off tears as the news of his elimination breaks. Amy, Jocelyn, and Katherine also begin to wipe away tears as the rest of Temotu also look disheartened.

Andrew S. (choked up): Okay...let's...let's go then. Let's go to the damn hospital.

Probst: All right. Let's get you on the chopper and have you say goodbye to your tribe.

Alvin and Chase help him up and to the chopper. Andrew G., Gaby, Jordan, and Probst all walk with him to it as Temotu stays where they are.

I really feel for the other tribe...Fatutaka. After today, they still haven't won a challenge and their returning player just got pulled from the game. It doesn't equate to a lack of skill or an ineptitude of any's just bad luck...a really, really drawn out streak of bad luck. Even though we came back and won the challenge today, there's no celebration coming from me. My heart's with Savage and the rest of that tribe...cause God only knows what's going through their minds right now.


Before Savage is helped into the chopper, he hugs each individual member of Fatutaka and says his farewell. As he climbs in, he shakes Probst's hand and gives a tiny farewell speech.

Andrew S. (in his chopper seat, to his tribemates): We may not have won anything, but these were the best ten days I've ever spent in this game. You guys were a blast to be much energy and positivity. I know you guys will turn this around soon cause I think this tribe is destined to be great, even after today. Don't mope or feel sorry for me...I'll be fine. Go out there and show Temotu what we're made of! Make me and, more importantly, yourselves proud.

With that, Fatutaka gives Savage their final goodbyes, and Probst tells him to take care of himself as the chopper door closes and the engines come to life. Probst and the now five members of Fatutaka scurry away from the soon-to-be-airborne chopper as Temotu still watches on with heavy hearts. The chopper takes flight and makes its way away from the island and over the ocean. As it flies away, Fatutaka groups together and locks hands with one another as Probst addresses the two tribes.

Probst: Well, with the events that just transpired...the game still has to go on. Fatutaka, even though you lost the challenge, you will not go to Tribal Council. Today's been hard enough on you already.

The members of Fatutaka solemnly nod as Probst shifts focus to Temotu.

Probst: Temotu, I will go ahead and reward you immunity with sandwiches and milk for winning today's challenge.

Probst hands Mike the immunity idol and Robert the tray of sandwiches and milk without any applause or celebration from Temotu, which is their gesture of respect and sportsmanship to Fatutaka.

Probst (to Temotu): Go ahead and grab your stuff and head back to camp.

The nine members of Temotu grab their rewards and belongings and begin to depart from the challenge site.

Jocelyn (to Fatutaka, as Temotu leaves): We're thinking about you guys!

Fatutaka solemnly acknowledges Jocelyn's kind words but understandably do not respond back.

Probst (to Fatutaka): Alright, guys. Today has definitely been difficult to say the least, but there is still a game to be played. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. I'll see you at the next challenge.

The five members of the blue tribe console one another on their way out of the challenge site. The camera then zooms out, flies overhead for a bit, and fades out.

Tribal Council

Removed From Challenge
Andrew Savage

Final Words

Y'know, I have no regrets to coming back and playing Survivor after so many years. The end result may have been wound up the same but it's for my health, and my health is worth much more than a million dollars. To everyone left at Fatutaka, I'll be rooting you on. Make me proud.

–Andrew Savage

Still in the Running

Andrew G.
Andrew S.

Next Time on Survivor...

The five left at Fatutaka band together...but is it enough for them to win their first challenge?


  • The episode title was said by Troyzan when going over Katherine's decision to tell Mike of her fame.
  • Andrew Savage's evacuation is very similar to Jonathan Penner's evacuation in Survivor: Micronesia. Both were evacuated due to a potentially life-threatening infection.