Jase Allen
Jase Allen
Contestant Profile
Birth Date August 19, 1959
Hometown Williston, ND
Occupation Businessman

Survivor Honduras

Tribes Mocorón
Placement 15/18
Alliances  The Anti-John Alliance
Challenges Won 7
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 12

Jase Allen is a contestant from Survivor Honduras. He is part of the Mocorón tribe


Jase is a 53 year old businessman from Williston, ND. His cutthroat tactics to get what he wants is a bonus in the game of Survivor, but his condescending and abrasive personality could counteract his strategy. If he isn't careful, he could fall victim to others and be eliminated early in the game.

Survivor Honduras

Jase is one of the nine contestants on the Mocorón tribe.

Voting History

Jase's Voting History
Episode Jase's
Voted Against
1 Mocorón Tribe Immune
2 Mocorón Tribe Immune
3 Mocorón Tribe Immune 
4 Taylor John, Kat, Matt, Susan, Taylor
Voted Off, Day 12


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  • Jase is the oldest male on the Mocorón tribe.