"It Means New Beginnings"
Season Survivor: Ghost Island
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 8/13
Episode Chronology
Previous Public Enemies Number One and Two
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It Means New Beginnings is the eighth episode of Survivor: Ghost Island.

Previously on Survivor...

After tribal council, Shaniqua and Ashleigh became public enemies number one and two with the idolling of Danny, which brought Melissa, Xane, and Colin together to form a plan. Colin thought up of a plan to plant a fake idol and hide it so the girls would find it. Melissa and Xane agreed to it. The next morning, Melissa began to carve a fake idol and the boys search the contents of Shaniqua's bag to find the idol's note and cloth it was found with. She was able to get the fake idol halfway finished before the reward challenge.

At the reward challenge, the castaways had to hit a target with a flaming ball. All eight castaways who competed did their best, but Marau came out on top, winning a barbeque feast. At the feast, Melissa, Colin, and Xane discussed where they would hide the idol. All three agreed to hide it plain sight so that Shaniqua and Ashleigh would find it easier. Melissa finishes the idol later that day, and Xane plants it where he thinks the girls will find it. The next day the girls found the fake idol, believing it to be the real idol. At the Totolo camp, things got heated when Frank became defiant to Samantha's iron fist after whanting him to go on a fishing expedition. Kenni expressed her annoyance by Frank because of his work ethic.

At the immunity challenge, both tribes had to shoot arrows at a five ring target. Performances varied from missing completely to a dead-on bullseye. However, for the first time a the two tribes were deadlocked and a tiebreaker ensued. Melissa and Hilbert represented the tribe in the tiebreaker, which was to simply get an arrow closest tho the center of the ring target. Hilbert won the tiebreaker, sending Marau back to tribal council. After a not so dramatic talk, Shaniqua used the fake idol on herself, believing it was real, but Jeff pointed out it was not an idol and all votes for her would count. Xane, Melissa, and Colin's vengeance was completed when Shaniqua was voted out. Ten remain, who will be voted out tonight?


Immunity Challenge: Over-Extended
Place a small statue on a small podium at the end of a pole, then keep it there for as long as possible. Every two minutes, slot another section of pole into a hole at the base of the current pole, making it longer (and thus more difficult to keep balanced). Drop the statue and you’re out. Last player left wins.
Winner: Samantha


Night 21

Returning from another tribal council, Xane's alliance are estatic about what had happened last night. Ashleigh keeps her distance from them.

Last night, Shaniqua left the game. We were hoping that Melissa would be gone, but they made a fake idol. *sniffles* Now I'm on my own. I'm hoping to merge soon to see what Totolo can offer me. I'm not just gonna sit in the corner and whimper. I want to go out in a bang.


I know Ashleigh's mad, but I want use to bury the hatchet, because we're going to need to stick together to go far. Totolo has a three to two advantage over us. Hopefully someone's on the bottom or outcasted on their tribe and willing to flip.


The Marau tribe gets some rest for what tomorrow might bring.

Day 22

The next day at the Totolo camp, Frank and Samantha are having an argument over the division of the chores. Alec and Hilbert standby to make sure things don't get ugly. In the midst of the chaos Kenni gets Rebeckah to talk.

For the past week, Frank has been arguing with Samantha on just about everything since I told him Sam was the "leader" of the tribe. It was amusing at first, but it's now just getting annoying. I want to talk to Rebeckah to see how we could cut him off from our alliance, but in the nicest way possible.


Quote1We need to talk.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1About what?Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1Frank. I'm getting sick of him and Samantha arguing. I just want him out of our alliance. We could get one or two of the Maraus on our side. What do you think?Quote2- Kenni
Quote1First off, I agree completely. Frank has been nothing but an annoyance from day one. But I think we'll lie to him and keep him out of the loop. Also, have you considered who you want out of the game?Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1Frank.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1What?Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1Sooner or later, he'll figure out he's on the bottom of the alliance, and Frank'll just jump ship to another alliance.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1It's settled. But now we should get outta camp, things are getting heated between Samantha and Frank.Quote2- Rebeckah

As the girls walk out of camp, Samantha and Frank argue, both are red in the face. Hilbert and Alec are holding the two apart. Frank spits in Samantha's face. She is digusted and tries to lauch herself toward Frank, but Alec holds her back. Alec brings Samantha down to the beach to calm herself down.

Frank's just been a huge negative at this camp for the past week. I'm not saying Samantha deserves it, but she didn't deserve to be spat in the face. Samantha's most likely voting for him next, and so am I.


Later, both tribes are summoned to the challenge area, presumably for a reward challenge. Totolo arrives first, then the Marau tribe. Jeff makes an announcement.

Quote1Totolo, getting a good look at the new Marau tribe. Shaniqua voted out at the last tribal council. First off I'd like to say: congratulations you've all made it to the merge.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Wooo! Yes! Alright!Quote2- Castaways
Quote1Marau, since your tribe failed to find your idol, a new one will be hidden in its place. Now decide which camp you'll be staying at.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Marau's camp.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Alright, Totolo all of your rewards and personal stuff will be sent over to the Marau camp. You can head back on out.Quote2- Jeff

The former Totolo tribe follow the former Marau to their new home.

What a bitch Melissa is. She decided on Marau's camp. Why? Ours is one hundred times better than theirs. I don't understand her. Melissa made my hit list.


My reasoning for sending the former Totolo to Marau's former camp is for everyone to start the game on a fresh note, as with most merges. We only have a shelter, fire pit, half a container of rice, a machete, spears, and a pot. How basic is that? Plus Totolo needs a wake-up call on how Marau's living conditions have been for twenty-two days.


The merged tribe goes to the former Marau camp. At the camp, the only thing that have changed are a new yellow tribe flag, along with paint and a note.

Walking into our new tribe's camp I see nothing from our camp yet. Other than the flag, everything else is leftover form Marau. We've been living like kings with chickens, comfort, tarps, etc. I'm mortified they've been living like this for nearly three weeks.


Quote1I see they've stripped your camp to the bare bones already.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Samantha, this is actually the Marau camp, they haven't done anything, but replace the flag.Quote2- Colin
Quote1This is unacceptable. I demand you show me what you've won, now.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Samantha, the only rewards Marau won were rice and beans and a barbecue feast. Nothing from Kalou's rewards were given to the tribe.Quote2- Xane

Noticing the paint and note, Rebeckah examines it closer. Opening the note revealed instructions to an unknown spot. She grabs the attention of the other nine.

Quote1We can talk about this later, I found this map attached to the flag. I think it's for the merge feast. C'mon.Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1We can talk about the camp later, Samantha, but we can't pass up food, let alone a feast.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Fine.Quote2- Samantha

After half an hour of following Rebeckah, the merged tribe finds a feast of food awaiting them. They begin to eat and drink for nearly two hours. They open up a box on the table. Hilbert opens in, revealing yellow buffs. They begin to discuss the name for the tribe.

Quote1So anyone have any ideas about a tribe name?Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1How about Marolo?Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Marolo?Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Marolo is a combination of Marau and Totolo.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1It does have a nice ring, but how about Tekivu?Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Tek-what?Quote2- Frank
Quote1Tekivu, I learned on a trip to Fiji a few years ago. It means new beginnings.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1I like it. It's definitely better than mine.Quote2- Melissa

The other eight agree to the name, and finish the feast, returning to camp. Samantha, Melissa, Rebeckah, and Ashleigh begin to paint the tribe's flag. Hilbert and Alec are busy unloading a crate that arrived to camp, filled with the rewards from Totolo's camp. Kenni and Colin get busy fishing with actual fishing gear. Xane begins to start the fire to boail water. Frank sleeps in the shelter, slacking off with chores.

Although when you merge you keep weaker players and vote out stronger ones, there have been exceptions. Frank is one of them. Frank is supposed to get the water from the well, but instead he's sleeping. I'm honestly wondering why Kalou or Totolo didn't throw an immunity challenge to get rid of him. I definitely have my sights on him for the first merge boot.


Day 23

The next day, Xane meets with Melissa and Colin in the rainforest to talk.

Quote1Who so you guys think we should eliminate first from the tribe?Quote2- Xane
Quote1Kenni and I talked the other day and told me how she's been blackmailing Alec and Hilbert into being her pawns. I think we should vote for her first.Quote2- Colin
Quote1As much as I agree with that we should eliminate Frank.Quote2- Xane
Quote1Frank? Are you serious?Quote2- Melissa
Quote1I'm flabbergasted that Kalou and Totolo allowed him to go this far. He does nothing at all. He doesn't deserve to be where someone else should be.Quote2- Xane
Quote1How about this: If Samantha wins the immunity challenge, we vote for Frank. If not, we vote her out. Sound good?Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Alright. Also, Colin did Kenni mention anything about being close to anyone in particular?Quote2- Xane
Quote1Uh, yeah. She mentioned being good with Rebeckah.Quote2- Colin
Quote1We're going to need to talk to them then, and Ashleigh as well.Quote2- Xane

The three leave to find the girls.

Meanwhile, Kenni and Rebeckah notice Ashleigh is sitting in the shelter alone. The two approach her.

Quote1You're Ashleigh, right?Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Yes. Why, what do the two of you need?Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1An opportunity. You see myself and Kenni found ourselves on the outs of the Totolo tribe, and we need a third person to join us to take Samantha out.Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1Are you guys serious?Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1Yes.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Thank you, after Shaniqua was voted off I was on the outside of the Marau tribe, but you ladies just turned this into a golden opportunity for me. By the way, who's the first target of our threesome alliance.Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1Slow down, Ash. Though we want Samantha's ass handed to her, we want Frank out first. He was in our alliance, but we decided that we can't really utilize him well.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Alright got it.Quote2- Ashleigh

Rebeckah and Kenni giving me a spot in their alliance. I'm back in this game, baby. I'm not gonna be an outsider. I'm going places.


Soon afterward, the girls are approached by Xane, Melissa, and Colin. Ashleigh glares at them.

Quote1What do you mother(bleep) want?Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1Let's hear them out.Quote2- Rebeckah (to Ashleigh)
Quote1Relax we come in peace. We want to form a joint alliance with the Marau Alliance and Totolo Minority Alliance to rid this game of Samantha.Quote2- Xane
Quote1That's all?Quote2- Kenni
Quote1No, the terms of the joint alliance are as follows: We vote together as a group, no scheming until Samantha, her allies, and Frank are voted out. Afterward the joint-alliance will be dissolved and the two former alliances will be reinstated. Deal?Quote2- Xane
Quote1Deal. *shakes hands with Xane* But we're going to tell you we've decided on Frank first.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Well, only if Samantha wins immunity. If she doesn't, it'll be off with her head.Quote2- Xane
Quote1Okay then it'll be Frank, Hilbert, and finally Alec.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Good enough.Quote2- Xane

I'm hoping this joint alliance will last. I'm also concerned with possible conflicts in the alliance. And the idol. Xane may've been smart enough to make a truce between the alliances, but their is so much more to consider.


I think my alliance's position in the game switched from possible tie to the guy on top. It's surreal to think that. Kenni better know what she's doing getting us into a joint-alliance, but I shouldn't doubt her now.


As the two alliances join together, Samantha has herself, Hilbert, and Alec looking for the idol.

My position in this game is not good. I have a gut feeling about it. I wanted to be the guy in charge, telling other what to do, be a bit like Rob, but I'm the lackey. Samantha has me blackmailed and I hate it so much. If I find the idol, I'm withholding it from Sam and I'm telling Alec. I can't let that (bleep) bitch have the (bleep) idol. That (bleep) can go (bleep) herself with her huge mother(bleep) ego up her goddamn ass.


After nearly three hours of searching, Alec is successful in finding the idol inside a bush.

I found the idol. This is great. Me and Hilbert wanted the idol, so we have it and Sam doesn't. We now have some power back, and we'll take it.


Alec quickly finds Hilbert to tell him the news.

Quote1Hilbert!Quote2- Alec
Quote1Yes, Alec?Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1I found the idol!Quote2- Alec
Quote1That's great, Alec. Remember keep this from Samantha. Lie that we didn't find it.Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1I know, I know.Quote2- Alec

Samantha finds the guys fifteen minutes later.

Quote1You guys have any luck finding the idol?Quote2- Samantha
Quote1No.Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1Alright, let's get back to camp, I don't want too much suspicion on us.Quote2- Samantha

Samantha, Hilbert, and Alec all return to camp and begin their chores. While Samantha isn't around, Alec puts his idol into his bag to ensure Samantha doesn't find it.

Day 24

The next day, the new Tekivu tribe is sent to the challenge area for their first individual immunity challenge. Jeff explains the challenge.

Quote1Welcome to your first individual immunity challenge. Samantha, I'll take back the immunity idol.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Here ya go.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Tribal immunity is not up for grabs, but individual immunity is. Win this, and you have a guaranteed one-in-nine chance of winning this game. For today's challenge, you'll place a small statue on a small podium at the end of a pole, then keep it there for as long as possible. Every two minutes, slot another section of pole into a hole at the base of the current pole, making it longer. Drop the statue and you’re out. Last player left wins. We'll draw for spots.Quote2- Jeff

All ten castaway receive a pole and statue, and Jeff starts the challange.

Elapsed Time: 12 Minutes

After twelve minutes, every castaway inserts their sixth section of pole. Frank is the only one unsteady. His pole is wobbly enough that the statue falls, eliminating him from the challenge.

Elapsed Time: 22 Minutes

Twenty-two minutes in, the nine remaining have their eleventh section of pole inserted. Ashleigh, Colin, Rebeckah, and Xane have all been wobbling a little bit. Their poles begin to shake a bit more. Xane is able to get rebalanced. Ashleigh's statue falls, eliminating her from the challenge. Rebeckah and Colin are unable ot save their statues, eliminating them from the competition as well.

Elapsed Time: 30 Minutes

Thirty minutes into the challenge, all six remaining castaways in the challenge have their fifteenth section of pole inserted. Samantha, Alec, and Melissa are all steady. Kenni, Hilbert, and Xane are beginning to wobble. Kenni is unable to save her statue, eliminating her from the challenge. Xane and Hilbert are able to save the statue from falling.

Elaspsed Time: 38 Minutes

The five remaining castaways, on the thirty-six minute mark, have their eighteenth piece of pole inserted. Everybody is wobbling at this point. Xane can't save his statue for a third time, and he is eliminated from the challenge. A few seconds later, Hilbert joins him. Alec, Melissa, and Samantha are having trouble keeping the pole balanced. Melissa's statue drops, eliminating her from the challenge. Both Alec and Samantha are doing well trying to keep their pole balanced. However, Alec loosens his grip on the pole, causing the statue to drop.

Quote1Samantha wins immunity!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1No way!Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Samantha, you have a one-in-nine chance of winning this game. After twenty-four days, one of you will be leaving the game tonight. You have the afternoon to figure out who's going home. You can head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

Returning to camp, the Joint Alliance is visibly upset about the fact Samantha is immune from the vote. Kenni and Xane meet up in the forest to talk.

Quote1I can't believe Samantha won immunity today.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Me neither, but at least we have the back-up plan of Frank, right?Quote2- Xane
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Kenni, you wouldn't happen to know who Frank will vote for, do you?Quote2- Xane
Quote1Xane, I need to confess something. Frank was initially in an alliance with Rebeckah and me, but we got really tired of him and Sam arguing all the time. Rebeckah and I decided to keep him out of the loop until he was disposable. So I told him Rebeckah and I were voting for Colin. I hoping you're not mad at me for that.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Relax, I'm not mad, a bit shocked you aligned with Frank, but tonight he'll be leaving.Quote2- Xane
Quote1Thanks Xane.Quote2- Kenni

Before leaving for tribal, me and Xane have devised stories for our allies to say to deviate suspicion from the possibly of the Joint Alliance being discovered too early. Hopefully Samantha and her allies think one or two people jumped ship or simply deviated from the alliance to vote Frank out.


At sunset, Tekivu heads for the tribal council area. Upon arriving, Rebeckah and Frank lit their torches, and along with everyone else put their torches behind them and take a seat. Danny and Shaniqua walk in the tribal council area, and take a seat on the jury bench. Shaniqua is wearing a purple sleeveless shirt that is cut off slightly above her bellybutton, a pair of denim short-shorts, and purple sandals.

Quote1Introducing the members of the jury. Danny and Shaniqua, voted out at the last tribal council. Before we start with the tribe dynamics, Frank what is the name of the merged tribe?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1It's like Tek-something, Jeff. But honestly I have no (bleep) idea how to pronounce it.Quote2- Frank
Quote1If I could intervene, the merged tribe's name is Tekivu, a Fijian word meaning new beginnings.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Shifting the topic, Rebeckah are there any distinct alliances?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1There are three alliances at this time. Samantha, Hilbert, and Alec are one alliance. Colin, Melissa, and Xane make up another. Frank, Ashleigh, Kenni and myself are the third.Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1Is their any chance of any one of these alliances working together?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Actually, I'm not 100% sure. Kenni's been our alliance's ambassador trying to negotiate terms with Xane's alliance.Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1Kenni, being called the ambassador of an alliance is a huge honor isn't it?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Of course. But the negotiations with Xane haven't been going well. We've met several times, but can't come up with a solution.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1So what's the plan now?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I really don't trust Samantha, and I'm not going to list the reasons why, otherwise my game will be over like Liam's, but my allies decided on voting out Colin, to force them to join us or go home.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Ashleigh, you were on the Marau tribe before. Why not join up with your former tribemates and make the four person majority?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Simple. I don't trust them completely. I feel the first opportunity they get, I'm gone. In Kenni's alliance I feel safer.Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1Melissa can I get your opinion on this?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Honestly I'm not surprised she turned her back on us. Planting the fake idol that lead to Shaniqua leaving the game probably didn't help, but we were forced into a corner after Shaniqua idoled Danny.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Thanks Melissa. Now Xane, what'll happen after tribal if Colin leaves the game tonight?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Kenni's crazy if she thinks we're joining her. If Colin leaves, We'll join Samantha's alliance if needed.Quote2- Xane
Quote1Colin you're in the hot seat tonight. Can I you tell me what you feel?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Nervous, Jeff. I don't want to leave. But I'm also curious. Curious on why Kenni and her allies don't join us into voting Alec tonight, but she's got her own agenda, that I'm not going to criticize her.Quote2- Colin
Quote1Samantha, what have you and your allies been doing?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1While Kenni and Xane are negotiating, I had us three to find the idol. I'll worry about new allies later.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Hilbert have you guys found the idol yet?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Unfortunately, no. We've looked for nearly three and a half hours looking for the damn thing. I'm thinking that either one of the other two alliance has it, or it's in a damn good hiding space.Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1Before we vote, Samantha do you want to give up immunity?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1No.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Alright, it is time to vote. Alec, you're up.Quote2- Jeff

One by one, everyone on Tekivu votes. After the votes have been cast, Jeff goes and retrieves the urn.

Quote1If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, Frank. Next vote, Colin. Next vote, Frank. Frank. That's three votes Frank, one vote Colin. Frank. Frank. Five votes Frank, one vote Colin. Ninth person voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island and the third member of the jury......

.....Frank. Frank, please bring up your torch.Quote2- Jeff

Quote1What just happened?Quote2- Frank
Quote1Frank, the tribe has spoken.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Obviously the alliances aren't where they really lie.Quote2- Frank
Quote1Tonight, either a person or two's true colors have shown or their were several lies to vote out Frank. Either way, their will be some explaining to do. You can head back out to camp. Good-night.Quote2- Jeff

The Tekivu tribe leaves the tribal council area and return to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Frank (9 votes)
Alec, Ashleigh, Colin, Hilbert, Kenni, Melissa, Rebeckah, Samantha, & Xane
Colin (1 vote)
Frank BW
Frank Xylander

Voting Confessionals

Frank, just go into a retirement home, you crusty old man.


Sorry, but I'm your replacement in your former alliance. That's good enough for me to get rid of you tonight.


Lazy, bitchy, and an (bleep). I'm wondering why you've come out here, and why you've made it this far in life.


*gives the camera the middle finger*


I have no idea what the hell what just happened.


The plan worked, but I'm sincerely sorry, Frank. Don't taking this personal. I don't want major conflict.


Everyone hates you. You are a cancer. I'm surprised neither Kalou or Totolo threw a challenge to get rid of you.


Spitting on Samantha's face was the final straw for me. She's a bitch, but spitting on her is something no woman deserves.


Victim Number Four: Frank. That can be crossed off my hit list.


You should've gone days ago.


Final Words

I have no idea what the (bleep) happened. Someone flipped or they were all lying to me. Whatever, I don't care. I've made my mark on this game. It's a matter of time until karma bites Samantha in the ass.


Still In the Running

Kalou Marau Totolo
Danny BW
Frank BW
Cindy BW
Jake BW
Birdget BW
Shaniqua BW
Wesley BW
Yvette BW
Liam BW

Next Time on Survivor...

  • A castaway uncovers another castaway's secret, which could jeopardize their game.
  • Samantha tries to recruit two people into her alliance.
  • Alec makes a tough decision whether or not to use his idol.

Author's Notes

  • The immunity challenge is the same challenge used in Survivor: Samoa episode, This Game Ain't Over and Survivor: South Pacific episode, Reap What You Sow.
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