"It's Time To Start Pagonging Them"
Season Survivor: The Sahara
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 6/14
Episode Chronology
Previous Good-Bye and Good Riddance
Next Our Alliance Is Over!
It's Time To Start Pagonging Them is the sixth episode of Survivor: The Sahara.

Previously on Survivor...

A surprise tribal swap got the better of the castaways. Gwendolyn was sent to Exile Island, but she confident enough that she'd be safe on either tribal and didn't bother to find the idol. Both tribes welcomed new members. At the immunity challenge, both tribes were close, but Scorpio once again pulled ahead, sending the new Kufra tribe to tribal council. Two groups wanted to use their new members as swing votes at tribal council, but the three Scorpios took advantage of Kufra's dysfunctional members, voting Giselle out with three votes. Fourteen remain, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Shoulder the Load
Four members (consisting of two men and two women) from each tribe will have a pole across their shoulders. Each round, weight (20 lbs.) will be added to that pole. The decision about which tribe member gets the weight will be made by the other tribe. When the weight becomes too much to bear, the tribe member will drop the pole and be out of the challenge. Last person left standing wins immunity for their tribe.
Reward: Three egg-laying chickens and a rooster
Winner: Scorpio


Night 14

The six Kufras from tribal council make their way back to camp. They notice a fire has been started and person is at the campsite. Gwendolyn is revealed to have made her way to the Kufra camp.

Ugh, our lack of unity was our undoing last night, the three Scorpios were smart enough to see that, now with Gewendolyn, we're screwed.


The new Kufra tribe heads for the shelter and begin to sleep.

Day 15

As the day starts at Kufra, Gwendolyn is given a tour of the camp by her former Scorpio tribemates. The three Kufras began to worry about their survival.

Drayden: "At this point I don't care about voting anyone from our tribe, we need to reduce the Scorpio population."
Lilly-Bo: "I agree, if we don't do something, our torches will be snuffed one by one."
Drayden: "We could pretend to have an idol with us, splitting their votes."
VJ: "Are you (bleep) stupid?! It won't work. I'm the most recent person from Kufra to be exiled. Plus Gwendolyn may of found it."
Lilly-Bo: "Maybe not. I think she might of known she was in the majority on either tribe."
Drayden: "Actually, Lilly I think that's right. If we could get just one to flip any vote her out, we're safe for three more days."
VJ: "So we split up and try to convince someone that Gwendolyn is simply using them for votes. Drayden, I may not like you, but that's (bleep) genius."

Hopefully this plan works, if not, then all our asses are out.


Meanwhile, Katniss, Aleskan, and Jeremy are filling Gwendolyn on the past few days.

Gwendolyn: "Really, that's what happened a tribal?"
Katniss: "Yeah, apparently that's why we've won most of the immunity challenges."
Aleskan: "That's also why some of their strongest were voted out first."
Jeremy: "So are you with us?"
Gwendolyn: "Yeah, I'll vote with you guys."
Aleskan: "Good, I want VJ out, he seems to be the most disliked of the tribe."
Gwendolyn: "That's fine by me."

I didn't know how dysfunctional Kufra was, no wonder why we were winning so much. So, I guess it's time to start pagonging them, or is it ulonging, I always get them mixed up.


At Scorpio Judas is by the oasis sketching in his sketchbook. Bianca comes up to him.

Bianca: "Hey Judas, mind if I ask you something?"
Judas: "That's fine, Bianca."
Bianca: "I want us to start an alliance."
Judas: "Why?"
Bianca: "Because we may merge soon, and I want to feel safe."
Judas: "But still, why me?"
Bianca: "Because I want you at the end with me."
Judas: "Alright, but what about numbers? There's just two of us."
Bianca: "Oh, I forgot about that."
Judas: "Try Hibiki and Dawn, they seem to be willing to help anybody. Just don't talk to Roberta and Devin, they seem to be up to something. Also try Montana, she'll probably willing to join."
Bianca: "Thanks, Judas."
She hugs Judas quickly, thanking him for the ideas. She then runs off.

Later the two tribes received treemail instructing them to the challenge area. Scorpio arrived first, followed by Kufra. Jeff stated that Giselle was voted out at the last tribal council. Jeff then explains the challenge:

Jeff: "Four members, consisting of two men and two women, from each tribe will have a pole across their shoulders. Each round, weight will be added to that pole. The decision about which tribe member gets the weight will be made by the other tribe. When the weight becomes too much to bear, the tribe member will drop the pole and be out of the challenge. Last person left standing wins immunity for their tribe. You guys wanna know what you're playing for?"
Castaways: "Yeah."
Jeff: "You're playing for three chickens and a rooster as well as tribal immunity. I'll give you a moment to strategize."
Judas, Hibiki, Dawn, and Montana are shown to be holding weight for Scorpio. Aleskan, Katniss, VJ, and Lilly-Bo are shown to be holding weight for Kufra. All the castaways are given twenty pounds to start.

Elapsed Time: 30 minutes

Judas and Aleskan are shown to be at 180 pounds, Hibiki, VJ, Katniss is at 160 pounds, Dawn is at 120 pounds, Montana and Lilly-Bo are at 100 lbs. Montana struggles to hold the weight and drops out, Lilly-Bo and Dawn drop out soon after, leaving 2 for Scorpio and 3 for Kufra. Jeff instructs the non-participating castaways to add weight. Judas, Aleskan and Hibiki are both given 40 pounds each. VJ and Katniss are given twenty pounds each. Katniss drops out a round after, carrying 200 pounds. VJ and Hibiki drop out after 220 pounds. Judas and Aleskan currently have 240 lbs on their backs. Aleskan drops out suddenly, leaving Judas left, winning immunity and reward for Scorpio.

Jeff: "Congratulations, Scorpio for winning reward and immunity. Kufra I'll be seeing you again for the sixth consecutive time. Head on out."
At Scorpio, Judas is congratulated for winning immunity. He is then later talking in the shelter with Bianca who has Dawn, Hibiki, and Montana with her.
Montana: "So I here you two are looking for alliance members. Are we in or what?"
Judas: "As long as you are loyal to each other, we're an alliance."
Dawn: "So what about targets?"
Bianca: "Probably the two Kufras, but it depends."
Hibiki: "Well I do know that Roberta was some of us to be part of her alliance."
Montana: "Devin also came up to me, but it was to get his "so called" alliance partner, Roberta, out."
Judas: "Then I guess Devin's first, but we need to tell Roberta about Devin's plan at some point, but not now, it's too risky."
Devin and Roberta are shown talking to each other.
Devin: "Roberta, what are we going to do?"
Roberta: "Don't worry I've talked to some of the Scorpios. We'll be safe."
Devin: "Good, so who's going."
Roberta: "Bianca or Judas. I'm not sure yet."
Devin: "Good."

Right now, I really had enough of Roberta calling the shots, so I've talked to a few people about getting her out. Hopefully, she won't find out.


At Kufra, the three original Kufras went out to talk to Aleskan, Katniss, and Jeremy about how Gwendolyn is just using them for votes to keep her. Many of the Scorpios are hesitant about this plan. Kufra then heads out for its tribal council.

When they arrive to the tribal council, and put their torches behind them and take a seat.

Jeff: "Drayden, for you this is your sixth tribal council. How does it feel to come to bac-to-back tribal councils?"
Drayden: "It feels horrible, especially when you're in the minority."
Jeff: "Aleskan, who's in the minority?"
Aleskan: "Drayden, Lilly-Bo, and VJ are in the minority."
Jeff: "So all the original Kufras. Lilly-Bo why is this so?"
Lilly-Bo: "It's because we always target each other. The split votes at the last tribal council gave the Scorpios an opportunity to vote another one of us out."
Jeff: "Katniss, is this true?"
Katniss: "Yes, and apparently they just realized their lack of tribal unity."
Jeff: "Jeremy, is this what you four theorized?"
Jeremy: "Yes, because when you look back on who they've voted out, their strongest players were voted out first, a thing many tribes try to avoid."
Jeff: "VJ, you've felt vulnerable for most of your tribal councils. How do you feel tonight?"
VJ: "Well, Jeff, I do feel vulnerable again, but I have a one in three chance of leaving if the Scorpios vote together."
Jeff: "Alright, finally Gwendolyn, how was your reaction when you joined the Kufra tribe?"
Gwendolyn: "I was shocked that a Kufra left, I thought one of the Scorpios would of left."
Jeff: "Alright, with that, it's time to vote, Gwendolyn, you're up."
One by one each castaway votes. After they finish voting Jeff goes and gets the urn.
Jeff: "If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it now. Alright, once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote.....VJ. Gwendolyn. Next vote....Gwedolyn. VJ. VJ. VJ leads 3-2. Next vote.....Gwendolyn. VJ and Gwendolyn are tied 3-3. Final vote.........VJ. Please bring up your torch."
VJ take his torch up to Jeff.
Jeff: "VJ, the tribe has finally spoken."
VJ flips off his tribemate and quickly gets out of the tribal council area.
Jeff: "It's obvious that the minority is to stay the minority, and the majority is to stay the majority. Head on out."
The six Kufras leave the tribal council area.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
VJ (4 votes)
Aleskan, Gwendolyn, Jeremy, & Katniss
Gwendolyn (3 votes)
Drayden, Lilly-Bo, & VJ
VJ Raines

Voting Confessionals

VJ, time's up.


Gwendolyn, you are a manipulative bitch.


Hasta la vista, VJ.


VJ, sorry but strike six and you're out.


VJ, nobody likes a troublemaker.


Gwendolyn, you just use people, hopefully the others see this.


Gwendolyn, I hate you right now more than Drayden. (bleep) off.


Final Words

This was an awesome experience. I came out here to just be a troublemaker. I wasn't even expecting to make it past Day 3, but it seems this tribe was more dysfunctional than my family. Peace out bitches.


Still In the Running

Felicity BW
Giselle BW
Ira BW
Kurt BW
Grimsley BW

Next Time On Survivor...

  • Both tribes are subjected to a double tribal council again.
  • An alliance crumbles as one takes power.
  • The four Kufras regret their previous decisions.

Author's Notes

  • The reward/immunity challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Pearl Islands episode, Me and My Snake, Survivor: Tocantins episode, The Strongest Man Alive, and Survivor: South Pacific episode, Survivalism.
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