Izzy Love
Contestant Profile
Birth Date December 30, 1982 (1982-12-30) (age 35)
Hometown Salt Lake City, UT
Occupation Cosmetologist

Survivor: Black Islands

Tribes Iossisbi
Placement 10/16
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 13
Days Lasted 14

Izzy Love was a contestant in Survivor: Black Islands.


Izzy Love's surname only applies to one thing, her hair. She loves her unique hairstyle and she loves to do other peoples hair. She is a born cosmetologist and believes she do beauty work with people until the day she dies. She hopes she can win the million dollar prize to start her own business.

Survivor: Black Islands

Izzy and Maria Zanhill bonded very quickly. Their alliance was tight. But they were aloof. When the first vote came they both voted for Keindra Hickman, and there was a 3-3 tie between Izzy and Ernie Baatma. Obviously, they voted out Ernie.

Keindra carried a grudge. She was not happy to receive the votes. When Iossisbi had to vote someone out again on Day 13, Keindra was able to vote out Maria, avenging herself.

Izzy was left alone to fend for herself, when she lost individual immunity, she was eliminated from the game unanimously.

Voting History

Izzy's Voting History
Episode Izzy's
Voted Against
1 Iossisbi Tribe Immune
2 Iossisbi Tribe Immune
3 Keindra;
Ernie, Logan & Thorton;
Ernie, Logan & Thorton
4 Iossisbi Tribe Immune
5 Iossisbi Tribe Immune
6 Logan Logan & Timothy
7 Logan Katie, Keindra, Logan,
Thorton & Timothy
Voted Off, Day 14
Voted for
Sole Survivor

In episode 3, the first vote resulted in a tie, during the re-vote, Izzy (and Maria) changed their votes for Ernie, eliminating him.


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