"It's Like a Game of Telephone"
Season Survivor: Guadeloupe
Author User:Dskmd
Episode Number 8/14
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 It's Like a Game of Telephone is the eighth episode of Survivor: Guadeloupe.

Previously on Survivor...

On Bananier, Dallas immediately apologized to Luke after Tribal Council, claiming that Taylor had made him do it. However, Dallas's actual loyalty was to Taylor. Taylor and Dallas found the second idol together, while Lydia was having a breakdown.

On Goyaves, Regan lied to Holly, claiming that Ida had made Abbie believe that Holly wanted Abbie voted out, and that was why Abbie mutinied. Holly, though suspicious, pretty much believed Regan's lie. Meanwhile, Harvey was busy convincing Ida that the Sweetheart Alliance was falling apart (but it wasn't). Ida attempted to rope Harvey into her alliance, and Harvey answered that he'd think about it.

At the immunity challenge, Goyaves squeaked out another victory, sending Bananier to Tribal Council once more. The plan was to vote out Luke, but Lydia begged her tribe to vote her out, so they did in a 5-2 vote. Abbie was the lone holdout.

Twelve are left, who will be voted out next?


Immunity Challenge: Step On Up

The remaining castaways would race to assemble 18 puzzle steps in a staircase. Each person could only carry one step at a time and must place all the steps correctly from bottom to top. First castaway to make it to the top would win Immunity.

Winner: Rodger


Night 21


Abbie was pissed off at Lydia and her decision to quit... But she was also pissed off at her alliance's decision to let Lydia quit. 

Now, we're going into the merge with two people who we don't trust. We're at six even right now. If one person flips, that could change the whole outcome of the game. With Lydia, at least she was loyal. Adam and Luke will probably flip the first chance they get!



Quote1I really hope you're happy. Now, we're stuck with Adam and Luke, who will jump ship the first chance they get. You know that, I know that. So why'd you let Lydia go like that? We could have kept her here.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1She didn't want to stay. Why make her stay if she's not happy with staying?Quote2- Beth
Quote1Yeah. It's not the end of the world, Abbie. You can pull in Holly, Rodger, and Ida from the other side, right?Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Yeah, I can. They all hate Regan, so they'll vote for her the first chance they get.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1See? It's all good. We don't need Lydia, Luke, or Adam. We'll pull in Holly, Ida, and Rodger, Dallas is totally with us, and it'll be us three in the Final Three.Quote2- Taylor

Luke was discussing with Adam what they wanted to do. 

Quote1We've got two options when we merge: Stick with Bananier, or go with Goyaves.Quote2- Luke
Quote1Well, which one do you want to do?Quote2- Adam
Quote1Well, everyone's concerned that Abbie's going to flip back to Goyaves. If she flips, and we stay on Bananier, then we're screwed. If she stays loyal to Bananier, and we flip, then we'll have the numbers on our side.Quote2- Luke
Quote1So, you want to flip?Quote2- Adam
Quote1Yeah. That's what I'm gonna do, and you could do the same if you want.Quote2- Luke
On Day 1, I promised Adam that I'd stick with him until the end, and now, we need each other more than ever. Dallas may have pledged his loyalty to me, but I trust him less than I did before. Why take a gamble on a guy who's flipped twice?


 Dallas was off contemplating what he wanted to do when the merge came. 

I've got some options here. I could stay loyal to Taylor and company, I could jump ship with Adam and Luke, I could jump ship alone, or I could be that guy who keeps Bananier together. It'd be cool to have an all-Bananier Final. But it'd also be cool to shake things up...



Regan currently had everyone except for Rodger wrapped around her finger, directly or indirectly. Brenden and Harvey did anything she said, and Ida was convinced that Regan's alliance was falling apart, so Ida didn't see Regan as a threat anymore. Rodger was the only issue. 

Rodger needs to go next, because he's the only person who I cannot control. I need to control everyone, so that way I can decide who goes home and when.


 Regan demanded for Harvey to go over to Ida and continue to act as though the Sweetheart Alliance was demolished.

While Harvey did that, and Brenden went fishing, Regan startng to talk to Holly once more. 

Quote1Hey, I was just thinking... The merge is coming up, and I know that you want Ida out the first chance you get. But we need to get Rodger out first.Quote2- Regan
Quote1We? As in, the two of us? Working together?Quote2- Holly
Quote1That IS the meaning of we, correct? Anyways, Rodger needs to go first. Without Rodger, Ida has essentially no alliance. Rodger needs to go first.Quote2- Regan

 Rodger happened to walk over while Regan said that last sentence, and being Rodger, he wasn't going to stay silent. 

Quote1Hey, Regan. Plotting for my post-merge elimination already?Quote2- Rodger
Quote1What gives you the right to eavesdrop?Quote2- Regan
Quote1Did you notice that there is no "Keep Out" sign? I can go and do wherever and whatever I please.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Shut the (bleep) up.Quote2- Regan
Quote1Holly, don't believe anything Regan says. She's a rat.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1I'M the rat? Rodger, are you brain-dead or something? Because I'm not a rat. But I am a person who can make your life (bleep)ing h*** out here, so don't cross me.Quote2- Regan

Thankfully, Ida ran over, preventing the argument from escalating. 

Quote1Guys? I just got a note from Tree-Mail saying that we need to follow this map to a new campsite.Quote2- Ida
Quote1Do you think we're merging?Quote2- Holly
Quote1It's certainly a possibility.Quote2- Ida
One thing's for sure, if there is a merge, Rodger, Holly, and I are going to need to talk to Abbie and see where she's at, if she can pull anyone in. We've got Harvey on our side, so that's good. But we need three more people for a clear majority.


Designated Location

When Jeff told the twelve remaining contestants that they were merged, it was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Then, everyone erupted into cheers as allies reunited, and people were introduced.

It was decided that the merged tribe would be called "Pommier", because the buffs were red and Pommier meant apple in French. Although there was still a celebration, everyone was still playing the game in their minds. 

Being on a new tribe brings a bunch of great opportunities. There are more people to play the game with, and I've got a solid alliance with Holly and Rodger. I'm gonna take this thing for sure.


The game always gets shaken up at the merge. Everyone should know by now how much I love shaking things up...


Adam and I were screwed if we had lost another challenge. I dodged a bullet last time, just barely, so I'd be an idiot to not flip the first chance I get.


 The new Pommier tribe had to build a new shelter from scratch, which Luke was not happy about. 

I worked hard on that shelter in Bananier. It was where the Worker Bees originated. Now I have to work and build it again? Not fair.


Day 22

Regan got up bright and early for the sole purpose of gameplay. She noticed Dallas, attempting to start a fire, and she joined him. 

Quote1Hey... Need any help?Quote2- Regan
Quote1Nope, I'm good.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1Right, why wouldn't you be? Those big muscles must make it easy for you to do all this physical stuff.Quote2- Regan
Quote1Yeah, I guess it does...Quote2- Dallas
Quote1Well, I didn't come here to examine your strength. I've got an idea, and I need you to pull it off.Quote2- Regan
Quote1I'm listening. Fire away...Quote2- Dallas
Quote1Us two. Final Three. It'd be perfect.Quote2- Regan
Quote1And we'd be able to mess with everyone else's heads.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1Exactly. Now, I've got Harvey, Brenden, and maybe even Holly in the palm of my hand. Who do you have?Quote2- Regan
Quote1Taylor will do whatever I want her to do, and she in turn can convince Beth.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1OK. Try and recruit them, then.Quote2- Regan
Dallas and I would make a great pairing, because then, there's someone the Jury despises even more sitting next to me. By the time I'm done using him as my shield, the Jury will actually want to vote for me.


 Ida noticed them talking, and she immediately nudged Rodger.

Quote1Should we be concerned?Quote2- Ida
Quote1Yeah, someone's staying with Regan for more than five minutes without searching for an escape route. That's not good.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1No time for jokes. This is serious. What do you think they're talking about?Quote2- Ida
Quote1(sarcastically) The weather. (Rodger rolls his eyes) Ida, it's Survivor. What do you think they're talking about?Quote2- Rodger
Quote1I think they're plotting for the elimination of one of us. Rodger, we need to get enough people on our side to split the vote between the two of them.Quote2- Ida
If Regan can get any more people wrapped around her finger, then I need to think of a counter-plan. And so far, the only thing I have is to go to Abbie and figure out why she mutinied and if she'll come back into the alliance.


 Ida decided that she'd attempt to talk with Abbie about her mutiny. Abbie's mutiny was still a touchy subject with Ida, who believed that maybe Abbie hadn't trusted her alliance on Goyaves. But Ida also knew that Abbie probably had some friends on Bananier that she could bring into Ida's alliance, and then creating a larger alliance by combining the two. 

Quote1Abbie. I want to discuss something with you. I know you mutinied for a reason, so why did you mutiny?Quote2- Ida
Quote1Why do you need to know?Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Because I can't re-invite you into the alliance until I know why you mutinied in the first place.Quote2- Ida
Quote1Fine. Don't tell Regan I'm telling you, but I mutinied because she threatened me. Regan said that if I didn't vote for Rodger next Tribal, she'd play the idol and send me home. I didn't want to risk my own game, so when there was the option to mutiny, I took it. That way, I could delay making a decision for the time-being.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Why didn't you tell us?Quote2- Ida
Quote1I'm not sure. I didn't really think. I just did.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Well, can you get anyone from Bananier on our side?Quote2- Ida
Quote1I know that both Luke and Adam would flip in a heartbeat. They would've been next if Lydia hadn't asked us to vote for her. I'm not sure about Taylor and Beth, but we don't need them. Beth's not my biggest fan anyway, and Taylor won't flip unless Dallas does. It'll be me, you, Rodger, Holly, Luke, and Adam to the end.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1I think I can get Harvey...Quote2- Ida
Quote1Harvey? He hates me.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1I know he does, but he's seriously considering flipping on Regan. He told me so after you mutinied.Quote2- Ida
Quote1Well... That's a surprise. Just don't tell Harvey I'm in the alliance, OK? He might not join if I'm in it.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Deal. I'll take care of everything.Quote2- Ida

 Ida went to go tell Harvey her plan, and Harvey nodded and sat there like he agreed with Ida. After he told Regan, however, the two of them had a good laugh about it. 

Ida thinks that Harvey's on her side, and it's hilarious to watch! She's walking around the beach, acting like she's a queen who owns the camp, and it's so, so funny. Because we all know that I'M the real queen. Or, rather, everyone will find out soon enough...


Day 23

Holly quickly discovered that she had to clear something up with Abbie. Regan had commented that Abbie had mutinied because Holly had been gunning for Abbie, but in reality, Holly was doing nothing but being confused at what Regan had said! 

I've discovered that I should probably talk to Abbie and tell her that I never planned on voting her out. I don't want her to start gunning for me.


Quote1Hey! I hope everything's OK between the two of us, because whatever Ida told you about me gunning for you isn't true.Quote2- Holly
Quote1What? Ida never said anything like that...Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Well, Regan said to me that Ida said to you that I was gunning for you.Quote2- Holly
Quote1I'm confused. I never heard anything like that from Ida.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Wow, it's like a game of telephone. Everything gets mixed up from one person to the next. Do you think Regan made up the lie just to make waves?Quote2- Holly
Quote1Knowing Regan, probably.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Well, we're lucky that just stayed between us. And if it's OK with you, I think that we should vote for Regan tonight.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Something tells me that it will be a unanimous vote...Quote2- Holly


Regan is a nightmare. She's not at all a nice person. She manipulates people, and then laughes about it. I get it that manipulation is apart of the game, but Regan seems to enjoy doing it! Nobody should enjoy messing with the minds of other people. It's sadistic. It's obvious she's going home next, idol or no idol.


 Meanwhile, Regan and Dallas were getting their army together. Dallas began to work Taylor about joining in an alliance with him and Regan. 

Quote1I've got a great deal for you. Me, you, Regan, in the Final Three. Regan's got Harvey and Brenden, and possibly Holly. All we need to do is pull in Beth and we're ready to go.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1Only problem? I don't trust Regan.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1She's totally trustworthy!Quote2- Dallas
Quote1Dallas, notice how everyone on her tribe aside from Brenden and Harvey are doing whatever they can to avoid Regan. It's obvious they don't like her, or trust her.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Come on. If we stick with Bananier, we're gonna get Pagonged. Luke and Adam are definitely flipping, so that's why we need to jump ship with them. We can even bring Beth along for the ride if you want.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1Beth would never flip. She's loyal. Unlike some people.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1You're being so (bleep)ing unreasonable. We have to flip to save ourselves.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1You know what I realized, Dallas? You'll do whatever it takes to save yourself. Do Jury votes have any matter to you at all?Quote2- Taylor
Quote1I'm simply playing the game. You should learn how to.Quote2- Dallas

 Rodger, being Rodger, eavesdropped on the conversation. As soon as Dallas stormed off (probably to report to Regan), Rodger sidled up to Taylor. 

Quote1Hey, hope you're not too upset, but I listened in.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1And?Quote2- Taylor
Quote1I have a solution to your problem.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1And that is what?Quote2- Taylor
Quote1You could jump ship to our alliance. It'll be me, you, Ida, Holly, Abbie, and if you can convince Beth, Luke, or Adam to flip too, then we'll be unstoppable.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Our first target would be Regan, correct?Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Obviously. Everyone hates her. And I mean everyone. She's like a nastier version of Parvati. She seduces men and is downright cruel to anyone who isn't in her alliance.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Sounds like she'd be perfect to go up against in the end.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Yeah, but our goal isn't endgame right now. Our goal is to smash the annoying mosquito... And that's Regan.Quote2- Rodger


Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing right now. If I go with Rodger, I'll be with people I trust, but if I go with Dallas, we can utilize the idol together. I'm just so confused.


Immunity Challenge (Day 24)

Once the immunity idol was traded for the immunity necklace, the challenge was ready to begin. Ida, Rodger, and Luke quickly started at the head of the pack, with Abbie, Dallas, and Regan close behind. Harvey, Brenden, Adam, Taylor, Beth, and Holly were trying, but challenges like these weren't exactly strong suits of theirs.

In the end, it came down to Rodger and Luke. Rodger was able to edge out Luke to win the first individual immunity.

Quote1Rodger wins immunity!Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Yeah!Quote2- Rodger

Regan cursed under her breath. Rodger had been her original vote-out plan! Now, she needed someone else to eliminate.

Her eyes bounced from person to person, figuring out who was the best person to vote out at this point in time.

It was going to be a long day for Regan Lanton.


Once they got back to camp, Rodger and Ida outlined the plan one more time. The two of them, both major strategists and extremely anti-Regan, had grown close over the past few weeks they had spent out here.

Quote1OK, so it's me, you, Holly, Abbie, Harvey... You said you talked to Taylor?Quote2- Ida
Quote1Yep. Taylor didn't give me a definite answer, though.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Are we solid with Adam, Luke, and Beth? Where are their heads at?Quote2- Ida
Quote1Adam and Luke are definitely the swing votes tonight. I'll talk to Beth.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1OK.Quote2- Ida

 Rodger quickly hunted down Beth, and he began to try and convince her to eliminate Regan. 

Quote1Vote for Regan tonight.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Who else is voting for her?Quote2- Beth
Quote1Ida, me, Abbie, Holly, Harvey. Taylor is considering it, and so are Luke and Adam.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1So, you need me?Quote2- Beth
Quote1Yeah. Beth, if you come into the alliance and vote off Regan, it'll be me, you, and Ida to the end! I swear.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1I'll think about it, OK? I'm making no promises.Quote2- Beth
Quote1All I ask is that you consider it.Quote2- Rodger

 Beth quickly went to Taylor, to figure out what she was doing. 

Quote1All right, so we could either vote for Regan, or we could go on Regan's side and find out who she's voting for. I'd like us to stick together, though.Quote2- Beth
Quote1Me, too. Dallas is in tight with Regan. But I don't trust that girl.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Yeah, I don't, either. So, voting for Regan tonight?Quote2- Beth
Quote1Totally.Quote2- Taylor
I've decided, "You know what? Screw the idol." I'm not going to just follow Dallas like a little puppy because he's got the immunity idol. I'm not a follower. I'm voting for Regan tonight, and Dallas can wave his idol around, but I'm going to win this game. You just wait.


 Luke and Adam were having a similar conversation.

Quote1OK, we have two options. Switch to Regan and Dallas's side, or switch to Rodger and Ida's side.Quote2- Luke
Quote1Question is... Which one?Quote2- Adam
Quote1I'm not sure. Either way, we're on the bottom.Quote2- Luke
Quote1Yeah, you're right...Quote2- Adam
Quote1Do you want to just decide when we get there? And whatever happens, we're still cool, right?Quote2- Luke
Quote1Definitely.Quote2- Adam

 Regan had finally decided who to target. It was the peppy redhead from the Bananier tribe. Beth. 

I've got some insider info from Dallas that tells me that Beth is Taylor's only true ally. Taylor and Beth are a package. If Beth goes, Dallas can go in and take Taylor into our alliance, therefore giving us the numbers, because without Beth, Taylor's vulnerable. We need Beth to go, because if Taylor goes instead of Beth, then Beth won't flip to us. She doesn't trust Dallas as much as Taylor trusts him.


Quote1Hey, Dallas. I need to ask you another favor... One that will probably get you into the Final Three with me.Quote2- Regan
Quote1What's the favor?Quote2- Dallas
Quote1It involves that idol that I see sticking out of your back pocket...Quote2- Regan

Tribal Council

Quote1Beth, the tribes just merged. Do you think that changes the game in a good way, or a bad way?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Maybe a bit of both, Jeff. For some people, it's great. I mean, Luke and Adam were destined to go home until the merge came. Now, they've got a shot. But on the other hand, there are so many more people you need to keep track of. Now, instead of six or seven other people on your tribe, you've got eleven other members, which certainly opens up possibilities, good or bad.Quote2- Beth
Quote1Holly, do you feel like Tribal lines still remain, even though you guys are a new tribe?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1No, actually. The Goyaves tribe was pretty divided to begin with, so we were obviously not going to work with each other.Most alliances have just merged into a huge one, creating two giant alliances, and it's obvious who's working with whom.Quote2- Holly
Quote1Luke, do you see the division between the two alliances?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Yeah. It's pretty much Ida, Rodger, Holly, and Abbie on one side, Dallas, Regan, and Brenden on the other. Taylor, Beth, Adam, and I are stuck in the middle. Nobody really knows what Harvey's doing. I heard from someone that he was voting for Regan, but then I heard from someone else that he was loyal to Regan. I don't know.Quote2- Luke
Quote1Dallas, do you think this vote will impact how the rest of the game plays out?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Definitely. I'd even go to say that this is the most important vote in the game. It will reveal who's loyal, who isn't. And it'll reveal the pecking order.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1OK. It's time to vote. You can't vote for Rodger, everyone else is fair game. Taylor, you're up first.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Once everyone cast their votes, Jeff grabbed the urn.

If anyone has the Hidden Immunity Idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.

–Jeff Probst

Everyone held their breath in suspense.

A few people turned to look at Regan.

But Taylor's attention was on Dallas, who had started to get up. He wouldn't, she thought. He wouldn't play the idol without telling me. He wouldn't.

Would he?

Dallas, avoiding eye contact with Taylor, stepped up to Jeff and handed it to him.

Quote1The idol's for Regan.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1This is a Hidden Immunity Idol. Any votes cast for Regan will not count. I'll read the votes. First vote... Regan. Does not count. Regan. Does not count. Regan. Does not count. Beth, it counts. One vote Beth. Regan, does not count. Regan, does not count. Beth. Two votes, Beth. Regan, doesn't count. Regan, does not count. 9th person voted out and the first member of our Jury... Beth. That's four, and tonight, that's enough. I need you to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Everyone except for Dallas, Regan, Brenden, and Harvey looked shocked.

Taylor shot a disappointed look at Dallas. She had trusted him. Big mistake that was.

Ida had been counting the votes that had appeared for Regan. Eight. Harvey, Holly, Ida, and Rodger voted for Regan. Beth voted for Regan, because she couldn't vote for herself. Taylor voted for Regan, because Beth voted for Regan, and the two of them were a pair. 

Then, Ida noticed Harvey, looking a little bit too happy at Beth's demise.

Harvey hadn't voted for Regan? But Harvey had given Ida his word. Apparently, Harvey's word was a huge lie and nothing more. Harvey had played Ida like a fiddle and made her look like a fool. And you could do a lot to Ida Bell. You could punch her and kick her and insult her. 

But you couldn't make her look foolish.

At least, if you wanted to live.

Tribal Council 9:


Beth (4 votes)

Dallas, Regan, Brenden, Harvey

Regan (Used Hidden Immunity Idol)

Abbie, Beth, Taylor, Adam, Luke, Holly, Ida, Rodger

Beth GS

Voting Confessionals

Luke, Brenden, and Harvey said nothing while voting.

Regan, congrats! You're Number One on my Most Hated People list! This is a huge honor, and the prize you get for being that lucky person is a near-unanimous vote out of Guadeloupe, free of charge! Again, congratulations!


Regan, I can't say I'm sad to see you leaving. In fact, I'm jumping for joy on the inside. Buh bye!


Regan, a song by Secondhand Serenade sums up what I'm feeling right now. "All I had to say is goodbye, we're better off this way, we're better off this way." I think that describes this vote perfectly, don't you? I've got nothing left to say, except see you at the Reunion.


You're holding Taylor back from going to my alliance. So I need to slit your throat. Remember: It's a game. I can't say I'm sorry, because in the game of Survivor, one of the rules is No Regrets.


Can't say I'm too upset about losing you. You're dispensable, just like everyone else in this game. Ciao!


I've heard some horrible things about you, and I don't want you staying long enough to see if they're true.


Regan. I think everyone will sleep better now, knowing that the Wicked Witch of Guadeloupe isn't right next to them.


Regan, from only knowing you for three days, I can tell you're kinda insane. Bye.



I don't know if Dallas is in love with you or something, but he's talking about aligning with you. I don't trust you at all, so that's why I'm voting for you and not who Dallas wants tonight.


Final Words

Being on the receiving end of an idol isn't as fun as playing one! I made the mistake of trusting Dallas, for sure. Other than that, I've got no regrets. Hopefully Regan will be out next.


Still in the Running

Louie GS
Chloe GS
Joel GS
Ryan GS
Izzy GS
Beth GS
Lydia GS
Conner GS
Ruby GS

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Dallas debates switching sides once more.
When Jury votes are put into factor, most of the rival alliance will be on the Jury, deciding who will win. If I flip, it puts me in a good position, Jury-wise. But if Regan plays an idol, and bounces the votes towards me, then I'm screwed.


  • And someone goes idol-hunting.
I need another idol, because if someone else finds the idol, they'll play it and send me home. It must be in my possession.

Author's Notes

  • With Beth's elimination, Taylor is the only female member of Bananier standing.