"In the Middle of a Warzone"
Irish land
Season Survivor: Ireland
Author DVMP
Episode Number 2/15
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This is the 2nd episode of Survivor: Ireland.

Previously On Survivor...

  • 18 Survivors went on the journey of a lifetime, in the country of Ireland.  Once at their camps, immediately, things started happening.  At Waterford, Riley and Bruce made a close bond, while at Wicklow, Darla and Jonah were making something a little more than just a bond, much to the chagrin of Wing.  After Waterford won the reward challenge, Riley and Wanda were kidnapped to the opposing tribes, and Wanda broke down in front of Nancy, leading ot a bonding moment between the two.  At the same time, Shai schemed up a majority alliance of her, Bruce, Jordan, Nancy, and Riley, leaving Chaswell, Tommy, Barbara, and Nalia on the outs.  At Wicklow, a Wing/Brendan duo formed, and a Daniel/Janette duo formed as well, with Shaun joining himself and the two pairings together to make the "strongman" alliance.  Once Wicklow lost the immunity challenge, despite Wanda trying to convince Daniel and Janette to flip over, they stuck to their guns and Nina was blindsided, leaving Wanda, Jonah, and Darla on the outs.


Reward Challenge: Sumo Style
There will be up to 7 rounds, until a tribe reaches four points.  For each round, one member of a tribe will face off against another, holding a block/pillow to shove the other person off of the arena into the mud pit below.  Whoever from the duel stays on the arena platform the longest, wins a point for their tribe.
Reward: Steak, that comes with seasoning such as pepper, paprika, and salt.
Winner: Waterford

Immunity Challenge: Bucket List
Each tribe will have four members lined up, ecah having their own bucket.  The first person in line will fill the bucket from water in the ocean, then toss the water in the bucket to the next person, who will toss the water to the third person, who finally tosses it to the fourth person.  The fourth person will pour the water into a cup, and once the cup is heavy enough, it will release a bag of puzzle pieces.  The other four tribe members will then have the job of solving the puzzle to spell out a survivor phrase.  The first tribe to do so wins immunity.
Winner: Waterford


Night 3

Coming back from tribal council at Wicklow, Darla, Jonah, and Wanda are shocked at how the vote went down.  Darla lets out her anger at the camp, telling them they're a bunch of idiots, though she focused mainly on Daniel and Janette.  The two simply ignored her as she was screaming at them, and went to sleep.

I was infuriated by how tribal council turned out last night, right now, the sooner Daniel and Janette are out of here, the better. I think I'm gonna start with that weasel Daniel before moving onto the main course of Janette, but I wanna see what Jonah thinks first.


You figured that someone like Darla would be mad at not being in control of everyone, so me and Daniel knew something like this was going to happen, and really, if you just ignore her, she'll run out of fuel eventually and give up. It's not like she'll be able to vote us out!


Day 4

Wicklow's problems were only just starting. Darla and Jonah reconvened with each other, and decided to target Daniel first. They already noticed the two pairings, and Shaun, and decided that their only option to have a majority was to convert the pair of Brendan and Wing, no matter how much Wing disliked them.

At this point, our only option for me, Darla, and Wanda is to convert Wing and Brendan, since we want Daniel and Janette out, and Shaun on our side would only tie it. This is really our only shot at shifting the game in our favor, besides that hidden immunity idol...


Jonah got thinking, and decided to stroll through the woods in an attempt to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol, but was unable to find it.

Those guys on TV make is seem easy, but looking for the idol is like finding a needle in a haystack out here.


While Darla and Jonah scrambled at Wicklow, over on Waterford, Chaswell and Tommy were bonding. They both saw the other as like them, and liked how they did not judge each other based upon their looks.

Over these last four days, the person who I've been pulled to the most would have to be Tommy. We're both intelligent people, and let's face it, my face ain't pretty, but neither is his, and the way I see it, that way, no one can judge.


Chaswell's a pretty cool guy, and Ifeel like I've fallen behind the curve on strategy, so I need as many people close to me as I can have. I have one down, three to go!


Meanwhile, Riley was approached by Bruce, Jordan, Shai, and Nancy, and accepted to be in the alliance. However, Tommy was sneaking around, and saw them talking, and decided to eavesdrop.

I've just been pulled into a majority alliance on our tribe, which is great! Especially the fact that Bruce is on it, I feel on top of the world!


Now that Riley's in, us "normaltons" have the majority, and we aren't letting go.


Well, while those five were sitting around, discussing how they were in control, little did they know that I was right there, listening in on everything! I didn't know an alliance was made this early, I definitely need to get my game on in order to stay in it.


Day 5

Morning at Wicklow, while relaxing for most, was anything but for Darla. She approached Wing and Brendan before Shaun, Janette, and Daniel woke up in order to bring them on their side.

"Hey guys" -Darla

"What's up, Darla?" -Brendan

"Well, I just wanted to approach you two to see if you'd be open to joining us three." -Darla

"I don't know, I want to be honest with you, I think you know I don't like this whole kissie-kissie thing going on with you and Jonah." -Wing

"Wing, if you join us, I'll cut off the public romance completely, it's just that strategically, Daniel and Janette are some big threats, and if we don't take them down soon, they're going to make it to the end together. Will you at least consider it?" -Darla

Alright, me and Wing will talk about it." -Brendan

Today, Darla came to me and Wing with a very interesting proposition to join her, Jonah, and Wanda in order to take out the Daniel/Janette duo. I honestly was on board the minute she mentioned taking out the duo, because looking at the two, they were in control last tribal council, and anyone in control that's not me makes me uncomfortable. But then, Wing obviously doesn't like the romance between Darla and Jonah, so I have to convince him a bit.


I tried my best to convince the two to join our side, all I can do is let them discuss and see what they say.


I feel uneasy about this alliance, but if Darla promises to stop the PDA, then I'd be on board just for that. Then again, if I stick with my original alliance, then we can eliminate her and get rid of it that way, too.


While they were talking, Janette woke up and listened in on their conversation. She immediately shoke Daniel and Shaun and told them about the situation. As Janette walked off afterwards, Shaun and Daniel stayed in the shelter, and after discussing, decided to make an "Irish Alliance".

I heard everything that Darla had to say to Brendan and Wing, and now, I need to keep on look-out, because we have a few people actively campaigning against me and Daniel.


Two majors things happened today. Darla talked to Wing and Brendan, and apparently, Darla's campaigning against me! So much for not being bitter, but oh well, in order to secure Shaun for sure, I made an "Irish Alliance" with him, and while he's my secondary alliance after Janette, the more alliances, the better!


After being woken up and told about Darla campaigning against the two, which did't really worry me because I know Wing despises Jonah and Darla, me and Daniel made an alliance, which I need, because before then, I didn't have any one person to rely on, but if I can trust Daniel, then I can really do some damage.


Both tribes came in for the reward challenge, which was similar to a sumo challenge done in various Survivor seasons.  In the first round, Bruce faced off against Brendan, and after a few shoves, Bruce took a jab at Brendan that caused Brendan to stumble backward, effectively knocking him off the platform.  For the next round, Daniel faced off against Jordan, and Jordan decided to charge at Daniel, taking both of them down, but since Daniel hit the mud first, Jordan scored another point for Waterford.  For the next round, Wanda eent off against Barbara, with Wanda getting knocked off almost immediately, making it close to being a blowout, with Waterford at 3 points, only needing one more.  For the next round, Shaun faced off against Tommy, and Shaun easily knocked tommy off, putting Wicklow on the board.  However, for the next round, Nalia pushed off Darla, effectively winning the reward challenge for Waterford.  When asked who to kidnap, the Wicklow tribe picked Riley again, while the Waterford tribe changed it up and picked Jonah, seeing if they could find a crack somewhere in Wicklow.

At the Waterford camp, Jonah immediately spilled the beans about what was happening over at Wicklow, with the Waterford tribe listening intently.  He feld back all of the parts that would make him sound suspicious, like some of the details on his relatoinship with Darla, and the fact that he looked for the Hidden Immunity Idol, and the Waterford tribe bought it all.  Jonah confessed his loyalty to the Waterford tribe once the two tribes merged.

I immediately confessed to everything that happened on the Wicklow tribe, well, at least all the parts they needed to know, and they ate it all up. I don't trust anyone on my old tribe, so if I can get in with Waterford, then that's fantastic.


I'm skeptical of Jonah's confession, maybe he is sincere in his dislike towards Wicklow, or he could just be playing us, you never know.


All the while, Tommy remembered what he heard the previous day and approached Chaswell, already having a bond with him, and told him what he heard about the five-man alliance. Tommy and Chaswell try to think of who could possibly be the weak link in the alliance to switch allegiances, so that they could have the majority.

What I told Chaswell obviously was very important information, but the question is, how to we combat it? I'm sure if we pull Nalia and Barbara over, they'd be on board, but who from the alliance would come join us oddballs?


Tommy came to me with some very important information, that apparently, Riley, Bruce, Jordan, Shai, and Nancy have an alliance, leaving Nalia, Barbara, Tommy and myself on the outs. I suspected something like this, and looking at people who could flip, Jordan's too loyal, Shai seems to be the spearhead of all of this, and I've barely talked to Nancy this entire game, so I'm focusing my efforts mainly on Bruce and Riley, while Tommy can go recruit Nalia and Barbara.


After his discussion with Tommy, Chaswell goes off into the woods in search of an idol. He's practiced this scenario many times before, looking for absolutely anything unusually placed, or perhaps a weird landmark, but no idol was to be found.

At this point, it's obvious that these idols will not be found just by strolling through the woods, I'm going to really have to look, and to be able to do that, I'll need a clue, which I'm short on.


Meanwhile at Wicklow, Riley relaxes with the tribe, and ends up talking with Janette and Daniel.  Janette and Daniel get a vibe that Riley doesn't want to talk about the game, but still have fun, and they enjoy her presence.

Janette and Daniel really are some cool people who I've had fun talking to, right now, I'm sticking loyal to Waterford, but if something happens, I hope I can rely on the two!


While Riley talks with Daniel and Janette, Darla grabs Wanda, Wing, and Brendan and walks down to the beach with them. She talks to them about how Daniel and Janette are threats, along with Shaun, and need to be taken out, even pointing to them talking with Riley. Jonah and Wanda agree, and Brendan says that he's with them, and tries to convince Wing to switch allegiances. All the while, Shaun is watching them talk.

I just pulled my potential allies to the side and give them the lowdown, everyone seems to be on board except Wing, I worry about him, but as long as no one else flips, he'd know not to tie it up.


At this point, I'm itching to make a move, so I'm definitely up for this alliance, this'll be a real fun blindside to pull off, and will put me in a power position.


I still don't know if I want to go with this newly formed alliance, it's crazy how the alliances are shifting on this tribe, and I'm not prepared to flip-flop this fast, even at the expense at Brendan.


So, I'm just hanging around, drinking my coconut, minding my own business, and all of a a sudden I notice Darla gather around Brendan, Wing, and Wanda, trying to sway them to be on her side. The main thing that shocked me, though, was that Brendan seemed to be on board, he was smiling, laughing, and chatting it up with them, I can't let this happen, if the weaklings take over, then I'm screwed.


Day 6

Morning at the Waterford tribe was tense as the challenge approached. The feeling around camp was mostly lax, though, with people laying around, and Tommy took this to his advantage, to get Nalia and Barbara on board. He pulled them to the side, and individually told them about what is happening with the five-some, and how the "Oddballs" needed to stick together, both of which Nalia and Barbara were on board for.

Tommy pulled me to the side and told me about the alliance with the other five, and I'm like "Woah!" because I didn't know anything was going on. If they want war, then they better watch about, because Queen Nalia says "Off with their head!"


I've been playing with my heart up until now, if I can even call what I've been doing playing, but when Tommy told me about this alliance, I know that I need to do more than just be a sweetie to get power. I hope Tommy can get something together for me.


Both tribes walked in for the challenge, and as Riley and Jonah reunited with their tribes, got set up for the challenge, with Shai from Waterford sitting out. Both tribes got off to a fast start, with Wicklow starting off in a slight lead. Waterford was dysfunctional, mainly due to Nancy and Nalia not being able to communicate, and dumping a lot of water between them. Despite this, Waterford was right behind Wicklow when Wicklow got their puzzle pieces out. Daniel, Darla, Jonah and Brendan were doing the puzzle for Wicklow, while Jordan, Riley, Bruce and Chaswell competed in the puzzle for Waterford.  Waterford was making up for the lost time, cooperating with each other on the tribe, while Wicklow argued amongst themselves, mainly Darla screaming at Daniel to what she saw as right.  Waterford already got  "Wicklow has" while Darla thought it was "Water" instead of water, with Daniel disagreeing.  Brendan snuck a peek at Waterford, and told them what he saw, with Wicklow quickly scrambling to catch up.  Waterford figured out the majority of the phrase, then understood what it was, having "Wicklow has a date with", and easily fit together the rest, " at tribal council!", while Wicklow was still arguing amongst themselves.  They didn't even noticed as Jeff shouted "Waterford wins immunity!" until Wanda tapped them on the shoulder.  Brendan took the loss hard, throwing the puzzle pieces in the air as Jeff congratulated Waterford.  As he sent the tribes back to camp, Brendan was still fuming.

I'm sick of losing with this tribe, we couldn't get anything done, and I'm pissed.


At the Waterford camp, Chaswell approached Riley, as he wasn't able to reach her before. However, Riley quickly declined aligning with him, admitting that she felt comfortable as she is.

Riley almost immediately rejected my plea for her to come on our side, which means that the only one let to convince is Bruce, I really hope I can get through to him, or I'm screwed.


The small drama at Waterford wasn't a match for what was going down at Wicklow as they came back from the challenge. Brendan, still steaming, stormed of fin to the woods to regain himself, while Darla asked for Jonah, Wing, Brendan, and Wanda to follow her into the woods to find Brendan, which was an obvious cover-up for her talking alliance with them.

At this point, any suspicions we had about an alliance of those five is now confirmed, and me, Janette, and Shaun need to figure out what to do.


Janette gathers Shaun and Daniel around to talk strategy

"I'm can't be the only one who's noticed those five going off on their own, can I?" -Janette

"Definitely, just yesterday, I noticed those five talking, and Brendan's already all palsy-walsy with them!" -Shaun

"We need to find two people to come with us, then, to keep the majority." -Daniel 

"Well, I know Brendan's gone with Darla and Jonah, so our only options are Wanda and Wing." -Shaun

"Look, why don't we split up, I'll go get Wing with one of you two, and the other works on Wanda.  Daniel, I know you have a thing with Wanda, why don't you try to get her on board while me and Shaun make sure wing is with us?" -Janette

"Sounds good with me, I'll work on Wanda right now." -Daniel

"Wait, before we go, who are we targetting?" -Janette

"Dude, Brendan's the way to go, no matter how much Wing may dislike Jonah and Darla, Brendan's twice as dangerous, the way he's acting." -Shaun

"Alright, let's do it." -Janette

I just hope this works, it's our only shot of staying on top of everything.


Meanwhile, Darla's group meets up, and decides to target Daniel, mainly due to Darla's beef with him not only at tribal council, but also at the challenge, even though Daniel was right. After they split up, Janette, Shaun, and Daniel immediately got to work. Janette and Shaun stopped Wing, and talked to him about where his head was at. Wing said that he still feel's uncomfortable with being with Darla and Jonah, and wants to be loyal, but he can't do it without another person. Janette tells him to wait, because she may have the solution for him. Wing also expresses his hesitancy for voting out Brendan, who he bonded with earlier.

I knew something like this would happen, now Janette and Shaun are fighting over me for my vote, I feel like I'm in the middle of a war zone, between Darla and Jonah, and Daniel and Janette, at least at the core. I have no idea what to do right now, especially if they want me to vote out Brendan, my buddy in this game. I need some time to think, do I stick with my friend, or eliminate my enemy at the cost of him?


Meanwhile, Daniel talked with Wanda, who had a bond with him earlier. Daniel said that he knows Wanda might feel uncomfortable, and wants to work with her, which causes Wanda to hesitate on her vote.

I did as much as I could to get Wanda on board, now it's just up to her, I hope my earlier bond with her is enough to sway her over.


I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. I really like Daniel, he reminds me of one of my sons, but I've been with Darla and Jonah from the start. This is tearing my heart apart, I don't know if I can bear to vote out Daniel, but my brain is telling me to side with Jonah and Darla. I need a chat with Wing to decide what to do.


Wanda approaches Wing to ask what he's thinking about the vote, and Wing assumes this is what Janette and Shaun were talking about earlier. Wing expresses his concern about going against Brendan at the cost of crippling Jonah and Darla, while Wanda says that she doesn't know if she wants to get rid of Daniel, but that she trusts Jonah and Darla more.

This vote will decide my fate in this game, as well as my whole tribe. The pressure's really getting to me, how do you make a decision when you have no idea what to listen to?


Tonight, it's either Brendan or Daniel who's going home tonight, and me and Wanda are deciding who's going home. This is sure to be an emotional vote, because we both have connections with the two, but in the end, it's not the heart, or even the brain that it making this decision for me, it's my gut, and that's what I have to trust.


Tribal Council

At tribal council, Jeff questioned the tribe about the harmony, to which Darla stated her rivalry against Daniel, to which Daniel rolled his eyes. Jeff also asked about the challenge, which caused more eye rolling from Daniel as Darla simply stated that the tribe didn't work together, and when Brendan chimed in, saying that his tribe can't do anything, Shaun joined in the conversation, saying that Brendan was part of the puzzle team that lost, and that he needs to take the blame, causing a four-way argument involving Darla, Brendan, Shaun, and Daniel, about the challenge and who's fault it was, with Wing and Wanda whispering to the side and then nodding about their decision. Jeff breaks up the argument before it gets out of hand. As the tribe went up to vote, Wing exhaled in stress in anticipation of what was to come, with Wanda burying her head in her hands. As jeff read the votes, Daniel grabbed Janette's hand as tight as he could, but as Jeff revealed the final two votes, Daniel let go of Janette and put his hands over his mouth in shock, as the final two votes were for Brendan. "Wow" Brendan said as he grabbed his torch, with a shocked look on his face. Darla and Jonah looked around confused, while Wing waves good-bye to Brendan, only to be blown off. "Well, I don't know about you, but at least for now, this vote shows that on a tribe that needs unity, you have anything but." Jeff says as Wicklow grabs their torch and heads off to camp.

Tribal Council #2:
Brendan Larrone Small
Brendan Larrone (5 votes)
Shaun Limmons SmallDaniel Braun SmallWanda Wiggins SmallJanette Naway SmallWing Hoo Small
Shaun, Daniel, Wanda, Janette, Wing
Daniel Braun Small
Daniel Braun (3 votes)
Darla Burgundy SmallJonah Scott SmallBrendan Larrone Small
Darla, Jonah, Brendan
Brendan Larrone B&W Small
Brendan Larrone

Voting Confessionals

Sorry buddy, it's either you or me, and you're one heck of a competitor.


Good-bye Daniel, it's as simple as that.


I can't believe I'm doing this, but I have to do what I can to win, I'm sorry.


Karma's not the only b*tch around here


You gotta do what you gotta do.


Only time will tell if this is the right decision.


Fingers crossed!


Man, couldn't you have just sticked with us?


Final Words

I'm still in shock, I had no idea that was going to happen, and quite frankly, I think it was a stupid move. I guess they couldn't handle my intelligence.


Still in the Running

Brendan Larrone B&W Small
Nina Langley B&W Small
Daniel Braun Small
Darla Burgundy Small
Jonah Scott Small
Janette Naway Small
Wanda Wiggins Small
Wing Hoo Small
Shaun Limmons Small
Jordan Black Small
Barbara Drew Small
Shai Ninka Small
Nancy Chowdry Small
Nalia Filasco Small
Bruce Lasker Small
Chaswell Gorby Small
Tommy Bond Small
Riley Jones Small

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Will Wicklow be able to get their act together and finally win a challenge?
  • The war between the Normaltons and Oddballs is on as they scramble to hold onto their numbers.
  • A clue to the whereabouts of the Hidden Immunity Idol is finally found, and causes a shocking alliance to form as an effect of it.

Author's Notes

  • PDA means Public Displays of Affection