Jamie Forrester
Contestant Profile
Birth Date May 6, 1993 (1993-05-06) (age 25)
Hometown Newport, Rhode Island
Occupation Masseur

Survivor: Grenada- Temptations

Tribes Carriacou
Placement TBD
Alliances TBD
Challenges Won TBD
Votes Against TBD
Days Lasted TBD

Jamie Forrester is a contestant from Survivor: Grenada- Temptations.


Name(Age): Jamie Forrester (24)

Tribe Designation: TBD

Current Residence: Newport, Rhode Island

Occupation: Masseur

Claim to Fame: Changing myself for the better after my first marriage ended in disaster that was purely my fault. I hurt a lot of people and changed a lot of perspectives with what I did, but I bounced back and grew from the experience to become a better person.

Inspiration in Life: Anyone who takes their mistakes and uses them to become a better person. Hobbies: Working out, cooking and walking my dog, Mango.

Pet Peeves: Mac computers. Why anyone would want one is beyond me. Also, white chocolate, and people who say “I wonder” after they ask a question.

If You Could Have Three Things on an Island What Would They Be and Why: 1) Lots of fresh veggies to keep myself healthy! 2) Gym equipment to work out and stay in shape 3) Mango, because who doesn’t love dogs?

SURVIVOR Contestant You are Most Like: Malcolm. I’m a strong, likeable guy but I know how to be strategic.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: For the fun, adventure and physical challenge.

Why You Will “Survive” SURVIVOR: I can give massages. Who wouldn’t want one of those to de-stress? No, in all seriousness, I’ve got a great work ethic and I’ll be a strong presence around camp.

Why You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I’m not only physical, I’m social and strategic too. I get along well with just about anyone and if I’m cornered, watch out because I’ll go down fighting. I think my determination will get me to the end.

Survivor: Grenada- Temptations

Voting History

Jamie's Voting History
Episode Jamie's
Voted Against
1 Jason;
2 Carriacou Tribe Immune
3 Jason Individual Immunity
4 Mackenzie -
5 Levera Tribe Immune
6 Levera Tribe Immune
7 Levera Tribe Immune
8 Eddiot -
9 Eddiot Individual Immunity
10 Ashanda -
11 Brooklyn;
Ashanda, Eddiot, Samantha,
Stanley, Topher
12 Samantha -
Ashanda -


^1 In This is My Kingdom and This is My Crown, the votes tied 5-5 between Kory and Jason, forcing a revote. Jamie changed his vote to Kory, eliminating him from the game.

^2 In Find an Address Book and Learn Your Place, Jamie used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating five votes against him. The remaining votes tied between Brooklyn and Topher and a re-vote took place. Jamie voted for Topher.