Jane Hugo
Luke (11)
Contestant Profile
Birth Date October 21, 1979
Hometown Santa Monica
Occupation Police officer

Survivor: The Beginning

Tribes Sarawak
Placement 7/16
Alliances Sarawak alliance
Challenges Won 11
Votes Against 7
Days Lasted 30

Jane Hugo was a contestant from Survivor: The Beginning.

Jane created the alliance that would later turn on her and take over the game.


Name(Age): Jane Hugo(34)

Tribe designation: Sarawak

Current residence: Santa Monica, California

Occupation: Police officer.

Personal claim to fame: Getting married.

Inspiration in life: My husband. He's always there when I need him and he gets me through so much.

Hobbies: Singing, dancing.

Pet peeves: When people are sad.

3 words to describe you: Intelligent, strong, fun.

Survivor contestant you are most like: Cirie. I feel I'm going to try and play a similar game.

Why you think you'll survive Survivor: I've been camping all my life. I go on adventures all the time.

Why you think you will be the sole SURVIVOR: I'm very strategic so people better watch out for me.

Survivor: The Beginning

After arriving at Sarawak, Jane made a bad first impression on Benny. She became annoyed when Helga tried to force everyone to listen to her. Luckily, her tribe won the first Immunity challenge. Jane began to get really angry with Helga. Walter then brought her, Vanessa and Charlie into an "alliance". Once again, her tribe won Immunity. Sarawak continued to win Immunity, but Jane continued to get annoyed by Helga. She formed an alliance with all the men of Sarawak: Benny, Charlie, Ryan and Walter. When they lost their only loss, they lost Helga, which only benefit the tribe. Violet then became the target. She formed a final 3 deal with Ryan and Charlie and they all entered the merge. At the merge, Victoria, Bob and Peter moved to Sarawak. Ryan tricked Jane into thinking that Victoria was the one in charge at her tribe, so they eliminated Victoria. They did the same with Bob, leaving only Peter. Jane tried to vote out Peter, but her alliance plotted against her and instead took out Violet. Jane was angry that they eliminated Violet behind her back, but Walter promised they wouldn't do it again. This was proven to be a lie, for Jane was voted out next. Her jury vote went to Benny, due to Ryan's betrayal.

Voting History

Jane's Voting History
  Episode   Jane's
  Voted Against
1 Sarawak Tribe Immune
2 Sarawak Tribe Immune
3 Sarawak Tribe Immune
4 Helga Helga
5 Sarawak Tribe Immune
6 Sarawak Tribe Immune
7 Victoria -
8 Bob -
9 Peter Individual Immunity
10 Peter Benny, Charlie, Peter,
Ryan, Vanessa, Walter
Voted Off, Day 30
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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  • Jane is the first person in Survivor: The Beginning to win both individual reward and Immunity in the same episode.


Jane voted out.