"It's an All-Out Manhunt For the Idol"
Season Survivor: Ghost Island
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 3/13
Episode Chronology
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It's An All-Out Manhunt For the Idol is the third episode of Survivor: Ghost Island.

Previously on Survivor...

At the reward challenge, the Totolo and the Marau tribes learned of the third Kalou tribe. During the challenge, Kalou and Totolo won reward, leaving Jake from Marau bitter. Back at camp, Jake outright yelled at Melissa for their recent loss. Melissa vowed to get back at him.

Later at the Totolo tribe, Samantha wrangled Alec and Hilbert into an alliance with her. However, Alec had suspicions about his new "ally", and stated he would turn on her if she snapped. At Kalou, the tribe was peaceful, as Frank began to stomach Danny's transvestitism. At the Marau camp, Melissa was able to catch five fish for the tribe using a makeshift spear, feeding the starving tribe.

At the immunity challenge, Totolo had stronger stomachs winning themselves immunity again, and sending Jake into a bigger fit of rage. Back at camp, Melissa easily rallied her tribe against Jake, which sent the angry chef home, 4-1. Sixteen remain, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Get Barreled
All three tribes will race out into a field to collect eight tribe colored barrels. Once all eight barrels are retrieved, they must be arranged on individual platforms. Then one person at a time from each tribe will toss sand bags at the barrels with the goal of landing a sand bag on top of each barrel. First two tribes to get a sandbag on top of all eight of their barrels wins.
Reward: Four chickens and two roosters
Winners in order of finish: Totolo and Kalou

Immunity Challenge: Crab Pots
Three players have keys on lanyards and are locked into cages on pontoons. A fourth swims out to the nearest cage and unlocks it with their own key, releasing the prisoner, who crosses a set of small platforms to the second, and so on. Once all three prisoners are released, the final prisoner and their rescuer get into a waiting boat, which has a bunch of keys, then the two row to shore picking everyone else up on the way. These four form a human pyramid on the beach, and the person on top uses the key ring to unlock a hanging cage containing the fifth member (a rag dummy) and final tribe member.
Winner: Marau


Night 6

Returning from their second tribal council, the Marau tribe returns to camp. Welsey immediately falls asleep in the shelter. Melissa gets Yvette and Colin to talk.

Quote1Colin, Yvette, I need to ask you guys something. Are you going to vote Wesley out next time we go to tribal council?Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Of course we will. Why are you asking us, it's a given he's next.Quote2- Yvette
Quote1I'm just making sure that I'm not going to be surprised.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Melissa, relax, you're the last person this tribe would vote out. It's been a long day, I think we should get some sleep.Quote2- Colin

The three get some sleep for tomorrow.

Day 7

The next day at the Totolo camp, Liam decides to enlist some help in finding the idol.

For the past week, I've combed the island, but my search has been unsuccessful so far. With some allies, I guess the chances of finding the idol will increase drastically.


He rounds up Kenni and Bridget to help him find the idol.

Quote1Ladies, I need your help with something.Quote2- Liam
Quote1What is it Liam?Quote2- Kenni
Quote1It's an all-out search for the idol.Quote2- Liam
Quote1The idol, you're not serious?Quote2- Bridget
Quote1I'm completely serious, Bridget.Quote2- Liam
Quote1You want us to help you find the idol?Quote2- Bridget
Quote1Yes.Quote2- Liam
Quote1I'm fine with that.Quote2- Bridget
Quote1Deal.Quote2- Kenni

Later, the three tribes receive treemail for their next reward challenge. The Kalou and Totolo arrive first, followed by the Marau tribe.

Quote1Totolo and Kalou, getting a good look at the new Marau tribe, Jake voted out at the last tribal council. For this challenge, all three tribes will race out into a field to collect eight tribe colored barrels. Once all eight barrels are retrieved, they must be arranged on individual platforms. Then one person at a time from each tribe will toss sand bags at the barrels with the goal of landing a sand bag on top of each barrel. First two tribes to get a sandbag on top of all eight of their barrels wins four hens and two roosters. Totolo and Kalou you have two extra members. Kalou, for fairness, Frank cannot sit out.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Liam and-Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Samantha.Quote2- Liam
Quote1Danny and I will sit out.Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1Liam, Samantha, Dani, and Rebeckah take a seat on the bench. We'll get started.Quote2- Jeff

All twelve run to a field where the barrels are located. Melissa, Bridget, Yvette, Shaniqua, Xane, and Alec begin to roll a barrel back. Colin, Ashleigh, Hilbert, and Kenni are right behind them with another barrel. Wesley and Frank are slowly rolling their barrels behind them. Melissa and Shaniqua are the first two back, place their barrels on the correct platform, and run back out. Yvette, Xane, Alec, and Bridget get their barrels on their platforms and rush back out. Colin, Hilbert, Ashleigh, and Kenni get their barrels on their platforms and sprint back to the field. Melissa and Shaniqua get another barrel rolling as Frank and Wesley get their first barrels on their platforms. Within a minute or so, Melissa and Shaniqua return with their second barrels. Bridget, Yvette, Xane, and Alec are back with their second barrels soon afterwards. When Kenni and Hilbert return and put their barrels on their platform, Totolo immediately begins to throw their sandbags. Kenni starts and throws her sandbag, which lands on one of the barrels. Frank and Wesley finally arrive, and the Kalou and Marau tribes race to get their last barrels on their platforms while Alec scores another point for Totolo. Colin, Bridget, and Xane throw a sandbag. All three connect, earning Totolo its third point and Kalou and Marau their first point. Melissa, Hilbert, and Ashleigh each throw a sandbag. All three connect, Totolo in the lead with four and Kalou and Marau tied with two. Yvette, Kenni, and Shaniqua each throw a sandbag toward their barrels. Once again, all three connect, Totolo now five and Kalou and Marau now both three. Wesley, Alec, and Frank are all up next. All three men throw, but only Frank and Alec connect. Wesley is upset as Totolo leads with six, Kalou at four, and Marau at three. Bridget and Xane are back up with Wesley. Wesley connects this time, as do Bridget and Xane, the score now seven Totolo, five Kalou, and four Marau. Colin, Hilbert, and Ashleigh are next to throw. All three throw and connect. Totolo gets all eight sandbags on their barrels, winning reward, but Kalou and Marau are still duking it out for second. Melissa and Shaniqua are up again. Both connect their sandbags on their barrels. Yvette and Frank are up again, and both throw. Yvette's sandbag goes to far and misses, but it doesn't matter as Frank connects, winning Kalou reward.

Quote1Totolo and Kalou win reward!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Not again.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Totolo, Kalou, your reward will be waiting for you at camp. Marau, I have nothing for you. You can all head back out.Quote2- Jeff

All three tribes return to their respective camps.

Yet another loss for the Marau tribe. *sighs* 4 losses in a row, I have no idea how that's possible. We need a miracle otherwise this tribe will end up as Atiu.


When Totolo returns to camp, Liam gives Kenni and Bridget the word to start the hunt for the idol. Unlike before, none of the three are secretive about it, flipping over rocks left and right, digging under trees, search tree branches, etc. Within an hour and a half of searching, Liam is climbing up a tree to see if the idol might be up there. He climbs to where the branches first split, which isn't that far up, and finds a piece of cloth. He grabs it and climbs down the tree to tell the women. The three regroup in the shelter, and wrap the cloth. Inside the cloth, is the hidden immunity idol. Liam, Kenni, and Bridget all express their joy of finding the idol.

Finding the idol today was amazing, with this we have some leverage over Samantha, meaning we can probably flip either Alec or Hilbert to us.


Hopefully with the idol we can get that (bleep) bitch out of the game, because there's no way in hell he'll get far.


Day 8

The next day, at the Kalou camp, Xane and Danny are talking about tribal if they ever go.

Quote1So if we lose immunity at some point, Frank is the first to go?Quote2- Danny
Quote1Everyone's pretty much on that bus already, Danny.Quote2- Xane
Quote1Sorry, I kinda forgot. But who's next?Quote2- Dani
Quote1I'd say either Shaniqua or Ashleigh. We'd pretty much need Rebeckah's vote, and they're done.Quote2- Xane
Quote1Sounds good, but why not Ashleigh before Shaniqua? Ashleigh I think is a bit weaker than Shaniqua.Quote2- Danny
Quote1Well, you have a point. So it's Frank then Ashleigh.Quote2- Xane

Since we only have less than a week of free immunity, Xane and I talked about our plan if we lose immunity at any point. My hopes are that this plans goes off without a hitch.


In the woods, Shaniqua and Ashleigh talk stragetically.

Quote1So Frank's first, that's given.Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1Mmhmm.Quote2- Shaniqua
Quote1We just need Rebeckah to join us and we'll vote one of the guys out.Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1Which one first?Quote2- Shaniqua
Quote1Danny, then Xane.Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1Gurl, that's perfect.Quote2- Shaniqua
Quote1I know.Quote2- Ashleigh

Me and Shaniqua had an instant bond, despite our age difference. We're like BFFs. But I'm the ringmaster. She does basically anything I tell her to.


For the past few days, I've noticed that there are two distinct groups, Xane and Danny and Shaniqua and Ashleigh. They're all going to fight it out to get my vote, because let's face it, if we voted right now, Frank would be gone in a week. I can't decide which group to vote with. I'll have to see who offers what.


Day 9

The next day, the Marau and Totolo tribes are sent to the challenge area for their next immunity challenge. Jeff explans the challenge.

Quote1Samantha, hand back the idol. Once again immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge, three players have keys on lanyards and are locked into cages on pontoons. A fourth swims out to the nearest cage and unlocks it with their own key, releasing the prisoner, who crosses a set of small platforms to the second, and so on. Once all three prisoners are released, the final prisoner and their rescuer get into a waiting boat, which has a bunch of keys, then the two row to shore picking everyone else up on the way. These four form a human pyramid on the beach, and the person on top uses the key ring to unlock a hanging cage containing a rag dummy acting as your fifth tribe member. Totolo, you must sit two people out. Samantha and Liam cannot sit out.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Bridget and Kenni.Quote2- Alec
Quote1Bridget, Kenni, take a seat on the bench. Everyone else, I'll give you a minute to strategize.Quote2- Jeff.

Wesley, Yvette, and Colin are the prisoners for Marau. Alec, Samantha, and Liam are the prisoners for Totolo. Once Jeff says go, Melissa and Hilbert swim out to their first prisoner Wesley and Liam respectively. Both arrive to the first platform at the same time. Melissa and Hilbert begin to unlock their first prisoner. Wesley is freed first, takes his key, and begins to cross the first set of smaller platforms toward the second platform. Liam is just behind him, with his key. Wesley is the first to get to the second platform, and quickly begins to work in Yvette's lock. Wesley unlocks Yvette's cage, and she takes her key and goes on the second set of smaller platforms to the third platform. Liam gets to the second platform and makes quick work on Samantha's lock. She grabs her key and makes her way to the third platform. Yvette makes it to the third platform and begins to unlock Colin's cage. Samantha is right behind her and begins on Alec's cage. Colin's cage is unlocked and he and Yvette hop in the boat waiting for them and begin to paddle. Samantha unlocks Alec's cage and the two begin to paddle their waiting boat. Yvette and Colin pick up Wesley and Melissa and make their way to shore. The Totolo tribe has already picked up Hilbert and Liam and are on Marau's tail. Both tribes make it to shore and begin to plan their human pyramids. Marau starts with Wesley and Colin on the bottom. Melissa climbs up on them, put her feet on their shoulders. Yvette makes her way up with the key ring. Meanwhile, Hilbert and Alec make up the bottom of the pyramid. Samantha is in the same postion as Melissa, and Liam gets to the top. Both Liam and Yvette begin to try each key on the key ring on the lock. Yvette gets one of the keys to unlock the lock and the rag dummy falls from the cage. Both tribes are in shock.

Quote1Did we just win?Quote2- Yvette
Quote1Yes, Marau wins immunity!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Oh my god we won!Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Marau you are safe for another three days, Totolo I'll be seeing you at tribal council tonight. You can head on out.Quote2- Jeff

Marau is given the immunity idol and the two tribes return to camp.

Thank the Lord and his holy miracles, because we just won our first challenge. This feels nice, knowing one of the four of us won't be leaving.


At Totolo, the two alliances both meet to assure who they'll vote.

Quote1So we're all voting Bridget tonight.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Why her?Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1Easy, she's the weakest on the tribe.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1But she's only competed in three challenges, it seems unfair.Quote2- Alec
Quote1You're voting her or any one I say, otherwise I'll-*whispers in Alec's ears*Quote2- Samantha
Quote1How do you know that?Quote2- Alec
Quote1I have connections.Quote2- Samantha

Somehow, someway, Samantha found out a dark secret of mine. She's now got leverage on me and she'll expose it if I don't vote with her.


Quote1Everybody knows who we're obviously voting against.Quote2- Liam
Quote1Yep.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Yes, sir.Quote2- Bridget
Quote1Good, I really just needed assurance, that's all.Quote2- Liam

By best hopes for tribal council is Samantha goes. My worst is a tiebreaker.


At sunset, Totolo heads off to tribal council. At tribal council, they light their torches, put their torches behind them, and take a seat.

Quote1Welcome Totolo, to your first tribal council. Bridget, run me down through the past nine days.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Basically, we arrived, built a shelter, argument broke out, we won four times, the tribe split into two factions, and we lost, sending us here. Quote2- Bridget
Quote1That's a good summary, now, Hilbert, Bridget mentioned an argument at camp. What was it over?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Samantha was trying to take the reigns of the tribe and basically everyone ignored her, and Samantha escalated to a point where she tried to cut off the roof with the machete, right near Bridget's neck.Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1Doesn't that raise some red flag to vote her out?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1No, the argument was settled and Samantha has been in the back seat, mostly.Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1Alec, is there anyone else who might be in danger tonight?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Bridget, our alliance, consisting of myself, Hilbert, and Samantha believe she is the weakest of tribe.Quote2- Alec
Quote1What?!Quote2- Bridget
Quote1I find that statement injuste. Bridget has only competed in three out of five challenges, and her strength hasn't been test when Samantha has to have it her way.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Liam, what's your take on Samantha?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1In my opinion, she a type-a personality. She loves power and to be number one, which is why she's in law school. She's most likely an only child with a well off family, meaning she got anything and everything she wanted.Quote2- Liam
Quote1Stop it!Quote2- Samantha
Quote1In order to stay on top, she does anything to stay there, most likely with blackmail.Quote2- Liam
Quote1*whispers to Alec & Hilbert* Vote Liam.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1To maintain dominance Samantha yells or even fights with her opponents, such as when she yelled at me to stop. That's my take on Samantha.Quote2- Liam
Quote1Very worded. Now it is time to vote, Alec you're up.Quote2- Jeff

One by one, everyone votes. After the votes have been cast, Jeff goes and retrieves the urn.

Quote1If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it. Alright once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, Samantha. Samantha. Samantha leads 2-0. Liam. Liam. Samantha and Liam are tied 2-2. Alec. Third person voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island......

.....Liam. Liam, please bring up your torch.Quote2- Jeff

Quote1Samantha, this is exactly what I was talking about. But it seems you made both a good and bad choice.Quote2- Liam

Liam flashes Totolo's idol in front of everyone, and on his way to Jeff throws it into the fire-pit.

Quote1Liam, the tribe has spoken.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1See ya.Quote2- Liam
Quote1Totolo, you just voted out your only idol. Your idol won't be rehidden, so don't go looking for it. You can head on out.Quote2- Jeff

The Totolo tribe leaves the tribal council area and heads to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Liam (3 votes)
Alec, Hilbert, & Samantha
Samantha (2 votes)
Bridget & Liam
Alec (1 vote)
Liam BW
Liam Page

Voting Confessionals

Liam, I agree with you, but Samantha has too much leverage on me. Sorry, bud.


Bye, bitch.


Liam, I do think you should stay, but after what Samantha said to Alec, I'm afraid to vote her out.


I'm pretty sure this is who my allies are voting for. Samantha, you're next.


Samantha, you are probably above the Type-A personality.


Nobody degrades me like that, nobody!


Final Words

I was blindsided tonight, and I really don't regret what I said about Samantha, but whatever power she has over Alec and Hilbert, is immense. Throwing Totolo's hidden immunity idol into the fire-pit in front of Samantha was icing on the cake. Good luck Kenni and Bridget.


Still In the Running

Kalou Marau Totolo
Cindy BW
Jake BW
Liam BW

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Can Marau win again?
  • Bridget forgives Kenni about the vote.
  • The oldest member of a tribe faces elimination.

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Nicaragua episode, Glitter in Their Eyes.
  • The immunity challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Fiji episode, Let's Just Call Jeff on the Jeff Phone.
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