Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School
Namesake Arabic for the number "Twenty-Four"
Tribe Type Starting tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe Wahid
Tribe Status Merged with Wahid on Day 20.
Challenge Wins 3
Lowest Placing Member Tracy Hughes-Wolf (16/16)
Highest Placing Member Monica Padilla (3/16)

Ishrin was a tribe on Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School.

The tribe consists of eight New School Survivor Castaways from the last twelve seasons. Their tribe color is dark green. The tribe name is Arabic for twenty-four, the number of the most recent season of Survivor at the time production began. Representing their place as the "New School" tribe.


Original Members


>> Adam Gentry - Survivor: Cook Islands - 16th Castaway Voted Out/8th Jury Member
>> Brett Clouser - Survivor: Samoa - 15th Castaway Voted Out/9th Jury Member
>> Christina Cha - Survivor: One World - 13th Castaway Voted Out/9th Jury Member
>> Colton Cumbie - Survivor: One World - 6th Castaway Eliminated (Medivac)
>> Monica Padilla - Survivor: Samoa - 12th Castaway Voted Out/6th Jury Member
>> Spencer Duhm - Survivor: Tocantins - 5th Castaway Voted Out
>> Sydney Wheeler - Survivor: Tocantins - 6th Castaway Voted Out
>> Tracy Hughes-Wolf - Survivor: Micronesia - 6th Castaway Voted Out

Tribe History


  • Ishrin's symbol is the elephant.
  • Adam Gentry is the only member of this tribe whose original season did not have a medevac.