"It's Not Part of the Plan"
Season Survivor: Honduras
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This is the 7th episode of Survivor: Honduras.

Previously on Survivor...

Since the beginning Mocorón was on a roll. They won seven straight challenges sending Nakunta to three straight tribals causing Paul, Benny and Carson to be voted out. Even though they were winning, fractures grew within Mocorón that reared their head when Mocorón was finally sent to tribal council. The power struggle between Jase and John sent Jase home and John in command of Mocorón to the disdain of Jase's allies. But Mocorón was sent to only one tribal. They won every tribal challenge after that sending Nakunta back to tribal where they sent Vince home and now more recently Max. Now Nakunta is only half the members of Mocorón and can they survive any further in this game?

Twelve are left. Who will be eliminated next?


Reward Challenge: Hot Pursuit
While harnessed together, the two teams of six will circle around an oval course in water while carrying a twenty-pound backpack each. Players can drop out of the challenge at will, but they must give their weight to a team member before unclipping themselves from the rope. The first team to catch the opponent and touch one of their members wins.
Reward: A lunch of pizza and drinks as well as naming the tribe and determining which beach they will inhabit as a merged tribe
Winners: Alison, Jessica, John, Kat, Susan, Taylor

Immunity Challenge: Chimney Sweep
The castaways would brace themselves with their arms between two walls while standing barefoot on two foot pegs. Every 15 minutes, the castaways would move down to smaller foot pegs. When the castaways reached the third set of foot pegs, they would try to remain on them as long as they could. The last man and woman remaining both win immunity.
Winners: John, Susan


Night 18

The four remaining members of Nakunta returned to their camp. It was only the Quartet left on Nakunta now. They had to win immunities if they were to have a shot in the coming merge. Just as always, Jessica and Alison stepped aside to talk about what they had to do now. Jessica asked first, "What do we do now? I never thought we would be here in this situation."

"I know," Alison replied, "We have to win. No matter what we have to win or we go home."

"So it's a win or go home situation then?" asked Jessica.

"Yes it is," Alison replied.

As the two of them were talking Connie walked up to her allies and asked, "Can I join in?"

"Yeah," Alison said.

Connie joined in and said, "There is something I have to show you."

"What is it?" asked Jessica.

"It may come back to bite me, but I think it's time," Connie said. She pulled out the immunity idol she found two weeks earlier.

"Connie, is that what I think that is?" asked Jessica.

"Yes," Connie replied.

"How long have you had that?" asked Alison.

"For about two weeks," Connie answered. Connie went on, "I found it on complete accident when I was getting water from the well. The bucket fell into a small cave and when I got the bucket, I found this."

"Why didn't you ever bring this up to us before?" asked Jessica.

"I never thought we would be beaten as bad and much as we have been. I thought I had to show you after the last one not in the alliance was voted out," Connie said.

"You know that puts a target on you now," Alison told her.

"I also know that if I play it at the next tribal, I am not the one going home. This thing buys me three more days in this game. That way you would send Tina home before me," Connie told them.

"What do you mean?" asked Jessica.

"I'm not stupid. You two are too tight to break up so the choice would either be me or Tina going home, and I am certain it would be me going home first," Connie said. Without waiting for a response, Connie left and went to lay down in the shelter.

Jessica and Alison stood there taking in the information that Connie had just laid on them. Alison broke the silence first. She said, "We have an issue if she has that idol."

"I know but I don't think that Connie's idol will be that big of an obstacle to overcome because we are down to four and Mocorón has eight. I'm certain that the merge is around the corner and when it happens, Mocorón will pick us off one by one."

"Are you sure that Mocorón would do that with us?" asked Alison.

"It's that most common thing to do after a merge. The tribe with the larger number of members finishes off the smaller tribe. We're going to be gone one by one by one by one and then there is nothing left of us."

"I hope you're wrong," Alison replied.

Tonight was different. We got rid of the last non-Quartet Nakunta member, Connie revealed to have the immunity idol, and Jessica is certain that if we merge Mocorón will pick us off one after another. I hope tomorrow brings better news.

–Alison Jacobs

Day 19

The Merge and Hot Pursuit

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out as he always does. Mocorón walked in followed by Nakunta. Jeff went on, "Mocorón, getting your first look at the new Nakunta tribe. Max was voted out at the last tribal council."

As all the castaways were on their mats, Jeff looked them over and went on, "So after two and a half weeks, here we are at the halfway point and up until now this has been Mocorón's game. But the story can't remain the same for long."

Jeff walked over to a table next to him and pulled out of a bag from behind it. Before he did anything else, he said, "The time has come. You guys can drop your buffs. We are merged."

The news of a merge shot mixed reactions throughout the two tribes. Nakunta all sighed with both relief and worry. Adam, Conner and Danni cheered. Kat, Matt, and Susan clapped with approval. Taylor smiled and moved side to side. John was stoic. There was no true emotion coming from him. He was already making plans on how to cope with four more tribe members. If Nakunta allied with Danni, his time was up. He couldn't concentrate on that now. He had to worry about the challenge coming up.

"Here are your new buffs," Jeff tossed the bag to the castaways and each on pulled out their new buffs which were colored red. The castaways put their new buffs on and Jeff waited for them to settle down before he went on, "Now that that is out of they way, let's get right to it. Just like when you got here you were thrown into a challenge, you are again going to compete in a challenge right off. Are you guys ready?"

The castaways gave their approval and Jeff went on, "Today's challenge is a reward challenge and for today's challenge, you will be divided the two teams of six, while harnessed together, will circle around an oval course in water while carrying a twenty-pound backpack each. Team members can drop out of the challenge at will, but they must give their weight to a another team member before unclipping themselves from the rope. The first team to catch the opponent and touch one of their members wins. Wanna know what you are playing for?"

Jeff walked back over to the table and took the cloth covering it off. On the table were three pizza and underneath the table was a bucket of drinks. He said, "The winners of today's challenge will enjoy a meal of pizza and an array of drinks. In addition to that, the winning tribe will select both the name of the new tribe and the location of where the tribe will be, either at Nakunta's beach or Mocorón's beach. Worth playing for? We'll draw the teams and then we'll get started."

After a couple of moments, the teams were drawn. On the yellow team there was Alison, Jessica, John, Kat, Susan, and Taylor. On the blue team there was Adam, Conner, Connie, Danni, Matt, and Tina. John was the lead of the yellow team and Susan was the rear. On the blue team, Matt was the lead and Danni was the rear.

The two teams were opposite each other in the water. Jeff gave the signal and the teams were off. The blue team took off towards the yellow one. The yellow team started themselves but at a slower pace which John controlled. The blue team was moving fast, but Conner tripped up pulling Danni and Connie down with him. Connie and Conner shot up to keep going, but Danni couldn't get up as easy. She handed her bag to Adam and unclipped from the rope. The yellow team gained a lot of ground on the flailing blue team.

John said, "Taylor, give me your bag. Kat, give Susan your bag. Alison, give Jessica your bag."

Taylor gave John her bag and Kat gave Susan her bag. Alison waited a big but gave Jessica her bag. John spoke again, "Okay, let's hurry up."

The yellow team walked faster and gained ground on the blue team. As the yellow one closed in, the blue team's member started to give their bags away. Connie gave her bag to Adam and Tina gave her bag to Matt. That left Adam, Conner and Matt as the only ones left on the blue team. The yellow team sped up as Conner on the blue team started to slow down and he gave his weight to Matt and left the challenge. The weight on Adam and Matt slowed them down as the yellow team turned the corner and now was on the same side as the blue. John asked his team to speed up even further and they did. The yellow team was within feet. John extended his hand but missed. He increased his speed causing Jessica and Susan to get faster as well. The increase in speed and that gave the yellow team enough. John extended his hand and grabbed Adam's shoulder winning it for the yellow team.

"Yellow team wins reward!" Jeff yelled. The teams made their way back to the mat. Jeff said, "Yellow team, you won reward. Before you can enjoy that reward, where will the new tribe's camp be?"

John answered, "Mocorón's camp. Everything is there. Nakunta's camp has nothing."

"Okay then. Adam, Conner, Connie, Danni, Matt and Tina, I've got nothing for you. Go ahead and head back to Mocorón's camp. You will find the new tribe flag there that you can design once the others get back," Jeff said. After the six losers left, Jeff turned to the others and told them, "John, Jessica, Susan, Kat, Taylor and Alison, during the reward choose the tribe's new name and once you get back to camp you can help design the tribe flag. Congratulations."

Oh my god! I've finally won a reward challenge. I don't think I'll even know what to do. This feels amazing. I'm actually going to eat something other than rice and coconuts. I'm going to drink something other than water. Gaw! This is amazing!

–Jessica Walters

The Reward

The six winners sat down around another table that was set up for the winners of the reward. John, Kat and Taylor sat on one side with Taylor in the middle, John on the right and Kat on the left. Across from them, Jessica sat across from John, Alison sat across from Taylor and Susan sat across from Kat. Alison was the first one to reach out and get a piece of pizza. She took a bite and it was one of the greatest things she had experienced out here. For the first time in nineteen days, she ate something that had actual taste to it.

As Alison was eating her piece, the others got their pieces as Kat passed around the drinks. Before John ate his food, he asked, "What are we going to call the new tribe?"

"I don't know," Alison said through her bites, "Thanks to you guys, I never thought I would survive long enough in this game to make it to the merge."

"Sorry about that," Taylor said.

"Don't be. We wouldn't be if the roles had been reversed," Jessica replied.

"That's a bit cut throat," John said.

Jessica looked back at him, "And you're not?"

John merely smirked as he started eating his piece of pizza.

"Back to John's question," Kat said, "What are we going to call this tribe?"

"I really don't know," Jessica replied.

"Caratasca," Susan spoke up.

"Why Caratasca?" asked Taylor.

"It's the name of the lagoon that this game is being played at," John replied.

"Exactly," Susan added, "The two tribes were named after rivers that feed the Caratasca Lagoon. So just as the rivers flow into the lagoon, our former tribes flow into the merged tribe."

"That's actually pretty good. I like that," John replied.

"Of course you would. You're a writer," Kat responded.

Jessica asked, "What do you write?"

"Scripts," John answered, "I try to get my ideas out there so I can one day be a writer for a television show. But since that hasn't happened yet and unemployment doesn't pay bills, I currently work in an appliance warehouse in Dallas."

"That explains your physical abilities in challenges. I bet moving all those appliances all day is hard work," Jessica told him.

"You have no idea," John replied to her.

Cutting the small talk short, Jessica started with the game talk, "Putting that aside for now, I think we need to discuss where we stand."

"What do you mean?" asked Kat.

"In this tribe. You have twice the numbers that we do. Is there really any hope for us old Nakunta members?" asked Jessica.

"Yes," John said, "There is. Mocorón may have been a winning tribe, but were not unified one. There is a major fissure in our members."

Alison's ears perked up and she asked, "What do you mean?"

"There was a power struggle in our tribe until Day 12 when we eliminated Jase. Jase formed an alliance to challenge my alliance in our tribe, but he didn't have the numbers. It was five to four. In the five, it's Kat, Taylor, Susan, Matt and myself. The remaining members of the four are Danni, Adam and Conner."

"Why are you telling us this?" asked Jessica. She was skeptical about all the things that John was telling her. She wanted to believe him but she didn't.

"I am telling you this because if you vote with us, you may stay longer in the game than if you went against us," Susan replied for John.

"Susan, that's a little arrogant. If the four of them ally with Danni and company, we are down in numbers," Kat said.

"Kat, why would you say that in front of us?" Alison asked.

"Because Jessica doesn't believe a word I am saying so you are not going to vote with any Mocorón alliance," John said as he stared at Jessica.

"I think we should finish our reward and head back to camp," Jessica said, avoiding the comment John made. She added one more thing, "I do think we should call our tribe Caratasca."

The others agreed and the new tribe was Caratasca.

As much as John's statements may have been ear candy, I think he's lying. Why would he go and tell everyone of us this? That doesn't seem to be a good strategy. So the only thing I can assume is that he is lying and Mocorón is still tight which means my days and the rest of the old Nakunta family are going to be gone quite soon.

–Jessica Walters


The winners of the reward challenge returned to camp almost two hours after winning the reward. The former Mocorón members returned to the camp they had called home this entire time. Alison and Jessica however saw a camp that had the benefits of the rewards. Near the tribe flag were two beach chairs. In the shelter, there were blankets and pillows all over the place. Next the shelter were bags or rice and beans, and next to them was the fishing kit as well as a pile of coconuts.

Immediately Jessica and Alison reconnected with Connie and Tina. The four of them went out to the ocean as John and his allies sat in the beach chairs and around the chairs. John was the first to speak, "We need to show them that we are one big happy family."

"And how are we to do that?" asked Susan.

"We interact with them. We need them to think that what we revealed at the reward was a just a bunch of lies instead of how it really is here," John answered.

"How long do we have to do that?" asked Matt.

"It will only be that way until Danni's gone. Our true motives are going to be unveiled in the first tribal council as a tribe," John explained, "So before they catch us five together and believe us, we have to go out there and mingle with our enemies."

"I hope this works," Susan said.

"It will work," Kat defended John's plan.

"Kat's right. This will work," Taylor finally joined in.

"I don't know if it'll work, but I'm willing to give it a try," Matt replied.

"Good," John said, "Let's go out their and be best friends with Danni and her allies."

"Wow, you said that and didn't have any adverse side effects," Kat smirked.

"Actually, I think I threw up a little in my mouth," John replied. Kat and Matt found that funny. Taylor shook her head. Susan was emotionless, but no could tell. Her eyes were still hidden behind her sunglasses. She never took those things off so no one could really tell her emotions.

Three of them left the area. Matt and Taylor went headfirst into the tribe. They were the ones that were liked by all members of the tribe. Susan just went to her rock by now has been dubbed "Susan's Rock." John sat down in one of the chairs and Kat sat down in the chair next to him. The two of them sat together in silence for a bit before Kat spoke up, "Do you think this will work?"

"It has to work. Everything hinges on this," John said, "We have been in control of this game for so long. I don't want to lose it now. I've come to enjoy being the one calling the shots."

"With my approval of course," Kat smiled.

"Of course. Where would I be without you?" asked John.

"Out of this game by now," Kat answered.

"Oh you really think so?"

"John, I know so."

"Same could be said for you," John told her.

"I don't know. I think I would have recovered if you were gone," Kat responded.

"I would have loved to see that happen," John said.

Most of my time out here is scheming and planning. I think about who needs to go next or how we can stay in control of this game. So it's nice to have normal conversations out here with someone. My non-game conversations with Kat keep me grounded. They bring me to a place where I know that I don't have to watch my back and that I can trust Kat no matter what. That helps me greatly. Whatever happens in this game, Kat and I will always be tight together. There will nothing that can tear us apart other than being in the bottom in numbers. I don't see that happening personally.

–John Sayers

I love the way that John and I bounce of each other. We talk all the time and it's not always about the game. It's quite the opposite really. We talk about other things. I remember one conversation where John said he was afraid of spiders and I told him I was terrified of whales. It's things like that that help me not to get paranoid in this game, and then that helps me not to make stupid or rash decisions. I really do like that John and I have this relationship in this game.

–Kat Morris

The Quartet sat out in the ocean and discussed their own situation. Jessica asked, "So did either of you two learn anything in the two hours we were gone?"

"Nothing," Tina said.

"Yeah, the four of them didn't speak to us at all. It's like they didn't even acknowledge that we were there," Connie told Jessica.

Alison nodded to Jessica and Jessica told them, "We got a lot of information from the ones that were on the reward with us. But if what you say is true, then it was a bunch of lies just like I believed them to be. I think we are going to be taken out one by one. So Connie, that idol you have may come in handy at the next tribal council. I'll keep my ears open as should all of you. If your name comes up at all Connie, play the idol and our votes might just become the majority and we can take one of them out."

"Okay so who do we vote for?" asked Connie, "I know it's a little early, but we need to decide it."

"You're right. It'll just be easier in the long run. How about Adam and if Adam wins immunity, we vote for Conner," Alison replied.

"Sounds like a plan," Jessica told them, "But do no trust anything that they tell you. It's probably a ploy to get you to become comfortable and lower your defenses. We are the Quartet and we will stay strong until the end."

I've told my alliance not to believe anything that comes out of any of the former Mocorón members' mouths. I don't trust any of them. I really don't trust John. There is something about him that is dangerous. Right now I think he is the one in control of the Mocorón Eight, and if I gun for him, my time would be up way too soon. So we are voting for Adam no matter what or no matter who tries to persuade me differently. That's it. It may come back to bite me in the ass or it may come back to be the wrong choice, but this is my choice and I sticking to it.

–Jessica Walters

Day 20


John's plan for his alliance and Danni's alliance to seemingly be friendly was going as good as he could have hoped. Taylor and Matt genuinely were liked by Danni, Adam and Conner so it seemed easy and believable for those five to be getting along. As for Susan, she seemed to be the loner type. She did her thing around camp. She mainly sat on her rock all day. John and Kat watched as the plan unfolded. Rumors had came back to John that Connie had the immunity idol so he had to think of a plan.

He pulled Kat aside over into the water away from Susan's Rock and asked, "So have you heard about Connie?"

"Susan said she overheard the Nakunta Four talking about Connie having the hidden immunity idol," Kat confirmed she knew.

"That idol could cause trouble in the long run. We need it gone," John said.

"Does that mean we need to split the vote?" asked Kat.

"No," John said, "We can't anyway. There are five of us."

"Oh yeah. Odd numbers don't split evenly. So what do we do?" asked Kat.

"We bluff them," John said, "Make it seem like we are going to vote for Connie. If she has it, she'll play her idol and then we will shock them by actually getting rid of Danni instead of Connie."

"Do you think that'll work?"

"I honestly have no idea. If not, it doesn't matter right now. What matters now is getting rid of Danni and her insane crusade against me."

Well, there is another piece in this insane puzzle. Rumors are here that say that Connie has a hidden immunity idol. I've told Kat to tell our alliance that we will act like we are voting Connie out tomorrow, but in reality we are going to vote Danni out. That is if everything goes to plan. I hope it does because I am so damn tired of Danni around here.

–John Sayers

Day 21

Chimney Sweep

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out. For the first time in the game, there was one tribe. As the castaways walked in, John carried the immunity idol back for the final time. Jeff waited until they were all settled and said, "We are one tribe now. So the idol that you have, John, is no longer valid in this game."

Jeff took the idol and placed it at the feet of a pole. He said, "Tribal immunity is no more."

Jeff unveiled what was on the pole and it was not one but two immunity necklaces. Jeff said, "These are what you want. For today immunity challenge, there will be two winners. One for the winning man and one for the winning woman. Are you guys ready to get to your first individual immunity challenge?"

The whole group of castaways cheered and Jeff went on, "For this challenge, everyone will brace themselves with their arms between two walls while standing barefoot on two foot pegs. Every 15 minutes, you will move down to smaller foot pegs. When you have reached the third set of foot pegs, you will try to remain on them as long as you can. The last man and woman remaining both win immunity. Worth playing for? I think so. We'll draw for spots and get started."

Several minutes later, the castaways were up in their walls and Jeff said, "This challenge is on."

Everyone was doing fine on the first set of pegs. No one spoke. Everyone was in the moment and everyone wanted to win. The first fifteen minutes passed and Jeff gave the order for them to step down to the next set of foot pegs. Everyone slowly made their way down, but Conner missed his foot peg, slipped and fell out of the challenge.

"Just like that Conner is out of the challenge giving Adam, Matt and John a better chance winning immunity," Jeff commentated.

Several minutes passed and Danni was having trouble. She caught herself, but fell anyway when her arms couldn't take anymore. Jeff said, "Danni is now out of this challenge giving the other seven women better chances."

The second fifteen minutes were up and the castaways stepped down on the final set of foot pegs. Jeff told them that after this is was on until only one man and one woman remained. After ten more minutes, Connie couldn't hang on and she dropped out of the challenge. She was instantly followed by both Tina and Adam. Jeff announced, "Connie, Adam and Tina are now out of this challenge."

Matt looked over to John and John looked back. Matt winked and John nodded. Matt dropped out and gave John individual immunity. Jeff said, "Matt drops out. John wins immunity for the men."

John jumped down and walked over the bench to join the others. An hour passed before anyone else fell out, but Taylor's arms were starting to tire and she dropped out. Alison's foot slipped not long after and she was out of the challenge. Jeff commentated, "Taylor and Alison are out of this challenge. Kat, Jessica and Susan are the only ones left."

Kat knew that she was safe no matter what tonight so she jumped down to let Jessica and Susan duke it out. Three more hours passed. The look on Jessica's face told it all. She was tiring. Susan was a stone though. She hadn't moved or grimaced once. Matt even joked that she was asleep. Jessica's arm slipped and she knew her time was coming to an end. She looked at her alliance and mouth "I'm sorry." She dropped out and Susan won immunity for the woman.

"Jessica drops out and Susan wins immunity for the women!" Jeff announced. The castaways returned to their mat and Jeff said, "John, Susan, come here. I think you guys want this."

Jeff put the necklaces around John and Susan's necks. He said, "John and Susan are safe from tonight's vote. I can't say the same for the ten of you. One of you will be voted out tonight. Go ahead and head out."

I won immunity. That helps tonight. If everything goes as planned, Danni will be going home. I hope that Nakunta doesn't try to do anything crazy. My plan relies on them being passive.

–John Sayers


Immediately upon return to camp, the three alliances took off in their different directions. Danni's alliance stayed in the shelter. They tried to talk to the Nakunta members over the last two days, but they were ignored so they decided to vote for Tina despite the fact that it wasn't one of John's allies. The Quartet had already planned on voting for Adam and they knew that was going to happen.

Not too far away from the Quartet, John's alliance spoke to make sure that the Quartet heard them. They talked about getting rid of Connie. That went on for five minutes as the Quartet listened in. After that, the group left to go out of earshot from the Quartet and then decided to vote out Danni instead.

The three alliances had their targets and John hoped that the plan wouldn't falter tonight. He needed Connie to give up her idol. He needed Nakunta to vote by themselves and not with Danni. Above all he needed Danni gone. Tonight was going to be a defining night and he just knew it.

Tribal Council


The castaways entered tribal and sat down on the seats. Jeff said, "So now we have a merged tribe. How does everyone feel about this game now? John, what about you?"

"I feel great about this game. This is my favorite part of the game. This is when the strategy becomes the big thing over physical prowess and I am excited about this game," John answered.

"That true. The strategy parts takes place now more than ever. So Jessica, are the old Nakunta members talking strategy. I mean you are down four to eight compared the old Mocorón members. Does that worry you?" asked Jeff.

"It does. We know that all of us are on the chopping block. Mainly Connie. We overheard some talk saying that Connie would be going home tonight. I just hope that isn't true because that means if we are being targeted for being on Nakunta, I will place no higher than ninth place and I came here to place first. Every single one of us Nakunta members came here for that," answered Jessica.

"Alison, if that's true, do you think there is any hope for Nakunta?" asked Jeff.

"At this moment, I don't see it. Mocorón seems to be tight in this game," Alison answered.

"We may seem tight, but after this vote, the truth will come out," Susan said.

"What does that mean?" asked Jeff.

"That means getting rid of Nakunta is an option, but it's not part of the plan," John answered instead.

"Then what is the plan?" asked Jeff.

"You'll see after the vote," Kat answered.

"Well, then let's get to it. Let's see the plan. Susan, your up first," Jeff said.

Susan started the voting off.

Voting Confessionals

This is because I want to get further in this game. John is still the better option.

–Susan Szczeblewski

I know John wants to get rid of Nakunta before me. Well, I hope he does.

–Danni McDearmon

I know you are going home tonight. All that needs to happen is that Connie plays her idol tonight. If that happens, I'll be one happy man.

–John Sayers

I can't wait to see the look on your faces when I play my idol. I've been voted against before and I'm still here and will still be here.

–Connie Tran


Jeff got the urn and brought it back. Before Jeff could say anything Connie said, "I know you haven't mentioned it before and I don't when I need to play it so I'm doing it now."

John's face lit up. His plan was unfolding before his eyes. Connie walked up to Jeff with the hidden immunity idol. Jeff took it and smiled. He said, "This is the hidden immunity idol. Any votes cast for Connie will not count."

Connie returned to her seat and Jeff went on, "The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote: Adam. Second vote: Adam. Third vote: Adam. Fourth vote: Adam."

"Maybe that's just Nakunta's votes," Adam mumbled to himself.

Jeff went on, "Fifth vote: Tina. Sixth vote: Tina."

"Oh god it's Tina not Connie," Jessica said.

"Seventh vote: Tina. Eighth vote: Danni."

"Wait, what?" asked Jessica.

"Ninth vote: Danni. Tenth vote: Danni. Eleventh vote: Danni."

"John told the truth," Jessica realized.

"The seventh person voted off Survivor: Honduras: Danni. That's five votes. That's enought. Please bring me your torch."

Danni brought up her torch and Jeff said, "Danni, the tribe has spoken."

Danni left tribal council and Jeff told the others, "There may still be hope for Nakunta. It seems Mocorón is not unified as you thought. Go ahead and head out."

Tribal Council 7:
Danni McDearmon
Danni (5 votes)
John SayersKat MorrisMatthew EasterlySusan SzczeblewskiTaylor Johannson
John, Kat, Matt, Susan, Taylor
Adam Bennett
Adam (4 Vote)
Allison JacobsConnie TranJessica WatersTina Langley
Alison, Connie, Jessica, Tina
Tina Langley
Tina (3 Votes)
Adam BennettConner YoungDanni McDearmon
Adam, Conner, Danni
Danni McDearmon
Danni McDearmon

Final Words

Oh John, the Tyrant of Caratasca, has won again. This time by Jessica's stubbornness. She is the leader of Nakunta and she chose to not listen any of us. She did go on the reward however so John may have gotten to her but I'll never know. I just know that I had fun.

–Danni McDearmon

Still in the Running

Adam Bennett
Conner Young
Danni McDearmon
Jase Allen
John Sayers
Kat Morris
Matthew Easterly
Susan Szczeblewski
Taylor Johannson
Allison Jacobs
Benny Vaquera
Carson Peterson
Connie Tran
Jessica Waters
Max Chou
Paul Springer
Tina Langley
Vince Strachan

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