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"Is This a Pirate Ship"
Elena is making a stand, and she is a force to be reckoned with. But will one mistake made early cost her?
Season Survivor: Malaysia
Author Dynomite
Episode Number 12/13
Date Uploaded April 17, 2012 - Present
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Survivor: Malaysia

This is episode 12 of Survivor: Malaysia .

This episode is titled "Is This a Pirate Ship"

This episode chronicles Days 34-36.


Reward Challenge - Family Assistance

'For this individual reward challenge, each castaway is tasked with holding two poles, one in each hand, that is 3/4 the individual's height. They are to be pointed directly outward, with their knuckles out and their palms down, gripping the end of the pole. The trick is that each individual's family member is also there, and are putting small weights (1/2 lbs.) around other people's poles. As the weights get more and more, it will be harder and harder to hold up the poles. If you drop one of the poles, you are out of the challenge. Last individual standing wins reward. .
Winner: Eli [Steve] [Sonya]
Reward: Flown (w/ Family) to beautiful mountain top on nearby island, and Large Buffet

Immunity Challenge - Survive This Quiz!

'For this individual immunity challenge, each castaway must simply answer several questions about previous seasons of Survivor (real seasons). The first player to get 5 questions right wins immunity.
Winner: Alice

Night Thirty Three

When the tribe returned to camp, Steve and Eli seemed stunned, and completely unaware of what happened.

Temera wasn't supposed to leave. It should have been Elena. How could Nobo and Sonya and betray us like that? Things have to be set straight. And it is time we mutiny.


Steve quietly confronted Nobo.

Quote1Man, what the hell? Why did you lie?Quote2- Steve
Quote1Okay Steve, look, I am intimidated by you. I don't want you to be as powerful as you were. But I want you to go to the end with me. So, I tried to cut you're power. I knew you helped Temera, and that meant she trusted you. I hope you are not mad, but I did it to protect the both of us. Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Well what makes you think I want to stay with you? I know how strong you are, and it's definitely something I don't know if I want to face off against. Quote2- Steve
Quote1Well, I wish it were different my friend. Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Yeah, but there is a storm coming. I just hope you are ready for it. Quote2- Steve

What is he thinking? Doesn't he know I have an idol? Oh jeez, I forgot that Elena still has it.


Nobo remembered about the idol, and was going to ask Elena, but she was asleep, so decided to wait until the next day to ask for it back.

Day Thirty Four


Morning broke, and after the challenge, Nobo prompted Elena to go get fire wood with him. She followed, and they talked.

Quote1So thank you for listening to me last night. I told you I wouldn't betray you. Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Yeah I understand, but now what. Now that I'm the only Lautan left, am I next?Quote2- Elena
Quote1Well, I'm not sure. I would love to work with you, but I can't see anybody else doing the same. Maybe I could convince-Quote2- Nobo
Quote1No no no, I have a better idea. I need you to help me out. I helped you out. Now it's your turn. To make sure you don't backstab me, I'm going to hold on to this idol. Technically you gave it to me, and there is no rule against refusing to give it back. So until you prove to me that you can play this game among the best of 'em, it's going to stay safely in my bag at camp.Quote2- Elena
Quote1Elena, come on. I gave that to you in good faith that it would be returned to me today.Quote2- Nobo
Quote1That was clearly a mistake wasn't it.Quote2- Elena
Quote1Well I guess so. Can't you just give it back? Quote2- Nobo
Quote1I will give it back, and you have my word, that you will get it back three days from now, if both of us are still here. Quote2- Elena
Quote1Well that is just a complete load of bullshit.Quote2- Nobo
Quote1What choice do you have?Quote2- Elena
Quote1I know, that's the shitty part. Okay fine, what is you're gameplan?Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Well I'll give you a bit of lenience now. I understand I've put you in a tight spot, so I'll let you decide who we send home. Quote2- Elena
Quote1Okay, how about Alice?Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Nope, she's under my protection. She's been, whether I believe it or not, a trustworthy ally. Another name...Quote2- Elena
Quote1Okay, well I'm not committing to Steve going home yet. I want to see whether he can learn to trust me. And if he's weaker, that'd be better for me. How does Eli sound?Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Nobo, that is a wonderful idea. Quote2- Elena
Quote1Okay, fine. But how do we get the right votes. You're not planning on using that idol right?Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Of course not, how would that benefit me? If I use it, you'd target me for sure. I'm looking for plans to keep me in this game, not delay my elimination.Quote2- Elena
Quote1Okay we'll continue talking later. I see them getting back from the reward.Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Okay, we'll talk laterQuote2- Elena

As they went to welcome Steve, Eli, and Sonya back to camp, Elena realized she may be able to keep Nobo on her good side after her plan went into action.

I know Steve wants Nobo gone soon. If I can convince him to vote for him, alongside Eli, he will have the most votes. I can use the idol to save him and Eli will go home as planned. That way, I save Nobo and the plan still works. He'll be so thankful that I use the idol on him that he won't even worry that it's gone. Or, if I decide to keep it for myself, I can swap my vote and Nobo will go home. This could be a game-changer right here.


Elena waited until nighttime to tell Steve about wanting to get rid of Nobo.

Quote1Hey Steve, got a minute?Quote2- Elena
Quote1Yeah sure, what's up?Quote2- Steve
Quote1So I was thinking, Nobo has a pretty good shot at winning if he makes it to the end, don't ya think?Quote2- Elena
Quote1Well yeah, but I don't plan on taking him. Why you have a plan? Let me hear it!Quote2- Steve
Quote1So last tribal, he let me hold on to the idol he has for collateral so I would trust him, and in exchange I stopped Temera from winning immunity. So, I was supposed to give it back, but the rules say that I don't have to. So i kept it. Now is our chance. Let's vote his ass out. Quote2- Elena
Quote1Holy cow he is dumber than I thought! Why would he do that?Quote2- Steve
Quote1Because he wants to win badly. Let's prevent that from happening...Quote2- Elena
Quote1I'm down. I can convince Eli, he'll do what I say. Quote2- Steve
Quote1Great, and I can tell Alice too. He won't know what hit him.Quote2- Elena

The two went to bed, with completely different ideas of what was going to happen.


Steve won the reward, and chose Sonya and Eli, along with their loved ones, to go with him to the mountain top.

I chose Sonya and Eli to come with me because they, along with Nobo, have been my closest allies. But Nobo and I have separated as of late, whether he knows it or not. I want these two to be just as close to me as they are to him.


Steve's loved one was his younger brother, Erik. Eli's daughter Riley was his loved one. And Sonya's father Manny came to the island as her choice.

ErikSixt RileyThadrick MannyJewls

Erik - Riley - Manny

I'm so glad Erik is here. My little brother and I have always been close. And I knew that his time in the service would end near the time I'd be here. He was almost the reason I didn't come. But I knew he would want me to go. And now I get the best of both worlds. I get to see my baby brother lookin' badass, still in uniform.


Oh my goodness I have missed my baby girl. Riley is my oldest daughter. She is 22, and she's my angel. My other daughter, Eliza, is in Paris right now for college studies. But I'm so glad I get to see her because I've missed her so much. It's a serious reminder that life still exists outside this island.


My dad has always been my most positive spirit and best guide in my life. I'm so glad he's out here now. He has been my best friend and I've never been away from him for so long. I really needed him here and he's a godsend.


As the six got acquainted, they were handed a phone to capture the memories and make it a wonderful experience.

Quote1So are you all aligned?Quote2- Manny
Quote1Yes, it's us four and another that didn't get invited. The really young one with the peach blonde hair, Nobo, is the other. He is so smart!Quote2- Sonya
Quote1So why isn't he here?Quote2- Erik
Quote1Well, I picked you two because he's already been a reward, right?Quote2- Steve
Quote1Haha no! Not any that we haven't been on!Quote2- Eli
Quote1Oh really? Well what the hell was I thinking of?Quote2- Steve
Quote1Haha who knows man!Quote2- Eli

I know Nobo hasn't been on a reward, but I had to say something!


Steve is going bonkers out here. I can see that his memory has not been good to him.


They continued to talk and eat, while admiring the beautiful view. As they were leaving, they all hugged and said their goodbyes.

I needed some sort of rejuvination, and Riley was the perfect fit. I'm ready to play this game with everything I've got.


Day Thirty Five


Nobo finally got the chance to talk to Steve. He was wanting to ask why he wasn't taken on the reward. He wasn't mad, he was just curious about why he made the decision.

Quote1Hey Steve, I just was wondering why you chose Sonya and Eli. I'm not upset at all. I understand you cannot pick everybody. I just am curious.Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Well it's kind of funny. I even told them at the reward. I thought for sure you had already been on one. But they told me you haven't, and now I feel bad. But I seriously just thought that. Nothing to worry about man! Nobody plotting to mutiny you!Quote2- Steve
Quote1Haha I'll take that with a grain of salt. By the way, what is with you lately? You've been talking about pirates all day and all yesterday! Since when is this a pirate ship?!Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Ahh I don't know just feeling pirate-like lately I guess... Okay, I have to confess. I know we have been getting further away from each other. But I want to come clean. Elena told me you gave her the idol as collateral. That was risky. She told me why as well...Quote2- Steve
Quote1Okay, I'll come clean as well. Like I told you before, I couldn't stand to see you getting stronger. I had to cut Temera out of the picture. I know that Eli is another of your 'minions'. Elena and I were planning on taking Eli. I don't want you out man. I just want you to be cut down in size. But I'll forget that plan.Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Wait, Elena told you that?Quote2- Steve
Quote1Yeah why?Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Well she wants you gone. She has been telling me and Eli and Alice to put you're name down tomorrow. And we were all planning on it!Quote2- Steve
Quote1That bastard! She has my idol! We have to take her out tonight! If she doesn't see it coming, she won't use it. Quote2- Nobo

The two had secretly discovered Elena's plan, and hoped to take her out without her using the idol. But there was still the obstacle of telling Sonya and Eli, and then preventing Elena from winning immunity.

I have to admit, she almost pulled a fast one. But she is messing with the wrong crowd.


Day Thirty Six

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results.

Individual Immunity Challenge Information

As the challenge commenced, it was Alice and Nobo who quickly pulled ahead. Nobo and Alice each had 3 points, while nobody else had more than one. The next question, which read, "Who was the first jury member in the history of Survivor?", was answered correctly by both Alice and Nobo. The answer was Greg Buis. They both needed one point. The next question read, "Who was the first person in the history of Survivor to win an individual immunity challenge?" Nobo always had trouble with Borneo questions, because he was so young. He wasn't sure who it was, and answered Gervase Peterson. It was Alice, however, who remembered perfectly that the first person to win individual immunity was also Greg Buis, and with her answer, won immunity.


It's okay that I lost, because Elena sucked at the challenge, and we have nothing to worry about.


As tribal approached quickly, Nobo and Steve had little time to talk to Sonya and Eli. Nobo immediately took Sonya to the beach and talked.

Quote1Remember when I almost got evacuated?Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Yeah, that was a dreadful day. It was right here when you snuck up on me at night wasn't it?Quote2- Sonya
Quote1Yeah haha! But do you know why I walked up to you first?Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Why?Quote2- Sonya
Quote1Because you are the one person in this game I can trust with my life. I mean that too.Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Aww thank you Nobo. It means a lot.Quote2- Sonya
Quote1And you're going to have to trust me again. Whatever you had planned on doing tonight, please just write down Elena. She is planning on getting rid of me.Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Oh, well if you're sure. Then that's fine by me.Quote2- Sonya
Quote1Thank you. Let's go backQuote2- Nobo

A little later, Steve found the time to talk to Eli. He was a bit harder to convince.

Quote1Eli, what are you writing down tonight?Quote2- Steve
Quote1Well you told me Nobo yesterday didn't you?Quote2- Eli
Quote1Yeah, but this a more important plan. Elena is playing us. She's getting rid of you tonight. Or at least that's what she told Nobo. We don't know what she's really doing, but we have to get rid of her.Quote2- Steve
Quote1But Nobo is more dangerous! Quote2- Eli
Quote1We'll take him out later, I promise. But right, now, it has got to be Elena.Quote2- Steve
Quote1Steve, we have been friends the whole time. I'm not going to listen to you. I have to carve my own path. Quote2- Eli
Quote1ELI! Just do this one thing for me! If you vote anybody else besides Elena, you are going home tonight.Quote2- Steve
Quote1Are you positive?Quote2- Eli
Quote1I wouldn't be this serious about it if I wasn't. Please Eli.Quote2- Steve

Carve his own path? Who gave Eli crazy juice?


Before tribal, Elena approached Steve to make sure everything was according to plan. After he assured her that Eli was convinced, they left for tribal council.

I'm not sure whether I'll play this idol on Nobo or not. If I do, Eli goes. If I don't, Nobo goes. It's all what I want. I like this power.


Tribal Council

At tribal, Jeff asked Alice what she was basing her vote on tonight. After she told Jeff that she's going to vote for the strongest player, Jeff asked Sonya who the strongest player was. She seemed unsure, and said that it's really between Steve, Elena, and Nobo. She wasn't sure, but it had to be one of them. Nobo was asked how it felt to be considered a power player, and he said it's enlightening, and scary at the same time. Then, Jeff signaled Elena to begin the voting. After the vote, Elena decided not to use the idol on Nobo, in an attempt to send him home. She was shocked to see that four votes went her way, sending her packing. Before she left, she gave Nobo a big hug, and whispered in his ear Quote1A gift for the smartest nineteen year old I've ever met.Quote2 She then slipped the idol in his pocket, without anybody else noticing, and left.

Tribal Council 13: Kebakaran





Nobo, Steve,
Eli, Sonya









Voted Off:



Voting Confessionals

Nobo, it is my hope that tonight is finally you're night to go.


Nobo has been telling me what to do, and it has gotten me this far. I am putting my faith in him to get me one step closer.


This is to keep Nobo on my good side. I haven't decided if I'll use the idol or not, but regardless, it's my way.


You have not idea, and that's the sweetest part of the victory.


You are a fantastic player. I hope you know that.


I guess it's you or me. But it should be you.


Final Words

Wow. Just wow. This game is so amazing, and I hate is so much too. I was so stooped! Nobo is without a doubt the most impressive person out there. Unless he goes home, he's got my vote.


Still in the Running







































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